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Fortnight For Freedom: The Liberty Song

Saturday, July 1, AD 2017


Something for the weekend.  The Liberty Song.


Written by Founding Father John Dickinson in 1768, the song was sung by patriots in America to the tune of Heart of OakThe video below is the most hilarious scene from the John Adams mini-series where a completely fish out of water John Adams gets donations for the American cause from French aristocrats as they sing the Liberty Song, led by Ben Franklin who is obviously immensely enjoying himself.  It is a good song for Americans to recall, and perhaps especially so in this year of grace, 2017.

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Good-bye Broadway, Hello France

Saturday, June 17, AD 2017

Something for the weekend.  Good-bye Broadway, Hello France.  Like the Civil War, World War I produced endless songs, most of which were never heard of again after the  War was concluded.  Quite popular during the War was Good-bye Broadway, Hello France, written in 1917 by by Billy Baskette, with lyrics written by C. Francis Reisner and Benny Davis.  Whenever a World War I documentary has ever been produced, this song is often played as US troops are shown being shipped to France.

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4 Responses to You’re Welcome?

  • The obvious naval, the belly button on the guy proves that he is not infinite and therefore, not God, eternal, “their Creator” and Endower of all to mankind. So, “you’re welcome” ought to be a thanksgiving to almighty God, not to the Polynesian Hercules. I like “The Rock” as a person and this is just a job for him but he needs to discover and accept the TRUTH of an infinite God, three PERSONS in one God. Disney needs help. Gheesh I have to fast and diet more. Lay off the tapioca.

  • Bah, he does just fine. Not going to become a professional singer any time soon, and it’s simple, but I like simple.

    ….although I HAD just gotten the dang thing out of my head yesterday.

  • Aaaaand now the Princess wants to hear it again. 😀

  • Not as catching or as irritating as Disney’s It’s a Small, Small World.

Nearer, My God, To Thee

Saturday, May 20, AD 2017

Something for the weekend.  Nearer, My God, to Thee, sung by Mahalia Jackson.  Written in 1841 by Sarah Fuller Flower Adams, it retells the story of Jacob’s Dream.  A hymn of surpassing power in time of grief and loss, it was played by Confederate bands after Pickett’s Charge, and was sounded while the Rough Riders buried their dead.  Its title was the last words said by a dying President McKinley and the band on the Titanic ended their heroic service by playing the hymn as the ship sank beneath the waves.

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The Reluctant Conscript

Saturday, May 6, AD 2017



Something for the weekend.  The Reluctant Conscript performed by Bobby Horton who has waged a one man crusade to bring Civil War era music to modern audiences.  This song is typical of the type of humorous songs sung by soldiers on both sides.    Civil War soldiers endured hardships and casualties that modern students of that conflict can only regard as appalling.  However, the amazing thing is the good humor that those very brave men also displayed, often directed against themselves.  We stand on the shoulders on the giants, and among those giants are a lot of 18-20 young men clad in blue and gray, many of whom did not get any older, and who overwhelmingly met their fates with courage and a type of laughing gallantry that is all too foreign to our debased times.

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One Response to The Girls Would Cry Shame and They’d Volunteer

Stand Up For Uncle Sam My Boys

Saturday, March 25, AD 2017



Something for the weekend.  Stand Up For Uncle Sam My Boys sung by Bobby Horton who has waged a one man crusade to bring Civil War music to modern audiences.  A pro-Union song written in 1861 by that tireless writer of Civil War tunes George F. Root.  Sadly its patriotism may seem over the top to modern audiences.  Not so to most of the fighting men on both sides during the Civil War who liked their songs about the War to be lively and very patriotic.

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Saturday, March 4, AD 2017


Something for the weekend.  America from West Side Story.  Hard to believe that it is 60 years since this updating of Romeo and Juliet was first performed on the stage.  Parts of it are still powerful, especially at the end where Maria blames the hate of both the Jets and the Sharks for the death of her Tony, and the gang members join in carrying away his corpse.  Of course some elements now seem absurd.  The gang members now look so clean cut that they are more like young members of a Rotary Club than would be street criminals.

