Pence Speech at Notre Dame

Monday, May 22, AD 2017


The Pence speech at Notre Dame is being played in the media as if the less than 100 students who walked out, out of a total of 3,000 graduates, was significant.  Lost is his speech, a very good one, which is filled with sentiments that all Catholics should endorse.  It is ironic that this former Catholic is more in tune with traditional Catholic teaching on moral issues than is virtually every elected Democrat with a D after his his or her name.

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9 Responses to Pence Speech at Notre Dame

  • Less than a 100 snowflakes walked out?
    Their loss.
    Insignificant indeed.

  • Was that 100 the sum total of victim studies majors ND graduated this year?

  • I have a less sanguine opinion about Father Hesburgh’s legacy. the fact that Pence is no longer Catholic is an example of the sort who had to leave the Church to find faith.

  • I guess you’re fine with the pro-life protesters who shouted and interrupted Obama when he gave a graduation speech at Notre Dame?

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  • Why yes Jim I am, considering that the Church has opposed abortion since the Crucifixion, that Notre Dame is a purportedly Catholic university and that Catholic colleges and universities in this country are forbidden by the Church from honoring pro-abort politicians.

  • Jim Markey.

    I guess Your Fine with the slaughter of nearly sixty million human fetus’ since the scourge of legalized​ killing began in 1973?

    Fr. Weslin arrested along with the others who we’re praying for an end of America’s most shameful inhumanity to man, abortion. Worse, mind you, than slavery..the premeditated application of destroying a human life in the womb of it’s mother for any reason…..and be silent.
    Not speak up. Adolph Obama as a young Senator in Illinois told an abortion survivor, Gianna J., face to face, that she shouldn’t of survived. This story was told to me by Gianna. She was our guest speaker at a fundraiser for our local Right to Life office.

    Obama would of rather seen an abortion that failed to kill the child and managed to survive the ordeal, be put to death on the spot. Please read her story below.

    How dare you quibble about protesters who saw the beginning of the this new Presidency step foot on Notre Dame property…but hey….Catholic in name only is a growing trend. See Biden. See Pelosi.

  • Was that 100 the sum total of victim studies majors ND graduated this year?

    Only if the propensity of Notre Dame students to major in victimology exceeds that of an ordinary college or university by a factor of about 8. About 0.5% of the bachelor’s degrees awarded in a typical year are in such programs (which would amount to about a dozen students in cap-and-gown given Notre Dame’s census). A faculty the size of Notre Dame’s could hardly justify five positions for victim studies based on student demand. Victim studies is patronage for favored political groups. It has two effects: freezing curricula into an unprofitable mold (if programs are staffed with corresponding faculty from other departments) or adding pseudo-scholars to the faculty who are commonly head cases (see some of KC Johnson’s portraits of the black studies faculty at Duke or Robert Stacy McCain’s of the women’s studies faculty at various places). What Danny deVito said. “Three great things. Dogs, doughnuts, and money. Espectially…Other People’s Money”. Arts and sciences faculties in our time are rotten, as are faculties for teacher training, social work, law, and library administration.

  • I do not know what Father Theodore Hesburg was doing at Jay Rockerfeller’s (sp) meetings for Population Control. My letters to Father Hesburg about the Immaculate Conception never received a reply.
    A preemptive war on overpopulation and people as pollution, as abortion is, does not solve a problem that does not exist, no more than Thomas Malthus’ dire predictions of world starvation caused by humans. .

Notre Dame: Obama Yes, Trump No

Friday, December 9, AD 2016



I am shocked, shocked.  Matt Archbold brings us the news that Notre Dame, which gave pro-abort Obama a thunderous reception as their guest of honor at the 2009 commencement, is considering not inviting President Trump:

In surprising comments reported by The Observer, Father John Jenkins, president of the University of Notre Dame, said he is considering not inviting Donald Trump to speak at this spring’s commencement ceremony — a break from the university’s tradition of inviting new presidents to speak at graduation.

“I do think the elected leader of the nation should be listened to. And it would be good to have that person on the campus — whoever they are, whatever their views,” he said. “At the same time, the 2009 Commencement was a bit of a political circus, and I think I’m conscious that that day is for graduates and their parents — and I don’t want to make the focus something else.”

“My concern a little bit is that, should the new president come, it may be even more of a circus,” he said.

Fr. Jenkins infamously hosted and honored President Barack Obama, the most radically pro-abortion president in our country’s history, in 2009. The Cardinal Newman Society garnered more than 367,000 petitions against Notre Dame’s honor of Obama in 2009, and 83 U.S. bishops publicly opposed the commencement honor. Fr. Jenkins has defended honoring Obama on multiple occasions since 2009.

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20 Responses to Notre Dame: Obama Yes, Trump No

  • Fr. all due non-respect, go fly a kite!

    What a farce and bold face hypocrite.
    His leadership reminds me of the Religious souls suffering in hell. If Fr. Jenkins makes it to purgatory it would be a shock!

    Please pass on giving Norte Dame support until this university is Catholic. Not Catholic in name only. For the good people who work and study in Norte Dame, God bless you. Remember Fr. Norman Weslin! Please remember him. The hero of May 16th 2009. Hand cuffs and all.

    To the board members of Norte Dame..SHAME on you.

  • I twittered a link to this post to . I think more people should do this. Let Notre Dame know that Fr Jenkins needs to repent.

  • Darn! My comment was supposed to say that I twittered it to @nd_news. The Notre Dame news twitter page.

  • The Catholic academy is frivolous and run by poseurs in clericals? Say it ain’t so….

  • The pro-infanticide president is welcome but the pro-business guy is not?

  • FND – Don’t ask me to spell it out.

  • “he pro-infanticide president is welcome but the pro-business guy is not?”

    Because they are likely pro-infanticide and anti-business.

  • I’m not sure where abortion ranks anymore on the Catholic morality priority list, but it could be seen that this is saying no to Trump because of Obama. Because of the ‘circus’ that swirled around the Obama appearance, perhaps he doesn’t want it repeated.

  • Dave Griffey.

    Catholic University Dave.

    I disagree with the excuse that Fr. John Jenkins is truly trying to avoid the “circus.”

    The circus has three rings, and in the center is himself, barking the social justice doctrine that squashes the rights of the innocent by awarding Joe Biden the highest honor bestowed by the university in humanitarian excellence. In the ring to the right is the clown act. Obama, the most pro-death president to date. Not just pro-death, but willing to penalize businesses that won’t supply their employees with insurance coverages that contain abortifacients. The left ring Dave?
    Well that’s reserved for mom and dad. They pick up the colossal excrement left over by the dog and pony show that is liberal progressive inteligencia that can not accept the teaching of the Catholic Church regarding abortion, but gave no problem pretending to be Catholic.

    That Dave is B— S—!

    Their the circus.
    Grab some cotton candy and enjoy the show.

  • … sorry for the typos;( have no problem…)
    and (That’s the circus)…not Their the circus.

  • “A sucker born every minute.” P.T. Barnum had Fr. Jenkins in mind;

    Human rights?

    Go Norte Dame Go! Margaret Sanger would of been proud to have given an opportunity to address the new grads! If only….

  • ND fought tooth and nail to host and honor pro-abortion Obama. ND was
    happy to weather the protests from over 100 US bishops, ignored and side-
    lined the objections of their then-Ordinary Bishop D’Arcy, had faithful Catholic
    students and even priests arrested and prosecuted for protesting, and expended
    a great deal of their ever-diminishing credibility as a Catholic institution defending
    their determination to host and honor our baby-killer-in-chief.
    Notre Dame loves abortion and sees nothing wrong with it. All of their sophistries
    aside, that’s really what ND is about here. I’d sooner cut off my hands than let
    someone i loved either attend or send them a dime. A pox on the once-Catholic
    Notre Dame.

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  • Here is a case where NOT being invited is a greater honor.

    Notre Dame is the Archbishop Cupich of “Catholic” Colleges.

  • My husband and I belong to a club and enjoy social time with several good people whose children are just at that age they are going to college (we ourselves are somewhat older, but our children just younger due to late marriage.)
    Ah, the college application and decision process!!
    I smile, or something, whenever I hear that Little Johnny (or Jane) is going to Loyola or ND, or Fordham or whatever Catholic University. They will receive a remarkable education there, surely.
    As far as I know, my husband and I are the only committed Catholics. Granted, my commitment lacks considerable enthusiasm these days. It just would not occur to me to allow my child to go to undergrad at a Catholic university.
    As I type this, my second child just finished up reading the Bible at the breakfast table. Off to take the ACT in an hour.
    They children’s father reads the Bible daily. I’d like the boys to continue with that. I fear it won’t happen if they go to a Catholic University. Worse, I fear they will completely lose what little Catholicism they have, and will be lost completely.

  • Notre Dame is Catholic in name only,

  • No doubt if Hillary had won she would be invited and worshiped by ND….

  • Notre Dame University should be bought by Trump so he can tell the administration: “You’re fired!”

  • @ Tim.

    Agreed. The Grotto might have had a make over. Out with our Lady and in her place a likeness of Margret Sanger. ND. A victim of identity crisis.

Notre Shame

Monday, November 23, AD 2015



Parents thinking of coughing up big money to get their offspring a Catholic higher education at Notre Dame might wish to save their money.  Matt Archbold at Creative Minority Report tells us why:


Earlier this month, the great Sycamore Trust created a website called which would assist Notre Dame students in finding those professors and courses on campus that could be counted on to deliver an “authentic Catholic education.”

Great idea, right?

On top of that, they had the great Fr. Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C., making his very well informed recommendations to students on the website.

Great idea, right? In fact, so many students thought it was a great idea that the website reportedly crashed on the first day.

Well, it seems to me the university’s administration didn’t like the idea.

The Sycamore Trust sadly sent out an email yesterday saying that Fr. Miscamble “is no longer associated with the website”

“I regret that I can say only that I am required to end my involvement with the NDCatholic site and am not at liberty to say why,” Fr. Miscamble told The Sycamore Trust.

Now, to be clear, he doesn’t say the administration got to him but it would appear that’s what occurred. (I could be wrong but who else would be against such a website?)

The Sycamore Trust reports:

On November 9, 2015, we unveiled the website, which is designed to assist students seeking a Catholic education at Notre Dame. They need this sort of help because of the alarming reduction over recent decades in Catholic representation on the faculty. The faculty no longer comes close to meeting the University’s own Mission Statement test of Catholic identity: a majority of committed Catholics on the faculty. Perhaps 25% to 30% of the faculty fit this description, as we will show again in a coming bulletin using the most recent data available.

The consequences of this steep decline in Catholic faculty have been described in concrete terms by Professor Emeritus Walter Nicgorski, who retired recently after more than forty years as one of Notre Dame’s most highly regarded teachers and scholars:

It is increasingly the case today that a young person going through the critical and formative years of a Catholic education at Notre Dame might not encounter a practicing Catholic informed and engaged by the Catholic intellectual tradition.

The Trust will continue the work of the website and vows to build on their success.

So much for free speech on campus, right?

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38 Responses to Notre Shame

  • If 25 to 30 percent of ND’s tuition’s were diverted to other Catholic Universities that honored a orthodox or at the very least traditional Catholic faculty authenticity, maybe then ND would pay attention. After all at ND one can easily assume that their only concern is the fat dollar! Church doctrine? Tradition on Catholic Truth? Alien notions @ ND!

    Worth repeating!
    Boycott that pool of iniquity.

  • Just listened to the homily by Fr. Miscamble.
    The suffering he speaks of is amplified as the Holy Cross Father’s and other genuinely devoted souls confront the enemy that is the liberal henchmen controlling ND’s identity.
    Father’s homily mentions the “preaching of the gospel as to be fully immersed in living out the gospel in our own lives.” Using St.Paul as an example.

    Catholic identity in Catholic Universities is a suffering that no less is the thorns that surround the Sacred Heart.

    An Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be for Notre Dame.

  • “I regret that I can say only that I am required to end my involvement with
    the NDCatholic site and am not at liberty to say why”.

    I can only assume that whoever ordered Fr. Miscamble’s silence decided that
    their reasons don’t reflect well on Notre Dame. At any rate, it’s not a ringing
    endorsement of the Catholic dimension of the education at ND that
    . #1. A website must be founded to help students separate solid, Catholic
    . courses from the dross.
    . #2. Said website is hugely popular– which means that the students it
    . targets want to find solid, Catholic courses and have no other way
    . to do so. (Evidently ND itself is no help there).
    . #3. And the administration of ND views all of this as a threat that must be
    . shut down, not a a call to re-assess how the university is serving its
    . Catholic students.

  • Pray for the conversion of sinners and ND.

  • Notre Dame does not want to be a Catholic university. Notre Dame wants to be a first tier research university.

  • I guess Father has a dilemma then. Does his vow of obedience trump the immorality of what he’s being asked to do? Think of it. The admin at Notre Shame doesn’t want its students to find the still Catholic professors at the school.

  • Father of Seven,
    I don’t see the priest as obligated further. There may be legal/ economic issues in this. The priest in my opinion was probably told that the website will over crowd the orthodox professor classrooms and thin out the classes of secularists. He was then told it could lead to the laying off of secularists with young families.
    I suspect the priest in that light sees that point. Further they could face lawsuits from any secularist laid off due to one of their own priests funneling students away from them in effect. Legally it might be Nortre Dame ( the priest ) undermining their Nortre Dame employment. The real tragedy is that sufficient Catholic personnel are not around to fill those spots or were around and were not chosen in times past. I imagine those secularist profs with tenure would have to be paid til retirement even if their classes became virtually empty.

  • Here’s a link to the Newman Guide . I tell everyone I know about it. My son is a sophomore in high school (homeschooled) and so far we have visited Christendom, Franciscan University, and St. Gregory’s University (my first choice). In the Spring, we will visit Belmont Abbey. I also tell everyone I know (when the subject of colleges comes up) that I will not be spending $200,000 for someone to steal my children’s faith. One of the reasons I homeschool — he was being bullied in 2nd grade in a Catholic school. The Holy Spirit made me realize I was paying $3000 a year to have him abused. The first priority of parents is to raise and educate their children. Many (most?) bishops & priests forget what the catechism says in regards to a parent’s duties (and many of them forbid them to be homeschooled for Religious Ed. I’m blessed because my parish is fine with it). Anyway, most people won’t argue with me when I tell them that I’m not paying to have other people scandalize my children. I’m sure they think I’m weird. They can easily be scandalized for free, so there’s no sense in paying for it. I’d rather my kid become a plumber than to risk his soul for hell with a degree from a popular “Catholic” college.

  • @Missy.

    Your a fantastic Mom!
    May Our Lady bless you with her Son’s most fragrant of blessings.
    Rose’s are perfect.

  • If 25 to 30 percent of ND’s tuition’s were diverted to other Catholic Universities that honored a orthodox or at the very least traditional Catholic faculty authenticity,

    There are none. The corporate architecture of Catholic University renders it salvageable. The surviving Catholic institutions are all colleges. The closest thing to a research university is the University of Dallas (which Charles Grahmann tried to ruin during his tenure as bishop).

  • Oops. The troublesome university president was appointed not by the Bishop of Dallas but by a board of trustees which includes the local bishops but is predominantly lay (alumni and local business). If I’m to take the Cardinal Newman Society at face value, Msgr Joseph failed to ruin the place. Please note, the University of Dallas is not run by one of the religious orders.

  • The real head scratcher is that I know so many faithful Catholic families who still just gush over ND, yet if you asked them about Georgetown or DePaul they would rip them for their heterodoxy.

  • Mr. McClarey, can you please have someone correct the Big Pulpit headline (which links to Creative Minority Report, where I have also left a comment to please change it ASAP, and they have not) re Fr. Miscamble?

    It is horribly misleading (almost have me heart attack!) and makes it sound as though Fr. was dismissed from his beloved ND, when it was from his involvement with the website–and that is terrible, scandalous, sensationalism.

    I hope you can get this done! Thank you.

  • There remains many, many devoted, fully Catholic, staff and faculty at ND. I’m sure it is not easy for them as they swim against the tide.
    Think you people that flippantly write off Notre Dame as not “Catholic” could squeeze out a prayer for them?

  • Yup.
    For YEARS I’ve been praying for ND.
    Even when the beautiful priest was arrested on campus for praying the Rosary while America ushered in the biggest Pro-abort President in History. BTW, ND asked for him to give his commencement speech to that graduate class… 2008 I believe.
    Yeah. We’re praying. You?

  • No “Guest” it is ND that is scandalous. Please define flippantly-I take NDs shrugging off Catholicism as a heinous crime, not something to be taken lightly.

  • Philip: Me? I was trying to bail Fr. Weslin, a hero of mine (may he rest in peace) out of jail after the corrupt town in concert with the administration changed the law in the middle of the night prior to the arrests.
    So yeah, and you?

  • So guest…let’s stop the heat. We are not enemies. I loved him too. He spent his last weeks here in TC. A great man.
    I’d love his likeness to be bronzed and part of the Grotto at ND. A reminder of the Spirit of ND, prior to the ungrateful Imbecile’s that have lost the identity of a once great school of Catholic learning.
    Peace guest.

  • Philip: And BTW, Fr. Weslin was singing Ave Maria as he was arrested.
    I’m sure he’d be pleased if you, and others, could pray for those at ND that are enduring the Catholic backlash. Many of them could make substantially more elsewhere, in a much nicer location and climate, but thank God they are remaining strong.

