They Did It!


I recall watching the old Perry Mason television show as a small child and thinking his job as a defense attorney was a snap because the true culprits would usually confess in court and save Mason’s innocent clients.  Alas, in the real world a defense attorney’s job is a wee bit tougher than that.  However, something very like that may be occurring in the Kavanaugh nomination process.  Go here to read all about it.  Is any of this true?  Quien sabe?  What I do know is that none of this unprovable trash from 36 years ago had any relevance in this confirmation fight and that the Democrats started this crazed descent into lunacy.


Fred Steiner, Requiescat in Pace

Fred Steiner died today.  Not a household name, but you have probably heard his music, as he composed the music for many hit TV shows, perhaps most notably for Perry Mason.  A very young Don McClarey loved the Perry Mason show.  It had no influence on my decision to become an attorney, that option didn’t occur to me until my Senior year in college when I decided that I would rather not work for a living, but it was enjoyable and memorable entertainment.  Continue Reading