When the Believers Lose Their Faith In The Religion Of Big Government

Sunday, October 21, AD 2012

President Barack Obama’s debate performances could never equal the expectations of the secular faithful. Many on the far left envisioned an American society where religion was about as important to the populace and politically influential as it is in Sweden. The land of the midnight sun has been a great hope to liberals ever since religion began to erode there in the 1950s and abortion became commonplace in the 1960s. Governor Michael Dukakis famously poured over Sweden’s great Welfare state enterprise to see what he might learn, which of course led to his electoral demise in 1988.

With all of his rhetorical skills, President Obama could never make Americans have a come to Pierre Trudeau, Willy Brandt, Jose Luis Zapatero (pick your favorite Western Democratic Socialist) moment like many Americans have a Come to Jesus moment over failings in their lives. Instead of realizing that not everyone can be suckered into buying Big Government swampland, the Left has taken their frustrations out on the President. If only he were talking more about rising and falling oceans and making them believe we are the ones we have been waiting for; the Left attacks the messenger and not the message.

Frank Rich, the New York Times columnist laments about this in a long New York magazine  article. The writer for the Old Gray Lady states the Americans are somehow too dumb to become like Europeans and surrender their lives to government and not God. He sees little hope and concludes the Tea Party will always prevail in the American persona rather than government control. Talk about a brain trust, can you imagine the anti-religious nuggets thrown around the water cooler when Bill Keller, the former New York Times editor was present. You may recall Keller infamously dubbed himself a “Collapsed Catholic,” fortunately reported to us by former Newsweek Religion Editor Kenneth Woodward, who is not Catholic and hardly a friend of conservatives, but a principled man who couldn’t take any more of the Times’ hypocrisy directed at the Church. I would strongly suggest you read this The New York magazine article for if conservatives mouthed these same thoughts about minorities instead of suburbanites and rural residents, we would be blacklisted.

In my just released book, The Catholic Tide Continues to Turn, I note how the Left turned on Al Smith (the first Catholic standard bearer) after he formed the Liberty League in the mid and late 1930s and told Americans he could no longer support President Roosevelt. This startling development occurred after a number of questionable instances came to light including the Supreme Court Packing Case and the Roosevelt 1938 purge of Conservative Democrats. By 1940 unemployment was still at 14% and if had not been for World War II who knows how long unemployment would have remained in double digits.

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9 Responses to When the Believers Lose Their Faith In The Religion Of Big Government

  • 1. “President Barack Obama’s debate performances could never equal the expectations of the secular faithful. ”

    They could but only if the polls said he won. The content or reality is not important to the Leftist.

    2. “The writer for the Old Gray Lady states the Americans are somehow too dumb to become like Europeans and surrender their lives to government and not God. ”

    This is so Last Generation. Today’s Leftists have moved on to adoring Castro, Chavez and the Chinese Politburo with a longing look at Islamic jihadists.

    3. “Perhaps the President’s lackluster and uneven debate performance comes from a man who no longer believes in what he is selling.’

    He still believes it but he has always been a lazy goofoff expecting other people to translate his TOTUS talk into stirring deeds.

    4. “The Left has morphed into a powerful money machine.”

    The Leftists only hide beyond populist rhetoric, they always prefer the limousine. And they have always been part of the well to do class.

    5. “Socialist thinker Joseph Schumpter (Shortly after World War II) believed that Socialism could eventually win because Capitalism would give the people all of their material needs while weaning them off religion.”

    Sometimes academics top the Stupid list. He could have seen that Socialism would promptly take away all that Capitalism had provided.

    6. “Some on the Left see it all slipping away, they will never have the 2008 perfect storm opportunity at least within my lifetime.”

    Never underestimate the ability of termites.

  • Once again another informative post Rozin. As I have indicated in previous articles (and perhaps should have for this one,) I have always believed there are two sorts of leftists. The first being the utopians (small in number) they cling to the 1960s as their model. They are the ones I wrote of living at one time in cramped apartments and VW buses. However, the second group (and larger of the two) are the true radicals (often dressed as if they were indeed the man himself) those who adhere to the ideals of the French Revolution and the tactics of Saul Alinsky.

    An electoral loss for the radicals would be devestating, whereas the utopians would take it in stride. In some ways the Utopians still haven’t recovered from Bob Dylan going electric, the end of the Summer of Love, along with the demise of the Eugene McCarthy candidacy.