    As for those fully Catholic that cannot go elsewhere, there are literally thousands of staff in kitchens, cleaning dorms, cleaning buildings, tending to the graveyard, and even those having to work directly for progressive, anti-Catholic faculty. You’d be surprised how many students they witness to.

    What’s interesting, as an outsider (parent) looking in, is that if the only people left donating vast sums are progressive or solely “social Justice ‘Catholics’, then of course ND will keep going in its present direction. After all, money talks, and if that segment is the only one giving voice, well, those withholding gifts directed to the truly Catholic programs at ND are starving the voice of those programs.

  • Guest.
    You have my prayers.
    Good night.

  • Peace to you as well, thank you. I just wish people understood how disheartening it is (for staff in particular, and I imagine for the faithful faculty) when ND is summarily dismissed as non-Catholic. They cling to the hope that one of the many of the brilliant, younger, amazing and genuinly faithful Priests make it up through the ranks and turn the tide. That is what I pray for!

    I love the statue idea. Grotto, or even with the statue of Our Lady praying for the unborn that is along the Basilica exterior.

    (But I gotta say part of me would want Fr. Weslin’s statue to be of him in that still painful to call to mind position, as he was being laid down and plastic handcuffs put on him. Let it be a piece of history, and have a tribute to the “88” somewhere with it. And it should have inscribed his words as they were doing this–“you are arresting a priest for trying to save a baby?”) Still makes me cry.

    Anyhow, peace be with you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • ….along the Basilica exterior. Yes!
    It was one of the most surreal times in ND history. One that brought many tears to many eyes.

    You have a Blessed Thanksgiving too.

    We are in the midst of a battle that has been prophesized for some time. Our Lady via Fr. Gobbi and the Marian Movt. of Priest, is one I recall that fits perfectly into the mayhem we find ourselves in.

    Well. Tighten up the sheets, reef the main and put up the storm jib. The storm is on us.

  • Mayhem, good way to describe it.

    I just came back to post the info for those so inclined to donate to help NDstudents attend the March for Life.

    It is humbling and heartening to see how many students go. Most important, they know they are not alone! The press always underrepresents the attendance, last year was approaching a hundred thousand, yet it was reported as “thousands.” Further, what a great way for faithful like-minded students to get to know each other!

    The Sycamore Trust website had this info to donate directly to the ND March for Life:
    Oops, ipad not letting me copy and paste, website w/info is

    Thank you.

    Hmmm, Philip, maybe we should start a fund in each diocese in honor of Fr. Weslin and send the proceeds directly to the March for Life transportation account (most charter buses) of Catholic High Schools and colleges in that diocese! I could write a short history/brochure of his amazing and honorable life (this wasn’t his first stint in jail for the cause!) and make more people aware of him, his service to his country, his family, his church, and the most vulnerable children. This could truly honor him by helping form new pro lifers!

    I’ll check back here tomorrow. Good night, and oremus pro invicem.

  • So are you suggesting spending $40,000+ a year to meet devout maintenance staff? Seems like a waste! Not what I would call a Catholic education.

  • Guest.

    Yes, let us pray for each other.
    The brochure idea in honor of Fr. Weslin directed to defray transportation cost within each diocese is a great idea.
    Please do pursue this.

    Philip Nachazel
    6300 S. Good Harbor Trail
    Cedar Michigan 49621

    I will run with this in our diocese of Gaylord Michigan.

    God be with you.

  • Guest.
    When your rough draft is ready, please send it.
    I’ll try to drum up benefactors that will put your work in print.

  • Another reason for Thanksgiving, the life of the late Fr. Norman Weslin: thank you all for reminding me.

    Best line “ever”? As many of you know, when the police arrested him at the 2009 Notre Dame protest, he asked, “Why would you arrest a Catholic priest at a Catholic university for trying to stop the killing of a baby?” Why, indeed.

    [Except that obviously the Church is headed to end as it began, persecution, imprisonment, and inevitably, martyrdom. We all know its coming. Get ready.]

    But for today and tomorrow, Thank you, Fr. Norman Weslin, thank you, Philip, thank you, Guest, and all others.

  • Steve. is reporting another grotesque act of Lucifer via an “artist,” living in Spain. He allegedly stole over 200 consecrated hosts in order to make his art.

    Jesus is not just weeping. He is brokenhearted at the complete lack of faith.

  • Well-observe, Philip, and a crushing reality (the deliberate desecration of the Eucharist by yet another “artist” expressing the artistic vision within). At least Hieronymous Bosch told the truth the war he experienced inside him, and its eventual certain outcome.

    I also didn’t realize that Fr. Weslin was a Lt. Col. (ret), and his promotions were service-promotions (with all respect to reserve personnel, but as many know, active service-promotions are tough grades to achieve, “eliminators” at each rank advancement). It make the 2009 farce even worse. (No wonder that Janet Napolitano and Obama via DHS report announced that “military veterans” were possible source of “terror” incidents back in 2009.
    Being held accountable to their conscience is indeed a terror event for such as these.

  • [Leaving behind the serious and the real level for a momentary escape, now…]

    On a more absurdly comic level, I attended the Notre Dame-Stanford game with friends last night in Palo Alto–sold out, and the typically over-imbibed Notre-Dame fans in raucous and lurching attendance (literally: Stanford’s venue is a dry stadium, but there are this thing innocently called “tail-gating” — they cant exactly give everyone a blood-alcohol test at the entrance). I know ND fans “are not ND”—but the difference between ND fans and, say, Stanford fans, is, well—you have to see it for yourself.

    This happens every two years when they (ND) come to Stanford, I can attest. The only worse [requisitely drunken] “fans” are the Michigan State fans—and I pray God that Philip or others on this blog, is/are not a Spartan-fan(s) as I say that—or probably were he so, he is one of the Green fans that wish the others would show some moral-self-control. (We encountered them at the Rose Bowl 2 years ago, but that is a story for another day). I muse that it is kind of like the Catholic Church today, at times: One is embarrassed to watch people who should know better how to behave.

    ND’s supporters were quite bellicose this night, because this win would guarantee them a bowl-championship-berth; and when they appeared to be ascendant in the 3rd quarter, I thought for the sake of Mrs. Phoenix and my autistic-brother Joe (who looks totally normal, so that itself is an invitation to a fight: plus he insisted on wearing his Stanford Cardinal Footbal sweatshirt), I negotiated their reluctant consent to leave early and finish watching the game at home on TV (We’ve been through this before, and it is not a pretty picture: winning gracefully is not an option for ND fans.)

    So we escaped from the burning city and didn’t look back: and lo and behold, Stanford won, after ND was whooping it up, certain of their victory, Stanford struck with a long pass and hit a FG with no time left. It was sweet. And no parking lot incidents. For us at least.
    Sorry, ND fans, you better hit the beads.

    God bless, First Sunday of Advent today,

  • @Steve Phoenix

    Fascist, Socialist and Communist… take your pick, for they are the face of an ever growing disease trumping the once God fearing citizen.

    Good is bad and black is white, as the children look to leaders that teach government as the sovereign King to guide and protect.
    The Obama administration is a classic example. Affordable Care Act?
    Watch this traitor take our guns away by presidential edict… or at the very least try.
    This is a sick hot mess when a rogue Muslim is voted into the oval office.
    Worse of all, the minions who support him are buying the lie to their own demise.
    Bernie Sanders will continue to poison the land with pro-Socialist agendas and John Q public will lap it up like a dog eating it’s own vomit. If Sanders get the chance that is.
    We are in a world of hurt.
    Red White and Blue turning into a big fat red star if Americans don’t wake up.

  • Steve.

    Funny post.
    Michigan State fan’s are rowdy?
    Hummm. OK. I’ll give ya that one.

    Have a great Advent season.
    Way to Go Stanford!

  • I had been a “subway” ND fan for nearly 50 years. Not so much since Obama 2009.
    However, for “hooliganism”, ND fans have nothing on my once-Catholic alma mater’s (which I will not identify). For example, when I was there, Brother President felt compelled to write a memo decrying students’ characterizations of our arch-rival’s mascot’s “occult dietary habits.”

  • @T.Shaw

    “Occult dietary habits.”

    It’s Sunday. Your being very respectful.
    A gentlemen, I’m certain.
    Occult dietary habits…

  • Philip,

    Thank you. However, the quote was precisely Brother President’s phrase.

    And, you will hear a diversity of opinion regarding whether or not I am a “gentleman.”

  • 🙂

    Interesting phrase from brother President.

    Thanks for the correction. The phrase was conjuring up some different images. Of course knowing the mascot’s idenity would help.

    As for the compliment.
    I’ll stay with it. I’ve read your comments for over three years. I believe gentlemen is fitting.
    After all. Praying for the conversion of sinners and ND, is a noble request.

  • Why spend a small fortune to send your beloved offspring to Notre Dame to lose their souls when they can do it for less at a state university?
    Has no one heard of the inestimable Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California? That should have been at the top of that list and the others designated as “Catholic?”.

  • Do they have a football team(St Thomas Aquinas College)?

    (Just kidding, KMBold: as you know the Jesuits dropped major level football at most of their uni’s years ago as a supposed “definition of their character”: it was I guess an effort to make them like what S. Ignatius wanted. In the end that didn’t matter, noble ideals, lofty thoughts, mens sana in corpore sana: Because, as my Jesuit and very excellent priest & chemistry professor used to pointedly say (and he wasn’t talking about chemistry), as he stared us in the eye, “Everything naturally seeks its lowest energy state.”

Pope Francis Does Not Gather Moss

Wednesday, December 10, AD 2014

Candida Moss

Candida Moss, Notre Dame’s self promoting “blonde ambition” Professor of Theology, go here, here, here and here to read about some of her prior antics, has apparently fallen out of love with Pope Francis.  Here is a quote from an article she and her sidekick Joel Baden wrote for the Daily Beast last month:

Much like an ex-partner you keep running into in the street, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s continued presence in the church serves as a constant reminder of the way things used to be. Benedict’s occasional but thoroughly traditional statements offer a painful reminder and glimmer of hope to conservative Catholics. Just last week, in written remarks read aloud at the Pontifical Urbanian University in Rome, Benedict wrote that interreligious dialogue “is no substitute for spreading the Gospel to non-Christian cultures.” Benedict’s arguments are expressed somewhat philosophically, but they are music to the ears of those tired of Francis’s soft embrace of atheists, aliens, and—worst of all—progressive social policies.

Conservatives can also be encouraged that Benedict is showing support, albeit subtly, for the previously important conservative Cardinals that Francis ousted from power. Cardinal Raymond Burke, a pro-life traditional prelate whose demotion by Francis was recently announced, invited Benedict to a Latin Mass at the Vatican. In declining the invitation, Benedict wrote that he was glad that the Latin Mass was being “celebrated by great cardinals,” a statement that many conservatives see as tacit support for those sent into exile by Francis.

Alas, that was last month.  This month Moss and Baden in an oped in the LA Times bemoan the un-pc use of language by the Pope:



Ten days ago, Pope Francis organized and addressed an interfaith colloquium on the subject of “The Complementarity of Man and Woman in Marriage.” The use of the doctrinal term “complementarity” signals the conservative underpinnings of Francis’ views on marriage. The religious teaching of complementarity holds that men and women have very different roles in life and in marriage, with men outranking women in most areas. Although Francis did acknowledge that complementarity could take “many forms,” he nonetheless insisted that it is an “anthropological fact.”

Last week, in chastising the European Parliament on the subject of immigration policy, Francis provided another alarming insight into his attitudes toward women, this time in his choice of metaphor. He described Europe as a “grandmother, no longer fertile and vibrant,” but instead “elderly and haggard.” At 77 years old, presumably Francis still thinks himself relatively vibrant and useful to society. Women of his age, however, have apparently outlived their utility.

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4 Responses to Pope Francis Does Not Gather Moss

  • Why would anyone care about the opinion of a fungus?

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  • Her honeymoon with Pope Francis lasted as long as a Hollywood marriage. I cannot understand why Protestants such as Miss Moss do leave a Church they obviously do not like. That would be a smart thing to do and liberals are always saying how smart they are.

  • As an EU citizen I can be critical of Europe. However, I don’t like to hear what is still the most civilized and cultured part of the world slagged off by someone from Argentina – a banana republic and economic basket case famous only for inventing a lewd dance – which no-one had ever heard of until 1982 when its posturing dictator was unwise enough to take on a European power.

Anti-Catholic Bigot Appointed to Governing Board of Notre Dame

Thursday, October 2, AD 2014

Father Jenkins and Katie Washington


Father Wilson Miscamble, a professor at Notre Dame, brings us this news, that, in morally saner times, would be regarded as a bad attempt at a joke:

Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees gathers on campus this week. Committee meetings will be held on Thursday, followed by the full board meeting on Friday, and then the much-anticipated football game against Stanford on Saturday. Not much is expected to emerge from the meetings themselves. It will be appear to be business as usual. But in fact, something deeply troubling will have happened.

Sadly, at Notre Dame – as indeed at many other Catholic universities – many board members are essentially passive bystanders selected mainly for their “giving potential,” as it is delicately put, rather than for their qualifications to fulfill the serious responsibility mandated for them in Ex Corde Ecclesiaeto maintain and strengthen the Catholic identity of the university.

Board members are usually not deeply familiar with Catholic higher education. They are easily “guided” by the administration to desired decisions. Whatever their limitations, however, many are no doubt committed Catholics who genuinely want Notre Dame to be an authentically Catholic institution. And most trustees have not damaged Notre Dame’s mission as a Catholic university.

This is about to change at the October meeting, when Ms. Katie Washington will take her “junior trustee” position on the board, to which she was elected last May. Ms. Washington was Notre Dame’s 2010 valedictorian and is now enrolled at Johns Hopkins Medical School.

In 2012, she joined several of her medical school colleagues in authoring an op-ed piece in the Baltimore Sun criticizing the Catholic Church’s position on the Obamacare contraception/abortifacient mandate. She revealed her belief that all religious employers should be required by law to provide contraception and abortifacient coverage whatever their religiously grounded objections.

Her op-ed singled out “national Catholic leaders” for reproach, and specifically criticized then Cardinal-designate Edwin O’Brien of Baltimore. Her animosity to the Church’s position – the very one which Notre Dame has embraced in its lawsuit against the Obama administration – was clear. She has not subsequently qualified or retracted her statement.

She presumably favors the continued federal coercion of those like the Little Sisters of the Poor whose conscience forbids them to agree to morally objectionable Obamacare provisions. Nonetheless, this supporter of the Obama Administration’s assault on the religious liberty of institutions like Notre Dame has gained appointment to the governing board of the university.

Regrettably, this appointment was made upon the initiative of University President Fr. John Jenkins and by vote of the twelve-member Board of Fellows, made up of six Holy Cross priests and six laypersons. It happened, however, without their being briefed on Ms. Washington’s hostility to religious liberty and Notre Dame’s claim of conscience.

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  • From the picture at first I thought it was Ronaldihno.

  • This proves you don’t need to have any brains to get into Noter Dame or Johns Hopkins Med school.

  • The scandal, as it usually is, is that bishops and religious superiors are implicated in this sort of thing. The Church in this country has been execrably led.

  • Not surprised at all.

    Around the globe I read accounts of statues of the BVM weeping tears. Some may be authentic…some not.
    But in Saturdays (Oct.4th) Psalm 119:136 I can’t help it. I see a connection to this decision from N.D. , the weeping statues, and this from the psalmist; “My eyes shed streams of tears because Your law has not been kept.”

    Lord help us to repent!

  • Philip: “Lord help us to repent!”
    ebola is upon us.

  • Why is sex so important to these people? What is it about imitating herd animals that’s such a d$#@*d big deal?

  • Mary De Voe. “ebola is upon us.”

    I’m afraid many non-believers will raise their fists at God, cursing His name and yelling at us; “So where is your merciful God now?” They will not accept the cataclysmic facts of abortion, nor the injustices of un-natural sexual acts.
    They will be indignant to Gods law right up to the very end.

    My prayer is that while we still have an era of Gods Mercy upon us, many will seek His forgiveness now.


Thursday, May 1, AD 2014

I am shocked, shocked, that Notre Dame, which honored Obama when he opposed gay marriage, blocks the speech of a group on campus that opposes gay marriage.  Father Z gives us the details:

More news from the school that gave the most aggressive anti-Catholic pro-abortion politician we have probably ever seen an honorary doctorate in law (of all things).

From the TFP site:

Young Catholics Not Welcome at the University of Notre Dame By Peter Miller April 29, 2014 Officials at the University of Notre Dame revoke permission for pro-marriage table, tell young Catholics to “cease and desist” promoting natural marriage on campus.

Sound Bend, Indiana: April 29, 2014 — Young volunteers with Tradition Family Property Student Action were ordered to “cease and desist” promoting traditional marriage at the University of Notre Dame on Friday, April 25.

“Permission to have a table had been granted through an officially recognized on-campus student group,” said TFP Student Action director John Ritchie.  “But that permission was revoked for some odd reason.  Police officers arrived soon after we started giving out pro-family literature and cut the event short, informing us that we were no longer welcome to talk to students about the importance of preserving the sanctity of marriage between 1 man and 1 woman, which fully agrees with 2,000 years of Catholic teaching,” Ritchie explained.

The TFP handout, 10 Reasons Why Same-Sex “Marriage” is Harmful and Must Be Opposed, was being warmly received by students and faculty members alike. However, several pro-homosexual students ripped up the flier, shouted obscenities, and expressed their desire to deprive the pro-true marriage volunteers of their right to free speech.


