May 10, 1933: The Debate Was Over

Saturday, May 10, AD 2014

A huge Nazi book burning was held in Berlin 81 years ago on May 10, 1933, the opening act of nation wide book burnings in some 34 university cities and towns organized in Germany by the German Students Association and the Nazi Party.  Thousands of university students eagerly chucked into the bonfire some 25,000 volumes written by authors considered subversive by the new Nazi regime, which covered most of Western thought before the new era that the Nazis thought they were making for mankind.  The young in Germany, by and large, tended to be the most enthusiastic followers of the Nazis, particularly students in institutions of higher learning.  Many of them seemed to enjoy having a leader to follow blindly, no longer having the hard work of sorting truth from falsehood on their own.  Ideologies that combine certainty, action, violent rhetoric, scape-goating  and a charismatic leader provide an easy escape in this Vale of Tears from concerns of morality, justice and self-criticism, and that is often attractive for people of all ages, but especially for the young who usually lack the experience to readily recognize when a bill of goods is being sold to them.

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20 Responses to May 10, 1933: The Debate Was Over

  • Todays charismatic leader;

    “America is not a Christian nation but one of many beliefs.”

    “Change America can believe in.”
    “You can keep your existing health plan.”
    “We will draft a conscience clause within the mandate (HHS).”
    “I am a Christian.”

    No book burnings..yet, however the History channel I am told, is the next best thing. Our family doesn’t use cable or dish services since 2001. I know…the odd ones. No commercial messages from the screen for thirteen years has been a huge blessing. More time to help neighbors. 🙂

  • “He who would be the greatest among you must be the servant of all.” Hitler confined his “all” to the Germanic race, excluding all other people. Hitler would not be comfortable in heaven with Jesus Christ, the Jew, Saint Peter, James and John.
    Hitler also believed in “Ice Cosmology”, that the super race came from outer space by means of a space ship that was circling the earth filled with frozen people. Could be, but the fact still remains (redundant redundancy) that these super men from outer space came to earth to find and to follow Jesus Christ…and to serve all, for this is eternal life. There are still some Nazi believers, who grow their ego to megalomania without recourse to Justice, human Justice and Divine Justice.
    How did the Nazis think (oh they chose not to think) they could debate their adversaries without indulging in their adversaries convictions? So, they burnt their adversaries. Even people from outer space have some sense of propriety. People, even from outer space, thrive on Justice.
    I have watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade several times and it gets better each time. I believe Sean Connery received the Oscar for best supporting actor in his role as Dr. Henry Jones, Sr. “With the Holy Grail, the forces of evil will conquer the earth.”…and We, the people will return to earth in a spaceship frozen in time to serve all.

  • Thank you, Philip, for your collection of indictments against Obama.

  • Most of the ‘books’ burned on that night were the records of the ‘Institute For Sex Research’ that was headed up by the infamous Marcus Hirschfield. The institute was actually a gathering place for sex perverts. The research that was done there was the same type of ‘research’ perverts like Kinsley and Masters and Johnson were to do years later to prove deviant behavior was not so abnormal.
    The reason why the Nazi’s burned those records was not because they were outraged at the perversions in them, they were covering their own butts. Many members of the Nazi Party were perverts and they went to the ISR for ‘treatment’. They were concerned that the data in those files might be used against them someday, so to prevent this, they got rid of them in a faked display of moral outrage. This is all documented in Lively’s and Abrams “The Pink Swastika” available from

  • The frightening thing is that one no longer need burn books. They will just disappear from our Kindles and Nooks or be replaced with “updated” editions. In the low-tech old days in the USSR when Beria fell the authorities had to send a five-page article about to every library and school to be pasted into the Soviet Encyclopedia.
    No more.

    And of course fewer and fewer books by ungoodthinking authors will be published, strictly because there is no market, of course.

  • I doubt it Thomas. The advent of e-publishing and blogs I think will make it harder than ever for any government to successfully control what their populations are able to read. In this case, technology tends to fight on the side of the angels.