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One Response to America

  • I find the message of racial tolerance more mature back then. We were watching In the Heat of the Night. My boys picked up on the fact that Mr. Tibbs realized he was every bit as prejudiced in his own way, and that was clouding his ability to solve the case. They said today, such themes usually involve one person or group of people who totally get it, opposing or schooling someone (or some group) who are entirely wrong, hateful, bigoted. That there was a time when we realized you could have two sides wrong in the area of racism or bigotry seemed quite interesting to my boys, given the era in which they’ve grown.

4 Responses to Rumadum Dum

  • @DJH. Unfortunately your probably correct. It might take a few more million dead fetus’s, a few more million sodomites, a few more million Islamic terrorists before the head of the serpent is finally crushed. I cringe.

    @ Mary De Voe. Yes. A very dark, deep and fast moving river for the fashionable mill stone necklace. After all, it’s fashion that they use to satisfy their lust. When / if this country makes it easier to rape children the target practice for CCL holders might come in handy. Mill stones. Just not enough to go around.

  • Oops.
    Wrong thread.

  • Oh Philip, I see I have scandalized you about posting on the wrong thread, but I appreciate your response. Philip, there will always be enough millstones or divine Providence will make more via volcanoes. I promise.

  • I apologize in advance. My minimum-age preference is eight-years-old for introducing youth to guns, marksmanship, and most important gun safety. Teaching them about Jesus, Redeemer, comes much sooner.

Lincoln and Liberty Too

Saturday, February 11, AD 2017



The low clown out of the prairies, the ape-buffoon,

The small-town lawyer, the crude small-time politician,

State-character but comparative failure at forty

In spite of ambition enough for twenty Caesars,

Honesty rare as a man without self-pity,

Kindness as large and plain as a prairie wind,

And a self-confidence like an iron-bar:

This Lincoln, President now by the grace of luck,

Disunion, politics, Douglas and a few speeches

Which make the monumental booming of Webster

Sound empty as the belly of a burst drum.

Stephen Vincent Benet, John Brown’s Body


Something for the weekend.  Lincoln and Liberty Too, the most stirring campaign song in American history, sung by Bobby Horton who has waged a one man crusade to bring Civil War music to modern audiences.  Mr. Lincoln’s birthday is on Monday which this year coincides with the state holiday in Illinois.  I always close down the law mines on that day.  Lincoln used to say that Henry Clay was his ideal of a statesman and for me Abraham Lincoln has always filled that role.  Presidents come and Presidents go, but Washington and Lincoln remain, the fixed stars of the better angels of our natures.

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5 Responses to Lincoln and Liberty Too

  • “Presidents come and Presidents go, but Washington and Lincoln remain, the fixed stars of the better angels of our natures.”

    Reagan too, Reagan too!

  • One thing that we moderns tend to forget is that figures like Washington and Lincoln were actually very controversial and “divisive” in their own time. Well, maybe not Washington but Lincoln certainly was. This passage from the American Winston Churchill’s novel “The Crisis” — written in 1901, when the Civil War was still within living memory and people who knew Lincoln personally were still alive — sums it up pretty well:

    “Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States. And the moan of the storm gathering in the South grew suddenly loud and louder….it might well seem strange –yea, and intolerable –to many that this comedian of the country store, this crude lawyer and politician, should inherit the seat dignified by Washington and the Adamses.”

  • Even Washington had his critics during the Revolution Elaine, as typified by the Conway Cabal. Success does have a way of silencing critics.

  • Not from the Civil War era, but from the 1940’s
    Abe LIncoln Had Just One Country, One Banner To Wave

  • Thanks Anzlyne! I had never heard that song before.

God Bless the USA

Saturday, January 21, AD 2017



It is thought by many, and said by some, that this republic has already seen its best days; that the historian may now write the story of its decline and fall. Two classes of men are just now especially afflicted with such forebodings. The first are those who are croakers by nature. The men who have a taste for funerals, and especially national funerals. They never see the bright side of anything, and probably never will. Like the raven in the lines of Edgar A. Poe, they have learned two words, and those are, ‘never more’. They usually begin by telling us what we never shall see.

Frederick Douglass, December 7, 1869

Something for the weekend.  This rendition of Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA seems very appropriate as a new administration begins.  We Americans are a tough and resilient people, something our adversaries frequently forget and something we too also fail to sometimes remember.

