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Bibi & Barry

One fought for the survival of a young Jewish state. The other smoked and lounged around bragging about his latte prowess. Who would you think has the better character and judgement skills needed in today’s dangerous world.


A round-up of some of the best punditry in the Catholic Blogosphere, courtesy of ThePulp.it: “Why Is Mugabe Visiting the Vatican?” – James Kirchick, New Republic . . .Mark Stricherz of Catholic Vote wrote about this here. . . God & Political Science – Timothy Shah, Daniel Philpott & Monica Toft, PD Exposing the Death

How Europe Sees America

Click on the above map to be able to read it.  The original of the map is here.  Tito had a post yesterday here with a map depicting how America views Europe.  Ambrose “Bitter” Bierce in the 19th Century said that war was God’s way of teaching Americans geography.  Unfortunately, the lessons do not appear

Book Review: Empires of Trust (Part II)

[Empires of Trust, review Part I] Review of: Empires of Trust: How Rome Built–and America Is Building–a New World My apologies for taking so long to get back with a second part to this review. In the first installment, I covered the history of Rome’s early expansion, and how its commitment to establishing a safe