Read the rest there and find links.

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23 Responses to Shock!

  • While the campus may have acted (overreacted) unfortunately, there seems to be some hint (checking my own sources) that this was a student group not comprised of Notre Dame students who were using a ND student permit to run the table. I do not excuse ND in all things pro-life-related, but here, there seems to have been a violation of campus rules (getting an ND-approved table for a student group for another non-ND student group).

    Perhaps the rules are selectively enforced, but that information isn’t available, and I would hesitate (perhaps due to my own charitable desires) to imply it.

    Apparently, the group also brought cameras and videocameras, and were recording students, similarly without permission.

  • Notre Dame is a public square, not a private entity. If some of the people were not Notre Dame students they ought to have been respected as other than students. The abuse to which these other than students were subject to really is a disgrace. Communists and criminals would have been treated better.

  • As far as video cameras goes, almost every store videos customers. It is the dissemination of the video that needs permission of the captured people.

  • “Notre Dame is a public square, not a private entity.”

    Actually, Notre Dame is NOT a public square. And it IS a private entity. I don’t wish to disagree with you to be argumentative, but rather because it is an important distinction that works to protect Catholics. Private Catholic entities do not have to provide a forum to those whose viewpoints are deemed objectionable to them. Next time, it could be a group seeking to promote teachings contrary to the Catholic Faith, and it is important to emphasize that Notre Dame – or any other Catholic institution – is NOT a public square and do NOT have to provide a forum for such viewpoints.

  • “Notre Dame is a public square, not a private entity.”

    Notre Dame IS a private entity, and as such, can exclude non-Notre Dame students, people, etc., at will. Moreover, it is free to exclude those (such as non-Notre Dame students) who abuse privileges (such as ND student tables) that ND offers to its students.

    I think ND reacted exactly how the student group wished – and now the student group can claim that ND is anti-Catholic. That is unfortunate.

    However, there are any number of free lectures on pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-Catholic issues that occur at ND, student discussion groups, seminars, etc., that occur at Notre Dame without interruption by the administration (or even with outright advertisement by the administration). These students broke campus rules on student tables and dissemination, and therefore, could be excluded.

    See, e.g.,

  • As leftists have dominated American campuses, they have become citadels of intolerance. FIRE is a good resource:

    In regard to Notre Dame and free speech:

    Private institutions have to play by their own self-imposed rules when it comes to free speech issues.

  • Absolutely, Donald – the keys being in your words “play by their own rules” and in ND’s policy “Notre Dame students and student organizations are free to examine and to discuss all questions of interest to them and to express opinions publicly and privately.”

    In this case, apparently, the students involved were not Notre Dame students, and the organization, while working through another group that apparently only acted to set up the table, was not an ND student group. I say “apparently” because details are still coming out.

  • I suspect the interpretation of this episode most congenial to Notre Dame’s rancid administration is that they blanched when they found out TFP was on campus. Sandra Miesel has referred to TFP as a “RadTrad cult”, and advises all faithful Catholics to stay clear of it. One of their signatures is to stand outside the Church during Mass reciting rapid-fire rosaries, entering only when communion is about to be distributed. Critics such as Miesel have contended that TFP eats up the youth of its members, leaving them approaching middle-age with neither Tradition nor Family nor Property. I know an attorney associated with Una Voce and his local Latin Mass Community who got a visit from a youth in TFP many years ago. The conversation did not go well. It started out thus, “First, if you want to recruit me, don’t show up in my office in a cape….”

  • The offense to free speech of course Jonathan could also be by the administration’s action depriving students interested in hearing and reading what a group on campus has to say, whether the group consists of students or not. Suits against private institutions over free speech are often highly entertaining because their policies regarding free speech are often full of “feel good” language which the administrators who draft them, I truly hope they are usually not attorneys, fail to understand constitute a contract.

  • Art.

    What a terrible act from a so-called TFP representative. I have had exactly the opposite experience with this group.
    I participated in a prayerful protest in Madison WI. that was respectful and dignified. The Catholic priest was local, and rightfully praised the east coast group for its efforts to Stand Up for Jesus when Blasphemy is portrayed as art.

    Not many Catholics are willing to give peaceful prayerful protests in the public square. Courage is a rare thing these days. Easier to text tweet and twaddle than stand erect and give good honest testimony.

    I’m afraid your friend met a disgruntled TFP drop out.

  • TFP draws its inspiration from Corrêa de Oliveira, a Throne & Altar Conservative, somewhere to the right of Prince Metterniche and Joseph de Maistre.

    Art Deco’s description calls to mind the Camelots du Roi of Charles Maurras and l’ Action Française.

  • I’ve read Prof. Correa’s book. He’s a great one-man manufactory of obscure verbiage.

  • I actually agree to some degree with Art Deco.

    I’ve heard stories where the followers of T.F.P. can actually see a glowing cross on the founders forehead (in Brazil).

    Among other such stories.

    The T.F.P. has not asked to operate in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, yet they participate in active recruitment in various archdiocesan parishes.

    But that’s the bad I have heard.

    I am very impressed by their organizing abilities and the defense of Catholic teachings.

  • Jay Anderson, Jonathan, and Donald McClarey: Thank you for the correction. I am listening and learning. It does seem, that when Notre Dame threw open the gate to Obama, N.D. threw open the gate to everybody.

  • TFP has been leading the way in a universal Public Square Rosary campaign. Last year over 12,300 cities around the globe participated. Publicly asking Heaven to intercede for our darkened world. Over 13,000 cities this Oct. is a worthy goal. Each city praying the same formatted prayers and Holy Rosary at noon.

    I guess with TFP take the good and leave the bad.
    Personally I’ve only witnessed good thus far, but I do value opposing views since this is of mans efforts.

  • Yes, Mary, that is precisely why I hang out around here, among other reasons. I have had as many eye openers here in the last six months as in all other religious sites combined. Don should be proud.

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  • Another win for the heckler’s veto.

  • Hasn’t the local ordinary publicly proclaimed that heathen school isn’t Catholic yet?

  • ND allows the far left but not the far right? Free speech is free speech. So, ND has right to set their own rules. If the rules were more catholic in their scope perhaps the students would at least have a better chance of hearing all sides. I’d rather not have ND conduit the left, but since they do, it would be good to allow rad trads too.

  • As much as I would like to file this under “Catholic Administrations befogged by Leftist Lunacy Muzzle Faithful Students”, something seems missing with this story and, as much of a “Taliban Catholic” as I am, I’m not ready to draw my scimitar without a little more information.

  • How I long for and pray for the days when Catholic nuns and holy Sisters taught in the field of Catholic Education. Not only were the tenets of Catholicism taught, but the respect they commanded by their sacrifice made the public institutions sit up and take notice.

  • rt Deco wrote, “He’s [Corrêa de Oliveira] a great one-man manufactory of obscure verbiage.”

    Crisp, clear statements of Fascist doctrine tended to go out of fashion after WWII, except among the clergy of the SSPX

Whither Notre Dame?

Wednesday, March 26, AD 2014

Fathers Miscamble and Barron



Tom O’Toole has an interesting post up at Renew America on the future of Notre Dame:



After a stellar version of the standard salad, chicken and potatoes lunch, Fr. Miscamble began his talk, entitled, “What is the Future for Notre Dame?” Indeed, it was a sad tale I’ve both heard and written about many times before, yet there was something poignant about hearing it in person from the person perhaps most responsible for the University’s counter-reformation. Although I’m sure Miscamble realized that for the most part he was singing to the choir that day, he warned the rest that, “[i]f you’ve come to hear some carefully prepared PR fluff, you’ve come to the wrong place.”

Father began his lecture going from the general to the specific, noting that Notre Dame was part of an amazing push in the nineteenth and early twentieth century in which the Church built a massive Catholic culture of dioceses, schools and hospitals, “all at a time when Catholics had neither the wealth nor education they do today.” After that ironic statement, Father flashed forward to the subtly diabolical 1967 “Land O’Lakes” document, which promoted scholarly dialogue at the expense of magisterial obedience. “After a series of seemingly insignificant decisions, Notre Dame found itself both confused and lacking confidence in its Catholic identity,” so much that Notre Dame president, Fr. John Jenkins, and the ND Board of Trustees. could go against the directives of the bishops and forsake Truth for prestige by honoring the radically pro-abortion Obama.

While not denying that Notre Dame is at the crossroads of returning to its Catholic roots or becoming another Vanderbilt or Duke, former religious universities that are now almost completely secular, Miscamble, after acknowledging some positive steps the University has taken since the Obama disaster (not the least of these being “Notre Dame’s suing of the Obama Administration over clauses in the Affordable Heath Care Act”) offered four practical ways to return from Land O’Lakes to Ex Corde Ecclesiae, John Paul II’s “Magna Carta” on how a Catholic university should operate.

Although my one through four list of ways to save Notre Dame all involve naming Fr. Miscamble as Notre Dame’s president (an online petition, anyone?), barring that miracle, Father’s outline is the way to reform. First, Miscamble says you need a clear articulation of your mission statement. Noting that Notre Dame’s is actually pretty good, Father adds that a mission statement is “meaningless unless it shapes the University,” as was clearly not the case with honoring Obama and allowing annual campus performances of The Vagina Monologues, which, in Fr. Jenkins’ own words, includes “graphic descriptions of homosexual, extramarital…and auto-erotic [sex, including] the seduction of a sixteen year old girl by an adult woman,” or as Miscamble would add “reduces women to their body parts.”

Second, the Catholicity of the faculty is of utmost importance. Indeed, the hiring of faculty both “ambivalent” and “openly hostile” to Notre Dame’s mission may be the University’s gravest mistake to date. On the other hand, the hiring done during Miscamble’s brief five-year term as Chair of the History Department show it is far from impossible to turn a faculty around.

Thirdly, the curriculum must be re-examined. Of course, Father acknowledges that curriculum is intimately tied to the faculty, because even the finest selection of Catholic core courses (I myself am pushing Notre Dame to add one on the novels of Ralph McInerny) unless taught by the right teachers, could do students more harm than good.

Finally, Notre Dame needs to re-explore its choices regarding student life. While praising the great availability of the sacraments at Notre Dame, including daily Masses in all the dorms, Father says Notre Dame must do more to distance itself from the partying, hook-up culture of secular universities, and providing entertainment choices such as The Vagina Monologues, or bands such as the one that ended their concert my freshman year with a rousing rendition of “Let’s Get Drunk and Screw,” just isn’t cutting it.

After a  heartfelt round of applause, Miscamble gave way to his colleague, Fr. Robert Barron, narrator of the fine Catholicism TV documentaries and rector of Mundelein Seminary. Barron echoed many of Miscamble’s warnings, noting that between the “dumbed down, banners and balloons religion being taught in Catholic grade and high schools, and the Land O’Lakes Catholicism offered at many Catholic universities, Christ became just one of many options to follow, and Catholic theology was no longer at the center.” But “when Christ is no longer at the center, a center in which all other subjects find their meaning,” Barron noted that “something else will take His place.” Indeed, dialogue became god, and laws at many Catholic universities were no longer dictated by the Church but by the faculty or even the state, as Obama’s honorary degree of Law from Notre Dame sadly indicates.

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20 Responses to Whither Notre Dame?

  • I unfortunately never knew Fr. Miscamble at Notre Dame (I’m too old). But, I would not attribute the History Department’s orthodoxy entirely to him. Back when I was a History major at ND the History Department was probably the most conservative academic department at the University. In the 50’s and 60’s you had Monsignor Phillip Hughes (Popular History of the Catholic Church) who taught and is buried on campus. When I was there in the 70’s one of his students Father Marvin O’Connell (close associate of Ralph McInerney) headed up the History Department and in his classes on the Reformation and England I learned more about the Catholic faith and its teachings than I ever learned in any Theology class. Many of his lectures were like mini sermons and his classrooms were always large and packed. If I ever contribute to my alma mater it will be a contribution restricted to the History Department.

  • Before an addict can receive healing they must first admit that they have a problem. They must recognize the addiction and ponder the damaging effects of the addiction on themselves and upon the community since both have suffered much.
    I hope N.D. is in this first phase of healing. I will dedicate Thurs. mornings Holy Hour for it’s break from secular kool-aid addiction.

  • “Any attempt to make Catholic colleges and universities Catholic again in this country has to start with the basic premise that contemporary liberalism is an aggressive, intolerant ideology and unremittingly hostile to Catholicism.”

    Liberalism is a Sin:

  • Our English word ‘bishop’ comes from a word meaning ‘overseer’. Who were the Church’s overseers of all things Catholic in South Bend, Indiana while Our Lady’s great Catholic university was left to dry-rot?

  • Bishop Rhoades, Ft. Wayne / South Bend diocese, was at the helm while N.D. danced to the drummer of Vagina Dialogues and Queer film festivals.
    No problem then to honor Obama, after all he fits the image of N.D. An image sculpted not from traditional catholicism, God forbid, but one crafted in liberal fashion. When the silence from the Bishops is overwhelmingly deafening, attach yourself to a humble orthodox church within your diocese and thank God. Thank him for the Priests that still teach sound Catholic doctrine unafraid of political correctness. Unafraid of the State.
    Pastors that are truly Jesus’ very own. Worthy to be called Catholic Priests.
    N.D. has a long way back, but it can and will happen. A return to holiness.

  • This is a quote from Father Sorin the founder of Notre Dame, after a fire in 1879 destroyed the one building that really was most of the university:

    “I came here as a young man and dreamed of building a great university in honor of Our Lady,” he said. “But I built it too small, and she had to burn it to the ground to make the point. So, tomorrow, as soon as the bricks cool, we will rebuild it, bigger and better than ever.”

    I hope Fr Sorin is in a position now to intercede through Mary for Notre Dame, that it may come back better than before. The evangelistic mission of Catholic education seems more important than ever.

  • “Any attempt to make Catholic colleges and universities Catholic again in this country has to start with the basic premise that contemporary liberalism is an aggressive, intolerant ideology and unremittingly hostile to Catholicism.”

    And these liberals run most of our Catholic grammar and high schools as well, let alone many a diocese and university. In my last teaching assignment at a Catholic High School I felt like the “mole” in hiding. I didn’t hide too well and while I was victim of the mindless policy, “last in first out,” (as student numbers deservedly faded) the motivation included fear of somebody who actually believed in what the Church, dare I say Magisterium, taught. (Meanwhile, religion teachers who sided with the liberal agenda and did not see the need to attend Sunday mass regularly, as well as another gay teacher, and others remained happily there.) And I should make it clear that I did not confront people, was popular with teachers and staff, wildly popular with the students to whom I never shied in teaching the truth to. My point is, liberalism acts without courage and behind a mask, never wanting to show its hand. Sadly, I even discussed the situation with the pastor who agree with all I said but merely responded, “What can I do? They barely talk to me. I think she (a nun) hates me.”

    We need to infiltrate our supposed Catholic schools again with faithful Catholics and charitably fight the good fight. As of yet, I am sorry to say I don’t see it happening anywhere around here.

  • Kevin.

    Your living in this time for good reason, and you shall give great witness when the holy spirit opens the door “wide open”. It will happen and faithful Christians will help the blind to see clearly.
    The storm is far from being over.
    We are just now seeing the dark clouds gather overhead.

  • Anzlyne, interesting you should post on Fr. Sorin– Fr. Sorin is being “celebrated” by ND right now, but sadly many right there on campus are taking the words “Our Lady” out of his quote, and emphasizing the “great university” portion. I too pray Fr. Sorin and Our Lady intercede for ND, and our Country.

    When I first saw this video of Fr. Weslin being arrested at ND I felt like I was punched in the stomach– how one “priest” could order this done to another Priest is more than frightening– it is unadultered evil. Fr. Weslin has now passed, and I often pray to him for help in saving the soul of ND and our country (Fr. Weslin was also in the military, you should read his bio, what a remarkable, genuine life he lived!)

    I have always wanted to contact the woman in the video that is saying “God Bless you Fr. Weslin” as he is being arrested and laid on the ground. If anyone knows who it is can you post it please? (The video’s producer did not know.)

  • Philip, I believe you are being unfair to Bishop Rhoades. In the first place,
    he was not the Bishop of Fort Bend when ND chose to fluff Obama– that was
    Bishop D’Arcy. Bishop Rhoades was appointed to head the diocese the next
    year, upon Bishop D’Arcy’s retirement.
    Notre Dame acted badly then, and I’m not sure how Bishop D’Arcy could have
    handled it differently. ND deliberately blindsided the bishop with the news of
    its honor to Obama, telling the chancery just hours before releasing the news
    to the press– even though the university had been working for months to make
    Obama’s appearance at ND possible. ND president Fr. Jenkins claimed he’d run
    the idea past a crew of theologians to make sure honoring a militantly pro-
    abortion politician was hunkey-dory. As Bishop D’Arcy publicly pointed out in
    response, no one from Notre Dame had bothered to ask HIM what he thought
    about it. In the end, of course, Bishop D’Arcy chose to boycott the graduation,
    and good for him.
    Notre Dame has consistently made it clear that it doesn’t give a fig what any
    bishop thinks, and has precisely zero regard for any sort of oversight. I’m not
    sure what recourse under Canon Law any bishop has faced with such a faux-
    catholic university in his diocese. I presume he could forbid the public
    celebration of the Mass and the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament in college
    chapels. He could revoke the incardination of various priests, and I suppose he
    could even order that whatever congregation responsible for the school pack up
    and get out of the diocese. I assume that dropping those kind of hammers on
    a school would require certain conditions to be met under Canon Law. But other
    than these drastic steps, what ammo does a bishop have dealing with duplicitous
    college boards like that of Notre Dame?
    I’d like to see our bishops fight to regain some oversight over Catholic colleges.
    After all, these colleges are claiming to speak for the Church outside their gates.
    They are forming hundreds of thousands of future citizens, members of the
    Church. It is outrageous that the bishops have allowed themselves to be
    sidelined from what is clearly part of their duty as shepherds. Land-O’-Lakes
    must go, for the good of the Church in this country. It breaks my heart to think
    how much better off this country would be if our supposedly Catholic colleges
    had actually been doing their job these past 40 or 50 years, instead of turning
    out so many expensively-educated pagans.

