The Most Persecuted Minority

Wednesday, October 7, AD 2015



On the anniversary of Lepanto it is good to remember that persecution of Christians is not a long ago phenomenon, but something that occurs routinely around the globe.  The reaction of most Christians in the West is to resolutely ignore this sad fact.  One of the reasons that Christians are so persecuted is because they are perceived as a safe target.  The mightiest nations on Earth, ostensibly with majority Christian populations, will not lift a finger to aid Christians in non-Western lands.    Would that we were today having a Synod about this.



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  • One of the reasons it is easy to persecute Christians is that so few of them have any idea that they are being persecuted, since they so attach themselves to the beliefs of their persecutors, they readily accept persecution as fellow sufferers, but as sympathetic co-conspirators in heart.
    Harsh? Not really, when such large majorities of nominal Christian publically support sin, and also support progressive anti-God policies, agendas and political parties..

  • “….they really don’t accept persecution as fellow sufferers…”
    There, fixed that.

  • ‘ Would that we were today having a Synod about this.’
    Trying to be relevant while their ‘culture’ watches and laughs and wails, the Synod wastes time that should be spent teaching to love and serve God.

  • Recalling the recent murderous rampage of an anti-Christian zealot in Oregon, as most of us now know, the killing of Christians has started in these United States. We also need to remember that the ascendency of atheist Plutarco Elias Calles to Mexico’s Presidency in the early 20th century led directly to the bloody persecution of the Church. Whever atheists or Muslims can control, persecution of Christians is certain to follow.

  • ‘ … We’ve been cut down to size. Ecclesia Triumphatrix has been replaced by Ecclesia Famulatrix – although I bet Orthodoxy, not so quick to lose her nerve, still celebrates dominically the Triumph of Orthodoxy. Good for them! But for Westerners, who have suffered a collective loss of confidence, the Church is the Servant Church, the only society, we have been rather foolishly informed, which exists to ‘serve’ those who are not members. …’
    from of a reflection on Our Lady of Victories(2) on Liturgical Notes site.

  • “….the only society, we have been rather foolishly informed, which exists to ‘serve’ those who are not members. …”

    Patricia, in a sense this is correct, but the stated mission of the Church is to evangelize and gain converts–like a Ford dealership that seeks to gain new buyers who are presently driving Chevy’s.
    The problem is that this church today seems ready to, not sell their own Fords to them, but will order custom Chevy’s for them, from the Chevy dealer down below–at a loss.

  • Mainline Protestantism NEVER took the lead in fighting radical Islam. They were too busy disparaging Catholics. The one Protestant nation to battle Islam was the British Empire, in the 19th century in Afghanistan, in WWI against the Ottomans, and to the modern day.
    Evangelicals versus Islam? Really? Modern secularism against Islam? Modern secularists hate Christianity.

    Only the Catholic Church has a track record of fighting radical Islam, and the post V2 pacifism is failing Christianity.

    There is a YouTube video of 30K Poles marching against Islam. I won’t type what they said, but it’s safe to say Poland has not forgotten its history of fighting Islam.

  • Penguin Fan wrote, “The one Protestant nation to battle Islam was the British Empire, in the 19th century in Afghanistan…” Whilst at the same time doing everything possible to prop up Ottoman power in the Balkans. The underlying policy in both instances was containment of Russia.
    The record of the Catholic powers is not much better; one recalls Richelieu’s attempts to persuade the Sultan to invade Hungary, as part of his policy of weakening the Habsburgs or the Dual Monarchy’s support of Bismarck’s and Disraeli’s Balkan policy.

  • MPS, I never claimed EVERY Catholic country resisted Islam. France is France.

  • France was Catholic? Son of a gun!

  • Donald R. McClarey on Thursday, October 8, A.D. 2015 at 3:42am

    “France was Catholic?”

    Were its guillotines blessed?

  • Whilst at the same time doing everything possible to prop up Ottoman power in the Balkans.

    “Everything possible?” Between 1829 and 1886 the Ottoman Sultan lost control of every piece of the Balkan peninsula other than Thrace, Albania, and Macedonia. This all happened while Britain was extending its Indian empire and during the early stages of the carve up of Africa.

  • “The mightiest nations on Earth, ostensibly with majority Christian populations, will not lift a finger to aid Christians in non-Western lands. ”

    Too right!

