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  • … unless it pay$ to cling:

    Pelosi headlined fundraiser tied to Islamists
    The Daily Caller
    by: Neil Munro
    Friday, November 2, 2012

    House Minority Leader and Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., answers questions at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington in September. Photo Credit:AP/J. Scott Applewhite

    Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi headlined a high-dollar fundraiser in May that was attended by U.S.-based Islamist groups and individuals linked by the U.S. government to the Hamas jihad group and to the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood movement.

    The donors at the undisclosed May 16 event included Nihad Awad, the co-founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations, according to data provided by the nonpartisan Investigative Project on Terrorism.

    The CAIR group was named an unindicted conspirator in a 2007 trial of a Hamas money-smuggling group.

    Read more: http://times247.com/articles/pelosi-hosts-fundraiser-tied-to-radical-islamists#ixzz2B5VYVus7

  • Good spot.
    I love uncle Joe.
    He is always ready to give us his best.
    What a moron.

  • The post here on the “Last of the Few” brings memories of many people that touched my life as relatives, parents of friends, teachers, members of groups, and work associations. What each would say today could challenge behavior and attitude. Some of the extremists are their oblivious to ungrateful children and grandchildren. I couldn’t comment with the following on the post for them.

    My high school Latin teacher for three years was part of that generation of Americans. We took that time reading “The Iliad and the Odyssey” with declensions and conjugations and the potential of nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Pulchritude was his love, and one wanted to meet his gaze when he said the word. The dread was to see where his gaze went when he spoke of ‘stooopidity’ and the ‘illwill’. Beauty and truth were his weapons of choice.

    ‘Obama: ‘Voting is the best revenge’
    November 2, 2012

    Charlie Spiering

    Commentary Staff Writer
    The Washington Examiner
    [email protected] on FB

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    4RNC pushes 6 states to fix machines that give Romney votes to Obama
    5$1.5B contract in Iraq for Biden’s little brother exposes Obama ahead of debate

    At a campaign rally this afternoon, President Obama reminded supporters that voting was “the best revenge.”

    During his speech, Obama mentioned Mitt Romney’s name prompting boos from the crowd.

    “No. no. no.” Obama said, “Don’t boo, Vote. Vote.”

    “Voting is the best revenge.” he added.’

    Ever instilling the lowest forms of mentality to the people for his gain.

Die Republicans Die!

Thursday, November 1, AD 2012

Language, violence and common sense warning for the above video.

Remember those calls for civility which emanated from the Left last year when Congresswoman Giffords was shot by a madman, that is when, often times, the same people were not attempting to pin the crime on conservatives?  Well, judging from the above video, some people on the Left do not.  This bloody Republican killing fantasy is the work of a gay rights activist.  Here is a statement he made in a story on The Blaze:


The metaphor of Republicans as zombies is unfortunately very appropriate because their heartless opposition to gay marriage, healthcare, and climate change science is a political infection that if not fought back, will be deadly to the lives of millions of Americans,” explained Luke Montgomery, RepublicanZombieDefense.com’s founder and a prominent gay rights activist.

“It is unbelievable that we live in an age when millions of Americans continue to be denied the right to marry, based on their sexual orientation,” he continued. “Progress is being made to eliminate this archaic way of thinking, but allowing Republicans to take the White House in 2012 will deal a huge setback to marriage equality.”

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  • I think if Obama is re-elected, we’ll see laws enacted to even restrict conservative Christian blogs who talk against homosexual marriage and abortion on demand. And yes, I agree that Obama is a symptom of the underlying problem, but this “Republicans are zombies” theme is growing and growing. There are two very, very smart engineers with whom I work who have drunk deeply of the sea of purple koolaide that is Obamania. No logic will persuade them otherwise that Romney isn’t evil. This infestation of rot has seeped well into the cerebral cortex of most every liberal there is. I do not know why these people are so deceived, but it goes back to the warnings in Sacred Scripture about the devil’s deception and people not being able to perceive the truth.

  • “I think if Obama is re-elected, we’ll see laws enacted to even restrict conservative Christian blogs who talk against homosexual marriage and abortion on demand.”

    My lawsuit over it Paul would be a wonder to behold.

  • I would contribute in whatever small way that my finances permit to that law suit. It might be just a hundred bucks, but I would contribute.

  • The lawsuit would be on me Paul. It would be immense fun!

  • Would that there were skits etc. from such as Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, even Johnny Carson, Harvey Korman, Carol Burnett, Benny Hill, John Cleese, Phyllis Diller, Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, the Smothers Brothers and so many other civilized senses of humor that we’ve enjoyed up to just a few years ago.

    These days, reaction to the Clint Eastwood skit and the above (I won’t play it) for the incumbent’s party shows a humorless mentality of dangerous lunacy. Smiles to sneers. They don’t feel well.

    All Souls’ Day includes all, though.

