7 Responses to Moving Truck Spotted Outside White House

  • I would rent a truck and help them move out for free. In fact, I’d pay to do this.

  • Wonder what kind of “electronics” are being moved out (or in ) by Quality in Electronic and Office Moving by Moving Masters, Inc.

  • IF the current administration has politicized the intelligence community as rumored, who can Trump trust to sweep the place. Apparently Barry and Michelle, the girls and Valerie Jarrett will be living in an uptown DC mansion. If the younger daughter is still in high school I can understand staying until she graduates….but Valerie Jarrett? Sounds like a command post for the DNC. Please just go away.

  • Off topic…a prayer request for my younger son L.in his early thirties that God willing, he will enroll and attend a four year university this month. He’s been accepted as a transfer student in a three schools with instate scholarship offering the energy engineering major.he has the pre-reqs for. His order brother has offered with no strings attached to use his savings to pay off the younger one’s debts. His father and I and his older brother have heard nothing from him. Today maybe the deadline to fish or cut bait for life altering decision.. Thank you.

  • Just the first of several trucks to remove Obama’s massive ego from the place.

  • Tacky.

    Not to say inaccurate in the least, if anything a bit too on target. As is CAM’s note about sweeping for bugs or “jokes.”

    CAM- done.

  • Foxfier, Thank you.

Your Tax Dollars at Play

Monday, June 20, AD 2016





The Department of Homeland Security is fully on board with the policy of the Obama administration of let’s pretend that Islamic terrorism does not exist:



A new Department of Homeland Security report urges rejecting use of Islamic terms such as “jihad” and “sharia” in programs aimed at countering terrorist radicalization among American youth.

The Homeland Security Advisory Council report recommends that the department focus on American milliennials by allocating up to $100 million in new funding. It also urges greater private sector cooperation, including with Muslim communities, to counter what is described as a “new generation of threats to the Homeland related to the threat of violent extremism.”

The funds would be used for hiring experts and new social media programs and technology to influence young people not to join terror groups.

“The department’s CVE efforts are an attempt to protect our nation’s young people from extremists who prey upon the Millennial generation,” the report says.

“The department must reframe the conversation to reflect this reality and design a robust program around the protection of our youth, which must include predator awareness and an understanding of radicalization. In doing so, our citizens will be better equipped for this threat.”

Under the section on terminology, the report calls for rejecting use of an “us versus them” mentality by shunning Islamic language in “Countering Violent Extremism” programs, or CVE, the Obama administration’s euphemism that seeks to avoid references to Islam.

Under a section on recommended actions on terminology, the report says DHS should “reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English.”

Government agencies should employ “American English instead of religious, legal and cultural terms like ‘jihad,’ ‘sharia,’ ‘takfir’ or ‘umma,’” states the June 2016 report by the Council’s countering violent extremism subcommittee.

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7 Responses to Your Tax Dollars at Play

  • Could you imagine FDR’s administration saying; “We must be sensitive to the Nazis expression of identity and ideology.”
    Words like; anti-Semitism, racial hygiene, Master Race are not appropriate when connected to a national socialist program.

    Not acknowledging who the enemy is and hiding behind a failed political correctness agenda is treason! Obama is a cancer.

  • The Alinskyites are fundamentally transforming America into the Balkans: blood feuds, class war, destitution, dependency, religious warfare.
    Waving the bloody shirt, they exploit increasingly frequent Islamic massacres to attack American Liberties: free speech, the right to bear arms, . . .
    It is almost as bad as Orwell imagined. But, they’re working on it.
    You no longer live in a free country. This is the reason they are intent on confiscating all Americans’ guns.
    Let’s pretend that Obama doesn’t exist. You need to resist in any way you can.

  • This administration isn’t serious about protecting Americans from Islamist terror.
    It doesn’t serve the left’s agendas to do so. As T. Shaw said in his post above,
    dead and maimed Americans become a useful bloody shirt to wave, a
    crisis to exploit.
    The left wants to eliminate the Second Amendment, and each time a mass
    shooting is allowed to happen, gun control gains a bit of traction. Censorship
    and penalizing “hate speech” are made to seem justifiable each time a
    mass shooting is allowed. Increasing government intrusion and surveillance
    of ordinary citizens is made to seem necessary each time a mass shooting
    is allowed. Dead, those folks in Orlando are much more useful to our present
    rulers than they ever were alive. As T. Shaw put it above, they’ve become
    a bloody shirt to wave, a tool to advance an agenda.
    We’ll never see this administration do anything substantive about our wide-
    open borders or our conspicuous lack of screening of our ever-increasing
    flood of ‘refugees’. Agencies like the FBI will continue to be hamstrung by
    idiotic PC measures like the DHS policy described in this Freebeacon article.
    This administration isn’t serious about combating terror at home because
    instances of terror are too useful politically. The Orlando shooter had
    telegraphed his intentions for a very long time, was on several lists as a
    person of interest, and yet he was left alone to kill. The next time this
    administration needs a bloody shirt to wave, it needs only sit on its thumbs
    like it did with Orlando and let another shooter drop another sweet crisis
    in its lap.

  • DHS has got bigger fish to fry –that elusive phantasm called right wing extremism, for example.
    Hey! Just because it doesn’t exist, doesn’t mean they have to stop seeking it out!

  • Our American English is the product of our melting pot or cultural blending – the request not to use foreign words seems like a throwback to some of the nativist and know nothing, isolationist responses of the past.

  • That’s irony

  • “The double think is strong in this report”
    —Darth Orwell

Kneeling Foreign Policy

Wednesday, January 20, AD 2016

The Obama administration, so desperate to preserve the Administration’s surrender deal on Iranian nukes, ignored Iranian mistreatment of American sailors who got lost and wandered into Iranian territorial waters last week.  Jerry Hendrix, a retired USN Captain, explains what this means at National Review Online:
Two thousand years ago, a Roman could wander the known world confident that he would be unmolested by local unruly elements, protected only by the statement “Civis romanus sum,” I am a Roman citizen. His confidence stemmed from a demonstrated assurance that any group that dared attack a Roman would trigger a response in the form of a Roman legion, which would deal swift and brutal justice. Juxtapose this image of a previous world-spanning hegemon with the image of ten American Sailors kneeling on the deck of their own vessel with their hands clasped together over their heads. It is an image of indignity and failure that is accompanied by the smell of rotting power.







President Obama entered office riding a wave that rejected American exceptionalism and aggressive military operations. After eight years in Afghanistan and Iraq, many on the left felt that it was the United States itself, with its aggressive, us-versus-them foreign policies, that presented the strongest threat to world peace, and the Obama foreign policy, from its earliest bows to foreign leaders to its “reset” with Russia and opening of Iran and Cuba, has been all about presenting a more modest America. The seriously flawed negotiations with Iran to cease the development of nuclear weapons is just the latest and perhaps most egregious example of the effort to “normalize” the United States’ role in the world.
This is where we find ourselves today, kneeling on the world’s stage, with our hands clasped over our heads, all the while trying to convince ourselves that this new position demonstrates our strength and earns respect. Civis americanus sum, I am an American citizen. Let the molesting begin.

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18 Responses to Kneeling Foreign Policy

  • I would suggest that “giving” billions to our self-acknowledged executioner (Iran/radical Islam) is merely another form of paying “Tribute Money”. There are many ways to kneel in compliance with the wishes of your conqueror.

  • Is that what happened? “Got lost and wandered”?

  • President Nina-Burleigh’s-Knee-Pads. Truth be told, Obama’s attitudes are bog standard among metropolitan bourgeois in verbalizing occupations. The problem is that people in such occupations influence policy and the broad mass of Democratic voters put up with them in cud chewing indifference.

    got lost and wandered into Iranian territorial waters last week.

    Non ci credo. Self-identified Navy veterans who have appeared in fora I participate in insist that the portfolio of technologies and Navy practice make that claim unbelievable. I would not put it past this Administration to concoct a cover story to avoid having to respond to a kidnapping of our sailors by the Iranian military. The whole fan dance with Iran is treason in a functional sense (if not according to the legal term-of-art). The sheer accumulation of malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance engaged in by this Administration has been so severe that it would be perfectly appropriate to make Obama’s retirement as uncomfortable as possible in justified retaliation.

  • It is possible that they got lost while the Iranians were jamming their GPS and other tech. However, I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Iranians plucked them out of international waters, a clear act of war. If we had a media worth anything they would find out what happened from the released sailors.

  • “War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery.” Orwell

    Unbelievable as this is: the cover-up is worse than the Navy fiasco and the massive slap to the US’s prestige. This is why the tangos don’t think twice about massacring Americans.
    This is world-class dishonesty and stupidity. The narcissistic nihilists ruining America show their utter contempt for we the people and the nation with their asinine lies. To them, we serfs have no right to know what happened; or what they are doing to us and to our country

  • Trust is a horrible trait to lose, for it then causes one to see conspiracy and deceit in all things untrustworthy. I wouldn’t put it past the Obama’s and Kerry’s to have helped manufacture all this.

  • If we had a media worth anything they would find out what happened from the released sailors.

    Oh, I’m sure the entire incident has been classified and that they’re under orders not to disclose anything.

  • It does seem incredibly unlikely that they “got lost.”
    The secret-not-secret suggestion that they were spying is also improbable– unless they were “spying” on someone Iran isn’t supposed to be helping, but was.
    Russia has been doing a lot of pissing contest stuff; guess Iran decided to join.

  • If we had a media worth anything they would find out what happened from the released sailors.

    Some of them could just ask the administration officials to which they are married. The rest of them are devoting their time to whatever is this year’s equivalent of Sarah Palin’s e-mails and Mitt Romney’s long-haired high-school classmates.

  • ‘Cud chewing indifference’ is the stock in trade for headline and news casters due to upper on to upper mgmt., each with its own flyswatter. This week’s pick is that today is going to feel ‘more colder’, the ongoing channel changer is the use ‘if’ in place of ‘whether’.

    Life and death? – vehicle pile-ups and house fires with video.

  • Patricia.

    Agreed on the non essential news networks.

    Jan. 22nd blurb; “and today a handful of bigots marched in Washington to harass and discourage the right to women’s health.”

    That’s IF they even mention the 42nd Right To Life March…
    The evil will be overcome.
    As the media prepares its slants and spins, I’m reminded of the hymn of old. The one that fits perfectly for the souls braving the cold……”Oh when the Saints…come marching in….oh when the Saints come marching in …”

  • Can you imagine another 4 years of this nightmare under Sanders or Hillary?

  • The Why and How of the Navy-Iran incident probably is classified.
    My conspiracy theory: A manufactured situation for propaganda purposes which gave Kerry a chance to shine because of his “personal relationship” with Zarif and superb negotiating skills. It also proved that good things are happening because of the Nuclear Deal with Iran. Something for the Obama legacy and for Kerry to look presidential in case Hilary tanks in the polls or goes to jail.
    In my mind there is nothing those two could do to rehabilitate themselves.

  • Yes. Quite easily.

  • “Can you imagine…..”

    The rise of a loudmouth billionaire is due to the fact that MANY can’t imagine another four years of larceny on a grand scale.

    Remember ACORN! “I’ve voted five times fur dat black president.”


  • Not with a bang but a whimper.

  • Actually, I was considering the parallels in executive response between the Ben-Ghazi affair and with the (aptly-named) Farsi Island capture; if the latter is not actually a complicated, set-up (hat-tip to CAM) to make Obama, Kerry, and the new-found relationship with the Iranians look good, then:

    1. In both situations, a robust anti-US military operation catches the Great Leader and his Secretary of State flat-footed.
    2. In both situations, The Great Leader avoids any involvement, and lets the Secretary of State skillfully manage the matter.
    3. In both situations, American lives are exposed to imminent and serious threat of capture or far worse. Our enemies are allowed to do as they please with our personnel.
    4. Both in Ben-Ghazi and Farsi Island, there is absolutely no US military response, but complete abandonment of our personnel to foreign powers, and we look like a paper-tiger.
    5. In both, the respective Secretaries of State pretend to pretensious management of matters but in fact look like total baboons.
    6. After each incident, utterly unbelievable stories are floated about how others are to blame for heated rhetoric, but the Great Leader’s administration handled matters with self-acclaimed aplomb.
    7. And, again, in both, the Great Leader emerges without a scratch.

    In fact, where was the Great Leader, in both situations? Sleeping again, in prep for his next fund-raiser?

  • Steve Phoenix.

    Exceptional synopsis.

Laws are for Republicans

Monday, April 6, AD 2015


One of the advantages of age is that it usually does give one a bit of perspective.  I lived through the Watergate Scandal as a young teenager and was appalled by it.  Forty years on it does appear like small potatoes thanks to our current administration.  Kevin Williamson at National Review Online gives us the details:

Richard Nixon was a snake who understood himself as such but had sufficient vestigial conscience to be ashamed of his snakery. When Tricky Dick wanted to spread a nasty rumor about a political rival, he insisted on a few degrees of separation between the deed and himself; when Harry Reid wants to spread lies about someone, he does so from the Senate floor and then laughs about it. In Nixon’s time, the political misuse of the IRS was considered a serious crime; today, it happens quite in the open without consequence. When Nixon insisted that his attorney general violate his official responsibilities for political reasons, Elliott Richardson understood what duty required, and resigned; Eric Holder, by way of comparison — suffice it to say that he understands his duty somewhat differently. Plus ça change: The worst interpretation of the Iran-contra affair was that senior figures in the Reagan administration, conspiring in secrecy, negotiated the sale of arms to the Iranians in order to secure the release of Americans being held hostage by Hezbollah, using the profits from that exchange to aid those fighting against the murderous Soviet proxy in Nicaragua. Sneaky and illegal but intended to secure real American national-security interests — surely, somewhere in the penumbras of the federal government, there is a black-budget agency chief who has approximately that as a job description. The Democrats howled about the sale of those anti-tank missiles to Tehran, of course, and one of the loudest howlers was John Kerry — who has just signed off on a deal delivering Tehran a nuclear weapon in a blue Tiffany box. Exactly what vital national-security interest that secures remains a mystery. 

Plus ça change: The worst interpretation of the Iran-contra affair was that senior figures in the Reagan administration, conspiring in secrecy, negotiated the sale of arms to the Iranians in order to secure the release of Americans being held hostage by Hezbollah, using the profits from that exchange to aid those fighting against the murderous Soviet proxy in Nicaragua. Sneaky and illegal but intended to secure real American national-security interests — surely, somewhere in the penumbras of the federal government, there is a black-budget agency chief who has approximately that as a job description. The Democrats howled about the sale of those anti-tank missiles to Tehran, of course, and one of the loudest howlers was John Kerry — who has just signed off on a deal delivering Tehran a nuclear weapon in a blue Tiffany box. Exactly what vital national-security interest that secures remains a mystery. 

Nixon complained that he could not get a break from the liberal press, that the Washington Post and the New York Times would go after him no matter what, that journalism had been replaced by vendetta. In 2015, when mobs threatened to descend upon a nonconformist pizzeria and burn it to the ground, the so-called liberals in the media cheered for the arsonists and argued that a business being threatened with violence for the unpopular political opinions of its owners is only getting “exactly what it deserved.”

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20 Responses to Laws are for Republicans

  • The mob is getting desperate. If they can’t scare people into shutting up, they’ll lose their power.

    Is a dangerous time.

  • Not sure what is more contemptible, contempt for the rule of law or lawmakers failing to hold the law breakers accountable. Where’s the opposition? Forget opposition. Just stand up and defend the Constitution and the law of the land.

  • The phrase, “exactly what it deserves,” echoes on and on. What do we deserve? We the People…

    I’m grateful my father isn’t alive in this time period. He wouldn’t believe the evil being portrayed as “lifestyle choice,” and worse, the sodomy pill being swallowed by so many.

    Exactly what WE deserve and nuclear freedom for haters of America. Humm.. bring the marshmallows!

  • This infection of liberalism has spread far and wide, and only radical surgery can excise it.

  • This “vale of tears” ought not to be further despoiled by the ordaining of perjury in the public domain. The validation of perjury must not be imposed by law on the sovereignty of the person who constitutes the government. The sodomizer lies to his sperm and wants his lie to this sperm validated by the courts. The lesbian lies to her ovum. The politician lies to his constituents.
    No florist, cake baker or photographer must, by the force of law, be coerced under penalty of fines and strictures, to contract business with a person who lies and boasts about it. Mob rule is orchestrated by Satan, the Great Liar, that is, like Harry Reid.
    The loss of integrity and conscience defrauds constituents who tell the truth. Constituents of integrity and conscience who tell the truth are being disenfranchised of their right to the truth and left without representation. Taxpayers of integrity and conscience who fund the government are being taxed without representation.

  • “radical surgery..”

    Radical surgery is in the forecast for Israel if an agreement is signed by Chief Muslim Barack. Inspectors to freely check on operation if agreement is made and production gets underway.
    Paul. This is your backyard. Any feelings on this deal? Israel doomed?

  • ( backyard ) meaning your area of expertise. Nuclear energy.

  • Iran will have nuclear weaponry in a matter of a year or two. Civilian nuclear power is a cover for continued use of indigenous centrifuge enrichment of U-235. Fuel for light water reactors is enriched to 90%. Iran does not need continued centrifuge use for electricity production because it has enough < 5% enriched fuel for years. So why keep centrifuges unless weapons enrichment is the goal?
    No, Israel not doomed. She has nukes. And God will not forsake His Chosen People even if they have erred. After all, He hasn't forsaken us.

  • Change my statement. Light water reactor fuel is enriched to less than 5%. Weapons > 90%. Hate cell phone texting.

  • Thank you Paul and Philip. Did I wish you a Happy Easter? If not Happy Easter.
    “And God will not forsake His Chosen People even if they have erred. After all, He hasn’t forsaken us.”

  • Thank you Paul. A cover story! Obama will go down in history as infamously as Adolph Hitler.

    Happy Eastertide Mary and Paul.
    God’s choicest Blessings to you both.

  • Guilty until not poven. Bring forth the instruments of torture . . .
    Inquisitors’ instructions example: “You are to promise them favor and pardon if they confess the truth, but if not, you are to acquaint them that they will be condemned to death.”

  • Kyle Miller- “Not sure what is more contemptible, contempt for the rule of law or lawmakers failing to hold the law breakers accountable” I agree with you Kyle, and I will point out that both Are contempt for the law. The contemptible lawbreakers and their contemptible supposed overseers are showing contempt for us!

  • Go here to read the rest. Perhaps the deadliest legacy of the current administration is the contempt it constantly displays for the rule of law. In the eyes of the Obama administration the rule of law is for their adversaries to observe, not them.

    What amazes me is what the trio of Lerner, Shulman, and Koskinen have gotten away with thus far. You realize that the Watergate scandal took place on a 26 month timeline. We’re now at month 22 with the IRS mess and we have no clue who at the White House was responsible even though we’ve known for two years that, in contrast to his predecessor, Douglas Shulman was spending oodles of time there (which he had the audacity to attribute to the White House Easter Egg roll, etc). The indifference of all elements of the Democratic Party to the whole business makes it plain that the entire Washington Democratic establishment (including the press and the commentariat from academe) are essentially a claque of crooks and con men. If you’ve been following some of the activities of the Democratic ‘deep state’ in Wisconsin, you know that’s true in certain state capitals.

  • Rule of Law means we rule regardless of law. Above the Law! That incorrect explanation of rule of law, is what is found in the Liberal schmucks that disregard the Peoples votes, and Judiciary over-reach circumvents the will of the majority. Hillary should now be used as a verb..meaning; to cheat. to lie or manipulate. to falsely give testimony and deceive.
    Example in a sentence; “The President was caught Hillarying agian when Iran launched three ICBM’s yesterday.”

    Paul W. Primavera is right.

    It’s going to take radical surgery.

  • I suspect that there will come a time when the Silent Majority will say enough. Enough to unenforced immigration laws, enough to excessive taxation, spending, regulation and enforcement of evil laws, rules and regulations. Enough of one put-upon group after another – blacks, homosexuals, radical feminists, radical enviornmentalists. Enough of Common Core. Enough of an imperial judiciary. Enough of political correctness. Enough of a Senate that governs like a House of Lords. Enough of voter fraud. Enough of abortion being shoved down our throats. Enough.

    It could be Texas telling Washington, DC that the Civil War and the Constitution notwithstanding (certainly Washington ignores the Constitution), “Enough! You go to hell!” and having Oklahoma, Louisiana, and other states join in. It could be business owners going Galt and refusing to produce in the United States anymore. It could be a new Constitution ratified by enough states that cuts Washington, DC out of the picture in its entirety. It could be an armed insurrection.

    Watergate was NOTHING compared to the stunts FDR pulled and tried to pull. Clinton sold secrets from Los Alamos. He sold coffee klatsches at the White House. He sold rides on Air Force One. He was accused of rape more than once and the media attacked his accusers. Hillary is nasty and a failure at anything she has tried to do.

    Obumbler and his supporters deserve each other in their own special hell.

    The media cares not a bit about any of that stuff.

  • Penguins Fan.


  • Paul, respectfully I wouldn’t call the state of Israel God’s Chosen People. I’m no Isreal basher, but that particular nation state is not the same thing as the Jewish people in general and indeed the Jews are not the principle chosen people, Christians are.

  • Watergate was NOTHING compared to the stunts FDR pulled and tried to pull.

    Yep, and these guys wouldn’t be pulling so many stunts if they were getting desperate.
    We’ve got to be smart about it, but we can do this. 😀

  • Yes Paul “And God will not forsake His Chosen People even if they have erred. After all, He hasn’t forsaken us.”
    True true– He will never forsake the Jews and He hasn’t forsaken us. People unknowing act in God’s loving plan — .
    Whether or not the state of Israel claimed to be a fulfillment of prophecy–It is part of God’s work to save us all. He even works through tragedy. God in HIs Divine Providence rules, as they say with order and purpose..
    Isaiah 14:26 This is the plan that is planned
    concerning the whole earth;
    and this is the hand that is stretched out
    over all the nations.
    27 For the Lord of hosts has planned,
    and who will annul it?
    His hand is stretched out,
    and who will turn it back?

The Old Issue

Thursday, November 20, AD 2014


“Here is nothing new nor aught unproven,” say the Trumpets,
“Many feet have worn it and the road is old indeed.
“It is the King—the King we schooled aforetime !”
(Trumpets in the marshes—in the eyot at Runnymede!)