  • Vile! How vile to arrest a priest protesting the murder of innocents in order that the pro abort emperor feel welcomed on this Catholic campus. Almost like viewing a Passion play. Was federal money really that important?

  • Clinton

    Perhaps, one avenue of approach would be through the trust deeds?

    I have not read them, but, if they refer to the Catholic character of the university, the loss of that would deprive them of the right to the endowment.

    In the leading Scottish case of Bannatyne v Overtoun, a dissenting minority of the Free Church (the “Wee Frees”) successfully claimed the whole property of the Church, on the grounds that the majority had departed from the Church’s founding principles.
    The Lord Chancellor (Halsbury LC) allowed “the right of any man or any collection of men, to change their religious beliefs according to their own consciences” but he insisted that “when men subscribe money for a particular object, and leave it behind them for the promotion of that object, their successors have no right to change the object endowed,” for “there is nothing in calling an associated body a Church [or a university?] that exempts it from the legal obligations of insisting that money given for one purpose shall not be devoted to another.”
    The same reasoning would apply to a university.

  • Michael PS, that is an interesting suggestion. I suspect that here in the States
    there are as many legal arrangements re:endowments and trust deeds as there
    are Catholic colleges and congregations in charge. But perhaps the idea that an
    Ordinary was willing to cause a straying catholic college the PR headache of
    taking it to court to cut off funds would make a few straighten up and fly right…

  • Bishops do have oversight of the Catholic schools, colleges and universities operating in their sees. A religious order needs permission for an ordinary to set up shop.

  • Penguins Fan wrote, “Bishops do have oversight of the Catholic schools, colleges and universities operating in their sees”
    There are exceptions, for example when a university is erected into a Pontifical Athenaeum, which is immediately dependent on the Holy See.

  • Cam: “Vile! How vile to arrest a priest protesting the murder of innocents in order that the pro abort emperor feel welcomed on this Catholic campus. Almost like viewing a Passion play. Was federal money really that important?”
    A public place like the university belongs to the “public”. That the priest was arrested for trespassing on his own property tells us of a gulag, a usurpation of freedom and the destruction of the dignity of the sovereign person as a citizen. Time to sue for false arrest. The government does not own Notre Dame, nor the priest.

  • Mary De Voe, ND is a privately-owned institution. The administrators
    of that once-Catholic university chose to have all prolife protesters
    arrested for tresspass, even though they were well away from the graduation
    ceremony/Obama celebration. It was the legal right of the Notre Dame
    administration to have the prolife protestors arrested– but their decision to
    do so proves just how very far that formerly Catholic university has fallen.
    If ND was a state school or otherwise a publicly-owned institution, I believe
    the matter could be very different. But, since ND is essentially private property,
    like any other privately-owned business, it is able to have people charged
    with criminal trespass. It is staggering that a supposedly Catholic institution
    would choose to press charges on prolife demonstrators. Staggering, but
    completely legal.
    Any time you encounter people who try to defend ND, who insist that it is still a
    rock-solid Catholic university, remind them of this decision by its administration.

  • Mary: “That the priest was arrested for trespassing on his own property tells us of a gulag, a usurpation of freedom and the destruction of the dignity of the sovereign person as a citizen. Time to sue for false arrest. The government does not own Notre Dame, nor the priest.”

    Unfortunately Fr. Weslin is no longer on this earth to sue. I read his bio. He overcame many obstacles and accomplished much in his long life. He was profoundly pro-life before and after his later in life ordination. He had Alzheimers at the end, but I believe that he protested that day not because he had it, but in spite of it. He was a man called to action throughout his life.
    True, the government does not own Notre Dame; however, if it had not been for the U.S. Navy establishing a training program during WWII, the university would probably would not exist. The payback for that is the annual Navy- UND football contest. Notre Dame receives federal money. One example of federal largess: since 1999 its faculty has received more National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships than any other university in this country. There are always strings attached to federal money. I see the order for the arrest of Fr. Weslin and fellow pro-life protestors that day as a marker being called by the Administration.
    We sang “Immaculate Mary” at the Feast of the Annunciation Mass. Next time we sing that hymn I won’t be remembering May Processions on the tarmac at St. Thomas More School, I’ll be remembering and praying for Fr. Weslin and aborted babies.

  • Penguins Fan, you are correct– a religious order needs the permission of an
    Ordinary to ‘set up shop’ in a diocese. As I mentioned earlier, one of the nuclear
    options available to a bishop is to demand that a congregation pack up and take
    their business elsewhere. I have absolutely no idea what requirements must be
    met under Canon Law before a bishop may legally do such a thing, but it is

    Years ago, Cardinal O’Connell of Boston expelled the Sulpicians from his diocese.
    Not only did he toss them all out, but he also ordered them to “take your dead
    with you”– they had to dig up the members of their congregation buried in
    their local cemetery, and remove them also. Ouch.

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PopeWatch: Notre Dame

Friday, January 31, AD 2014

28 Responses to PopeWatch: Notre Dame

  • Great start Pope Francis. Follow through is completely another story however this tone was long overdue.

    Catholic Identity indeed!

  • Gregory Baum and his band of Canadian rebels, who derided Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae, would be pleased with their contemporary counterpart Gary Gutting’s advocacy of abortion; for this subset of “Catholics” abortion is the natural and holistic progression of Baum’s efforts to normalize contraception.
    When contraception fails, abortion is their solution. The popes must be enlightened and made to submit to progress

  • “. . . will continue to . . .”

    On what planet does Pope Francis exist?

  • “There is, then, a strong case for thinking that abortions always bring about some bad results — at a minimum the loss of potential human life — and that for most pregnancies abortion would be morally wrong.”
    Science has proved that human life of an individual person begins at fertilization. “Potential human life” is actually a human life with potential. The endowed human soul is rational, innocent and virgin, capable of willing to live. The will to live of the human person, newly begotten, is the states’ right to life. Since man is born into ignorance, it may be that the sovereign person, begotten, has forgotten more than you or I can know. Even when we retain our free will and intellect, intuition and freedom, intangibles, that cannot be aborted, we can and may have forfeited most of our endowed gifts and talents. Gutting is a prime example of my theory.
    Firstly: The innocent person, begotten, may not be put to death for the crimes of his parents, rapist, murderer or whatever.
    Secondly: The innocence, legal and moral, of the newly begotten is the standard of Justice for the nation and the people. This is the compelling interest of the state.
    Thirdly, The sovereign person endowed with sovereign personhood by our Creator at fertilization, and the conception of the immaculate soul, until undone by concupiscence, constitutes the nation, of We, the people. This is the absolute compelling interest of the state in protecting and providing for the sovereign person in the womb.
    Gutting’s fine example of atheism, undeterred by Catholicism, the teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church, science, tradition and common decency makes Gutting a prime candidate for expulsion.

  • he had better not.. he does have the right to express his opinions. if he does suffer any consequences, it will make me even MORE ashamed to be catholic

  • He has a right to be in support of legalized abortion and be employed at a Catholic university? What an odd conception of rights you have Ed. Does the position of the Church in defense of innocent human life also make you ashamed?

  • “…being ashamed to be catholic.”

    This is the line in the sand. Catholic identity. Supporting views contrary to our Catholic identity is what is Shameful.
    It’s time to chose. Catholic in name only weakens the institution, the Church!
    Catholic in deed truth and witness is what will usher in a New Springtime.
    A time of grace for all souls, especially ones teaching contrary to Our Holy Faith.

  • It appears to me that the professor is engaging in the sin of scandal.

    II. Respect for the Dignity of Persons

    Respect for the souls of others: scandal

    2284 Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil. the person who gives scandal becomes his neighbor’s tempter. He damages virtue and integrity; he may even draw his brother into spiritual death. Scandal is a grave offense if by deed or omission another is deliberately led into a grave offense.

    2285 Scandal takes on a particular gravity by reason of the authority of those who cause it or the weakness of those who are scandalized. It prompted our Lord to utter this curse: “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”85 Scandal is grave when given by those who by nature or office are obliged to teach and educate others. Jesus reproaches the scribes and Pharisees on this account: he likens them to wolves in sheep’s clothing.86

    2286 Scandal can be provoked by laws or institutions, by fashion or opinion.

  • Ed,

    If so, then Christ, when He comes again in glory, will be ashamed of you.


  • I followed you link back to your previous writing about this professor and “we don’t need no stinkin’ bishops”. Thanks so much for this blog and your consistent Catholic work. You bless us all and you help us stay in touch with right thinking people who reinforce our faith- especially when there are so many who, (in teaching positions at Catholic universities) would lead Catholics astray.

  • “he does have the right to express his opinions.” Not as fact, unless he prefaces his opinion as opinion and says that he truly does not know. Then, in fact, Gutting is wasting the precious time of his students.

  • Ed, he does have a right to express his opinion. Once it is expressed this becomes an act that can be judged. If this act is contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church, we have an obligation to refute it in kind – publicly or privately. If this act is by a teacher at a “catholic” university, then it is an incredible scandal and the height of hypocrisy.

    You are protecting the freedom to speak and express opinions. That is fine. Once opinions are expressed, we have to do our part to respond in a manner that reveals Truth. Being “ashamed” to be catholic and allowing scandalous statements to go unanswered is not acceptable. It is a refusal to recognize the Truth and to protect our Lord and Savior. If we do not recognize God here, He will not recognize us at our particular judgment. Lets join together and “fight the good fight.”

  • Factum, non verbum.

    I see talk from the Pope to Norte Dame, but no backup actions.

  • Paul W Primavera.

    Going way out on a limb here….

    For starters a bronze bust of Fr. R. Weslin stationed in a prominent area on campus. The inscription; As a reminder to all who tread this sacred holy ground.
    Be not afraid.

    May 15th 2009 our humble defender of the unborn was hauled off to jail in hand cuffs. Guilty of praying for the unborn on Notre Dame property, opposing Obama’s presence and baloney honorary degree.

    The bust of this true Catholic priest should be a lasting testimony of Catholic Identity on Catholic Universities around the globe. Fr. Weslin passed away near my workplace in Northern Michigan.

  • Norte….not Notre. (sorry)

  • In the interest of transparency I am not a graduate of Notre Dame University. Notre Dame University is the keystone to Catholic HIgher Education. As it goes, so does most if not all of Catholic higher education. In 1967, Father Hesburgh, head of Notre Dame led a conference of heads of major Catholic Universities and Colleges in America at what is known as “The Land of Lakes Conference”. Its purpose was to draw up a policy in which the “Catholic universities and colleges” expressed a new relationship between themselves and the Church and between the Catholic universities and the intellectual life. In masse, led by Notre Dame, the universities sided with entering into a full robust search for intellectual excellence along with “academic freedom’ and other values their secular counterparts held most dear. The cost? Catholic identity and faithfulness not only to Church teaching but to their own mission within the Church.

    While other Catholic Universities and colleges have embraced this outright-Georgetown being the crown jewel of that crowd, Notre Dame has wavered back and forth (I know some will claim it has not wavered, but it has not gone the route of Georgetown). The Obama administration knew exactly what it was doing when they targeted Notre Dame for a major address in which Obama spouted political niceties about recognizing Catholics do not agree with abortion etc.-that turned into outright lies. In the meantime Notre Dame, desiring the prestige etc burned its incense to Caesar. Nonetheless it did not hide crucifixes etc at the expressed direction of the Obama administration as did Georgetown. Notre Dame is wavering, sitting on the fence.

    It joined with so many others in suing the government over the HHS mandate, but when it lost its case (certainly not its fault) it declared it would comply with the mandate-again wavering back and forth. However, this time there are enough Catholic alumnae etc that are pushing back etc. One of their projects was the setting up of a Rome campus of the University. It was to these folks that the pope addressed his very well-aimed comments, using the fine classical (ancient) art of rhetoric [although a bad word for many, it actually is a form of communication urging a certain direction, a change of direction etc. It was the language of the Church Fathers, a venerable tradition indeed). To put it in perhaps less diplomatic terms, what Pope Francis has done has set off a ticking time bomb-calling up the Catholic troops of the alumnae and board members calling for an end of the wavering and to once and for all side with Catholic identity and mission.

    In the meantime, the ripple effect of this happening at Notre Dame will effect the other Catholic universities and colleges. It is very likely the undoing of the 1967 Land of Lakes Conference. Finally.

  • Botolph.


    Thank you for your synopsis.
    I hope your right.

  • Philip,

    Me too lol

  • Botolph.”“Finally.” Thank you for your synopsis. I hope your (sic) right.””
    I second the motion. It may take some time like a volcano or avalanche. I never realized what an ignorant man Hesburgh was. Thank you Botolph

  • Mary De Voe,

    You are very welcome. One thing however I should note is that there very well could be some prominent “Catholic universities or colleges” that will resist this call back (call to repentance) to Catholic identity and mission. They will become totally secularized and literally be “Catholic” in name only-by long association of the name with “Catholic” or even keeping a saints name etc. However they really will be secular and not Catholic.

    This is a time of grace for the Church-opportunity to respond to the call of Christ to holiness and in this way to be the ‘sacrament’ of Christ, the Light for the Nations. However, the time of pruning is literally ‘upon us’ and there will be a great deal of pruning indeed.

  • Two conferences that were bruises on history Lambeth and Land of Lakes. Maybe there will be an equal and opposite pair of conferences sometime that will help bring us back to our senses.

  • Anzlyne,

    You are correct about both conferences-Lambeth and Land of Lakes. But just a clarification for those who might not be as familiar with them: Lambeth was the conference of the Anglican Communion in 1930 [they take place every ten years] It was not a Catholic conference. In that meeting however, the ANglican Communion broke with the received Apostolic Moral Tradition, allowing birth control in certain circumstances. That was the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent. A whirlwind developed within all of Christianity.

    In direct response to the Lambeth Conference, Pope Pius XI wrote his encyclical December 31, 1930 Casti Connubii [literally: Chaste Wedlock] which condemned eugenics (a major issue in the West at the time specially in America with such American names as Rockefeller, Ford, and Sanger etc behind it]. It condemned abortion. However its teaching on the sanctity and meaning of marriage is what it primarily takes on: holy matrimony is a sacrament which is equal to virginal and unmarried. It condemned adultery and divorce and called for husbands to love their wives as Christ love His Bride the Church.

    Prior to Casti Connubii it was thought by Catholics that the only real purpose of marriage was to have children. this certainly remains central yet Pope Pius XI added the unitive dimension-love. Here was development of doctrine. Up until this point marriage was seen primarily for the procreation of children. Now it has a two-fold nature and mission: it is both creative and unitive, life giving and love giving. [As you can see Humanae Vitae in 1968 simply repeated this teaching. It was ‘the world and Catholics’ who wanted to reduce marriage to the unitive (opening the gates to any and all forms of unions between consenting adults)

    The Land of Lakes Conference, was a major meeting of heads of Catholic Universities and colleges. It has not been completely tackled, but the speech of Pope Francis to Notre Dame shows the direction he is going in and desires for Catholic universities and colleges.

    Frankly, what I see emerging is a new form of the Code of Canon Law. The Code of 1983 was good but has already been ‘tweeked’ and still needs to be worked on. A real reform of the Canons will bring a clear discipline back into the Church. However, we will see what develops over the next few years.

  • Botolph: “Prior to Casti Connubii it was thought by Catholics that the only real purpose of marriage was to have children.” It still is. Children bring the unitive dimension to matrimony that is the Sacrament of Matrimony. Children, the prospect of children and the intent for children bring the unitive dimension into matrimony.

  • Mary De Voe,

    You are correct, the procreative, creative, life-giving is fundamental to the meaning and practice of conjugal (marital) love. WHat Pope Pius XI brought forth from the Tradition that was not at that point fully understood was the unitive, love-giving aspect is just as fundamental. Since 1930, the Church has taught that marital love is both life-giving and love-giving. Humanae Vitae simply reaffirmed this teaching in 1968

    Today most of the world and sadly many Catholics want to separate the life-giving from the love-giving so that marriage is only about two consenting adults loving each other, changing the meaning of marriage. The Church cannot and will not change her teaching to conform to the world on this

  • Botolph: Thank You for your kind response. Follow me closely. There is no unitive love without the prospect of children. As Isaiah says: “bring forth my sons and daughters from afar” These sons and daughters from afar are our constitutional posterity, as some have called our posterity “our future”. These children to be brought forward are innocent virgins created in perfect Love, our standard of Justice, without whom, all human consent, public and private has been annihilated. Human consent being imperfect to every degree, only the perfect love and innocence of the newly begotten satisfy the demands of consent. One hears oaths, not recommended, in fact, a crime against the innocent and totally unnecessary, for God’s will be done, oaths “on the lives of my children.” using the perfect innocence of children to proclaim the truth of any matter.
    In my own words, if one truly loves you he will desire more of you, and do all that is in his power to bring more of you “from afar”.
    Unitive love is a corollary of procreative love. As any corollary, unitive love cannot be separated from procreative love without destroying the fabric of marriage. “I love you, but only so far” does not make marriage, simply because the other spouse may mean “til death do us part”. Both spouses must mean the same to grow in love. Marriage must be what it is.