  • We need to ask ourselves “What do you Catholics believe when you proclaim, I believe in one God the Father almighty…….and in all that is seen and unseen (or visible and invisible as it is now)? These are not and must not be just words to a devout and conscientious follower of Christ and faithful Catholic. Hopefully you are saying we are aware of the forces of Evil constantly surrounding us trying in any way to tug, tease, or tempt us from accomplishing our mission to do God’s will among men. We realize we live in an imperfect world as the result of sin which lives in those Evil forces attempting to steal as much of mankind as possible from the shelter of Christ’s sacrifice of Love within the Fathers house. Understanding this allows us to look beyond what is obvious for the unseen within what men propose as solutions to our problems or methods to improve conditions or in the vain attempts to tamper with the very physical elements of life itself. These are the areas where the powerful forces of Evil can disguise themselves as benevolent benefits or evolving enlightenment for a society too eager to advance to an earthly man made Utopia without pain or consequence and privilege without price.
    Our Lord came seen as a humble but faithful servant of our Father in heaven teaching the ways of the Father of Love but also clearly acknowledging the ever invisible presence of the devious deception of Evil opposed to His Will, promising us that whoever would believe in Him shall be worthy of the unseen Glory of God awaiting redeemed mankind.
    We may consider what we have seen in recent years as our modern western society’s height of human achievement and marvel at our technological accomplishments but at the same time are we not also witnessing the unforeseen but now obvious collapsing of it both morally and economically?
    Far too often in recent history we have witnessed how leaders have avoided the moral challenges in the light of truth and chosen do their work in the cool comfort of demagogy darkness where their deeds are less visible and the sleepy eyed gatekeepers have often been unwilling to sound the alarm for fear of disturbing the peace and complacency. As a result decisions have been made, choices are in place, and worst of all we have changed our language and vocabulary to fit an agenda contrary to our conscience. An unborn child is no longer a human being. Killing it is not a crime it is a right. Pregnancy is a disease or at the very least, as our own president has declared, it is a punishment for poor hygiene practice. Preventing pregnancy is praised and to be rewarded by a benevolent Federal government with free contraception for women and young school aged girls. All the while the same government disallows any mention of God in all its public schools and buildings. Religious liberty is no longer constitutionally protected but subject to the interpretation of bureaucrats in Washington. Free speech is soon to be a thing of the past as power hungry elitists and legislators have assumed the role of judges of vocabulary allowed to determine what can be publicly permissible speech. Every Christian value which helped build the shinning city on the hill is being challenged or cast aside to establish the Utopia of fools and it is time for us to unmask and reveal the Evil presence in the public policies proposed by the blind or misguided individuals perpetuating the corruption of our culture. The most potent weapon of Evil is our unwillingness to recognize its existence among us.

  • Why weren’t the same videos run against Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry and yes Barack Obama before three months ago? I have another question. What did the Democrats do to make a Million Moms vanish? In year 2000 a Million Moms appeared to march in full cry for gun control. Then Al Gore lost the election.and the million moms disappeared. I demand to know. What did the Democrats do to those million moms?

    I think to answer one is to answer all.

  • ^i think it was obvious to a lot of people that Obama’s “personal opposition” to same-sex marriage was a political calculation. Why oppose amendments banning it otherwise?

    The thing is that when there is such a concerted effort to write conservatives out of rational discourse, and claim that opposition to same-sex marriage is the same as being for Jim Crow, you get people so convinced of the purity of their cause that they think videos like this are justified. “We will not tolerate intolerance” etc. that’s why this won’t be one by which side successfully out-tolerances the other (a pointless argument anyway, as no one is under any obligation to tolerate something they think is wrong.) really what’s needed is a pushback against the whole idea that “equality” necessitates same-sex marriage and, by extension, obliterating gender distinctions. Look at what’s happening in France — Parent 1 and Parent 2 on forms. Sure it’s just a bureaucratic detail, but I think it gets to the heart of why people don’t like this, pretending two obviously unequal things are the same.

  • I really shouldn’t say “bureaucratic detail” because I think it’s more than that…my point was that while I don’t think same-sex marriage will transform us into some weird androgynous society, this whole Parent 1 Parent 2 business (not to mention putting same-sex parents on the birth certificate) gets to the whole absurdity of it

  • There are always people who think these ideas and tactics are justified. My point here is the same as with the Million Moms. Without express approval by the DNC and their captive media, they are marginalized or suppressed. The minute the DNC thought gun control was a loser they made sure that the million moms would march no more. When Clinton did Defense of Marriage the DNC/media made sure that there was no widespread outcry or vicious videos against Clinton. The widespread nature of the “gay rights” advocacy occurring now is a result of deliberate DNC strategy and support. If they were to be trounced electorally because of it, the DNC would most likely suppress it overnight. That doesn’t mean they would think any differently but simply would stop funding overt and outlandish advocacy they are currently encouraging.

  • JDP

    Some local authorities here in Scotland have begun replacing “Sex male/female” with “Gender male/female/other.” Very Post-Modern.

  • ‘Progress is being made ….’ by this display of hate?

  • While I don’t expect something so utterly banal to have a significant level of introspection involved in its creation, I am at a loss as to what the intended message of this is to those who might be predisposed to succumb to its influence. After all, the zombie slayers are all so stereotyped and end up being as mindless in their words and actions as the zombies.