“Here is neither haste, nor hate, nor anger,” peal the Trumpets,
“Pardon for his penitence or pity for his fall.
“It is the King!”—inexorable Trumpets—
(Trumpets round the scaffold at the dawning by Whitehall!)

.     .     .     .     .

“He hath veiled the Crown and hid the Sceptre,” warn the Trumpets,
“He hath changed the fashion of the lies that cloak his will.
“Hard die the Kings—ah hard—dooms hard!” declare the Trumpets,
Trumpets at the gang-plank where the brawling troop-decks fill!

Ancient and Unteachable, abide—abide the Trumpets!
Once again the Trumpets, for the shuddering ground-swell brings
Clamour over ocean of the harsh, pursuing Trumpets—
Trumpets of the Vanguard that have sworn no truce with Kings!

All we have of freedom, all we use or know—
This our fathers bought for us long and long ago.

Ancient Right unnoticed as the breath we draw—
Leave to live by no man’s leave, underneath the Law.

Lance and torch and tumult, steel and grey-goose wing
Wrenched it, inch and ell and all, slowly from the King.

Till our fathers ‘stablished, after bloody years,
How our King is one with us, first among his peers.

So they bought us freedom—not at little cost
Wherefore must we watch the King, lest our gain be lost,

Over all things certain, this is sure indeed,
Suffer not the old King: for we know the breed.

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15 Responses to The Old Issue

  • I cannot remember a President doing so much damage as this guy is doing.

  • People rather like a king.

    As Walter Bagehot explains, “The best reason why Monarchy is a strong government is, that it is
    an intelligible government. The mass of mankind understand it, and they
    hardly anywhere in the world understand any other. It is often said that
    men are ruled by their imaginations; but it would be truer to say they are
    governed by the weakness of their imaginations. The nature of a constitution,
    the action of an assembly, the play of parties, the unseen formation
    of a guiding opinion, are complex facts, difficult to know, and easy
    to mistake. But the action of a single will, the fiat of a single mind, are
    easy ideas: anybody can make them out, and no one can ever forget
    them. When you put before the mass of mankind the question, “Will you
    be governed by a king, or will you be governed by a constitution?” the
    inquiry comes out thus — “Will you be governed in a way you understand,
    or will you be governed in a way you do not understand?” The
    issue was put to the French people; they were asked, “Will you be governed
    by Louis Napoleon, or will you be governed by an assembly?”
    The French people said, “We will be governed by the one man we can
    imagine, and not by the many people we cannot imagine.””

  • “The issue was put to the French people; they were asked, “Will you be governed by Louis Napoleon, or will you be governed by an assembly?” The French people said, “We will be governed by the one man we can imagine, and not by the many people we cannot imagine.””

    You have got to be kidding MPS. That plebiscite was a complete fraud, and no wonder. At least Napoleon I had military skill, which Napoleon III completely lacked.

    Marx, for once, was right on the money with Napoleon the Sawdust Caesar:

    “Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce. Caussidière for Danton, Louis Blanc for Robespierre, the Montagne of 1848 to 1851 for the Montagne of 1793 to 1795, the nephew for the uncle. And the same caricature occurs in the circumstances of the second edition of the Eighteenth Brumaire.”

  • Let’s put this crap in numerate perspective. The numbers of illegals they won’t (cannot deport 5,000,000, in any case) send packing is greater than the numbers of jobs “created” since this rodent began tearing apart the nation in 2009.

    The so-called executive order is bu!!$#!+ and GOP-baiting. (Orwell) “Politics are essentially coercion and deceit.” Pay back taxes! Don’t make me laugh . . . Register? Not receive medicaid, public schools, welfare? Like Gruber, this useless, inexperienced dolt thinks we are effing idiots.

  • ” He shall break his judges if they cross his word;
    He shall rule above the Law calling on the Lord.

    He shall peep and mutter; and the night shall bring
    Watchers ‘neath our window, lest we mock the King—

    Hate and all division; hosts of hurrying spies;
    Money poured in secret, carrion breeding flies.

    Strangers of his counsel, hirelings of his pay,
    These shall deal our Justice: sell—deny—delay.

    We shall drink dishonour, we shall eat abuse
    For the Land we look to—for the Tongue we use.

    We shall take our station, dirt beneath his feet,
    While his hired captains jeer us in the street.

    Cruel in the shadow, crafty in the sun,
    Far beyond his borders shall his teachings run. ”

    In a land where the right to abomination and injustice is promulgated, such as a mother killing her baby, or forbidding innocence in the name of education and advertising, or behaving like bullies, or using the sound of gunfire as music on car sound systems, or denying the existence of or reference to something out of this world, it is good to remember what the coming Sunday celebrates.

  • Barack Hussein Obama gave a rather good speech that will appeal to all liberal progressives and social justice Katholycks. The examples he used were heart-rendering. He even twisted around the Scripture passage about welcoming the stranger to justify overruling Constitutional process. I could not help but think that the Devil knows Scripture, too, so why not his spawn? This man lifts his face up against both Constitution and Scripture. The example of King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel chapter 4 comes to mind.
    I have always liked the first part of Cicero’s speech against Catiline recently used so eloquently by Senator Cruz. I quoted it to my father during the Watergate scandals some 40 plus years ago when as a high school student I was translating Cicero for the first time. My dad was a country boy with only an 8th grade education and unlike his son, had no knowledge of Latin or Greek, Calculus or Physics, but he remained ever wiser that his son and he saw immediately the parallel with modern politics. Perhaps because he read his Bible nightly and devoutly prayed with ever greater frequency as he aged, he was able to see things that today’s American citizenry cannot see.
    Quo usque tandem abutere, Catilina, patientia nostra? quam diu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet? quem ad finem sese effrenata iactabit audacia? Nihilne te nocturnum praesidium Palati, nihil urbis vigiliae, nihil timor populi, nihil concursus bonorum omnium, nihil hic munitissimus habendi senatus locus, nihil horum ora voltusque moverunt? Patere tua consilia non sentis, constrictam iam horum omnium scientia teneri coniurationem tuam non vides? Quid proxima, quid superiore nocte egeris, ubi fueris, quos convocaveris, quid consilii ceperis, quem nostrum ignorare arbitraris?
    O tempora, o mores! Senatus haec intellegit. Consul videt; hic tamen vivit. Vivit? immo vero etiam in senatum venit, fit publici consilii particeps, notat et designat oculis ad caedem unum quemque nostrum. Nos autem fortes viri satis facere rei publicae videmur, si istius furorem ac tela vitemus. Ad mortem te, Catilina, duci iussu consulis iam pridem oportebat, in te conferri pestem, quam tu in nos [omnes iam diu] machinaris.

  • a king is one thing, a tyrant is another.

  • Paul W. Primavera.

    I like your fathers wisdom.
    He in turn would say how pleasing and proud he is to have a son like you.
    Blessings Paul.

  • As Walter Bagehot explains, “The best reason why Monarchy is a strong government is, that it is an intelligible government. The mass of mankind understand it,

    Somehow, MPS, we’ve managed with republican institutions in this country for 400-odd years, Walter Bagehot’s wisdom notwithstanding. Come to think of it, they’ve managed in Canada and in the Antipodes with parliamentary institutions with regard to which the monarch treads very lightly.

    If people fancy a monarchy, it’s because Elizabeth manifests so many virtues (and leaves the expression of political viewpoints to confidential discussions with the prime minister).

  • You have got to be kidding MPS. That plebiscite was a complete fraud,

    One might remark also that European publics keep passing up opportunities to restore monarchies (Roumania, Bulgaria, and Serbia being the most recent examples), in spite of the congenial quality of the political life in those countries which have them.

  • “I cannot remember a President doing so much damage as this guy is doing.”

    I am convinced that every bit if it is on purpose.

  • “Let’s put this crap in numerate perspective. The numbers of illegals they won’t (cannot deport 5,000,000, in any case) send packing is greater than the numbers of jobs “created” since this rodent began tearing apart the nation in 2009.”

    These illegals have limited places they can go in our societies. 1. Crime, courts, jails, etc. 2. Low paying jobs bringing the wages even lower for Americans and those who have come here legally. 3. Public schools, hospitals, colleges, universities, nonprofits, etc adding an additional pull on already overloaded systems 4. Highly skilled jobs that would have been taken by Americans and/or other legal immigrants 5. Democrat party voters to keep their subsidies coming 6. Government jobs/contract which recruit/mandate employment of/contractual work of/to minorities before white males.

    “The so-called executive order is bu!!$#!…” “Pay back taxes! Don’t make me laugh . . . Register? Not receive medicaid, public schools, welfare? Like Gruber, this useless, inexperienced dolt thinks we are effing idiots.”

    I agree in part. He is inexperienced in what matters. He knows that whole entire demographic of the US population are effing idiots. He also knows that he will get completely away with this because those in charge of the RNC are “effing idiots” who don’t care what the truth is or what damage is done as long as they can push their liberal leaning agenda through The Republican party. He is also taking steps to destroy our economy, national sovereignty, & constitutional republic–with malice and forethought. He knows exactly what he is doing & is acting on purpose.

  • Refuse the illegal invaders citizenship. There, they cannot VOTE, apply for benefits, etc. etc.

  • “Refuse the illegal invaders citizenship. There, they cannot VOTE, apply for benefits, etc. etc.”

    Technically, they cannot vote or apply for benefits.

    In reality they vote & receive govt benefits with predictable regularity. II have had personal experience in ministering to illegals here in our state through the church, and in this state they are given benefits no matter what anyone says. I have also worked in elections over the last several decades & can guarantee that voter fraud takes place regularly in this state–though Iniave never witnessed an illegal being allowed to vote. Also, the following link is relevant to the topic of illegals being allowed to vote:


  • Refugees from tyranny or escapees from responsibility to grow their nation into a Republic? Abortion has decimated our population of innocent individuals who bring Justice. These illegal deserters from the work of patriotism and education take the form of victims, but, in reality, they are deserters from civilization, refusing to build their own country into Republics of freedom, civil rights, love of neighbor and/or acknowledging the sovereign person.
    These illegal refugees are abandoning their neighbors in need, deserting their work to establish the civil rights and freedom for their state, and refusing to acknowledge “their Creator”. The illegal immigrants come to America as though Americans are the only human beings created and endowed with unalienable rights. The illegal immigrants have the same gifts and unalienable rights as Americans. The illegal immigrants come here to absorb our prosperity wanting to give nothing in return.
    It is not amnesty, until they have earned amnesty. It cannot be diplomatic immunity because they have not been invited as diplomats or welcomed as refugees. They can only be described as illegal invaders, mercenaries and potential trouble makers as Barbara Gordon has explained.

What Islamic Terrorism?

Saturday, August 30, AD 2014

10 Responses to What Islamic Terrorism?

  • The roo’s are in cahoots with the wallabies.

  • Eric Holder tried to say at one point in the video that he did not want to insult any religion – any religion that is except the orthodox Catholic Christian faith. And at several points he tried to say or imply that radical Islam does not reflect what Islam really teaches, which is demonstrably not true. The Koran commands its followers to lie to non-Islamics, and even to subject to dhimmitude or death Jews and Christians. How Eric Holder can be so deluded after the execution of that American reporter recently is beyond understanding. Indeed, I doubt that he or anyone else in the Administration is deluded. Rather, they ARE the enemy just as radical Islam is the enemy.

  • The appointments by this administration and national security risks are obscene.
    It gives fuel to Paul Primavera’s conclusion. This administration is evil.
    Anti-Christian is putting it mildly.
    Anti- Liberty is suitable.

    Let’s work hard to open the boarders for Islamic terrorist. Then the administration has accomplished what it has set out to do. Bring America to it’s knees.

  • If the government of America would pigeon hole Islam, all of Islam, not just “Radical Islam”, as a political ideology, and not at all as a religion, it would be more effective in battling this enemy, and it would be more truthful. Much like Nazism, or Communism, Islam is a political system bent on world domination. If it has no recognition as a religion, Islam will have no religious liberty rights under the Constitution. Their mosques seen as only meeting places for their version of Communist cell meetings. Once they are condemned as followers of a political system which seeks the destruction of America, Muslims will be much easier to combat and defeat at least within American borders.

  • James,
    What you quite rightly recommend as the proper and correct treatment of Islam in America is what the Administration of Barack Hussein Obama is doing (or trying to do) with orthodox Christianity, whether Bible-believing Evangelical and Pentecostal Christians who oppose homosexual marriage and abortion or traditional-minded Roman Catholics of the same persuasion. Barack Hussein Obama and his minions from hell treat real Christians (not the faux Christians of the social justice variety) with contempt and disdain, and extoll and laud the false religion of Islam.
    I do not advocate a Crusade, but if things continue as they are continuing, then the response of Mattathias and the Maccabean brothers may sadly be the only viable response left. I do NOT want that and I pray it comes not to pass, but we face the twin threats of godless liberal progressivism on the one side and radical militant Islam on the other. Satan often attacks with a two-prong strategy just as he did in the 16th century with the Protestant rebellion on the one side and the Ottoman Turks on the other.
    Pray for the conversion of that evil and reprobate gangster sitting in the Oval Office and his wife Jezebel.
    PS, I met a Deacon when out to the left coast during the past four weeks for my new “neutrons ‘R us” job. He had a previous blog entry about how wonderful it was to swim in Democratic waters when the swimming pool at his gym was visited by the Obama children. I was utterly ashamed and disgusted – not at the children for they are innocent – but at his reveling in being in Democratic waters. Why does a cleric brag about being a Democrat when that Party legitimatizes the murder of unborn children, sanctifies the filth of homosexual relations, and equivocates an evil religion like Islam with the truth of Christianity? The Church Herself is infected with this pernicious cancer called liberal progressivism. Attitudes like this are the reason why we lack the courage to face down radical Islam. We have no moral strength.

  • From James’ excellent post above: ” . . .seeks the destruction of America . . . ”

    James, in five words, provides all you need to know re: Obama, Holder, ISIS, Dem traitors.

    These quislings don’t perceive Islamic murderers as threats. Killers like Fort Hood, massacre-artist (work place violence!) Major Hasan are allies with ISIS, Obama, Holder, et al.

  • Rush Limbuagh put it best. Obama and Holder are the same. Obama holds the Catholic Church in contempt. He is open about it. Democrats who call themselves Catholic do not care. The USCCB will want to “dialouge”.

    Prayers for strength are needed. Catholics helped to elect Obama to ever office he has held.

  • Didn’t Obama lump all his opponents thusly:

    “And it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or … or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations,” Obama said.

    Holder on the other hand, lumps all Obama opponents as racists who hate a black President.

    Failing to list radical Islam theology as a threat to the US simply has to be a deliberate attempt to avoid that subject.

  • “They include anti-government militia groups and white supremacy extremists, along with “sovereign citizen” nationalists, and anarchists.”
    “sovereign citizens” constitute the state, the nation, the United States of America with their sovereign personhood.
    More proof that Obama and Holder are traitors.

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George Orwell Was Only Thirty Years Off

Tuesday, August 26, AD 2014

21 Responses to George Orwell Was Only Thirty Years Off

  • This tripe is enough to make one perpetually nauseated. So when good God fearing people stand up for truth we can expect them being punished, possibly incarcerated. Am I reading too much into this?

    When the thought police come breaking down the door know that you too are living in the days of early Christianity.
    Giving witness may be deadly, and so be it. They can kill the body, however they will not enslave our soul.


    You decide.

    I’m smelling the fear of twisted individuals that would even dare take this Orwellian step. The black boots and brown shirts are becoming the fashion once agian.

    Pray we will be courageous in the upcoming cleansing. Viva Christo Rey!

  • I am certain this blog is listed therein. That should be a badge of honor.

  • Well, this sounds almost like the government giving a grant to the SPLC. At least Big Brother is being privatized. For now.

  • The National Science Foundation is one of those agencies of the federal executive that has scarcely any legitimate function. It’s very difficult to believe that scientific research benefits from central co-ordination and control (see Prof. Phillip Johnson on how that can distort and disfigure the research process) or that federal funding can be more than an incremental benefit given private philanthropy and the two hundred or so state research universities there are to be had in this country. If a succeeding Republican administration is smart, the polar programs office will be fished out and the rest of that federal patronage mill will be shut down. Rent seekers in the academic community will be handed the address of their state capitol and told to skidoo.

  • I stupidly took a survey on the phone. I was told that I would be identified by my phone number but I could not be tracked otherwise. HMMM never heard of the White Pages? The survery was about mental health. The last question which I refused to answer (then she hung up) was if I believed in homosexuals. (If I did not, I would be diagnosed with mental illness.) Of course, I believe in homosexuals. I also believe that sodomy is a sin, a crime and assault and battery of the partner, assault and battery to which one cannot consent in good will. Sodomy is also the practice of atheism in denying the partner’s immortal human soul. It appears to be an all out witch hunt for orthodox Christians. Hitler put all the people who disagreed with him ploitically in mental institutions before Hitler murdered them.

  • Atheism is unconstitutional. Atheism “prohibits the free exercise thereof.”

  • Mary, atheism is not per se unconstitutional. Remember, the 1st amendment restrains the government, not a doctrine.

    You would be right, however, if atheists win their side of the church-state debate. There is a simple way out: declare atheism to be a belief system (a ‘religion’) for 1st amendment purposes. There is already a legal precedent regarding atheists claiming conscientious objection to military service. If atheism were constitutionally a religion it could not become ‘established’. You should note that militant atheists do fight this idea because they know exactly where it will lead. They insist that all religions are deistic by definition so they may have the freedom to play their games to bypass the Constitution and obtain the establishment of their faith as the state religion.

  • Mary, I never answer surveys. The questions are usually designed to obtain foreordained results. They are the main tool by which our human engineers seek to manipulate and control public opinion. Newscast spinners need them. One way we can save democracy is to subvert opinion polls. This is of course tongue-in-cheek, but just a little.

  • One exception: I answer some online surveys if I think the results could be used against us if they go the ‘wrong’ way.

  • Mary De Voe wrote; “The survey was about mental health. The last question which I refused to answer (then she hung up) was if I believed in homosexuals.”

    This is important. This idea of hate towards a segment of society is non tolerant of those who don’t hate the sinner, but hate the actions of the sinner.
    To them it is one in the same.
    The sinner and the sin is indistinguishable.
    To the believer the sinner is worthy of forgiveness if he truly is sorry for his sin, and strives to sin no more.

    The opposition to truth tells a different story.
    If the interviewed is opposed to homosexuality then they are defective in thought. The homosexuals are incapable of sin, thus to be opposed to their activity is to be opposed to them, the person.

    The interviewed could be looked at as a hate monger.

    Mary De Voe. Your an apostle in these times. The times of Mary’s Triumphant Heart in mankind. The times spoken of by the likes of St. Louis De Montfort.

  • We should be very very careful with such phone calls, particularly if we own a business, precisely because the “interviewed could be looked at as a hate monger”. See http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/catholic-couple-fined-13000-for-refusing-to-host-same-sex-wedding-at-their

    I’m all for standing up to these bullies, but I’d rather they come to me, and I don’t want to give away any advantages I might have.

  • TomD.
    Fear God!
    Fear nothing that can ONLY take possession or security. For what is life outside of Christ? Things?
    Instead our security is in possession of the giver of life, and in Him we have the riches and freedoms that fashionable transitory cultures of the day can only dream of attaining, yet never hold as long as they separate themselves from Truth.

    I fear no homosexuals.

  • I fear losing to them. I fear that I will make tactical mistakes that might hurt all of us. I agree with you, and I hope you understand.

  • misinformation on twitter? Are they sure $1 million will be enough?!?!

  • if I believed in homosexuals.

    Of course I do – they seem to be all over the place.

  • TomD.

    I do understand.
    The greatest conquests are those within the heart. Conversions.
    The death on the cross was victory.
    The death of St. Maximilian Kolbe at the hand of the Nazis was victory.
    The death of the Holy Martyrs was victory.

    The faith that is rooted in Christ will not fail. The tactical mistakes won’t hurt us because your core is rooted in Him who you love and serve, thence fear not of mistakes not yet made, and rejoice in your profession and mission. This time in history God knew in advance that you would be here, attending to his affairs.
    What an honor!

    Go in Peace.

  • Tom D. Philip, c matt: Thank you for the moral support. I feel like I have been “had” and I have been had. Good to have our Lord to give it all to Him.
    Now some definitions: Religion is man’s response to the gift of Faith from God, speaking, writing, and praying in peaceable assembly and actually living for God, from God.
    Atheism is a system of beliefs, taken under the penumbra, an umbrella invented by the Supreme Court of the First Amendment as religion. While religion is a belief in God, atheism is a belief, a free will choice to ignore and abandon God and religion. Atheism is a system of beliefs. The atheist uses his God-given free will to reject God. The atheist uses the First Amendment to impose his free will choice of denying God on all persons. The atheist usurps the free citizens’ choice about his relationship with the Supreme Sovereign Person of God. The problem with denying God to all persons is that in denying the immortal human soul immediately infused at the fertilization of the human egg by the human sperm, the atheist denies all endowed unalienable human rights, unalienable by an infinite God, the Supreme Sovereign Being.
    The atheist believes that the soul does not exist or dies with the person, leaving reward and punishment, the consequences for behavior non-existent and among these is capital punishment, the temporal punishment for homicide, the assault and battery of sodomy. Literally the atheist denies the state the authority given the state by God. Inflicting chaos and eradicating all unalienable human rights, except those human rights the atheist allows, (totalitarianism, despotism, communism and all other isms contrary to freedom) Atheism is not statesmanship, patriotism or good will for the common good.
    The Constitution does not contradict itself. The Preamble is the unchangeable purpose of the Constitution. Any change in the articles or amendments must be ratified by three quarters of the states as the Constitution was ratified by all of the United States in 1788.
    The inimical tenets of atheism are irreconcilable with freedom, denying the immortal human souls and “their Creator”. from the Declaration of Independence.

  • “Mary, atheism is not per se unconstitutional. Remember, the 1st amendment restrains the government, not a doctrine.”
    Atheism IS unconstitutional and antithetical to freedom, usurping the free will choice of all free persons. The atheist according to the First Amendment must be tolerated. The Supreme Court in Engle v. Vitale in 1962 told the atheist that she (Madalyn Murray O’Hair) that “she may go her own way. “We, the people…” too, must be free to go our own way. The rest is mob mentality and mental illness.