  • Mary De Voe.
    No truer words spoken.
    God bless you.

  • Mary De Voe,

    You are completely on target 🙂 !

  • Philip and Botolph: Then pray for me. Thank you.

Cuomo to Pro-lifers: Get Out of New York

Saturday, January 18, AD 2014

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo, the “Catholic” shacked up, pro-abort Governor of New York, doesn’t believe that pro-lifers have any place in the state of New York.  Mary Katharine Ham at Hot Air gives us the details:


Forty-eight percent of Americans and all priests and nuns are no longer welcome in the Empire State, according to its governor. Delivering a monologue on Republicans with all the hyperbole of an MSNBC anchor and none of the charm, Cuomo offered this:

You have a schism within the Republican Party. … They’re searching to define their soul, that’s what’s going on. Is the Republican party in this state a moderate party or is it an extreme conservative party? That’s what they’re trying to figure out. It’s a mirror of what’s going on in Washington. The gridlock in Washington is less about Democrats and Republicans. It’s more about extreme Republicans versus moderate Republicans.

… You’re seeing that play out in New York. … The Republican Party candidates are running against the SAFE Act — it was voted for by moderate Republicans who run the Senate! Their problem is not me and the Democrats; their problem is themselves. Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.

    If they’re moderate Republicans like in the Senate right now, who control the Senate — moderate Republicans have a place in their state. George Pataki was governor of this state as a moderate Republican; but not what you’re hearing from them on the far right.”

He at least uses the liberal pejoratives for those who are pro-2nd Amendment and oppose gay marriage. “Right to life” he uses as if it’s offensive on its face. As Life News notes, he leans heavily on the President Barack tactic to simply declare everyone who disagrees with your positions in the slightest “extreme,” even if many of those people are your constituents. But how extreme is the pro-life position, even in a blue state like New York? Unlike, say, gay marriage, the polling on abortion restrictions, particularly second and third trimesters, regularly and overwhelmingly favors the more conservative position.

Continue reading...

53 Responses to Cuomo to Pro-lifers: Get Out of New York

  • “…President of Notre Dame, Father Theodore Hesburgh, a man who had privately condemned pro-lifers as ‘mindless zealots’…”

    “…and all priests and nuns…”

    Well, perhaps most priests and nuns.

  • It’s possible, based on the context of the quote (an inside baseball discussion of New York party politics) that what Cuomo meant was that pro-lifers “have no place” in Republican party politics in his state, because the voters won’t accept them (“that’s not who New Yorkers are”). He may not have literally meant “All persons who hold pro-life convictions are no longer welcome in my state and should move out.” Of course, even the first interpretation is distressing enough, and chances are that Cuomo wouldn’t mind a bit if all those “extremist” pro-lifers left the state anyway. They probably ARE already leaving, given recent population losses.

  • Elaine: What will Andrew say to the devil, when the devil comes to claim his bride? Ignorance? What will Andrew say when God says: “Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.” I am personally opposed, but I cannot impose your morality”?
    Human sacrifice, the destruction of an individual substance of a rational nature, St. Thomas Aquinas’ definition of the person, is the primary form of devil worship. Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Roe v. Wade is doing it. If Andrew Cuomo can prove that he is not an individual substance of a rational nature, he may be exhonorated.
    The human body who the rational soul is forming may not be destroyed for the sins, crimes and immorality of his parents or anyone else’s crimes, for this is the ultimate in the destruction of Justice and with the destruction of Justice is the destruction of the state, starting with Cuomo.

  • I don’t think if it matters if he actually really meant pack up your vans and SUVs and get out of state. He made it clear that they just would not be in lured in politics or discussions. Shunning.
    I encourage everyone to click on the Hesburgh link provided in the text . It leads you to an awesome pastoral review article. First rate.

  • I don’t know what Cuomo will have to say at the time of his final judgment, thought I personally would rather not be in that position.

    However, I CAN think of something that other governors, particularly NJ Gov. Chris Christie, could say in response: “Anyone who wants to live in, visit or start a business in my state is welcome regardless of their political leanings or their views regarding abortion, gun control, same-sex marriage or any other issue. Those who disagree with our current law regarding these matters are welcome to try to change them through the political process just like anyone else. The ultimate decision is up to the voters.”

  • That odd “lured” word was meant to be “included”. That kind of thing sometimes happens when I text – the iPhone Spell Guesser! 😉

  • Elaine: What Cuomo said was that he was not going to represent his constituency because of their beliefs. Taxation without representation…religious discrimination, abdication of office, imposition of de facto tyranny.

  • Sorry, Anzlyne, you and Elaine are two stalwarts of the truth and common sense and I love you both.
    Hesburg has been bougth and sold into the population control mob irregardless of the humanity of the child, disregarding that the innocence of the newly conceived is the standard of Justice for the state. Hesburg has erased Justice for the state.

  • Godless, iniquitous, idolatrous liberal progressive Democrat. But I repeat myself.

    PS, Andy who is trying to sjutdown the Indian Point nuclear power plants is as anti-nuclear power as his father Mario who shutdown the multibillion dollar Shoreham nuclear power plant on Long Island right after it was built.

    Democrats strangle energy supplies and health care access just as they strangle the necks of unborn babies. It took a Civil War to free the slaves. What do we think Cuomo is aching for now? God have mercy!

  • Thanks Mary! You, I, and the Homiletic Pastoral Review article (that is the link mentioned)- all agree about Father Hesburgh

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  • When 7000 screaming pagans attacked a Cathedral near the Popes home town of Buenos Aries he never made a peep and if he doesn’t excommunicate this pompous so n’ so and a few others of his kind then I have to wonder what his agenda really is. I joined the Church after several years as a Protestant because Pope John Paul II was the only Christian leader showing some spine (plus I believe in the Doctrine of the Church). Christ cleared the Temple of not just the money changers but of those practicing pagan Roman rituals. John the XXIII excomunicated Castro; Beckett and Thomas More stood up to Kings. We don’t need a “buddy to the world” as Pope what we need is maybe a Dagger John.

  • So extreme conservatives do it!
    Take him for his word. Get out. Shake the dust off your loafers as you leave and by All means…Don’t Look Back!

    Mindless zealots like Christopher Bell and his great string of Good Counsel Homes for young mothers in New Jersey and New York. His pro-life mindlessness has saved souls. But if they, the extremist, leave woe to the young mothers that found refuge in the great state of New York.

  • Amen Trubuchet: “screaming pagans attacked a Cathedral near the Popes home town of Buenos Aries he never made a peep – “

  • Cuomo’s statements also reflect the schism within the Catholic Church.
    The deranged, fanatical, extremist pro-life, traditional Catholics, who hate
    gays, oppose the normal, tolerant, open-minded, generous and loving
    Catholics, who support modern moral attitudes and who understand the
    importance of bringing the Church into the modern world.

  • “Cuomo’s statements also reflect the schism within the Catholic Church. The deranged, fanatical, extremist pro-life, traditional Catholics, who hate gays, oppose the normal, tolerant, open-minded, generous and loving Catholics, who support modern moral attitudes and who understand the importance of bringing the Church into the modern world.”

    God’s law does not change. Human sacrifice of innocent souls, un-natural marriage, embrace of heresy, rejection of our God-given free will and unalienable human rights, will not bring anything good into the modern culture. Even the Supreme Court requires the Truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Injecting fallacy, half truths and perjury into the Supreme Court is akin to treason and against the Justice of the Constitution.

  • I’ve never been to that state except to drive through it, but I’ll make a point of buying nothing, except if necessary gas, if Cuomo insists.

  • Franco.
    “the modern world.”

    Christ overcame the world and He doesn’t change. The WORD made flesh so we have union….communion.
    One God.

    Open to truth. Open to fashions of a modern world….never my friend. Never.

    I love my homosexual brothers and prove it by gently inserting the WORD of God into their hearts. It’s what Jesus did. Sin no more and live an abundant life. Let the love you mention be Christian love which is eternal.
    Then the tolerant one who knows each heart can rejoice at the bounty of souls that heard the WORD and acted accordingly. Glory be to God in the Highest and Peace to His people on Earth.

  • Response to Franco:

    “Cuomo’s statements also reflect the schism within the Catholic Church.”

    100% correct. This is a fight between apostates and heretics, and those loyal to the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, to 2000 years of Sacred Tradition and to Sacred Scripture.

    “The deranged, fanatical, extremist pro-life, traditional Catholics…”

    The prophet Jeremiah was so deranged, fanatical and extremely pro-life that he wrote in chapter 19, verses 4 through 6, “Because the people have forsaken me, and have profaned this place by burning incense in it to other gods whom neither they nor their fathers nor the kings of Judah have known; and because they have filled this place with the blood of innocents, and have built the high places of Ba′al to burn their sons in the fire as burnt offerings to Ba′al, which I did not command or decree, nor did it come into my mind; therefore, behold, days are coming, says the Lord, when this place shall no more be called To′pheth, or the valley of the son of Hinnom, but the valley of Slaughter.”

    “… who hate gays…”

    Real Christians do not hate gays. In fact, we all have our sexual problems and failures. We would not be human if we didn’t. But a real Christian will hate the sanctification of sodomy as marriage. He will hate sexual perversion paraded as normal, and he will hate it as much in himself as in anyone else. He will hate turning God’s gift of sexual pleasure into an addiction no different than that of heroin or cocaine.

    “…oppose the normal, tolerant, open-minded, generous and loving Catholics…”

    Being a normal Christian means giving one’s life for the Gospel of Conversion and Righteousness. No one was more intolerant than Jesus when He called the Pharisees a brood of vipers, and when He whipped the money changers out of the Temple. It is one thing to be tolerant and accepting of different people. It is entirely different to be tolerant of principles and beliefs that are inherently immoral and evil, which send people to burn forever in hell. Generosity is exemplified in Jesus, the Apostles and the early Church Fathers who gave their lives for the Faith, so that people would be saved from the eternal fires of damnation.

    “…who support modern moral attitudes and who understand the importance of bringing the Church into the modern world…”

    There is no substantive difference between the infanticide and sodomy of the modern world, and that of ancient Rome where babies were left to die on hilltops and where old men preyed on young boys. The modern world is a reversion to the godless paganism of antiquity, something to which Andy Cuomo, his father Mario and the rest of the liberal progressive Democrats wish the world to return. It is the Church Who opposes this, and stands in their way, which is why they hate the Church. And it is Jesus Christ who will finally defeat this and send it to eternal hell where it belongs. From Revelation 19:11-21:

    Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! He who sat upon it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems; and he has a name inscribed which no one knows but himself. He is clad in a robe dipped in[c] blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, followed him on white horses. From his mouth issues a sharp sword with which to smite the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron; he will tread the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh he has a name inscribed, King of kings and Lord of lords.

    Then I saw an angel standing in the sun, and with a loud voice he called to all the birds that fly in midheaven, “Come, gather for the great supper of God, to eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all men, both free and slave, both small and great.” And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth with their armies gathered to make war against him who sits upon the horse and against his army. And the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who in its presence had worked the signs by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped its image. These two were thrown alive into the lake of fire that burns with brimstone. And the rest were slain by the sword of him who sits upon the horse, the sword that issues from his mouth; and all the birds were gorged with their flesh.


    Buckle up. God is love and He loves souls so much that He will do whatever is necessary to save the lives of innocent babies and rescue souls from the everlasting inferno of the punishment due sin, even if that means allowing Civil War once again. May He have mercy!

  • “Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant and then it seeks to silence the good.” Archbishop Chaput.

    Whether the Archbishop intended it or not, never was there a better description of the platform of the Democratic Party, or President Obama, or Governor Cuomo.

  • Paul.

    It’s so one sided by the libs.

    Jesus is forgiving and has tolerated so much already, I wonder when his Justice will prevail? I pray that I’m ready when the curtain comes down.

  • Correct, Philip: “Jesus is forgiving and has tolerated so much already, I wonder when his Justice will prevail? I pray that I’m ready when the curtain comes down.”

    I have a great many faults. That is why I do not want to condemn a gay person or an addict or anyone else struggling with his sins, for I struggle with my own, and I am darn certain that I know what I deserve – hell. Thank God I am not there.

    But there is a difference in the case of a leader like Cuomo who parades intrinsic evil as a human right, and condemns conservative Christians for who are trying to live a right life and support what is right.

    This idea that I hate gays because I oppose gay marriage, or I condemn women because they for whatever reason had an abortion is completely wrong. I can hate gay marriage and abortion but still love the gay person and the woman who had an abortion. Yet there is a great deal of contempt and disgust in my heart for politicians and religious leaders who advocate gay marriage and abortion as human rights.

    I do not condemn the gay person or the woman who had the abortion. But I despise the politicians and religious leaders who grease the skids to hell. How the heck does that make me intolerant – that I oppose the pagan hedonism of antiquity? There is nothing modern or unique or novel about this. It is all the same old sickening perversion and bloody murder which afflicted ancient Greece and Rome alike. Today’s liberal progressive Democrats are children of the ruthless pagan murderers of AD 100 who sent Christians to be fed to the lions, and Cuomo’s invective proves it.

    God help me that I do not go to hell for my sins. Nor do I want anyone else to go to hell for theirs. That is why Jesus died on the Cross. Yes, I am intolerant. Maybe I should die that way.


  • Negative Paul. You should die with the faith of our Holy Martyrs. A faith that reads All Your’s my beloved Father. I struggle with this era of paganism as well, and am humbled by the faith you and other contributors share on this site.

    You are a good and faithful servant and your justifiable angst is fitting to this age.

  • He’s an extreme liberal – of course he’s going to bash the side of the opposition that presents the strongest impediment to the Peoples’ Democratic fascist rule. He loves wishy-washy, spineless, no-principle, “moderate” Republicans because he knows the Democrats always slaughter them.
    He is the epitomal slimy politician, and an anti-Liberty fascist at that. But we see through you, Mr. Cuomo. Unlike the administration of your party’s current Grand High Instigator, you are transparent.

  • Please take 5 minutes to view this moving video; my generation will end abortion.

    I just found it.
    It is worth the it.

    Thank you and God bless You for your prayers and sacrifices to end legalized abortions in our Nation and around the world.

  • Opps…sorry.
    Its worth it.

  • Philip,

    I was being a bit sarcastic. Of course, traditional Catholics do not hate gays,
    which would be a grave sin. Nor, do I believe traditional Catholics are
    deranged. Unfortunately, traditional Catholics, who are good Catholics,
    are portrayed as cruel, intolerant, etc.

  • I surely wish someone had told my great great grandmother Catherine that she was not welcome in New York, when she came here from the Rhineland, with her children, in 1858.

    Perhaps the French should take back that statue in the harbor since some of us, the politically incorrect ones, are not welcomed here.

  • hey that’s interesting Karl! I have ancestors that were New Yorkers too – in the 17 and 1800’s. Anyway that reminded me that we could claim identity with New Yorkers who are pro-life, pro marriage etc. and say with a resounding voice “I am a New Yorker!” like JFK ” I am a Berliner” only 20 years after the war… I am a New Yorker and I am Pro Life! Solidarity with them.

    About the extreme label: notice that we Catholic pro-lifers have stayed the same and the whole general scale has moved to the left.

  • “Someone plagiarized.”

    It isn’t plagiarism Jordan when the post directly sources the cited material, which is precisely what I did.

  • Franco.

    Thank you. I understand where your coming from. I apologize for the mis-read. 🙂

  • Philip.

    It’s my fault. Sorry.

  • My apologies to Franco, also. Sarcasm is difficult to convey electronically.

  • Franco: If it is sarcasm please put it in parentheses. I too, thought that you were serious.

  • NY Pro-lifers to Cuomo: (censored via custody of the tongue). Rural areas seethe with pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, anti-redefinition-of-marriage sentiment, and the fact that we’re in no hurry to change really disturbs our urban betters. Funny that. Our votes are a drop in the bucket, why not just laugh at us? Oh right, I forgot. The Tolerant Left will brook no dissent.
    Red states out there, if you wish to keep your freedoms, keep your cities in check.

  • I had intended to write something about Cuomo’s concubinage with Sandra Lee. Being a human being having failed at sexual purity myself, I find it hard to condemn a man for loving a woman while he is divorced. That does not mean that I condone or excuse the less than ideal behavior in someone else or myself. It is objectively wrong. What it means is that I can understand the behavior without condoning or excusing it. I am reminded of that phrase, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” I doubt any of us commenting here are sexually pure. Indeed, even Kings David and Solomon had their legions of concubines. That said, a leader like Cuomo nevertheless has a responsibility to put forth a good example. He should keep his concubinage private if he cannot keep from loving his concubine (I give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he does love her). But what is truly reprehensible about Cuomo isn’t him doing what David and Solomon did before him, but his open adulation of the infanticide of the unborn, and the sanctification of same sex relations as marriage. He claims to be Catholic and he deliberately opposes Church teaching in the most public ways. Then he flaunts his concubinage in the public’s face. I truly don’t care what he does in private, or what two gay people do in private. But please keep it private. I personally reserve disclosure of my sins for the Confessional without which I would surely go to hell.