    Christians are an easy target because they don’t fight back. Christians are taught not to seek revenge. Christians are taught persecution is suffering like Our Lord.

    The polar opposite of Islam.

    The only way to “target” Islam is covertly- say for example, a stampede in Mecca or an “accidental” bombing of a hospital in Syria. That sort of a thing. On the other hand Christians are killed point blank, literally like in Oregan.

  • Thanks to Michael Paterson-Seymour for “The record of the Catholic powers is not much better; one recalls Richelieu’s attempts to persuade the Sultan to invade Hungary, as part of his policy of weakening the Habsburgs..”
    The Hungarians had a long history of fighting back. The English writer and traveller Richard Hansard recorded it in his Description of Hungary, 1599:
    “It hath been an antient custom among them [Hungarians] that none should wear a fether but he who had killed a Turk, to whom onlie yt was lawful to shew the number of his slaine enemys by the number of fethers in his cappe.” (Phrases.

Beecher Bibles

Tuesday, March 3, AD 2015


Andrew Klavan does a first rate job demonstrating how much reliance persecuted Christians around the globe can place on the Obama administration.  The answer is quite a bit if the reliance consists of the conclusion that Obama and his gang of merry incompetents would sooner eat ground glass than help them.  However, some Christians in the Middle East are beginning to realize the truth of the admonition of Benjamin Franklin:  God helps them who help themselves.


Kino Gabriel, one of the leaders of the Syriac Military Council, an Assyrian Christian militia, said the fight was existential. “[We are] like a tree that you uproot from its land,” he said. “We are a people with a historic lineage. We have been contributing to human civilisation for five or six thousand years, and we can still give.”

The fighters, along with modest Kurdish reinforcements, are trying to defend Tal Tamr, a town that straddles a tributary of the Euphrates river. The Assyrians in the area had taken refuge there three generations ago, fleeing the Simele massacre of their people by the Iraqi kingdom.

The Isis attack on the villages appeared tailored to draw forces away from Tal Hamis, where it is battling a Kurdish push aimed at forcing the group further to the east. The fate of the hostages remains unclear, with some members of the community believing Isis intends to trade them for its own captured fighters, or use them as human shields. Others though, mindful of public executions of Egyptian Copts by Isis militants in Libya, fear a similar grisly spectacle.

“We will defend ourselves,” said Gabriel. “We will not allow another Seyfo to happen to us [in reference to a pogrom perpetrated by the Ottoman’s early last century]. We will sacrifice everything.”

“We want help and support from all the democratic forces in the world that are fighting the extremism in the Middle East, to stop these enemies of humanity,” he said. “Their targeting of our people, the Syriacs, has been ongoing. What they did in Iraq … and [elsewhere in] Syria shows that this is what they want.

“After a couple of generations, the culture will disappear. Nobody will remember us.”

The Assyrians say they deserve support like the Kurds in Kobani, the peshmerga in Iraq and the Yazidis on Mount Sinjar. “We stood with Kobani and supported the resistance there and we are now facing the same thing,” said Gabriel.


I hope they will receive support, if not from the feckless governments of the West, then from private Christians.  I recall the “Beecher Bibles” shipped to free soil settlers in Kansas during the 1850’s.

“He (Henry W. Beecher) believed that the Sharps Rifle was a truly moral agency, and that there was more moral power in one of those instruments, so far as the slaveholders of Kansas were concerned, than in a hundred Bibles. You might just as well. . . read the Bible to Buffaloes as to those fellows who follow Atchison and Stringfellow; but they have a supreme respect for the logic that is embodied in Sharp’s rifle.”

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  • Brett and other militiamen (veterans) are the very people the liberal media portray as villain’s and radical’s.
    This lame duck imposter of a Christian and imposter of an American President should be tar and feathered.

    Prayers are needed along with support only Marine’s and Navy Seals can provide. Don’t hold your breath until the duck is cooked.

  • JV team my ass…..just look at the next hundreds of Christians to be slaughtered and tell their families how JV Isis is.
    Oby bomb lama is the JV team.

  • 1st Maccabees chapter 2:
    40 And each said to his neighbor: “If we all do as our brethren have done and refuse to fight with the Gentiles for our lives and for our ordinances, they will quickly destroy us from the earth.” 41 So they made this decision that day: “Let us fight against every man who comes to attack us on the sabbath day; let us not all die as our brethren died in their hiding places.”