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16 Responses to God Bless the USA

  • Sacramentum dico
    illi Vexillo
    Civitatum Foederatarum Americae
    et illi Reipublicae
    quam significat,
    uni nationi,
    sub Deo,
    libertatem et justitiam praestanti omnibus.
    Deus Civitatibus Foederatis Americae benedicat!

  • Great!
    Another good song is “Ragged Old Flag” by Johnny Cash

  • Yes..Thank you for this.
    A new leadership.
    An American brotherhood.
    Islamic, Irish, Italian, Indonesian…We are American. Protect our flag and our Christian heritage, or please go back to where you came from. If you can’t respect the religion, Christianity, whom this land our founding fathers built upon..the foundation, Christianity..and thus created the greatest Nation on Earth, then with all resolve and commitment we ask you to consider packing your bags to leave this nation.

    This is not Islamophobia.

    This is respecting the Blessings which the only one true God has given and is giving to this great land.

    This land was not built upon an Islam foundation.

    Nor was it built upon Buddhism, Taoism, Atheism. Our founding fathers called upon Almighty God in the Glory of the Trinity.
    The Paris peace treaty 1783 ; The preamble follows, “In the name of the most Holy and undivided Trinity.” and ends with; “In the year of Our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty three.”

    Barack Obama lied when he said we are not a Christian Nation but one of many faiths.

    He would of served God better if he had shut his mouth altogether than tell Americans that we are not a Christian Nation. To state his belief that all religions are equal is blasphemy, and the arrogance of America’s first black president would increase by the day. To the point of not wanting to harm his chances of re-election in ’12, so he goes along with a lame video story to try to shield himself from the Benghazi abortion. 9/11/12. Shame on him.
    St. John 17:20;
    “I pray not only for them, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, 21so that they may all be one as you Father are in me and I in you, that they also may be in us that the world may believe that you sent me. 22 And I have given them the glory you gave me, so that they may be one as we are one,23 I in them and you in me, that they may be brought to Perfection as one, that the world may know that you sent me, and that you loved them even as you love me.” Douay-Rheims version.

    If we discard the importance of our Lord Jesus Christ, His suffering death and Resurrection, and allow our neighbors to quiet us down through political correctness tactics, than we will..We will see America become a property of greater Islam.
    Abortion on demand, liberial relativism, abuses against freedom of religion and political correctness.

    My proof.



    We are to be people of evangelization, helping all to be as “one as you Father are in me and I in you,” but how will we help in this conversion process when we are killing our own children, telling our children it’s okay to be gay, it’s okay for you to choose your own sexual identity, it’s okay not to believe in God?

    If America does not reclaim our fundamental Christian heritage and return to worshipping God Almighty, than I’m afraid the salt will be tasteless, the light will fade out, the songs of Mohammed will echo through out the hills and valleys of the Midwest as well as the coastal regions.

    As noted in the link by a commentator; if one percent of the Islamic refugees are radicalized, that would equate to over a million jihadist in Europe.

    My point is rosaries and return to order for America or CCL’s for junior in elementary school.

    We can’t afford liberalism.

    Too much is at stake.

  • If Donald Trump can restore America’s confidence it itself this will a YUGE thing which has been diminished by New World Order theory and Liberalism especially since the start of the new millennium. We must overcome Liberalism, a way of thinking that undermines personal confidence, that undermines belief in God, that convinces folks they must sell their soul to the company store (government), that encourages mayhem and strife, that encourages women to kill their babies, etc. Liberalism is of the devil, for the devil, by the devil and it must be exorcised. Having Donald Trump as President is a good start. Now we need someone to be a good Pope. And we must pray and do penance ourselves.

  • I named this “The Lord’s Lullaby” and pray it every night at bedtime.
    *”On my bed I remember You : I think of You through the watches of the night.”
    How I search to see Your face, when I gaze into night’s clear sky, and wonder at the sight.
    I listen, to hear Your voice, when thunder cracks across Heaven’s heights.
    I smile, in growing wonder, at Your loving gentleness, coupled with Creationist might !
    I say, with a child’s simple honesty, “I love You, Lord”, and contentedly, put out the light.
    * Psalm 63 : 6
    “Again His voice roars-the majestic sound of His thunder.
    He does great things beyond our knowing;
    wonders past our searching out.”
    Job 37 : 4-5 Timothy Reed

  • A beautiful night time prayer, thank you.