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  • I’m still waiting for Cardinal Dolan to “talk turkey” with Cuomo.

    I thought Mario Cuomo was overbearing. This Cuomo is obnoxious. New York City elected the obnoxious DeBlasio and New york State (largely NYC and its suburbs) elected Cuomo the Younger.

    I wouldn’t live in New York if my life depended on it. In Pennsylvania, we have the Democrats trying to use Philadelphia City and its suburbs to turn Pennsylvania into another New York State. Democrats are organized crime.

  • Update: The governor’s office has issued a clarification statement:

    “the Governor was making the observation that an extreme right candidate cannot win statewide because this is a politically moderate state (either moderate Republican or moderate Democratic).

  • Here’s the link to the full statement:

    My post above got cut off so here is the complete quote I meant to use:

    “The New York Post distorted Governor Cuomo’s words yesterday, saying that the Governor said “conservatives should leave New York.” The Governor did not say that, nor does he believe that.

    “If you read the transcript (below), it is clear that the Governor was making the observation that an extreme right candidate cannot win statewide because this is a politically moderate state (either moderate Republican or moderate Democratic).

    “In the same response, the Governor went on to say “it is fine” to be anti-gun control, and anti-choice” – as he respects both positions.”

    Note, however, the intentional use of the loaded terms “anti-choice” to describe pro-lifers and “anti-gun control” to describe those favoring the personal right to bear arms.

    I also note that the exact same argument about “extreme right” pro-life, etc. candidates being unelectable to statewide office is often made regarding Illinois politics; I would presume it’s also applicable to California and other “blue” states dominated by one or more major metropolitan areas that always outvote the rural/small/medium size cities.

  • Guilty on all counts.

    This is (just about) the one-year anniversary when Cuomo and his band of brigands (legislature) made me (for my so-called assault weapons) a New York State felon.

    I plan to emigrate to America as soon as practicable.

  • The so-called governor is inciting civil unrest with his remarks. Paul Primavera used the phrase, Civil War, in a few posts this week and I found that difficult to digest. After listening to Cuomo’s “who are they?”.. I’m beginning to think that a Civil War could come. Could!
    More public servants like Cujo and who knows?

  • Thank you Elaine.
    I did just read your helpful link.
    Distorted by NY Post.

    I had the Catholic station on last night driving home and they we’re playing a short clip of this remark. They were not playing the full speach..distorted reporting as well. 🙁

  • If liberal elites (the ‘new ‘ aristocracy) have “context”, it’s 24/7/365 abortion, class envy/war, dependency (free lunch), gay marriage, gender, and race baiting. To them, any disagreement is pure evil.

    Sinverguenza Cuomo isn’t going to run out of “other people’s money.” First, he’s going to run out of the other people.

  • Anti-Right to Life, anti 2nd Amendment, anti natural marriage.

  • Suz, you make an essential point with “Red states out there, if you wish to keep your freedoms, keep your cities in check.” A glance at the red and blue areas on election maps reveals how much our politics is divided on a rural versus urban basis. New York City is the tail that wags the New York State dog. Cuomo is the bark.

  • The democrat deck (playing card analogy) has seven cards: abortion, class war, gender victimology, race baiting and sexual orientation.

    And, never forget, Bull Connor was a member of the Democrat National Committee, and the IRS did to MLK, Jr. what it is doing to hated right-wingers, today.

  • The last time I heard, Gov. Cuomo wasn’t appointed to be the Empire State’s “dictator for life,” and the people there enjoy the right to toss him out of office the next time he runs, or make his term unbearable by voting in a veto proof legislature, to name a few “checks” for starters. Let’s say for the sake of argument, what if he kept on running for reelection for the next twenty or so years and his party kept on making sure the likelihood of any veto-proof legislature was high as Iceland putting a man on the moon? One might want to pick up stakes and leave then, but guess what, Cuomo’s not going to prevent you from moving out of state, nor is he going to slap any state emigration tax for moving elsewhere, etc. You’re just as free then to go as you are now not to vote for him, or better yet, get more people just as ticked as you are … and keep their motivation spirits up for the duration of any drive and campaign to replace him with at least a more pro-life candidate. If pro-abortion supporters can keep their spirits up long enough to bedevil the our side, it’s useless to whine and commisserate over the usual fates of many one-issue pro-life candidates.
    Many voters would probably love to have more children, but how are they going to support them if the so-called “pro-life” candidates keep on with their one-issue fare while doing little or nothing to offer voters more reasons to see how more widely and credibly pro-life their agenda is. These topics can range from the most elemental, but crucial to each individual voter; from the quality of local schools, (including the bricks n’ mortar part), public transportation, law enforcement/fire control, snow removal, to parks and recreation. And of course, if your local hospital is publicly owned, the overall quality of care and life offered for all patients of all ages and backgrounds. How does your community take care of its elderly, poor … you name it, there’s a lot more to saying one is “prolife” than simply keeping tabs on who votes which way on pro-life related legislation or what Cuomo, or any other governor’s position is. They can only govern by the consent of the governed, and even the bosses in the back room know this, and or need reminding now n’ then. That’s the citizens’ job to do: not whine over some lines out of Albany, Boston, Trenton or Augusta.

  • RINGMASTER: Right this way, Doctor.

    DOCTOR: Thank you very much, but where’s Ace? I don’t think she

    RINGMASTER: Oh, she’ll be coming.

    CAPTAIN [OC]: Iniphitus, where the Galvanic Catastrophods are not what they were.

    (The Doctor looks through to where the Captain is drinking tea and talking at a bored Nord while Mags is staring at nothing.)

    CAPTAIN: No, but they’re still worth a look if you’re doing a tour of the southern nebula and have an eon or two to spare. You. Well, well.

    DOCTOR: Captain Cook, I presume. So you had arrived after all.

    CAPTAIN: But of course. Come and join us, Doctor. It’s one big happy family here, eh, Nord?

    NORD: Except when you’re gassing on.

  • Steven, speaking of harping on the same issue, your insistence on turning every thread into a discussion of something not on topic is quite a bore. Bye bye.

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Father Wilson Miscamble: The Myth of the Supply Problem

Monday, July 30, AD 2012

Father Wilson Miscamble, not content to stir the pot by defending Truman in regard to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in the above video attacks the myth that there is a shortage of able Catholic scholars to fill academic positions at Notre Dame and other Catholic colleges and universities.  This speech I assume was given as a response to this resolution of the Notre Dame faculty senate on April 9, 2012:  The University should not compromise its academic aspirations in its efforts to  maintain its Catholic identity. 

The Sycamore Trust, a group seeking to preserve the Catholic identity of Notre Dame, and which sponsored the speech of Father Miscamble, has published this charming rant from an unnamed Notre Dame professor in response to criticisms that a Notre Dame department has listed pro-abort organizations as potential employers of Notre Dame interns:

Continue reading...

4 Responses to Father Wilson Miscamble: The Myth of the Supply Problem

  • The personnel and governance model in higher education is wretched and one result has been delineated by Thomas Sowell: the default for these institutions is to turn into sandboxes for their faculty.

  • “As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct; since it is written, ‘You shall be holy, for I am holy.'” 1st Peter 1:14-16

    It is time to throw the abortion-supporters and sodomy-sympathizers out.

  • That reasoning just leaves me speechless. Oh man.
    Like the mandate report from Newman, this post just brings up so many frustrating aspects of dealing with well-educated adults who are yet so juvenile.
    So many yeah buts what if s and so much dissembling. A university teaches everything? What do we mean by everything? The point is the university, like this government, needs to be oriented to the Good, and not afraid to define it. We don’t have to facilitate every cracked pot half baked idea.
    We are grown up enough to know there is Good and that we can work together toward it, that there are natural hierarchies in ideas and in their value. Why do so many professors seem to have arrested development at that 18 – 22 stage. Very bright very erudite stuck on dancing with doubt and yeah-but what-if. Have the courage to publicly recognize that there are some identifiable things, not smooshy ideas, but identifiable things that have grown from the Good of Christianity and that they are worth learning about and passing on to another generation.

  • Are those comments for real? What raving, and arrogant, lunatic made those comments, yet wants to work at a Catholic university? Yikes! Speaking as a top tier research scientist, I would have loved to work at ND. Great research. All to be enjoyed surrounded by my amazing Catholic faith. I’d love it. And yes, the myth that we don’t have enough qualified people is spot on.

Notre Dame Faculty Attacks Bishop Jenky

Wednesday, April 25, AD 2012


In a prior post, which may be read here, I detailed a speech by Bishop Daniel Jenky of the Peoria Diocese, my Bishop,  in which he blasted the attack of the Obama administration on religious liberty.  Bishop Jenky is a graduate of Notre Dame and was ordained as a priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross, the Catholic religious order which runs Notre Dame.  Bishop Jenky is quite fond of Notre Dame and often speaks of his days there.  He serves on the Board of Fellows of Notre Dame.  Professor Charles E. Rice, Law School Professor Emeritus at Notre Dame, details what happened at Notre Dame after Bishop Jenky’s speech:

On April 14, Bishop Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C., of Peoria, Illinois, delivered a courageous homily at Mass during “A Call to Catholic Men of Faith.”  Bishop Jenky said, “This fall, every practicing Catholic must vote, and must vote their Catholic consciences, or by the following fall our Catholic schools, our Catholic hospitals, our Catholic Newman Centers, all our public ministries—only excepting our church buildings—could easily be shut down.  Because no Catholic institution, under any circumstance, can ever cooperate with the intrinsic evil of killing innocent human life in the womb.”

Forty-nine members of the Notre Dame faculty denounced Bishop Jenky in a Letter to the  University President, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Richard C. Notebaert.  The Letter called on them to “definitively distance Notre Dame from Bishop Jenky’s incendiary statement.”  The signers, said the Letter, “feel” that Bishop Jenky should resign from the University’s Board of Fellows.

The faculty Letter claims that Bishop Jenky “described President Obama as ‘seem[ing] intent on following a similar path’ to Hitler and Stalin.”  They accuse Bishop Jenky of “ ignorance of history, insensitivity to victims of genocide, and absence of judgment.”  The astonishingly simplistic and defamatory character of those accusations can be appreciated only by looking at what Bishop Jenky actually said:

Continue reading...

41 Responses to Notre Dame Faculty Attacks Bishop Jenky

  • If I were Jenky, I would distance myself from Notre Dame…weren’t they the “Catholic” university that invited Obama to speak? Their Catholicity is questionable in my mind.

  • As in my mind Sister Colleen. In 2009 Notre Dame awarded an honorary degree to Obama and had him speak at commencement, in direct defiance of the Bishops:

  • Notre Dame faculty and the American people condemn Bishop Jenky because of his hate speech. Name calling is not a positive or helpful method of communication. Think of all the terrible things the Bishop,the Pope and other Catholics have and can be called and you will realize the error of his ways.

  • “Notre Dame faculty and the American people condemn Bishop Jenky because of his hate speech”

    Don, nice of you to speak for all of the Notre Dame faculty and all of the American people. Hate speech is not defined as speech that Don Morgn opposes. The only thing that Bishop Jenky was guilty of was “speaking truth to power” in the trite pc phrase.

  • It is NOT hate speech to condemn abortion, contraception, fornication, adultery, and homosexual activity. This is essentially what St. Paul did in 1st Corinthians 6:9-10. For his efforts the Romans beheaded him. Who really was hateful?

  • So, Don-who-needs-to-buy-a-vowel, by that same logic, you’d say Jesus was crucified for His “hate speech.”

    ‘Nuff said, I think.

  • I hope the good Bishop tells these folks to pound sand.

  • Jesus did engage in hate speech – against idolatry, depravity, perversion and every sort of sinful wickedness. He was quite pointed with all the “right thinking people” of his day – Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, etc. – who thought just like today’s well educated liberals that they “knew” what was good for everybody. Indeed, those who love sin cannot stand the kind of talk that Jesus gave.

  • Notre Dame, along with Georgetown and a few other “Catholic” schools, have long since strayed by taking a more secular path, promoting “diversity” and supporting social issues that are anathema to the Church. Jenky would do well to quit ND altogether. I hope the rest of the bishops rally around him.

    In the words of Chesterton:

    “From all that terror teaches, from lies of tongue and pen,
    From all the easy speeches that comfort cruel men,
    From sale and profanation of honor and the sword
    From sleep and from damnation, deliver us, good Lord.”

  • Of course Obama is nothing like Hitler or Stalin.

    He’s more like Otto von Bismarck.

  • I wasn’t aware of Bismarck’s Kulturkampf against the Catholic Church. Why is none of this taught in the history classes of public schools?

    From wikipedia:

    Bismarck launched an anti-Catholic Kulturkampf (“culture struggle”) in Prussia in 1871. In its course all the Prussian bishops and many priests were imprisoned or exiled.[26] Prussia’s population greatly expanded in the 1860s and now was one-third Catholic. Bismarck believed that the Catholic Church held too much political power; he was further concerned about the emergence of the Catholic Centre Party (organised in 1870). With support from the anticlerical National Liberal Party, which had become Bismarck’s chief ally in the Reichstag, he abolished the Catholic Department of the Prussian Ministry of Culture. That left the Catholics without a voice in high circles. In 1872, the Jesuits were expelled from Germany. More severe anti-Roman Catholic laws of 1873 allowed the Prussian government to supervise the education of the Roman Catholic clergy, and curtailed the disciplinary powers of the Church. In 1875, civil ceremonies were required for weddings, which could hitherto be performed in churches. The Catholics reacted by organizing themselves; they strengthened the Centre Party. Bismarck, a devout pietistic Protestant, was alarmed that secularists and socialists were using the Kulturkampf to attack all religion. He abandoned the Kulturkampf in 1878 to preserve his remaining political capital; indeed, he needed the Centre Party votes in his new battle against socialism. Pius IX died that same year, replaced by a more pragmatic Pope Leo XIII who negotiated away most of the anti-Catholic laws.[27][page needed][28][page needed]

  • I remember Bishop Jenky, before he became bishop, while still rector of Sacred Heart ( I think he was anyway). He was full of joy and radiated Christ like no other. My kids loved him ( which was no easy feat as they were naturally resistant to clergy as teenagers). I also observed his homilies were Christ oriented, not the usual pc stuff given by some of the other csc priest. Praise God for him and others who are willing to shine the light of truth!

  • We have seen it over and over again: Gallicanism, conciliarism, Josephism, laicism, Kulturkampf, Cristeros War, communism, sexual revolution.

    I’d like to say the Church bounces back stronger every time. In reality, each one of these episodes takes a piece out of her. That is why Christ must come again.

  • The only question I have is, “What took them so long?”

    Apparently, the progressive propaganda glossary has evolved – There’s that word, again!

    In 2012, the drones term preaching the Gospel: “incendiary.” Formerly, Clinton’s press secretary, Joe Lockhart, used the phrase “ancient religious hatred.”

    One lesson learned. I knew the clueless college profs teach their minions what to think, not how to think. Now, I see that credentialed cretins themselves don’t know how to think, either.

  • Ignatius of Antioch, whose life covered the second half of the first century, wrote “”Follow the Bishop, all of you, as Jesus Christ follows his Father, and the presbyterium as the Apostles. As for the deacons, respect them as the Law of God. Let no one do anything with reference to the Church without the Bishop. Only that Eucharist may be regarded as legitimate which is celebrated with the bishop or his delegate presiding. Where the Bishop is, there let the community be, just as where Jesus Christ is, there is the Catholic Church.” Epis Smyrn 8,1-2″ and the same teaching can be gathered from all the old holy fathers and catholic doctors, from the apostles’ time down to our own day.

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  • Those who get worked up about comparing Obama to Hitler and call his talk hate speech ought to think before they write. The analogy does not compare Mr Obama’s policies to the genocide of Hitler it compare their policies towards religion. That is a valid comparison. If the good bishop would have compared validly Obama’s religious policy to that of the leaders of the French Revolution that would have worked also but it is somehow off limits to compare policies to those of Hitler.

  • I think what made them angrier than anything else was the fact that Bishop Jenky unashamedly proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ by stating that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is therefore the Son of God He claimed to be. Just try saying that to a few liberals if you want to see their heads start spinning and green vomit start to come out of their mouths.

  • Don

    A modest proposal.

    The Congegation of the Holy Cross could suggest to Rome that that their borther Daniel Jenky Be amde a titular Archbishop and appointed President the University of Notre Dame. It may take him a few years but no one would doubt the School is Our Ladies.

  • I like it Hank, except that he would no longer be my Bishop and I would hate to see him go!

  • Readers of this thread may find interest in the short book: How Do You Kill 11 Million People? by Andy Andrews. It’s a recent NYT best seller available on Amazon, et al. In the book Andrew succinctly explains tactics employed by the Nazis to lull an ostensibly God-fearing and altruistic German populace into a mass state of apathy and denial as freedoms were stripped-away, the Holocaust was engineered and a world war ensued. His premise is that without vigilant and informed citizens demanding integrity and accountability from their leaders, a similar loss of freedom may one day happen here or anywhere. Perhaps that day is already here, and instances such as this-with the reactions imbued-are proof.

  • Fire the Forty-Nine!

  • What did Bishop Jenky say?

    “Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services, and health care.
    In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, Barack Obama—with his radical, pro abortion and extreme secularist agenda, now seems intent on following a similar path”.