  • Mary De Voe

    I find your comments very interesting. I have met very few atheists (although many agnostics) and they seem to have a very rigid belief system, maintaining that religion is positively harmful to human progress. To maintain this they have to go to considerable lengths to falsify the historical record. I remember one who would not in principle set foot in a Christian church, even if it meant missing out on some great works of art; when his daughter chose to get married in an Anglican church he boycotted not only the wedding, but also the reception.

    How do people of this stripe cope with the fact that the only official motto of the USA (1956, confirmed 2006) is ‘In God we trust’? How can Richard Dawkins sing ‘God save the Queen’? How can he carry a passport which bears the motto ‘Dieu et mon Droit’?

  • Philip: “Mary De Voe. Your an apostle in these times. The times of Mary’s Triumphant Heart in mankind. The times spoken of by the likes of St. Louis De Montfort.”
    Thank you, Philip for your kind words. I am a disciple, learning on the Way. There are only twelve apostles and their successors are the Bishops in the Church. Therefore, I am blessed to be a disciple.
    John Nolan: “How do people of this stripe cope with the fact that the only official motto of the USA (1956, confirmed 2006) is ‘In God we trust’? How can Richard Dawkins sing ‘God save the Queen’? How can he carry a passport which bears the motto ‘Dieu et mon Droit’?”
    This is the argument I raised when the atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair came into court…using money emblazoned with “In God We Trust”. Duplicity. Such nonsense ought not be allowed in public at the taxpayers’ expense.

  • TomD: “Mary, atheism is not per se unconstitutional. Remember, the 1st amendment restrains the government, not a doctrine.
    The First Amendment restrained the government and atheism as unconstitutional when the First Amendment was written.
    “Beliefs are not doctrines.” A belief that the world is flat, that the sun went around the earth, that the earth is the center of the universe, that rats come from rags (spontaneous generation), throwing virgins into a volcano to appease the volcano god, and what the Mayans did: cutting out human hearts to avoid a drought, offering up virgins for a good harvest: Chile and Peru, that wives and servants must accompany the Pharaoh across the river of death and so forth. Only truth is allowed into court.
    A belief in no God is a free will choice made by the adherent of atheism; a belief not to be imposed on any other free human being according to the First Amendment. Belief or doctrine, the First Amendment gives all men the freedom to choose for themselves. Atheism and the Foundation for Freedom From Religion is formed to deny every free man his First Amendment freedom. If the atheist wishes to impose atheism on all citizens, then, he must eradicate the First Amendment and get three quarters of the states to ratify his opinion into law.

Weaponized IRS

Tuesday, June 24, AD 2014

The incredibly arrogant IRS Commissioner John A. Koskinen , a partisan Democrat, has explained to him by Congressman Trey Gowdy (R.SC), a former Federal prosecutor, what the phrase “spoliation of evidence” means.  In the attempt by this administration to hide the obvious, that they turned the IRS into a weapon to wield against those who opposed them, the IRS has engaged in wholesale destruction of relevant evidence.  This is absolutely chilling.  No arm of the Federal government has more day to day involvement with each American than the IRS.  The IRS has the power to inspect the financial records of each American and to punish with fines and penalties those who do not maintain those records.  For any administration to turn this agency into a political weapon, and then to attempt to destroy evidence of their wrongdoing, is to seek to transform government from servant into master.   Enough of this and more and more American’s will recall this phrase from President Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address:

This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.

Very dangerous games are being played by this administration in their arrogance and contempt for those Americans who oppose them and I hope that the Obama administration will not be recalled by historians as the beginning of a calamitous period for this nation.

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32 Responses to Weaponized IRS

  • The Democrats are not going to dialog or compromise on anything. They will not willingly surrender power, and once they have power, they will use any means at their disposal to retain and increase that power. The Republicans are weak-kneed hypocrites, but the Democrats are downright evil.

  • There’s been discussion of this on other sites. No enterprise with any quantum of professionalism relies on employees to make personal e-mail archives and tales about shelves of physical back-up tapes also beggar belief. Subpoena the IT staff at the IRS, and they’ll tell you the servers on which the e-mail is archived (or can identify who went to the trouble to delete Lois Lerner’s correspondence if that’s what happened). Koskinen is indubitably lying and lying in a contemptuous manner, as did Douglas Shulman when jabbering about the White House Easter egg roll.

    You have to figure at this point that the contents of Lois Lerner’s correspondence must be absolutely toxic. Wagers the White House counsel, the political directorate at the White House, miscellaneous Democratic congressmen, and the President himself would be vulnerable.

  • That’s about right Art Deco.

  • Obama makes Dick Nixon look like a saint.

  • Gestapo! That sums it up for me.
    This arm of Obadman’s administration, the IRS, is a ruthless gang of underhanded thugs that abuse the power they have. They are Obamas Gestapo and they must be held accountable for their Gestapo tactics.
    Freedom is not free. We better be prepared to protect our freedoms from the beasts who devour and destroy at the table of false public service.

  • Pre-September 11 cartoon captioned “American Terrorist” had a bald, bespectacled man in a suit with a briefcase on which is emblazoned “IRS.”

    One had about as many “rights” in the Spanish Inquisition as one has in a Federal tax court.

  • If the IRS abuses the power that Congress gave them then Congress should strip them of that power.

    Americans have the right to assemble, which includes the right to incorporate for non-profit purposes. When Congress granted the IRS its current power to delay and deny non-profit status, it effectively granted the IRS a power to exercise prior restraint on the right of assembly. This, without any need to protect any counterweighing constitutional right, is intolerable. The only reason this power exists is to make the IRS more efficient.

    No. Congress should remove the power of the IRS to grant non-profit status. Non-profits should still register as such with the IRS and file all relevant financial documents. If the IRS believes a few non-profits are really for profit it can haul them into court on fraud charges.

    Freedom sometimes requires that government not be as efficient as it can be. The IRS needs to be chastened. It needs to be reminded that we are its masters.

  • Here is another way to look at it.

    With the media so complaint to the current administration, no investigation of this scandal is really going anywhere. It is unlikely that the people to blame for this abuse of power will be held to account. We do know, however, that the power to deny non-profit status has been abused. We know this beyond a reasonable doubt.

    So, we don’t need to wait for any investigation to conclude. We need to demand right now that the IRS be legislatively stripped of its power to administratively deny non-profit status. Recent events have shown that there is no compelling state interest for it to have such power, and the compelling need to preserve liberty demands that the power be revoked.

  • Heh, those who are compliant have no complaint.

  • I want somebody to remember that it was not just tea party groups that were targeted. Iowa Pro Life is not partisan at all, not involved in politics at all- except it is about the protection of innocent life. The war is not just a political one, it is a cultural war.
    The war was declared years ago but operated in a more subtle subversive way. This administration, ( and not just Obama but his whole coalition of cooperators) have made the pursuance of this war more open, while still moving the walnut shells as fast as they can.
    Soon enough we of the general non political populace, who grew up hearing about banana republics, who believed that it could never happen here, are going to have to take that Lincoln quote to our hearts.

  • Recall that Attorney General Eric Holder has still not turned over the bulk of the emails related to the Fast and Furious scandal. This scandal has been dragging on for years now, and is even worse because people have died as a result. The great investigative reporters have all sold their souls years ago,

  • Anzlyne, a few weeks ago one of the Occupy Wall Street defendants said at her misdemeanor trial that “Everything is political”. Unlike old fashioned liberals, hard leftists do not allow ordinary people to have ordinary lives. Non-partisan? No such thing! Do they know they echo the Bolshevik Strelnikov in Doctor Zhivago? Do they even think about where their ideas will lead?

  • If the president were a Republican, the IRS and “fast and furious” scandals would be national obsessions. Because 96% of the media are 100% democrat flacks with bylines and/or microphones.
    Bryan Preston asks, “Which product was more dishonestly marketed: Amazing Live Sea Monkeys or Barack Obama?”
    Deprivation of Constitutional outlets leads to . . .

  • The IRS reminds me of HAL; it has taken on a life of its own in pursuit of increasing the government.

    “I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.”

    And furthermore, “This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.”

  • This is just another example of the arrogance of our self absorbed political pontiff who believes he has been enthroned by the New World Order power of the benevolent secular progressives to rule and regulate those who have not yet bowed to their god of governmental subsidies and foolishly still cling to our guns, bibles, and outdated Judeo-Christian principles and values.
    It is clear to see the assumption and conclusion is that we need a little more time to understand we no longer have the freedom of decent and his dogma of deliverance from those traditions of our past must eventually be accepted willfully or the persecutions will continue and multiply.
    The prevalence of this liberal revolution to revise our allegiances encompasses the entire landscape of his administration. Every value whether within our spiritual faith or the documents of the republic given to us by the founding fathers is under the test of a regime of relativity to which it must comply! Can we not see that our Legislature, Courts¸ Justice Department, and Executive office controlled by a democratic party which reluctantly stopped short of removing all mention of God in their platform have been corrupted and now can do as they please, unopposed and admired by a virtual state run media, ignoring and subverting the very laws they are sworn to uphold?
    It is no wonder this pitiful POTUS has the audacity to pretend he can act as a king of kindness and offer us a morsel of mercy on his behalf while we adjust to his absolute authority.

  • You are witnessing the precursor of hard tyranny….the infrastructure of tyranny

  • If the incompetent, ne’er-do-well slumming in the White House was a Republican . . .

    So: No one at IRS will be prosecuted for denying Americans political free speech. No one at DOJ will be prosecuted for arming “Fast and Furious” murderers. No one at the State Department or the White House will be held accountable for lying about the Benghazi terror murders. But, the media will destroy NJ Governor Christie for not knowing about two days of two lanes closings on the GWB.

    In 2009, Obama said he’d use the IRS to get his enemies.

    Sarah Palin’s father was never IRS-audited in 50 years. Since his daughter ran for VP , the IRS has hit on him six times.

  • David Burge: “”Government” is just a word for things we do together. Like shovel incriminating hard drives into an industrial metal shredder.”

  • This latest excuse (outright lie) of ‘lost’ evidence is another symptom that further supports the highly contagious nature of a deadly and insidious moral, psychological disease affecting humanity, especially amid power brokers. The cure is a derivation of sobriety, sanity, and honesty. Clean hands are a preventative measure to susceptibility.

  • These big government leftists are quite dangerous.

  • How many rounds of ammunition has the IRS bought?

  • Here’s partly how it went down.

    The Bush administration attempted to privatize (save tax money and reduce jobs of bureaucrats) many IRS jobs. The IRS union, NTEU headed by Ms. Colleen Kelly – a former IRS tax agent or something, was successful in getting Congress to shut down that move. Thence forward, almost every IRS employee became a rabid NTEU fanatic and a extremist Obama supporter. Each year, hundreds of them attend government-funded NTEU “training” sessions in places like Las Vegas and New Orleans. Rep. Issa needs to subpoena Colleen Kelly’s emails and question her under oath regarding her visits to the WH and discussions with high-level WH officials as to how IRS NTEU members could (illegally) help re-elect the president.

    The most prominent causes of Federal hard drive “crashes” are Congtessional Subpoenas. If this were Nixon, they’d have impeached him in 2012.

    Walsh: They don’t need a bullet. A tax lien is a far more terrible thing. They can take everything.

    They have the tax courts, wherein you have fewer protections than before the Spanish Inquisition.

    Fourth Amendemnt – doesn’t apply. Fifth Amendemnt – doesn’t apply.

  • “They have the tax courts, wherein you have fewer protections than before the Spanish Inquisition.
    Fourth Amendemnt – doesn’t apply. Fifth Amendemnt – doesn’t apply.”
    True. The IRS piles penalties on penalties, like paying interest on your interest. The IRS can take everything a person owns and then put a lien on the person himself. It is debtors’ prison with invisible bars. It is being used to punish conservative citizens who disagree with Obama. Obamacare and the HHS Mandate is a fine example of this.

  • what can we do?

  • We can encourage our elected representatives to seek a subpoena demanding the White House provide copies of all emails between the IRS, Lerner in particular, and the White House during this Administration. If these confirm reasonable suspicions, ask the same representatives to impeach the President. No ill-will intended, no vengeance sought, just a duty owed to our children, do we rightly seek. “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied.”

  • What can we do? Look at my previous posts.

    Forget investigations. The answer is simple. If the IRS abuses a power it has, take away that power. It need not be a large revocation, but the revocation needs to be timely and carefully targeted.

    If the IRS politically halts the granting of non-profit status, the Congress should revoke its power to do so and allow non-profits to grant themselves such status, with the IRS becoming just a registry.

    If the IRS audits certain individuals over and over for political reasons, set a limit. Congress should prohibit a certain number of audits within a certain time (i.e., no more than 3 per 10 years) unless the taxpayer is convicted of criminal tax evasion. That should be really popular on Capitol Hill, BTW, so passage should be easy.

    People simply cannot be considered to be free if they are at the continual mercies of an administrative state that requires years to bring to account. The IRS can certainly retain the power needed to finance the government without retaining the arrogance to misuse it. The counter to arrogance is the knowledge that abuse will inevitably result in the dilution of its power.

  • Put it this way: if you can get the people who are to blame, or you can get the law fixed, but not both, then get the law fixed.

  • The hard drive failures would never be tolerated by the IRS in a corporate tax case. In fact, laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley mandate multiple backups of all emails so that hard drive failures will still allow for government collection of information during investigations. Are there laws that mandate the same for the IRS itself? If the IRS refuses to obey such laws will Congress impeach and remove the responsible managers and bar them from government positions? Why are the crickets chirping?

  • Folks,

    The criticism leveled against IRS Management here at this blog is valid and correct. I feel the exact same way about former NRC Chairman Gregory Jackzo and to a lesser extent current NRC Chairwoman Allison MacFarlane. However, we should bear in mind that the individual workers, inspectors, auditors and reviewers are not the ones guilty. Case in point: this year I sadly owe taxes for a variety of reasons and was unable to pay by the April 15th deadline. I telephoned the IRS and got in touch with a person who very kindly and efficiently set me up with a payment plan until I can access certain monies retained in a certain account by a former employer (long story and not relevant). I was flabbergasted. This IRS employee on the phone went out of his way to accommodate me, offering me a variety of options to pay what I owe (after all, it is a Romans 13:6 requirement that we pay the taxes we owe).
    I have been struck by the same sense of duty from individual NRC inspectors at the nuclear power plants where I have worked. Every single one of them were conscientious, attentive to duty and mindful of both nuclear and worker safety. In fact, in 38 years I have had a disagreement with only one NRC inspector, and as events turned out, he was right and I was wrong, and I had to admit it.
    Koskinen in the IRS and MacFarlane in the NRC both need to be trashed canned. But the individual workers trying to do things the right way and follow the Law should be honored and respected. Most of them do have a sense that they are civil SERVANTS and not masters.
    Ok, my brief moment of lucidity is at an end. I will go back to being the incorrigible right-wing pro-nuclear fanatic who drives everyone around him crazy.

  • “individual workers trying to do things the right way and follow the Law should be honored and respected. Most of them do have a sense that they are civil SERVANTS and not masters.”

    You said it better than I could. As an employee of a (state) government agency I know it’s easy to focus on the high profile, overpaid and/or incompetent and/or corrupt political hack appointees at the top and forget that for every one of those in a given agency, there are dozens of low-profile, ordinary folk, making average or below-average money, just trying to do the best they can to assist the public as they would want to be assisted if the situation were reversed.

  • If the IRS politically halts the granting of non-profit status, the Congress should revoke its power to do so and allow non-profits to grant themselves such status, with the IRS becoming just a registry.

    Shouldn’t the articles of incorporation make plain as to whether or not there are shareholders who are recipients of dividends and capital gains? You’ve got fifty sets of state corporation law and perhaps a half-dozen sorts of chartered enterprises in each, right? (‘business’, ‘not-for-profit’, ‘religious’, ‘cooperative’, ‘professional service’, ‘limited liability company’). Couldn’t a twenty page long annotated cheat sheet do in these circumstances?

  • “Shouldn’t the articles of incorporation make plain as to whether or not there are shareholders who are recipients of dividends and capital gains?”
    Well, yes, they do. By definition a corporation that pays dividends to its shareholders cannot be non-profit. In fact I have been told that non-profit corporations do not have shareholders, just a board of directors.
    So that should be enough. Create your articles of incorporation as a non-profit, mail them off to the IRS so that they can expect future financial reports, and go to work on your non-profit work. No need to wait for IRS approval. No prior restraint by the IRS. Smell the freedom.
    Of course, frauds could and would take advantage of this. No doubt. The IRS would still have the power to go after them. Corruption smells too, but at least the smell would no longer be coming from within the government.

Obama: A Reappraisal

Tuesday, June 3, AD 2014



I have long thought that Obama is more incompetent than malevolent.  In light of  the Obama administration trading five terrorists for U.S. Army Sgt. Berghdahl, who, according to the men who served with him, is at best a deserter and at worst a traitor, I think I might have to make a reappraisal:

according to former U.S. Army Sgt. Josh Korder, who served with Berghdahl in Afghanistan.

There is really almost no other conclusion one can draw from the facts that are coming out about Bergdahl’s departure from his unit five years ago. 

Even the NY Times is reporting what would lead any thinking person to agree with Korder.  For example, Bergdahl left a note in his tent saying “he had become disillusioned with the Army, did not support the American mission in Afghanistan and was leaving to start a new life…[taking] with him a soft backpack,water, knives, a notebook and writing materials” but leaving behind body army and weapons, something he would ordinarily need in that region. 

Other curious facts about Bergdahl before his disappearance were that “he wouldn’t drink beer or eat barbecue” with the others, and he was teaching himself local languages such as Pashto and Dari, as well as Arabic.  None of these things would be evidence of much of anything in and of themselves, but taken together with Bergdahl’s note and desertion they also could indicate a “going native” phenomenon that might involve a conversion to Islam, which forbids alcohol and pork.

As Korder said, at best a deserter and at worst a traitor.

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41 Responses to Obama: A Reappraisal

  • I have since his third year in office believed Obama to be malevolent.

    I think we need to win the next election not only to reverse this animus towards the US but also to break through the stonewalling of the government and find out the truth behind many actions of this Administration.

  • If not Obama, whomever negotiated this. Accounts have it that the president is supplied with memoranda with canned options at the end, and selects one. Not a whole lot of mind goes into it.

    Could be worse. Remember Michael Berg?


  • This train wreck began with someone much lower on the chain of command who decided to not classify Bergdahl as a deserter. Acknowledging this shows the same dynamic as seen in the Benghazi attack / Muhammed video meme: lies allow the creation and compounding of more lies. If truth is the first causality of war then we must be at war all the time now.

  • I’d like to think that this is Obama doing his best to get impeached.

  • Seen on the Web. Obama’s new FaceBook “status”: “In a relationship with the Taliban.”

    In future, he will be called, “President Taliban.”

  • “I have long thought that Obama is more incompetent than malevolent.”

    Why can’t he be both–squared?

  • President Taliban had him him sprung in order to remove from the “front burner” the VA scandal.

  • I’ve never completely understood until now that being “pragmatic” means doing what you want, when you want, the way you want with the (apparently justified) arrogance to believe that you are going to get away with it.
    Hopefully this time he is wrong.

  • The argument for malevolence instead of mere incompetence has all along been suggested by the fact that were he merely incompetent he’d get something right on occassion, if only by accident. Moreover, he proved his competence when he got himself reelected.

    In fairness, I suppose you could argue killing Bin Laden was his blind squirrel moment. But then, there’s photo of him sulking in the corner….

  • Barack Hussein Obama and his wife Michele, regardless of whether they are supremely incompetent or not, are both utterly godless, idolatrous, malevolent, diabolical, and evil to the highest degree. That both would promote infanticide of the unborn and sexual perversion of the worst sort is par for the course for this King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. We need an Elijah, an Elisha to stand in front of these two demonic creatures of wickedness and prophesy, “Thus saith the Lord!” They need to face their wickedness – have their ugly malevolent faces rubbed in it – and one day, barring repentance, they shall (as we all will – Lord have mercy!). Sorry, folks, every time I see a picture or view a video of either one of those two, I am filled with utter fury at what they are doing to this country.

  • Having read Paul Kengor’s book about Obama’s mentor, spiritual father, and perhaps more, Frank Marshall Davis, The Communist, and the remarkably cozy relationship, and perhaps more, between O. and FMD, I have no doubt about Obama’s fundamental motivations and his diabolical intentions.

    Or, that Robert R. Taylor, grandfather of Valerie Jarrett, was an avowed card-carrying member of the CPUSA. Or that Chicago CPUSA members Harry and David Canter, who helped mentor, David Axelrod. gave Obama the talking points and teleprompter feeds that tell him exactly what to say.

    Oh, we are in the deepest trouble, and no where near the end of the journey.

  • …and we have to pray and really dedicate ourselves to imploring God to assist us..Usquequo, Domine.

  • As remarked elsewhere, it looks for all the world that Obama believes he is rescuing terrorists from Gitmo.

  • The only credible explanation to this deal is that Obama wanted to free these Taliban prisoners, and the ‘prisoner swap’ was supposed to give him cover for it. He certainly did not expect the media to wake up and actually do some reporting.

    Now that these five are out, any other Guantanamo prisoners will be much easier to spring.

  • “Oh, we are in the deepest trouble, and no where near the end of the journey.”

    Steve Phoenix.
    From where I am looking, you are dead right. I and many of my countrymen – and I’m sure many others in other countries – are watching with dismay as we witness the dismantling of all that the USA stands for, which in the past has led your country to be the greatest the world has seen – despite its flawst.
    I often concur with what Paul Primavera says about Obama. He simply has to be got rid of – not in a murderous way – along with his rabidly socialist minions.
    Your press has much accountability for what is happening.

    As for Berghdahl, he should be court martialled, then handed back to the Taliban where his sympathy lies..

  • I don’t have the visceral dislike for the President that many others have but this whole thing is mind-boggling to me. What did he have to gain from this? Is he so politically tone-deaf that he thought this would go over well? I hope the Republican party learns from the UKIP in England and the National Front in France and starts to adopt more worker friendly policies because I don’t think Hillary will be nearly as stupid.