  • Phillip-Til Don puts a halt, contest for who can put up the longest reply! When Ron Reagan said America was a shining city on a hill, there were parts of it that did not shine, but it was important to say it so that we had something to remember and something to strive for, something to die for. So . . . with that prologue . . .my entry in the contest:

    Yes, Guy, There Is And Always Will Be An America
    Guy McClung
    Dec. 13, 2016 http://www.catholiclane.com/56518-2/
    Dear Editor,
    I am in my 70th year. Some of my little-minded bitter friends rejoice that America will be no more because it has been fundamentally changed. I, and many of my friends, served in the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War. My Dad, who crossed the English Channel 70 times on a non-tourist visa, my uncles, and father-in-law fought for America in World War II. My grandfather fought for America in World War I. My ancestor grandfather fought for America with General Washington in the Revolutionary War. Is this America no more?

    My wife’s ancestor grandfather – a freed slave – was the first Texan wounded in the Texas War For Independence in 1835; and two of her other great great grandfathers fought in the Civil War. Is what they fought for dead?

    I have heard from some, “If you see it in the eyes of your fellow Americans, hear it in their words, witness it in the reverence they have singing the National Anthem, in their respect for Old Glory, and if they believe it in their hearts, then it’s so.”

    Please tell me the truth, is there an America any more?

    Very truly yours,
    Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

    Dear Guy,
    Your little-minded bitter friends are wrong. They have been affected by the statism of a statist age and have been taken in by their own schemes.

    Yes, Guy, there is an America.

    America exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion and true patriotism exist, and America makes possible for you and everyone here an abounding meaning, beauty, and joy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were no America! It would be as dreary as if there were no Americans. There would be no faith in one’s fellow man or woman, no united country that is and has been a shining city on a hill, no place where still thousands wish to come and sacrifice everything to do so; because the hope for this America can move men and women to sacrifice all to be happy here.

    If there were no America, there would be no hope for the world. The world would have no enjoyment, no place full-of-wonder as is America. If anyone would succeed in destroying America or fundamentally changing it, the shining American light which fills the world would be extinguished.

    Some have said America is the nation of a foreign religion. Guy, they might as well have said a dog’s tail is a leg, and therefore a dog has five legs. From its founding, America was a Judeo-Christian nation, has been a Judeo-Christian nation throughout its history, will be one after 2016, and will forever be a Judeo-Christian nation. Change America to another nation ? Our Constitution itself says it was signed in “the year of Our Lord,” the Lord who is none other than Jesus Christ. Change America from being a Judeo-Christian nation? This would be like changing love to hate, glory to infamy, or light to darkness.

    Not believe in America! They might as well not believe in goodness, and justice and love. America is the faith, poetry, love, care, courage, beauty, steadfastness, romance, and bravery that pushes aside tyrants and those who would alter or abolish her. America proclaims the glory she has known, the glory she is today, and the glory she will know in years to come. Is America real? Ah, Guy, in all this world there is no country so real, so good, and so abiding.

    No America? Thank God America, the America your forbears fought for, lives and will live forever. A few foolish fools cannot change her. A thousand years from now, Guy, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, America will continue to make glad the hearts of its citizens and be a place of justice, of courage, and of freedom.
    Yes, Guy, There Is & Always Will be An America!
    Merry CHRISTmas! And Happy New Year!
    Copyright © GM 2016

  • @Guy McClung.

    Tremendous piece.
    Perfect shot in the arm.
    In 1862 my relatives fled Czechoslovakia in hopes for a land to celebrate Catholism freely. They found hills, streams and clear waters in Northern Michigan, Good Harbor Bay. They lumbered, built St. Joseph’s Church, then started to till the freshly cleared meadow.

    WWI, WW II, The Korean War, Vietnam, and the Gulf Wars. Our family too is one committed to return to the Lord what He has provided for all of us. Freedom.
    Freedom to lay one’s own life down if needed, in order for others to have what we cherish, freedom.

    God is our Good Shepherd.
    He laid His own life down so we can have the ultimate freedom.
    Thanks be to God.

    Thanks too for your beautiful letter.
    Together we March for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL..Born and unborn.