  • The best ally the Middle East Christians could have would be an American Catholic President with a keen knowledge of history. I don’t think it will happen.

  • “The best ally the Middle East Christians could have would be an American Catholic President with a keen knowledge of history. I don’t think it will happen.”

    I don’t see that in the foreseeable future either, but an Evangelical Protestant or observant Jewish president with a keen knowledge of history would be the next best thing. I know some Evangelicals in the past have tended to focus almost entirely on Israel and overlook Arab Christians, but recent events have probably cured them of that tendency.

  • well I think we should sign up for “Go Fund Me” and get an honest board together and get these people all the help they need. money, weapons, food whatever! bleepity bleep bleep bleep to this government. Could it even be done? There has to be a way to help our fellow humans without all the encumbrance.

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  • How does one join in the fight against ISIS? I have been pondering this for awhile and am at the point where I can’t hear anymore how our Christian brothers and sisters are being treated. I am ready to leave everything behind and go help.

  • You might check out the link below Daniel for some info. If you have prior military experience I think they can use you.

  • From Charles Martel at Tours to Andrea Doria and Don Juan at Lepanto to Allenby at Jerusalem (with apologies to T E Lawrence who played a minor role), the west seems not to have learned the necessity of decisive victory, not just the most points on the board. Now,the scourge of God has risen once again to remind the world that serious threats can not be addressed just half way. This is not a new concept. Sun Tzu had some things to say on the subject also 2500 years ago.

  • Where do I send a check?

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Advent and Anti-Christ, Part IV

Sunday, December 20, AD 2009

The fourth and final part of my presentation of the four sermons on the Anti-Christ delivered by John Henry Cardinal Newman before his conversion during Advent in 1835.  Part I is here, part II is here and Part III is here.

In this last sermon Newman speaks of the persecution that will attend the reign of the anti-Christ.  In Newman’s day, living memory could recall the savage persecution that the Church endured dring the initial years of the French Revolution.  In our time, we have the blood-stained last century when millions of Christians were martyred for their faith.  It is all too easy to suspect that those terrible persecutions were trial runs for the persecution of the Anti-Christ.  The last century brought to reality these words of Newman:  “Let us then apprehend and realize the idea, thus clearly brought before us, that, sheltered as the Church has been from persecution for 1500 years, yet a persecution awaits it, before the end, fierce and more perilous than any which occurred at its first rise.” Certainly all prior persecutions pale before what Christians experienced in the Terrible Twentieth.

This is an interesting passage from Newman’s sermon:  “Again, another anxious sign at the present time is what appears in the approaching destruction of the Mahometan power. This too may outlive our day; still it tends visibly to annihilation, and as it crumbles, perchance the sands of the world’s life are running out.” I assume that Newman was thinking of the decline of the Ottoman Empire of his day, the sick man of Europe.  Freed from this adversary, perhaps Europe would unite behind one man, reform or revive the Roman Empire, and bring about the conditions for the Anti-Christ.  Small wonder that Hitler was frequently deemed the Anti-Christ during his lifetime.  Of course Hitler was not the Anti-Christ, but perhaps merely one of myriads of anti-Christs who have arisen and fallen in the centuries since the coming of Christ, or perhaps he is a precursor of the Anti-Christ.

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3 Responses to Advent and Anti-Christ, Part IV

  • Actually (if I’m not mistaken), the sermons as they exist now were published as #83 in Tracts For The Times in 1838, but they are a development of a series of sermons preached in 1835.

    Are you familiar with the short postscript Newman wrote for their publication? It’s rather interesting.

  • Thank you for the info DB. I have corrected my posts to indicate 1835 as the year of delivery. I was unfamiliar with the postscript. Bishop Horsley’s letter quoted in the postscript is stunningly prophetic.