    Do the creators have such deep-seated contempt for their constituency that they portray them so one-dimensionally? Do they presume that those who watch this have such vacuous minds so as to be swayed by its message?

    Of course, given that the creator’s previous marketing slogan is a contradiction in terms, it’s probably shouldn’t be terribly surprising.

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  • Aside from sowing amorality, every opposite of civility, and encouraging vile, foul bigotry; he set up the following from Gateway as a loud and clear call for the economy.

    ‘ It’s Come to This… Obama: “Some Of The Businesses We Encourage Will Fail” (Video)

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, November 1, 2012, 12:25 PM

    The definition of a failed administration–

    Barack Obama told Wisconsin voters today:
    “Some of the businesses we encourage will fail.”

    Oh well, at least Obama’s donors got paid.
    80% of DOE dollars went to Obama backers.

    Over 19 of Obama’s green ventures went belly-up after receiving billions of dollars.
    Heritage reported:

    For those who only hear about these failing companies one by one, the following is a list of all the clean energy companies supported by President Obama’s stimulus that are now failing or have filed for bankruptcy. The liberal media hopes you’ve forgotten about all of them except Solyndra, but we haven’t.

    Evergreen Solar
    Solyndra (received $535 million – now bankrupt)
    Beacon Power (received $43 million)
    AES’ subsidiary Eastern Energy
    Nevada Geothermal (received $98.5 million)
    SunPower (received $1.5 billion)
    First Solar (received $1.46 billion)
    Babcock & Brown (an Australian company which received $178 million)
    Ener1 (subsidiary EnerDel received $118.5 million)
    Amonix (received 5.9 million)
    The National Renewable Energy Lab
    Fisker Automotive
    Abound Solar (received $400 million)
    Chevy Volt (taxpayers basically own GM)
    Solar Trust of America ($2.1 billion federal loan guarantee – now bankrupt)
    A123 Systems (received $279 million)
    Willard & Kelsey Solar Group (received $6 million)
    Johnson Controls (received $299 million)
    Schneider Electric (received $86 million)

    That’s 19 (that we know of so far). We also know that loans went to foreign clean energy companies (Fisker sent money to their overseas plant to develop an electric car), and that 80% of these loans went to President Obama’s campaign donors.

    And, Obama hopes you’ll believe this is a success story. ‘

  • 1st Samuel 8:7-8:

    7 The Lord said to Samuel, “Listen to the voice of the people in regard to all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me from being king over them. 8 Like all the deeds which they have done since the day that I brought them up from Egypt even to this day—in that they have forsaken Me and served other gods—so they are doing to you also…”

    That’s the problem – the whole and entire problem. We have rejeced the Lord as our Law Giver, our King and our Judge, and now Government comes to fill the void. An evil man like Obama could have no power except that we gave it to him, just as King Saul would have had no power except that the Children of Israel demanded a King like that of other nations. Well, we got our King Saul – we got a leader just like the socialist nations of Europe.

  • Paul-
    A return of the king is underway.
    I’m not speaking of His second coming.
    I’m speaking of the increase in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. An increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
    The pendulum is swinging back to center.
    Our NW Michigan community just experienced a successful Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration campaign. Over 750 adorers have pledged to take a holy hour. Our goal was to have two adorers for each hour of each day of the week.
    The Holy Spirit came through big time.
    I know we have churches being sold and many struggling parishes throughout the country yet the armor of God is being requested.
    Is this what it takes to wake up the soldiers?
    The HHS mandate- the attack and cover-up on 9/11/12 – the endless deficit?
    I hope their awake and focused to depose the radical king on Tuesday.
    And then ask for forgiveness from Christ our King for our blatant refusal to follow Him.

  • Thank you, Philip. I need reminding about Who is still on the Throne.

  • Paul-
    Your welcome. I enjoy your tremendous faith and intellect of which I am humbled.
    Our Bishop Bernard Hebda will be celebrating the mass on Nov.25th at the opening of our program for Perpetual E.A. at St. Francis where The King will be open to all adorers.
    That date is the feast day of Jesus Christ the KING!

    Praise Him the everlasting Lamb of God.

Michael Moore Does His Best to Aid Romney

Wednesday, October 31, AD 2012

Tactical nuclear language and intelligence advisory to the above video from Michael Moore and MoveOn.Org.  Are these people trying to sabotage Obama?  Yeah, the country is going to be swayed by foul mouthed geezers threatening violence in the event of a Romney win.  The video is an excellent demonstration of how exhausted humor on the Left in this country has become.  Michael Moore:  I’ve got a great idea! We’ll have a group of sweet oldsters who are supporting Obama and then we’ll have them use the F-Bomb and threaten mayhem against Romney.  Brilliant!  If I wasn’t shaped like Jabba the Pizza Hut, I’d break my arm slapping my back!  With friends like Moore, Obama really does not need enemies like me.

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How Weird is the Obama Campaign?