  • Mary DeVoe.

    Your welcome.
    His words not mine.

    I look at him as a thought-police commissioner, not President of the great Nation called United States of America. The son of Lucifer wishes for division. He, the son, has been doing a bang up job for his father.

    Ranting again….not good.

    I’ll be before the Blessed Sacrament later today asking for a compassionate heart towards all brothers and sisters.
    God help our Nation.

  • No book burnings..yet, however the History channel I am told, is the next best thing
    Awesome Philip!
    Donald do you think free speech the net will be regulated after U. N. Or so called net neutrality?

  • “Donald do you think free speech the net will be regulated after U. N. Or so called net neutrality?”

    I don’t think it will ever be regulated because technologically it is not possible unless the rulers of a nation wish to seal their country off from the internet, and even then there are ways around such attempts. The image of King Canute comes to mind whenever I read of attempts to regulate the internet.

  • I could be totally wrong here, maybe I am, but it’s my impression that the Chi-Coms are doing a pretty good job of holding back the digital tide.
    That’s an uninformed opinion. If I actually bothered to read the piece Donald linked, I might change my mind.
    Then again, Vladimir Putin wants bloggers to register –like other media “outlets.”

  • ‘research’ perverts like Kinsley and Masters and Johnson

    Little doubt someone who wanted to do this research was peculiar. Little doubt also that Alfred Kinsey was addled by sexual perversions (and some of his associates as well, e.g. Wardell Pomeroy). Masters and Johnson were not admirable human beings (I think there were five marriages between them, or some such), but I am not aware that anyone alleged they were known kinkoids; there more salient problem was incompetence. It became grossly evident by 1987 that neither one had the necessary training to conduct social research, a problem they shared with Kinsey and his associates.

  • Stephen E Dalton
    „Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen. „ (“Where they burn books, they will, in the end, burn human beings too.” — Almansor, Heinrich Heine, 1821)

  • The History Channel has morphed from being, in essence, the World War Two Network to shows about a pawn shop, antiques dealers and a guy from Detroit in Las Vegas who buys, sells and customizes classic cars and motorcycles. There is no more history on History.

    The WWII stuff moved to Military History, but they produce no new programming for that network. The rest of the old history programming moved to another network.

    There is a plethora of books and movies and programs about the Nazis. The communists have escaped the same scrutiny.

  • Stephen E Dalton: Yours is a revelation. Hitler was killing homosexuals and these people were on the list by their own admission. Thank you. Good to know.

  • “The History Channel has morphed from being, in essence, the World War Two Network to shows about a pawn shop, antiques dealers and a guy from Detroit in Las Vegas who buys, sells and customizes classic cars and motorcycles. There is no more history on History.”

    That’s what happened when the bulk of the educated in this country moved out of the 25-44 advertising demographic.

  • Last night I viewed on the Public Broadcast Service an enactment of Jian Ping’s “The Mulberry Child, A Memoir of China”
    Interestingly there was a powerful scene of a great book and document burning carried on by the Red Guard abd the fanatical followers of Mao Zedong during the inception of China’s Cultural Revolution. The reason for burning the books in China…according to Jian Ping it was to wipe out the old order to make room for the New Order.
    MPS’ quote makes sense…to wipe out the old order, one must destroy written evidence first, then humans who recall the old ways, and are likely to resist or cause others to resist.
    Mao Zedong’s communist cultural revolution burned the books and the humans.

  • While we are on the subject of totalitarians, City Journal last night published The Last Communist City. See

  • slainte: “MPS’ quote makes sense…to wipe out the old order, one must destroy written evidence first, then humans who recall the old ways, and are likely to resist or cause others to resist.”
    Euthanasia and Common Core.

