Iraqi Archbishop on Trump’s Executive Order Regarding Refugees

Friday, February 3, AD 2017


Well this is interesting.  Crux has an interview with Iraqi Archbishop Bashar Warda:



What do you make of the protests against President Trump’s refugee order?

Everyone, including the administration, seems to agree that this should have been implemented with more clarity. There was much confusion about what the order meant and many people were very upset.

From my perspective in Iraq, I wonder why all of these protesters were not protesting in the streets when ISIS came to kill Christians and Yazidis and other minority groups. They were not protesting when the tens of thousands of displaced Christians my archdiocese has cared for since 2014 received no financial assistance from the U.S. government or the U.N. There were no protests when Syrian Christians were only let in at a rate that was 20 times less than the percentage of their population in Syria.

I do not understand why some Americans are now upset that the many minority communities that faced a horrible genocide will finally get a degree of priority in some manner.

I would also say this, all those who cry out that this is a “Muslim Ban” – especially now that it has been clarified that it is not – should understand clearly that when they do this, they are hurting we Christians specifically and putting us at greater risk.  The executive order has clearly affected Christians and Yazidis and others as well as Muslims.

Here in Iraq we Christians cannot afford to throw out words carelessly as the media in the West can do.  I would ask those in the media who use every issue to stir up division to think about this. For the media these things become an issue of ratings, but for us the danger is real.

Most Americans have no concept of what it was like to live as a Yazidi or Christian or other minority as ISIS invaded. Our people had the option to flee, to convert, or to be killed, and many were killed in the most brutal ways imaginable. But there were none of these protests then of ISIS’s religious test.

Our people lost everything because of their faith – they were targeted for their faith, just like the Yazidis and others too. Now these protesters are saying that religion should not matter at all, even though someone was persecuted for their faith, even though persecution based on religion is one of the grounds for refugee status in the UN treaty on refugees.

From here I have to say, it is really unbelievable.

It is exactly this reasoning, that religion should not be a factor at all in American policy, that has resulted in Christians and other minority communities being overlooked by U.S. and UN aid programs. We are too small to matter, our communities are disappearing from constant persecution, and for years the American government didn’t care. Now when someone tries to help us, we have protesters telling us that there can be no religious basis for refugee status – even though the UN treaty and American law say that religious persecution is a major reason for granting the status, and even though ISIS targeted people primarily on the basis of religion.

I am not saying that any group should have a blanket preference when it comes to being admitted as a refugee in the United States. Such a policy would not be right, and would clearly be against our Catholic faith and teaching. And that is not the policy as I understand it.

But it is very hard for me to understand why comfortable people in the West think those who are struggling to survive against genocide, and whose communities are at extreme risk of disappearing completely, should not get some special consideration.  We are an ancient people on the verge of extinction because of our commitment to our faith.  Will anybody protest for us?

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8 Responses to Iraqi Archbishop on Trump’s Executive Order Regarding Refugees

  • Islam is an evil pagan cult. Of course there should be a religious test. Catholicism is not a suicide pact. Even Pope Chastisement believes this as he lives behind very high, very thick, very solid walls.

  • The Archbishop speaks with such clarity. I hope his message registers with Western Catholics.

    I don’t think it makes the difference if another pathetic Hollywood embecile climbs onto her soapbox and bemoans America. They are utterly useless to their fellow man.

    The Archbishop is talking about the persecution of one of the oldest Christian groups in the history of the world.

    I’m greatly disappointed with Pope Francis silence. I don’t think there has ever been a Pope in modern times who has stood up for Christians in the Middle East. These Christians need to be protected through strong action and with the same resolve that the world stood up to Communist forces back in the 20th Century. I can’t believe the Vatican has turned a blind eye to their own people for so long. The Archbishop is having to justify why his people deserve help. We should be ashamed by this.

  • Hm. Checking… checking… nope, seems our favorite political commentator has never weighed in on this. I wonder why…

    Would that we Christians (ANY of us, Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox) had the stones for another crusade. Heck why not have the Vatican fun its own military or hire a PMC to go get our brothers in trouble out of there or provide cover to set up protected enclaves. Something! We live in an age of billions of answers at our fingertips, why does every proposed solution seem to be the same?