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  • I thank you for bringing the new god to the readers attention, I hope more are listing, because our Creator is watching this culture of greed and death spread. Do you think He is going to stand back and not get our attention about almost 4000 babies a day killed in the US out of greed ? Do you think if this continues and other things you have talked about He will allow, not make, something happen that will make 9-11 look like a spark, that will bring us back on our knee’s to Him ? JMJ

  • I get the feeling that if I sat down with Frank Rich for ten minutes I could explain politics to him. He understands that political movements adapt, and that predictions of impending ideological collapse are faulty. But he doesn’t apply that to his own thinking, that the moderate Republican is disappearing and that Republicans can’t win women or minorities.

    You don’t have to be a fortune-teller to see that in a two-party system, each party is always going to present itself as nearly in the middle but a bit over to one side. On a four-mile stretch of road, the best position for one gas station is at the two-mile marker. The best position for a rival gas station is at just about the two-mile marker, but a little up or down the road (to be the closest gas station for 50% of the market). Three or more gas stations, there are different strategies, but with two it’s inevitable. The same is true with politics.

  • Being a faithful Catholic means being neither Left nor Right. Sure, we are to reject the extreme statism of the Far Left, but we must also equally oppose Ayn Rand atheistic capitalism, which is nothing more than libertarian anarchy. Both ideologies challenge and contravene Catholic faith and morals.

    God bless for this terrific article!

  • One question as to the role of Big Government and consistent ideology. The author presumably opposes abortion in all forms and promotes the abolition of that sinister practice. I concur. How would the author go about achieving this goal? Would it be through the use of Government to interject itself in the medical field and forcibly ban abortion?

    So, if it is acceptable to prevent the deaths of the unborn through the use of Big Government, why is it also not acceptable to utilize the power of government to prevent deaths of living people outside of the womb, vis a vis health care reform?

  • Benjamin a very interesting question with regard to the role of government. The single most important role of government is to protect her citizens. We naturally think of a foreign invasion, or a terrorist attack (The War of 1812, or 9-11-01.) However, we don’t have to go to far into the realm of history to see an era when lawlessness had the nation living in fear. For example, because of Prohibition outlaws were roaming the countryside (John Dillinger, Ma Barker, Pretty Boy Floyd) because the cities were teaming with mobsters shooting it out over liquor territory. Law enforcement, much like their current compatriots in Mexico, were hopelessly outgunned. Something had to be done, which is why J Edgar Hoover established the FBI.

    In our modern era, though there are far fewer abortions (Thank God due to the relentless efforts of pro-life forces) somewhere between 1-2 million of our citizens are killed in abortion facilities. The Constitution established the courts to administer the laws and law enforcement to enforce the laws. Once Roe has properly run her course (it was wrongly argued and established in the first place) the courts and law enforcement will remedy the situation.

    As for Government Health Care, this is not promised by our forefathers, as was Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. If one says the government is responsible for you being happy one could argue health care could make you happy, or some illegal vice. Does that mean the government should provide you with that as well? This is a slipperly slope. The Catholic Church has always said health care is a right, but they never said it was a right to be provided for by the government. In the Renaissance era, the elite of the Church would provide hospital space for the poor and indigent. We should be our brothers keeper, not the state.

Hey Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone!

Thursday, March 22, AD 2012

Just a typical sample of the craziness that besets the land in the fourth year of Obama:

A Virginia middle school teacher recently forced his students to support  President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign by conducting opposition research  in class against the Republican presidential candidates.

The 8th grade students, who attend Liberty Middle School in Fairfax County,  were required to seek out the vulnerabilities of Republican presidential hopefuls and forward them to the Obama  campaign.

“This assignment was just creepy beyond belief — like something out of East  Germany during the Cold War,” one frustrated father, who asked for his family to  remain anonymous, told The Daily Caller.

The assignment was for students to research the backgrounds and positions of  each of the GOP candidates for president and find “weaknesses” in them, the  parent explained. From there, students were to prepare a strategy paper to  exploit those weaknesses and then to send their suggestions to the Obama campaign.

Liberty teacher Michael Denman, who declined to comment, unveiled the  assignment in mid-January when he broke the Civics Honor’s class into four  groups, one for each Republican candidate. The students were then to collaborate  as a group and research the backgrounds of their assigned candidate.

Denman assigned two kids to write a paper revealing the identified “weaknesses,” two to write the attack strategy paper and two others to locate an  individual inside the Obama campaign to whom they could send the  information.