    Hitler and Stalin do NOT belong in the same speech or in any comparison with President Obama! If he or anyone else do not understand why, they should return to school and study the political and military history of the 20th century. Sorry if you do not understand that.

  • Don Maswell,

    You don’t get it. Obama is just like Hitler – supporting baby murdering to the tune of 1 million per year.

    Hilter, Stalin, Robespierre, Obama – they are all antichrists.

  • Dial it back Paul. Don, here is the entire quote:

    “Remember that in past history other governments have tried to force Christians to huddle and hide only within the confines of their churches like the first disciples locked up in the Upper Room.

    In the late 19th century, Bismark waged his “Kultur Kamp,” a Culture War, against the Roman Catholic Church, closing down every Catholic school and hospital, convent and monastery in Imperial Germany.

    Clemenceau, nicknamed “the priest eater,” tried the same thing in France in the first decade of the 20th Century.

    Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services, and health care.

    In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, Barack Obama – with his radical, pro abortion and extreme secularist agenda, now seems intent on following a similar path.”

    The statement of the Bishop is completely accurate. Under the vision of the Obama administration the Catholic Church, and all churches which oppose him, are to be restricted to conducting services and submitting themselves to government control in all other matters. The point that the Bishop was making is that this type of “religious freedom” was granted to some churches by both Hitler and Stalin, which is also completely accurate. Of course critics of this part of the Bishop’s speech conveniently overlook the references to Bismark and Clemenceau since those references make clear the point the Bishop was making and spoil the fake outrage of critics to the mention of Hitler and Stalin.

  • Vincednt: Obama is not done with us yet. Hitler and Stalin started by taking power over the church and ended by killing millions of people.
    Don: Good thinking.

  • Vincent: I am sorry I fumbled your name

  • I used to be proud of the many ND graduates from our family, but I am so disillusioned by recent ND anti-Catholic positions, that we will no longer fund ND. Also, are actively encouraging other alumni and family members to do the same.

    Pray for those in leadership positions at ND. Ask our Lady’s intersession with Jesus Christ, her son, to redeem their minds, their hearts and their souls.

    God forgive them for they know not what they do!

    Aloha ke Akua

  • “Under the vision of the Obama administration the Catholic Church, and all churches which oppose him, are to be restricted to conducting services and submitting themselves to government control in all other matters”.

    Trash talk like the big Nazi lie! PROVE IT.

    If you really believe this, I pity you and will pray that you come to your senses.

  • Don, argument is so much more convincing when one uses facts rather than bluster. Go to the link below where the Bishops cite chapter and verse:

    Go to the link below to read an address by Pope Benedict where he cites his concerns about religious freedom in the US:

    Go here for an explanation of the distinction between freedom of religion and freedom of worship:

  • Don Maswell, you are wrong, The Obama Administration’s understanding of the First Amendment’s free exercise clause is that it affords no protection against the application of general laws outside of the performance of religious rituals. This means, of course, that all churches are subject to government control in all other matters. Sadly, this is not an idiosyncratic view of the free exercise clause, whose reach has long confused liberal jurists mindful of the establishment clause. The words of the free exercise clause plainly suggest a fairly broad application, but the Left’s expansive misunderstanding of the establishment clause has caused it to have a neutered understanding of the free exercise clause. This is not trash talk. This is a fact.

  • The word catholic (little c) means universal, as in diverse, or encompassing many points of view. Having one Church means we are united in the core, and welcome all in the non-essentials, which are many. Catholics are Republican and Democrat, members of Pax Christi and of the armed forces, high tax people, free marketers, etc.

    It is puzzling that the very same academics that claim diversity and a variety of philosophies reject a traditional Catholic point of view. Or are they modernists that believe that their role is “creative destruction of the status quo” to implement a totalitarian vision based on the bold quest for power alone? Who is the uber-mench (Nietzche’s over-man)? Is the only crime left to oppose him?

  • Where’s Jenkins?

  • Don’t abandon Notre Dame. Fight for her.

  • “Or are they modernists that believe that their role is “creative destruction of the status quo” to implement a totalitarian vision based on the bold quest for power alone? Who is the uber-mench (Nietzche’s over-man)? Is the only crime left to oppose him?”

    Here is their god and the efforts this god will make to retain power:

  • More idiocy:

    The whole progression if Obamacare, from one-party rule, in-paarty bullying and bribery and obvious vioation of long-sacred rights, is a repeat of the Reichstag 1930-31. the only thing missing is Ludendorff (although Jimmy Carter would make a good stand-in if we could find a funny hat.)

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  • Marie, we WILL fight for ND with our prayers, but we will NOT contribute our $$$ to an anti-Catholic faculty. If ND allows their faculty to oppose the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Church, then we feel obligated to withdraw our support of ND’s anti-Catholic faculty by ending our alumni funding. Sorry, but our conscience demands that we fight this anti-Catholic movement with everything we have, i.e. prayers AND $$$.


  • The Pastor at my church St Michael the Archangel (Society of St Pius X) Farmingville NY read Bishop Jenky words today. Hopefully the Catholics are starting to wake up with whats happening in our country and do something. Vote Vote Vote!

  • Bravo Don. My priest at Saint Pats in Dwight, Illinois defended the Bishop today. I have almost doubled my annual diocesan contribution as a sign of support for the Bishop. We have a long way to go, but some of the steel of the old Church Militant is beginning to come back. Nothing like a whiff of persecution to remind Catholics what a treasure we have in Holy Mother Church.

  • Take a look at the actual titles of those ND professors who chose to sign the letter. There are only three that have anything to do with Theology or Philosophy. The rest are simply malcontents who prefer to push their secular agenda. There are absolutely phenomenal, pious, and devout students and faculty at ND but they often are not heard from.

    By contrast, look at the heavy hitters from ND that signed this strong condemnation of Obama’s assault on religious liberty: (names follow the article)
    FEBRUARY 21, 2012

    The Obama administration has offered what it has styled as an “accommodation” for religious institutions in the dispute over the HHS mandate for coverage (without cost sharing) of abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception. The administration will now require that all insurance plans cover (“cost free”) these same products and services. Once a religiously-affiliated (or believing individual) employer purchases insurance (as it must, by law), the insurance company will then contact the insured employees to advise them that the terms of the policy include coverage for these objectionable things.
    This so-called “accommodation” changes nothing of moral substance and fails to remove the assault on religious liberty and the rights of conscience which gave rise to the controversy. It is certainly no compromise. The reason for the original bipartisan uproar was the administration’s insistence that religious employers, be they institutions or individuals, provide insurance that covered services they regard as gravely immoral and unjust. Under the new rule, the government still coerces religious institutions and individuals to purchase insurance policies that include the very same services.
    It is no answer to respond that the religious employers are not “paying” for this aspect of the insurance coverage. For one thing, it is unrealistic to suggest that insurance companies will not pass the costs of these additional services on to the purchasers. More importantly, abortion-drugs, sterilizations, and contraceptives are a necessary feature of the policy purchased by the religious institution or believing individual. They will only be made available to those who are insured under such policy, by virtue of the terms of the policy.
    It is morally obtuse for the administration to suggest (as it does) that this is a meaningful accommodation of religious liberty because the insurance company will be the one to inform the employee that she is entitled to the embryo-destroying “five day after pill” pursuant to the insurance contract purchased by the religious employer. It does not matter who explains the terms of the policy purchased by the religiously affiliated or observant employer. What matters is what services the policy covers.
    The simple fact is that the Obama administration is compelling religious people and institutions who are employers to purchase a health insurance contract that provides abortion-inducing drugs, contraception, and sterilization. This is a grave violation of religious freedom and cannot stand. It is an insult to the intelligence of Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other people of faith and conscience to imagine that they will accept an assault on their religious liberty if only it is covered up by a cheap accounting trick.
    Finally, it bears noting that by sustaining the original narrow exemptions for churches, auxiliaries, and religious orders, the administration has effectively admitted that the new policy (like the old one) amounts to a grave infringement on religious liberty. The administration still fails to understand that institutions that employ and serve others of different or no faith are still engaged in a religious mission and, as such, enjoy the protections of the First Amendment.

    O. Carter Snead
    Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame
    Margaret F. Brinig
    Fritz Duda Family Chair in Law Notre Dame Law School
    Daniel Costello
    Bettex Chair Professor Emeritus
    College of Engineering, University of Notre Dame
    Ann W. Astell
    Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame
    Don P. Kommers
    Robbie Professor of Political Science Emeritus University of Notre Dame
    Robert M. Gimello
    Research Professor of Theology and of East Asian Languages and Cultures University of Notre Dame
    Tom Pratt
    Dept of EE, College of Engineering University of Notre Dame
    David W. Fagerberg
    Associate Professor
    Department of Theology University of Notre Dame
    Peter M. Kogge
    Ted McCourtney Prof. of Computer Science & Engineering Concurrent Professor of Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Notre Dame
    Michael J. Crowe
    Cavanaugh Professor Emeritus Program of Liberal Studies University of Notre Dame
    Msgr Michael Heintz, PhD

    Director, Master of Divinity Program Department of Theology
    University of Notre Dame
    John Uhran
    Emeritus Professor, Computer Science and Engineering University of Notre Dame
    Thomas A. Gresik
    Department of Economics
    University of Notre Dame
    W. David Solomon
    Associate Professor of Philosophy University of Notre Dame
    Dr. Kirk Doran
    Assistant Professor of Economics University of Notre Dame
    Tonia Hap Murphy
    Mendoza Pre-Law Advisor Associate Teaching Professor University of Notre Dame
    Jim A Seida
    Viola D. Hank Associate Professor of Accountancy Mendoza College of Business
    University of Notre Dame
    Jeffrey J. Burks
    Assistant Professor of Accountancy University of Notre Dame
    Adrian J. Reimers
    Adjunct Assistant Professor University of Notre Dame
    Patrick Griffin
    Department Chair and Madden-Hennebry Professor of History, University of Notre Dame
    Richard W. Garnett
    Associate Dean and Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame
    John Cavadini
    Director, Institute for Church Life and Associate Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame
    Christian Smith

    William R. Kenan Professor of Sociology & Director, Center for the Study of Religion and Society, University of Notre Dame
    Gary Anderson
    Hesburgh Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame
    Harindra Joseph F. Fernando
    Wayne and Diana Murdy Endowed Professor of Engineering and Geosciences, University of Notre Dame
    William N. Evans
    Keough-Hesburgh Professor of Economics, University of Notre Dame
    Alfred J. Freddoso
    John and Jean Oesterle Professor of Thomistic Studies Concurrent Professor of Law
    Philosophy Department, University of Notre Dame
    M. Katherine Tillman
    Professor Emerita, Program of Liberal Studies, University of Notre Dame
    Walter Nicgorski
    Professor, Program of Liberal Studies, University of Notre Dame
    Philip Bess
    Director of Graduate Studies and Professor of Architecture, University of Notre Dame
    Paolo Carozza
    Professor of Law and Director, Center for Civil and Human Rights, University of Notre Dame
    John F. Gaski
    Associate Professor of Marketing, University of Notre Dame
    Duncan G. Stroik
    Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Notre Dame
    Rev. Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C.
    Professor of History, University of Notre Dame
    Kenneth Garcia, Ph.D.
    Associate Director, Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, University of Notre Dame
    Gerard V. Bradley
    Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame
    Amy Barrett
    Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame
    Sean Kelsey
    Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

    Gabriel Said Reynolds
    Tisch Family Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and Theology University of Notre Dame
    William K. Kelley
    Associate Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame
    David O’Connor
    Associate Professor of Philosophy and Concurrent Associate Professor of Classics, University of Notre Dame
    Joseph Kaboski
    David F. and Erin M. Seng Associate Professor of Economics, University of Notre Dame
    Vincent Phillip Muñoz
    Tocqueville Associate Professor of Political Science Concurrent Associate Professor of Law
    Department of Political Science, University of Notre Dame
    John O’Callaghan
    Director, Jacques Maritain Center & Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
    Daniel Philpott
    Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Notre Dame
    Mary M . Keys
    Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Notre Dame
    Eric Sims
    Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Notre Dame
    Mike Pries
    Associate Professor of Economics, University of Notre Dame
    Edward Maginn
    Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Associate Dean for Academic Programs, The Graduate School University of Notre Dame
    Angela M. Pfister, J.D.
    Associate Director, Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture Concurrent Instructor, Mendoza College of Business University of Notre Dame
    Stephen F. Smith Professor of Law University of Notre Dame

    Phillip R. Sloan
    Professor Emeritus, Program of Liberal Studies and Graduate Program in History and Philosophy of Science, University of Notre Dame
    Richard A. Lamanna
    Emeritus Professor of Sociology University of Notre Dame
    Fr. Ronald M. Vierling Rector, Morrissey Manor University of Notre Dame
    Rev. William R. Dailey, CSC Visiting Associate Professor Notre Dame Law School
    Thomas A. Stapleford
    Associate Professor, Program of Liberal Studies University of Notre Dame
    Thomas P. Flint
    Professor of Philosophy University of Notre Dame
    Daniel J. Costello, Jr.
    Bettex Prof. of Elec. Engr., Emeritus University of Notre Dame
    Nicole Stelle Garnett
    Professor of Law
    University of Notre Dame
    James O’Brien
    Associate Teaching Professor University of Notre Dame
    Matthew J. Barrett
    Professor of Law
    Notre Dame Law School
    Marian E. Crowe
    Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Visiting Scholar, Program of Liberal Studies University of Notre Dame
    Trent Dougherty
    Department of Philosophy Baylor University
    Visiting Research Professor

    University of Notre Dame
    Charles E. Rice
    Professor Emeritus
    Notre Dame Law School
    Thomas Gordon Smith
    Professor of Architecture, University of Notre Dame

Bishops? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bishops!

Tuesday, March 13, AD 2012


In the spirit of the Obama Worship Day at Notre Dame in 2009, Notre Dame Professor of Philosophy Gary Cutting has a recent article in the New York Times, the high worship rag for all liberal apostate Catholics, in which he explains why Catholics should not pay attention to the Bishops and the silly fuss they are making over the HHS Mandate, which, among other things, rips to shreds freedom of religion enshrined in the First Amendment.  I was going to give the article a fisking to remember, but Christopher Johnson, a non-Catholic who has taken up the cudgels so frequently in defense of the Church that I have named him Defender of the Faith, has beaten me to it:

Roman Catholics will be interested to learn that Gary Gutting, a philosophy professor at Notre Dame and someone who claims to be a Catholic, recently discovered that the Reformation is finally over and that the Protestants won:

What interests me as a philosopher — and a Catholic — is that virtually all parties to this often acrimonious debate have assumed that the bishops are right about this, that birth control is contrary to “the teachings of the Catholic Church.” The only issue is how, if at all, the government should “respect” this teaching.

Good question since Gutting thinks that Catholics have pretty much plowed it under and sowed the furrows with nuclear waste.

As critics repeatedly point out, 98 percent of sexually active American Catholic women practice birth control, and 78 percent of Catholics think a “good Catholic” can reject the bishops’ teaching on birth control.  The response from the church, however, has been that, regardless of what the majority of Catholics do and think, the church’s teaching is that birth control is morally wrong.  The church, in the inevitable phrase, “is not a democracy.”   What the church teaches is what the bishops (and, ultimately, the pope, as head of the bishops) say it does.

The bishops aren’t the boss of us!!

But is this true?  The answer requires some thought about the nature and basis of religious authority.  Ultimately the claim is that this authority derives from God.  But since we live in a human world in which God does not directly speak to us, we need to ask, Who decides that God has given, say, the Catholic bishops his authority?

Who died and made the bishops religious leaders?

It makes no sense to say that the bishops themselves can decide this, that we should accept their religious authority because they say God has given it to them.  If this were so, anyone proclaiming himself a religious authority would have to be recognized as one.  From where, then, in our democratic, secular society does such recognition properly come?  It could, in principle, come from some other authority, like the secular government.  But we have long given up the idea (“cujus regio, ejus religio”) that our government can legitimately designate the religious authority in its domain.  But if the government cannot determine religious authority, surely no lesser secular power could.  Theological experts could tell us what the bishops have taught over the centuries, but this does not tell us whether these teachings have divine authority.

Out: cujus regio, ejus religio.  In: vox populi vox dei.

In our democratic society the ultimate arbiter of religious authority is the conscience of the individual believer. It follows that there is no alternative to accepting the members of a religious group as themselves the only legitimate source of the decision to accept their leaders as authorized by God.  They may be wrong, but their judgment is answerable to no one but God.  In this sense, even the Catholic Church is a democracy.

You know that joke I like to make about how in the future, everybody, to paraphrase Andy Warhol, will be an Episcopal bishop for fifteen minutes?  As far as Gutting is concerned, every single Roman Catholic is a bishop right now.

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9 Responses to Bishops? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bishops!

  • Who died and made the bishops religious leaders?

    Oh, it’s on the tip of my tongue…begins with a J …. Jim… John …. Joe… Jesse… Jesus!! That’s it.

  • What I read in here is all true. There is nothing other than the Church that claims the Bishops have the authority of Christ to teach in the name of Christ. However, it is stated in the Bible (which was given to us through Tradition passed to us through the Church), that these men were given the authority by Christ himself. Of course, one would have to have Faith in order to “buy in” to that system. Otherwise, it does all become about power and autonomy and the most popular belief (as we have seen work to the great demise of most protestant faith traditions). Do I believe that the Bishops have the authority to teach and have consistently lead the Church through the past 2000 years by the direction of the Holy Spirit? Yes or No? The evidence certainly would point in favor of the constant teachings of the Church, but it still requires faith and a bit of humility. Unfortunately, those are two qualities this world despises. This professors is logically correct in his argument, saying that however, logic and reason can take you only so far. At some point, you must either ascent to the truth or you must deny it. It’s a shame so many choose to deny it, but that doesn’t make it less true.

