Melania Trump Opens Trump Rally With Pater Noster

Sunday, February 19, AD 2017

Fate has a way of picking unlikely material,
Greasy-haired second lieutenants of French artillery,
And bald-headed, dubious, Roman rake-politicians.

Stephen Vincent Benet, John Brown’s Body

And thrice married billionaires and their nude model wives?  I have long thought that God has a well developed sense of humor.  Wouldn’t it be beyond the absurd for Him to hand victory to almost defeated Christians on issues such as abortion and religious freedom by such unlikely material?  From everything I have read about her, Melania Trump is a devoted mother, religious and attempts to stay out of the lime light as much as possible.  May she be a positive influence on her husband, and may she grow in faith and love.


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23 Responses to Melania Trump Opens Trump Rally With Pater Noster

  • “Wouldn’t it be beyond the absurd for Him to hand victory to almost defeated Christians on issues such as abortion and religious freedom by such unlikely material?”


    Unlikely but possible and it’s the element of possibilities that we prayed over and over leading up to November 8th.

    At this moment all I know for certain is there is momentum that didn’t exist before regarding the chipping away of America’s scourge…. Abortion on demand. The De-funding of Worse than Murder Inc. is a start to the possibility of the impossible. The reversal of Roe v Wade. This momentum would not exist if it wasn’t for the absurdities of the Left.
    Indeed, the emperor (dems) are not wearing clothes.

  • Its a good thing God works through and in gross sinners, or I would have no chance.

  • After all, in Jeremiah God twice calls Nebuchadnezzar “my servant.” (Jer 27:6, 43:10)
    As St Augustine says, God is the creator of good wills and the exploiter of evil ones (Sicut naturarum bonarum optimus creator, ita voluntatum malarum justissimus ordinator” De Civ Dei XI 17)

  • Prediction: Donald and Melania will become Catholics by 2019.

  • @Michael Dowd

    Let’s pray that their sponsors and the RCIA instruction is quality. Formation based upon ambiguity brings the like of Pelosi-Biden-Kennedy (c) atholics. Oh…Add Mark Shea to the list.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens Micheal Dowd. The past eighteen months have been full of interesting developments. Donald Trump is no exception.

  • I have never seen a first lady, or president for that matter, open a public forum like a rally, with the Lord’s Prayer….or honoring God in such a humble way. First I was stunned, then I stood up and applauded for the courage and virtue it took to do this one simple act. I felt now we have the faith coming back front and center after all these years!!! To God be the Glory…for it has had a back seat for a long long time! She is going to take a lot of heat for dong this from leftists, but I don’t think she cares. The people care! May we all look to that example and come out of our holes and rise up in simple humility and nobleness as Melania Trump!

  • After 8 long years, I am finally proud of the First Lady.

  • I see the leftists are in a tizzy about the FLOTUS saying the Lord’s Prayer before her speech. It would be something to see if their heads would explode if she recited the Apostle’s Creed!😂

  • Suzanne brings up a very important point.
    We must rise!
    The left will continue their form of tolerance spewed across all mediums, but this is our time to reclaim what was hijacked in ’08.
    We are a Christian Nation, read the preamble, and no one, especially the former POTUS, can say otherwise.
    Bathrooms are gender specific for good reason, no one can claim otherwise. The idea that we treat a deformity, a mental illness, by embracing it and teaching others it’s not a deformity at all but a lifestyle choice, is not mercy nor healthy for the individual or society.

    Disorder by any other name is harmful.

    The political correctness landscape was built upon shifting sand, not upon a rock.
    We build upon a rock.
    We will weather this storm, relativism, and we will flourish.

    God bless our President.

  • And yet our elegantly socially-self-conscious bishops and the “sovereign pontiff” are marching off in a completely wrong direction. The “New Mexico Bishops’ Conference” (All 3 of them— Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Bishop Oscar Cantu of the Diocese of Las Cruces, and Bishop James S. Wall of the Diocese of Gallup with Allen Sánchez as the Executive Director of the Conference ) announced in good extravagantly Nanci-Pelosi-style militant language Fri 2/17/17 that Trump’s immigration ban “is an act of war.”

    Without getting into the drama-queen aspect of the 3 Bishops (D-NM) statement (It faintly reminds me of “Tres Amigos Tequila”—which is also a poor quality imitation of tequila, just like the 3 bishops with regard to spiritual leadership), it is this wrong-headed purely political foray into policy that every day diminishes the influence of Catholic bishops everywhere. How long can they continue to take off their clothes for political stunt-effect without eventually causing people not even to turn their head?

    As for the US movement toward protection of unborn life, most of them can claim no credit at all.

  • And by the way, executive director of the NMEC, “Bp.” Allen Sanchez (D-NM), was reacting to the fake-news story of Trump putting 100,000 Natl Guard troops on the border—just as GW Bush and Obama had each done for a time

    So, obviously they are getting their daily news and info from CNN and Politico.

