Obama 2016 Out on DVD

Sunday, October 21, AD 2012

Dinesh D’Souza’a Obama 2016 is out on DVD.  It has no special features, but I would recommend purchasing it if you didn’t see the movie.  During its theatrical release earlier this year it earned a stunning 33,000,000 which is fantastic box office for a documentary.  Here is my review which I originally posted on September 2 after seeing the film in a theater:

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  • Saw it yesterday. I disagree with D’Souza’s contention that it is anti-colonilism that motivates Obama – unless this implies the anti-colonialism of Marxism. Ultimately, I believe Obama is a Marxist.

    I dread the possibility of an second Obama term. I think the long-term consequences (including a completely radicalized Supreme Court) will result in a fundamental change in America.

    I still do not like Romney. But he is to be tolerated in the face of far, far, greater evil.

  • “I still do not like Romney. But he is to be tolerated in the face of far, far, greater evil.”

    Amen to that Phillip! What D’Souza’s documentary illustrates is how little attention the Mainstream Media has deliberately paid to the background of Obama because they assume that such attention would hurt him. I think the documentary has been such a success because, astonishingly after four years in office, most Americans do no have a clue about Obama’s history prior to his emergence on the national scene in 2004. This studied indifference to informing the public is the ultimate betrayal by most of the Fourth Estate.

  • At the conclusion of the documentary a handful of observers at our showing broke into applause and requests to “tell your family” about this work.
    In 07′ Rush L., Glenn B. and a few others tried to convey to the public of Obama’s past acquaintances. Deaf ears syndrome in 08′.
    Please Lord, not again.

  • It will be interesting to see the extent to which it is even mentioned in the Oscar contentions next spring.

  • I have seen the film twice and even though it is very disturbing, I fear that the American people are so ignorant, and yes I mean ignorant that they won’t even get half of it. Those of us who are old enough to remember the aftermath of WWII and praying non stop for the conversion of Russia and being terrified of the Russian threat have no idea of the horrors of the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin and their ilk. 50 years ago today my husband was sitting on the Czech border on red alert, prepared for war. I don’t think most people realize how close we were to a real WWIII. They were TOTALLY prepared for it and he was prepared to die. There was a Catholic priest with his unit and they were all allowed to go to confession. I truly believe that we are at that precipice again with this president. The only difference is that this president is so arrogant and so pompous and does not love our country and all it stands for as did President Kennedy. This situation we are in has been written about for years and years. This has not just been sprung on the American people, all of these warnings have been poo pooed as “conspiracy theories”. They were not, they are not and now we are left to reap the reward of an illiterate population whose main goal is to let someone else do it. Welfare for all. Lock step zombies waiting for the check from the government to come in. They have been trying to conquer us from within and the time is upon us. They think their plans are coming to frutation over this last 100 years or so. I blame both parties for allowing this to happen, I blame the leadership of our Church for their wishy washy handling of the truths of the faith, but mostly I blame us for falling for what surely has been as plain as the noses are our face. Right is wrong and wrong is right. “If i get told one more time that I am “more Catholic than the Catholic Church”, I swear I am going to fall off the face the earth. Please God Help Us. Really, what were the Crusades about?

  • Jeanne-
    I do feel your angst.
    As far as falling off the face of the earth…
    Don’t go!
    We need you. Just keep smiling and know that your not alone in this upside-down culture.
    AA-1025 (anti-apostle 1,025) comes to mind.
    It’s a story of infiltration of the Catholic church with the intent to destroy her.
    Short read, however it is interesting.
    Whats Obama’s intent?
    The documentary helps us to answer that question.

Obama 2016 Review

Sunday, September 2, AD 2012

My family and I went to see the documentary Obama 2016 yesterday.  The documentary is based on Dinesh D’Souza’s book The Roots of Obama’s Rage which posits that the key to understanding Obama is that he is motivated by the same anti-colonial ideology that motivated his Kenyan father.  I disagreed with his thesis, so I was uncertain whether I would enjoy the movie.  Read below for my review of the film.  The usual spoiler alert applies.

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10 Responses to Obama 2016 Review

  • Great look at the influences that formed Mr Obama, fairly reviewed. Thank you.

  • I saw the film on Friday. I agree that it was well done, much better than I expected! It was ironic that so much of it was our president’s own voice reading his autobiography. I, too, was struck by the fact that the film did not focus much on his mother, when his mother is the one who raised him. I think her influence deserved more investigation and time.

    There were less than 20 people at our theater in mid TN, so I am glad so many came in your area! I wonder how it will affect this election.

  • I already knew most of the facts given in this movie so it wasn’t anything knew. Obama already scared me if elected so this didn’t help. I think everybody should see this movie before the election.

  • I too was happy and yet astounded by the numbers that attended the opening day of “2016”, here in the Grand Rapids, Mich. area. There was applause @ the end of the viewing! I don’t want to agree/disagree with the reviewers comments about anti-colonialism.

    My gut take on the movie was: Obama’s still an enigma to the American people, but the scary part is: most are not aware of this fact. He’s so well placed, poised and patterned in his speech and movites, that Americans aren’t seeing him with what I call “thinking eyes”! Eyes that perceive and know there’s so much more to his agenda. Eyes that have had the scales removed by the Ancient of Days!

  • Phenomenal! Obama was exposed by his own words and actions by a scholar.

  • First, D’Souza is hardly a scholar. He has a BA from Dartmouth. Second most of the quotes are either partial passages taken out of context or changed by the author – misquotes, or, as many would say, lies. D’Souza strings together half-truths and speculation to make his case.

  • No, D’Souza is clearly a scholar as you would realize if you had bothered to read the many books he has written. I especially recommend The Catholic Classics and The End of Racism. One can be a scholar without being a phony doctor. There were no misquotes or out of context quotes of Obama in the film.

  • I just checked on Box Office Mojo and the film has now earned over 26 million dollars, more than ten times its production costs. Astounding.

  • Interesting that Susan Clark belittles D’Souza and his degree from Darmouth. Our current president is a former community organizer with very little experience on anything other then leading groups to divide the country we love!
    The movie is well done and I felt A-Political..it was a documentary that allows us to see a view of Obama and his family of origin. Family history does color the views of children…scripture says train up a child in the way he should go; when they grow p they will not depart from it.
    Just a thought….what influences us does not have to rule us but this film gives us a clue of what voices he chose to listen too.

  • Maybe Susan has more concern about years of formal schooling than I do- for my part, I think his movie and books show wisdom, good judgment and reason.
    The movie wasn’t personal against Obama. It is a good review of everything that has been floating down the stream in these times, that has an effect on all of us in ways we may not even recognize. The movie and the books are an invitation to think more deeply about our own personal response.