Sunday, October 28, AD 2012

Yeah, as weird as the above video.  This piece of repulsive tripe is the work of the advertising agency, believe it or not, that came up with the Got Milk? ad campaign.  Go here to the Daily Caller for the details.  Obama is losing this election primarily because of the lousy economy, but it doesn’t help him that a fair number of his more ardent supporters are so disconnected from reality that they think having kids sing about what a lousy future they will have under President Romney, and blaming their parents for it, will help Obama.  The normal reaction of course is to view this as a creepy attempt to enlist kids in the political battles of their parents and to feel sorry for the kids being used as pawns.  This video is of course merely the flip side of the video below when Obama was running the first time:

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  • If Obama wins, then he will turn this nation into something like North Korea. The man worships no one but himself.

  • The first two video’s remind me so much of Hitler’s youth army that is reflected in the last video. There was a web article earler this week that the first group of ‘youth army’ trained under HLS/FEMA graduates and ready to respond to their call to arms.
    This is from just one article: “One set of images made available by Rense.com shows trailer after trailer carrying these new DHS and FEMA armored fighting vehicles, complete with machine gun slots. They’re labeled with the usual backward American flag and the title, ‘Homeland Security’. Below that and the DHS logo, it also reads, ‘Immigration & Customs Enforcement’. Joining those markings, the black vehicles with white lettering also display ‘POLICE/RESCUE’ on one side and ‘Special Response Team’ on the other.”
    Along with the fact that the president set up a ‘hot line’ for people to call/email and tell on their neighbors if they spoke out against him was/is the electronic ‘brown shirts’.

  • If Obama wins, then he will turn this nation into something like North Korea. The man worships no one but himself.

    Take a pill.

  • After six years of very creepy weirdness from the Obama ” Team”, I have maxed out. My wife and I had our chance to respond yesterday at the polls, I hope that this miscreant is on the way home.

  • I will put it in explicit terms if you insist.

    1. Mr. McClarey makes a joke comparing wretched campaign commercials to a fictional scene from late Weimar. Fair enough.

    2. You follow up with an apparently perfectly serious statement averring that Obama aims to erect the most wretched totalitarianism.

    The man is suffused with his own vanity conjoined to a weird sort of apathy. He apparently chows down lock, stock, and barrel on Democratic partisans’ somewhat fanciful version of the history of the last 80 years and without a doubt his camp followers will always advance the interest of various core constituencies in the Democratic Party (e.g. the leave-no-social-worker behind approach to welfare policy). In other words, he is a willing agent for the usual collection of pretentious rent-seekers. He is not an aspirant Kim Il Sung. He is quite bad enough as he is. Stop making a godforsaken fool of yourself.

  • I stand by what I said, Art Deco. I am not going to take a pill, other than required medication from my physician for my heart condition and diabetes and leg injury. Furthermore, I shall not take any pill other than that. Indeed, I see little difference between a Chicago gangster who murders unborn babies and sanctifies homosexual filth, and the godless and diabolical regime of any of the communist dictators, past or present, except in degree only. I am not insane. I am not a God-foresaken fool. I see what the demonic Democrats are trying to do, and I shall therefore maintain plenty of ammunition for my mini-14 not to initiate force, but to soberly and sanely defend myself should the need – Heaven forbid – arise.

  • No dial back for the guy who called me a God foresaken fool?

  • The guy who produced this describes himself as a “lapsed Republican.” Now I know we’re always being told by the media that the GOP needs to be a bigger tent…but, if Romney happens to lose, let’s hope it doesn’t get THAT big.

    i sincerely hope if this happens that the GOP doesn’t get, let’s call it “Huntsmanized,” because I do not want to see a 2016 candidate running who has complete contempt for the Republican base, no discernibly conservative positions, and won’t win enough swing-state moderates/liberals to make up for the loss in base support. i honestly feel like Romney, despite his rep as Mr. Moderate, has to win this one to prevent a leftward GOP turn. perhaps I am being too pessimistic though.

  • No dial back for the guy who called me a God foresaken fool?

    I have a great many shabby lapses, but I have not yet suggested you were a fool in essence or a fool in remarking on any aspect of this world, nature, or social relations other than in your assessment of certain topical questions of domestic politics.

    The Democratic Party is a vehicle for the material interests of the general run of (non-uniformed) public employees, of the educational apparat (especially higher education), of the helping professions (especially social workers), of a large slice of the bar, the bulk of the media, and a more modest slice of the financial sector. It also acts in various ways to advance the capacity of these groups to define the terms of public discourse. These sectors harass and extract rents from everyone else in society.

    Obama shows no evidence of much interest in or knowledge of social theory of any description, of history, or of any empirical social research programme. Maybe he has it, but you sure never see it. He is often called a Marxist, but it is doubtful he knows Marxism from marmalade. A good wager about the man is that he has moved through one social circle and then another and absorbed the groupthink therein.

    He picks up no real skills. As a lecturer at the University of Chicago, he taught disposable courses some law students refer to as “___ & the Law”, where legal instruction collides with cut-rate sociology; he published no papers in academic journals; by some accounts he served on no faculty committees and his evaluations from students declined monotonically throughout his tenure. He serves in state and federal legislatures for more than a decade, but has identifiable expertise in no area of public policy and (again by some accounts) the Speaker of the House of Representatives considered his utterances a species of muzak.

