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Nuns of the Battlefield

Visitors to Washington DC might be surprised at first to encounter a monument to nuns and sisters entitled Nuns of the Battlefield.  It was erected by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in 1924 to honor the some 600 Catholic nuns and sisters who during the Civil War nursed soldiers on both sides.  It

From Harvard To Her Religious Calling

Mary Anne Marks graduated from Harvard University at the top of her class.  You may have heard of her, she is the one that gave the salutatory address all in Latin. She received a standing ovation. In addition to graduating with a Classics and English double major with honors, she will be entering the Dominican

Booming Traditional Religious Orders!

What has been an open secret is now backed by empirical evidence: The most successful institutes in terms of attracting and retaining new members at this time are those that follow a more traditional style of religious life in which members live together in community and participate in daily Eucharist, pray the Divine Office, and

Nuns, Habits, and Disobedience

I was reading Father Peter M.J. Stravinskas‘ The Catholic Answer Book a few weeks ago and on page 173 I was surprised to read that all religious are required to wear their religious garb as a symbol of their vow of poverty. I looked up and found in Canon Law that Father Stravinskas is absolutely

Nun Automatically Excommunicated For Approving Abortion

[New Updates with Father Zuhlsdorf chiming in] [Breaking Update at the bottom of this post, more “mercy” killings by Sisters of Mercy] Bishop Thomas Olmstead of the Diocese of Phoenix has confirmed that Sister Margaret McBride of Phoenix’ Saint Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center had incurred an automatic excommunication or latae sententiae excommunication.  What this

Res & Explicatio for A.D. 3-20-2009

Salvete AC readers! Here are today’s Top Picks in the Catholic world: 1.  Seems like priests and their habits have been ruminating around the blogosphere as of late.  Now Fr. Z has followed up this with insight concerning those for and against this trend. For the link click here. 2.  Speaking of religious, after enduring