Still, Small Voice

Sunday, August 13, AD 2017


At the mountain of God, Horeb,
Elijah came to a cave where he took shelter.
Then the LORD said to him,
“Go outside and stand on the mountain before the LORD;
the LORD will be passing by.”
A strong and heavy wind was rending the mountains
and crushing rocks before the LORD—
but the LORD was not in the wind.
After the wind there was an earthquake—
but the LORD was not in the earthquake.
After the earthquake there was fire—
but the LORD was not in the fire.
After the fire there was a tiny whispering sound.
When he heard this,
Elijah hid his face in his cloak
and went and stood at the entrance of the cave.

1Kings 19:11-13

Of all the figures of the Old Testament, Elijah has always stood out for me.  The most powerful of the prophets sent by God, he lived at a time of mass apostasy in the Kingdom of Israel. Under King Ahab and his Queen Jezebel, a daughter of the King of Sidon and a priestess of Baal, a great spirit of what many today would call ecumenicalism went forth, as Israel turned away from the stern God Yahweh, to the pleasure seeking ways of Baal.  Elijah, his name means “Yahweh is my God”, would have none of it, and led the Traditionalists among the Yahweh worshipers who opposed the new spirit abroad in the land.  The deeds of Elijah are well known, from the battle of the gods on Mount Carmel, to his being taken up to Heaven by a chariot of fire, but the most striking passage in his career is the incident of the still, small voice, set forth in today’s reading at Mass.

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  • Elijah and Moses knew who they were, that is why When Jesus, Who knew WHO HE was, was transfigured, Elijah and Moses and Jesus had conversation. Did Moses or Elijah die or did they walk with God as Enoch walked with God.

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Pentecost and Other Miracles

Sunday, May 24, AD 2015


So ever the king had a custom that at the feast of Pentecost in especial, afore other feasts in the year, he would not go that day to meat until he had heard or seen of a great marvel.


When my children were small as the family drove to Mass, I offered the kids a dollar for the first one to sight the Questing Beast, tying the Arthurian legend with the great feast.  When my son died on Pentecost two years ago, the bright spot on that bleak Pentecost was when my bride gave voice to a thought that had occurred to me:  Larry has gone after the Questing Beast.

The birthday of the Church, inaugurated with the great miracles of the coming of the Holy Spirit and the tongues of fire underlining the universal nature of the mission of the Church, at Pentecost has always reminded me that since the coming of Christ we live in an age of miracles, if we only have the wit and the faith to see them.  I know this from personal experience:   since the death of Larry I have received a small miracle to assure me of his love from the other side.

We live in a time in the West of great cultural pessimism and spiritual sickness that has infected the Church.  We forget that over 2000 turbulent years Christ has never failed us and that we Christians should never give way to despair.  We do battle with Principalities and Powers, and not merely misguided or evil fellow men, and Christ is ever ready to aid us if we call on Him in humility and love.

Thirty two years ago Solzhenitsyn had this striking passage in his Templeton Address:

More than half a century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of older people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.

Since then I have spent well-nigh fifty years working on the history of our Revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some sixty million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.

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3 Responses to Pentecost and Other Miracles

  • Great birthday gift to our Church, your eloquent words, Mr. McClarey.

    I’m reminded of the fair warning’s given to us at times when men were walking away from God. These warnings are miracle’s as well.

    Our Lady of Lasalette.
    Our Lady of Fatima.
    Our Lady of Akita.

    The multitudes of Gods holy ones that serve Him in Heaven rejoice beyond imagination when one sinner repents, and your call to conversions is THE icing on this pentecost cake 2015.

    All for Gods glory.

  • The Shroud of Turin: studied by scientists who determine that this cloth bears more than science alone can explain. Jesus’ blood type and His human appearance!
    Diego’s tilma from Guadalupe is another miracle. The springtime regrowth – the same plant can do infinitely different kinds of blooms depending on care and environmental conditions, the watchful eyes of nesting birds, migrations, all the movement of the elements, day and night, creation in general, He did it all for us. The horrors are what man under powers or principalities do to beauty and goodness.
    The spiritual sickness is what I pray that the Church will clearly address when speaking of the ‘poor’ – so that men will connect the dots; Solzhenitsyn did so, the above haunting lyrics do so. The illness has Divinely inspired cure in black and white.
    The “omg” slang is something for the users to ponder, as if a starting point of return – as if frozen on speaking the “g” and hearing the Word.

