Pennsylvania Bishops Speak Out

Sunday, November 4, AD 2012

On All Saints Day, the bishops of Pennsylania released a statement on the upcoming elections.  Here is the text:

Each year on this day the Catholic Church celebrates “All Saints Day.”  This solemnity remembers those who have fulfilled their earthly vocation and now enjoy eternal happiness in the presence of God.  These saints may be unnamed, but they certainly are not unknown.  Their lives are characterized by steadfast faith and charitable works.  They exemplify what it means to love God and love one’s neighbor.

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7 Responses to Pennsylvania Bishops Speak Out

  • Nice letter. The Bishops are to be commended. Now let them publicly excommunicate the pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage politicians. And yes, with a few exceptions those politicians are Democrat. It is the Democratic Party which is threatening this “democracy” just as it did in the 19th century: today’s abortion is yesterday’s slavery.

  • Wow, really good. As I read this part (wholeheartedly agreeing), I couldn’t help but to think how far we have come. Can you imagine the USCCB/NCCB or any other other association of bishops in the US writing something so sound and so thoroughly Catholic and insightful thirty to forty years ago? We’ve some a long way thanks to the leadership of our last two popes. Deo Gratias.

    Today Catholics face a growing and deeply troubling effort that seeks to extend the reach of government into every aspect of social life. In turn, this generates a demand for exclusive allegiance of individuals and groups to the requirements of the State. This demand denies the primacy of associations that exist prior to the State, such as the family, church or synagogue, and even fraternal and charitable agencies. These groups enjoy a priority both chronologically, in terms of historical development, and practically, inasmuch as they engage the vast majority of activity in our everyday lives.

    As Christians we do owe an appropriate loyalty to the State. We strive to maintain good relations with civil authority. But our primary allegiance must always be to God and to God alone.

  • Good. (The ending could be larger font and bolded for greater impact on attention spans of the anxious.)
    In the Diocese of Springfield, MA, our Bishop wrote a letter to exhort a No vote on Question 2, which asks whether seconal assisted suicide would be something one with a ‘six months to live’ prognosis would find desirable.

    I hope such guiding help for all doesn’t end with the election.

  • Lots and lots and lots of prayers are needed for the next 48 hours and another 24 after that asking for God, Our Father, to sear the consciences of Catholics so that they vote to preserve our Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion in such numbers that the enemy of God can not cheat and steal our Constitutional Rights given to us by our Founding Fathers.

  • I believe it not an exaggeration to say that this battle of worldviews, ideals and beliefs is one of historic proportion. Cardinal Dolan said of the H.H.S. Mandate ; “We did not bring this fight however we will not run from it.”
    The Bishops letters being proclaimed around the parishes this day is a call to HEARTS.
    A formed conscience, that quiet voice inflaming our hearts is our strength and courage to stand fast and defend Liberty.
    Tuesday is landing day on the beachhead.
    Tuesday is our day to reclaim what was given away four years ago.
    Tuesday is our charge with millions of holy souls at our side. Our charge for freedom.

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  • Election results 2012. Catholic Church – 0. Democrat Party – 1.