  • Trump already said that Christian refugees will be given priority. It’s just a TEMPORARY stop to better vet the people coming in. Why would anyone want to go to a better country to leave behind the evil people if the evil people are coming with them?

  • I have mentioned that I read Brietbart for the news articles. Anytime that there is a news story about anything Catholic the comment box is filled with two types of comments. One type is that the Catholic Church is an evil cult that is not Christian. Another type is made by ex Catholics who hate the church with a passion – often atheist types. Is it any wonder that so little attention has been paid to the poor Middle East Christians? The USCCB’s Catholic charities is only too happy to take taxpayer money to resettle refugees…but they are forbidden to preach religion to them. I did a volunteer day assisting the Pittsburgh chapter and tis is what the director of the office said. What’s more, given the rotten catechesis, most Catholics in the US, practicing or not, are completely unaware of the Eastern Catholic Churches. These poor people have nowhere to go, no one to turn to and are abandoned – by the West, who falls all over themselves resettling Muslims, by the Pope, who would rather let the German bishops dictate what being Catholic should be.

  • God bless Archbsp. Warda and keep him safe.
    It’s my understanding that USCCB receives millions from the federal government for refugee resettlement. I have heard $91 M but don’t know if that is accurate; a review of the USCCB’s financial statement might contain many surprises. Since it is fed money there must be strings attached, one of which, I would guess, is that they cannot assist only Catholics or only Christians. Please correct me if I am wrong. I wonder if Catholic Charities receives federal money?

    The silence and lack of action by the UN, the Vatican, and in the past our central government is appalling. Now the Trump administration is trying to correct that and give assistance to the persecuted groups the Archbishop mentioned and all hell breaks loose from the wackos, Congress and the Courts. This power plays by the liberals and the Democratic Party is aimed at Trump, but meanwhile their behaviour is costing lives. Their lies about the executive order is not only costing lives, but making the lives of the persecuted still in the home countries miserable.

    Where is the Catholic press? We should expect more from them. Yes there is an occasional article or interview, but there ought to be an article in every weekly addition about some persecuted group….Africans, Near and Middle and Far Easterners.
    We do pray for the persecuted Christians at Sunday and daily Masses at our Mission. The occasional collection is taken, however who knows to whom that money really goes.

  • Oops, make that weekly edition vice addition.

  • Islamic State is honest and direct in its persecution. You are a left in no doubt as to your situation. The two-faced culture of the so-called free West is another matter. Their crocodile tears fool no one least of all the death merchants of Da3ish.

Only Dead Christians

Wednesday, August 20, AD 2014

anti-Christian Internet Poster



Ronald S. Lauder, President of the World Jewish Congress, in an op ed in The New York Times wonders why there is silence over the slaughter of Christians by jihadists around the globe:



WHY is the world silent while Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East and Africa? In Europe and in the United States, we have witnessed demonstrations over the tragic deaths of Palestinians who have been used as human shields by Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls Gaza. The United Nations has held inquiries and focuses its anger on Israel for defending itself against that same terrorist organization. But the barbarous slaughter of thousands upon thousands of Christians is met with relative indifference.

The Middle East and parts of central Africa are losing entire Christian communities that have lived in peace for centuries. The terrorist group Boko Haram has kidnapped and killed hundreds of Christians this year — ravaging the predominantly Christian town of Gwoza, in Borno State in northeastern Nigeria, two weeks ago. Half a million Christian Arabs have been driven out of Syria during the three-plus years of civil war there. Christians have been persecuted and killed in countries from Lebanon to Sudan.

Historians may look back at this period and wonder if people had lost their bearings. Few reporters have traveled to Iraq to bear witness to the Nazi-like wave of terror that is rolling across that country. The United Nations has been mostly mum. World leaders seem to be consumed with other matters in this strange summer of 2014. There are no flotillas traveling to Syria or Iraq. And the beautiful celebrities and aging rock stars — why doesn’t the slaughter of Christians seem to activate their social antennas?

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18 Responses to Only Dead Christians

  • Revelation 6:9-11
    9 When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the witness they had borne; 10* they cried out with a loud voice, “O Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long before thou wilt judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell upon the earth?” 11 Then they were each given a white robe and told to rest a little longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brethren should be complete, who were to be killed as they themselves had been.

