Politically Correct Eat Their Own

Tuesday, November 15, AD 2016



Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem.
Thomas Jefferson in a letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787


This is too hilarious:


Several professors on Grounds collaborated to write a letter to University President Teresa Sullivan against the inclusion of a Thomas Jefferson quote in her post-election email Nov. 9.

In the email, Sullivan encouraged students to unite in the wake of contentious results, arguing that University students have the responsibility of creating the future they want for themselves.

“Thomas Jefferson wrote to a friend that University of Virginia students ‘are not of ordinary significance only: they are exactly the persons who are to succeed to the government of our country, and to rule its future enmities, its friendships and fortunes,’” Sullivan said in the email. “I encourage today’s U.Va. students to embrace that responsibility.”

Some professors from the Psychology Department — and other academic departments — did not agree with the use of this quote. Their letter to Sullivan argued that in light of Jefferson’s owning of slaves and other racist beliefs, she should refrain from quoting Jefferson in email communications.

“We would like for our administration to understand that although some members of this community may have come to this university because of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy, others of us came here in spite of it,” the letter read. “For many of us, the inclusion of Jefferson quotations in these e-mails undermines the message of unity, equality and civility that you are attempting to convey.”

The letter garnered 469 signatures — from both students and professors — before being sent out via email Nov. 11. Signees included Politics Prof. Nicholas Winter, Psychology Prof. Chad Dodson, Women, Gender and Sexuality Prof. Corinne Field, College Assistant Dean Shilpa Davé, Politics Prof. Lynn Sanders and many more. Asst. Psychology Prof. Noelle Hurd drafted the letter.

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6 Responses to Politically Correct Eat Their Own

  • You can’t know where you are going until you know where you’ve been.

  • History for these people starts at breakfast. Ignorance has a way of killing itself, but the method isn’t pleasant..

  • Well, if you acknowledge the achievements and wisdom of your ancestors, it cuts into the authority of the contemporary New Class. These people are self-aggrandizing twits and they deserve grade-grubbers who forget what they’re taught five minutes after their report card for the semester arrives in the mail. While we’re at it, how many of these people cut checks to Planned Parenthood or the har-de-har American “Civil LIberties” Union? How many are marks for the $PLC?

  • Seen elsewhere on the net: the leftist media, ACLU, PP, and PC colleges/universities are oases of totalitarianism in a vast desert of liberty.
    Re: “eating” each other: How can I help?

  • I just heard the latest snowflake protest is wearing a “safety pin” to show support for the marginalized or illegal aliens or something. I think it’s perfect – what better symbol for a cry-baby! Maybe they should add a pacifier to it.

  • Thank you for your trenchant observation LQC. It is difficult to conduct let alone win an argument with those for whom history started at breakfast.

Muslim Appreciation Month

Sunday, August 7, AD 2016




Coming soon to a state near you.  The California Assembly has designated August Muslim Appreciation Month.  Here is the text of the resolution:


WHEREAS, Freedom of religion holds distinction as a cherished right and a foundational value upon which the laws and ethics of the United States are based; and

WHEREAS, Enriched by the unparalleled diversity of its residents, the State of California takes great pride in supporting individual religious freedoms and is strengthened by the many varied religious, political, and cultural traditions of its diverse population, including those Americans who practice Islam; and

WHEREAS, The history of Islam in this country dates back to before its founding, originating with African slaves who brought their Muslim beliefs with them to the Americas and who later contributed in numerous ways to the founding of the nation, and there are today millions of Muslim Americans, both immigrant and native-born, of diverse backgrounds and beliefs; and

WHEREAS, The United States benefits greatly from the expertise, patriotism, and humanitarianism of Muslim Americans, who represent 10 percent of America’s physicians, helping to heal hundreds of thousands of Americans each year; who have long distinguished themselves as courageous and dedicated members of the United States Armed Forces, fighting and sacrificing in every major war from the American Revolutionary War to present-day conflicts; and who regularly contribute to the health and vitality of their communities, giving food to the hungry, sheltering the needy, and providing inexpensive or free health services, among other community services; and

WHEREAS, The earliest Muslim immigrants to California mostly worked on farms and made significant contributions to early agricultural efforts, and since the abolition of the national quota on immigration in 1965 by the passage of the Hart-Celler Act, more and more Muslims have migrated to California, with approximately one million Muslim Americans currently residing in communities throughout the state, the highest number in the United States; and

WHEREAS, Similarly, there are currently more than 240 mosques in California, more than any other state in the nation, and the people of California and the greater United States benefit from the several large Muslim religious, educational, charitable, advocacy, and empowerment organizations that operate within the state, as well as from the countless prominent Muslim community leaders who distinguish themselves professionally as business owners, law professionals, doctors, engineers, teachers, and farmers, among numerous other valued professions; and

WHEREAS, Although the majority of Muslim Americans within California and throughout the nation strive to promote peace and understanding between all faiths, identities, and nationalities while upholding those values and principles that define the American people, they have nonetheless been forced to endure harassment, assault, and discrimination since the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, and during the year 2015 alone, there were approximately 174 reported incidents of anti-Muslim violence and vandalism in the United States. It is therefore appropriate to acknowledge and promote awareness of the myriad invaluable contributions of Muslim Americans in California and across the country, and extend to them the respect and camaraderie every American deserves; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, That the Assembly joins communities throughout the State of California in recognizing the month of August 2016 as Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month, respectfully acknowledges the rich history and guiding virtues of Muslim Americans, and commends Muslim communities in California for the lasting positive impact they have made, and continue to make, toward the advancement of the state and the nation; and be it further

Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.

The website Creeping Sharia has noted some 50 contributions by Muslims to California over the past year:


  1. California: Muslim earns 15 years in prison for trying to join ISIS
  2. California: Two (More) Muslims Convicted of ISIS Terror Support in Anaheim
  3. California: Muslim Woman at LAX Threatens to Bomb America (VIDEO)
  4. California: Muslim gets 12 years in terrorism case
  5. San Bernardino terrorist’s friend linked to Muslim group arrested for 2012 jihad plot
  6. Brother of San Bernardino terrorist, 2 others arrested for immigration fraud
  7. 17 Muslims Detained, Released After Chanting Allah Akbar, Firing Rifles, Shotguns Near San Bernardino
  8. California: Muslim “Refugee” Indicted for Attempt to Support Islamic Terrorists
  9. San Diego: Brother of Muslim Killed Fighting with Islamic State Lied to FBI, Charged
  10. Muslim attack on California university campus was ISIS-inspired
  11. California: Syrian immigrant gets 8 years for lying about his Islamic terror ties
  12. California: Muslim named Jihad arrested after bomb threat on cop shop
  13. Los Angeles: Father, Shehada Issa, killed son for being gay
  14. California: Muslim Uber driver arrested for raping woman after driving her home
  15. California: Muslim indicted for attempting to join Islamic terror group
  16. Black Muslim Chases, Tackles White Trump Supporter After San Jose Rally
  17. Egyptian on Student Visa Facing Deportation for Death Threat Against Donald Trump
  18. California: “I would die and kill for Allah” – Muslim arrested for attempted murder
  19. California: Father of Jihad Suspect to Muslims: ‘Don’t Even Think About Telling Govt’
  20. Muslim Students Trap, Bully San Diego State’s Jewish President
  21. Muslims Terrorize Jewish Students at UC-Irvine Movie Screening, Police Rescue
  22. Muslims force California school system to remove forced conversion of Hindus to Islam from history
  23. Jewish Woman Forced to Hide From Muslim Thugs at UC-Irvine
  24. California: Muslim arrested in online threat to UC Santa Cruz
  25. UC Berkeley students: Chattanooga jihad justified, nothing to do with Islam
  26. Cal-Berkeley Student’s Article “On Leaving Islam” Retracted…Fearing Muslim Violence
  27. California: Muslim Pleads Guilty to Providing Material Support to ISIS, Lying on Passport
  28. California: Muslim fugitive caught, files lawsuit over hijab removal
  29. San Diego: Iraqi Immigrant Couple Enslaved Maid in Their Home
  30. California: Saudi ‘threatened to kill staff who watched him being pleasured by male aide’
  31. LA: Saudi prince arrested after bleeding woman seen trying to escape compound, more victims come forward
  32. California: Cafe Countersues Muslim Women Fraudulently Claiming Discrimination
  33. San Diego School Board Approves Creation of Islamophobia Propaganda Plan
  34. Huntington Beach (CA) school makes 7th graders sing “Believe in Allah! There is no other god”
  35. San Diego School District Expands Sharia Lunch Program
  36. San Diego: Taxpayers now funding Muslim’s halal school lunches
  37. California school district enforces sharia, bans drawings of Muhammad, keeps Islamic indoctrination
  38. California: Muslim stabs 4 on UC Merced campus before shot dead
  39. Phone records show imam at San Bernardino terrorist’s mosque knew killer’s, lied about it
  40. San Bernardino Jihadist’s Father Knew Son Supported ISIS, Told No One
  41. San Bernardino jihadists buried by mosque members in Islamic ritual
  42. California: Saudi at Culver City mosque linked to 9/11 attack
  43. LAPD Chief Panders at Terror-linked Mosque Named in Missing “28 Pages” (VIDEO)
  44. Sharia compliant: No Islamic landmarks harmed in “Independence Day” sequel
  45. Hollywood Chooses Swank Sharia-Owned Hotel Over LGBT Boycott
  46. Video: Muslim Prayers Take Over Streets of Downtown Los Angeles
  47. California: After trip to Morocco, son shoots mother, cuts her heart out
  48. Anaheim: Two (more) Muslims Arrested Trying to Join Islamic Terror Group, Wanted to Die Martyrs
  49. California: Muslim arrested in sexual assault on 13-year-old girl inside her home (video)
  50. Los Angeles: Muslim clerk caught giving undercover lottery officer $75 instead of $75K prize

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4 Responses to Muslim Appreciation Month

  • only 50?
    Muslim Americans should be watched by the FBI until the war with islam is over and the west has won. Of course, this will never happen, so we need to have them under surveillance forever.

  • California, formerly Alto California, first established by Fray Junipero Serra, has had its history $%&* on by the California Asembly. This same Assembly insists that Catholic institutions pay for abortions in their health care coverage.

    It is not a Christian thing to do to wish ill on people, but California’s politics have it on a path straight to hell and I don’t want to be anywhere around when they meet their reckoning.

  • It wreaks with the Democrat party odor!

  • Bill Quirk is an airhead who came from the Hayward City Council. People like him and the other legislators who voted for this have no knowledge of the history of Islam and its so called prophet. They have no knowledge (nor do they want any) of how Islam was spread by the sword from the Arabian peninsula outward. They are useful idiots.

Your Tax Dollars at Play

Monday, June 20, AD 2016





The Department of Homeland Security is fully on board with the policy of the Obama administration of let’s pretend that Islamic terrorism does not exist:



A new Department of Homeland Security report urges rejecting use of Islamic terms such as “jihad” and “sharia” in programs aimed at countering terrorist radicalization among American youth.

The Homeland Security Advisory Council report recommends that the department focus on American milliennials by allocating up to $100 million in new funding. It also urges greater private sector cooperation, including with Muslim communities, to counter what is described as a “new generation of threats to the Homeland related to the threat of violent extremism.”

The funds would be used for hiring experts and new social media programs and technology to influence young people not to join terror groups.

“The department’s CVE efforts are an attempt to protect our nation’s young people from extremists who prey upon the Millennial generation,” the report says.

“The department must reframe the conversation to reflect this reality and design a robust program around the protection of our youth, which must include predator awareness and an understanding of radicalization. In doing so, our citizens will be better equipped for this threat.”

Under the section on terminology, the report calls for rejecting use of an “us versus them” mentality by shunning Islamic language in “Countering Violent Extremism” programs, or CVE, the Obama administration’s euphemism that seeks to avoid references to Islam.

Under a section on recommended actions on terminology, the report says DHS should “reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English.”

Government agencies should employ “American English instead of religious, legal and cultural terms like ‘jihad,’ ‘sharia,’ ‘takfir’ or ‘umma,’” states the June 2016 report by the Council’s countering violent extremism subcommittee.

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7 Responses to Your Tax Dollars at Play

  • Could you imagine FDR’s administration saying; “We must be sensitive to the Nazis expression of identity and ideology.”
    Words like; anti-Semitism, racial hygiene, Master Race are not appropriate when connected to a national socialist program.

    Not acknowledging who the enemy is and hiding behind a failed political correctness agenda is treason! Obama is a cancer.

  • The Alinskyites are fundamentally transforming America into the Balkans: blood feuds, class war, destitution, dependency, religious warfare.
    Waving the bloody shirt, they exploit increasingly frequent Islamic massacres to attack American Liberties: free speech, the right to bear arms, . . .
    It is almost as bad as Orwell imagined. But, they’re working on it.
    You no longer live in a free country. This is the reason they are intent on confiscating all Americans’ guns.
    Let’s pretend that Obama doesn’t exist. You need to resist in any way you can.