    ‘Up with the good, and down with the bad’ – a phrase of my mother’s when she still used staircases.

  • The blood of the martyrs is another miracle. Yesterday, Archbishop Oscar Romero was beatified. I have little patience for a certain crowd who was attracted to his story, but I rejoice at the knowledge that he attained Heaven.

    We are always prone to forgetting God. Chesterton wrote that we may still be in Eden, and that it is only our eyes that have changed. He also wrote that the Church always seems to be dying, but was founded by One who could defeat death. The good news is still good, and it is still new. It’s right that we take (at least) one day a year to admire this brand-new 2000-year-old Church.

Meet James Fulton, the Alleged Miracle for the Beatification of Fulton Sheen

Tuesday, July 3, AD 2012

As you know, I am a Chief Editor along with Tito Edwards at Ignitum Today, the social network of the JP2 and B16 generations.  One of our contributors, Bonnie Engstrom, wrote back in September 2011 about the riveting survival of her infant son, an alleged miracle that the family believes was through the intercession of the now Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen.  Bonnie informed us last week that this alleged miracle has been chosen as the one to be submitted for review by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, and if it is declared a true miracle then Archbishop Fulton Sheen will be beatified.  It has been so exciting to share in this remarkable journey through Bonnie’s writing.  When the pastor at our parish in New York announced this good news from the pulpit last Sunday, I smiled at my husband and thought, “I know the family involved!”  It’s an amazing and glorious story.

You can read more at Catholic News Service and at Bonnie’s website, Learning to Be a Newlywed, but before you read anything else, you need to read her original story when she told us about the day her son, James Fulton, was born.  It is reprinted today at Catholic Sistas with her permission.  Thank you Bonnie.

Say hello to James Fulton

Go read the story at Catholic Sistas!

And while you are there, look around. This is a super group of faithful Catholic women, and the website was created and designed by Martina Kreitzer.

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Small Miracles

Thursday, September 8, AD 2011

The divine art of miracle is not an art of suspending the pattern to which events conform but of feeding new events into that pattern.

CS Lewis



My sainted mother taught me how to drive, and I was a hideously bad driver at first.  She would take me out to drive and come back and take a “nerve pill”, as she called the tranquilizers that she reserved for encounters between me and the horseless carriage.  I improved with time, I certainly couldn’t get any worse, but my mother remained nervous about me having some mishap on the road.

She died at 48 on Easter Sunday 1984 after a heroic battle with cancer that lasted a year and a half.  For the remainder of my life I will remember the courage, grace and humor with which she fought the disease that took her life.  Cancer conquered her but it did not defeat her spirit.  For her last two weeks of life she was hospitalized in a coma.  My wife and I would stay with her during the day and my Dad and brother would take the night shift.  Come what may Mom was not going to die alone.  On Easter morning, as my wife and I approached my mother’s room, my brother came running out to get us saying that Mom was waking up from the coma.  We ran into the room, and Mom’s eyes were open.  She looked at the four of us, said that she loved us all and died.  I told our priest about this and he said that we had been granted a great privilege that morning and I agreed with him.  I regard this as my first encounter with the miraculous.

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12 Responses to Small Miracles

  • One Saturday or Sunday afternoon about 32 years ago my husband John, sleeping in his Lazy boy during a football game or something– woke up, jumped out of his chair, ran to the patio door, out, over the deck railing and ran to the front yard where he slid under my son who was falling about 18 + feet from a broken branch in a boxelder tree. Caught him just in time. I had followed John as fast as I could, and came upon them both– John pale and out of breath flat on his back with Jase on his chest, just fine. We have always thanked Jase’s angel for that mysterious “call” to his Dad.

  • My Mom passed away about two weeks ago. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  • She died at 48 on Easter Sunday 1984……

    Ah,…….48 years old – much too young to die.
    However, Don, I’m sure your description of her as your ‘sainted mother’ is highly accurate.

    How’s this one. (one among several throughout my life).