  • Melania Trump is praying with all the saints in heaven, all the saints on earth and all the saints in purgatory. The sous in hell are not remembered. Our Father, in heaven, on earth and under the earth, and His divine Providence, Who is invoked in our Unanimous Declaration of Independence is the “Creator” of all men.. Aligned with God, America will become great again. Thanks be to God.

  • What ““is an act of war.” is the bullying of the consciences of all holy men and women. The virtue of charity is between God and man. The semi-bishops may exhort upon the good men an action to charity. They may expound the benefits and graces to be received from God. They may not incite a war nor disparage the charity and good works that men of good will do, even if it is two coins.

  • How refreshing to see the First Lady of the United States recite the Lord’s Prayer in public.

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  • Let us continue to pray daily for our President and Mrs. Trump and Vice President and Mrs. Pence and their families. For wisdom and fortitude and many graces in their public and private lives.

  • Strictly speaking of course, Ivana is the President’s wife, the elegant beautiful Melania his lovely mistress.

  • Does that bit of flotsam you threw out there make you feel better about yourself, “antigon”?

  • The word of God spoken through an angel :mrgreen:

  • Antigon, Ivana was already validly married previously. Her “marriage” to President Trump was invalid due to a prior bond. President Trump has made comments which would cast doubt on the validity of his marriage to Marla Maples. It’s very likely his marriage to The First Lady is valid.

  • antigon………. marriage between two non-Catholic is recognized by the Church ONLY IF a couple of criteria are met. One criteria is the intention of both parties to a union of permanence, fidelity and openness to life. Neither you nor I am privy to any information of that subject with respect to Mr. Trump and Ivana. Your remark was unhelpful

  • I find it pretty comic how people like “antigon” are “Defender of the Bond”, when the Chief Executive Defender of the Bond has abandoned his role in the matter.

    That high moral perch must have a marvelous view.

  • Antigon: From my lowly station, I cannot see the details of their marital status known perfectly to God. I will let Him sort it out. If God is as merciful to them as He is to me, everything will be well.

14 Responses to There is a Lot of That Going Around

  • But not an illegal immigrant, Michelle….funny how the distinction gets lost constantly by your side.

  • bill bannon … have proven that less is more.

    (Illegal immigrants)

    I’m asking one question.

    Why on earth doesn’t the United States of America help rid the factions that are in bed with corruption that is Cartel Mexico, Central America and South America?

    If the Government’s below our borders are bought and paid for buy the Cartel’s then can we help to overthrow the governments that are doing nothing to protect their people, and by doing this help them to thrive in their homeland?

    No immigration issues from Mexico if we help to clean up the problem in Mexico. Corruption and violence in a Government that is to suppose to provide protection and fairness is only going to lead to exodus.

    Obviously, I’m not a student of political science, but my simple guess is that Mexicans Central Americans and Southern Americans fleeing their homelands are because of corruption within the government.

    Good guess or poor guess?

  • Three….not one, but three questions.
    I suffered in basic arithmetic as well. 🙁

  • Philip,
    Mexico et al is a bottomless pit like Afghanistan….which has swallowed billions of our dollars in aid and is still a corrupt culture. We need to spend money on the US. Mexico has plenty of money and is not considered poor by the IMF etc.

  • She’ll make a boatload of cash giving speeches to left-wing Amen Corners. She is probably glad to get the hell out of the White House.

    White Billionaire Evicts Black Family from State Owned Home for Own Selfish Use.
    No doubt you’ve seen this before ? 🙂

  • Mexico is its own victim. She rejected Christ and His Church Whom she actually persecuted under Plutarco Elias Calles. She has shown the whirlwind. Until she repents, no amount of money can improve her lot.
    PS, this is a foretaste of what is in store for us were we to elect one such as Calles, hateful of traditional Christianity. We came close this time.

  • Michelle is giving mixed messages with her sign. Now, they are against immigration? Stupid is as stupid does.

  • At least Michelle has a job worth refilling. Her last job before First Lady was as Director of Community Outreach for a Chicago area hospital. When her husband won election to the US Senate, her salary was tripled. Not coincidentally, that was also the first time in her life she was proud of her country. When she then went to Washington as part of her husband’s election to the presidency, her position was not refilled.

  • Don’t hold your breath waiting for Obama, Crooked Hillary or this witch to condemn the post-election violence.
    Michelle Antoinette is being replaced by an immigrant that doesn’t hate America and white people. Good riddance.
    She and her nincompoop husband are proof that affirmative action (a low and moderate IQ mind is a terrible thing to waste) is a failure.

  • @bill bannon

    Is there such a thing as justice for the average José in their respective countries?

    If the people have extremely limited access to justice, and are threatened by Cartel’s on a regular basis, you can’t help but to sympathize with them. If these living conditions are unbearable, deadly in some cases, then what can we do to create a safe environment in their homelands?

    If we don’t help them we can expect millions more seeking refuge in the land of the free.
    Walls can slow the process but won’t stop the flood of illegals from digging there way in.