  • This administration isn’t serious about protecting Americans from Islamist terror.
    It doesn’t serve the left’s agendas to do so. As T. Shaw said in his post above,
    dead and maimed Americans become a useful bloody shirt to wave, a
    crisis to exploit.
    The left wants to eliminate the Second Amendment, and each time a mass
    shooting is allowed to happen, gun control gains a bit of traction. Censorship
    and penalizing “hate speech” are made to seem justifiable each time a
    mass shooting is allowed. Increasing government intrusion and surveillance
    of ordinary citizens is made to seem necessary each time a mass shooting
    is allowed. Dead, those folks in Orlando are much more useful to our present
    rulers than they ever were alive. As T. Shaw put it above, they’ve become
    a bloody shirt to wave, a tool to advance an agenda.
    We’ll never see this administration do anything substantive about our wide-
    open borders or our conspicuous lack of screening of our ever-increasing
    flood of ‘refugees’. Agencies like the FBI will continue to be hamstrung by
    idiotic PC measures like the DHS policy described in this Freebeacon article.
    This administration isn’t serious about combating terror at home because
    instances of terror are too useful politically. The Orlando shooter had
    telegraphed his intentions for a very long time, was on several lists as a
    person of interest, and yet he was left alone to kill. The next time this
    administration needs a bloody shirt to wave, it needs only sit on its thumbs
    like it did with Orlando and let another shooter drop another sweet crisis
    in its lap.

  • DHS has got bigger fish to fry –that elusive phantasm called right wing extremism, for example.
    Hey! Just because it doesn’t exist, doesn’t mean they have to stop seeking it out!

  • Our American English is the product of our melting pot or cultural blending – the request not to use foreign words seems like a throwback to some of the nativist and know nothing, isolationist responses of the past.

  • That’s irony

  • “The double think is strong in this report”
    —Darth Orwell

Political Correctness Kills

Monday, June 13, AD 2016


Apparently Omar Mateen was questioned by the FBI three times, twice in 2009 and once in 2014.  The two times in 2009 were because Mateen liked to flaunt his jihadist sympathies to his co-workers.  In 2014 it was because Mateen had established contact with Moner Mohammad Abusalha, the first American born suicide bomber in Syria.  Go here to read all about it.  Matteen’s father, Seddique Mateen, is a nutcase who is a supporter of the Taliban and who claims to be the head of the provisional government of Afghanistan.  Go here to read about it.  Oh, and Mateen worked as a security guard for a company that supplies security to federal buildings.  If you are wondering why Mateen was not kept under surveillance, you simply do not understand that Islam is a religion of peace and we simply cannot keep under surveillance an American muslim, even when he gives every sign of not only being in sympathy with Jihadists but also makes verbal threats to kill various people.  This is official policy.  Since this is so, rather than deal with the root problem, that more than a few muslims in this country are in sympathy with the Jihadists, attention is instead now directed to non-issues like gun control.  The speech of President Obama yesterday is typical in that regard:

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20 Responses to Political Correctness Kills

  • Obama’s hands look as bloody as hell.
    P.C. = false mercy.

  • Based on those speeches, I would rather have a leader lie Trump than like Hillary or Obama.

  • “powerful assault weapon”
    There’s that ignorance and hyberbole I was referring to in the other thread.

    .223 is fast (high-velocity) but not particularly powerful. In a lot of places you can’t even hunt deer with it.
    Unless you’re a prairie dog, that is, then it’s devastatingly powerful.
    And what Clinton and Obama are really saying is that they don’t think you should have the right to defend yourself.

  • “In the coming hours and days, we’ll learn about the victims of this tragedy. Their names. Their faces. Who they were. The joy that they brought to families and to friends, and the difference that they made in this world. Say a prayer for them…”

    Say a prayer for them?

    Statements like these show two things:

    1. People are inconsistent in their lives (like celebrating Christmas when they don’t actually believe in it).

    2. Deep down, people have a hunch that the Catholic Church is right about religious issues.

    I remember President Clinton making a similar statement years ago, telling people to pray for some deceased victims of a tragedy.

  • Another interesting development that connects the dots is that Judicial Watch forced the revelation about June 4th, a week ago, that the British-owned worldwide security firm, G4S, for whom Mateen worked, was identified as contracting for oxymoronically- named “Homeland Security” and transporting large numbers of “OTM’s”–“other-than-Mexicans”—from the Arizona border, where they were picked up en masse, and have been shuttling them in dozens of vans continuously to the Phoenix Metro area. There, they have been dumping them, without any legal documentation process at all:


    Needless to say, there are radical “Islamic prayer centers” now in the Phoenix area—-one of which was frequented by Elton Simpson and Nadir Hamid Soofi, the two shooters in the May 3rd, 2015 Garland,TX “Draw Muhammed” attack at the Curtis Culwell Center in that city. (Can you believe that was only about a year ago? The media does a good job in making us forget.)

    The other connection: reputedly, the brother of Omar Mir Mateen lists his work as “immigration worker”. No doubt, “helping out” where ever he can, with G4S, with all the vermin eating through our system, in the present state of simultaneous massive bureaucracy and governmental collapse.

  • Let’s have no further speculation on the sinfulness of the victims. Whatever their sins may have been, they did not deserve to be shot down like so many rabbits. Stay focused on their murderer and the cluelessness of the Obama administration in the face of murderous Islamic terrorism.

  • I’m a sinner too

  • So, President Obama is arguing that security guards who are permitted to carry firearms should be prohibited by buying firearms? Yes, one of the smartest people to ever sit in the Oval Office.

  • Actually, regarding what people (including and especially myself) deserve and do not deserve, we all – everyone of us – deserve to die, whether gunned down like rabbits or not. What is proscribed is another human assuming the authority to deliver such punishment. Saint Paul well describes our sinful state in Ephesians chapter 2 and the solution which we do NOT deserve but which God, not desiring the death of even the wicked (Ezekiel 18:32), provides to us anyways (John 3:16):
    2 And you, when you were dead in your offences, and sins,
    2 Wherein in time past you walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of this air, of the spirit that now worketh on the children of unbelief:
    3 In which also we all conversed in time past, in the desires of our flesh, fulfilling the will of the flesh and of our thoughts, and were by nature children of wrath, even as the rest:
    4 But God, (who is rich in mercy,) for his exceeding charity wherewith he loved us,
    5 Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together in Christ, (by whose grace you are saved,)
    6 And hath raised us up together, and hath made us sit together in the heavenly places, through Christ Jesus.

  • Slightly OT: Dover now has paper dolls for our genius candidates. See http://www.doverpublications.com/presidentialpaperdolls/

  • I so wish Trump transmutes to altruism plus martial severity around this event like Saul being blinded by God and becoming St. Paul. Yes…he ran three casinos against each other and shunted the revenue into Manhattan real estate while leaving bondholders and contractors out to dry in the desert wind. But Saul was persecuting the Body of Christ and became the main and deepest epistle writer and missionary over above Peter the Pope in the NT canon….very much like Aquinas, the simple priest, becoming the greatest clear theologian while Augustine was the deepest but not as clear mind. Trump won’t become any of them but if he becomes serious around this issue, God will have raised him above the shallow to the useful which would be quite an advance. In any event, Trumps war on political correctness at the mega level of all media is refreshing….and he is hitting the dems where the polite Ryan would not.
    Several days ago the media was saying Ryan was moving Trump away from the Muslim ban. Things change. Any Muslim who can’t document long association with liberal mosques….should stay in the Middle East. Imans here who are long term against our Constitution….should be deported to our friend…Saudi Arabia who should take them as a courtesy.

  • Not unrelated at all: But, meanwhile, perfect time for the Prevaricator-in-Chief, while everyone is rightly distracted by Orlando, to announce he will not force the closure of Gitmo by exec order:


    It must be an election year: methinks Hillary begged him to drop it for now…until she is inaugurated in Jan 2017.

  • bill bannon mentioned that Inmans “who are long term aginist our Constitution should be deported to our friend Saudi Arabia who should take them as a courtesy.”


    There is a war going on. The #1 Inman stationed in our County is non other than Barack Hussein Obama. He should lead the others in this mandatory deportation exercise.
    Impeachment and deportation.

  • Obama will not close Gitmo by executive order
    Must mean he’s planning to use the Pardon Power then.

  • Not to belabor a point, but if Jesus were asked about the shooting in Orlando, then this is probably what would happen:
    Luke 13
    1 There were some present at that very time who told him of the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. 2 And he answered them, “Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans, because they suffered thus? 3 I tell you, No; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish. 4 Or those eighteen upon whom the tower in Silo′am fell and killed them, do you think that they were worse offenders than all the others who dwelt in Jerusalem? 5 I tell you, No; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.”

  • Yes Luke 13
    Also in these times we need to be very familiar with the good response of Judas “the hammer”. Maccabee.
    Our contained dithering enables those who come, like their father to kill, steal and destroy.
    It is further jeopardy to wait for what may be an indecisive and dragged out election. There must some strong leader In a position to force Obama out. Thinking people have had enough a strong moral someone in the media, the military, business could challenge and change now seems a good time to make a strong protest against the establishment- not waiting like guppies for all the walls fall.
    May God raise up a real and holy leader

  • It is amazing to me that the first thing out of Hillary’s and Obama’s mouths is the need for more gun control. This would be totally ineffective since anyone who is as radicalized as the San Bernardino and Orlando shooters (and Paris for that matter) were will find a way to get weapons and much more destructive ones that were used in Orlando.

    The real culprit here is the almost fanatical “inclusiveness” and political correctness practiced by Hillary and Obama. Hugging, “appreciating their differences”, and trying to make this kind of person love you will never work – it is just an opportunity for them to get past your defenses.

    Besides tolerance of those with such radical views there are at least two other major questions revolving around political correctness in the Orlando incident that will eventually have to be answered:
    1. Why did the police wait for three hours before breaching the building? Common sense is that if the shooter is actively killing there should be no delays.
    2. Was this nightclub like many other in prohibiting the patrons from carrying concealed weapons? If so they were just lambs to the slaughter.

  • Paul,
    Yes, in Hillary’s scenario, a terrorist can be totally demotivated by being turned down by a gunstore…as though he couldn’t visit a tough ghetto area and buy a tec 9 there which area Hillary would not search because profiling is way harsh in the new nutty world. Hillary conveniently hides her knowledge that the FBI ended their watch period on Mateen prior to his buying a gun. Watch her rap today. It’s like a lying match listening to both of them today with Trump saying he received tens of thousands of congradulations on twitter but NBC could only find four.
    The nightclub staff at least should have had guns and thirty people or more would have been saved. Years ago that guy would have been jumped by the patrons….knowing that some would die but others would reach him and take him down. Now in the new nutty world, the police decider in charge may be thinking about tomorrow’s press coverage and should he enter or not….which does NBC want.

  • I think it’s about damned time we put the correct in political correctness.

Thou Shalt Not Offend

Thursday, June 9, AD 2016




That seems to be the only commandment that some Catholics apparently think is important:


Some of the faithful hoping to practice their Christianity at the church of St. Anthony in Ventimiglia were surprised when they were told by Caritas volunteers they couldn’t recite the rosary and would instead have to pray in silence out of respect to migrants who are living there.

Caritas is ostensibly a Catholic charity, although much of its resources are spent on facilitating mass migration to Europe; the organisation even boasts that it contributes to and seeks to influence European Union (EU) “asylum” policies. Caritas reports that they have been distributing 600 meals a day to migrants in Ventimiglia.

After one of the female parishioners requested that the migrants be taken to another church so that she could recite the rosary, the parish priest, Don Rito, appeared and accompanied her and the other visitors to another church. 

The Northern Italian town of 55,000 people has recently been overwhelmed with hundreds of migrants. More than 50 Africans have been crossing into Ventimiglia every day, hoping that from there they will be able to enter France. 

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2 Responses to Thou Shalt Not Offend

  • I came across this story yesterday on Spiritdaily blog.

    This story reminds me of a certain Pope who asked an alter boy if his “hands were stuck,” in the manner befitting an alter boy or any good Catholic who is devoted to God and service therein.

    Europe is falling apart but it’s not over until Our Lady sings her song of victory.

    Renewal and resurgence in the Holy Catholic Church is coming. Time will prove it so.
    God’s timing!

  • WTH! To pray the rosary out loud en masse is powerful pray and what Our Lady has asked. I am assuming St. Anthony’s is still a consecrated church where Mass is celebrated or is that offensive too? I’m visiting my oldest son in San Francisco and attend Mass in a Chinese and a French church. There is always at least one or more homeless person in a back pew. It seems that as long the homeless is respectful he or she can stay there during the open hours. No problem, the services go on as scheduled.
    I would say that the St. Anthony parishioners should withhold offerings until they can pray aloud, but this lefty organization is funded most likely by large amounts of money from sources that are not Catholic. We contribute to fewer and fewer second collections because of the way the receiving groups spend the money.
    I wonder if European mosques have sleeping mats for the new refugees? I doubt it. Try interrupting their prayers.