    In 1979 I moved with my young family to Austrtalia – the work situation in NZ was not good, and although I was well qualified in the building trade, and in management with a large manufacturing company associated with the building industry, nothing went right.
    I had purchased an old 1964 Holden Station wagon for my work – it was pretty clapped out, but – hey – it went. This Sunday morning I went out early to see if it would start, because I knew the battery was low. No go. So I opened the bonnet to let the early morning sun warm the battery. I went out again half an hour later, and after turning the engine about half a turn, it died again. So i left the bonnet up for the sun to weave its magic 😉
    So its a quarter to eight, Mass is 2 miles away at 8 a.m. I got my two young boys, sat them in the seat with me, and with not much hope, hit the starter. All I got was a “Rur” – and that was it; the battery was as dead as a maggot.
    My older boy said, “What’re we going to do?”
    I said, “You boys start praying – say the Our Father.”
    When they got to – “Thy will be done” I hit the starter again. Would believe the car roared into life. I kid you not – I and my boys remember it as if it was yesterday. So we joyfully bounded off to Mass.
    After Mass, we went out to start the car to go home, and it wouldn’t even mesh the ring gear. It had totally expired after its last gasp mission accomplished. We walked home, and I rang my cousin who was a part time mechanic, and after an hour or so and a transplanted battery, the old grey Holden had its life back.

    Anyone is welcome to top that one. 🙂

  • Anzlyne, your son obviously has a hard working guardian angel!

    Catholic Lawyer, my condolences. It is a hard blow. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of both my father and my mother. I regret most of all that they did not live long enough to see my kids here on Earth. However, I have attempted to remedy that by telling my kids about my parents and the humorous and touching times we enjoyed. Memory of loved ones is painful and joyful, which is a pretty good summary of our mortal lives.

    Thank you Don. Mom lived a short life but a good one. She had a bout with breast cancer that she survived in 72. She said that as long as she lived to see her boys grow up that she was content, and she accomplished that goal. I will never forget how tenderly my tough Dad nursed her in her final illness. It was a great lesson for me in true love.

    In regard to some onery vehicles that I have had, divine intervention would have been very welcome indeed!

  • Catholic Lawyer.
    My prayerful condolences for your mother’s recent passing.

    Don. The memory of our parents is always with us. My mum passed away last year in February, and dad about 6 years ago. Like you say, they are a constant reminder to us of the example that we should set for others – particularly our children and grandchildren.

    This last week has been a real reminder to me of our short time in this life. Monday of last week, my Aunt Louisa Young died at the ripe old age of 106 years. My brother and sister & I went to Auckland to her funeral which was a very secular affair – Aunty had a little faith, being baptised and raised Methodist, but had not bothered much with religion in her life. She was however a generous soul, so I prayed for Christ’s mercy for her.
    Then on Tuesday of last week, Deacon Mike Ryan died in Rotorua. Dcn. Mike was the first deacon in NZ, being ordained in 1990 – he was a big man who had been a hard man in his younger day, but became a firm but gentle giant with his diaconate. His funeral was Saturday – a wonderful Requiem Mass with 2 bishops, 15 priests and 10 deacons in attendance – a total contrast to my dear old Aunt’s funeral the day before.
    Then this Monday, Sister Kathy died – she was a nun in the order of St. Joseph of Cluny from the convent here in Tauranga. She was 72 and died of cancer – she didn’t want any treatment, just pain mamagement – and she died only 3 months after diagnosis. She was a Cook Islander, and her funeral was yesterday, with 3 bishops and 10 priests, and many of the members of her family from Auckland and Rarotonga. The Islanders broke out into song after communion – the rousing harmony that the Pacific Island people put into their song is something quite unique and wonderful and I always think that that is how much music will sound in Heaven.
    And yesterday, a dear old lady Clare McFarlane died – she was one of a group of four old dears to whom I take communion in a rest home each Friday morning – now there is only three. I had difficulty not choking up while I offered prayers for her with the remaining three old darlings. Sic Transit Vitam.
    So presently, I’m all funeralled out – Its a good thing I can sit back tonight and watch the rugby while chuggalugging a couple of the amber fluid.

  • Donald, you are so very right! Our lives can be summarized as both joyful and painful; if we’re Christian, it’s a tragi-comedy. I want to say that the quote from Lewis is exactly right. The idea that God must supernaturally intervene in what is otherwise normal and mundane to perform miracles is entirely post-Kantian and strictly untrue. Lewis was more to the point when he said that God “feeds new events into that pattern.” I like that. We recognize something of that when we acknowledge the incarnational nature of the faith. And how God uses the ordinary to bring about the extraordinary. How he transforms suffering, pain, grief and loss….how all of that is taken up into the cross and there sanctified….out of evil comes good!