  • “Now that these five are out, any other Guantanamo prisoners will be much
    easier to spring”

    Absolutely, Mr. Tefft. There was a good reason for our decades-old government
    policy against negotiating with terrorists. Thanks to this president’s decision,
    our military is now a much juicier target for hostage-takers. The Taliban got
    this administration to do this once– why shouldn’t they believe he’d do it for
    them again?
    One of the most disturbing things about this debacle is Obama’s undisguised
    contempt for Congress and Congress’ seeming acceptance of its new ‘irrelevant
    lapdog’ status. US law is very specific– the president is required to inform
    Congress 30 days in advance before the transfer of any Gitmo prisoners. Yet
    even Senator Feinstein (no enemy to this administration) was kept in the dark–
    and she’s the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. National Security
    Advisor Susan Rice complacently informed us on ‘Meet the Press’ that Obama
    chose to ignore the law and punk Congress because he determined that following
    the law would have jeopardized the deal. Oh. So this administration is
    admitting that it is now policy for the president to ignore the law if it would
    jeopardize him getting his way…

    Beyond being a terrible deal for so many, many reasons, this affair is showing
    us that our Congress stands to become just a rubber-stamp politburo if we
    don’t wake up.

  • Obama lost my feeling that he was incompetent instead of malevolent when he decided to pick a war with the Little Sisters of the Poor over religious liberty. If that ain’t malevolence I don’t know what is. Amazing you could go this long.

  • He lets survivor babies die on the abortion table.

  • http://time.com/2818827/taliban-bergdahl-pow-release-objections-white-house/

    A report from Baghdad Jay Carney’s former employer. There are evidently officials in the military willing to tell this reporter that the White House short-circuited normal procedures to see to it that this crew were released.

  • I think he is competent and accomplishing what he wants, probably at a faster rate than even he thought possible. He is breaking America. I know the theories about the “roots” of his attitude and behavior but I sure don’t understand Levin for example– why would he be so destructive. And all those individual journalists. What does it take for them to break ranks? Other Democrats – when are they going to reach a saturation point and say “enough is enough.” ?

  • “I have long thought that Obama is more incompetent than malevolent.”

    He is clearly both. Malevolent because he released five evil and deadly terrorists and wasted soldiers’ lives to “free” a deserter, and incompetent because he believed that there would be universal euphoria over Berghdahl’s release and everyone would overlook the release of the terrorists (better to let five guilty men go free than to allow one “innocent” man to remain in captivity, right?). Oops! It didn’t work out quite the way he planned.

  • Tomorrow’s TAC news today: Iowa Republican Joni Ernst won her primary, so Donald will have some good news to start the day off with.

  • Many people are indignant over the law requiring 30 day’s notice to Congress on the release of any Gitmo prisoner. However, it should be pointed out that the courts have held that there is no restriction on a president’s power to issue pardons. Obama hasn’t weaseled out by invoking that power, but he can if he so decides. Any president can throw darts against photos on a wall to decide pardons and it would be constitutional.

  • @Phillip on Tuesday, June 3, A.D. 2014 at 10:57: “I think we need to win the next election not only to reverse this animus towards the US […]”
    I am afraid saving the country will require much more: that the Constitution and the laws of the US and their interpretation be subordinate to the Law of God, otherwise the US is destined to go the way that all other great nations went before it went after they attempted to build themselves apart from God.

  • “Tomorrow’s TAC news today: Iowa Republican Joni Ernst won her primary, so Donald will have some good news to start the day off with.”

    Yep, Ernst. She got an astounding 56% of the vote in a five person field and avoids a run off. A new political star is on the rise I think.

  • Good comments in this thread. I would note for the record that I have never doubted that some of Obama’s actions were motivated by malevolence. I simply thought that these were outweighed by those motivated by sheer incompetence. With this trade, incompetence does not explain it, nor does any other rational motivation that I can think of. Malevolence may lie at its core and that is deeply troubling when we are discussing a foreign policy/war action and the man acting malevolently is commander in chief.

  • I don’t think he’s malevolent though (evil on purpose), this is his idea of what is good.

  • As his actions continue to prove,BO is a Muslim.An incompetent Muslim perhaps but his time in Indonesia shaped him.

  • I agree his sympathies and inclination are toward Islam. I don’t think though that he fears God. He is secular, I would say,evidenced by his evolution on same sex so-called marriage.

  • One or two of the “joint-chiefs-of-staff-level” terrorists released were responsible for the mass murders of about 6,000 Herat tribesmen and boys. The Taliban took their city and cut the men’s and boys’ throats in front of their women.

    “God will repay for the death of every Afghan child!” twit from Bergdorf, Sr. who grew that asinine beard in solidarity with terrorists.

    We are in the forenoon of the idiotocracy. There is a large number of evil people that need to be given the Gospels.

    In my war, they had VC sympathizers running through campuses and the streets. In my sons’ war, we have terrorist sympathizers running the campuses and the White House.

  • TomD, I’m not a lawyer, so I will happily accept correction from anyone
    with more expertise in these things. That said, I’m pretty sure that for the
    president to issue a pardon, the person pardoned has to have been first
    convicted of a crime. My understanding is that the Gitmo detainees haven’t
    been tried, let alone found guilty and sentenced by any court. How then
    does one pardon a man without a court first finding him guilty?
    In the end, I think my point about the president’s naked contempt for
    Congress (and the rule of law) remains. If Congress chooses to roll over
    and let Obama do this without any blowback, then it is choosing to
    become nothing more than the president’s rubber stamp.
    Back to Mr. McClarey’s original question re: incompetence vs. malevolence.
    I’m voting ‘malevolence’, for so many reasons.

  • “That said, I’m pretty sure that for the president to issue a pardon, the person pardoned has to have been first
    convicted of a crime.”

    Incorrect. Ford’s pardon of Nixon is the classic example where no conviction, or even indictment, existed. The pardon power is pretty absolute under the Constitution. However, if Obama were foolish enough to pardon the Gitmo detainees en masse, I think he would be impeached by the House and convicted in the Senate.

  • Mr. McClarey, of course you’re right– and Ford’s pardon of Nixon makes
    that clear.

  • I agree his sympathies and inclination are toward Islam.

    Disagree. My wager is that he’s a very common bourgeois type, a faculty type, and trades in the garage sale cosmopolitanism common on in the faculty club. He came by these attitudes honestly, from the repellant woman who bore him. We live in a time and place where wide swaths of the professional-managerial bourgeoisie and wide swaths of the elite are post-American. They are not loyal to the country and the rest of us are just rubes to be kept at bay and pairs of hands to be called on when the furnace needs repair.

    Malevolent? How about this: he does not really disapprove of the Berghdahls or anything they’ve done. He does not disapprove of Michael Berg. He disapproves of Cindy Sheehan because her idiom is too plebian.

  • Art Deco

    I find your reading very plausible.

    As for Mr Obama’s apparent sympathy for Islam, Robert Redeker suggests that, post Cold War, the Left has replaced “Sovietophilia” with “Islamophilia,” and that “Palestinians and the contemporary Muslim masses replace the proletariat in the intellectuals’ imagination” as the pure, ideal alternative to Western capitalism. (Le Monde, 11/21/01)

  • Clinton you wrote “In the end, I think my point about the president’s naked contempt for Congress (and the rule of law) remains. If Congress chooses to roll over and let Obama do this without any blowback, then it is choosing to become nothing more than the president’s rubber stamp.”
    Well, yes, there are plenty of such examples with this administration, but the 30-day Gitmo release notice is not one of them. Should any president challenge the constitutionality of that law in the face of the presidential power to pardon then he will prevail and Congress will lose. Under those circumstances it will be the law itself that will violate the rule of law, by being unconstitutional.

  • “However, if Obama were foolish enough to pardon the Gitmo detainees en masse, I think he would be impeached by the House and convicted in the Senate.”

    Not sure about that, since Congress views impeachment the way that a couch potato views a good run. But just to make sure, there surely will be no en masse releases, just a drip now and then on slow-news Friday afternoons.

  • I have believed since the beginning that Obama is a seriously troubled soul. His ideology is based on envy and a dehumanizing hatred of God’s gift of free will. His disdain for the gift of life has been long evident during his time in Illinois. His associates (Dunn, Cass Sustein, Jones, etal) are also hate filled ideologues.

    The destruction of the American ideal is nearly complete and proceeds at an accelerated pace. Perhaps after years of brainwashing our children through the press and academia, this was bound to happen. The pace still shocks me. We try to analyze him according to rational and sensible norms, but those do not apply. Ascribe hate and envy, ie sin, to what you witness of this administration, and then it will all make sense. The ACA is a masterful seizure of our very personhood by the government. The idea of freeing mass murderers, the very command structure of the Taliban, to return to their power base, while at the same time leaving the field of battle is not malfeasance, it’s purposeful. I could go on, but the list would consume pages.

  • I have thought him to be malevolent ever since he voted against the infant born alive act, which put him even more pro-abortion than NARAL. There are not many things which amaze me, but the continued naivete of Americans is among them.

Impotence as Foreign Policy: Part II

Monday, May 12, AD 2014

Bring back our girs

Fresh off their laurels of establishing that the US has no policy regarding Vladimir Putin except to post disapproving internet pics, go here to read all about it, the Obama administration is trying the same thing in regard to the kidnaping of hundreds of Christian girls by the Boko Haram Islamic terrorists in Nigeria.  Needless to say that the pictures mention nothing about the main problem in Nigeria:  an inept and corrupt government and their Keystone Kops military, both of which are terrified by the terrorists who enjoy a fair amount of support among the half of Nigeria which is Muslim.


Mark Steyn gets to the heart of why the Obama administration does these idiot dog and pony shows:



The blogger Daniel Payne wrote this week that “modern liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of talking, not doing“. He was musing on a press release for some or other “Day of Action” that is, as usual, a day of inaction:

Diverse grassroots groups are organizing and participating in events such as walks, rallies and concerts and calling on government to reduce climate pollution, transition off fossil fuels and commit to a clean energy future.

It’s that easy! You go to a concert and someone “calls on government” to do something, and the world gets fixed.

There’s something slightly weird about taking a hashtag – which on the Internet at least has a functional purpose – and getting a big black felt marker and writing it on a piece of cardboard and holding it up, as if somehow the comforting props of social media can be extended beyond the computer and out into the real world. Maybe the talismanic hashtag never required a computer in the first place. Maybe way back during the Don Pacifico showdown all Lord Palmerston had to do was tell the Greeks #BringBackOurJew.

As Mr Payne notes, these days progressive “action” just requires “calling on government” to act. But it’s sobering to reflect that the urge to call on someone else to do something is now so reflexive and ingrained that even “the government” – or in this case the wife of “the government” – is now calling on someone else to do something.

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18 Responses to Impotence as Foreign Policy: Part II

  • Precisely.

    What defines a man is not what he imagines but what he does or does not do.

  • When I saw her # bring back our girls, I just wondered who she is addressing? Who does she want to bring them back? Just makes no sense at all.

  • I posted this on the original ‘fecklessness’ thread:
    More fecklessness: Dr Meriam Yahia Ibrahim (the wife of U.S. citizen Daniel Wani and the mother of 20 month old Martin Wani, who also is a U.S. citizen) was arrested and jailed in Khartoum in February 2014 on a charge of apostasy for being a Muslim woman – her father is Muslim – who married a Christian and adultery since Islamic law does not recognize their marriage, pregnant, has been beaten, denied medical care, and threatened with 100 lashes and death upon conviction. Her son is incarcerated with his mother because Islamic law prohibits his Christian father from having custody. The U.S. Embassy will not assist him without a DNA test proving that he is the son of Daniel Wani but the jail will not allow the testing.

    Yesterday the Sudanese court officially sentenced Dr. Ibrahim to 100 lashes and death. Her son, a U.S. citizen, will now pass into the Sudanese foster care system. Happy Mother’s Day. See http://www.persecution.org/2014/05/11/pregnant-mother-found-guilty-sentenced-to-death-by-sudanese-court-as-u-s-celebrates-mothers-day/

    “Modern liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of talking, not doing“. It seems we are usually too scared to even do any talking. Groupthink at work.

  • Someone should be buying those girls via undercovers posing as rich muslims but…days ago. I think they will machine gun the girls at the approach of any forces and they are not going to feed them much longer if he was partly unwittingly signalling that cash is needed in his “selling them” video. The Bin Laden thing is different in that no hostages were at risk.

  • Every time I see a photo of Moochelle, I think of Jezebel the wife of Ahab, and the story of Naboth the Jezreelite. The Obamas fill me with such loathing and contempt.

  • Let’s imagine for a moment TR lived in the digital age:

    #Pedicaris Alive or Raisuli Dead!

    Even our sloganeering isn’t what it used to be.

  • “Someone should be buying those girls….”

    Because if you want more of something, incentivize it, right?

  • “Even our sloganeering isn’t what it used to be.”

    Yep. Teddy had Perdicaris released within less than a month and a half. His threat was backed up by battleships and several companies of Marines, and the fact that everyone knew that when TR made a threat it was a promise.

  • Maybe Obama could go apologize for something and offer Michelle up as a swap??? Better yet, he could give Boko Harim a case of autograph copies of “Dreams of my Father whoremongering drunkard Socialist.”

    This is a serious and tragic event…..the presidency of the first Muslim of the U.S.A. And yes the inability to tell Americans the truth. The girls and their families are in my prayers.

  • Ernst,
    How do you picture an armed attack working on suicidal men who think they get many girls in paradise if they die fighting for Islam? You can kill them later when you’ve bought the girls into safety.

  • This is pathetic.
    The girls were kidnapped nearly a month ago; having tested the waters of public opinion, they decide to do something as a token of their concern.

    Wife to husband: ” What are you doing today?”
    Husband: “Nothing.”
    Wife: ” But you did that yesterday!”
    Husband: ” I haven’t finished yet.”

  • Buying the girls back only gets more girls kidnapped for ransom.

    Doing this right means using American Special Ops backed up by a Marine Expeditionary Force and Naval Air assets.

    So the Nigerians’ best bet would be to kidnap about twice as many Muslim girls and do a straight up exchange.

  • “.. girls were kidnapped nearly a month ago; having tested the waters of public opinion, they decide to do something as a token of their concern.” Don the Kiwi

    Everything is a play, a ploy! Shallow selfish amateurs who talk and preen and game the world.
    How do we get out of this?

  • Repealing the 17th and 19th amendments would be a good start. So would restricting the franchise to the 53% of adults who actually pay taxes, or some other kind of skin-in-the-game type requirement. Requiring would-be voters to demonstrate a minimum of civic literacy awareness wouldn’t hurt either, but that would go over about as well as Voter ID laws.

  • Pingback: Politico Wants Envoy for Persecuted Christians - God & Caesar
  • “Requiring would-be voters to demonstrate a minimum of civic literacy awareness wouldn’t hurt either, but that would go over about as well as Voter ID laws.”
    Voter ID laws prevent fraud. Land ownership, literacy and the rest rely upon the age of informed consent at emancipation. Otherwise, the voters represent the minors.

  • As effete as they are in international affairs, they are efficacious in ruining America . . . [sigh]


    Soon enough it will be bullets.

  • I disagree with you T.Shaw. Obama in 2008 led the Democrats to the peak of their political power since their win in 1964. Under Obama’s presidency, the Republicans have taken control of more state legislatures than at any time since Calvin Coolidge was President, retaken the House and it looks like the GOP will probably retake the Senate. It is possible that historians will look back on Obama as the last gasp of FDR’s New Deal, the swan song of the welfare state in this country. We shall see.

Stupak Realizes He Was A Chump

Friday, March 14, AD 2014


Hattip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air Bart Stupak, former Democrat Congressman who was played like a fiddle by Obama to pass ObamaCare, go here  for the details, realizes that he was a chump in regard to the contraception mandate:

Today, as a private citizen, I’m proud to stand with the Green and Hahn families and their corporations, Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood, in seeking to uphold our most cherished beliefs that we, as American citizens, should not be required to relinquish our conscience and moral convictions in order to implement the Affordable Care Act. …

[W]e received an ironclad commitment that our conscience would remain free and our principles would be honored. With our negotiations completed and our legislative intent established by the colloquy, we agreed to an executive order directing federal agencies to respect America’s longstanding prohibitions on government funding of abortion and most relevant here, to respect longstanding protections for individuals and organizations conscientiously opposed to participating in or facilitating abortions.

I was deeply concerned and objected to the HHS mandate that required all health plans to cover all FDA-approved contraceptives, including four drugs and devices that could terminate human life at its earliest stages by preventing an embryo’s implantation in the womb. The FDA’s own labeling statements, as well as other studies, indicate that drugs such as the 5-day-after pill (Ella), as well as intrauterine devices (IUDs), may operate this way. The Greens and the Hahns cannot, in good conscience, risk subsidizing actions that may take human life.

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17 Responses to Stupak Realizes He Was A Chump

  • Its a good thing its Lent. Otherwise I would use a stronger word than chump.

  • Before Giuliani/Bratton, there were “three card monty” (TCM) games all over Midtown NYC, including Fifth Avenue.

    “America’s Mayor” pushed them out of NYC. They landed in the White House.

  • V.I. Lenin: “Useful idiot”

  • :/
    I notice he doesn’t say “I screwed up. Sorry. Let’s fight this thing” or anything similar. All “I’m proud to do this” and call to action stuff while complaining that dogs bite people.
    So, he’ll do it again, and again, if it’s easier than doing what’s right– and he’ll still want support for his brave refusal to apply critical thinking.

  • V.I. Lenin: “Useful idiot” well said.

  • Don,

    I remember this. I learned the hard way after Stupak’s sellout that pro-life Democrats are either too shallow to stand firmly for principle or too naive to do it effectively. I’m glad he realizes now that he was wrong, but fine as that may be for his personal growth, its a little late for the rest of us.

  • It almost seems that when someone goes in for a close-up personal time with our President, they should put on the whole armor of God. Silver-tongued he is.
    Even conservative people seem to come away from talking with him with a profound belief in his goodness and good intentions; even beginning to waiver a bit. (O’Reilly for one) Like hypnotism. I don’t think he’s a hypnotist, but the president strikes me as one of those people who has learned from an early age to get by on his charm, and combined with his intelligence and social intelligence, he has gone a long way in moving people by silver arguments and emotion.
    We are in spiritual battles and need to cover ourselves with our armor. Ephesians 6:10 – 18.
    Mr Stupak is just as smart as you and I, but he was manipulated… and left the meeting convinced that he was thinking independently and doing the right thing.

  • He is not a chump and he was not manipulated. He knew exactly what he was doing. We would be hearing none of this if he was still a congressman. Maybe, just maybe he really is not pro-life. Maybe, just maybe, he is mere weather vane.

  • Unfortunately, the most vocal proponents of the culture of death
    are American Catholics: Seblius, Pelosi, Cuomo, Biden, Roberts,
    etc. The American clergy have failed to educate their parishioners
    and to defend the Church. who have given the nation a milquetoast
    and indifferent Catholic population, who lack the will to defend the

  • I notice he doesn’t say “I screwed up. Sorry. Let’s fight this thing” or anything similar.

    I noticed that too. There were plenty of public voices pointing out Stupak’s public errors. Obstinate public error requires equally public correction, otherwise scandal may lead others astray.

  • Franco wrote, “The American clergy have failed to educate their parishioners
    and to defend the Church…”

    Not only in America. But we should remember that the indefectibility of the Church does not depend on the hierarchy. As our Holy father has reminded us, “The people itself constitutes a subject. And the church is the people of God on the journey through history, with joys and sorrows. Thinking with the church, therefore, is my way of being a part of this people. And all the faithful, considered as a whole, are infallible in matters of belief, and the people display this infallibilitas in credendo, this infallibility in believing, through a supernatural sense of the faith of all the people walking together.”

    As Bl John Henry Newman put it, “”We know that it is the property of life to be impatient of any foreign substance in the body to which it belongs. It will be sovereign in its own domain, and it conflicts with what it cannot assimilate into itself, and is irritated and disordered till it has expelled it. Such expulsion, then, is emphatically a test of uncongeniality, for it shows that the substance ejected, not only is not one with the body that rejects it, but cannot be made one with it; that its introduction is not only useless or superfluous, adventitious, but that it is intolerable.”

    Speaking of the Arian crisis, he adds, “It is not a little remarkable, that, though, historically speaking, the fourth century is the age of doctors, illustrated, as it was, by the saints Athanasius, Hilary, the two Gregories, Basil, Chrysostom, Ambrose, Jerome, and Augustine, and all of these saints bishops also, except one, nevertheless in that very day the divine tradition committed to the infallible Church was proclaimed and maintained far more by the faithful than by the Episcopate.”

  • Sorry – Bold was an accident!

  • Church was proclaimed and maintained far more by the faithful than by the Episcopate.”
    Wasn’t this true of Obamacare? Were, then, a few of our bishops chumps?
    Do we join in chumpdom by not insisting that this unjust and unconstitutional “tax” be removed?

  • I say yes Kevin.
    also thank you Michael P-S for this:
    “Bl John Henry Newman put it, “”We know that it is the property of life to be impatient of any foreign substance in the body to which it belongs. It will be sovereign in its own domain, and it conflicts with what it cannot assimilate into itself, and is irritated and disordered till it has expelled it. Such expulsion, then, is emphatically a test of uncongeniality, for it shows that the substance ejected, not only is not one with the body that rejects it, but cannot be made one with it; that its introduction is not only useless or superfluous, adventitious, but that it is intolerable.”

    That EnCourages us.

  • I propose a new verb: ‘stupaked’. I’ve already used it in MN, where some of our legislators and many of our citizenry were stupacked into opposing the traditional marriage amendment to MN’s constitution two years ago. They were told that a constitutional amendment would prevent open dialogue, the only thing that gays wanted in MN. The next legislative session, we got legalized gay marriage. Stupaked indeed.

  • Lets face it, Bart Stupak is one in a long line of so called Catholics driving abortion and contraception in America today. I know this being a resident of Massachusetts where every Catholic politician from this state supports contraception and abortion. But, I have to say, Catholic politicians take these anti-life stands because of silence from the pulpits and Catholic Bishops who, for the most part, refuse to speak up and uphold Catholic Church moral teaching. Today, if you are a faithful Catholic your on your own with few exceptions you hear little to nothing in church from one end of the year to another about abortion or contraception.

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A Short Route to Chaos

Wednesday, January 8, AD 2014

Well, I think that when statesmen forsake their own private conscience for the sake of their public duties, they lead their country by a short route to chaos.

Sir Thomas More, A Man For All Seasons

On December 29 of last year in reviewing my 2012 predictions for 2013 I noted:

6.  Tell all Books-A flood of tell all books by former insiders of the Obama administration will begin to hit the market.