  • I guess somebody had to say it. Was there no Christian who could have said it?


    I think it’s because. You are compared to an ISIS mass-murderer if you are opposed to abortion or want “under God” retained in the Pledge of Allegiance.

  • The enemy who is in the world knows who his true opponents are.

  • Too bad there isn’t a world leader who could forcefully speak up on behalf of these Christians being murdered.

  • A Christion Defense Force. The Islamists have formed an Islamic State they say – and the Jews have Israel and IDF.
    But we are not a Christian country

  • ISIS is about to unify Congress with the beheading video into moving toward warring on ISIS as ISIS…not part of Iraq only. Paul Ryan is talking “more” as will others. You kill them now or after they do the tragic over here which will happen regardless because they have many passports and they are showmen anyway. Their main income is oil fields in both Iraq and Syria. And even now the CIA could be mapping coordinates for drones to hit those rigs. When you see the beheadings, know that it unifies us…an ISIS ego display mistake which will send many of them to hell as I’m reasonably sure last week’s airstrikes did.

  • The enlightened modern scientists are smarter than “their Creator”, but the modern scientist acknowledges that a new human being comes into existence at fertilization of the human egg through DNA. Place “human being” in every place of “religion”, the freedom to acknowledge “their Creator” and what becomes apparent is an incitement to riot, a human rights violation and yes, this human rights violation must be addressed by the U.N.
    The Scopes Monkey Trial was about parental rights. Atheistic evolution teaches children that they have no metaphysical, human, rational, immortal soul in whom inheres all unalienable human rights, that our children are only monkeys. Catholic evolution teaches evolution guided by Divine Providence.
    The Big Bang theory was posited as a theory by a Catholic priest: Father George Le Maitre. A Polish Catholic, Michael Copernicus (Kopernic) said that the world revolved around the sun. Madam Curie, another Polish Catholic discovered radium. Another Catholic, Louis Pasteur discovered a cure for rabies, small pox, and tuberculin milk. Plant genetics were discovered by another Catholic monk, Gregor Mendel, in his work with green pea plants. Galileo taught that the Bible was science and was put under house arrest for this heresy. It is Galileo’s teaching that the world is only 4,000 years old that is being rightfully suppressed in public school.
    Marx was an atheist who encouraged class warfare.
    Children will grow up with the common sense and discipline to make good choices in their lives if they are taught the truth. The truth is the complete and absolute absence of evil. Withholding the truth from young children is lying. These great scientists were Catholic, Very Catholic, and their contribution to our science must not be denied or lied about.
    Evidently, the New York Times has joined in Lucifer’s War on God. Lucifer is a murderer and a liar.

  • Obama’s speech against ISIL was very good just now…and we had no let up…11 airstrikes over last night after the beheading. Christians mentioned by Obama but noted that victims were overwhelmingly muslim. Used the word “rape” which was excellent for what ISIL does in capturing women. Says we will replace such nihilistic groups with hope…they will fail.

  • Obama’s speech against ISIL was very good just now…and we had no let up…11 airstrikes over last night after the beheading. Christians mentioned by Obama but noted that victims were overwhelmingly muslim. Used the word “rape” which was excellent for what ISIL does in capturing women. Says we will replace such nihilistic groups with hope…they will fail. He was mad which I suspect means further latitude coming for the military.

  • why doesn’t the slaughter of Christians seem to activate their social antennas?

    Because they are busy promoting homosexuality and the killing of the unborn….along with whatever entertainment and pleasures are currently available.

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  • There is absolutely no proof of what the chart displays. It uses The New York Times as proof of its position. Total domination by opinion of social engineers.
    “The Hole Left by the Christian Dark Ages” is filled with Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rafael, mathematicians, Enrico Fermi, Father (a priest) Marin Mersenne, (Mersenne Prime Numbers) Descartes, (“I think, therefore I am”) Blaise Pascal whose Pascal’s Wager challenges atheism: (“Let us assess the two cases: if you win, you win everything: if you lose, you lose nothing. Do not hesitate then: wager that he (God) does exist.”)
    The Hole that was not left by the Christian Dark Ages was filled by defeating the Muslims
    at Lepanto so that Americans do not have to wear the burka or be beheaded for looking cross-eyed at her husband.
    and Yes, I do have a bridge for you to buy for reading The New York Times.