Home, With Propaganda, For the Holidays

Friday, December 18, AD 2015




This is beyond parody.  Harvard decided that it would be a grand idea to give students talking points for the holidays so that they could follow the politically correct line on various topics.


Harvard has advised students to lecture their non-Ivy-League relatives on liberal values in a bizarre set of holiday placemats to take home over Christmas.

The laminated cards raise some likely hot topics that lesser-educated family members may raise at the dinner table, then offers a suggested response. 

Covering such complex issues as police brutality, racial divisions, and the Syrian war, one of the sections tells students to say: ‘Racial justice includes welcoming Syrian refugees.’ 


One question to be braced for is: ‘Why are black students complaining? Shouldn’t they be happy to be in college?’

In response, the worldly scholars should ‘calmly’ explain: ‘When I hear students expressing their experiences on campus I don’t hear complaining.’

Students are also told what side to take on the issue of murdered black teenager Tamir Rice in 2014 – an issue which continues to divide the country. 

To make it through the spate of pesky questions, Harvard advised, students should ‘breathe’ and ‘listen mindfully’. 

After a furor was raised about it, Harvard made “a sorry we were caught” response:

Thomas Dingman, dean of freshmen, and Stephen Lassoed, dean of student life, said in a letter to students on Wednesday: ‘We write to acknowledge that the placemat distributed in some of your dining halls this week failed to account for the many viewpoints that exist on our campus on some of the most complex issues we confront as a community and society today.

‘Our goal was to provide a framework for you to engage in conversations with peers and family members as you return home for the winter break, however, it was not effectively presented and it ultimately caused confusion in our community.’

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10 Responses to Home, With Propaganda, For the Holidays

  • Yeah, I saw this yesterday.

    I graduated in 1995, a 25 year old veteran. As early as that PC was beginning to effect administration. I experienced this in the form of losing out on a Resident Assistant position. When I asked why I was “not qualified,” I was told that my age, military experience, and presodency of the pro-life organization suggested to the Resident Life Director that I would be too rigid to be able to deal with undergraduates. I asked if something was wrong with the interview and was told that the committee gave me universally high marks but that the Director had “experience” with people like me and would not sign off on it.

    That was at an ostensibly Catholic college so God knows what it was like at secular ones even then.

  • My responses:
    Yale / Student Activism: You are in college to learn and not to be an activist. You are a student because really, you don’t know anything. Shut your freaking trap and learn so that you can successfully graduate, get a job and not be a burden on the taxpayer.
    Islamaphobia / Refugees: If you commit an act of terrorism, then regardless of your religion or where you are from, you will be shot dead. Got that? And in the United States, we have this thing called the US Constitution. So take your Sharia Law and shove it wwhere the sun does not shine.
    House Master Title: I pay the mortgage and the property taxes, not you. If you don’t like my rules, then move the heck out. I am the master and you are not. Only my wife gets to override me. Period.
    Black Murders in the Street: If you commit a crime, then whether you are black, brown, white, red, yellow, purple, orange or green, you should expect to be shot by the police. And if you are a policeman or policewoman and you purposefully shoot an innocent person, then you can expect to go to court and face the full penalty of the law.
    And for the kicker, Social Justice: You want social justice? Wait till God Almighty gives it for the unborn. Then you will get more social justice than you can possibly handle.

  • Thankfully there was such a huge backlash from both Harvard students AND parents, they’ve got their tails between their legs and since had to apologize.

    The Harvard Republican Club came up with their own response. It’s great. Check it out:


  • That placemat would make a nice target for the range. I can visualize a four inch grouping on that plate right now.

  • Mike Rowe is right.

    Higher education has become indoctrination for the Left. It is reinforcement for the nonsense shoved at them in public school. I would rather my sons learn to be electricians or auto body shop owners than saddled with a semi useless degree.

  • @Elizabeth Fitzmaurice.

    Great find. Common sense placemat.

    @Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

    Your response is appreciated too.
    All of them. Especially the Social Justice remark. When the politically correct face this horrible social injustice at the foot of Almighty God, then and only then, will they finally see the harm they have caused by supporting and promoting abortion on demand. The war on women is nothing until the women wade through miles of rotted corpses, the collateral damage they caused, in their war. Then they will understand why Pro-Life folks value each and every life. Then they will know they were the gas chambers, the starvation bunkers and firing squads in this war on women. They will then understand it was truly a war on humanity, and they were the oppressors.
    Rant is over.

  • Which is more pathetic, the assumption that Harvard students are emotional cripples who need to be coached through the process of having a normal discussion, or the assumption that a particular position on a set of issues is the Harvard position?

  • I know, I know, I’m stating the obvious, but still: what if a particular student has heard students expressing their experiences of racism and considered it complaining? Should that student say that he didn’t? Were the authors of this piece unable to conceive of the possibility that someone had considered it complaining? Even if you believe that there is one Harvard position on this issue, do you also believe that there’s one Harvard experience on it? If asked to suggest the Catholic position on an issue, say on abortion, I could give you a fairly generic three or four points to hit, but I wouldn’t think of telling you how you should describe your feelings on it, or what you’ve experienced. That’s because Catholicism is nowhere near as rigid and doctrinaire as Harvard.

  • I vote that the idea they have to be coached (take a breath) thru how to converse with their “loved ones” is by far the most pathetic.

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Our Will Be Done

Wednesday, October 28, AD 2015


Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat



My favorite living historian Victor Davis Hanson has a brilliant post on the rot that infects the West:


Sanctuary cities illustrate how progressive doctrine can by itself nullify the rule of law. In the new West, breaking statutes is backed or ignored by the state if it is branded with race, class, or gender advocacy. By that I mean that if a solitary U.S. citizen seeks to leave and then reenter America without a passport, he will likely be either arrested or turned back, whereas if an illegal alien manages to cross our border, he is unlikely to be sent back as long as he has claims on victimhood of the type that are sanctioned by the Western liberal state. Do we really enjoy free speech in the West any more? If you think we do, try to use vocabulary that is precise and not pejorative, but does not serve the current engine of social advocacy — terms such as “Islamic terrorist,” “illegal alien,” or “transvestite.” I doubt that a writer for a major newspaper or a politician could use those terms, which were common currency just four or five years ago, without incurring, privately or publicly, the sort of censure that we might associate with the thought police of the former Soviet Union.

It is becoming almost impossible in the West to navigate the contours of totalitarian mind control. Satirists can create cartoons mocking Christ, but not Mohammed. If a teen brings a suspicious-looking device of wires and gadgetry to school, he will be suspended — unless he can advance by his religious or ethnic background some claim on victimization.

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6 Responses to Our Will Be Done

  • “Might makes right” sums up the left. Obama, and this pope, are perfect exemplars. There is no objective standard to their moral code. It is just their ability to enforce their beliefs that makes them “right”.

  • “Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat“
    “Whom God wishes to destroy, He first makes insane.”
    Destruction is imminent for insanity is overwhelming.

  • The alt-right (with uncharacteristic precision and creativity) have coined a term for what he describes: “anarcho-tyranny”.

  • Like a stopped clock, Al Gore recently got right one thing. People are more stupid, see presidential election results 2008 ands 2012. He blamed global warming. I blame public schools and the post-modern academy that traded the truth for the asinine, liberal narrative. For them, truth is that which advances the agenda.
    They start with the premise, say, income inequality was a major aspect of the Roman Republic, and “prove” it by agitated appeals to emotion (not fact or logic), calumnies, distortions, exaggerations, fabrications, false equivalences, fantasies, misdirections, non sequiturs, omissions (ignore it), projections of 21st century amorality, repetitions, spins, unsupported conclusions.

  • Probably not the best example since income inequality was a major aspect of the Roman Republic. Social and economic inequality is the rule and not the exception for almost all of human history.

    But yes, foot-stomping is the preferred method of argument amongst liberals.

Gee, I Wonder Why Army Morale Stinks?

Thursday, April 23, AD 2015


Faithful readers of this blog will recall a recent post about low morale in the Army.  Go here to read about it.  Now we have this story which succinctly demonstrates why the morale is plummeting.


On Monday, Army ROTC cadets at an Arizona State University campus were reportedly pressured into participating in an event allegedly designed to promote awareness of sexual violence against women, the Washington Times reported. The event, according to reports, required cadets to walk around campus wearing red high heel shoes.

Last year, the Times said, the Army encouraged cadets to voluntarily participate in what was billed as “Walk A Mile in Her Shoes.” This year, however, cadets weren’t given much of a choice, according to many reports. Visitors to Temple University Army ROTC’s Facebook page and other social media sites made it clear the event wasn’t exactly voluntary.

“They were threatened with negative counselling (sic) statements and OERs if they didn’t participate,” one person said on Facebook. “It was pretty much ‘do this or we’ll kill your career before it even starts.’”

“Attendance is mandatory and if we miss it we get a negative counseling and a ‘does not support the battalion sharp/EO mission’ on our CDT OER for getting the branch we want,” one cadet said on social media. “So I just spent $16 on a pair of high heels that I have to spray paint red later on only to throw them in the trash after about 300 of us embarrass the U.S. Army tomorrow.”

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32 Responses to Gee, I Wonder Why Army Morale Stinks?

  • This gay loving effeminate pervert of a President had better beware angering the legions.

  • There’s more:

    Multiple (career soldiers’ counts are four or five) deployments to Afghanistan where: 1) You can get killed; 2) you can get crippled for life; 3) you can experience serial chain-of-command denials of requests for air/artillery support; 4) you can get PTSD; 5) you can get sentenced to 20 years in Leavenworth for violating the rules of engagement; 6) you can get a less-than-honorable discharge for a battlefield mistake which was the responsibility of a higher-ranking officer; or 7) you can come marching home (after another year away from your wife and children) with your family and life intact, and with relative health in mind and body.

    Greet them ever with grateful hearts because the the Army and the regime will not.
    They also serve who only sit and wait. The moral courage of deployed soldiers’ wives, children, mothers et al cannot be overestimated.

    “A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.”

    Unless one wears Ronda Rousey’s UFC gloves….she who could break most men’s arm with a flying armbar in less than a minute of fighting.

  • My God, how much more are your children to be abused? The dishonor of young men at the hands of insolent perverts. Next week will they require cadets to tie an inflatable doll (male), around themselves to promote gay awareness? The week after that I pray that the fire from heaven consumes us All. Ready or not, this perversion must cease.

  • Hear Hear T Shaw . . . it is effecting the whole military not just the Army.

  • 30 years ago, any man in the armed services wearing high heels would have been drummed out posthaste! Now they are told they are being sensitized to the issue of sexual violence against women. How about being sensitized to violence against common sense?!

  • Under the Ancien Régime, « Les talons rouges » were worn by men as a badge of nobility. A pair of Le grand Condé’s survive and are about 10 cm or 4” high.
    Nowadays, the expression is used, often sarcastically (but not always), of elegant or ceremonious manners: « Il s’inclina, très talon rouge, et cérémonieusement me baisa la main » [He bowed, very talon rouge, and ceremoniously kissed my hand] – Hélène Jourdan-Morhange writing of the composer Ravel

  • MPS. Your knowledge and impeccable timing is second to none. 🙂

    I still think this is a sick and demeaning exercise in pervert theology.
    They should shove the red heels up….well you know.

  • Walking a mile in heels will make any man lose respect for women, realizing what some of them put themselves through out of vanity.

  • This gay loving effeminate pervert of a President had better beware angering the legions.

    Gen. Petraeus doesn’t want the job of cleaning up after these clowns. He’s earned a 40% time teaching position, golf with buds, grandchildren, and Elderhostel with Holly.

  • If a fraternity required their pledges to teeter in heels around campus with signs hanging from their necks, it would be called hazing. Demeaning, embarrassing, farcical, insulting to both men and women in uniform, polarizing and ineffective
    are words that come to mind. In the military respect should be a two way street; obviously the army brass doesn’t get it. So much for recruiting.
    To destroy a society, the most respected institutions must be held up to ridicule and destroyed: the Church, the family, and the military. Call it re-programming or re-education; we’re seen it happen elsewhere in the world and now it’s happening in the US.
    Signed, a Retired WAVE Officer

  • This country increasingly makes the Soviet Union appear charming. What a horrible place this is becoming!

  • T. Shaw, that was beautiful and TRUE

  • Charlie, the Soviet Union was a brutal place dominated by diabolical deception. Nonetheless, the Devil was smart enough to exclude effeminate perversion from the mix. Even the Nazis kept that sort of thing under wraps. What is happening here defies all understanding. It is outrageous and disgusting. I pray we can turn these people out of office and expunge this loathsome new socialist anti-morality from our midst.

  • Even the Nazis kept that sort of thing under wraps.