Not quite yet.  Stay tuned for this year.

If Robert Gates’, former Secretary of Defense for both Bush and Obama, publisher had been a bit more prompt, that prediction would have come true.  Gates’ book is absolutely damning in regard to the Obama administration.  Bob Woodward at The Washington Post reviews the book:

Gates, a Republican, writes about Obama with an ambivalence that he does not resolve, praising him as “a man of personal integrity” even as he faults his leadership. Though the book simmers with disappointment in Obama, it reflects outright contempt for Vice President Biden and many of Obama’s top aides.

Biden is accused of “poisoning the well” against the military leadership. Thomas Donilon, initially Obama’s deputy national security adviser, and then-Lt. Gen. Douglas E. Lute, the White House coordinator for the wars, are described as regularly engaged in “aggressive, suspicious, and sometimes condescending and insulting questioning of our military leaders.”

In her statement, Hayden said Obama “disagrees with Secretary Gates’ assessment” of the vice president.

“From his leadership on the Balkans in the Senate, to his efforts to end the war in Iraq, Joe Biden has been one of the leading statesmen of his time, and has helped advance America’s leadership in the world,” Hayden said. “President Obama relies on his good counsel every day.”

Gates is 70, nearly 20 years older than Obama. He has worked for every president going back to Richard Nixon, with the exception of Bill Clinton. Throughout his government career, he was known for his bipartisan detachment, the consummate team player. “Duty” is likely to provide ammunition for those who believe it is risky for a president to fill such a key Cabinet post with a holdover from the opposition party.

He writes, “I have tried to be fair in describing actions and motivations of others.” He seems well aware that Obama and his aides will not see it that way.


Gates says his instructions to the Pentagon were: “Don’t give the White House staff and [national security staff] too much information on the military options. They don’t understand it, and ‘experts’ like Samantha Power will decide when we should move militarily.” Power, then on the national security staff and now U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has been a strong advocate for humanitarian intervention.

Another time, after Donilon and Biden tried to pass orders to Gates, he told the two, “The last time I checked, neither of you are in the chain of command,” and said he expected to get orders directly from Obama.

Life at the top was no picnic, Gates writes. He did little or no socializing. “Every evening I could not wait to get home, get my office homework out of the way, write condolence letters to the families of the fallen, pour a stiff drink, wolf down a frozen dinner or carry out,” since his wife, Becky, often remained at their home in Washington state.

“I got up at five every morning to run two miles around the Mall in Washington, past the World War II, Korean, and Vietnam memorials, and in front of the Lincoln Memorial. And every morning before dawn, I would ritually look up at that stunning white statue of Lincoln, say good morning, and sadly ask him, How did you do it?”

The memoir’s title comes from a quote, “God help me to do my duty,” that Gates says he kept on his desk. The quote has been attributed to Abraham Lincoln’s war secretary, Edwin Stanton.

At his confirmation hearings to be Bush’s defense secretary in late 2006, Gates told the senators that he had not “come back to Washington to be a bump on a log and not say exactly what I think, and to speak candidly and, frankly, boldly to people at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue about what I believe and what I think needs to be done.”

But Gates says he did not speak his mind when the committee chairman listed the problems he would face as secretary. “I remember sitting at the witness table listening to this litany of woe and thinking, “What the hell am I doing here? I have walked right into the middle of a category-five s——-m. It was the first of many, many times I would sit at the witness table thinking something very different from what I was saying.”


At a March 3, 2011, National Security Council meeting, Gates writes, the president opened with a “blast.” Obama criticized the military for “popping off in the press” and said he would push back hard against any delay in beginning the withdrawal.

According to Gates, Obama concluded, “ ‘If I believe I am being gamed . . .’ and left the sentence hanging there with the clear implication the consequences would be dire.”

Gates continues: “I was pretty upset myself. I thought implicitly accusing” Petraeus, and perhaps Mullen and Gates himself, “of gaming him in front of thirty people in the Situation Room was inappropriate, not to mention highly disrespectful of Petraeus. As I sat there, I thought: the president doesn’t trust his commander, can’t stand [Afghanistan President Hamid] Karzai, doesn’t believe in his own strategy, and doesn’t consider the war to be his. For him, it’s all about getting out.”

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45 Responses to A Short Route to Chaos

  • “ ‘If I believe I am being gamed . . .’ and left the sentence hanging there with the clear implication the consequences would be dire.”

    The President really ought to deal with his subordinates in a more elevated way than channeling Valerie Jarrett.

  • I am one of the 48% of the voting population that in 2008 that Obama is utterly unqualified to be anything other than a second-rate, racial hustler.

    Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me for five years I am an Obama-worshiping imbecile.

  • Our nation would be well served if those who under the self described term “duty” vacated office after just a few years and returned to the private sector. One who spends forty plus years within the administrative state as a bureaucrat does not reflect the vision of the founding fathers for a citizen’s duty to serve. Term limits are a good thing.

  • Want to destroy representative government as we’ve castrated the power of the executive branch through term limits? Put term limits in the Congress. Here’s the price tag: the loss of experienced and seasoned legislators, ah, but that’s only the listed price. The tax … and it won’t be a fixed sales tax by any imagination, will be the cost of the creation of a superpermalobbying caste. It’s real easy to say, “Okay, they’ve served their time, now it’s time for ’em to step down.” Okay, but what if Sen. or Rep. Jones is working on a very complex piece of legislation that would do wonders to help improve the lot of so many lives without compromising the teachings of our Church and cause any of the usual howls over Jefferson’s Berlin Wall of sorts in his letter to Connecticut Baptists two centuries ago?
    Shouldn’t the voters retain the right to decide for themselves if they want a new person sitting in Jones’ seat at a time when Jones’ presence, connections and legislative skills are of paramount value? … especially if the likelihood that Jones’ successor will filibuster the piece or make sure its progress is jammed long enough for the next two years so as to “allow it to die in committee” before reaching the House floor.
    What helped make FDR so effective in handling many (though hardly all) of his resistance from Capitol Hill was the simple fact that without term limits, his very presence could keep his share of ever-present pain in the rears in a permanent state of second guessing…and I’m referring to legislators in both parties.
    The moment a president secures his reelection, he or she is automatically a lame duck, left fighting to secure the “legacy” rather than permanently campaigning, cajoling or downright fighting for the legislation he/she wants passed. Until LBJ announced he was stepping down, nobody on Capitol Hill wanted to hear the phone ring at 1 a.m. knowing for sure it was Johnson calling him down for a “come to Jesus” talk with LBJ. But that’s what helped turned the unquestionably moral cause for equal rights become successful in overturning the blockheads from Dixie and getting both the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act passed, even though LBJ openly admitted after signing the latter he was signing off his own party’s chances in the South for years to come.
    T.Shaw, c’mon … you can do better than Glenn Beck, right? If not, indeed and quite pitiable.

  • Steven,

    How so?

    Can you provide specifics, data and facts, on Obama’s qualifications and achievements, either pre- or post-2008?

    That entry will be far shorter than the above litany you flung at us.

    And, here’s a true howler! ” . . . the loss of experienced and seasoned legislators.” Name one that isn’t a complete idiot.

    The only way to limit the damage is to limit their power.

    I’m pretty sure you can’t do it.

  • Want to destroy representative government as we’ve castrated the power of the executive branch

    The fact that you believe the current executive branch to be “castrated” in relation to the legislative branch, especially considering American history up to about 1932, is absolutely mind-boggling. I’ve gone back and forth on Congressional term limits myself, but using the 22nd Amendment to buttress the case against them is faulty. Even without term limits there has never been a successful 2nd presidential term with the possible exception of Theodore Roosevelt. Even the vaunted FDR’s standing slipped considerably after the 1938 mid-term elections.

  • Put term limits in the Congress. Here’s the price tag: the loss of experienced and seasoned legislators, ah, but that’s only the listed price.

    There was an article in The Public Interest on this subject a decade or so ago. The ‘experienced legislators’ are the one’s most likely to be in the breast pocket of lobbyists. “Experienced legislators” = rent seeking and crony capitalism. Suggest in the future that we have a minimum age for members of Congress (say, 39), require mandatory retirement at 75 (yes, Robert Byrd, I was thinking of you), and allow no legislator to serve more than eight years in any bloc of twelve.

    You cannot really correct for a rancid political culture and a corpus of politicians drawn from a bourgeoisie that has not one-quarter of the honor and dignity that my grand-parents’ contemporaries had. However, we might benefit from junking the video-plebiscitarian system of selecting our chief executive. Presidential elections have gotten to be such an ugly circus and are so biased in favor of politicians whose skill set begins and ends with running electoral campaigns that I keep hoping every four years we have seen the last one.

    1. Require the president be an old man (60 at a minimum).

    2. Have the state legislatures elect the president, and reconvene for such a task if there is a vacancy.

    3. Have the president serve until a mandatory retirement date (say, 75).

    4. Grant the House of Representatives a conditional option to erect a parliamentary ministry (along the lines of French ‘co-habitation governments’).

    5. Get rid of the presidential veto and get rid of advise and consent functions for aught but tenured positions. Devolve advise and consent functions to state legislatures.

    I should note, SB, that elections seldom if ever tell you what the public wants. They tell you what the public will tolerate. If you do not raise their property taxes, bollix a snow emergency, or flub your press conference when ethylene glycol is discovered in the water table, they tolerate just about anything. No term limits means most legislative seats are property.

  • To lose Christopher Henry Smith of NJ or a Henry Hyde to term limits would be disastrous, for these men were and are statesmen.
    “Want to destroy representative government as we’ve castrated the power of the executive branch”
    923 Executive Orders signed by Obama in 40 months, Obamacare, the HHS Mandate has castrated the U.S. Constitution. The only breath we have left is impeachment, and impeachment is better than term limits.

  • Here’s the rule of thumb I suggest for term limits: the more power the person occupying the office can exercise as an individual, the shorter their term limit should be. The term limit for an executive office such as POTUS, governor or mayor would be shorter than that of a legislative office (Congresscritter, state legislator, alderman) for the obvious reason that a president, governor or mayor has a lot more potential for turning into a king/dictator for life than does a single member of a legislative body with multiple members.

    Personally I would suggest that state governors be limited to two 4-year terms just like the POTUS, that state legislators and members of Congress be limited to about 20 years, U.S. Senators to 30 years, and that automatic pensions for these offices be abolished. For legislators, a shorter time limit 8-10 years, could be placed on offices such as Speaker, Majority Leader, etc. since their power to influence movement of legislation is greater than that of a lone rank and file member. This would allow time for legislators to gain experience of how things work, and prevent disruptive levels of turnover (some states have repealed their term limits on legislators because it caused more problems than it solved), while making it clear that such an office is not meant to be held for life. Many members of Congress and the majority of state legislators would probably either quit or get voted out before a 20-year term limit became an issue anyway.

  • I think rotation in office is a good thing. Where I would disagree with you Elaine is with regard to its comparative utility. State borders are fixed, and thus gubernatorial contests cannot be gerrymandered. Also, the state governor is an exceedingly obtrusive official, so contests incorporate a great deal of publicity and attract ambitious pols willing and able to mount vigorous challenges. New York has mandatory retirement for judges, but has never had term limits of any kind. We’ve had over 50 governors since Lexington and Concord but only a half-dozen sat in office for more than a decade; the one with the longest tenure was in office for 15 years. It is absolutely routine for legislators to serve longer than that and you have re-election rates north of 98%.

  • Ms. DeVoe writes, “…To lose Christopher Henry Smith of NJ or a Henry Hyde to term limits would be disastrous, for these men were and are statesmen….

    A true statesman knows when to call it a day and go home, just as George Washington did when he left the office of the Presidency and declined the position of king offered him by a grateful nation.

    Our Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators who would voluntarily assume the role of legislators for a short period, resolve existing issues, and then return to their primary occupations in the private sector thus making way for other citizens to do their civic duties.

    The great administrative welfare state that our federal government has become could not survive under the citizen legislator model anticipated by the Founders….but then the Founder’s primary concern was to protect our nation from becoming a top down centralized behemoth.

    The Founders realized that when power concentrates, tyranny inevitably follows.

  • “A true statesman knows when to call it a day and go home, just as George Washington did when he left the office of the Presidency and declined the position of king offered him by a grateful nation.” -Christopher Henry Smith is the leading pro-life person in the House. George Washington left because our nation was born and alive. Human sacrifice as a legality, the rejection of God by government, the denial of the human soul and the inclusion of atheism have eroded our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Perhaps, George Washington would have stayed to repair freedom if he had to deal with what our nation has lost. In any event, John Adams Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, all Founding Fathers were competent to do the work of liberty. Now, we are a gulag and beasts of burden as far as Obama is concerned.

  • Timely quotes from Thomas Jefferson.

    The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work. and give to those who would not.—-Thomas Jefferson

    It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.—-Thomas Jefferson

    I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.—-Thomas Jefferson

    My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
    —-Thomas Jefferson

    No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.—-Thomas Jefferson

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.—-Thomas Jefferson

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.—Thomas Jefferson

    To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.—-Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson said in 1802: I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property–until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

  • Modern politicians appear to pay more heed to Sir Boyd Roche than to Thomas Jefferson.
    When a debate arose in the Irish House of Commons on the vote of a grant which was recommended by Sir John Parnell, Chancellor of the Exchequer, as one not likely to be felt burdensome for many years to come – it was observed in reply, that the House had no just right to load posterity with a weighty debt for what could in no degree operate to their advantage. Sir Boyle, eager to defend the measure of Government, immediately rose: “What, Mr. Speaker!” said he, “and so we are to beggar ourselves for fear of vexing posterity! Now, I would ask the honourable gentleman, and still more honourable House, why we should put ourselves out of our way to do anything for posterity; for what has posterity done for us?”

  • Ms. Devoe, Career politicians are primarily motivated by enlightened self interest (winning their own re-election and securing lucrative congressional pension and medical plans). The best interests of the nation (including the preservation of innocent human life in all its forms) are of secondary importance.

    The longer a politician remains in office the more aligned he or she becomes with the power structure (political parties) which turn out voters at election time and private lobbying interests which provide campaign financing in return for a favorable voting record on targeted issues.

    Because there are so many entrenched politicians, citizen legislators with fresh ideas and contemporary approaches to resolving tough, long standing issues are denied an opportunity to serve. The same hackneyed politicians continue to westle with the same problems producing little or no positive change. Oftentimes this holding pattern is the desired end demanded by those lobbies which financially support the politician.


    We need new people, new ideas, and the energy of new generations who will commit to serve for a short period, clean up the mess, turn their backs on the political parties and lobbying interests, then leave. Term limits will help advance this goal.

    Fear of change should not limit one to the status quo. There are many citizen legislators who will stand in favor of the worthwhile issues you favor.

  • MPS writes: “…Now, I would ask the honourable gentleman, and still more honourable House, why we should put ourselves out of our way to do anything for posterity; for what has posterity done for us?”


    An perfect description of a politician’s self interested mindset…but couldn’t you have selected a quote not so closely linked to Ireland? : )

  • Boy boy, I can still hear the calls of the conservatives back in ’88 bewailing the fact Reagan was unable to run again. Can’t have it both ways. If a person is strong enough mentally and physically to stand for reelection, for any office at any level and in any state as well, shouldn’t it remain for the voters to decide to say “yea” or “nay”? (Mercifully I’ve kept my reply shorter than otherwise for there was a lot to think n’ chew over above, some very interesting and thought-provoking ideas, but I’m still bedeviled how birtherism keeps surfacing. Oh I get it, T. Shaw wants to keep letting me diss it over n’ over. LOL, sorta like the GOP on Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, ad very nauseum. I hope for your sake especially designed anti-concussion helmets are available for anti-any-social safety net GOPers, TPartiers and Libertarians.

  • Boy boy, I can still hear the calls of the conservatives back in ’88 bewailing the fact Reagan was unable to run again. Can’t have it both ways.


    I’m not trying to. I never advocated repeal of the 22d Amendment. I doubt Elaine Krewer did either. Dr. Zummo was 10 years old in 1988.

  • “shouldn’t it remain for the voters to decide to say “yea” or “nay”?”

    Those same voters are quite partial to term limits for a reason. Voters only decide between presented alternatives.

  • Slainté

    Oh! But the honourable member for Tralee is an unfailing source of delight, as chronicled in Josiah Barrington’s indispensible Memoirs.

    It was Sir Boyle who said in support of the suspension of Habeas Corpus, “It would surely be better … to give up not only a part, but, if necessary, even the whole, of our constitution, to preserve the remainder!”

  • I should have said “the Honourable and Gallant Member for Tralee.”

    Sir Boyle had a distinguished military career and was knighted for valour in the capture of El Morro in Havana Bay in 1772.

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour: “”…why we should put ourselves out of our way to do anything for posterity; for what has posterity done for us?””
    Our constitutional posterity is conceived in perfect moral and legal innocence and virginity and is the standard of Justice to the state, the compelling interest of the state in the newly begotten sovereign person. The newly begotten human person constitutes the state through his sovereign personhood from the very first moment of existence. Therefore, as Fransisco Suarez posited: “Human existence is the criterion for the objective ordering of human rights.”
    This is what our posterity does for us.

  • The down side of term limits means a constitutional amendment and opening the Constitution to amendment in this day and age of evil, the only word for our culture of death, is deadly. Do not be misled, those politicians in their lust for power will find a way to collude and manipulate the government in and out of office. Take lobbying for example or the peddling of influence in the Abscam scandal that gave Christopher Smith a win over Harrison Williams and Frank Thompson, both being charged. Williams went to jail for two years.

  • Slainte: “Oftentimes this holding pattern is the desired end demanded by those lobbies which financially support the politician.”
    Impeachment may be the only power the people have to correct the politicians and to keep them honest.
    “We need new people, new ideas, and the energy of new generations who will commit to serve for a short period, clean up the mess, turn their backs on the political parties and lobbying interests, then leave.” The people got HOPE and CHANGE with Obama, new people, new ideas. We need impeachment to keep the politicians honest and to teach them how to represent us.

  • -EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institution in any UNDEFINED national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, CONGRESS CANNOT REVIEW THE ACTION FOR SIX MONTHS.
    Who will return Congress to power once Congress is disabled?
    from Vision to America News [email protected]

  • “birtherism: makes of Obama an illegal alien in the White House. As said by Thomas More.: Who can stand upright in the wind that ensues when one lays flat all of man’s laws.

  • Mary De Voe

    King Louis XV seems to have been of the same mind as Sir Boyle, « Après moi, le déluge » (“After me, the deluge”)

    His Most Christian Majesty may have had in mind the anonymous Greek fragment

    ἐμοῦ θανόντος γαῖα μιχθήτω πυρί•
    οὐδὲν μέλει μοι• τἀμὰ γὰρ καλῶς ἔχει.

    When I die, let earth and fire mix:
    It matters not to me, for my affairs will be unaffected.

    Or Strato of Sardis’s remark about his dead bones

    νεκρὰ δὲ Δευκαλίων αὐτὰ κατακλυσάτω.

    and when they are dead let Deucalion’s flood cover them.

  • MPS writes….”It was Sir Boyle who said in support of the suspension of Habeas Corpus, “It would surely be better … to give up not only a part, but, if necessary, even the whole, of our constitution, to preserve the remainder!” ….”

    I can’t stop laughing…in part because “the Honourable and Gallant Member for Tralee”, Sir Boyle is clearly descended from the fairies and may have inadvertently reached for the poitin instead of the milk when preparing his morning tea..

    I suspect SIr Boyle would have made a very interesting dinner companion if one enjoyed laughter and innane repartee.

  • Mary DeVoe writes, “The people got HOPE and CHANGE with Obama, new people, new ideas. We need impeachment to keep the politicians honest and to teach them how to represent us….”

    I agree! We need a good spring cleaning…let’s throw all the rascals out on their heads….and hope that the new rascals are better. : )

  • Thanks to Citizens United, and all the bucks being funneled into the organizations doing all they can to engineer a permanent Gerrymandered GOP majority in the House, you might as well kiss promises made by any handpicked GOP/TP to vote for term limitations. Once they get elected, get a taste of life on the Potomac (with all its perks n’ goodies, not to mention social life among “like minded thinkers … only of course” even the best intentioned House newbie will start singing a newer and more nuanced … er, cleverly packaged … tune about limits as soon as his or her pre-stated, promised (whatever) set number of terms is just about up. Rep. Jones will start looking at what his pension will bring in and make a “calculated decision” as to whether he or she wants to put up with the “demands” the privilege of serving the folks back home require on his or her time.
    Term limits sounds a lot nicer n’ tidier to the masses when it’s cleverly packaged by well-paid political hacks and trolls willing to put their hands to a keyboard … if they do that much besides signing to what they’ve sent out to the rubes back home. If anybody doesn’t think this mentality holds within the ruling cliques n’ claques of DC, it’s time they take a civics primer and a big mug of high octane coffee. Who’s paying the salaries of these people trolling for all the so-called “independent-minded fiscal conservatives” starting to make their bones in the GOP? The very same people paying the tab for the schlock meisters are bankrolling their convenient puppets. It happens on the liberal side of the fence, but nowhere nearly as much as it has recently with the GOP House that’s backed by people who have more money than brains, not to mention any compassion or sense of social justice.
    For those GOP members who stray over into liberal land by so much a few or even one crucial vote their puppetmasters were counting on them to cast, even if they never gave so much a hint ahead of time of what they expected of their newly victorious and gerrymandered safe vote, they’ll be history because they’ll never be able to raise enough money on their own to withstand the crucible called “primaried.” Let’s be careful about who’s calling for term limits in politics and why … and who he or she’s really calling it for. The big boyos playing the Wizard of Oz and their lobbyist pals will be the only winners in this part of the political game. I’d rather be damned than give the full meaning of my right to vote to either Soros or the Brothers Koch.
    If we give even a smidgeon of that right back by voting in people who are only serving the secret agendas of their paymasters than conducting themselves more properly by honorably serving both their local constituencies and most importantly, the nation as a whole. This doesn’t mean doing the easy thing by consulting the silent pay masters first, or sticking the proverbial wet finger in the wind . . . but rather studying the bills, voting the way they best see the issues at hand according to their higher informed conscience and treating their constituents like adults by explaining to them why they had to cast those votes.
    If you don’t buy what he or she says, then without term limits you will still have the right to exercise your right to be that legislator (or executive’s) boss. Don’t give this up. Please.