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  • There is absolutely no proof of what the chart displays.
    Mary De Voe

    True. Ask any chart-worshipping atheist you see to name ten examples of ancient Roman “scientific achievement”. Then, to break the silence, laugh as you explain that the chart is silly for more than the lack of a scale on its vertical axis (a trick right out of the book How to Lie with Statistics).

    Point out that the scientific method was first written down by a Catholic priest, Robert Grosseteste*, in the 12th century. Point out that Catholic Christians invented modern empircal science so the graph should be pretty much flat-lined at zero until those laughably named “Christian Dark Ages” when it spikes upward toward heaven.

    Real historians have abandoned the term “dark ages” as ahistorical, even unscientific. The term itself was invented by Protestants as a way to falsify history to serve their agenda of slamming the Church. That makes the atheist dopes employing it their stooges, not independent-thinking scientists. Heh heh.

    The silly graphic that Donald R. McClarey correctly called “the historically ignorant poster” deserves a take-down all its own, most suitably on the atheists’ own holiday. What holiday, how can atheists have their own holy day, you ask? April Fool’s Day, of course, from the Scripture verse “The fool says in his heart, there is no God.”

    * Fr. Grosseteste was later elevated to Bishop of Lincoln in England. This was the medieval Church’s second greatest punishment for those who dabble in science. Robert Bellarmine had the worst, he was raised to cardinal. Heh.

  • Thank you, Micha Elyi, for your very informative comment. Let me save it in my computer for future reference. Saint Robert Bellarmine is one of my favorite saints. When we get to heaven (hopefully) let us ask him how he felt about being named cardinal.

  • Christopher Columbus, with the help of two other very good Catholics, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain, filled the dark ages with the Western Hemisphere.
    Johannes Gutenburg filled the literary void with his printed version of the Bible, one for every household and relieved St. Bede and the monks of their hand inscribed version of the Bible.
    Saint Joan of Arc saved France from becoming a satelite of Britain.
    It is easy to see why the atheists are jealous.

  • Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said on Fox News recently that governing elites who don’t believe in God have little understanding of fanatical Islamic motivation. This is perhaps a kinder assessment than ascribing malevolence towards all things religious to the same or at least some elites. God knows the hearts of men. Our problem remains. For whatever reason, we have a paucity of leadership and moral courage in the West at a time when we are facing an existential threat.

  • Just my luck. I was downtown NYC for 9/11/2001. Now, I’m headed to Chicago for a two week job. I’ll be in the downtown Loop – ISIS could smack us somewhere around there.
    Not to worry. Some of the “crew” are assigned in a Chicago neighborhood where the corporation needs to bring armed security.

Persecution of Christians in Egypt

Thursday, December 22, AD 2011


As we Christians in the West celebrate Christmas, we should remember our brothers and sisters in other parts of the World who risk their lives daily for their faith.  Powerline has a moving story on the persecution of Copts in Egypt.  This persecution has been going on since the Muslim conquest of Egypt 13 centuries ago.  It is centuries past time that we do something about this.

The persecution of Christians in Egypt is one of the mysteriously underreported stories of our time. At Big Peace, Charles Jacobs writes:

Gordon College is a Christian school between Salem and Rockport. A few weeks ago I spoke there at a commemoration of Kristallnacht, Germany’s night of broken glass, the first mass assault on Europe’s Jews and the harbinger of the Shoah. I told the Christian audience how good it was to feel Christian support for Jews in these times, and that even some of the most stubborn of my people were now appreciating Evangelical support for Israel. I also said that we felt this blessed support came from a spirit of Christian altruism. But given the news from the Middle East, concern for others is surely not the only reason Christians need to support Israel.

I asked how many in the audience of 250 knew of Anne Frank. Almost every hand shot up. Then I asked how many had heard of Ayman Labib. I got a mass blank stare. Ayman was a 17-year-old Egyptian Christian who just weeks ago was beaten to death by his Muslim classmates as teachers watched because he refused their demand to remove his cross necklace.

I asked how many knew about the Maspero massacre, which had left at least 24 Copts dead and 270 injured. And whether they knew that since January, there had been more than 70 attacks on Christian churches or institutions in Egypt.