  • CatholicLawyer– I’m sorry to hear of your loss.

    Donald- my family has a pattern where things go wrong in the best way possible. Just like your steering and tires– there’s a tiny time range when something going wrong is annoying but not a disaster, and that is when things happen.

    Favorite example: my dear husband was promised his dream orders, but got switched to a different ship that wasn’t even out of Tokyo…where we met. I think he’s happy about that, for the girls if nothing else. *grin*

  • Many prayers to be offered for the recent losses mentioned above. CatholicLawyer, my condolences.

    My elder brother’s work in the music industry calls for constant travel, and surviving a lifetime of that seems to require small miracles. He missed—by hours—the sinking of the Estonia, and the Kyoto earthquake. (Never mind icy runways, riots at concerts and that brush with the Nigerian military.)

    Curiously, my maternal grandmother, my mother, and I all experienced strange “rescues” as children. Gram slipped on the frozen deck of a sailing yacht her carpenter uncle was working on, and fell over the side, but instead of tumbling into the icy water below she (somehow) fell up and landed on another part of the deck. My mother was hit by a car, and she (somehow) flew into the air and ended up sitting on the curb, unharmed, as an ashen-faced driver screeched to a halt, positive he’d run down a child in the street. Less dramatically, I slipped through an opening at the top of a basement staircase, and (somehow) floated gently down into a box on the concrete floor below.
    Guardian angels wield powerful updrafts.

    If you can, please take a moment to pray for the souls of those lost in the tragic plane crash in Russia on Wednesday. Almost an entire KHL hockey team is gone, representing many nationalities, and hundreds of families are now mourning sons and brothers, husbands and fathers.

  • Small miracles, guardian angels, and travels.
    My sympathy to you two Dons and Catholic Lawyer. Anzlyne, any more treeclimbing – not that one I hope.

    My pastor said no when I asked him if it was crazy to think angels broke my fall from the ladder going down to the cellar last winter. Just a sprained wrist.
    Twice, intentions prayed for in Novenas were granted to those people. Long stories.

    This is weird, but I think it’s a miracle. In April of 1984, also, my father who always said when you die, that’s it; died at 69. He was in hospital on pain med like morphine, but on his last night he energetically asked me to get his dungarees, which he never even owned, because he was getting out of the museum. I had seen him watching Billy Graham intently not long before that spring and I think he knew then there was more after death because he wanted comfortable clothes to go to work – in purgatory? Sort of saying not to worry, a changed heart, the dungarees being the new kind of work clothes at that time. He was a worker with his hands on anything mechanical. (He drove to Meridian (!) from MA seven times from wedding to seeing their granddaughter) For a little time after, my mother (I once) saw the pull string on the light over his workbench swinging. Weird, but I have hope for his soul after his joyous request for his dungarees.

    Not weird, but miraculous, are the constantly appropriate messages and prayers of Pope Benedict XVI. Our Catholic religion is rich, full of hope and help.

  • Don, we are always in the midst of death and life, and I think the older we get the better we understand that fact of this vale of tears.

    pat, out of evil comes good indeed, if not always in this life most assuredly in the next!

    Foxfier, I had a similar turn of events that led me to meeting my bride of 29 years and counting involving a brief window of time when we both both living in the same grad dorm at the University of Illinois for one year only. We met in February, were engaged in May and married in December. I would not recommend such rapid courtships to my kids, but it has worked passably well for both my wife and me! 🙂

    Suz, prayers on the way for the Russians! I have had similiar escapes and I always refer to them as days when my Guardian Angel is working overtime!

    PM, I trust that your father and mine are now both members of Saint Joseph’s work crew! My Dad was a great tinker, shadetree mechanic and amateur draftsman, and I can think of few things that would make him happier than engaging in that type of work under the gaze of the Beatific Vision.

  • Sounds like you have a great Mom, Don.

    She’s alive in Heaven now.

Blind Girl Saw Invisible Powers That Permeated the Vatican and Pope John Paul II

Tuesday, April 20, AD 2010

At a time when so many are down on the Church, it’s interesting to see through the eyes of a young girl — a blind girl who had mystical vision.

Let’s back up and say this comes from a book by a medical doctor named Dr. John Lerma, who specializes at the Houston Medical Center Hospice in tending to patients as they near death.