  • Thanks to all of you- I learn so much from you. It really helps me “put things together” to be a part of these discussions. I carry what I learn here to other people and I am certain these insights are all having an impact.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Wednesday, March 28, AD 2012

Recently I followed the twitter feed of the National Institute of Marriage (NOM), an organization that is fighting efforts to permit gay marriage.  There is another twitterer with the blog handle Ifollowhate, and he (or she, or maybe they) follows every person who follows the NOM account, and promptly tweets to said person, “why do you follow a hate group?”  I thought little of it and didn’t bother to respond, so I just blocked this account.  Then I thought about this.  There is a person (again, maybe more than one person is attached to the account) who spends their entire day parked on twitter, seeing who follows another twitter user, ready to pounce on any individual who dares follow this group.  (NOTE: Not exactly – see comments.  This is an automated program, though the Ifollowhate twitter account does followup with other twitter users.)

What a sad existence.  Imagine if your entire life was spent devoted to nothing more than harassing people you disagree with politically, accusing them of being (or following) a hate group.  Yet the mentality that drives such a person (or group) is more and more common.

In Los Angeles, the City Council passed a resolution that condemns certain types of speech on the radio.

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8 Responses to Something Wicked This Way Comes

  • Is it time to clean one’s rifle and get one’s ammunition ready? I hope not.

    And yes, it IS fascism. I do not think that the left will be stopped by anything less than force of arms, but I hope and pray that I am wrong. Yet I fear that there will be martyrs.

    Imagine Obama not getting re-elected and the riots that will result. Imagine how the leftist news media will treat the non-Democratic President. Worse, imagine Obama elected and outlawing blogs like TAC as hate speech, arresting its contributers on crimes of disturbing the public peace aand tranquility, and throwing priests and bishops in jail for refusing to comply with the HHS mandate! Hey, accusations like disturbing the public tranquility happened in the time of the prophet Jeremiah, and he was thrown into a cistern because of it!

    Kyrie Eleison
    Christe Eleison
    Kyrie Eleison

  • To be fair, a person isn’t doing the twitter following. Someone’s programmed a computer to follow NOM’s followers list, and send new followers the message. It’s a nasty little thing, but it’d take someone between 1 hour and 1 day to setup, enable and forget about.

    –Jason (it does’t help their motivations, but it does illustrate the lack of effort involved)

  • Thanks for the information, Jason. I wasn’t sure if such a program existed. It’s still pretty pathetic, but I guess slightly less so than I originally thought.

  • Actually, the “tolerant left” is downright vicious. It seems they’re finding themselves pressured into positions that unmask their sweet rhetoric and forces them to reveal the true dark nature of their ideology. “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.”

  • is is okay to say the words “dangerous extremist African-Americans” out loud?

    Seems like the Spike Lee/Black Panther tricks lately are not much different than those of extremist Muslims who blame one of the latest killing sprees on some burned Korans.

    And Obama apologized to the Muslims, and all but spiritually adopted the troubled Trayvon post-mortem. I’m seeing a disturbing trend.

  • I must agree with Paul W.

    The essence of modern Progressive Liberalism is fascism in its purest form. Political-corporate cronyism (see bailouts, Solyndra, etc.) as well as threats of violence to dissenters, race- and class-based division by propaganda, top-down nanny-state cultural control, direct attacks on religion in order to supplant personality cults, personality cults themselves (what was Ronald Reagan’s slick logo?) and a mindless army of dependents ready to march and attack the property or blockade the businesses of targeted groups.

    When the “Occupy” goons no longer have to brave bad weather to resume their tactics, it’ll be a year older, harder of heart and comprised only of those who doon;t have real jobs. Shades of Kritallnacht!

    How is this not fascist?

  • The point here is to destroy the United States from within. It is going quite well.

  • There’s probably a spreadsheet for subject areas that percolate for ‘attention’.
    Ye olde red and black attack watch has morphed and p a c ‘s have hirelings.
    The Christians, especially Catholic Churches as opposed to those churches in more humble storefront locations, are ‘no-brainers’ for targets to victimize.
    Other organizations for life etc. issues …
    The Republican Party is having its year of vilification.
    People will become sick and tired …
    The only Statue of Liberty on earth is a tourist attraction.
    I know I’m tired from daily spells of ‘news’.