    This man is dangerous only because the times we live in require someone skilled at the helm and he is vacationing in Vegas and filling in his bloody NCAA brackets. He is not an aspirant totalitarian. The subcultures from which he has arisen are crooked and pretentious, not brutal.

  • Precisely Art. It would be comforting in some ways to view Obama as some sort of diabolical genius figure, because then his defeat would automatically right much that is wrong with this country. However, he is not. He is a fairly typical liberal politician who has spent his entire adult life in politics. The policies he has pursued represent common wisdom in the Democrat party which has gone ever further to the left over the past few decades. The truly disturbing feature of the Obama presidency is how many Democrats are in complete denial of just how great a disaster his presidency has been.

  • which has gone ever further to the left over the past few decades.

    A quibble. In the Democratic Party, advocacy on certain questions of social policy has grown more gross and bizarre with time. In other respects, not so much. The functional pacifism that was modal during the years running from 1973 to 1991 is now a minority taste of modest significance (and more intense on the palaeodweeb right). Michael Dukakis’ views on criminal justice are also atypical. The Obama crew found bureaucratic subterfuge and press-assisted lying necessary to promote welfare policies advocated openly and quite vehemently 25 years ago.

  • “The Obama crew found bureaucratic subterfuge and press-assisted lying necessary to promote welfare policies advocated openly and quite vehemently 25 years ago.”

    I would disagree with that Art. I think Clinton’s agreement to welfare reform was a bump in the road for the Democrats and their overall adherence to an ever-growing entitlement state has never been greater. The Obama administration has demonstrated how weak the moderate Blue Dog Democrats are in the modern Democrat Party. Many of them were defeated in 2010 and more will be defeated next week, in addition to a fair number of retirements. I doubt if the Democrat party has ever been further to the Left in almost all aspects than they are today. Once a Republican is president we will see the Democrats embrace functional pacifism again swiftly enough.

  • “It would be comforting in some ways to view Obama as some sort of diabolical genius figure, because then his defeat would automatically right much that is wrong with this country. However, he is not.”

    I agree with that statement. Obama’s defeat, while essential, is no panacea. Yet I do think that Obama is diabolical in his actions and in his policies and programs, though no genius. Anyone who goes out of his way to promote the infanticide of the unborn, the sanctification of the filth of homosexual sodomy, and all the other perversions and wickedness that go along with such things is diabolical. It is not that Obama is a daibolical genius, but that Satan who inspires the current policies and programs is a diabolical genius. And yes, even more than ever we have to remember Jesus’ words to Pontius Pilate that His Kingdom is not of this world. An election of Romney over Obama can’t bring about God’s Kingdom on Earth, but it sure can slow the advance of diabolical liberalism, yet only if we keep tight watch over him whom Donald has called the Weathervane.

    So yes, I am very cantankerous and I utter loathe and despise what Liberalism in general and Obama in particular has done to this nation. The solution, as always, is personal repentance and conversion. However, that doesn’t detract one iota from people like Obama, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, et al., being the little anti-christs that St. John talks about in his first epistle.

  • I would disagree with that Art. I think Clinton’s agreement to welfare reform was a bump in the road for the Democrats and their overall adherence to an ever-growing entitlement state has never been greater.

    In scale, not in scope. The scale is driven by demographic changes and by deformations of particular economic sectors (medical care and higher education) due to poorly-structured subsidies. There are quite a number of economic nostrums bruited about within the Democratic Party ca. 1971 and ca. 1984 that they cannot openly promote or have abandoned. Among them:

    1. Ralph Nader’s consumers’ democracy (indeed, any approach to economic life congruent with Mr. Nader’s misunderstandings).

    2. “Welfare rights”

    3. Rent control and public housing (bar in New York City)

    4. “Comparable worth” (i.e. extending the federal government’s GS scale to private employers but jiggering with it to curry favor with professional feminists).

    Beyond that you have “industrial policy”. I suspect the comedy serial that is the Obama energy department may persuade careerist Democratic pols to put that one to bed.

  • Art, as usual you bring insightful perspective to the conversation. While I think the Dems’ “adherence” to an ever-growing entitlement state (including your listed nostrums) continues unabated, they certainly have ceased their advocacy of them. Other than religious liberty and abortion, the key issue for me going forward is the avoidance of health care nationalization. We need to move away from an insurance-oriented system to one whose insurance component is tailored to the purpose of insurance — i.e., the sharing and distribution of catastrophic risks. Under this assumption I’m even fine with a state level mandate to address the free rider / pre-existing condition problem. But universalizing our bloated and inefficient insurance-based model is a step toward service that will simultaneously degrade and get more expensive.

  • I’m going to ignore the first video because I can’t process the mindlessness of it. The last video needs no discussion.

    The middle one interests me though…

    Let us assume for a moment that it really is something that happened at a “neighbor’s” house and not a compensated performance. That’s some pretty wacked stuff.