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14 Responses to Hey Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone!

  • We have to defeat Obama in this election, for if we don’t, this kind of thing will become the norm and in 10 years or less we’ll have the 4th Reich.

  • Teachers are obligated by their citizenship to teach the founding principles in civic class. The Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, and all freedoms. Minor students do not have informed consent. An education is to teach person how to think not what to think. No. It is not OK. His being honest is like a criminal telling you what crime he is about to prepetrate upon a person and this man already has. He has violated the trust given to him by the parents of the children and if he does not know his boundaries (RESPECT) he ought to be sent to the reeducation camp.

  • Is this satire….a Civics class assigned to dig up dirt to send to Obama. Interesting civics lesson. Beats the demanding task of researching the principles of federalism or something.

    Paul— I hate to tell you but this is the norm which is precisely why we now have an Obama presidency. Obama is the effect; this nonsense is the cause.

  • It is called “picking their brains”.

  • Andrew Coulson from Libertarian think-tank Cato Institute writes often about public school funding and its ineffectiveness in increasing scores. Since 1970, the money spent for each student for grades K-12 has tripled while test scores have effectively been the same. See: http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/this-one-is-of-the-charts/ for a recent article on it.

  • They teach your children what to think, not how to think. They inculcate their ideology and prejudices in your kids.

    It’s called brainwashing.

    The ’60’s reds graduated from Lenin and pot to poisoning young minds.

  • OMG. That is so Stasi-like. It’s almost as egregious as that butchering of a classic Pink Floyd song. You pained us twice in one post Don.

  • That Pink Floyd song means a lot less than the spin subsequently put on it. The Wall came out it the early 80s in Margeret Thatcher’s Britain. Roger Waters and co were doing a number (in both senses of the term) on the educational system in the UK which required among other things rote learning of poems and the multiplication tables. All children were Miltons and Newtons in the making. There is no need to require any effort on their part to master the basics. No need for discipline of any kind to ensure that the disruptive elements do not make school life a misery for the other kids. The end result of all this is plain to see; with the educational standards in the UK in terminal decline. Later on when it became apparent that the Warsaw Pact was falling apart, the shameless liberals made the album out to be some kind of allegory on the Berlin Wall, but in its origins it was no such thing. The Left has always hated Mrs Thatcher with a passion that that they could never quite work up when it came to the Communists.

  • Of course Comrade Obama would love to have your children snitch on you. Comrade Anita Dunn is a votary of Mao. Comrade Michelle has all the makings of a food Commisar. The only question in my mind is: are they really smart enough to carry it out? There must be some brainier guys behind this.

  • The outright arrogance of Comrade Barry and his minions in thier blatant and egregious attacks on everything this country ever held sacred is indicative of either incredible stupidity or a much darker secret that will be made public in th fall.

    It is my hope that the former is true, so that the only probelm we’ll have in January is forgiving the lemmings that supported the junta in the first place.

  • Whoever scripted the cartoon did an excellent job of exposing the crimes against freedom.

  • Ivan,

    I know all about Roger Waters’ political sensibilities. How can you listen to anything from Animals and on and not? He really went off on Maggie and Reagan on The Final Cut. As warped as he is, he’s still very talented in what he does (well, what he did prior to the late 80’s anyway when his love of self even got in the way of being creative). I still enjoy Pink Floyd music to this day and since I’m approaching 50, I probably safe to say I always will. I can disapprove of a lousy cover version of their songs and am happy to take an opportunity to offer a tongue-in-cheek comment here. Perhaps it’s not for everyone, but I bet at least Paul appreciated it. 🙂

  • RL us right wingers who love British rock just have to live with it. There may not be a single fellow in that music scene with his head on straight. I have a two cent theory as to why it has suffered a precipitous decline since. To wit, that as long they were sincere (they could be totally mistaken – the important thing is that they reflect the truth as they see it), the muses were indulgent, allowing them to make fabulous music. But when they turned out fabrications and crude propaganda, their skills withered and died.

  • Y’all are missing the bigger point. This can only happen when history and geography are ditched in favor of “civics” or “current events”. Teachers can’t so easily indoctrinate when they have a canon of established texts and subject matter to deal with. That is why, in all schools from kindergarten to graduate school, the radical Left has fought against what most people (from old-fashioned liberals to conservatives) think education should be about: for instance, learning about the great works of English literature from Beowulf on, or learning about British and American history, and such.