    Freedom, for those who have twisted it, is the ability to do what is good and right!
    Killing children because of inconvenience is slavery pure and simple.

  • Correction.

    I should of said Bohemia v. Czechoslovakia
    In describing my ancestors departure.

  • Timothy Reed.

    I too like your evening prayer.

    It reminded me of Joseph Mary Plunketts,
    I see his blood upon the rose.

    Just in case someone hasn’t heard it before;

    I see his blood upon the rose And the stars the Glory of His eyes. His body gleems amid eternal snows, his tears fall from the skies.

    I see his face in every flower, the thunder and the singing of the birds are but his voice- and carven by his power Rocks are his written words.

    All pathways by his feet are worn, His strong heart stirs the ever beating sea, His crown of thorns is crowned with every thorn, His cross is every tree.

    God is good indeed.

  • Thank you Mary Goodman & Philip. My God Parents were from Czechoslovakia. He came to America first. And then sent for his new bride. His name was Leo Bilka; her name was Matilka. It took two ships to get Matilka to America. Her first ship was the Titanic. Timothy Reed.

  • Timothy Reed.

    Your God Mother, one of the survivors of the Titanic. God bless her.
    If the re-creation of the Titanic drama is even partly accurate, then she must of suffered from PTSD or a form of it.
    Hollywood and embellishments of stories go hand in hand, however that disaster may have been portrayed accurately. (?)

    Did she speak of that event to you?

  • Philip…unfortunately, the Bilka’s lived their whole lives in Paducah, Ky, where I was born. My parents moved us to Phoenix Az when I was very young. Phoenix was where I was diagnosed with the bone disease and spent all of that time in the Crippled Childrens’ hospital. I don’t remember them. thanks for asking. My Mother, however, told me that Leo and Matilka never missed going to Mass on Sunday. I wish that I could have known them. TR.


Hail to the Chief

Saturday, January 14, AD 2017




Something for the weekend.  Hail to the Chief.  The Presidential anthem, it was written by James Sanderson in 1812 and became associated with the Presidency in 1815 to honor George Washington and the ending of the War of 1812.  Andrew Jackson was the first living president for which the song was played.  During the Civil War it was played for both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.  Chester A. Arthur did not like the song and had John Philip Sousa write a replacement, the Presidential Polonaise.  After Arthur’s term of office the Marine Corps Band went right back to playing Hail to the Chief to announce the President.  Here are the almost never sung, thank goodness, lyrics:

Hail to the Chief we have chosen for the nation,
Hail to the Chief! We salute him, one and all.
Hail to the Chief, as we pledge cooperation
In proud fulfillment of a great, noble call.

Yours is the aim to make this grand country grander,
This you will do, that’s our strong, firm belief.
Hail to the one we selected as commander,
Hail to the President! Hail to the Chief!

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4 Responses to Hail to the Chief

  • Between 1828 and 1969, there were 29 occupants of that office, of which one might have a congenial regard for about 8 (and no more than an academic interest in most of the remainder). Arthur’s one of the 8. Here’s hoping that a future president will put Hail to the Chief in the ashcan. For someone of my vintage, it evokes one of the more disagreeable features of the Nixon Administration: its perk madness. (Though I suspect an audit of the accounts would reveal that the Obamas have left the Nixons in the dust re high-living at public expense).

  • Since January 2009, I’ve replaced (in my mind’s ear) “Hail to the Thief” with Julius Fucik’s, “Entry of the Gladiators.”

  • Sounds like, and reminds me of, the “OOMPA” music played at Bier Stubes during “Fasching”.
    Timothy R.

  • And then, a fetching Fraulein, or maybe a Frau, in full costume, would step up to the mike and belt out a wonderful rendition of the song about “The Cuckoo Clock”. I still love that song. Timothy R.

Less of Me

Saturday, November 26, AD 2016

Something for the weekend.  Less of Me sung by the Statler Brothers.  I heard this song sung by the Statler Brothers endlessly back in the early seventies as my parents had the radio on in the kitchen tuned,  as always, to country western station WPRS in Paris, Illinois, as they prepared for work and my brother and I were still in our room before we got up to prepare for school.  Originally recorded by Glen Campbell in 1965, the song is a rendition in music of the poem A Creed by English-American poet Edgar Albert Guest which he wrote in 1909:

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