    Except for Ernst Roehm. There’s a disputed thesis that the Nazi policy on homosexuals was actually a campaign against femme homosexuals animated by butch homosexuals.

  • I think I read that Hitler had Roehm shot to cover up the homosexual scandal, as much as for other reasons. A sorry lot to be sure.

  • I’d like to know something: why don’t articles like this name names? Who gave these orders? Yes, I understand, the immediate issuers of the orders were probably given them from above. But still…we have to start the fight somewhere.

  • “To destroy a society, the most respected institutions must be held up to ridicule and destroyed: the Church, the family, and the military.”
    Oh yes, very true.

    The Canadian writer Michael D. O’Brien wrote about this fifteen years ago:
    “There are no precise blueprints of totalitarianism, for by its nature, even in its exercise of power, it is a shifting mirage. It does not know what it is, because it has no real absolutes on which to stand still and to know itself. It is urgent, therefore, that we recognize it for what it is, wherever it takes on a new form and attempts to dominate the human community. But how are we to accurately identify a force which appears in pleasing shapes and absorbs institutions with hardly an indiscretion? There are some traits which are common to violent and nonviolent forms of totalitarianism alike. The former justifies its harsh measures in the name of a so-called greater good—usually “the good of the people.” Soft totalitarianism is not fundamentally different in this regard, although its invasion of the rights and duties of man are executed with somewhat more diplomacy. We must remember here that in the beginning most oppressive regimes do not begin with overt oppression; in their early stages they appear as liberators. But when the moral foundations have crumbled under the euphoric advance of theory, it is only a matter of time before the living reality works out its awful consequences in practice. It bears repeating that this form is in the long run more destructive of the family, for it preserves the illusion of freedom. It directs its subjects to many roads, but the roads do not lead anywhere. It creates an impression of a broader world, but it is a vast prison, on the borders of which are impenetrable walls—impenetrable most of all because its residents have come to believe that there is nothing beyond it. It maintains power by continuously shifting the ground on which its subjects stand. Right, wrong, good, evil, and the identity of persons and things are each re-examined in an ongoing inquisition.

    From: http://www.studiobrien.com/the-new-totalitarianism/

  • Tom D, thank you for the quote and the link. “Soft totalitarianism” is an apt description of what’s happening in the US. Nikita Kruchev, who practiced hard totalitarianism, said, “Russia does not have to destroy America with missles; America will destroy from within.”
    The upcoming Supreme Court decision of the definition of marriage could cause a major upheaval in our society,

  • Tom D.

    Michael D. O’Brien’s explanations of totalitarianism are very insightful.
    Thank you for passing this along.

    The attacks on Church and family are full head on assaults in our day. They have been subverting these institutions for years, but now it’s a wave after wave of full frontal assaults. Trench warfare for those who will fight. Those who have chosen not to engage are going to have to pick sides soon.

  • If the Supreme Court redefines the definition of marriage, it is possible that the religious institutions would have to perform same sex marriages or lose their tax free status. A less violent
    Dissolution than Henry VIII’s time….though legitimate religions would probably tighten their belts and keep their churchs open. Their outreach programs might have to fold. The case before the Court is not just about discrimination against gays. Soft totalinarianism at work.

  • CAM

    No such consequences have ensued in Belgium, which introduced SSM in 2003. The state continues to pay the salaries and pensions of the clergy, under Art 181 of the Constitution and to fund the construction and renovation of church buildings.

    Belgium has mandatory civil marriage; Art 267 of the Code Pénal punishes ministers of religion who perform a marriage ceremony for unmarried couples. The religious ceremony is always referred to as the nuptial benediction [bénédiction nuptiale].

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour, that may be true for Belgium but here in the United States, tax exemption will be taken away from churches who do not conform to the secular mores. The Bob Jones University v United States case will be used against every religious institution that does not cooperate. Bob Jones University v United States

  • Hmmmmm wrote, “here in the United States, tax exemption will be taken away from churches who do not conform to the secular mores.”

    It has not happened elsewhere. In the Netherlands, the first country to introduce SSM in 2001, teachers in Church schools and institutes of higher learning continue to be public functionaries, their training, salaries and pensions paid for out of public funds. Many church buildings, too, are maintained and repaired by the state as part of the patrimony of the nation.

    Why do you suppose the United States will be so different to the European experience?

  • MPS, Here’s the but…re The Netherlands, are the churches required to perform same sex marriages? Or like Belgium and some other of the European nations are only civil ceremonies recognized as marriages? Whether a man and a woman become husband and wife through a ceremony performed by a priest, rabbi, minister, justice of the peace or a captain of a ship, they still must obtain a marriage license from the local government beforehand which is then witnessed by whomever performed the ceremony and the license is then filed at the local courthouse. Some states may still require blood tests to screen for venereal deseases. The states individually, not the federal government, in addition set the minimum age and the degree of consanguinity permitted and maintain records and statistics. There have been and probably are situations in which religious orders/institutions by contract run a school, orphange, sanitorium or clinic for governments or on Native American reservations.
    The separation between church and state has worked well for us in these united states.

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour writes,

    “Why do you suppose the United States will be so different to the European experience?”

    I believe there are three reasons Americans and Europeans diverge.

    1) The United States hasn’t the same history of Church/State relations that European countries have had. One can easily argue our founding (and our subsequent national character) has a hostility to state run churches. Perhaps more importantly, no one is calling for a change in this relationship to bring us more in line with Europe. And I don’t think Americans on either side are expecting the federal or state governments to intervene and protect the churches, synagogues and mosques.

    2) When Justice Alito raised this issue the other day, will allowing for gay marriage effect the tax exemption of religious run institutions, the Solicitor General said yes. While he attempted to temporize his answer to the Justice, he couldn’t get around that a very popular American sentiment is that racism and gay marriage are intertwined. There is no difference between a racial segregationist and someone who is opposed to same sex unions as marriages. This view is not just popular with the general public but in the legal schools and on our benches- see the Massachusetts ruling in favor of same sex unions, homosexual adoptions in that state and the closing of Catholic run orphanages. The Bob Jones case I linked to previously is already being raised by our intellectual classes as a way to further marginalize or end the perceived oppressions by the religious in America. As the Justice and the Solicitor General realized, the implication of allowing for same sex unions nation wide will make it impossible for religious run institutes from being exempt. We already have local governments warning pastors to marry homosexuals or face jail timeOverall, the argument in Europe has seemed to remain more specific to the topic than here in the US.

    3)A rising ideology in the United States is techno-libertarianism [or as Peter Lawler has called it, liberal-tarianism .] I like to think of it as the Californian school, since it is culturally an artifact of our western states; California particularly, with its post WWII rise to prominence. The old tensions between our democratic socialists on the left and classical liberals on the right is giving way to the political philosophy of those who built our computer industry and embraced or internalized the New Age cults that sprang up out west during the 60s.At it’s heart are convictions towards embracing transhumanism and applying hyperconsumerism to all aspects of life. Filiation is of no concern to them for they cannot grasp family formation as anything beyond a dna test. More importantly, gestational surrogacy (and perhaps soon, impersonalizing child birth) are very important to them, they are the first steps towards the coming technologically enhanced post-humanity people they seek to bring about. And they are hostile to Christians who seek to deny them of their wish to escape their biology through technology and consumption. Our proponents of same sex marriage have most successfully been these techno-libertarianism who are using this issue as a stalking-horse for their own ends.

    My experience amongst Europeans is that techno-libertarianism has not the cultural cachet it does here in the US. Perhaps because of Europeans being more historically skeptical of the type of liberal capitalism Americans embrace in general, and the techno-libertarians specifically. So we are already on divergent paths in how we approach the issue and why I’m not hopeful that European solutions are applicable to the US.

  • Hmmmmm

    Thank you for your interesting exposition.

    The belief of most European élites is that Christianity is a moribund superstition, clung to by a few from mere tradition and by others from unresolved psychological need. They are perfectly content to allow it to fade away slowly and without shock. They are quite happy to support clergy, at a reasonable salary, to provide the consolations of religion to their mostly elderly congregations, in many places too few in numbers to fund a minister for themselves. To deprive believers of the ordinaces of religion, particularly in their declining years, would strike them as gratuitously cruel.

  • CAM asked, “Or like Belgium and some other of the European nations are only civil ceremonies recognized as marriages? “

    The Netherlands has mandatory civil marriage.

    In England, by contrast, marriage in the Church of England may be performed after publication of banns, or with the bishop’s licence, without any civil marriage licence. The celebrant must make a quarterly return of marriages to the Registrar-General, but that is an administrative requirement that does not affect validity.

    The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 does not extend to marriage according to the rites of the Church of England, so clergy of the Church of England cannot perform same-sex ceremonies, even if they wish to. The reason for this was the possibility that the European Court of Human Rights might regard them as state officials and so governed by the anti-discrimination provisions of the Convention.

    In Scotland, the Church of Scotland Act 1921 is seen as sufficient protection for ministers: “This Church, as part of the Universal Church wherein the Lord Jesus Christ has appointed a government in the hands of Church office-bearers, receives from Him, its Divine King and Head, and from Him alone, the right and power subject to no civil authority to legislate, and to adjudicate finally, in all matters of doctrine, worship, government, and discipline in the Church… Recognition by civil authority of the separate and independent government and jurisdiction of this Church in matters spiritual, in whatever manner such recognition be expressed, does not in any way affect the character of this government and jurisdiction as derived from the Divine Head of the Church alone, or give to the civil authority any right of interference with the proceedings or judgments of the Church within the sphere of its spiritual government and jurisdiction.”

  • “The belief of most European élites is that Christianity is a moribund superstition”

    This must cause endless hilarity to the home grown jihadists in Europe. Contemporary European elites are, in general, the most clueless ruling class in history. If they weren’t taking so many innocent people into the pit with them, I would take great humor from their blindness.

  • Yes, MPS, what is it? Do the European elites see Islam as not moribund, not superstition, or neither? And, if not, why Christianity and not Islam? And if so, why trade one for another? Their whole approach seems irrational. What say you?

  • TomD wrote, “Do the European elites see Islam as not moribund, not superstition, or neither?”

    Maurice Barbier, a political scientist, who has written extensively on Laïcité expresses the general view: “Islam is not only a religion, but contains a social and political dimension, and hence an ideology capable of inspiring a practice. Consequently, it is necessary to separate what is religious in it from what is not. This is a delicate operation, for which the state is not competent and which Muslims are loath to carry out.”

    Not all are so pessimistic for, as Robert Redeker suggests, after the Cold War, the French Left has replaced “sovietophilia” with “islamophilia,” and that “Palestinians and the contemporary Muslim masses replace the proletariat in the intellectuals’ imagination” as the pure, ideal alternative to Western capitalism. (Le Monde, 11/21/01). In other words, absolute anti-Zionism is post-colonial contrition coupled with a fetishisation of the ‘innocent’ Palestinians, which in turn results from the ideological need to fill the post-Soviet vacuum. This is by no means confined to France.

    It fits in very well with a certain world-view, very prevalent in Europe: on the one side stands the “Cosmopolitan Satan,” the Unholy Trinity of the United States/Israel/the West and, on the other, stand the “dominated and the oppressed.” Here, Islam as “an ideology capable of inspiring a practice,” is very welcome.

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour writes, “The belief of most European élites is that Christianity is a moribund superstition, clung to by a few from mere tradition and by others from unresolved psychological need…To deprive believers of the ordinances of religion, particularly in their declining years, would strike them as gratuitously cruel.”
    Indeed, the Atlantic serves as a division between pity and scorn. Both are rooted in a contempt and disdain for the Christian religion; but whereas Christians are not a perceived threat to the political order in Europe, the American case is different. With our strong cultural martrix of radical protestant evangelism with their contextual “awakenings” this country goes through every few decades, Christianity is still conceived as an actual threat [the popular opinion] and convenient scapegoat [the elite opinion] to rally against.

The Left Eats Their Own

Thursday, January 29, AD 2015


Well this is interesting.  Jonathan Chait, uberliberal, writes an article for New York Magazine decrying political correctness:

But it would be a mistake to categorize today’s p.c. culture as only an academic phenomenon. Political correctness is a style of politics in which the more radical members of the left attempt to regulate political discourse by defining opposing views as bigoted and illegitimate. Two decades ago, the only communities where the left could exert such hegemonic control lay within academia, which gave it an influence on intellectual life far out of proportion to its numeric size. Today’s political correctness flourishes most consequentially on social media, where it enjoys a frisson of cool and vast new cultural reach. And since social media is also now the milieu that hosts most political debate, the new p.c. has attained an influence over mainstream journalism and commentary beyond that of the old.

It also makes money. Every media company knows that stories about race and gender bias draw huge audiences, making identity politics a reliable profit center in a media industry beset by insecurity. A year ago, for instance, a photographer compiled images of Fordham students displaying signs recounting “an instance of racial microaggression they have faced.” The stories ranged from uncomfortable (“No, where are you really from?”) to relatively innocuous (“ ‘Can you read this?’ He showed me a Japanese character on his phone”). BuzzFeed published part of her project, and it has since received more than 2 million views. This is not an anomaly.

