My Little Pony v. Cultural Marxism


This is a hoot!  My Little Pony slams cultural Marxism!

From Brandon Morse at The Federalist:

For instance, the first episode includes a song-and-dance number where the village sings about how great being the same is. During the song, the Pegasus “Rainbow Dash” flies in the air slightly above the others, and two other ponies guide her gently to the ground. This is very reminiscent of the story of Stalin showing a young leader how to keep his people under thumb by cutting taller stalks down to the same height as the others.

The real-life parallels go on, but the real crux of the message comes from the portrayal of the village’s leader, Starlight Glimmer, who personifies today’s social-justice warrior. Using fabricated issues as scare tactics, she keeps her fellow ponies in line with fear and guilt.

Go here to read the rest.  I thought the article was probably over the top until I viewed the episodes.  This is the most conservative message in a cartoon since Scrooge McDuck used to lecture on the benefits of capitalism!




My Little Pony Cavalry Commander




Ah, if only this proposed computer game did not have an April 1 announcement date.  My daughter would have loved it when she was younger.  I have always believed that every well brought up young lady should have a firm grasp of at least basic military tactics and strategy.  (The same applies for well brought up young gentlemen): Continue Reading