  • Remember, the whole point of President Caiaphas’ efforts, and those of his infernal minions, is to cause the Church’s charities, medical facilities and social services to close, so they can take over.

    That makes Professor Gutting (ironic, that) a Fascist pig, since anything which does not stand in defense of the First Amendment’s Freedom of Religion clause then stands against it. Any attempt to weaken the Church or divide its members is an attack by the powers of darkness and oppression.

    Surely, a Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame cannot be stupid enough to not see what he’s doing. Thus, it must logically follow that he has consciously and purposefully enlisted in the ranks of the Godless totalitarians, seeking by intent to ruin the Church and eviscerate America in the process. By this overt action he could, and should, be excommunicated.

    What will it take to start the excommunications en masse? What will it take to have the Bishops stand up and slice these forked-tonged serpents to tiny bits? Why so long?

  • I have recently read somewhere that these “so-called” catholics have excommunicated themselves….a pattern that has come about perhaps since Vatican 2. The article I cite did put forth the idea that the Bishops were very careful not to sound too dogmatic! ha ha…..I, for one, would love to hear a Bishop or Cardinal speak out about our high profile catholics (small c)…Let Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sibelius, and others of their ilk be called on the carpet…I hope I am not sounding judgemental, but it might be the one of the jobs of the hierarchy to excommunicate people. The time has come for those closest to the Lord to take a stand!

  • What are Catholics to think about their bishops when they preach the evil of abortion and glad hand the purveyors of it. I’m talking about their cozy relationship with the democrats. When I witnessed Ted Kennedys funeral and the reception of his casket by the Cardinal of DC I wanted to puke. The excuse for overlooking his evil was the social justice babble. Once again they threw their weight behind the dems with obamacare and are surprised by what came out of that public financing of abortion. These are highly educated men how can they be so foolish to have trusted the radical community organizer in the white house to produce a clean reasonable bill. Do they think now that abortion is the only horror in this bill, have they not figured out that the handicapped the elderly and those babies with handicaps that were lucky enough to make it into the world will have reduced medical care as in the eyes of some of his advisors are of little use to the state. There are some good thoughtful bishops who adhere to church teaching and then there are the others unfortunately the ones usually quoted by the media are the misguided ones.

  • Is the following quote pertinent to both clerics and laity?

    “What is reprehensible is that, while leading good lives themselves and abhorring those of wicked men, some fearing to offend shut their eyes to evil deeds instead of condemning them and pointing out their malice. To be sure, the motive behind their tolerance is that they may suffer no hurt in the possession of those temporal goods which virtuous and blameless men may lawfully enjoy; still, there is more self-seeking here than becomes men who are mere sojourners in this world and who profess hope of a home in heaven.” from St. Augustine, The City of God.

  • Finite minds need infinite wisdom.

  • JANE a. Sebelius was instructed to not present herself for Holy Communion by her bishop and Pelosi was called to the Vatican. Pelosi’s meeting with Pope Benedict XVI remains private. I think Pelosi and Sebelious do so much bellowing about being Catholic because they are not Catholic and have been chained. Pelosi and Sebelius are like chained devils, rattling their chains.

Archbishop Wenski Reminds Pro-Obama Catholics of What Chumps They Are

Tuesday, December 6, AD 2011

Archbishop Thomas Wenski points out that pro-Obama Catholics were played as chumps by President Obama in an essay which appeared on December 2 in the Miami Herald.  Here is his essay interspersed with my comments:

In May 2009, President Obama gave the commencement address at Notre Dame  University and received an honorary degree. That Notre Dame would confer an  honorary degree on an elected official who advances abortion rights in  contradiction to Catholic teaching caused no small controversy among many  Catholics throughout the United States.

To say the least.  That event demonstrated the de facto schism that exists in the Church between those who follow the teaching of the Church in regard to abortion and those who do not.

Those who supported Notre Dame felt vindicated, however, when in his speech  the president promised to “honor the conscience of those who disagree with  abortion,” stating that his administration would provide “sensible” protections  for those who wanted no involvement in the procedure. This would presumably  include healthcare providers, social-service providers, and consumers who might  otherwise have to pay through their healthcare plans for other people’s  abortions.

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21 Responses to Archbishop Wenski Reminds Pro-Obama Catholics of What Chumps They Are

  • Good article.
    Your last sentence: hard = had.

  • Thank you daledog. The wages of blogging swiftly over an abbreviated lunch hour due to a looming court hearing!

  • The good Archbishop is too charitable. It seems clear to me that the likes of Stupak,
    Keenan, and the administration of Notre Dame were all willing tools for this president’s
    agenda. In the unlikely event that these people truly are so naive and so incompetent
    that they allowed themselves to be played, then they have no business in Congress or
    overseeing Catholic healthcare or running (what was once) a Catholic university.

    Incompetence is not the same as treachery, but it often achieves the same results.
    I believe these people to be knowing traitors to their Church. However, even if they
    are mere dupes and fools, then they still have no business continuing in positions
    where the Church must count on them to defend Her.

  • The archbishop is long moderation.

    Get to Confession. You won’t be going to heaven if you voted for Obama.

  • I wonder if the archbishop realizes just how many Catholic females get abortions every year? The abortion tables are filled to overflowing with Catholic girls and women. I have personally known many. There are more than a few Catholic husbands and fathers who will never know that their wives and daughters were among those who aborted.

  • There seems to be a small but increasing number of US bishops starting to speak up.

    Time is well past for them to put up a united front, name and shame the politicians and those in high office who make a mockery of Church teaching and insult the Church by boldly calling themselves Catholic – that brings the Church into disrepute.

    Sadly, our 7 bishops aren’t much better – we have only one conservative bishop, the others are fairly liberal. They are presently on their way to Rome for their Ad Limina visit. I suspect quite a rap over the knuckles for the.

    They made a mess of printing the new missal, so we have not yet introduced the new translation (except for what the congregation say – that was introduced last year) so New Zealand is technically in schism with the rest of the Roman Catholic Church because of our bishops’ incopetence.

  • “It’s great being back here with you in Texas!” The genius oBAMA told a Kansas gathering of Obama-worshiping cretins.

    Keep telling me about dunces among GOP candidates.

  • Obama later reiterated this position to Catholic newspaper editors, stating that he would make such protections “robust.”

    Ignorance and cowardice are a bad combination, and unfortunately the Church in America has had far too much of both over the past four and a half decades.

    Obedient faithful ready and waiting for loud, clear direction … parish bulletins and sermons are their prime educational, formative news source. If only there were a way to download serious, official insights to the weekly, in the same way the little, happy, generally without impact, essays on the weekly readings are done.

    “HHS seemingly wants to regard fertility as a disease — and elective abortion subsidized by the taxpayer as healthcare.”

    “What this administration intends is to make every institution of the Catholic Church in this country complicit in supporting intrinsic evil. Tolerance of differing opinions is not in the lexicon of Obama and his merry band of would be thought police.”

    The faithful need to have right words for response to so many critical, cynical attacks on their virtues. Government legislates tolerance of atrocity. Catholic (Christian) consciences become “the intolerant”.

  • Catholic votes may have helped Obama get elected, but whether they will help him get re-elected remains to be seen. Of late there have been reports that Obama has pretty much given up on trying to win the white, working-class vote. This would, I suspect, include a lot of the blue collar, pro-union Catholics who voted for him last time mainly out of traditional loyalty to the Democratic Party. Most pundits attribute this to the economy but I strongly suspect his attacks against the Church and its institutions have a lot to do with it also.

  • Agreed Elaine. If Obama is defeated next year I guarantee one of his thoughts will be: “The revenge of the bitter clingers!”.

  • What T. Shaw said: “Get to Confession. You won’t be going to heaven if you voted for Obama.”

    I would amend this statement for two things: (1) some people voted for Obama out of ignorance; now is the time for them to prove they have learned their lesson, and (2) those who deliberately voted for Obama regardless of his evil can always repent.

  • Before we go off consigning all Obama voters to hell, keep this in mind: Pope Benedict, when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger, issued a statement on the question of voting that said voting for a pro-abortion candidate was a sin if the vote was cast in direct SUPPORT of the candidate’s pro-abortion stance. He also went on to say that voting for a pro-abortion candidate IN SPITE OF his stand could be morally permitted in the presence of “proportionate reasons.”

    The $64 gazillion question in this case, of course, is what constitutes “proportionate reasons.” Some argue that there are no proportionate reasons whatsoever that justify voting for any pro-abortion candidate. Others (including Pope John Paul II in “Evangelium Vitae,” along with a number of bishops) say that in a contest between two or more candidates who are both or all pro-abortion, voting for the least aggressively pro-abortion candidate in order to minimize the potential damage provides a proportionate reason.

    Another possibly proportionate reason to vote for a pro-abortion candidate (e.g. a “moderate” Republican) could be if they belong to a party that is generally pro-life or conservative and voting for them will help keep that party in control of one’s state or national legislature. (That is why I voted, very reluctantly, for Sen. Mark Kirk last year; RINO though he may be, there was a chance his election would enable the GOP to take control of the Senate, and the alternative would have been an even more pro-abort liberal Democrat.)

    Still others (including myself) might argue that a pro-abortion candidate could, in some circumstances, be preferable to an ostensibly pro-life candidate who is so obviously corrupt, incompetent, mentally unstable or otherwise unqualified for the office that he or she would expose the public to grave danger if elected (e.g. by starting a nuclear war). I cannot, however, think of a single instance so far in which I personally have been faced with this choice.

    It’s possible that a sincere Catholic might have voted for Obama in 2008 in spite of his position on abortion because they were truly convinced that McCain and Palin were dangerously incompetent for the offices of POTUS and VPOTUS. If that is the case, I wouldn’t assume they were guilty of mortal sin. However, they may not have the same excuse this time around, now that we have seen how dangerously incompetent AND aggressively pro-abortion Obama has turned out to be.

  • Those who believe Obama’s word is his bond are simply choosing to believe what they wish to believe. It’s a cafeteria thing.

    I remain unconvinced anybody was truly convinced that McCain and Palin were dangerously incompetent for the offices of POTUS and VPOTUS.

  • Many people, Catholics included, voted against the McCain / Palin ticket for no other reason than that they hated the idea of a beautiful conservative Christian woman being VP.

    There were NO propotionate reasons to have voted for that man of sin now in the Oval Office. Many people wanted hope and change regardless that they KNEW he’s a baby-murdering, sodomy sanctifying anti-christ, no matter what and by golly they got their hope and change. He deserves every bit what God allowed to befall King Manasseh because like King Manasseh before him, that’s the only thing that will force him to repent of his narcissistic evil.

  • Thankyou Archbishop Wenski, for speaking out. It’s a shame that every Cardinal and Bishop in this country didn’t speak out prior to Obama’s speaking at Notre Dame, or any other institution which calls itself Catholic! They take money on the pretense of being a Catholic institution, but it’s actually the difference between Roman Catholicism, and American Catholicism which doesn’t admit to being at great odds with Roman Catholicism. Unfortunately many of the “sheeple” don’t know the difference and it’s not made clear in many parishes today.

  • I think some Catholics will not vote for some Republican candidates because they support waterboarding. Putting aside the evil of abortion, to which Obama is completely dedicated, I think we need to consider the constant attacks on the family by Obama and the Democrats.

    I think only a fool will see an equivalence between the issues.

  • “I think only a fool will see an equivalence between the issues.”

    Waterboarding is not equivalent to abortion. Both are evil, and I refuse to support any politician who supports either.

  • “… I refuse to support any politician who supports either.” Then don’t vote.

    Hypothetical scenario: a terrorist knows the location of a bomb set to detonate in some unnamed school in some unnamed large city. Waterboarding can force the terrorist to reveal the location of the bomb and save hundreds of children’s lives. But some people opposed to waterboarding would rather the children die.

    What would Charles Martel have done during the battle against the Islamic fanatics in Tours, France so long ago? Hand the city over to the demonic fanatics? Make peace in our time because peace at any price outweighs the freedom and safety of our children?

    Some people simply prefer dhimmitude, but not this American, not this Christian!

  • Oh, noes! Not the ticking timebomb scenario.

    lol. Where have you been for the last 5 or 6 years, Paul?

  • Sandi Trusso @ 7:22AM: “It’s a shame that every Cardinal and bishop in this country
    didn’t speak out prior to Obama’s speaking at Notre Dame…”.

    Actually, in a surprising show of unity, they did. As I remember, about 100 to 120
    bishops published open letters of protest concerning ND’s decision to honor Obama.
    It’s likely that many other bishops wrote in protest but chose not to make their letters
    public. I have a hard time thinking of any subject that has united our bishops in such
    a way. With so many bishops pointing out their errors, Notre Dame has absolutely
    no room to claim that they could not have known that what they did was both wrong
    and stupid. Notre Dame is run by willing tools of the culture of death. Our bishops
    did a good day’s work pointing that out.

Martino Resigns from Notre Dame Board

Wednesday, June 8, AD 2011

For those of you who have been following the controversy of the appointment of Emily’s List booster Roxanne Martino to the Notre Dame Board  (background here and here), this is some welcome news.

Roxanne Martino has resigned from the University of Notre Dame Board of Trustees, effective immediately, in the wake of reports criticizing donations she has made to organizations that characterize themselves as pro-choice.

“In the best interests of the University, I regretfully have decided to step down from the Notre Dame Board of Trustees,” Martino said. “I dearly love my alma mater and remain fully committed to all aspects of Catholic teaching and to the mission of Notre Dame. I had looked forward to contributing in this new role, but the current controversy just doesn’t allow me to be effective.”

“Ms. Martino has served Notre Dame in many ways over the years and is highly regarded as someone who is absolutely dedicated in every way to the Catholic mission of this University,” said Richard C. Notebaert, chairman of the Board of Trustees. “She has lived her life and faith in an exemplary way, including the counsel and support she has provided to Notre Dame, many other Catholic institutions and Thresholds, an organization that provides programs for thousands of people with severe mental illness.”

Note the weasel words here.  She doesn’t apologize for donating to an overtly pro-abortion organization – oh no, she resigns because the controversy is too much.

Whatever.  At least she’s out.  But the fact that she was even appointed says all you need to know about the current state of this “Catholic” university.

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10 Responses to Martino Resigns from Notre Dame Board

  • Here is the line that Notre Dame was taking a few days ago:

    “Now Father Jenkins has chimed in, sending some concerned alumni an email from “the Office of the President” that is almost word for word the same as Notebaert’s. One forwarded to me reads as follows:

    “Ms. Martino (along with her husband, Rocco) is a Notre Dame graduate, and she is fully supportive of Church teaching on the sanctity of life.”
    “She has through the years contributed to organizations that provide a wide range of important services and support to women. She did not realize, however, that several of these organizations also take a pro-choice position. This is not her personal position, and she will now review all of her contributions to ensure that she does not again inadvertently support these kinds of activities in the future.””

    I assume they thought their alums were blithering fools and would buy any lie they tell. “Yeah she contributed to Emily’s List but she didn’t know it supports pro-aborts.” What unmitigated mendacity! Emily’s List exists for only one reason: to elect female pro-aborts to Congress as they state on their website.

    I will concede one point to Jenkins and his crew. With them in charge of Notre Dame any orthodox pro-life Catholic who gives one thin dime to Notre Dame probably is gullible enough to believe anything they tell them.

  • For those of you on Facebook who wish to keep abreast of the happenings at Notre Dame, this group may be of interest to you: “Pro-Life Alumni, Students, & Friends of the University of Notre Dame”

  • ” . . . I remain fully committed to all aspects of Catholic teaching and to the mission” . . . the Democrat, liberal scheme.


  • It is not at all surprising that those who support child-killing, disguised as pro-choice, will use distortions and lies to hide their dirty deeds. Their father is satan, the father of lies. Catholics must continue to work together to get these weeds out of Catholic institutions.

  • Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) should have hired Fr. Jenkins to explain that he really didn’t know what he was doing and that he will now review all of his on-line practices to ensure that he does not inadvertantly engage in these activities in the future.

  • The most grating thing about this was the smoke blowing by Jenkins and the ND administration. She sluiced cash to a group whose purposes she did not understand. Seriously?

    If true (the likelihood of which defies the best stochastic analysis), then she has no business being the trustee of her own checkbook, let alone a university. That explanation suggests she should be the subject of a conservatorship petition instead.

    Score one for the critical mass of rich alumni who cleared their throats on this one.

  • If true (the likelihood of which defies the best stochastic analysis), then she has no business being the trustee of her own checkbook, let alone a university. That explanation suggests she should be the subject of a conservatorship petition instead.


  • Fr. Jenkins might be a Holy Cross priest but his explanations are Jesuital.

  • If this woman was not outed for having pro-abortion beliefs, how would we know? Shame on Notre Dame University for promoting personnels into their offices while not doing a thorough background check on their principles and their beliefs that are not in line with the teachings of the Church.

    Ms. Martino, you are unapologetic for your sinful ways against the sanctity and dignity of the human life. I hope you see your confessor and repent for your evil ways. You are NOT fit to be called a Roman Catholic if you do not follow the teachings of the Successor of Saint Peter, and if you are not in line with the teachings of our Holy Mother Church.