Dr. Lerma has had tremendous experiences with these patients — documenting the many who see angels or deceased loved ones and have glimpses of the eternal as they approach the threshold.

But what we’d like to focus on today is a different kind of supernatural experience that occurred when a ten-year-old girl named Sarah who had been blind since birth as a result of atrophic optic nerves was taken to St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. This was an Easter Sunday nearly two decades ago.

“I marveled at the multitude of loving sounds that Bernini’s dramatic design was exuding,” recalled Sarah nineteen years later as she lay dying of cancer. “As I walked through the towering, ornate door of St. Peter’s Basilica, I was drawn by an alluring vibration toward the chapel to my right.

“What I was allowed to hear was beyond awe.

“The vibrations and frequencies, now a part of my entire being, were the remnant echoing sounds of sadness replaced by utter joy and exuberant love from the statue where Jesus was heard to be lying on His mother’s lap after being crucified. I knew I was now standing in front of Michelangelo’s most honored statue, the ‘Pieta.’ Feeling some unfamiliar loving force take hold of my hand, I took hold of my mother’s and followed with total faith. I told my mom not to worry and to trust me, as there was an angel leading us to our next spiritual experience.”

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Miracles, "Skeptics" and Logic

Sunday, April 4, AD 2010

Tonight we celebrate what many describe as the greatest miracle in the history of the universe: the Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead. But as we know, God continues to work in miraculous ways throughout history, even in our own time. An episode of ABC’s 20/20 on Good Friday featured a number of alleged modern miracles, and all in all, they did a nice job.

Unfortunately, the man they brought on to give “the other side of the story” — Dr. Michael Shermer, Executive Director of the Skeptics Society — managed to commit a basic logical fallacy, and in so doing, gave a poor showing for those who see themselves as better practitioners of logic than those of us who rely on both faith and reason.

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3 Responses to Miracles, "Skeptics" and Logic

  • Profesional skeptics like Shermer are dishonest and bigoted. He and his kind have already made up their minds not to believe anything that will not fit into their worldview. Even if a bonafide miracle where to occur before their eyes, like the Pharisee’s of old, they would rationalize it away. Since Shermer and his ilk don’t believe in the supernatural, they wouldn’t be able to say the miracle was done by the prince of demons. They would probably claim the miracle was mass hysteria or Hollywood special effects.

  • In the end of the show, when asked if he would pray if his child were sick/dying he said he would.

    When I am strong I am weak . . .

    Happy Easter!

  • I do wish they’d found some better showing for the other side, then… even if it boiled down to “I don’t think that our inability to find a natural reason means there can only be a supernatural reason.”

Vatican Finds Evidence of POW Servant of God's Miracle

Wednesday, July 1, AD 2009


Hattip to Creative Minority Report and to Father Zimmerman.  As I detailed here,  a miracle attributed to the intercession of Father Emil Kapaun, the heroic Army Catholic Chaplain who died in a Chinese POW camp during the Korean War, has been under investigation by the Vatican.  As reported here, the Vatican investigator Andrea Ambrosi has apparently found indications of the miraculous having taken place.  Perhaps one day I will be able to refer to Father Kapaun not as the POW Servant of God but as the POW Saint!

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A Miracle For Father Kapaun, the POW Servant of God?

Wednesday, June 24, AD 2009


In April of this year I wrote a post about the remarkable POW Servant of God, Father Emil Kapaun, a heroic Catholic Chaplain who died in a Chinese POW camp during the Korean War.  Now, and a grateful hattip to reader Rick Lugari, the Vatican is investigating a miracle attributed to the intercession of  Father Kapaun.

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32 Responses to A Miracle For Father Kapaun, the POW Servant of God?

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  • Hello, I am asking prayer for the Gas station attendent who was shot tonith in Detroit, I am also praying for all in Detroit

  • Prayers on the way Barbara.

  • Hi, I am requesting a prayer for my husband, Marc, father of 3 who at age 52 had a major stroke, was in the hospital for 3 months and they didnt think he would make it. He did make it, but he lost his left periperal vision . and is still kinda numb on his left side. It has stopped him from being able to do much of anything. Our life has changed a lot! We just ask for your prayers that he will continue to get better!

  • Hello, I am asking for a prayer and miracle for my little dog who means the world to me and I love him more than words can express. He has been diagnosed with a middle ear tumor that they suspect is cancer. He also has a cyst on the same side of his face that would make the surgery very complicated due to a lot of nevers being damaged among other complications. I have elected not to have the sugery. I pray that he will live many more years by side.