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10 Responses to Persecution of Christians in Egypt

  • “Persacution Complex. A staple of the religious right. Has it occurred to any of you that maybe you are imagining all the hate?”

  • I missed where you show Charles Jacobs’ examples are false.

  • Phillip, Spambot was quoting ironically someone else from the thread he linked to.

  • This terrorism will continue unnoticed and rampant as long as the Christ-haters run the government and its media publicity arms.

  • Donald,

    Thank you for spreading the word about the continuing violence against the Copts. I have a couple colleagues who are Egyptian Christians, and they are visibly upset and anxious about what is happening there, if not entirely surprised by it. Their first hand accounts of what it is like to be a Christian in a Muslim nation are very eye opening. Needless to say, they have a very low opinion of the “religion of peace”. And frankly, based on what they say, I can’t help but think that it’s our ill-informed political correctness in the West that keeps us from seeing the truth in this regard.

  • Thank you, Donald for this Post. Yes Christians, and especially Catholic Christians’ persecutions are on the rise in Nigeria, Egypty, Iraq, Afghanstan, India, Korea, in Vietnam and many other Islamic countries. The wave of persecutions is truly worrying since most of it goes unreported in the secular media. We have been following these unfolding hostile events in the Catholic Websites. It calls us all to re-double our Prayers for Christ’s “Sheep”. In our country, Kenya, we are under attack from the Islamist terrorists, Al Shabaab, a wing of Al Qaeda – who have made Somalia their haven. They are fighting to topple the Interim Government in that war-torn country. They have been attacking us these last 5 months, yet we are hosting thousands of Refugees from that country who have run away from the violence. During this Christmas Season and the coming new Year holidays, all vulnerable Sites for attack are under tight security. The Catholic Parishes are especially targetted. Our own local Muslims burned down our Lady of Mercy Parish in our Capital City, Nairobi five years ago. In this new wave of attacks, threats against Catholic Churches and other Institutions have already been issued by this Terrorist Group. Last month another Catholic Parish in the Muslim North of our country was burned down. The irony of the Muslim hostility to the Catholic Church in Kenya is that every educated Muslim Public Figure or Politican was educated in Catholic Schools.

  • Thank you J. Christian and Mary. One-third of humanity shares our faith in Christ, and Christians must never forget our fellow Christians who are persecuted for their belief in Our Savior.

  • “Phillip, Spambot was quoting ironically someone else from the thread he linked to.”

    Oops, missed the irony.

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Von Galen Contra the Swastika

Sunday, March 20, AD 2011

In my first post on Blessed Clemens August Graf von Galen, which may be read here, we examined the life of this remarkable German bishop who heroically stood up to the Third Reich.  Today we examine the second of three sermons that he preached in 1941 which made him famous around the globe.  One week after his first breathtaking sermon against the Gestapo, my examination of which may be read here, he preached on July 20, 1941 a blistering sermon against the Nazis and their war on Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular.

Today the collection which I ordered for the inhabitants of the city of Münster is held in all the parishes in the diocese of Münster which have not themselves suffered war damage. I hope that through the efforts of the state and municipal authorities responsible and the brotherly help of the Catholics of this diocese, whose contributions will be administered and distributed by the offices of the Caritas, much need will be alleviated.

Charity, always a prime duty of Catholics.

Thanks be to God, for several days our city has not suffered any new enemy attacks from without. But I am distressed to have to inform you that the attacks by our opponents within the country, of the beginning of which I spoke last Sunday in St. Lambert’s, that these attacks have continued, regardless of our protests, regardless of the anguish this causes to the victims of the attacks and those connected with them. Last Sunday I lamented, and branded as an injustice crying out to heaven, the action of the Gestapo in closing the convent in Wilkinghege and the Jesuit residences in Munster, confiscating their property and possessions, putting the occupants into the street and expelling them from their home area. The convent of Our Lady of Lourdes in Frauen­strasse was also seized by the Gau authorities. I did not then know that on the same day, Sunday 13th July, the Gestapo had occupied the Kamilluskolleg in Sudmühle and the Benedictine abbey of Gerleve near Coesfeld and expelled the fathers and lay brothers. They were forced to leave Westphalia that very day.

The Nazi war on the Church is becoming more brazen in the midst of the War.

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