  • Steve,

    I gotta say that I chuckled reading your comment. You spent a lot of time basically calling everyone else rubes, yet your comment is riddled with trite cliches that looked like they were cribbed from a set of pre-arranged talking points. I mean seriously, no original thought seemed to go into anything that you wrote, but I’m sure you feel better about yourself now that you’ve written it.

  • “When I die, let earth and fire mix: It matters not to me, for my affairs will be unaffected.”
    Saint Teresa of Lieseux said: “I will spend my heaven doing good upon the face of the earth” St. Pio said: ” I will wait outside of heaven until all of my spiritual children are inside.” for those to whom it matters, they have heaven.

  • “”It was Sir Boyle who said in support of the suspension of Habeas Corpus, “It would surely be better … to give up not only a part, but, if necessary, even the whole, of our constitution, to preserve the remainder!” ….”” Sir Boyle was certainly a great statesman with the ability to get his pointedly, pointed point across.
    “I can’t stop laughing…in part because “the Honourable and Gallant Member for Tralee”, Sir Boyle is clearly descended from the fairies and may have inadvertently reached for the poitin instead of the milk when preparing his morning tea.” Most enjoyable. Remember to watch Disney’s Darby O’Gill and the Little People, especially the add ons that tell of how the Leprechauns got to earth.

  • ” the GOP House that’s backed by people who have more money than brains, not to mention any compassion or sense of social justice.” Justice is giving a man what he truly deserves. Social Justice is giving a man only what he needs, and cannot give a man what he wants.

  • Steven Barrett, you’ve offered us a 600 word text wall almost entirely irrelevant to the issue of term limits.

  • I gotta say that I chuckled reading your comment.


    I only had time to skim.

  • Mary Devoe writes,…”Sir Boyle [Roche] was certainly a great statesman with the ability to get his pointedly, pointed point across.”

    Mary, It seems that the venerable Irish, slightly crooked politician Sir Boyle Roche, MP (1743-1807), a baronet and member of the Protestant Ascendency. was also credited with saying:

    All along the untrodden paths of the future I can see the footprints of an unseen hand.

    I answer in the affirmative with an emphatic “No.”

    We should silence anyone who opposes the right to freedom of speech.

    The cup of Ireland’s misery has been overflowing for centuries and is not yet half full.

    I told you to make one longer than the other and instead you have made one shorter than the other.

    (in a letter) P.S. If you do not receive this, of course it must have been miscarried; therefore I beg you to write and let me know.

    Sir, I would anchor a frigate off each bank of the river, with strict orders not to stir; and so, by cruising up and down, put a stop to smuggling.

    Ireland and England are like two sisters; I would have them embrace like one brother.

    How can I be in two places at once, unless I were a bird?

    Half the lies our opponents tell about us are untrue.

    The best way to avoid danger is to meet it plump.

    The only thing to prevent what’s past is to put a stop to it before it happens.

    Every pint bottle should contain a quart.

    There is no Levitical decree between nations, and on this occasion I can see neither sin nor shame in marrying our own sister.

    He is the kind of opponent who would stab you in front of your face and then stab you in the chest when your back is turned.

    The progress of the times…[is]…such that little children, who can neither walk nor talk, may be seen cursing their Maker!

    If we once permitted the villainous French masons to meddle with the buttresses and walls of our ancient constitution, they would never stop nor stay, until they had brought the foundation stones tumbling down about the ears of the nation.

    While I write this letter, I have a pistol in one hand and a sword in the other.

    I can honestly say I would not impose Term Limits on Sir Boyle Roche….I would be too busy laughing at and with him!

  • Slainté

    Thank you for that herd of Irish Bulls.

    “How can I be in two places at once, unless I were a bird?”

    Not Sir Boyle’s own, but an allusion to the Restoration playwright, Thomas Jevons’s play, “The Devil of a Wife; or, a Comical Transformation”

    Wife: “I cannot be in two places at once.”
    Husband (Rowland): “Surely no, unless thou wert a bird”

    “I can honestly say I would not impose Term Limits on Sir Boyle Roche….I would be too busy laughing at and with him!”

    Alas! The Irish House of Commons voted itself out of existence in 1801, under the Act of Union and Sir Boyle himself voted with the majority; something that, as Dr Johnson said of Garrick’s death, “eclipsed the gaiety of nations, and impoverished the publick stock of harmless pleasure.”

  • MPS writes…”Alas! The Irish House of Commons voted itself out of existence in 1801, under the Act of Union and Sir Boyle himself voted with the majority; something that, as Dr Johnson said of Garrick’s death, “eclipsed the gaiety of nations, and impoverished the publick stock of harmless pleasure.”

    And Sir Boyle Roche’s willingness to vote himself out of a job, call it a day, and go home is what makes that Venerable, Honorable, and ever so Esteemable, albeit slightly crooked politician, a great statesman.

  • Paul, I wasn’t trying by any means characterize the non-DC population as rubes. I was actually trying to capture the arrogant attitude of so many of the non-elected and non-governmental writers working for the wide array of special interest groups who are very adept in the art of writing one fright letter after another for the primary purpose of separating the recipients of these fear mongering letters from their money. I’m prolife, but I have no use for outfits like the so-called Susan B. Anthony. I’ve read their material and sure enough, when it comes to pumping out the standard horror stories about certain bills put forth by the pro-abortion side, here’s what they don’t say: They support reverse robbing hoods like Tennessee’s Stephen Fincher, who sings up a nice prolife tune all the while pocketing this past year alone, $75grand, while he sat on the very same AgCmte, which voted to cut at least $39B and had the nerve to defend his actions on the House Floor. Talk’s cheap, except when it comes to the Finchers who don’t deserve the quiet dignity of leaving office after his last term’s up. Do you, Paul, and other readers want to let worms like that leave with their heads high when we the voters should have the utmost pleasure of booting his and other loads out of high office? Then, there’s the sterling defender of life himself, abortion procurin’ and food stamp cutttin’ Congressman from the opposite end of the Volunteer State….Need I say more about these two gents whom some might not find it all that bad if they get to leave with heads high and pensions, too, if term limits cuts their rogue “congressional careers” shorter than they’d really like.
    Maybe the “rubes” are really the non-elected hangers on who need to let the voters have the final say on the slate they (truly) want to put on The Hill permanently, but don’t have the guts to say so. So they lie, get away with it and continue raking in their cash for their real unstated purpose, power for its own sake … and get away with it. At least Fincher’s a good family man with no personal scandals. He’s consistent there, but the recidivist abortion procurer DeJarlais? Let the Vols have at that guy, no Constitutional lawyers expert on election matters. Let the people do the job without any “coaching” from outfits like the SBA List.
    Just a few examples.

  • Steven Barrett: “Let the people do the job without any “coaching” from outfits like the SBA List.” The light of truth on our politicians is a great blessing for voters for it informs and educates.The evil one need darkness to hide.

  • “Ireland and England are like two sisters; I would have them embrace like one brother.”
    “There is no Levitical decree between nations, and on this occasion I can see neither sin nor shame in marrying our own sister.”
    Sir Boyle called himself the brother who wanted there to be unity between the two sisters of Ireland and England.

  • Mary De Voe,

    In 1593, two flame haired Queens,

    Gloriana (Elizabeth I) of England and Gráinne Ní Mháille (Grace O’Malley) of Clare Island, County Mayo, Connaught, Ireland came face to face in the Palace of Greenwich, and the tale a poet doth tell:


    GRANUAILE (from the Irish)

    There stands a tower by the Atlantic side
    A grey old tower, by storm and sea-waves beat
    Perch’d on a cliff, beneath it yawneth wide
    A lofty cavern of yore a fit retreat
    For pirates galleys; altho’, now, you’ll meet
    Nought but the seal and wild gull; from that cave
    A hundred steps do upwards lead your feet
    Unto a lonely chamber! — Bold and brave
    Is he who climbs that stair, all slippery from the wave.


    I sat there on an evening. In the west,
    Amid the waters, sank the setting sun:
    While clouds, like parting friends, about him prest,
    Clad in their fleecy garbs, of gold and dun;
    And silence was around me — save the hum,
    Of the lone and wild bee, or the curlew’s cry.
    An lo! upon me did a vision come,
    Of her who built that tower, in days gone by;
    And in that dream, behold! I saw a building high.

    A stately hull — lofty and carved the roof —
    Was deck’d with silken banners fair to see.
    The hanging velvet, from Genou’s woof,
    And wrought with Tudor roses curiously;
    At its far end did stand a canopy,
    Shading a chair of state, on which was seen
    A ladye fair, with look of majesty,
    Amid a throng, ‘yclad in costly sheen —
    Nobles and gallant Knights proclaim her England’s Queen.


    The sage Elizabeth; and by her side
    Were group’d her counsellors, with calm, grave air,
    Burleigh and Walsingham, with others, tried
    In wisdom and in war, and sparkling there,
    Like Summer butterflies, were damsels fair,
    Beautiful and young: behind a trusty band
    Of stalwart yeomanry, with watchful care,
    The portal guard, while nigher to it stand
    Usher and page, ready to ape with willing hand.


    A Tucket sounds, and lo! there enters now
    A strange group, in saffron tunics drest:
    A female at their head, whose step and brow
    Herald her rank, and calm and self possest,
    Onward she came, alone through England’s best,
    With careless look, and bearing free yet high,
    Tho’ gentle dames their titterings scarce represt,
    Noting her garments as she passed them by;
    None laughed again who met that stern and flashing eye.


    Restless and dark, its sharp and rapid look
    Showed a fierce spirit, prone a wrong to feel,
    And quicker to revenge it. As a book,
    That sun-burnt brow did fearless thoughts reveal;
    And in her girdle was a skeyne of steel;
    Her crimson mantle, a gold brooch did bind;
    Her flowing garments reached unto her heel;
    Her hair-part fell in tresses unconfined,
    And part, a silver bodkin did fasten up behind.


    ‘Twas not her garb that caught the gazer’s eye —
    Tho’ strange, ’twas rich, and, after its fashion, good —
    But the wild grandeur of her mien-erect and high.
    Before the English Queen she dauntless stood,
    And none her bearing there could scorn as rude;
    She seemed as one well used to power — one that hath
    Dominion over men of savage mood,
    And dared the tempest in its midnight wrath,
    And thro’ opposing billows cleft her fearless path.


    And courteous greeting Elizabeth them pays,
    And bids her welcome to her English land
    And humble hall. Each looked with curious gaze
    Upon the other’s face, and felt they stand
    Before a spirit like their own. Her hand
    The stranger raised — and pointing where all pale,
    Thro’ the high casement, cam the sunlight bland,
    Gliding the scene and group with rich avail;
    Thus, to the English Sov’reigh, spoke proud “Grana Wale”.


    Queen of the Saxons! from the distant west
    I come; from Achill steep and Island Clare,
    Where the wild eagle builds ‘mid clouds, his nest,
    And Ocean flings its billows in the air.
    I come to greet you in your dwelling fair.
    Led by your fame — lone sitting in my cave.
    In sea — beat Doona — it hath reached me there,
    Theme of the minstrel’s song; and then I gave
    My galley to the wind, and crossed the dark green wave.


    “Health to thee, ladye! — let your answer be
    Health to our Irish land; for evil men
    Do vex her sorely, and have buklar’d thee
    Abettor of their deeds; lyeing train,
    That cheat their mistress for the love of gain,
    And wrong their trust-aught else I little reck,
    Alike to me, the mountain and the glen —
    The castle’s rampart of the galley’s deck;
    But thou my country spare — your foot is on her neck.


    Thus brief and bold, outspake that ladye stern,
    And all stood silent thro’ that crowded hall;
    While proudly glared each proud and manly kern
    Attendant on their mistress. Then courtly all
    Elizabeth replies, and soothing fall
    Her words, and pleasing to the Irish ear —
    Fair promises — that she would soon recall
    Her evil servants. Were these words sincere?
    That promise kept? Let Erin answer with a tear!

    Poet unknown

  • slainte: This is a beautiful poem. It spells out the reality between Ireland and England, then and still now. I am aware of the relationship. I wrote to point out Sir Boyle’s reference to incestuously marrying one’s own sister as an act of state. “”I can see neither sin nor shame in marrying our own sister.”” Only tears for Ireland.

  • Mary, the relationship between these two powerful and headstrong women, during this singular exchange, was at first guarded and cautious, yet grew into a curious respect each for the other.

    Elizabeth easily could have imprisoned her nemesis in the Tower of London yet chose instead to grant Grainne’s petition to restrain a troubling English agent in Ireland and also ordered an old age pension in favor of Grainne, whose financial resources had been impeded as a consequence of existing laws in effect in Ireland at the time. They parted friends.

    This meeting has always been viewed with curiosity and surprise.

    Sir Boyle, I am sure, would have been pleased.

A Fitting Secretary of State

Tuesday, January 7, AD 2014

Brain Trust of the Obama Administration

Hattip to Erika Johnson at Hot Air.  I think it is fitting that the increasingly impotent lame duck Obama administration has a complete buffoon like John F. Kerry as Secretary of State.  He is perfect in the role as the global representative of an administration whose every foreign policy initiative has ended, or is in the process of ending, in disaster.  Kerry, being unable to deal with any of the real foreign policy crises confronting this nation, is determined to nail his flag to the country responding to a fake one:

But while the public’s attention has been on his diplomacy in the Middle East, behind the scenes at the State Department Mr. Kerry has initiated a systematic, top-down push to create an agencywide focus on global warming.

His goal is to become the lead broker of a global climate treaty in 2015 that will commit the United States and other nations to historic reductions in fossil fuel pollution.

Whether the secretary of state can have that kind of influence remains an open question, and Mr. Kerry, despite two decades of attention to climate policy, has few concrete accomplishments on the issue. The climate bills he sponsored as a senator failed. At the United Nations climate summit meeting in Copenhagen in 2009, Mr. Kerry, then a senator from Massachusetts, labored behind the scenes to help President Obama broker a treaty that yielded pledges from countries to cut their emissions but failed to produce legally binding commitments. …

Shortly after Mr. Kerry was sworn in last February, he issued a directive that all meetings between senior American diplomats and top foreign officials include a discussion of climate change. He put top climate policy specialists on his State Department personal staff. And he is pursuing smaller climate deals in forums like the Group of 20, the countries that make up the world’s largest economies. …

Not only must he handle difficult negotiations with China — the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases — for the 2015 treaty, but the pact must be ratified by a Senate that has a long record of rejecting climate change legislation. “In all candor, I don’t care where he is, nothing is going to happen in the Senate for a long time,” Mr. McCain said.

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28 Responses to A Fitting Secretary of State

  • Climate change initiatives, once approved, will require oversight and regulation by the United Nations and other foreign, super-national entities. It therefore implicitly and explicitly cedes a part of the United States’ sovereignity to the ministrations of this foreign body.

    Does the U.S constitution matter anymore as our politicians compromise our sovereign nation status without requiring the firing of a single shot?

  • A possible irony in all of this panic, er, focus on stopping global warming at all costs is that the Sun is showing clear signs of entering another “grand minimum” of sunspot activity that could last several decades or so — the very type of grand minimum that, in the past, has been associated with global COOLING, including the “Little Ice Age” of the 18th and 19th centuries. (Google “sunspot minimum and global cooling” to find out more)

    If this happens, and it’s still a big if, we may eventually be thankful for man-made global warming as it just might help to mitigate the potentially far more disastrous effects of global cooling such as shortened growing seasons, crop failures, and the resultant increases in starvation, poverty and the general cost of living.

  • Not to mention the fact that overall world temperatures have been flat, i.e., NOT increased since at least the late 1990s. All the AGW alarmist predictions of where world temperatures “should” be by now, 2014, have proven wrong.

  • Another wheel-spinning exercise is the Middle East ‘peace process’.

    You have to hand it to Obama. Just about every other Secretary of State in the last 60 odd years had one or more of the following assets: a previous history as a line administrator, an extensive history of scholarship, or a previous history in diplomatic posts of consequence. Obama has appointed two characters in a row with none of these assets.

    On Kerry’s history in law practice:


  • Sovereignty is like virginity. A person is a virgin or is not, no in between. Former President Clinton, when he was president, said that we would have to surrender “a little bit of sovereignty” That is like being a little bit pregnant. One world government under the world bank with no mention of the human being’s immortal human soul is global totalitarianism. Global warming and greenhouse gas credits are only the weapon.
    We need statesmen, not politicians. A statesman in imbued with the virtue of patriotism. The politicians are steeped headlong into agendas, moral and immoral. The politician fails to fulfill his loyalty to America.

  • Sovereignty is like virginity

    No. Particular parts of the globe have lost and re-acquired sovereignty.

  • What a maroon.

  • “No. Particular parts of the globe have lost and re-acquired sovereignty.”
    God renews the face of the earth through our posterity, innocence and virginity reborn. God renews our spiritual virginity through the Sacrament of Penance. Barbarism, despotism and the like are not sovereignty. Cuba is not a sovereign nation, only a gulag. Sovereignty resides in virtue and virtue in freedom. In fact, there can be no sovereignty without acknowledgment of the Supreme Sovereign Being, the one true God.

  • John FARC Kerry is a golddigger when it comes to money. In all other things he is a fool. The people who have cast votes for him are fools, too.

  • There is significant money to be made in the climate change game as Al Gore will attest, not limited to the potential gains to be realized by investors in global carbon credits and the sustainability industry.

    The University of East Anglia lost much of its professional credibility in the wake of disclosures that its research and findings which confirmed climate change were tainted.

  • The University of East Anglia lost much of its professional credibility in the wake of disclosures that its research and findings which confirmed climate change were tainted.

    Sad to say, probably not. It did provide some good laughs for those of us skeptical of the hype, however.

  • The people who have cast votes for him are fools, too.

    That’s what gets you. He was elected to the Senate after two years in the lieutenant governor sinecure. He was elected lieutenant governor after a half dozen years as a rank-and-file lawyer of no special distinction. His selling point in 1984 was his service record. Then we discover 20 years later (no thanks to our watchdog press) that his record was embellished in many details and that many of his peers and much of his chain of command despised him.

  • John Kerry was a member of Skull and Bones at Yale….enough said.

  • John Kerry….the next Nobel Peace prize recipient.
    ( couldn’t help it…sorry. )

  • Mary DeVoe.

    Mentioning virginity and Bill Clinton in the same sentence caused me indecision whether to laugh or cry 🙂

    I wonder – has Kerry heard of the bunch of scientists from Australia who chartered a ship to go to Antarctica to prove the loss of sea ice in Constituion Bay where the great Antarctic explorer Mawson sailed into in 1913 ?(I think) – and the idiots got trapped in sea ice hundreds of miles from their destination?

    Antarctic sea ice – now you see it, now you don’t. 🙂

  • Correction.
    Douglas Mawson sailed into Commonwealth Bay in 1911.

  • What is so ironic about this is that if anthropogenic global warming is a real threat, then why does the Administration obstruct the only real solution to fossil fuel carbon releases: nuclear energy. Solar and wind have capacity factors of 20 to 30% compared to nuclear’s +90%. Such renewables always require spinning reserve, usually CO2 releasing natural gas. And if solar were so great, then why don’t we bake our bricks in the sun as the ancient Sumerians did? If wind were so great, then why don’t we still use sailing ships to transport merchandise across the ocean? Yet the Administration spends billions on failed renewable energy companies like Solyndra while styming new nuclear build and appointing anti-nuclear NRC chairpersons like Gregory Jackzo ( forced to resign during the last election because his abuse of women employees at the NRC was an embarrassment to the Administation’s feminist policies ) and now Alison MacFarlane ( a geologist who worked against the Yucca Mountain used fuel repository and whose husband is an anthropologist of anti-nuclear activism ). I would like to see a post here at TAC revealing the Administration’s suicidal treatment of the country’s energy needs that deals in particular with nuclear energy and how it has totally screwed up the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission with appointments of anti-nuclear eco-wackoes.

  • The new government is trying to get rid of the economically damaging “Carbon Tax” here in Australia, that the previous socialist government installed. It was meant to make the top pollution causing Corporates pay for their “Carbon” emissions. But in the short time it’s been in operation, all its done is bring the cost of living up, and damage the viability of many Businesses- especially manufacturing.

    It’s interesting that Kerry is deciding to do this at a time when great parts of the US are frozen over.

    Global warming. Righty then.

    Where is Kerry? On holiday in Hawaii with the Obamas?

    I’m of the belief, and Im not a conspiracy theorist, that this is another way to help reduce the population- By continually driving the message that mankind is to blame for the earth’s alleged “rising temperature” (something that is yet to be determined with certainty anyway).

    And the UN wants to chime in. And force nations to “act on Climate Change”. They have to get the science right first, then maybe they can start with China. Good luck.

  • Ez is 100% correct. Concerned about global warming? Then support nuclear energy, the only viable alternative.

  • Every breath we humans exhale contains carbon dioxide and so merely by “being”, we are tied to the alleged depletion of the earth’s resources.

    Of course, if there were really a carbon depletion issue (and there is not), a viable solution would include planting forests with many trees. Trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is then breathed in by humans in the ordinary cycle of life.

    But this solution is not nearly as lucrative as what Secretary of State Kerry and his colleagues have in mind to resolve the non-existing problem.

    Carbon credits can be traded on global markets for significant sums while also being used as a political vehicle to restrain and control certain nations production capabilities, all in the interest of saving the earth.

    Control and power managed by the few….the great fiction continues.

  • More truth by Slainte. Pay attention, folks. Pay close attention.

  • Just think of it!
    Al Gore John Kerry and Obama limited to four breaths every thirty minutes…all for our Earth God.

    Less is good!

  • Didn’t Al Gore embark on a “world tour” for months on end, in his pollution producing private jet, to preach to the masses his Climate ideology?

    Unfortunately, in Australia, Tim Flannery, our premier advocate for the Climate myth, was awarded the highest of accolades- “Australian of the Year” In 2007. He’s been warning that Australia will be swallowed by a great tidal wave caused by the melting Polar ice caps, for donkey years. In the meantime, he’s bought property that sits right at the shoreline of the Hawksbury River.

  • Haha @ Phillip. It’s not like enough oxygen goes to their brain anyway.

  • Algore became a billionaire playing this uber-scam, which was fabricated by Brit nucular power interests.

    In 1974, the geniuses were quaking over a new ice age; and that we’d completely run out of oil.