  • Prayers are on the way Rebecca and Ann.

  • Please pray for my 12 year old grand daughter. Last year she was a happy and healthy young girl. Straight A student. Always the first to help. Last Easter started to walk funny. After tests they determined she had a AVM type 2 on her spine. Now a year later and 5 surg later she is in a wheel chair unbale to walk or go to the bathroom with out cathing herself. She is handeling it much better than us adults. I pray every day for a miracle. Please help me pray for Delilah Patsy Palmer. Thank you

  • Please ask Father Kapaun to please ask Our Lord to make my 11 yr old daughter talk. She has mental delays and her brain does not allow her to sound out words. I ask everyday to Our Lord to keep her safe and to watch over her while at school. My mother who also lives with us is 91 years old and was in the hospital 2 yrs ago and the x-ray showed a tumor in her lung. I did not let them investigate further because of her age and that she would decline in health if was brought to her attendtion her. She has been coughing for the past 3 years of really unknown origin. I pray each day also for her that whatever the Dr.s saw on the x-ray that it was benign. My husband also had Prostate Cancer and is doing well. I pray that he remains well to continue being a great father to our daughter who needs him so and so do I.

  • My dearest Father Kapaun, I would like to ask our Lord for a prayer for me. I have an important final tomorrow I ask that your presence will guide me through this tough test. Thank you.

  • Please pray for me that I can take care of myself financially. I have had problems with this most of my life, love what I do, but need to have more confidence. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Father Kapaun, in life your love of Christ and your love of your fellow Man shone forth from you. In the POW camp in which you died you constantly risked your life to aid your fellow prisoners. We humbly beseech you to pray to God for those who have asked your intercession.

  • We ask your intercession,prayers and blessings on our 2 month old grandson who has not yet come home from the hospital. He is facing a possible heart transplant and we ask that you intercede and ask God to cure him so he may grow up to be a good man with the family who loves him and be an example of Gods power and love of His children.

  • Dear Father Kapaun, my life has always been ups and downs. But lately downs I have been taking care of my mother in the last 2years and my financialies has put me in a burden she is very ill with a disease and has alzheimers’. I dont receive any help. I want the best care for her and I pray each day for help. I know Gods power is mighty and miracles. Please pray that I can financially take care of mother Shirley and help me through my problems. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Dear Father Kapaun

    I have been trying to stay strong with my faith to help my son shaun 29yrs old through his stressful time.He is at his lowest time now.
    Accusations in the court i’ve appealed.He lost his son 2yrs ago after 4days with us Logan past away.He feels like he’s never been able to mourn his death.
    He tried to please his girlfriend and her daughters they have split up .He lost his job because they judged him over accusations in court.He had a terrible accident which showed him he blacked out then and 6yrs ago he blacked out rolling his vehicle.Now he’s going through medical test to see why he does this.
    He feels so guilty about my financial and emotional help.I told him ask me to take him anytime and pick him up anytime.He needs your help and prayers to lift him up.Please pray to God to help him through his troubled times.

  • Father Kapaun

    My Fiance Stephen 51yrs old is an alcoholic and laiden with debt because of bad decisions.If it be Gods will to give him strength to stop all his addictions and find a buyer for his property to start over please prayer to God for his strength and healing

  • Dear Father Kapaun,
    Please pray for my 12 year old daughter who suffers greatly from autism. She also has severe neurological issues other than autism. I pray for a miracle every day so that she can have a happy, healthy life and be out of physical pain.

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  • Father Abel Kapaun, please help my brother Mark who is going through a horrible divorce. Give him the strenght and courage to get through this without losing faith or hope. I pray to you that he is not ruined. Laura

