What Are We So Afraid Of?

In my last post I brought up helicopter parenting and small families, and I postulated that there was a connection between the two phenomenon, and that  fear prevented people from wanting large families, and further tended to make these same parents afraid to let their children be children.

Subsequently my wife sent me this article in Time Magazine, and I can’t help but think that fear is behind this cultural shift as well. As my wife said this is meant to be a cute and cheeky look at modern dating and marriage, but like her I just found it incredibly sad. Here’s a bit:

You could say I beta-tested my relationship.

It began with a platform migration ​(a cross-country move) and a bandwidth challenge (cohabitation in a 450-sq.-ft. apartment). There was a false start (botched marriage proposal). Then, an emergency deglitching (couples therapy). We tried to take the product public before we were ready (I wrote about our relationship in Newsweek). And then, finally, we abandoned launch. There were simply too many bugs.

It’s a joke, kind of — except that when it comes to millennials and marriage, the beta test may be par for the course. And really, why wouldn’t it be? For a generation reared on technology, overwhelmed by choice, feedback and constantFOMO, isn’t testing a marriage, like we test a username, simply … well, logical?

You can see where this is going.

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With Apologies to Millennials Who Are Not Part of the Obama Herd

Hattip to commenter W.K. Aiken.   Army Colonel, retired, and trial attorney, Kurt Schlichter lays it on the line to Obama supporting Millennials:


Good plan.  Now fetch my latte – I’m in a hurry to get to my corner office.  And I’ll leave you a tip – next time you decide to vote for a liberal, first be born in 1964.

              Don’t think that I’m happy about this.  I came to Los Angeles after the Gulf War.  I had a car and a few bucks I had saved in the desert which went right into paying for Loyola Law School.  I had no contacts and no money, but I knew I had endless opportunity.

              I worked hard.  I could start a business.  I could get credit.  I could – and did – build my own future.

              But can you?  Liberalism, with its impoverishing redistribution, crippling regulations and the debt it suckered you into undertaking, has ensured that most of you can’t.

              You live with your parents, and Obamacare encourages sponging until you are 26 years old.  At 26, I was leading Americans in a war, not begging mommy to pay my bills.  The liberals want you to be eternal man-children, wearing cargo shorts and passively pumping money into their socialized medicine nightmare in return for “Brosurance” you don’t want or need.

              It breaks my heart to see the young lawyers I hire hobbled by six figures of debt.  But hey, your desperation works fine for us established folks.  I got 297 applications for a junior associate position.  Let me say that again – 297.  Most of them weren’t even practicing law – they were brewing coffee, not writing briefs.  Now, I understand that most of you learned nothing but liberal clichés in college, but take a guess:  As an employer, are the salaries I pay generally more or less when I have 297 people competing for each job?

              So feel free to keep voting for the liberals who keep you in chains.  I’ll take my cheaper insurance, my future Social Security checks, and the other benefits that come from being established without guilt.  The guys who you squander your votes upon certainly won’t change that equation.  You’ll tread water in life, but hey, at least those conservatives won’t be in charge!

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