Slattery’s Mounted Foot

Saturday, February 2, AD 2013

Something for the weekend.  Slattery’s Mounted Foot.  The Irish have always had a talent for humorous self mockery.  One of the masters of this art was Percy French who lived from 1854-1920 and wrote many humorous songs, gently poking fun at the foibles of the Irish.  My favorite is Slattery’s Mounted Foot:

You’ve heard of Julius Ceasar and the great Napoleon too,

And how the Cork militia beat the Turks at Waterloo;

But there’s a page of glory that as yet remains uncut,

And that’s the warlike story of old Slattery’s Mounted Fut.

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4 Responses to Slattery’s Mounted Foot

  • 🙂 Mr. McClarey – How do you come up wit this stuff!? Great.

  • Witty and pithy – two of my favorite things!

    ‘Best be a coward for five minutes than a dead man all your life.’”

    Sounds reasonable today–when deep thoughts don’t last Too long and “get over it” is the mantra amid the clatter of forward >>>progressive>>> motion

  • When i was a child, I used to listen to this song on an old gramophone at my grandfather’s weekend bach – the gramophone was a wind up one, and played old 78 discs…….I wonder who sung the song ?- must have been back in the late 40’s. Perhps I’ll google it. 🙂

  • It appears that what I listened to was the song , sung by by Frank Crumit -couldn’t find a link to the song.