In a short period of time, the p.c. movement has assumed a towering presence in the psychic space of politically active people in general and the left in particular. “All over social media, there dwell armies of unpaid but widely read commentators, ready to launch hashtag campaigns and circulate Change.org petitions in response to the slightest of identity-politics missteps,” Rebecca Traister wrote recently in The New Republic.

Two and a half years ago, Hanna Rosin, a liberal journalist and longtime friend, wrote a book called The End of Men, which argued that a confluence of social and economic changes left women in a better position going forward than men, who were struggling to adapt to a new postindustrial order. Rosin, a self-identified feminist, has found herself unexpectedly assailed by feminist critics, who found her message of long-term female empowerment complacent and insufficiently concerned with the continuing reality of sexism. One Twitter hashtag, “#RIPpatriarchy,” became a label for critics to lampoon her thesis. Every new continuing demonstration of gender discrimination — a survey showing Americans still prefer male bosses; a person noticing a man on the subway occupying a seat and a half — would be tweeted out along with a mocking #RIPpatriarchy.

Her response since then has been to avoid committing a provocation, especially on Twitter. “If you tweet something straight­forwardly feminist, you immediately get a wave of love and favorites, but if you tweet something in a cranky feminist mode then the opposite happens,” she told me. “The price is too high; you feel like there might be banishment waiting for you.” Social media, where swarms of jeering critics can materialize in an instant, paradoxically creates this feeling of isolation. “You do immediately get the sense that it’s one against millions, even though it’s not.” Subjects of these massed attacks often describe an impulse to withdraw.

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5 Responses to The Left Eats Their Own

  • Q: What is public about NPR? It seems to be a sounding board for DNC. Are govt. funds commingled with the donations to support and propagate leftist views? If our tax dollars do support NPR then views contrary to the left should have equal air time.

  • Virtually all media discourse is liberal no matter the outlet. I now avoid all of it because it is so dull and insipid resulting from the base of lies on which it is based. The only media outlets I frequent are from an orthodox Catholic point of view. I just have no interest in engaging. My liberal friends miss fighting with me but I’ve passed through that phase thanks to the Holy Spirit. You really have to have a fourth grade mind to partake of mainstream media and find it satisfying at all, or the deluded mind of a liberal. Gotcha, name calling, made up “isms” and “ists” is all they have.

  • Back in November there was a bit of a kerfluffle where they found out one of their loudest voices was…well, just being a nasty bully against people who weren’t really doing bad-think. People who were on their own side. What the heck they expected out of someone called “Required Hate,” I have no idea. (Link is to Mrs. Hoyt’s reaction to some loon trying to shift the blame on to an acceptable target. Herself.)

  • Regulating discourse by defining opposing views as bigoted and illegitimate …
    to assume a towering presence in the psychic space of …
    ” Political correctness, like most forms of language policing, is all about winning debates not through persuasion and argument but by getting other people to shut up. ”
    The loudest, or most influential power, ‘wins’. It seems that ‘religious correctness’ can now be a phrase for some current discourse. This also seems to be a connection to writings about the Church becoming small and to Someone wondering whether there will be found any faith found on earth.

Science Fiction as Politicized Drek

Thursday, July 24, AD 2014

Science Fiction Leftism

They began by controlling books of cartoons and then detective books and, of course, films, one way or another, one group or another, political bias, religious prejudice, union pressures; there was always a minority afraid of something, and a great majority afraid of the dark, afraid of the future, afraid of the past, afraid of the present, afraid of themselves and shadows of themselves.

Ray Bradbury, Usher II (1950)


John C. Wright, Science Fiction author and a convert to Catholicism, laments the ruin wreaked on Science Fiction by leftist ideologies and pathologies:

Establishment SF is Politically Correct SF, in that it pays slavish homage to all the tired tropes and foolish dogmas of Political Correctness. With its emphasis on collective rights, victimology, and radical egalitarianism, there is no place in the PC SF universe for things like heroes, adventures, inventors, exotic locations, space princesses, or technology portrayed as beneficial.

Politically Correct SF is astonishingly parochial, because it is always assumed that the society of the future will be caught in the grip of the selfsame political controversies as the Victorian Age, which is the age when this worldview was first formulated by Marx. Hence, for all other SF stories, the future differs from the present. For PC SF, the future is just like the past, and nothing changes.

In other words, the stories of PC SF promote the opposite of SF.

SF is about a sense of wonder. PC is about a sense of despair. The two are opposite. Hence, PC SF is a contradiction in terms. What it produces is simply not science fiction.

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9 Responses to Science Fiction as Politicized Drek

  • The clip reminds me…

    Just for fun Don, you ever watched the Star Trek videos on http://sfdebris.com/? I think you’d get a big kick out of his analysis.

  • Everything’s got to be political, so of course scifi can’t escape. 🙁

    It’s sad when the only place my husband and I can come out with a pile of books is a second hand store. When we were kids, B&N was a crisis of budget; now, the only question is if I’ll find one of those big picture books that the kids might like.

  • One thing I have begun to enjoy Foxfier are science fiction collections for a buck to 2.99 on Kindle. A good way to cheaply get a library of classic science fiction along with good work from new authors who are publishing on their own on Amazon. I have been pleasantly surprised at some of the new work I have found for Kindle.

  • There’s also those stepping into the gap. John C Wright’s recent ebook releases are good (I reviewed them) and you can sometimes find indie gems out there.

  • My mom reads metric tons of the 99c/free stuff on Kindle, plus all the random reduced stuff I send to her.

    Dear husband bought me a kindle for Christmas, and it took about… oh… two days for me to be addicted.

    Then I finally upgraded my phone to a “smart” one, and started using the kindle on that while my husband uses “my” kindle to read his game background PDFs….

    Oh, it’s delightful. If fanfiction.net can figure out how to be accessible without formatting issues, I’ll be in hog heaven.


    Sarah Hoyt (accordingtohoyt.com) does a lot of ebook promos, my library system has an OK ebook selection (through amazon) and I’ve started reading Dorthy Sawyers and Agatha Christie’s (only the Marples) publications when I can afford them.

    It’s delightful to see what is different right after WWI, WWII and now, and I can start to see what on EARTH was going on in, oh, Ann McCaffery’s head with some of her assumptions. Even Mercedes Lackey, though figuring out when she’s thinking and when she’s being a loon can be tough, and figuring out what is her and what is co-writers. Ugh, I wonder what similarly ginormous blindspots I have…. (suggestions without a decent support will be treated like the trolling they are)

  • So you’re saying that if I can get this fan stuff put in epub format you’d be set? lol

  • I greatly suspect that at some point a smart person will come up with a way to RSS to e-readers.

  • Foxfier: Aren’t these books at the free public library?

Of Camels, Humps and Chumps

Friday, May 16, AD 2014

Camel Crossing

One of my more cherished photos is of my three kids when they were little riding a camel.  The kids had a great time and the camel was gentle, obviously well cared for and very patient with the kids.  My bride and I had taught them about camels and they loved being able to ride on one.  It was therefore with some interest that I glanced at the latest example of moronic political correctness on campus:

Students at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota have cancelled an event to celebrate the end of the year after complaints that bringing a camel on campus could offend those of Middle Eastern cultures.

The “Hump Day” event, put on by the Residence Hall Association (RHA), was supposed to be “a petting zoo type of atmosphere” in which students could hang out and take photos with a live camel. According to Aaron Macke, the group’s advisor, the camel is owned by a local vendor and trained for special events.

But the event was subsequently cancelled after students took to Facebook to proclaim their concerns. The students said they were concerned about the money spent on bringing the camel to campus—around $500—and the implication that it would be racially insensitive to Middle Eastern cultures.

The Facebook group called “Protest Hump DAAAAAAY!” had more than 100 RSVP’d attendees before it was deleted on Wednesday.

“RHA’s goal in programming is to bring residents together in a fun and safe environment where all people can enjoy themselves,” RHA president Lindsay Goodwin said in a statement on RHA’s Facebook page. “It appears however, this program is dividing people and would make for an uncomfortable and possibly unsafe environment for everyone attending or providing the program. As a result, RHA has decided to cancel the event.”

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4 Responses to Of Camels, Humps and Chumps

  • It is perhaps not without a delicious sense of irony that these students are unintentionally engaging in racial insensitivity of their own by 1. overlooking the fact that camels are not native only to Middle Eastern regions 2. neglecting to be concerned that the peoples of central Asia (for example) might likewise be offended, and/or implying that those of the Middle East are more likely to be offended.

  • “Camels, humps, and chumps.” It sounds like a title for a Three Stooges comedy! And since this whole thing is a farce anyway, this post gives these idiots a well deserved poke in the eye! Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

  • Jason

    The world’s largest camel herd is in Australia!


  • It is ok to have a Black Mass “celebration” that mocks Jesus Christ’s Last Supper but you cannot celebrate “Hump Day” with a camel!

    This country is finished. Our young people are completely lost and outright intentional bigots.

Science Fiction and Tolerance

Tuesday, April 29, AD 2014

Nothing is so unworthy of a civilised nation as allowing itself to be governed without opposition by an irresponsible clique that has yielded to base instinct.

From a White Rose resistance pamphlet (1942)



I am happy that Dale Price is back to blogging on a fairly regular basis since it gives me a renewed opportunity to steal borrow blogging ideas from him.  He turns his attention at his blog Dyspeptic Mutterings to the insane purge going on within science fiction fandom of anyone who has political beliefs that do not coincide with the politically correct bromides du jour:

Orwellian group-think comes to real-world science fiction writing.

A little recondite, but instructive: the Hugo Awards and SFWA are the latest (if minor) institutions to have succumbed to the left’s jackbooted tolerance enforcers. The issues have risen to the attention of USA Today, so it’s newsworthy instead of merely nerdworthy.
Larry “Monster Hunter” Correia explains part of the problem (the Hugos) in a link within the USA Today column.
Finally, Sarah Hoyt (not exactly a charter member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy herself) and John C. Wright both lower the boom.
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3 Responses to Science Fiction and Tolerance

Political Correctness Made Cowards of Them All

Wednesday, August 21, AD 2013



The farce that is the courtmartial of mass killer Major Nidal Hasan  is wending on its way with the military judge restricting evidence of Hasan’s jihadi motives:

Prosecutors will not be allowed to enter evidence that Nidal Hasan intended to commit jihad in his mass murder spree at Fort Hood nearly four years ago, the judge in the court-martial ruled yesterday.  Col. Tara Osborn also struck from evidence the correspondence between Hasan and al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, although she did allow prosecutors to use records of Hasan’s Internet usage and search histories at the time of the shooting.

For my sins no doubt, I have spent the last 31 years as an attorney.  I have done more than my fair share of criminal defense during that time.  I cannot express adequately just how ridiculous this ruling of the court is.  Hasan has already admitted in open court that he was the shooter and that his motivation was jihad.  I can only assume that the true motivation behind the court’s absurd ruling was the same motivation that caused the administration to classify Hasan’s multiple murders as being workplace violence.

This courtmartial circus is merely the culmination of Hasan’s entire involvement with the Army during which he may as well have been wearing a sign saying “ENEMY COMBATANT”.  His superiors knew that Hasan was at best deranged and at worst a soldier for the jihadis.  The soldiers that Hasan murdered did not die because Hasan made any attempt to conceal what he was and is, a jihadist, but because his superiors cravenly did not wish to stand up against him for fear of harming their own careers and being accused of anti-Islamic bias.

NPR of all places has an excellent report showing that before he was assigned to Fort Hood from Walter Reed, that his superiors knew that Hasan was a likely threat:



When a group of key officials gathered in the spring of 2008 for their monthly meeting in a Bethesda, Md., office, one of the leading — and most perplexing — items on their agenda was: What should we do about Hasan?

Hasan had been a trouble spot on officials’ radar since he started training at Walter Reed, six years earlier. Several officials confirm that supervisors had repeatedly given him poor evaluations and warned him that he was doing substandard work.

Both fellow students and faculty were deeply troubled by Hasan’s behavior — which they variously called disconnected, aloof, paranoid, belligerent, and schizoid. The officials say he antagonized some students and faculty by espousing what they perceived to be extremist Islamic views. His supervisors at Walter Reed had even reprimanded him for telling at least one patient that “Islam can save your soul.”

Participants in the spring meeting and in subsequent conversations about Hasan reportedly included John Bradley, chief of psychiatry at Walter Reed; Robert Ursano, chairman of the Psychiatry Department at USUHS; Charles Engel, assistant chair of the Psychiatry Department and director of Hasan’s psychiatry fellowship; Dr. David Benedek, another assistant chairman of psychiatry at USUHS; psychiatrist Carroll J. Diebold; and Scott Moran, director of the psychiatric residency program at Walter Reed, according to colleagues and other sources who monitor the meetings.