  • The passage of the letter of Bishop Horsley quoted by Newman:

    ‘The Church of God on earth will be greatly reduced, as we may well imagine, in its apparent numbers, in the times of Antichrist, by the open desertion of the powers of the world. This desertion will begin in a professed indifference to any particular form of Christianity, under the pretence of universal toleration; which toleration will proceed from no true spirit of charity and forbearance, but from a design to undermine Christianity, by multiplying and encouraging sectaries. The pretended toleration will go far beyond a just toleration, even as it regards the different sects of Christians. For governments will pretend an indifference to all, and will give a protection in preference to none. All establishments will be laid aside. From the toleration of the most pestilent heresies, they will proceed to the toleration of Mahometanism, Atheism, and at last to a positive persecution of the truth of Christianity. In these times the Temple of God will be reduced almost to the Holy Place, that is, to the small number of real Christians who worship the Father in spirit and in truth, and regulate their doctrine and their worship, and their whole conduct, strictly by the word of God. The merely nominal {108} Christians will all desert the profession of the truth, when the powers of the world desert it. And this tragical event I take to be typified by the order to St. John to measure the Temple and the Altar, and leave the outer court (national Churches) to be trodden under foot by the Gentiles. The property of the clergy will be pillaged, the public worship insulted and vilified by these deserters of the faith they once professed, who are not called apostates because they never were in earnest in their profession. Their profession was nothing more than a compliance with fashion and public authority. In principle they were always, what they now appear to be, Gentiles. When this general desertion of the faith takes place, then will commence the sackcloth ministry of the witnesses … There will be nothing of splendour in the external appearance of their churches; they will have no support from governments, no honours, no emoluments, no immunities, no authority, but that which no earthly power can take away, which they derived from Him, who commissioned them to be His witnesses.’

Age of Martyrs

Tuesday, June 2, AD 2009


Hattip to Southern Appeal.  The executions of Saint John Cardinal Fisher and Saint Thomas More as portrayed in The Tudors.   It was largely because of the courage that these men showed, and the courage  hundreds of other men and women demonstrated who were martyred under the Crowned Monster Henry VIII, his son, and Bloody Elizabeth, that a remnant of the Catholic faith survived for centuries in England, Wales and Scotland, in the face of bitter persecution, until Catholic Emancipation in 1829.

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4 Responses to Age of Martyrs

  • I posted a similar comment over at Feddie’s, but it is unfortunate that they got More’s line wrong: it is “… the King’s good servant AND God’s first.”

    It is important to remember that the obligations are not mutually exclusive. More believed he was serving the best interests of King and country by remaining faithful to God and the Church. In the same way, we best fulfill our patriotic obligations when we remain faithful to what God asks of us.

  • Much prefer the portrayal of Thomas Moore’s martyrdom in A Man For All Seasons.

  • I loved that movie, “A Man for All Seasons”. Thank you for reminding me of it, Anthony.

  • I loved that movie, “A Man for All Seasons”. Thank you for reminding me of it, Anthony.
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

A Persecuted Church?

Saturday, November 8, AD 2008


A very liberal friend in California challenged my support of Proposition 8 and homosexual “marriage” by stating that the faithful would still be able to “discriminate” against them in churches. Well, beside the utter ridiculousness of her statement, it looks to me like she was wrong. Los Angeles saw a massive gathering in front of the Mormon Temple on Santa Monica Blvd. From what I saw in the video tape, there were folks trying to scale the gates surrounding the building. Now from World Net Daily comes proof that the most militant of homosexual rights activists are calling for violence against Christians and destruction of our places of worship. One person quoted in the article stated:

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13 Responses to A Persecuted Church?

  • This reminds me of something….

    Get ready… this is coming…

    If we want to save our country and our Western heritage, we need to start taking a stand… and encourage each other to take stands. We need to preach the Gospel in season and out of season. We need not Be Afraid.

    This is our calling.

  • This is also a fear that I have, and it’s why it’s so baffling that Catholics are voting for their own marginalization. I think these centrist Catholics in mostly red states who voted Obama aren’t aware of the kind of intolerance the Left routinely preaches.

  • My lovely alma mater here in the blue state of California recently ran a story in the school paper about student protests following the passage of Prop. 8. Just to give you a flavor of the kind of thinking behind the protesters, here’s a sample comment to the story (my emphasis added):

    It has been speculated that proposition 8 won because of remarks made by San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, to the effect of “We’re going to allow homosexuals to marry whether you like it or not!” After these remarks, made at a time when the measure was losing in the polls, the support for proposition 8 skyrocketed, and the trend was reversed.

    Why? Because of the Culture War. For those of you not versed in this perverse evangelical undertaking, I encourage you to read about it.

    Words such as Newsom’s frighten and infuriate these dolts, and, quick to anger and prone to exaggeration, they lash out. By protesting the results of this election, we are giving them more fodder. And you know what? If we keep doing this, they’re going to keep winning. Our side isn’t good at demagoguery. It’s not our forte. It’s like trying to run a dirty campaign against a Republican–if you stoop to their level, you will lose.