    Spain’s “going all-in” for unscientific, vacuous green nonsense (replace fossil fuels with zephyrs, sunbeams and unicorn farts) hastened its economic collapse.

  • Ez.

    Snake oil salesmen have more class and honor than these political bozo’s.
    Pray Pray Pray

  • Hey! We’ve sunk alot of savings into unicorn farts. Please don’t bad mouth the investment.

  • Spain has oodles of money to throw around- the unemployment levels there are tremendous! Their efforts will be but a drop in the ocean.

    It’s China and India that need to address their environmental issues.

    Chinas Three Gorges Dam tilted the axis of the Earth. Their wasteful construction and development of ghost towns (consisting of grande, completely empty shopping malls), and the mis-placement of village people- forcing them into high rise concrete apartment eyesores is the real tragic issues. Along with the random landslide from unresolved, over development projects.

    What does Spain think it will contribute in the grand scheme of the global earth? Not much. It’s all trendy, feel-good, hippy, hullabaloo rubbish. Fix the Spanish economy, and encourage families to have more than one child. Spain, a Catholic country, should be ashamed of itself.

Keeping Wounded Vets Safe From Christmas Cards

Monday, December 30, AD 2013

Obama Deity



The madness and silliness that is the Obama administration continues apace.  Father Z gives us the details:

From FNC (where there is also video):

Boys and girls at Grace Academy in Prosper, Tex., spent most of last Friday making homemade Christmas cards for bedridden veterans at the VA hospital in Dallas. Fourth-grader Gracie Brown was especially proud of her card, hoping it would “make their day because their family might live far away, and they might not have somebody to celebrate Christmas with.” “I’d like them to know they’ve not been forgotten and somebody wanted to say thank you,” Gracie told Gracie’s card read, “Merry Christmas. Thank you for your service.” It also included an American flag. But the bedridden veterans at the VA hospital will never get to see Gracie’s card. Nor will they see the cards made by 51 other students. [Get this…] That’s because the Christmas cards violated VA policy. “It really didn’t occur to me there would be a problem with distributing Christmas cards,” said Susan Chapman, a math teacher at the academy. [Nor would most normal people think that children’s cards for Christmas were double-plus-ungood in the eyes of the Obama Administration.] She’s married to a veteran and volunteers with the American Legion and other veterans’ organizations. On Monday morning the boys and girls were planning on hand delivering the cards to the wounded veterans. [I’ll be the vets would have liked that.] Chapman called the hospital to make final arrangements and that’s when she learned there was a problem. “I told him my students made cards, we’d like to bring them down for the veterans,” Chapman told the television station. “And he said, ‘That’s great. We’re thrilled to have them, except the only thing is, we can’t accept anything that says ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘God bless you’ or any scriptural references because of all the red tape.’[VA: GOD NOT ALLOWED.] A VA official quoted the policy which is in the Veterans Health Administration handbook: “In order to be respectful of our veterans’ religious beliefs, all donated holiday cards are reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team of staff led by chaplaincy services and determined if they are appropriate (non-religious) to freely distribute to patients. We regret this process was not fully explained to this group and apologize for any misunderstanding.” Hiram Sasser, director of litigation for Liberty Institute, said it was a new low “even for the Scrooges and Grinches at the VA.” “Targeting the benevolent work of little children for censorship is disgusting,” Sasser told me. “Do the Grinches in the administration of the VA really believe our bravest warriors need protection from the heartfelt well wishes of small children saying Merry Christmas?” [No, its the Obama mandarins who cannot bear that any views smacking of religion be permitted in the public square.  This is all of a piece.] Andrea Brown, Gracie’s mom, was dumbfounded by the news. “This wasn’t the country I grew up in, when you couldn’t say ‘Merry Christmas,’ you couldn’t say ‘God bless you’ or reference any scripture,” she told MyFoxDFW.com. She told the television station the boys and girls were heartbroken that the military personnel would not be able to receive their cards. “They couldn’t believe the people that these people they wanted to honor weren’t going to get the chance to see what they had done,” she said. The cards will not be thrown away — they are being shipped to Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio and to a private facility for veterans in Louisiana. Sasser said at some point, “does the VA have no shame?” “Mr. Potter from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ wouldn’t even ban little children from wishing our veterans Merry Christmas,” Sasser said.  [But this is Mr. Obama’s VA.]

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35 Responses to Keeping Wounded Vets Safe From Christmas Cards

  • How sad for the veterans.
    How difficult would it be to ask the patients if they would like a card? Also the administration should know what religion to which a patient adheres, because it is on forms in the medical record.

  • Christmas is a National Holiday (paid holiday for federal workers) so it should not be illegal to wish someone a Merry National Holiday. I hope these VA workers realize that they just made lifelong Republicans or Liberatians out of these school kids.

  • This is awful. But I don’t know if I’d blame Obama for this. Not sure how much influence he had over this stupid policy.

  • You make perfect sense Cam.

  • Double whammy.
    The BO administration announced last week a major cut in retirement benefis for Vets. And the hits just keep on coming.

  • The hatred that this administration has for Christianity can never be underestimated. I can certainly understand that.

    I think it’s more cloddishness and cold contempt. And it is less ‘this Administration’ than the permanent government and the social nexus out of which the personnel of Democratic administrations are drawn.

  • The Republicans may be hypocrites, but the Democrats are as evil today as they were when they supported slavery in the 19th century.

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  • It’s amazing that the country could change so drastically in a person’s lifetime!

  • Jon.
    I agree.
    The MSM acts as a united propaganda mechanism which sold the bill of goods to a hungry “bail me out too” populace.
    This firestorm reminds me of what the Brits called the “Blitz.”
    Interestingly Obama chose a site in Germany that Hitler had used to “enlighten the masses.”
    I will verify the statement when I get a moment. On my way home at this time. (going from memory here.)

  • The brainwashing paid off. This is where the country is at if we are to believe the polls on social issues. It is no longer a matter of an elitist agenda being enforced. With the last generation we now represent those very ideas as a country.

  • Actually Obama has the lowest popularity, according to the latest polls, at the end of his fifth year than any President since Nixon, a majority of the people favor criminalizing abortion after the first trimester and in most polls a majority still oppose gay marriage. The country has not changed as much as the left hopes and conservatives fear. The ObamaCare debacle gives conservatives an excellent shot of winning strongly in 2014. On the state level conservatives have never been stronger.

  • The pollsters and manipulator a are doing their best to make us feel we are the minority and the battle is over. Looks like a vast army arrayed against us. But we are just the kind of people who love those underdog, little train that could, Lepanto stories.
    I know there are competing poll results and perhaps I am cushioned from harsh reality because of where I live but I am hopeful.
    It is scary though because I hear what grand kids are coming home from school with, being made worse by common core. Kids are becoming true believers of the secular narrative

  • How many branches of the United States government are there? Three–Judicial, Legislative and Executive. This government is not solely run by President Barack Obama. There is a website http://www.army.mil/chaplaincorps/ that explains the blending of religion and the military. Religion and military…..how opposite is that? There are over 140 different religions represented in the US military. That probably doesn’t include atheists and free thinkers. The appropriate person at the school should have consulted with the VA prior to preparing the cards. What’s more important…being able to write “Merry Christmas” or write “Thank You for Your Service”? I opt for the latter!

  • All soldiers and officers take their oath MGL “so help me God”. The national motto is “In God We Trust”. The Declaration of Independence tells us that our rights that the military exists to protect come from God. Lincoln hoped that this nation, under God, would have a new birth of freedom. The Pledge of Allegiance states that we are one nation under God. Obama and his squalid band of atheists are seeking to deny our heritage and our history, and this silliness demonstrates the lengths to which they will go denying wounded vets something as simple as a Christmas card from a kid if it mentions, shock!, God. May God forgive Obama and his fellow blind fools and their attempt to erase God from the public square in this nation.

  • I guess it’s hard to gauge the country’s opinions and beliefs. It does seem like the majority supports things like aboriton and “gay marriage,” but admittedly it can be a skewed picture. I do know the last generation is significantly more impressed by liberal social notions than generations before it.

  • From Father Z’s combox:

    MAJ Tony says:

    30 December 2013 at 7:50 am

    Apparently, this isn’t the first time this issue has come up. In fact, it appears to have already been made a “Federal case.” Here’s the current American Legion Commander, Dan Dellinger being quoted on the subject.

    “First of all, VA’s decision to prohibit the delivery of Christmas cards that mention Christmas is ludicrous,” Dellinger said today after Texas teacher Susan Chapman was told Monday that her students’ cards would not be delivered to veterans. “Second of all, VA has been down this road before, and recently. VA has been warned through a federal court decree to stop denying freedom of religious expression at its facilities. It’s pretty obvious the Dallas VA did not get that memo.” http://www.legion.org/news/218127/va-christmas-card-ban-defies-law

  • I daresay these hospitalized heroes have a lot more class than the VA administration. They probably would love to receive cards from the kids. If the card really made them feel uncomfortable, they would pass the card to someone else after the kids left. I doubt seriously that many cards would be passed off.

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  • “Religion and military…..how opposite

    There has always been a strong connection between the military and religion if not fighting the “good fight” the military would just be thuggery.

  • Obama didn’t have direct authority over this policy or tha application of this policy in this local VA but there are so many people who admire him, who want to identify with his ideas, making themselves apparatchiks. He set the tone for the IRS, dept of education, dept of agriculture, justice dept. and on and on. He sets the tone as the military is winnowed.

  • “Religion and military…..how opposite is that?” Self defense. St. Thomas Aquinas’ Just War Theory. St. Michael the Archangel, St. Joan of Arc…

  • “How sad for the veterans. How difficult would it be to ask the patients if they would like a card?’
    The policy violates the free will of every one involved, the teacher, the children and the vets, but mostly the taxpayers who support the vets.

  • ““First of all, VA’s decision to prohibit the delivery of Christmas cards that mention Christmas is ludicrous,””
    “…or prohibit the free exercise thereof.” our First Constitutional Amendment about Freedom of Religion. These vets being deprived of the mail and cards ought to sue for First Amendment infringement. No peaceable assembly here.

  • Whether or not Obumbler authorized this action is irrelevant. Somebody who thinks like Obumbler did make this decision.

    Obumbler need not worry much about opinion polls. He has his White House bedroom, Air Force One and free vacations whenever he chooses for another three years. Those who support him enthusiastically will never abandon him, if only because they hate the Republican Party with a white hot fury.

    This nation elected him twice and we as a nation deserve every bit of misery we have for electing him.

  • “This nation elected him twice and we as a nation deserve every bit of misery we have for electing him.”
    The worst is yet to come through death panels, rationing of healthcare and the subverting of First Amendment civil rights. America is the only nation on the face of the earth with a constitution that requires the acknowledgement of free will of the individual substance of a rational nature, the human being, from the beginning of life through natural death, suicide being the same violation of the right to life as homicide. The soul of man cannot be denied.

  • Alternatively, the policy may be anti-religious in effect but not intent. Might it be a better example of “zero tolerance?” More often these days we see policies that shield managers and administrators from having to make decisions. This tendency plays itself out most frequently in school policy but is becoming common in the employment context too. Perhaps we are seeing the stupidity of shielding the VA from having to determine appropriateness by instituting a blanket policy.

  • Everybody blames President Obama for these kinds of incidents and while it is true that he, ultimately, is responsible for what happens on his watch, I can’t help wondering about his many advisors. One would think that SOMEONE in his administration would take him aside and say, “Mr. President, do you really think it is wise to prohibit school children who are planning to visit a VA facility from distributing Christmas cards to the veterans living there?” Apparently there is no one and equally apparent is the fact that we have the most anti religious presidency in the history of our country and supported by a judiciary that has repeatedly trampled on the Constitution! I truly fear for our country.

  • “In order to be respectful of our Veterans religious beliefs, all donated holiday cards are reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team of staff led by Chaplaincy services and determined if they are appropriate (non-religious) to freely distribute to patients. After the review is complete, the holiday cards that reference religious and/or secular tones are then distributed by Chaplaincy Service on a one-on-one basis if the patient agrees to the religious reference in the holiday card donation. The holiday cards that do not contain religious and/or secular tones are distributed freely to patients across the Health Care System. We regret this process was not fully explained to this group and apologize for any misunderstanding.”
    Fox News sheeple get overly excited about the dumbest things. You want this to be true so you can hate President Obama even more. Such great christians.

  • “Fox News sheeple get overly excited about the dumbest things. You want this to be true so you can hate President Obama even more. Such great christians.”

    Oh, unsound mind and body, the Obama administration is so frightened of Christianity that wounded vets must not be exposed to it, even by kids handing them Christmas cards. You also do not read very carefully, otherwise you would have come across the comment that the VA is already under a consent decree to stop doing this type of unconstitutional discrimination against religious speech:


    Stop mindlessly parroting leftist talking points and start using the brains God gave you.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve done my share of reading about the past two world wars and I’ve yet to come across even one card falling in this catagory featuring any reference to Kaiser, Fuhrer, Duce or Empeoror. And I’m sure nobody working within the Obama Admin would tolerate this abuse. I’m not going to deny the existence of some pro-Obama clique demonstrating its over-exuberance thinking they were doing their hero some favors. Besides, whoever is really behind this nonsense, has a horrible notion of anything artistic and did his hero no justice either. Let them deal with their own embarrassment so we can focus on applying practical measures to boost our wounded servicemen and women’s morale and chances of starting new lives.

  • “And I’m sure nobody working within the Obama Admin would tolerate this abuse.” The Obama Admin. prohibited the Catholic Mass on military bases during the government shutdown.

  • Bears repeating:
    “And I’m sure nobody working within the Obama Admin would tolerate this abuse.” The Obama Admin. prohibited the Catholic Mass on military bases during the government shutdown.

  • Anzlyne.


  • I’m surprised and not a bit disappointed that no has commented on the Obama graphic at the head of this article. I find it clever, ugly and blasphemous. Probably the President would be delighted to have it framed in his office.
    As for the story – I’m not surprised, it fits the mo(u)ld of this administration!

The “Fix” That Fixed Nothing

Friday, November 15, AD 2013


Since Nixon’s “I am not a crook ” speech during a news conference, the fortieth anniversary of which will be this Sunday, I have never seen a more bizarre Presidential performance than that given by Obama yesterday.  In response to overwhelming alarm by Democrats in Congress to the fact that millions of Americans are seeing their insurance policies being cancelled due to ObamaCare, Obama at a news conference on November 14 announced the following:

Already people who have plans that pre-date the Affordable Care Act can keep those plans if they haven’t changed. That was already in the law. That’s what’s called a grandfather clause that was included in the law. Today we’re going to extend that principle both to people whose plans have changed since the law too effect and to people who bought plans since the law took effect.       

So state insurance commissioners still have the power to decide what plans can and can’t be sold in their states, but the bottom line is insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be cancelled into 2014. And Americans whose plans have been cancelled can choose to re-enroll in the same kind of plan.       

We’re also requiring insurers to extend current plans to inform their customers about two things: One, that protections — what protections these renewed plans don’t include. Number two, that the marketplace offers new options with better coverage and tax credits that might help you bring down the cost.       

So if your received one of these letters I’d encourage you to take a look at the marketplace. Even if the website isn’t working as smoothly as it should be for everybody yet, the plan comparison tool that lets you browse cost for new plans near you is working just fine.

Well, what is wrong with this?  The glib answer is everything:

First, it is by no means clear that he has the power to do any of this.  The requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) allow for none of this and Obama’s job title is President not Emperor.

Second, some state insurance commissioners will not allow this to be done.  The state insurance commissioner in Washington has already spoken up and said Obama’s policy would lead to great instability in the insurance markets of Washington and Obama’s suggestion is a dead letter in Washington.

Third, the insurance companies have responded and stated that it is impossible for them to comply with the time lines of the Affordable Care Act and do what Obama has said.

Fourth, it is only for one year, so people facing cancellation of insurance policies they like, even if their insurance company offers the same policy, would be facing the same dilemma in a year.

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4 Responses to The “Fix” That Fixed Nothing

  • Fool me once. Shame on you.

    Fool me twice. Shame in me.

    Fool me for five years. I’m an Obama voter.

  • 1. This whole cock-up implicates the whole top echelon of the Democratic Party. That’s not only the President, that’s the discretionary appointees of his administration, that’s about 90% of the Democratic congressional caucus, that’s the salient figures on the staffs of individual members and the staffs of the various committees. That’s the General Accounting Office and the Congressional Budget Office. That’s the state insurance commissioners. That’s the economist/pundits appended to the Democratic Party who did not clear their throats and educate their public on the problematic nature of this. (Yes, Mark Thoma, I am talking about people in your stable). That’s Warren Buffett.

    2. Sad to say, quite a large fraction of the public will never hold them responsible. One key to not being held responsible is to admit nothing a la Benghazi, so I cannot see the President acceding to outright repeal. He is too vain and too politically calculating to boot. (And you do encounter partisan Democrats in fora like this whose mind works in such ways that they will defend the IRS for conduct even the IRS admits was dodgy).

  • Net ACA health care enrolment: minus/negative 3.9 million people dropped from their “substandard” health care plans.

    In January 2014, tens of thousands will be unable to pay for vital chemotherapy. Of course, that will go unreported except at racist, teabagger FOXNEWS.

    Jonah Goldberg: “You can’t let Congress off the hook for the underlying driver of this calamity: the lie that ‘if you like your health plan, you can keep it. Period.’ This is now beyond dispute, though there’s still some squabbling about the ‘L’ word itself. It wasn’t a lie, Obama and his defenders insist, it was simply an “incorrect promise,” in the words of the New York Times. I somehow doubt that locution would provide much cover for an adulterer who tells his wife, ‘Honey, I didn’t break my wedding vows. That was just an incorrect promise.’

    “But whatever label you want to put on that untruth, Obama wasn’t alone in offering it. Moreover, even though the legislation may go by the moniker ‘Obamacare,’ the fact is the president didn’t write the law. Congress did, specifically congressional Democrats, with virtually no Republican input.”

  • In 2006 surveys, 80% of Americans were happy with their health plans.

    In 2014, it will be 20%.

    Another progressive victory! Every citizen is reduced to the same abject level of squallor and despair.

At War With Religious Liberty

Wednesday, November 13, AD 2013





If we needed any further proof that the Obama Administration has nothing but contempt for religious liberty, Father Z provides this story.  His comments are in red:



Military Chaplains Sue Over Harassment, Attack on Christian Faith by Bethany Monk

Those who serve our country often greet reveilles before the sunrise. They don the uniform. They represent our country, and they continue to make sacrifice after sacrifice. With the onslaught of government intrusion on religious freedom, some of them are dealing with egregious attacks on their personal faith.

A legal group on Friday filed suit on behalf of two military chaplains. According to the suit, a supervisor with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) mocked their Christian faith, repeatedly, during a chaplain training program.  [?!?]

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Steven Firtko and U.S. Navy Lt. Cmdr. Dan Klender began the Clinical Pastoral Education Center program at a San Diego VA last year. Shortly after, they say the program’s supervisor, Nancy Dietsch, began harassing their beliefs.

According to the suit, she told them they could not pray in Jesus’s name, and she shouted: “Do not quote Scripture in this class!” while pounding her fists on her desk.

“Not only was the treatment these men received inappropriate, it was also a violation of federal law and the religious freedom guarantees of the First Amendment,” said retired U.S. Navy Cmdr. J.B. Wells, executive director of Military-Veterans Advocacy (M-VA).

M-VA is representing the Conservative Baptist Association of America, the endorsing agent for the two chaplains.

According to court documents, Dietsch also insisted that God could be a man or a woman and stated that evolution is a fact. The suit says she stated three times that: “There is no room in this program for those who believe they are right and everybody else is wrong.

“This is what happens when your actions as Commander-in-Chief say that morals and values don’t matter anymore in the military,” [Ohhhh…. they do matter.  But they have to be twisted.] said retired Air Force Col. Bill Spencer, a national representative of family policy councils for Focus on the Family. “And then you have all of these other people out there who will interpret that commander’s intent in extreme ways.”  [Or exactly according to the intent of the CinC.]

Klender withdrew from the program in February because of the harassment, according to the lawsuit. Firtko, who was placed on probation by Dietsch, received a letter — dated Feb. 15 — from the VA notifying him that he would be dismissed from the program on March 1.

“No American choosing to serve in the armed forces should be openly ridiculed for his Christian faith,” Wells explained. “That is most obviously true for chaplains participating in a chaplain training program. [Indeed, no.  These are exactly the people you want to attack.  Drive chaplains out of the military and the battle is half won.]

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27 Responses to At War With Religious Liberty

  • Just an indication this country must have the worst civil service recruitment process in and among the affluent occident. What would you hire this woman to do?


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  • Isn’t the entire point of having chaplains around is that they specialize in a particular faith? I mean, surely historically we haven’t brought a Protestant minister in to give a Catholic serviceman last rites, or similar? If all prayers have to be nondescript and don’t require a particular background, why not just grab a random officer to lead them?

  • I still say it is not simply a matter of the right being religious and the left bein atheist. It is much more complex than that. Many rightists today stand for individul liberty and nothing else, and some leftists really want to help their neigbor and believe government is the best way to do it. What we find today is a definite divide in our society between people of religious and moral conviction and the rest of the population. But they do not correspond to political parties. It’s just not that black and white.

  • A case for Martyrdom
    Anyone who thinks we should set our faith aside in America in order to avoid stepping over the line in this current political battle for the soul of our country is courting disaster.
    One thing is abundantly clear to any Catholic who understands the faith as shepherded by our Holy Father in Rome and that is the current regime in Washington D.C. under Barack Obama is by far the most anti-Catholic administration in the history of our country. The really sad thing is that our bishops had too long avoided the fight for fear of being accused of mixing politics and religion, and in the case of Obama the dreadful racist label from the media, allowing those of weak faith within their flocks who entered the political arena selling their souls to party platforms in opposition to our faith and values to establish a pattern of Christian capitulation.
    We and our societal standards based on the founders reliance on Divine guidance are no longer recognized as a legitimate challenge to the status quo separation phrase used to deny them. Our elected officials who were put into office to protect our freedoms have chosen to be a ruling class unto themselves. Those like Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, Dodd, Sebelius and many others show no remorse for pandering to the enemies of Holy Mother Church and by default are parts of the problem. The situation has become grave and we, with guidance from bishops who now realize just how serious the administration is in its effort to remove all obstacles to a full blown secularist society, have to get involved in the fight for the soul of America.
    It is time to stop pretending we are powerless to defend ourselves from those who have abandoned piety in favor of personal power and prestige. If we the laity, the Church Militant, are to be the martyrs for the faith standing together against the forces of evil which are consuming our nation as it progresses on the administrations path into oblivion then so it must be. It has and always must be for true followers of Christ a requirement to assist the Spirit of Pentecost within us in bringing forth upon our world the will of God to have life more abundant using the power of His Truth to make and keep men free. It is our duty, along with the message of hope and change within the church of Christ, to open the hearts of men to depend on the creators love to guide us to the place he is preparing for us not to succumb to the lure of an ever expanding totalitarian Marxist styled government promising to provide our every need in order to make us slaves to a godless political system.