NPR tried to contact all these officials and the public affairs officers at the institutions. They either didn’t return phone calls or said they could not comment.

But psychiatrists and officials who are familiar with the conversations, which continued into the spring of 2009, say they took a remarkable turn: Is it possible, some mused, that Hasan was mentally unstable and unfit to be an Army psychiatrist?

One official involved in the conversations had reportedly told colleagues that he worried that if Hasan deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, he might leak secret military information to Islamic extremists. Another official reportedly wondered aloud to colleagues whether Hasan might be capable of committing fratricide, like the Muslim U.S. Army sergeant who, in 2003, killed two fellow soldiers and injured 14 others by setting off grenades at a base in Kuwait.

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14 Responses to Political Correctness Made Cowards of Them All

  • It has taken the U.S. Army 44 months to even put this blatantly guilty man on trial. Either the procedural articles in the Code of Military Justice are nonsense or there is a crew of JAGs up and down the hierarchy who need to be flushed out of the service for efficiency’s sake. When I had to know something about this (ca. 1986), New York State Courts could process a murder case from arrest to jury verdict in a median of 13 months.

    What Glenn Reynolds said about Bradley Manning applies in this case: the scandal is that he was in the Army to begin with.

  • I do not doubt that you are correct in your assessment, Don but I think that there is a more subtle problem going on: equal employment opportunity and discrimination law have created a paralyzing environment for employers and that prevents them from taking action in a timely fashion.

    I have observed many examples of bizarre, counterproductive behavior in employees that absolutely demanded action but were dealt with with kid gloves. I observed directly, for example this incident in 2000:

    A supervisor, having repeatedly received complaints about a clerk’s dirty and smelly sweatpants, brought him into his office to again remind him about the dress code and to tell him that he would have to go home and change. The employee flipped out, knocked all of the files of of the supervisor’s desk, and stormed out. (I was standing 3 feet away because the raised voices made me consider that I may need to physically intervene.) He then stormed over to the Deputy Director’s office, shook a fist at her as she jumped out of her chair and put the rolling chair and desk between her and him, and threatened “I’m going to beat you into a bloody mess!” By that time, the supervisor, me, and two other officers had gotten between him and her and were forcing him out of the office. He then stormed out of the building.

    The result? 2 days Admin Leave and a referral to the Employee Assistance Program – voluntary, of course.

    I’ve heard many similar anecdotes – only one as bad – in the last 20 years. The stories come from hospitals, government, non-profits, and private companies; All seem to have similar stories of management shackled by human resources rules that are far more restrictive even than the law.

    I have had every single hiring decision challenged in some way. We win all of them because I spend an immense amount of time making sure that I am getting the best possible hire and following the rules to the letter. Mind ye, it isn’t hard to get good employees in this horrible economy. I see 100+ applicants for every $45K job. Calling those who were interviewed but not selected is a real mixed bag. On the last hire – January – one non-selectee said “I know I was the best qualified candidate so why didn’t you give me the job.” Of 213 applicants, she “knows” she was the best qualified?

    We can’t call former supervisors to get the scoop on past employment and wouldn’t get anything we could use even if we could. We can’t be honest with those who ask us for an assessment either, cordoned to specific, useless information like verifying that a person did, in fact, work for us during a specific timeframe.

    All of this employment and discrimination law creates a backdrop for the kinds of incidents you describe. It makes managers fearful of doing their jobs and it puts the organization’s attorneys in the position of holding back on the reigns of justice for fear of suits. The delays can be deadly.

    What is particularly galling is that I have yet to see a legitimate EEOC, employment, or discrimination case that originated from organization action in the last 10 years. Even the biggest cases are speculative and the majority of the employee or applicant actions are resolved by organizations out of fear, not fault.

    Is it any wonder that companies prefer to do business in places without such laws? This is, to my mind, the “elephant in the room.” Business recognizes that they won’t be sued in India or China or Russia or Chile or Brazil and won’t be making employment decisions in an environment of paralyzed fear.

    So, there you have it, my rant for the day. I’m going to have my second cup of coffee now.

  • Jonathan Swift couldn’t concoct such a parody.

    I anticipate reading a MSM defense of the drone strike that liquidates Major Hasan . . .

  • With this development, as with news that Al Jazeera US has launched, tells me that Islam has conquered in the West, but not by a head-on conflict, which failed centuries ago, because of the internal rot, as outlined by David above.

    I really think we’re done for at least for the next generation or two. What comes next? Barbarians a la the downfall of Rome? It’s frightening for a family man.

    Yes, there are pockets of resistance but outposts are continually surrendered. We’ve been told that we should no longer debate the marriage issue but focus on other topics. What other topics? What’s left? I’m not an anti-clericalist (right or left-wing) but the clergy and hierarchy as a corporate body (I don’t mean individuals) lost the culture wars decades ago. They’ve lost on the “gay” issue. Before that it was contraception and divorce. Even where the rules were still on the books, the message was frequently watered down or the clergy was complicit by their silence. They are going to have to be a lot more outspoken, and clear (i.e. in plain black and white, not so many useless ambiguities) to make up for the damage.

    Only Russia’s Putin for all his vices seems to voice common sense on cultural issues. A strange irony! I say all this having keep my pessimism and paranoia at bay for years. I just can’t do it any longer. Sorry. If there’s cause for hope, let me know! I would love to be an optimist.

  • Re: Mr. Spaulding’s remarks. It is indicative of the pathology of public discussion in this country that one would be hard put to think of a public advocate for repealing employment discrimination law even though millions have been through the kabuki theatre of the contemporary job interview as conducted by enterprises concerned with compliance and even though everyone is aware that discrimination is widely practiced and permitted for applicants outside certain preference categories. I can think of three occasions in 35 years where I have read a published argument for repeal. One was by the publisher of an obscure and long defunct alternative weekly in Rochester, N.Y. – a man of libertarian sympathies (that would have been around 1990 and the man in question would now be in his late 50s and in some other line of work), one was by the political theorist Gottfried Dietze (foreign born, had tenure, now deceased), and one was by the legal scholar Richard Epstein (has tenure). Dr. Dietze told his students that his arguments (offered in his monograph America’s Political Dilemma and encompassing much more than the new civil rights legislation) were considered so outre in 1968 he could not persuade anyone to review the book. He was a personal friend of Wm. F. Buckley and the book was accessible to the general reader, but Buckley would not allocate space to a review. (Dietze was offering normative arguments. The practical problems with employment discrimination law had not hit home).

  • I feel sorry for Hasan. Wait, wait, hear me out.

    He is trying to be perfectly clear about his religious struggle.

    It will not restore the dead to life with loved ones here and now.

    But he is trying to educate Americans about the logical extremes of Islam.

    The Obama administration, the military, the media are trying to shut him up.

  • on topic,

    with the new disparate impact guidance from EEOC, and Tom Perez beginning his reign of terror at Labor,

    I expect I could start a business organizing white people with criminal backgrounds to apply for jobs so that companies can hit their quota of rejected white criminals.

  • I find it curious that I agree with Matt A’s observation about Putin.

    We will never know what Putin has done. As a regional KGB chief, covering Moscow during the Soviet Era, I think we can safely say that he has probably done much that would be classified as a crime in the US.

    And yet, his efforts to restore something akin to a conscience and general mores in Russian society are laudable. I am reminded of Augustine of Hippo’s father who, though utterly pagan, sought to instill a kind of virtue in Augustine.

    Of course, following that idea out, it was Christ that saved Augustine, not his father’s pagan virtues. Let us pray that Christ will redeem us before we experience the horror of another fall of Rome.

  • It baffles me that the powers in charge can present this charade with a straight face. It is so blatantly obvious that Hasan is a jihadi terrorist that to assert otherwise is absolutely stupefying. It violates the truth in much the same way that Nancy Pelosi says that abortion is “sacred ground” violates the truth. It does so by creating an absolute fiction to substitute for what all of one’s senses are screaming into the brain, and then believing it to be true. The only parallel I can think of is the cult of personality surrounding the Kim dynasty in North Korea. There, the truth is whatever the dictator says, and to even consider an alternative is treason worthy of death. I saw a documentary where American eye surgeons went to North Korea and operated on people who could not receive care from domestic surgeons. Then, with the surgeon who actually did the operation standing right there removing the bandages, these patients praised Kim for restoring their eyesight with a charismatic religious fervor that would put a Pentecostal to shame.

    It’s really a satanic perversion of what is holy. Christ proclaimed that He is the way, the truth, and the life. Truth and life are thus holy. In this instance, truth is defied as Christ Himself is defied. Instead, a falsehood is substituted and worshiped, created out of the imagination of the State and demanding obedience from all. And so they create a lie that doesn’t even contain a shred of the truth, demanding that we bow down before it no matter how absurd. In fact, the more absurd, the better. The further they can get from the truth, the further they can get from Christ, and so the lie they create gets even more and more absurd. May Heaven help us!

  • Addendum to my original comment: A large number of priests and bishops are good and holy men. Without them we could not get through this cultural catastrophe. We need the Church founded by Christ. I was merely voicing my extreme frustration — which I rarely do, being more like Mr. Spock in my public comments — with many of those in positions of leadership. But that’s humanity for you.

    On a separate point, I enjoyed David Spaulding’s further comments on Putin. Is a comparison with Constantine in order? The man had his character defects but he was God’s chosen instrument as the proximate material means of ending anti-Christian persecution. I’m not saying that Putin’s role here, but such could be the case with a leader in the future.

  • What were those thirteen he killed chopped liver?

    I am volunteering to be one of the shooters in Hasan’s firing squad. I’d pop him in the gut.

    I am buying a case of Stoli. Putin (in banning pro-sodomy propaganda) is more Catholic than . . .

  • Hasan insists that he is a soldier of Allah, with a mission to kill Americans in behalf of Islam. He will be found guilty, and that should reverse the “workplace violence” nonsense that unjustly denies proper recognition and benefits to the victims of his attack. Such political correctness is a total inversion of reality, typical of that which pervades our sick latter day culture.

  • I can only assume that the true motivation behind the court’s absurd ruling was the same motivation that caused the administration to classify Hasan’s multiple murders as being workplace violence.
    –Donald R. McClarey

    At the time, no Christian filmmaker was available for convenient scapegoating. Or the DOD PC-munists weren’t as cunning as their counterparts in Hillary’s State Department and hadn’t thought of that ploy.

    As for Col. Tara Osborn the courts martial judge, she herself is another argument against tolerating females in the military.

  • News form Killeen, TX: The jihadi was convicted of 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder.

    Sentencing Monday.

Fear of the Cross

Wednesday, July 3, AD 2013


But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews indeed a stumblingblock, and unto the Gentiles foolishness:

Saint Paul:  1 Corinthians 1:23

The current administration has certainly emboldened bigots.  Case in point:

Audrey Jarvis, 19, a liberal arts major at the northern California university, said she had no choice but to seek a “religious accommodation” in order to wear the cross. Her lawyer said she deserves an apology, and the school seems ready to oblige.

“It’s amazing in this day of diversity and tolerance on university campuses that a university official would engage in this type of obvious religious discrimination,” said Hiram Sasser, an attorney with Liberty Institute, which is representing Jarvis.

Jarvis was working for the university’s Associated Students Productions at a June 27 student orientation fair for incoming freshmen when her supervisor told her to remove the two-inch-long cross necklace, according to Sasser.

Sasser said the supervisor told her that the chancellor had a policy against wearing religious items and further explained “that she could not wear her cross necklace because it might offend others, it might make incoming students feel unwelcome, or it might cause incoming students to feel that ASP was not an organization they should join.”

“My initial reaction was one of complete shock,” Jarvis told Fox News. “I was thrown for a loop.”

Jarvis said she is a devout Catholic and she wears the cross as a symbol of her faith in Christ.

“I was offended because I believe as a Christian woman it is my prerogative to display my faith any way I like so long as it is not harming anyone else,” she said. “I was very hurt and felt as if the university’s mission statement – which includes tolerance and inclusivity to all – was violated.”

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9 Responses to Fear of the Cross

  • Kashack said Sonoma State President Ruben Arminana was “angered” by the incident and they are trying to contact Jarvis so they can apologize.

    “The president was very upset about it and asked me to contact Miss Jarvis and give a profuse apology,” she said.

    Why do we doubt this is true?

  • Because it gives no explanation why this incident happened in the first place. What is their policy regarding religious symbols? Was this a “rogue” supervisor or are they reacting in this way because they were caught and a big stink is starting over this? What about the future? Are Christian students and employees now free to wear crosses on campus?

  • These sort of incidents do seem to have a ‘try every door’ aspect to them.

    There are people in this world who are remarkably parochial. I am an occasional participant at a blog moderated by a man who has been practicing political journalism (on and off) for 27 years. Now 48 years of age, he is barely able to process an argument contrary to the regnant attitudes of the institutions where he has spent his life. That is what an Ivy League B.A. (including some graduate work at Harvard) and two decades in magazine journalism gets you.