    Dinner at our house lasts about an hour and my wife and I talk about appropriate adult things at the table so-as-to invite our kids into the conversation. Politics comes up repeatedly and our kids certainly know our views. We try to answer their questions as fully, and fairly, as possible. We have many relatives who have drunk deeply from the Left’s well of insanity and our kids know that there are opposing views from people whom we admire and trust, that these issues are far more complicated than we present them to be.

    I don’t remember ever hearing about an indoctrination event like this from friends or family, however far Left or Right. Does this really happen? Probably not.

    If this is, then, merely a compensated political stunt, whom is it supposed to inspire? Only someone utterly out of touch with reality would find it inspiring and they are already committed. It certainly wouldn’t inspire any uncommitted voters to vote for the President. What is the point then?

  • “What is the point then?”

    A religious ceremony. The pleased and proud reaction of the adults, presumably parents of the kids, put me in mind of the reaction of parents after their kids have had their first communion. I don’t think this was a compensated political stunt. I think it was an act of faith by the adults involved, and I find that fairly disturbing.

  • If not compensated, it is scary indeed.

    What do you mean by “the reaction of parents after their kids have had their first communion”? Are you referring to the extremes to which people take the parties and gift giving?

  • No, just the regular pride and pleasure of seeing your kids taking a step on the path of the religion that you follow. For quite a few folks on the far Left of our political spectrum, politics is very much a substitute religion.

  • I missed the connection. Sorry about that.

    At some core level, political loyalties are weird. Any measure of critical thinking presents ample evidence that one’s political affiliations are greatly flawed. Presumably they are less flawed than the opposite views or one would switch allegiances. Nonetheless, we often behave as though it is an all-or-nothing game.

    I suppose it has always been thus. Since I’m home waiting out the storm, I watched the Military History Channel’s War of 1812. This connects to the present discussion because the Federalists and the Jeffersonian Democrats created an all or nothing affiliation right at the outset of our Republic.

    Perhaps the learned Dr. Zummo can explore subject more fully for I am not qualified to lay out the history in an intelligible way but my impression is that the factionalism that Washington warned about was as strong then as today. My impression is that this was so in Britain then as well.

    What is it about us that we set aside what we know – that our side has its own deep-rooted flaws and that the opposing side has its own deep-rooted strengths – in favor of a damning determination on the other and a virtual free pass on our own?

  • I think for most conservatives politics is more of an annoyance than a religion. Most conservative initiatives tend to be an attempt to have government stop doing something, at least domestically, rather than to implement some vast new government program. Conservatives simply lack the faith in government to make life better that many Leftists have as an all consuming passion, contra most evidence.

  • Unintentional truth is always the best:

    “When we look around
    The place is all dumbed down
    And the long term’s kind of a drag”

    Go figure.

One Response to Eastwooding

  • “Clint Eastwood reminds us that a second Obama administration would be a rerun of the first, and I suspect that would be a best case analysis. ”

    Bingo. Even the best Presidents have a worse second term than the first. One can only imagine what would happen in an Obama second term. I assume it would be a unilateral government until the implosion.

    I am a bit confused about the empty chair though. I thought Eastwood was “talking” to an invisible President sitting in the chair rather in the manner of Jimmy Stewart and Harvey. Was he talking to the chair itself and the chair was responding??

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Socialism: The Poor Get Poorer

Saturday, October 13, AD 2012


Thomas Peterffy came to this country as a penniless refugee from Communist Hungary.  He could not speak English when he got here.  Currently he is worth five billion dollars.  It is obvious that almost all of the immigrants to this country have not succeeded materially in the outstanding fashion that  Peterffy has, but it is also safe to say that almost all have greatly bettered themselves materially, while enjoying freedom, the birthright of all Americans.  He is not the first refugee from Communism I have read about who has pointed to unsettling parallels between what he experienced in the nation that he fled from and what has been going on in this nation for the past few years.

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10 Responses to Socialism: The Poor Get Poorer

  • Sadly, if it is noteworthy for someone to run an ad on what happens under autocratic socialism, then something is very wrong. These ads cannot overcome the historical rewrites and coverups that occur daily in schools, colleges, Hollywood and the media. Ironically the demise of the Soviet bloc has made it much easier to peddle various watered down versions of its political and economic philosophy.

  • Truth always wins out in the end Rozin, and the new media helps speed up that process.

  • I have just finished reading Ed Klein’s book, The Amateur It’s very revealing how far left Obama has attempted to take the US with his style of what I could only call “moderate communism” – certainly very left-end socialism. I really wonder if the large portion of the US people who support Obama really understand that. Ed has some very pertinent strategies that the Republicans need to take to defeat Obama . I hope – and I’m sure they are – taking this advice, and all other relevant advice they can to get the US back on the right track.

  • The sad thing Don is that I do not regard Obama as exceptional. He is extremely representative of a Democrat party that has shifted far to the left. The silver lining is that I believe the Democrats are going to get an electoral beating on election day that they and the country will long remember.

  • “The silver lining is that I believe the Democrats are going to get an electoral beating on election day that they and the country will long remember.”