  • Not entirely Jon, but as a general rule leftists are anti-religion except when it is politically useful. It was no accident that the proposal to put God into the Democrat platform, and to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, met with such vociferous opposition last year:

  • My sentiments exactly, Bill. May I quote you?

  • Secular humanists pride themselves into believing that it is they who ordain unalienable human rights to man as benevolent dictators. Benevolent dictatorship is an oxymoron and rather sophomoric. High school students imagine and regard themselves as benevolent dictators. There is no such thing.
    Religion is the love of God for the sake of God and love of neighbor as oneself for the love of God. Without God, people have many beliefs. I imagine that even God thought of creating the world flat, but God’s love for mankind and to prevent man from falling off at the perimeter, God decided to create a round swirling globe with gravity to maintain the presence and safety of mankind for the time when man could enter space prepared to survive.
    God is love and God loves. God is divine and God is human. God has free will and respects man’s free will. If man chooses to deny God, God will not stop him. God even created a place for souls who deny and hate Him. There with Satan and the other demons in hell are the souls who refuse God’s Divine Providence.
    Atheism is an abuse of religion, a denial of man’s human, rational, immortal soul, the imposition of death of body and soul upon man, the obliteration of man’s human rights to exercise his freedom of religion, speech, press and peaceable assembly to relate to God, “their Creator”, the attempted annihilation of the Divine Creator through annihilating belief in God, leaving only the believer in atheism as dictator supreme over the innocent, virgin souls of man.
    Atheists are intent to separate the church and state until the atheist has separated a man from his immortal soul. This is called death.
    Thomas Jefferson said: “The rights the (atheistic) state gives, the (atheistic) state can take away.” (emphasis mine). There have been too many proofs of this. Try Herod, Hitler, Stalin.
    The Right to Life is the free exercise of the will to live, created by God, enabled by the state; the state that is constituted by the sovereign personhood of the human being.

  • Bill Sr.
    Right On!

    Cristero America?

    “For Greater Glory.”

  • The United States of America has the only Constitution inscribed with freedom to follow one’s conscience, in acknowledgement by the state of the human being’s immortal soul and the rewards of eternal life in the hereafter, demanding the absolute Truth in a court of law, (so help me God), protecting the unalienable human rights of man endowed by “their Creator”. A finite state constituted by finite man cannot endow or bestow infinte, unalienable hman rights, because the state, itself, is not infinite or unalienable. Only an infinite God has the authentic power to create unalienable rights to be enjoyed and exercised by the free will and conscience of the human being and his soul. God gives us existence and human rights. The state gives us citizenship and a tax bill. God is existence and God exists. God is love and God loves.
    “Human existence is the criterion for the objective ordering of human rights.” Francisco Suarez.

  • There is also, and I apologize for the length of this comment…there is also the matter of the Persons of God, the Supreme Sovereign Being. (Religion is the acknowledgement of the Supreme Sovereign Being). The Supreme Sovereign Being is three persons in one God, the Trinity.
    The Constitution for the United States of America is the Law of the Land for the person. Jesus Christ is a legal person Who has constitutional rights under the Law of the Land…in regard to His name being used in speech in a public place or square, Christ’s birthday being celebrated in public and His being honored in public as Christ justly deserves because of His innocence and sovereign person.

  • Patrick Henry spoke: “Give me Liberty of give me death.” “I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
    The statesman, Patrick Henry, defends to the death a person’s freedom to pray in public.
    Those in Washington who are not statesmen ought to be impeached for their lack of patriotism.

  • When He comes again in glory, Jesus will abandon to the fire of Hell all who brawl against His religion.

    I pray for the filthy animals.

  • I think many religious people have beeen tricked into thinking the republican party stands for them and will advance their agendas, so they hop on board. That is probably what accounts for the apparent relationship. Concerning Israel, I don’t know what other capital one could claim. Numerous evangelical churches have supported Israel not because they share our political ideals in a dangerous region of the world, but because they think they are the people of God: dispensationalism remains popular in many Christian circles. This has led to unfairness and injustice where Christians and government have colluded to advance Israeli agendas. Many Palestinians have suffered as a result, and some of these Palestinians are Christian, a fact that seems to go unnoticed. Very ironic! So Christians do not support their brethren on the other side of the world. They support political partners or people who they imagine have some role in an end-time scenario. I’m very tired of all this. It’s hypocrasy, and I wonder whether the church will be judged for it.

  • We have definitely entered into a new period of Church history in America (USA). Our Founders based our country on a particularly benign and conservative form of the Enlightenment (Locke, Burke, etc) While our government was indeed secular, the Founders recognized and did not seek to exclude or fight the fundamentally Judaeo-Christian culture and it’s “organized religion”

    From the beginning of our country and up until and through the Cold War, the American govt did not see religion as a threat but an ally and frequently used us as such against the horror of Naziism and Japanese imperialism, but especially against the religion/freedom hating forces of international terrorism.

    The American bishops from the 19th century up until recently have been able to boast of this ver different relationship between Churchvand State-most especially in Vatican II. Europe, and the Church in Europe, e xperienced the fruit of a more antagonistic secularism, one that has not disappeared but has increased. The problem is that this other form of the Enlightenment has been imported into America through our intellectual and ruling elites. For years Havard Law School has propagated an interpretation of the First Amendment holding that it protects freedom of worship rather than freedom of religion.

    Now our elites are attempting to transform American Culture from the broadly understood Judaeo-Christian society we have been into a secularist one. These elites want no form of “the Church” (organized Judaeo Christian religion) to have any influence on the culture, however they verbalized it in the form of the separation of Church and State. With the Catholic Church being the largest, most organized and influential in our ministries of education and health care for example, we have become the target for these elites. Until rather recently, American Govt has remained neutral to friendly to Judaeo-Christianity and the Church. However that has changed-not simply in the Whie House but much of Congress (although Catholics remain the largest group there).

    Our bishops remained overly optimistic concern earning this shift. At first I believe there was general denial, or thoughts that some issues were simply misunderstandings. Later some ( and even now some) think the change has to do with the ideology of one political party. While there is no question at this point of where the power brokers in that party stand, the bishops have now recognized that this societal-cultural shift, this change in the history of America and of the Church in America, is much larger and deeper than merely which party is in the ascendancy for a time in America. Thus the bishops issued their consensus statement yesterday concerning their continued opposition to the HHS mandate, to further educating etc. American Catholics and America in general on the issue of religious freedom, and to form relations with other religious groups which are likewise concerned about this radical change in our country.

  • “Many Palestinians have suffered as a result, and some of these Palestinians are Christian, ”

    The biggest threat to Palestinian Christians are their Muslim brothers and sisters. The best, and safest, place for an Arab Christian in regard to civil liberties and freedom of religion in the Middle East is to be a citizen of Israel.

    “I think many religious people have beeen tricked into thinking the republican party stands for them and will advance their agendas, so they hop on board.”

    Rubbish. It is a rational choice considering that the Democrat Party is the party of abortion, gay marriage, the contraceptive mandate and Christian bashing in general and Catholic bashing in particular.

  • Well, if there is no God, Who created the devil?
    The devil is a murderer. Abortion is a symptom. There is nothing “gay” about the devil. The devil is pure evil. The devil tries to set himself up as equal to God, but the devil cannot create God as God has, indeed, created him. God creates out of nothing. The Living God endows life.

  • Donald, I know that republicans are sometimes socially conservative, but others are mere economic conservatives. They don’t care about social issues. They are liberal individualists who simply wish to maximize pleasure and freedom — epicurians and hedonists. Concerning Israel, you may be right. I do know Israel isn’t exactly pro-Palestinian though, and I wonder about the rights of Palestinian Christians in that region. I hear they don’t really appreciate Christians in Israel.

    As far as the contraceptive issue, I can’t say i really agree with the Roman Catholic position. Our responsiblity is to be good stewards and to prudently decide on the number of children we bring into the world. Having said that, abortion is burder of the unborn, and that is what Christians ought to agree on.

  • “Our responsiblity is to be good stewards and to prudently decide on the number of children we bring into the world.”

    If that had been the case throughout human history Jon, most of us would not be here. My mom was illegitimate and I am very glad that “prudent” use of contraceptives did not prevent her from gracing this world. My paternal grandmother had seven kids, one of whom died in infancy. I think it was quite prudent of her and my grandfather to bring my Dad, my Aunt and my four Uncles into this Vale of Tears even though they were born during the Great Depression and the large family was supported on what a shoemaker and a cleaning lady could make.

  • Yes, that’s very true, Donald. I read something recently though about tradeoffs — we all make them in life. Some people choose to forgo marriage for the sake of the kingdom — Rome has orders — and others choose to marry but have less time to accomplish things. So I guess I think contraception fits in with that in terms of whether a person wants to have ten kids or one. It’s not about being better or worse but about choices and where they leave us. I know that abortion is murder, that it is the killing of the unborn, and that it is unacceptable from a Christian standpoint. I can never condone it. Christians of goodwill can and do differ, however, on the matter of contraception. Rome has issued official statements on it. I consider it a matter of Christian liberty. But each person must decide for themselves. Some people may be called to have large families, others to have small ones, and still others to not marry at all, or to marry but have no children. One thing i have learned in recent years is the inability to draw finalized conclusions about everything in life. As Christians, we know there are some things to whcih we can close the case. Then there are other questions for which we cannot reach answers eitehr because there are none or because they are out of reach, or perhaps because these questions were meant to be individually decided. St. Paul had a category for that. Churches should recognize and allow for that.

  • Jon, are you aware that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, used the term “irresponsible fecundity” to criticize people who didn’t use birth control? She also thought that good stewardship required the use of contraception.

  • She saw it from a utilitarian perspective. She was a secular humanist and of course we can say all kinds of things about where that leads. We know what happened in Germany and we know it happened here to some extent, though better minds and policies prevailed. I am speaking from the standpoint of our cultural mandate: we are called to cultivate and govern the earth wisely. To practice good stewardship we must make wise choices informed by Scripture. I think it is irresponsible, for example, for someone to have fifteen kids when they don’t know where the next paycheck is coming from. We know of examples like that and we don’t appreciate when we see that sort of thing. So it’s a matter of balance. We have to be careful not to yield to what we think is traditional practice for the sake of morality while avoiding pragmatic lifestyles that disregard the Word. Hope that makes it clear. We must abide by Christian ethics.

  • Hmmnn….let’s see. The fact that I’m being place on moderation suggests to me at least that a certain amount of censorship takes place here. I’ve looked over my past comments and I don’t see anything anti-Christian or heterodox. My comments, as far as I can tell, result from reflection and research, and don’t conflict with basic Christianity. But I do think someone wishes to maintain a Roman Catholic slant to this. I feel much that Rome officially teaches is extra-Christian. I think I’ve expressed that before. I’m sorry we can’t see eye to eye.


  • Censorship is an act of government Jon. It does not apply to a privately run blog. I did not put you on moderation, so I assume that one of my co-bloggers did. I will honor their decision. Whoever put you on moderation can take you off moderation if they wish. I assume that whoever placed you on moderation probably wished me to see your posting in regard to contraception, which is erroneous from a Catholic standpoint, before it was cleared for appearance on the blog. We do not tolerate anti-Catholics here, but I do not place you in that category, and we are always willing to defend our Catholic beliefs in debate, unless the debate becomes a tiresome rehash of points already made.

  • Thanks, Donald, for making that clear. I hold to a very broad version of Christianity. I define the church as people at all times and places who worship God though the risen Lord and Savior and are in relationship to him as such. Contraception is a very grave matter for Roman Catholics and I respect their decision. There are other examples of differences among Christians and I think it’s in the nature of Christianity and creation that such diversity exists.

  • Jon, practicing contraception for “stewardship” purposes is utilitarian whether it is Margaret Sanger promoting it or a Protestant denomination. It decides that as a practical matter there might be too many people to maximize pleasure and minimize pain, and then posits that a means to correct that must therefore be ethical. But not every means is ethical. Prudence requires us to be good stewards, but virtue requires us to limit the means by which we behave as good stewards. I would suggest that you read Humanae Vitae, which discusses the fact that not every means is just. Also good is Evangelium Vitae. By contracepting, a couple does not perform a truly marital act. They divorce the act from both of its meanings. Christians should never be utilitarians. Contraception is inherently utilitarian because it posits that the end justifies the means of chemically altering the woman’s body, or preventing complete physical contact, or preventing implantation. Even Margaret Sanger understood that it is utilitarian, which is why she promoted it. Nothing about contraception increases virtue, and it more often than not promotes vice. Prudence is not virtue, rather it should be the servant of virtue. In fact, prudence can act in opposition to virtue if its end is not virtuous. The call to be good stewards is not absolute, rather it is subject to increasing virtue. This is easily proven. A person can have a low level of intelligence and consequently make poor decisions that waste resources. Is this person sinning by not being a good steward? Of course not. They are not acting against virtue, rather they are unable to act prudently because they don’t have the cognitive ability. Another person with higher intelligence can act more prudently, and conserve more resources than the first, yet be sinning because they are acting prudently but selfishly. And so good stewardship is directed towards increasing virtue for a Christian, not addressing the utilitarian principles of maximizing pleasure for all. Virtue is based on love. It is not loving to try to prevent other people from being born. It is rather selfish. Virtue tries to share with all. Utilitarianism tries to get rid of some for the benefit of the rest. I would note that no one who promotes contraception volunteers to live on bread and water and wear rags so that others might live better. Contraception is not self-sacrificing. It sacrifices the potential other, not the self.

  • Alphatron, I understand your line of reasoning. I would reiterate that we, as Christians, must make Scripturally-informed and Spirit-led decisions. I think we need to take into account our calling and our resources — even time is a resource and it is finite. Persons religious have made decisions to forego certain things in order to help others flourish and in so doing they will likewise flourish in the longterm. So they are thinking in rational terms for the sake of charity. As you say, prudence should serve virtue.

Lech Walesa “Too Political” For Obama Administration

Saturday, June 2, AD 2012

The Obama administration, in its never-ending quest to embarrass itself and America, has insulted one of the pivotal figures in ending Communism in Europe, Lech Walesa:

According to the Wall Street Journal, Polish officials requested that Walesa accept the Medal of Freedom on behalf of Jan Karski, a member of the Polish Underground during World War II who was being honored posthumously this week. The request makes sense. Walesa and Karski shared a burning desire to rid Poland of tyrannical subjugation. But President Obama said no.

Administration officials told the Journal that Walesa is too “political.” A man who was arrested by Soviet officials for dissenting against the government for being “political” is being shunned by the United States of America for the same reason 30 years later.

Meanwhile, one of the recipients of the Medal was Dolores Huerta, the honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America. So socialist politics are acceptable, but not the politics of a man who stood up and fought socialism.

This revelation follows an eruption of outrage in Poland after President Obama referred in his remarks at the Medal of Freedom ceremony to “Polish death camps,” a phrase that Poles have battled since the end of the Cold War. The phrase suggests that Poles were complicit in Nazi concentration camps, which of course is not the case. In fact, Poles were exterminated in the camps.


The White House’s flippant response to the uproar caused the Polish president and prime minister to demand more thoughtful and personal reactions. But White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday that the president has no plans to reach out to his Polish counterparts and has shrugged off the outrage in Poland.

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23 Responses to Lech Walesa “Too Political” For Obama Administration

  • Its not that he is too political. Its that he’s the wrong politics.

  • It’s just one thing after another with President Obama….

  • Obama still hasn’t apologized for his ‘Polish death camps’ remark. He sent “regrets”, but not an out and out apology.

    11/6 can’t come soon enough.

  • Obama has a ready supply of unwarranted apologies for the actions of his predecessors, but he can never find cause to apologize for his own.

  • This is not too surprising considering how communist Obama is. Obama is just such dummass and luckily is a lot less sneaky than Stalin.

  • Thank you Donald McClarey for this post. I am greatly saddened by the actions of Obama. I will not say “our president” because Obama is not our “president”. A man who does not believe in FREEDOM does not deserve to be a citizen in America.

  • … the pot calling the kettle …

  • This proves what I have said all along about Obama: he is an ideologue not a politician.

  • Of all peoples, I have the highest respect for the Polish for what they went through and sill were not beaten. Years ago, I thought the creator of the “Polish jokes,” that were so prevalent in America, was the work of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union because the greatest weapon against your greatest threat is ridicule. It disgust me that Catholics were so instrumental in electing this despicable human being as our President who bows to Arab dictators and insults our allies and friends.

  • My father’s family is 100% Polish. Poles fought for American freedom in the War for Independence. Polish troops were allied with the Western Powers against Germany in World War I. Polish servicemen who could escape after the Nazi and Soviet invasions in 1939 did escape and fought hard and well on the Allied side throughout World War II. For this, FDR turned away any pleas for help in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 and refused to consider any evidence that Stalin’s NKVD were guilty of the Katyn Massacre. FDR was fine with Stalin keeping the chunk of Poland he took in 1939 (FDR was fine with Stalin keeping the Baltic states as well). Polish airmen fought the Nazis in the Battle of Britain. Polish troops landed with the Allies in Normandy and fought hard and well. The Poles helped to close the Falaise Gap. German soldiers surrendered to Poles in the battle of Monte Cassino.

    I think FDR stunk as a President, too.

    King Jan Sobieski and his Hussars crushed the Ottomans at the Battle of Vienna in September 12, 1683 (the Most Holy Name of Mary). Poland defeated the invading Red Army (the Miracle of the Vistula) in 1920. Poland struggled against Communism and defeated it within its own borders in 1989.

    For these as well as being Catholic, Obumbler hates Poland. Obumbler is the most disgusting, most despicable, most unqualified dufus to inhabit the White House. I pray for his defeat. The man’s name is $**t to me. I loathe Communism – which Obumbler clearly is – and he and his minions need to be driven from power.

  • Naturally, Obama can’t laud a man who helped sweep into the trash bin of history his ideology: communism.

  • Penguins fan, I myself being a German know that many things from the Nazis were adopted for example promiscuity in schools, socialism, atheism, either an extreme pride or hate of Germany, hatred of Jews in Arabia, and heaps of filth which Poland had to deal with. One should not forget that Germans suffered as well under the rule of the Nazis and later at the hands of unchaste communist pieces of god hating filth. Obama however seems to agree with communism quite blatantly.

  • He looks partial to communism and communists in this incident. It seems he just can’t countenance the idea of associating himself with anything to do with Walesa, communist defeater. I think of his whispered words to Medvedev. I can’t believe so many Americans still don’t think he is doing anything wrong. What does it take to open people’s eyes?

  • I really and truly cannot believe this. I mean literally that. Look, forget about everything else. Just think of this: Lech Walesa is a former President of Poland. A former head of State of an allied country with strong ties with America going back to Kosciuzko. In the ordinary intercourse of civilized countries, if a man of that rank asked to be present at a ceremony involving his country, it would be unimaginable to refuse. If the Obama administration actually has committed such an international solecism, then they are not fit to run a bicycle.

  • “then they are not fit to run a bicycle.”

    Precisely Fabio, or as we say in the US they couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel!

  • Boiska na Sycylii e pszenicy ale je?? z Aten Scythia. Scythia sta? si? bardzo greckich i demokratycznej a nast?pnie sta? si? Polska. Grecy i Rosjanie sta? si? zbyt du?o pod dyjab?a.

  • ” … The request makes sense. Walesa and Karski shared a burning desire to rid Poland of tyrannical subjugation. But President Obama said no.

    Administration officials told the Journal that Walesa is too “political.” A man who was arrested by Soviet officials for dissenting against the government for being “political” is being shunned by the United States of America for the same reason 30 years later. …”

    These admin officials serving the admin said a Hero in reality who is 180 degrees from admin political agenda is too political. There might have been some sober, joyous accolades for a man of our time to have to acknowlege in their admin consciousness.

  • Valentin, it might surprise you to know I have German ancestry. My mother is half German, as her maternal grandmother were born in Frankfurt. Her family, the Deckers, left during the days of Kulturkampf at the hands of Bismarck, who despised Catholic Germans almost as much as he despised Poles.

    For what it’s worth I think the origin of the “Polish joke” was Bismarck’s government. Despite the fact that Germany was Europe’s largest and most powerful state in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and a center of scientific research and manufacturing, some nasty ideas have come from Germany. There is a miniseries about WWI (made in England) that begins with the accusation that German had an invasion plan to attack the eastern United States in the early 20th century. Karl Marx was German. In WWI the German government assisted Lenin in his power grab in Moscow in order to get Russia out of the war.

    Back to Obumbler – it is obvious that the man is a lousy politician. He has made it a habit of annoying and driving away people who may support him in the upcoming election. Obumbler should not have a chance of winning.

  • For fellowships sake I will mention that my great grandmother came from Silesia. I thought the polish joke came from Polish soldiers having fought the world wars with horses but I could be wrong.

  • I think It would be a major act of stupidity if people voted Obama in again.

  • Obama and his advisers are probably too stupid and vindictive to realise that Lech Walesa, a living legend, would be doing him a favour by accepting the award. Walesa was organising the Gdansk strikes that triggered the fall of the Soviet Empire with “fire in the belly and iron in the soul” when Obama was mooching composite girlfriends with a reefer stuck in his mouth. What an absurd clown this man is.

  • NOW I believe it, damn it. Read this blog entry, especially the transcript. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/nilegardiner/100164771/obama-administration-refuses-to-say-it-will-recognise-results-of-falklands-referendum/ – Read it all. If I were the British Prime Minister, I would pull my ambassador from Washington DC and order my troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere into their barracks pending withdrawal.

  • Typical Obama policy Fabio. Kick our friends in the teeth and coddle our enemies. What a true epic disaster this man has been for the US and the world.