    There are also people in this world who resemble the world’s difficult and self-centered mothers. Their default mode of interacting with people is to insist on their way with regard to the pettiest matters.

    I will wager both types are fairly common in MEd. programs, and the one’s who do not wish to brave the classroom end up in the student affairs apparat at your local college.

  • 1st Corinthians 1:18-19 – “For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. For it is written, ‘I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the cleverness of the clever I will thwart.'”

    Philippians 3:18-19 – “For many, of whom I have often told you and now tell you even with tears, live as enemies of the cross of Christ. Their end is destruction, their god is the belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things.”

  • “Sasser said the supervisor told her that the chancellor had a policy against wearing religious items and further explained “that she could not wear her cross necklace because it might offend others, it might make incoming students feel unwelcome, or it might cause incoming students to feel that ASP was not an organization they should join.”

    So they were afraid of scaring away bigots?

  • I hope that my sons meet and marry a woman like Audrey Jarvis, and not because she is a beautiful lady (unless they become priests).

    Colleges and universities are the devil’s domain when it comes to leftist thought, theory and practice.

  • I hope that my son Donald is fortunate enough to ultimately marry a woman as faithful and beautiful, both internally and externally, as Miss Jarvis appears to be.

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  • O Glorious Guardian Angel of the United States, to whom God has entrusted the care of our beloved country, we honor you and thank you for the care and protection you have given to this great nation from the first moment of its inception.
    O Powerful Angel Guardian, whose watchful glance encompasses this vast land from shore to shore, we know that our sins have grieved you and marred the beauty of our heritage. Pray for us.
    O Holy Angel, before the throne of God. Obtain for us, from the Queen of Heaven, the graces we need to overcome the forces of evil so rampant in our beloved land.
    Help us, our God-given protector and friend, to respond wholeheartedly to the urgent pleas of the Mother of God…Assist us to offer the prayer and sacrifice necessary to bring peace and goodness to our nation.
    We want to make you known and loved throughout our land, so that with your help we may become once more “a Nation under God”!

    By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil.

Army Values

Tuesday, April 30, AD 2013

Obama's Military


There is an old saying in the military:  once is an accident;  twice is carelessness;  third time is enemy action.  Faithful readers of this blog will recall this post here about an Army briefing which labeled Christians, including Catholics, as extremists.  Another incident has arisen this week.

An officer at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where my brother was stationed when he was an Armor officer in the Army, recently sent out a 14 page e-mail to subordinates which makes for interesting reading.  Here is the e-mail from Lieutenant Colonel Jack Rich:

Subject: Domestic “Hate Groups” (UNCLASSIFIED)
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: FOUO
Many events have been taking place across the country – just want to ensure everyone is somewhat educated on some of the groups out there that do not share our Army Values.
When we see behaviors that are inconsistent with Army Values – don’t just walk by – do the right thing and address the concern before it becomes a problem.
We need to make sure that we maintain our standards – starting with reception and integration.

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20 Responses to Army Values

  • He’s simply prepping them to shoot American citizens.

  • A Christian in the military today is like a Jew in the SS.

  • This is surreal.
    For Greater Glory, last years release of the true story of the Cristeros, is a wake up call for True Christians in America.
    One of the tag lines in the movie trailer asks this poignant question; “What price would you pay for freedom?”

    When we see the govt. swoop in to abolish our freedom of speech, our freedom to worship and our freedom to bear arms will you be ready to answer the question…at what price?

    I pray we are ready.

  • How disappointing but not supprising. It appears everyone except ones that hold no convictions are hate groups. Tepid water.

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  • So much for the claims that there was no problem in the repeal of DADT. Just a simple equality issue. The floodgates have been opened.

  • A 14 page email? Really? I work with Colonels every day, and I can’t imagine any of them *reading* anything that long let alone writing it. But maybe this was something crafted by one of the PowerPoint warriors at HQ, and it’s just being passed along.

    Sadly, much of the military is now on board with the dominant culture. Institutionally, its instincts are not as conservative as one might expect.

  • If this continues, then though God forbid we will be defeated in battle and what happened to King Manasseh may yet happen to President Obama. God does not change. God does the same thing in the same way because God does the right thing in the right way. And God will punish those who defy Him.

    I shall never ever accept a homosexual or abortive culture of sickening sexual depravity and murder. Never ever.

  • Hosea long ago gave us the best commentary on the Obama administration:

    “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.”

  • Those Sovereigns sound fun.

  • Unbelievable!
    This guy is a colonel? What do his fellow officers say?
    If this sort of crap infects the US military, they’re stuffed (along with the rest of us).
    Obama said he will “fundamentally change the United States of America”.
    He is doing exactly that, and the US is on its way to being the Roman Empire revisited.

  • The Fox News opinion piece “Pentagon: Religious Proselytizing is Not Permitted” adds something to this post I think. This is disturbing.

    My wife remarked that one can see Satan’s game plan clearly at this juncture. I think she is onto something.

    When I was a kid (1970s and 1980s) we talked about bad people but the things that were “bad” then are normal and OK now. We are a people without a compass.

    Satan has latched onto the perfect formula: your adherence to the Truth is oppressive and you cannot do that in public. Unless you remain quiet, you will be silenced, drummed out, destroyed. It is the State’s concern for the “oppressed” that trumps your freedom of conscience and speech.

    It is comical that the forces seeking this oppression don’t see their own doom in the architecture they raise. It will assuredly destroy them as it does us.

    America doesn’t deserve God’s Grace and we are seeing His withdrawal of Providence. When His back is fully turned to us, we shall surely suffer.

  • What a load of crap that email is.

  • P promiscuous
    R ridiculous
    I insidious
    D demoralized
    E evil

    Thirty days of gay pride and more!!

    Two events come to mind. One named Katrina. The other named Isaac.
    August 29th. Seven years to the day these two hurricanes hit New Orleans. Coincidental that the raunchy ( Southern Decadence pride fest ) was to begin on the same date?

    Sodom and Gomorrah revisited.

  • oh my. I am reading this on May Day..
    and all I can do is ask St Joseph for help. Help us Saint Joseph!
    On May Day.I remember the Kremlin used to have their military parades to frighten the world and we put up Saint Joseph to go against the Communists. I ask him to protect us today lest we will ALL reap that whirlwind

  • In your Catholic Extremist post, Donald, you said:
    To do otherwise is to simply cede [the military] to the Left…

    To which I responded:

    “I regret to inform you Donald that has already happened in large measure. The political correctness that has run amok in the military with the repeal of DADT (I favor the pre-DADT outright ban on homosexuals in the military myself), forcing male soldiers to go through the day with a strap-on bun-in-the-oven (you know you are getting old if you ever heard that phrase) as an empathy exercise, and women in combat will garuntee our demise if this is not only staved but reversed. Of course, let us not forget Gen. Casey (who was Army Joint Chief at the time I believe) being more worried about “diversity” in the wake Ft. Hood terrorist attack than he was about the fact that it was…well…a terrorist attack. I regret pointing out that the opposition of the GOP leadership on these matters has been practically, if not theoretically, non-existent.”

    I think this latest post proves what I said right in spades. The fact that most conservative do not see how this poses a lehtal threat to military readiness and by extension, national security is beyond astonishing. When you even have someone like Don Rumsfeld, as good a SecDef as we ever had, saying, that the time has come to allow open homsexuals in the military is even more astonishing.

    If my Detroit Public School educated brain can understand how obvious it it how allowing homsexuals to serve in the military when you consider how important the forming of non-sexual bonds is to unit cohesion and how having openly homosexuals living in berthing compartments aboard Navy ships (which is like living in a locker room) is a grave threat to the military, I don’t see how people who are supposed to be much smarter than me don’t get that. But apparently they don’t. Or could it be they lack the political nads to understand that and act accordingly. I suspect it is the latter. And their weakness as well as the left’s aggressiveness will reap the whirlwind!

  • So what implications does this have for Catholic chaplains in the military?

  • One of constant struggle so long as the Obama administration is in office.

  • “One of constant struggle so long as the Obama administration is in office.”

    This problem actually predates Obama. But it has been significantly ratcheted up under his administration. And that cancer will continue to metastasize long after Obama is gone unless a repulibican who has the intestinal fortitude to give the hard push back t will need to begin to reverse it. However, given the present crop of GOP leadership, even among the conservatives, I am not too optimistic about the future.

Hypocritical Prudes

Monday, April 22, AD 2013



Horace Walpole once famously observed that the world is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel.  The times in which we live certainly gives support to the sometime accuracy of that maxim.  My favorite living historian, Victor Davis Hanson, helps buttress the point:

What explains these contradictions in our wide-open but prudish society? Decades after the rise of feminism, popular culture still seems confused by it. If women should be able to approach sexuality like men, does it follow that commentary about sex should follow the same gender-neutral rules? Yet wearing provocative or inappropriate clothing is often considered less offensive than remarking upon it. Calling a near-nude Madonna onstage a “hussy” or “tart” would be considered crude in a way that her mock crucifixion and simulated sex acts are not.

Criminal sexual activity is sometimes not as professionally injurious as politically incorrect thoughts about sex and gender. Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer — found to have hired prostitutes on a number of occasions during his time in office — was given a CNN news show despite the scandal. But when former Miss California Carrie Prejean was asked in the Miss USA pageant whether she endorsed gay marriage, she said no — and thereby earned nearly as much popular condemnation for her candid defense of traditional marriage as Spitzer had for his purchased affairs.

Critics were outraged that talk-show host Rush Limbaugh grossly insulted birth-control activist Sandra Fluke. Amid the attention, Fluke was canonized for her position that federal health-care plans should pay for the contraceptive costs of all women. Yet in comparison to Fluke’s well-publicized victimhood, there has been a veritable news blackout for the trial of the macabre Dr. Kermit Gosnell, charged with killing and mutilating in gruesome fashion seven babies during a long career of conducting sometimes illegal late-term abortions. Had Gosnell’s aborted victims been canines instead of humans — compare the minimal coverage of the Gosnell trial with the widespread media condemnation of dog-killing quarterback Michael Vick — perhaps the doctor’s mayhem likewise would have been front-page news outside of Philadelphia.

Modern society also resorts to empty, symbolic moral action when it cannot deal with real problems. So-called assault weapons account for less than 1 percent of gun deaths in America. But the country whips itself into a frenzy to ban them, apparently to prove that at least it can do something, instead of wading into polarized racial and class controversies by going after illegal urban handguns, the real source of the nation’s high gun-related body count.

Not since the late-19th-century juxtaposition of the Wild West with the Victorian East has popular morality been so unbridled and yet so uptight. In short, we have become a nation of promiscuous prudes.

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30 Responses to Hypocritical Prudes

  • The fact is that private insurance companies deem it less expensive to pay for contraceptive coverage than pay for increased abortions and births. Are we now going to allow religious institutions to decide what is covered and what is not? People who complain about government telling private health insurance companies (Sandra Fluke’s coverage was private, not government paid) now want the government to tell private insurance companies what they should cover. Is there any modicum of consistency here?

    What’s telling is that for many Christians these days morality is only about sins you commit with no pants on. One never hears this outrage about the fact that 10’s of millions of Americans have no health coverage.

  • “What’s telling is that for many Christians these days morality is only about sins you commit with no pants on.”

    No Michael the term of art for those who believe that morality does not apply to sex is “pelvic morality”. In that rubric they include the slaying of innocent kids in abortion.

    You seem to long for Big Government to take care of everything, including requiring others to pay for Sandra Fluke’s contraceptives. That is not only immoral, but foolish to the nth degree. Government can’t do it, something that should be obvious to anyone as the welfare states grumble before our eyes. When Government attempts to it usually destroys the character of those it attempts to reduce to the status of children, dependent upon the government for everything. A good life as a government serf is an illusion.

  • I work a BS in-between job and I get health insurance. Where is this alternate dimension where good folks with plenty of skills and responsibility do not get the same simply because of greedy crony capitalists? If only Big Daddy Government galloped in and saved the day for us!

    No, some people just suck at life and no matter what wealth redistribution scheme someone comes up with, life will never be equal, or fair or anything of the sort.

  • Donald – My argument was the converse of big government taking care of everything. Sandra Fluke’s coverage was not through government. It was through a private insurance company that would rather cover contraception than pay for extra abortions and births and you want government to tell private companies what to do.

    If you were making the point about Medicare or Medicaid you would have a point but this is private health coverage paid for by the students withe their premiums.

  • Michael, an aspect of the ‘Affordable Care Act’ was a legal definition of template plans which required the inclusion of contraception.