    Tuesday’s decision greatly upset me. But it made me realize something. When it comes down to it, we’re fighting against the Catholic church, AM Talk Radio, and the Evangelical Superpower, manifested in the Moral Majority. We’re not going to win against these organizations, because they have more funding, their members and adherents are more pliable. Not to mention, as far as they’re concerned, it’s our word against God’s. How the hell are we supposed to beat God?


    By democratic process, proposition 8 passed. But the people who voted yes on 8 did so because their church told them to, and the church is disappearing from our weekly lives, as reason takes over. The era of the Moral Majority is fading on its own.

    We must respond to the vitriol of the pundits with reasoned argument–they simply don’t know how to take it. Ask them to leave their Bible and home and talk to them about the real issues involved, from a legal point of view. They won’t know how to take it.

    The way to fight the hydra of brainwashing churches is through reason. It is their weak point, after all.

  • There is certainly reason for concern. We may be headed toward some dark days.

    But let’s never forget that the darker the days, the greater the abundance of Grace. Things looked pretty bad on a Friday afternoon 2,000 years ago, too.

    I’d expected a lot of saints from the coming generations.

  • “The way to fight the hydra of brainwashing churches is through reason. It is their weak point, after all.”

    Tell that to Saint Thomas Aquinas. I wonder if this person has ever heard of him let alone read any of his works? Pretensions of intellectual snobbery are often held by those who have precious little in that area to be snobbish about.

  • Donald,

    That’s precisely why I sigh when I think about all the lost opportunities during my “education” at this university.

  • Steve,

    I too believe in Sunday… but I believe it might be a very long Friday and Saturday…. so the saints might be martyrs.

    And I pray that some will come from my seed.

  • What’s so twisted about this outcry of Prop 8 passing is that homosexuals are not being persecuted.

    They are still free to stick their wee-wee wherever they want and live in whoever’s house.

    This is ridiculous.

    They still have their rights. The state (thankfully) just voted they believe marriage is defined as man and woman…woopy-do. This kind of fuss in the video is ridiculous and we need to remember to keep it simple in debate – no one is losing any rights!

    CA just simply stated that marriage is defined as man and woman. This does not restrict homosexuals as free individuals to engage in this or that activity. Marriage, even from a biological standpoint, is between man and woman. To say otherwise is a lie.

    Nobody is getting persecuted…except the minds of those that persecute themselves with “victimhood”.

  • Let me clarify the last sentence – nobody is being persecuted because of Prop 8…

    Now let’s just hope nut-cases like these in the video don’t hurt Christians, Mormons, or whoever else they might target as an enemy just because they believe the definition of marriage is between man and a woman.

  • But Prop 8 supporters- just wait until next Supreme Court vacancy. Stevens is closer to 90 than 80. Ginsberg is no spring capon. Health problems may befall others. Allow your Messiah to find one successful candidate who will pull Anthony Kennedy in his direction rather than that for those horrible Roberts/Alito/Scalia/Thomas people. No problem.

  • I’ve talked with several of my friends in California, many of whom are Catholic and oppose prop8. For the life of me, I can’t convince many of them about natural law and why it is in the public interest to have laws that protect natural law. Every reason and argument in opposition to prop8 is emotionally driven. And the equating of same-sex marriage to interracial marriage is the most absurd argument of all.

    There are already three challenges to prop 8 in the form of lawsuits that are submitted before the CA supreme court. I half expect the court to overturn prop8 using the same argument it used to overturn prop 22.

  • “Allow your Messiah to find one successful candidate who will pull Anthony Kennedy in his direction rather than that for those horrible Roberts/Alito/Scalia/Thomas people. No problem.”

    My understanding is that the Court is quite happy to leave this issue to the states. After the prolonged and continuing backlash to Roe, I expect the Court will be reluctant over-rule the states on this issue unless and/or until there is broader public support for gay marriage. Additionally, Kennedy generally adopts a type of opinion-poll approach to deciding controversial cases; for example, in Casey he upheld Roe because it was supported by most of the country, but he voted to uphold the partial-birth abortion ban.

  • So i’m thrilled that Prop 8 has been challenged. I am not gay. However I am good friends with those who are. I simply do not understand just what the big deal is all about gay people having the exact same privileges we have now.