    How I hope and pray that comes to pass, which it should. Thing is will the GOP continue to act like losers after they win?

  • GM said “Thing is, will the GOP continue to act like losers after they win?”

    This is viewing it in the wrong frame of reference. The question is whether they will continue to act as Republicrats because they don’t see anything hugely wrong with the Washington culture as run by the Democrats and their allies. (cf Rasmussen and his polls on the political class) The answer to your question is probably Yes. This is how Boehner has mostly acted, as we saw with the budget shell game he played in 2011. It’s also necessary to remember that the Dems will have more than 40 Senators so they can filibuster most things. Unless the Repubs sell conservatism and Constitutionalism to the public more forcefully, they will be fighting defensively the whole time even if they have the WH and Congress. The next Dem President will pick up right where Obama left off.

  • This is a bit old hat, but in the 1976 election in NZ, the Labour govt. was in power, and looked good to take the election again. The National party under Rob Muldoon (who, even though I voted for him, was a nasty little man) gave this advert. which swung the electorate massively, so that he had a landslide victory.
    Of course, with the USSR gone, the impact would not be the same today.


  • Got the link wrong -( you need an Edit function 🙂


  • How I hope and pray that comes to pass, which it should. Thing is will the GOP continue to act like losers after they win?

    1. They have to win control of the Senate.
    2. The filibuster rule must be abrogated.
    3. They have to have a vigorous and crafted program, not a set of brochure bullet points or a set of incremental adjustments.

    Not holdin’ my breath.

Big Bird and Scared Obama

Wednesday, October 10, AD 2012


When a political campaign gets spooked, the campaign often does foolish things.  Attempting to make Big Bird, Big Bird!, an attack vehicle for the Obama campaign has to be the stupidest move I have seen by any campaign this year.  Why is it stupid?   Let us count the ways:

1.  Big Bird Don’t Play That Game-PBS, predictably, has asked that the ad be taken down, and that is becoming the controversy rather than Romney’s vow to take the knife to PBS funding.

2.  Too silly- The attempt to claim that Romney views Big Bird as a bigger threat than white-collar thieves is too ludicrous for words.

3.  Bernie Madoff, Democrat Donor- Starting off with a mug shot of Bernie Madoff was  a laugh, since Madoff has given over two hundred thousand to the Democrats since 1991.

4.  Big Bird is a Big Issue?- With the country having a real unemployment rate, when discouraged former workers are included, of 14 percent, the Obama campaign is wasting time trying to make Big Bird an issue?  Seriously?

5.  The Count Responds- The Big Bird ad allowed the Republicans to fire back using the Count.

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9 Responses to Big Bird and Scared Obama

  • Maybe Nebuchadnezzer will again eat grass like an ox. Daniel chapter 4. PS, my Big Bird is the American Bald Eagle, and I suspect that is true of most patriots in this country.

  • After the rogue’s gallery of greedy capitalist criminals, isn’t that the GM building?

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  • Idiots. It appears none of you know the cost, and certainly not the value, of public television. Politicians are opportunists, Dems and Reps., and will jump at any opening to slam their opponent. That is the way political parties operate. Hurry November.

  • “J.Henson”, thank you for those endarkening comments. The earnings from Big Bird merchandise alone each year could practically substitute for all Federal funding of PBS. What may have made some limited sense in the age of three networks back in the sixties when PBS was created makes absolutely no sense today when most consumers have hundreds of channels at their fingertips.

  • I do not care if PBS has value or not. It simply shouldn’t be funded by either the tax payer or by loans from Red China. If the people who love it so much really want it to continue, then they can finance it. They should put their money where their mouth (or keyboard) is. Let the free market work. But the reality is that they want someone else besides themselves to finance what they want. TANSTAAFL. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

  • Sesame Street nets sufficient cash income so as not to need tax money.

    Most of the progressive propaganda on PBS will die because it’s watched only by minute groups of cranks.

    Anyhow, this whole episode can be summarized in four words: big bird small man.

  • The federal money into Sesame Street pays for the top folks reported on their last 990 form– who supposedly work 50 hours a week and make, um… ten to twenty times more than my husband, who works longer in the Air Force?

    Gotta get us a non-profit job, rather than a job that doesn’t make profit….

  • Most non-profits are a joke when it comes to the salaries of the top elite.

2 Responses to The Dinner Table

  • In the beginning, the sin of Eden was the serpent taking away the relationship of the children of God from their Father. Father’s are what they do. They provide and protect. In many homes this is how they show affection and love. Take away a man’s way of doing that and he is left without anything to give. He feels he becomes irrelevant, and loses respect for himself. This is magnified greatly if there is no faith in the One that is Greater.

    The serpent has performed superbly again. Fatherlessness is running rampant in this nation.

  • elm i too see the suffering of today’s father; born in the 60’s and 70’s and early 80’s – they took their first steps on shifting sand.
    The importance of earthly fatherhood was emphasized at Fatima, when Joseph appeared with the child Jesus in his arms, and together they signed a blessing on the faithful, seekers and skeptics gathered there at the cova.