  • Dear Father Kapaun, PLEASE PLEASE pray for a miracle for my little boy, John Dobb, who is only 8 years old. My darling boy has had many obstacles to overcome, starting with being born 2 months premature, a stroke in-utero, mild cerebral palsy, and appraxia of speech. He has worked hard since day one on this earth, taking so much extra effort to do things most kids can do without a thought. He is very bright, mainstreamed in school, and aside from his speech impairmaent you would never know he’s had any difficulties. We found a brain tumor last May, but it has recently started growing faster than he is. It’s a very difficult tumor as it is very vascular, and is also right at the brain stem which makes removal extremely difficult. My son has a heart of gold, always helping others, collecting items for the troops overseas last Christmas season, collecting donations for the Last Chance Animal Rescue, helping Daddy shovel the snow (and the neighbors, too). Just a great kid who doesn’t deserve more obstacles in his little life. PLEASE PLEASE pray for a miracle that if his biopsy turns out to be cancerous (or not) that his surgeon’s hands will be guided by God Himself and will make this thing go away forever. My little guy has so much to offer to the world. I feel very selfish to ask, but I am feeling very helpless right now. If you could please pray for strength for me … I sure could use it right now. Thank you for your consideration. Jennifer

  • I pray Father Kapaun that you may intercede with God for Jennifer’s son John and for all those who are asking your aid.


  • Dear Father Kapaun
    I pray that you Father Kapaun may intercede with God,the Father and grant me a miracle.For 4 years I’ve been praying and hoping and it only gets worse.By his choice,my only son is estranged from me,his Mother,his sister,his entire family.I pray to have my son and his two children back in our lives.My heart is broken,I cry every day.I pray my son would contact his Mother and realize he loves and wants to see me and will let me see his children.I want my son back,right now its as if he is dead,Please I beg of you help me,I will say any prayers,novina’s,fast,anything.Thank you,

  • Dear Father Kapaun,
    Please pray for my sister in law Marianne. She is 43 yrs old and has been wheelchair bound from Mutiple Scerosis. She has suffered from her early 20’s. She is going for experimental treatment this week and this is her last hope. Her prognosis has been poor to date. She has zero quality of life. I hope she gets to have a least one day to do things that so many of us take for granted. She can not do a thing on her own. I believe a miracle can happen. I hope everyone will say a prayer for her. Thank you.

  • Dear Fr. Kapaun,
    I am writing to you for a special hope and prayer that my brother’s good friend Dylan survives a massive brain trauma. He is only in his early 30’s and full of life. The doctors have told the family that he is verging on brain death…with no hopes for recovery into a normal life. He has a beautiful wife and a child. Please Father Kapuan, we are asking for a miracle of life. Some sign that tells his family he is going to be okay. I am merely an observer, but am praying with all my heart for his recovery.

  • Please pray for my family. We have been through alot the last few months. Please give my home a miracle and let Joe, my husband, get over all his health issues and my daughter, be accepted to law school. Please provide peace and health in our home so we can smile again. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    I AM ASKING YOU TO PRAY FOR MY MOTHER WHO IS ILL. I AM ASKING FOR A MIRACLE. THE DOCTORS ARE SAYING SHE DOESN’T HAVE LONG TO LIVE. I BELIEVE MIRACLES HAPPEN. I HOPE EVEYONE WILL SAY A PRAYER FOR HER. I pray Father Kapaun that you may intercede with God for Mary’s recovery and for all those who are asking your aid. i ask this IN THE NAME OF JESUS. AMEN.

  • dear father kapaun, iam asking you to pray for my son who has an addiction problem. also for the health of a good friend who is pregnant and on bedrest that she might be healthy and delivery her baby without complications . also for the complete recovery for peter and kathy who have had cancer. and for all my family and friends who r grieving and need help and anyone else who is suffering. i thank you in advance .
    god bless ua everyone. amen.

  • Dear Father, A dear friend of mine has just been diagnosed with stage IV cancer. She is in her 50’s and has had much pain in her life. She needs some help. I would gladly accept her pain if you could pray for her. She is such a kind and caring person and I know would like to stay with her family for a while longer. She is so scared and her youngest is so sad. While I know we will all have to go someday, it would be so nice for her if she were allowed a little more happiness in this life. Bless You Father

  • Pls pray for my cleaning and trading company i need a might mirical in jobs and finances also pray for protection for the 2 ladies running the company

  • Dear Father: My daughter, Karen, was operated on Monday August 16th for a Thyroid Cancerous tumor. She was discharged today so am asking for everyone’s prayers for a positive outcome. In addition to her medical problem, she has been out of work and has had little success in obtaining employment despite the fact she has had a very impressive background. Despite all the obstacles, she has never lost faith and constantly places other’s needs before her own. I’m hoping for Father Kapaun’s intercession.
    Bless you Father.

