Paul: Apostle of Christ-A Review

Hollywood, when it goes into the realms of History and Faith, often does justice to neither, getting the History wrong and making a complete hash of the presentation of religious faith on the screen.  I am pleased to report that Paul: Apostle of Christ defies this usual litany of failure.  My review is below, and the usual caveat as to spoilers applies:






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See The Film

I shut down the law mines every Good Friday.  My bride and I and our son went to see Paul:  Apostle of Christ.  A review will appear in the next few days, but I wanted to advise our readers to see this film.  It is the most powerful film I have seen since the Passion of the Christ and it reminded me of why I am a Catholic.  It makes a grand spiritual meditation for the Triduum.  See the film, you will not regret it.