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Good News For Modern Democrats

  One of the more nauseating features of the reelection of the South Side Messiah, is that we will have four more years  of the cult of personality that is promoted by some of Obama’s more deranged acolytes.  A current example is The Gospel According to Apostle Barack by Barbara A. Thompson. The book description

How Weird is the Obama Campaign?

Yeah, as weird as the above video.  This piece of repulsive tripe is the work of the advertising agency, believe it or not, that came up with the Got Milk? ad campaign.  Go here to the Daily Caller for the details.  Obama is losing this election primarily because of the lousy economy, but it doesn’t help him that

When Fake Messiahs Bleed

  There is a great scene in Kipling’s story The Man Who Would Be King.  Two British adventurers take over  a fictional kingdom, with one of them pretending to be a god.  The whole exploit goes pear-shaped when the “god” attempts to marry a local girl.  She belts him and he begins to bleed.  The

10 Differences Between Obama and Jesus

  Matthew Archbold started this meme over at Creative Minority Report, and I am going with it: 10.  Jesus cured the sick and the lame.  Obama is lame. 9.    Jesus walked on water.  Members of the Obama cult think Obama walks on water. 8.    Jesus drove the money changers from the Temple.  Obama squeezes them for

Remember Obama Worship?

This Klavan on the Culture is from October 8, 2009.  What a difference two years have made in the fortunes of Mr. Obama, with his reelect number now down to 41%.  However, as a cautionary tale we should never forget the type of adulation received by this hack politician from Chicago during the election campaign of

Obama Greater Than Jesus

Hattip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air.  Cult, what cult?  The Danish paper Politiken assures us that the South Side Messiah is greater than the real Messiah. He is provocative in insisting on an outstretched hand, where others only see animosity. His tangible results in the short time that he has been active – are