  • Dear Father Kapaun,
    Please intercede for Patsy w/ colon ca. She is a widow in her 40’s with a 16 yr old daughter to raise. The doctors gave her no hope today. Please pray for Jesus to heal her. She is a faithful Catholic & loves God. AMEN


Saturday, June 13, AD 2009

The zeal for living that my 1 year old son exhibits inspires me. He wants to explore everywhere, he is so quick to find something hilarious, he loves craziness, and he cries with passion whenever he sees his sister crying. One word keeps coming to my mind when I just look at the faces of my kids- Miracle. They keep growing and changing, but this thought keeps coming at me- they weren’t even in existence just a few short years ago- but now I can’t imagine the universe without them. They started off life as something so tiny they couldn’t be seen without a microscope- now they are undeniably eternally significant forces of life and love.

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6 Responses to Miracles

  • “Forget the political and legal stuff for the moment, and just remember this- our children are not our enemy, they are our greatest gift”

    I definitely agree on this. In whatever circumstance having a child is the greatest gift from God. And in any manner abortion is anti life, anit God. I guess that is true in all religion.

  • Each child is God’s vote of confidence in the human race; each abortion is our way of telling God that His confidence is misplaced.

  • I worked for awhile at a middle school and I had never been around children. Even while working there, children didn’t effect me. And then, I went on to another job. But about 3-6 months after, it really hit me how sweet all these little people were though already above the grade school level.

    Again, hearing it on Relevant Radio, it was summed up well, the Miracle is often the birth and a new baby coming into the world, crying or however.

    Partial birth is also the birthing process and yet, that beautiful act, is perverted with the acts of the surgeons. It is just the opposite.

  • The proudest moment of my life is and always will be the day I gave birth to my daughter. I regret that I never got to have that experience again, but I thank God I had that privilege at all, since I have relatives and friends who wanted children and never got to have any.

    Tom brings to mind something else that has been on my mind lately. In Springfield school kids on field trips and families on vacation are everywhere, touring Lincoln sites, museums, and the Capitol. Large groups of middle school age kids come through the Capitol complex nearly every day during the “spring rush” season.

    When I see little kids climb up on the Lincoln statue in front of the Capitol to get their pictures taken, or chase each other around the oak trees on the lawn, or file into one of the elaborately decorated hearing rooms to listen to one of the tour guides, sometimes, maudlin though this sounds, I get moved to tears by it. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why until I read this post.

    I think it’s because everything is still new and wonderful to them, they haven’t been worn down by cynicism and scandal yet, and they don’t care about corruption, pay to play, reform, taxation, and all the other stuff that keeps us grownups tied up in knots. They just know that something really important goes on there, and that important people once walked these halls and these streets, and it’s a privilege to get to see it.

    We often say that elected officials should act more like grownups. I agree, yet in some ways, maybe they ought to act more like children. At the very least maybe they ought to give more weight to what those children will think of them 20 or 30 or 40 years from now, than what the voters will think of them next year.

  • Good to hear the comments- again more universal insights I am not surprised- sometimes we just have to set aside the politics and just let the spirit flow in a more poetic direction. I didn’t start writing this post to have anything to do with abortion, I only had the first paragraph in my mind, and then something got me going thinking of the absolute opposite of the reality I experience with my children- abortion is the opposite of everything I have discovered about the joy of life in being a papa. I don’t want anyone to be misled, I don’t want anyone to have the kind of regret that comes from learning the truth about abortion after the fact. Children don’t always come at the time we plan or even seek them- and it is a 24-7 job once they are here- but my God they are the best thing ever- I don’t care how much personal freedom and space I have lost. I can’t even begin to describe the spiritual blessings I have received in accepting and loving my kids- and this is no male-only view- my wife feels exactly the same way I do- we are on exactly the same page where the children are concerned- and this is maybe where couples get into trouble- when one understands the godliness associated with parenting, and the other remains aloof and misses out by not seeing or feeling the miracle- I can see how traumatic that could be in a marriage. If my wife didn’t “get” it, I think I would feel like we were strangers somehow. Thanks be to God for my fireproofed marriage, and I pray for all those who are struggling, those marriages and relationships being challenged instead of strengthened by the children created in these unions- May the grace of God be theirs.

  • Tim, if you gave a speech like this before any group of dedicated pro-life PAC’s, I can’t help but think you’d get their endorsement immediately! Your political troubles would be over! I’m moved to tears by it!