8 Responses to Deja Vu All Over Again

  • He says, ‘If “you” are willing to work harder, then I promise change will come.’

    Translation open to interpretation.
    Mr. Clint Eastwood had one that works.

    Passing the basket and working with MSM vocab.

  • Oh, then I remember what I want to forget, but must say …

    10 T to 16 T in ~4 years is about 2 T/yr.

    Does that mean 3 T/yr. if and when? or would any accounting remain?

    Gas doubled. ‘Milk and bread’ doubled.
    Surely we would work harder for more change with which to pay.

  • I shall keep my trust in Jesus where it belongs.

    Thanks for the You Tube video, Donald!

  • Inflation is the untalked-about problem. Among friends and family, there is an overwhelming sense that we are struggling to make ends meet because our wages are stagnant and the costs have gone up dramatically. Lots of us have shifted over to Bottom Dollar Food Stores and buying near epiration products to freez and such but that is just keeping us afloat.

    How is it that inflation isn’t front and center in national discourse? Relatedly, is there a technical definition to”stagflation”?

  • Joe Klein: “Obama should start playing the race card.” When did he stop?

    Median household income has declined nearly 5% since Obama took over. It declined less – 3% – in the Great Recession. Things were bad when he took over. His policies and actions made things worse.

    The national average price of gasoline skyrocketed (campaign promise kept) from $1.87 on Obama Augury Day (January 2009) to about $4.00 now.

    The prices of corn and beef have doubled. Last Fall, the regime made a deal to buy corn farm votes by back-door keeping the green ethanol scam open. Nn one is reporting on the bubble in farm land prices . . .

    Even if prices were not rising, the average American household is taking home 5% less money to buy food and fuel. That is the lucky ones that aren’t among the 23,000,000 unemployed.

    Gallup: Obama job approval down to 43%. How can 43% be so craven?

  • And Obama reckons Romney hasn’t any new ideas.
    Pot Kettle Black

  • G-Veg, I think because in our culture, no one, except the older generation, understands what inflation is. The government keeps printing more money to throw at problems, so it can’t be a problem, right? The attitude that there will always be money available, no matter what completely permeates every aspect of our society. Even my kids, who I have brainwashed with Dave Ramsey and into thinking “credit cards are evil” will say, “Just go to the ATM” when we say we have no money for such-and-such. There’s no sense of waiting. Everything is “gotta have what I want, when I want, no matter the price.” How many people decided to not travel over the past weekend? Somehow I doubt it was a big number, even though gas prices went up, in my area at least, by 8 cents. My uncle said, “gas prices always go up before a holiday.” People just don’t care anymore.

  • Dang… Obama’s looking old 4 years later.

3 Responses to Hope, Change and an Old Poster

  • That was a great line – but there were many great lines.
    I doubt Obama can corner the youth vote with his record, and an oponemt like this guy.
    He knows all the facts and has the answers, and has the ablity to put complex things in words that the average Joe can understand.

  • I have always found the notion of “leaving home,” as an essential rite of passage a curious one.

    I am 67 years old and have always lived in the same house. It has been my family home since at least 1617, when the Register of Sasines was established and the earliest recorded title is a precept of clare constat to an incoming heir.

    The families in four of the nine neighbouring farms have been here as long.

    The Seymour family has owned land in the parish since at least Alexander III’s time (1241-1286)

    I never recall a time, when I wanted to “leave home.”

  • I left home because I had to — my parents were moving out due to my dad’s job change. My mom helped me find an apartment when I was 20 because I wanted to stick around my hometown, Grove City PA, and start a rock band with my friends. I always thought of home as a state of mind, not a physical location, and “leaving home” is euphemistic for “growing up”. I think that’s how people take Ryan’s words & that’s why they resonate.

    Besides, doesn’t Genesis use the same euphemism? “For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother…” Not a Biblical scholar, but sounds close to me.

7 Responses to Obamaville the Political Ad!

Rombo: He Gets to Win This Time?

Wednesday, February 15, AD 2012

Santorum has some savvy ad people in his campaign if this ad is any indication.   Having the buttoned down Romney in a Rambo spoof is hilarious and will stick in the minds of viewers.  It also hits on Romney’s one trick pony campaign:  ceaselessly go negative because his flip-flops over the years make it impossible to portray himself, with a straight face, as a candidate with convictions about anything except that he should be president.  Bravo Santorum campaign!

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4 Responses to Rombo: He Gets to Win This Time?

Obama Zombies

Thursday, July 29, AD 2010

Hattip to Southern Appeal.  Hard to believe that the above video is actually pro-Obama rather than  a spoof.  It is produced by Campus Progress, a George Soros funded leftist group.  An odd thing about the video is the riff on Michael Jackson’s Thriller, a song that came out in 1982, long before most college students were born.  This would be rather like a leftist campus group in 1968 using “Big Band” music from 1940 to make a political ad.  Oh well, I guess it is easier to make a fairly useless video for Obama than dealing with the fact that young people searching for jobs that simply are not there are increasingly soured on the South Side Messiah.

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