    And you are forgetting the stupidity incorporated into all of this. The point of insurance is ‘risk-pooling’, which is to say replacing unpredictable demands on household resources through regular and predictable payments (assessed according to actuarial models) so that one’s expenses are amortized over time by distributing risk over a collectivity. Regular and discretionary expenses for Trojans do not constitute and assumed ‘risk’. Contemporary plans for medical insurance’ are nothing of the sort. They are rococo schemes for contracting for pre-paid medical services. (It is doubtful the President has any conception of the difference). Let that insufferable Ivy-League t**t shell out for the 28 boxes of condoms she is using every month and not socialize the cost over her co-workers and her employer’s shareholders.

  • “Sandra Fluke’s coverage was not through government. It was through a private insurance company that would rather cover contraception than pay for extra abortions and births and you want government to tell private companies what to do.”

    Actually her testimony was in support of the HHS Mandate that would force all employers to provide “free” contraceptive insurance coverage for all employees. There is no meaningful distinction between the government providing a benefit and the government requiring a third party to provide a benefit gratis.

  • Art Deco – Besides your contempt for Ms Fluke and possibly women, or at least educated women in general, I assume then you would not cover pregnancy as normal healthy is a choice and not a risk.

    It’s a good job you’re not a Christian as your attitude and language is deplorable.

  • Donald – Actually the private insurance companies want to cover that cost as it’s cheaper than the alternative. The only other alternative would be to also say the private companies do not have to provide abortion and birth coverage.

  • Then the issurance companies can work that out with purchasers of their product, sans government intervention. The insurance policy I purchase for my family has always covered pregnancy and never covered contraception as a result of the choices I made when I purchased the coverage. Sandra Fluke was not testifying for liberty of contract, but rather for State intervention to compel all employers to be forced to provide such coverage free of charge in any insurance policies they purchased.

  • “It’s a good job you’re not a Christian as your attitude and language is deplorable.”

    MIchael, you are new here so I am going to cut you some slack in this instance. Nothing gets someone banned faster on this site than calling someone else not a Christian.

  • Donald – Well I assumed any one who described a women as ” insufferable Ivy-League t**t ” would not want to admit to being a Christian. Cut me all the slack or not you want because I am an atheist and would not want to sink to your moral level.

    I’m out of here. In the mean time if you’re Catholic (as I once was) go to confession.

  • And there goes Michael proving VDH’s point. It’s ok to be a tart, it’s just not ok to call someone that.

    Stunning catechesis you received there, btw.

  • Former Catholics make the bitterest atheists Michael. Considering your apostacy your fulmination against Art Deco’s Christianity is the stuff of comedy.

  • Mr. McClarey, thank you for your succinct description of what Ms. Fluke and
    her ilk are actually demanding. For all Michael’s sound and fury, he did not
    address those points. He reminded me of an octopus, which when threatened
    will create a distraction with its ink rather than engage.

    I also appreciate your point about the perpetual twists and turns in what passes
    for PC. When I think back over my years in college, I recall constant shifts in
    what was deemed acceptable. I think the eternally moving goalposts of PC
    exist for two main reasons: firstly, to provide a PC enforcer with a cheap frisson
    of moral superiority (“I can’t believe you call that group ‘____s’. Everyone knows
    we say ‘____s’ now. I’m deeply offended”). Second, constant shifting of the PC
    newspeak distinguishes fellow-travelers from the great unwashed. Who else
    but a true believer can flawlessly navigate the Byzantine ways of PC? It’s like
    some of the more labyrinthine etiquette of the Victorian upper class, existing
    mainly to distinguish those that ‘belong’ from the non-U.

    Speaking of Victorians, it’s interesting that in those days, death was freely
    discussed. One had one’s dead photographed, and wore locks of their hair in
    mourning jewelry. Such customs would be deeply taboo today, and might
    invite unwelcome attention from mental health professionals. Yet in those
    days, anything remotely to do with sex was shrouded in euphemism in ‘polite
    company’– sort of a PC of its day. As Ms. Fluke could tell you, that particular
    set of PC goalposts has been moved to the opposite end of the field.
    The prudery and the hypocrisy remain.

  • The real stumper in Michael’s comment was this:

    “What’s telling is that for many Christians these days morality is only about sins you commit with no pants on. One never hears this outrage about the fact that 10′s of millions of Americans have no health coverage.”

    Catholicism invented health care. Catholicism has done more practical work in the life-saving arts than any institution since the beginning of time. Ditto education. Ditto care for the poor. Catholicism is also unmatched in its care for the human spirit, denouncing every kind of sin, including those that are most popular in any particular culture.

    J. Christian is right that Michael does prove VDH’s point. In our society, there are no sins that can be committed with your pants off, only with a suit and tie on.

  • Art Deco – Besides your contempt for Ms Fluke and possibly women, or at least educated women in general, I assume then you would not cover pregnancy as normal healthy is a choice and not a risk. It’s a good job you’re not a Christian as your attitude and language is deplorable.

    I put the Comstockian asterisks in because some people (e.g. the proprietors of the Fellowship of St. James’ fora) object to plain language. If Sandra Fluke wishes to be referred to by some other term, she can order her life differently and pick a different set of causes. She is most notable for the following:

    1. Using the considerable discretion she had in such matters (acquired how I do not know) to choose, at the age of 28, to attend law school at an expensive private institution.

    2. Choosing to attend a residually Catholic school to have a forum and gain legal standing to harass the school’s administration into abandoning one of the components of its residual Catholicism.

    3. Making a public spectacle of herself (in cahoots with elements within the Democratic congressional caucus) at a legislative pseudo-hearing arguing that employers should be coerced into purchasing insurance which covers discretionary expenditures on products vended at pharmacies. The products in question provide a facility for her own decadence and that of others (My old pharmacy sells Heath bars, which I fancy, but which are usually not covered by insurance plans).

    4. Telling cock-and-bull stories of women in her social circle spending on the order of $250 a month on contraceptives. If they do, they are running a Mayflower Madam enterprise. Sidney Biddle Barrows had an appealing sense of humor. Not so “Ms.” Fluke or her public defenders.

    The context of this is Sandra Fluke’s own life. Lot’s of people have personal shortcomings, personal failures, and problems in living, including me. She attended Cornell University, not a school which undercharges its clientele, and spent a third of her time taking courses for a degree in ‘Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies’. She also apparently earned a degree in a program which requires considerable study of statistics, though she never used that degree. It is not clear what she did for a living for six years, but she appears to have been employed by some advocacy group at one point and at a philanthropic agency that ran women’s shelters. That can be decent and thankless and commendable employment, but (I would refer you here to the writings of Stephen Baskerville and Glenn Sacks) those agencies are also shot-through with malicious ideologues (e.g. the sort of people who fritter away their time taking courses in ‘gender studies’). Past 30, she is employed as a college student, has no domestic life bar a ‘boyfriend’ who evidently had the means to send her on a European vacation during the whole controversy, and appears to have eschewed the sort of temporary office work that law students take to begin to learn their trade.

    Everything about this women suggests she has more intelligence than she knows how to put to good use, has devoted her life to activities predicated on a false and deeply jaundiced view of human relations, and desires (for reasons obscure) to punish cultural adversaries. Not to pleasant, and a fitting object for a certain amount of ridicule.

    Equal respect is the abolition of respect. If Sandra Fluke wanted respect from me, she would have lived her life quite differently and be quite differently disposed to others. I have no clue what Sandra Fluke’s activities and blunt commentary therupon have to do with any assessment I might have of the genus ‘women’ or ‘educated women in general’. Evidently, the way your head works, caustic remarks about Fluke mean I despise my grandmother, who certainly counted as an educated woman. There a a mess of people in this world (e.g. the Mary Winkler jury) who cannot abide someone on the distaff side ever being held responsible for anything or subject to plain assessments of their dispositions and conduct. I do not respect that either, coming from you or anyone else.

    Pregnancy is to be expected in the course of conjugal life. Its timing is not predictable and neither are medical complications therein. Paying for a hospital and obstetrician’s services on unpredictable intervals is not analogous to coughing up $14.50 each month so you can go on banging your boyfriend without messy complications.

    Actually the private insurance companies want to cover that cost as it’s cheaper than the alternative.

    Rubbish. No sort of coverage mandate is in the commercial interest of an insurance company unless it prevents a competitor from gaining an advantage. That aside, insurers do not lose from coverage of procedures. They lose from coverage of procedures of a frequency and character not anticipated by their models (and incorporated into their charges) or for which they could not make antecedent adjustments due to regulatory considerations. You expect us to believe that an increase in the frequency of pregnancy (within a given actuarial pool) attributable to the failure to subsidize a $14.50 a month purchase is going to generate unexpected costs to the insurer. (Which they somehow anticipate, accounting for their inclusion of the pills).

  • Donald – Well I assumed any one who described a women as ” insufferable Ivy-League t**t ” would not want to admit to being a Christian. Cut me all the slack or not you want because I am an atheist and would not want to sink to your moral level.

    A personal note: my ‘moral level’, good, bad, or indifferent, is not something about which you know squat.

  • Art, I don’t know about anyone else, but I consider the word t**t to be outside the realm of decency. Michael’s wrong about a lot of things, but I can’t fault him on that.

  • Art, I don’t know about anyone else, but I consider the word t**t to be outside the realm of decency. Michael’s wrong about a lot of things, but I can’t fault him on that.

    And you have both confused being virtuous with being dainty.

  • Well, it appears the troll succeeded in hijacking this thread. All future comments should deal with the substance of the post please.

  • “Not since the late-19th-century juxtaposition of the Wild West with the Victorian East has popular morality been so unbridled and yet so uptight.”

    The area in which I see that contrast most starkly nowadays is with regard to laws/regulations regarding food and tobacco. Certain members of the liberal intelligentsia who would never presume to criticize or condemn women (or men, particularly gay men) for their sexual behavior and who demand that they be allowed (at public expense) to indulge their every appetite in this area without consequence, seem to have no problem whatsoever with condemning smokers and overweight people and demanding that something MUST be done about THEIR appetites because they “harm others” and “drive up the cost of healthcare for everyone.” Yes, smoking and overeating are bad habits with potentially serious health consequences. Anymore, however, it seems (at least based on comments people make on news stories online) that taking up more than one seat on an airplane due to one’s weight is a far greater sin than adultery; and some who would never apply the word “hussy” or “tart” to a promiscuous woman have no qualms about calling an overweight woman a “cow”.

  • Not to mention the fact that some people who want schools to ban soda and candy vending machines, teach healthier food choices, expand physical education and hammer home strong anti-smoking and anti-drug messages (all of which are, IMO, good things) will at the same time insist that teaching sexual abstinence “doesn’t work”.

  • Elaine,

    You’ve hit the nail on the head!

  • Great point Elaine. I made a similar observation in my last Catholic Stand post. http://catholicstand.com/theres-an-app-for-that/

  • Don – Please pull this comment if you wish. I’m not trying to stir up trouble. In fact, I’m trying to resolve it.

    Art, what does “t**t” stand for? In my mind, and maybe in Michaels, it means “twat”. Looking over this thread, I’m wondering if you used it to mean “tart”. If I’m wrong about this, or if I’m reigniting a closed debate, I’m sorry. I’m just hoping that this all has been a misunderstanding.

  • “My favorite living historian, David Victor Hanson…”

    I’m partial to Victor Davis Hanson myself.

  • Corrected, and considering that I own and have read every book he has written I am astonished that I made that error.

  • You can fill in the blanks however you care to. ‘Twit’ works just as well.

    This women spent twenty years of her life in the Pennsylvania countryside about a half hour from a small city, Altoona. Then she spends three years or so in Upstate New York. Then she spends a half-dozen years in or around New York City. At the age of 28 and considering law school, you think she might select a practical option, which is to say one of the five public law schools you can find in New York and Pennsylvania, one of them an hour and twenty minute drive from where she grew up and one of them a train ride out to Queens. If she insists on cachet, there are quite a mess of private law schools proximate to her residence in 2008, including one at Columbia University, one at New York University, and, if these reject her, one at Fordham University (a residually Catholic school to boot). She could also move back Upstate and enroll at her old alma mater, Cornell. These schools have roughly similar admissions standards to the place she did select. While studying law, she could find a summer clerk’s position helping a working lawyer with his daily tasks. What does this 28 year old amateur social worker do? She pulls up stakes and moves to a high rent district where she is a stranger in order to enroll at a school for the added purpose of giving its administration a hard time for not coughing up $14.50 a month for rutting women among its student body (and spends her summers working for the Center for Women’s blah blah blah). Referring to her naughty bits is off center, but the list of insults one could legitimately lob at such a person is as long as your arm (starting with ‘officious jack-wagon’ and ‘fanatic’).

Tuition Money at Work

Monday, December 3, AD 2012



Eliana Johnson at National Review Online helps explain why college costs a gazillion dollars:

A construction crew working on the campus of Ohio’s Sinclair Community College was forced to halt work until it removed a “Men Working” sign that was deemed “sexist” by a college administrator. A spokesman for the college told National Review Online that the incident, which occurred on November 21, stemmed from the school’s “deep commitment to diversity,” and that it takes that commitment “very seriously.” 

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