Multiculturalism Explained

Tuesday, March 8, AD 2011

You are on target Klavan on the Culture!  Knowledge of other cultures and their history is a great thing.  Multiculturalism, however, has become merely a mantra for those who wish to excuse bad behavior, here and abroad, if the malefactors can claim favored victim status bestowed by the forces of the Left.  Curiously, or pehaps not so curiously, it is usually embraced by political liberals, who are often notoriously intolerant towards domestic political opponents who have ideas that differ one iota from their own.

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5 Responses to Multiculturalism Explained

  • The British also wiped out the infamous Thug cult of heriditary murderers too. William Sleeman’s Thug or A Million Murders has the chilling and fascinating story of how one man with iron determination wiped out a intergenerational gang of cold blooded killers.

  • The video got one thing right about multiculturalism. “No one’s really crazy enough to believe it.” And nobody does. Multiculturalism as presented in the video is a caricature. No defender of multiculturalism, would defend female circumcision. In fact, they are usually less tolerant of non-conforming morals (as opposed to the amoral aspects of cultures). They don’t tolerate rural gun cultures, traditional gender roles, or discrimination against homosexuals.

    When critics talk about multiculturalism, they mean two things: Islam and ethnic diversity. Chinese immigrants don’t do suicide bombings. The threat of Islam as an invading culture is overblown to say the least. Their numbers in the West are just too miniscule and most of them are Westernized. The only way to reduce their influence any further would be to ban the religion. The rest of the criticism against multiculturalism isn’t about morals. It’s directed at Catholics and Eastern Orthodox of Mexican and Eastern European descent. Those who share the same morals. People don’t like foreigners taking jobs, buying out businesses, and talking in an incomprehensible language. It’s properly called xenophobia.

    I don’t know why we should look to Europe for guidance on how to order society. Europe is naturally more xenophobic since they were once comprised of homogeneous nations. They’re experiencing what the US went through a century ago. Back then, the KKK was a bulwark against multiculturalism. Around 1920 was America’s “multiculturalism has failed” moment. We eventually got over it. Europe should learn from the US.

  • “No defender of multiculturalism, would defend female circumcision.”

    Quite untrue RR.

    The moral nihilism at the core of the multicultural endeavor is not to be underestimated.

  • Now I get it.

    Mr. Dalton, I’ve seen on-line defenses of thugee. They were “practicing their religion serving Ma Cali.” And, English rule was far worse.

    The Raj also ended “suttee” the so-called religious custom where a dead man’s widow was emolated on the man’s funeral pyre. The Brit General, Napier, I think, was told that was the custom. His rejoinder, the Brits also have a custome. They hang men that burn to death women.

    And, the Conquistadores, the most vilest white men since Creation, ended human sacrifice and brought Christ to the Americas.

    I abruptly stopped making donations to a certain missionary order when its magazine editors apologized to native Americans for converting their ancestors from pagainism.

    I know. I’m a bad person . . .

  • The problem with multiculuralism is the multi part. it isn’t true. ‘Multiculturalism’ is properly understood as materialism/socialism. It is better defined by what it isn’t, rather than what it is. It is not Christian. Anything else goes. Too simplistic? Ask yourself what is ‘tolerated’ and what is not tolerated. Homosexualism, abortion, paganism, atheism, plural marriage, perverse sex, drugs, jihadism, etc. all tolerated. Traditional family, Christianity (especially that orthodox Catholic stuff), European culture (from before the Enlightenment) and all its offshoots – not tolerated.

    It seems pretty simple. Good things are bad and evil things are good. Never mind the objective definitions, I decide – it is the dictatorship of me, which becomes a Hobbesian war of all against all. Perhaps when he wrote that, he was not referring to the pre-historic natural state, but to the one we are building, or is that merely what’s left after we are done destroying? Hmm . . .

    What is real multiculuralism? The Catholic Church. Have you seen how many Rites there are? How many different people are in the One Body? Even women and foreigners, not to mention those in other dimensions like Saints and perhaps other species, angels. The Church is trans-dimensional multiculturalism – it trumps plain old one dimensional materialist multiculturalism.

Rifqa, Islam, and the Mainstream Media

Monday, August 24, AD 2009

Rifqa BaryYou may have heard by now of the case of Rifqa Bary who fled her Ohio home to Florida to escape her father’s grasp.  The reason being is that she converted to Christianity and her family are extremist Muslims.  Meaning that she will be put to death for being a kafir, or apostasizing from Islam.  This is in line with most mainstream Islamic jurisprudence (see the Koran verses such as 2:217 and 4:89) that calls for the death of a convert away from Islam.

Andrew Bostom of the American Thinker wrote an excellent piece concerning Rifqa Bary:

Rifqa Bary faces death for her apostasy from Islam, while the media ignores the solid religious and institutional grounding for the practice.

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2 Responses to Rifqa, Islam, and the Mainstream Media

  • We need to get people to stop believing in the Quran and the Hadiths; they aren’t the word of God and they are leading people astray as to what He requires from them. Islam as a religion needs to be dismantled.

    God Bless,


    September 1st is the fifth anniversary of the almost forgotten Beslan atrocity. The full story was never published at the time.

    In particular, the Islamic involvement was censored. The MSM never reported the child-rapes or other typically Islamic aspects, even though the children were being knifed to shouts of ‘Allah Akhbar’.

    The full uncensored story can be found in the links under ‘BESLAN – Child rape, torture and ritual murder’ at The Religion of Peace™ Subject Index

    Could all bloggers please help to spread the truth about this massacre to warn the public of the truly Satanic vileness of this predatory murder-cult.