  • I don’t hthink Mexico is as bad as Afghanistan…but it can come close. The entire country out to be under military occupation as Japan was under General McArthur. It is a failed state.

    The US cannot absorb all the poor of Latin America. The USA is $20 trillion in debt. Our economy is stagnant and not enough of our own citizens can find work. Our health care system is under the strain of Obumblercare. Our education system is failing us. The USA is not a bottomless pit of money. The Catholic bishops of the USA and Latin America need to hold the Latin American governments accountable for their corruption and their failures. They are to blame for the poverty and misery.

  • Philip,
    ” What can we do to create a safe environment in their homelands?”. We….we….we are not even securely housing our mentally ill in asylums in New York and as a result they are pushing commuters in front of trains…several just recently. We….we….we are giving the mentally ill the delusion that they can live in society and we…we are giving them sufficient welfare rent to live near ghetto predators. America first. Pay for asylums here. Jose should band together with other Jose’s and clean up their own countries. That’s what Iraqis are doing in Mosul right now…because we…we are not doing it.
    Scarface….” I didn’t tell you to say you were in sanitation…I told you to say you were in a sanitarium.”

  • bill.

    Cleaning up their own mess hasn’t worked out well. Expect more Josés…wall or no wall.

Plagiarizing a Plagiarist

Tuesday, July 19, AD 2016



The internet is all afire with the claim that Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican Convention  yesterday lifted a section from Michelle Obama’s Convention speech in 2008.  Likely the plagiarism did occur and Trump should fire his wife’s speechwriter.  However, it is also likely that Michele Obama’s speech writer plagiarized that section of her speech from a 1992 book, Business Success in South Africa.  Per the Zero Hedge blog:

However, in a curious development, the IOTWReport website finds some curious analogues between Michelle’s own 2008 speech, and a book written in 1992 by African author Rob Marsh titled, “Business success in South Africa.” Spot the similarities.

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21 Responses to Plagiarizing a Plagiarist

  • Those really aren’t that close. I mean, there’s “your word is your bond”, but just about any list of values is going to include that.

  • Disagree Pinky. Both involve advice from parents to kids. Both use the phrase “you work hard”. It isn’t as clear cut as her obvious plagiarism from Saul Alinsky in the same speech:

    but I think it is more than coincidental.

  • Pinky, I think the point is that the standard of evidence used to convict Melania right now in popular opinion could be likewise used to convict Michelle of the same charge.

  • They are desperate and pathetic. They (including Pink) need to distract themselves and assorted low-information liberals (I repeat myself again) with this nonsense.
    They can’t cover the substantive speeches, which call out the real, serious problems which (unjustly unindicted) Mrs. Bill Clinton, Obama et al caused.

  • How is it that we have “Speechgate!” scandalizing certain newscasters and
    pundits, when those same newscasters and pundits couldn’t have cared
    less about Hillary’s home-brew email server?
    They have peculiar priorities when it comes to broadcasting causes for

  • Excuse me, T. Shaw?

  • Play nice gentlemen. I am still on vacation and I have little time to moderate comments.

  • My son’s high school teachers pass their students’ work through plagiarism-checking web sites. It’s not hard. Anyone can do it. Hopefully Trump’s other people will be smarter concerning available resources should he get elected.

    BTW, how is Joe ‘Neil Kinnock’ Biden doing today?

  • Pinky –

    “Excuse me…(T.Shaw)”

    Aren’t you plagiarising Steve Martin?….EExCCuussse ME!

    No. The Martin quote wasn’t checked on the plagiarism web site.

    Seriously for a moment.
    I agree with T. Shaw that this plagiarism cry is nonsense. I disagree with him on wrapping Pinky in the mix.
    Let’s not focus on the attempt to sideline the anti-Clinton retoric, which in my modest opinion was popcorn good!

    BTW…. Steve Martin’s use of Excuse Me, was plagiarized. Gabby Johnson, cousin to Howard Johnson in Blazing Saddles, said; “I suuad tdat dee shaaiff is a nnnagr.” to which Jeffery Johnson said; I couldn’t of said it better myself! If you listen closely you’ll here Levi Johnson say; “Excuse me?”

  • In conclusion (plagiarism!), the gravest difference between Michelle Antoinette’s 2008 speech and Ms. Trump’s is Melania spoke the truth. Michelle Ob’s speech, proven by seven-plus years of racial divisiveness, exclusionary rhetoric, and rancor, was utterly deceitful.
    PInk. I love you man. But, if you think that this tempest in a teapot is anything besides a liberal mud-slinging opportunity, there is no excuse for you.
    PS: another Obama-caused police murder in KC is being reported. That makes 31 LIA PO’s this year killed by Obama.

  • Maister McC wrote: “…but I think it is more than coincidental.”

    “That is reasoning for a Roman, but not for a Jew.” 🙁

  • qui ad aequitatem venit, puris manibus veniendum est.

  • Who cares about any of this? It is just another stone to cast at our man Trump. But he will triumph–Trump will Triumph!

  • T. Shaw – I didn’t say that this was anything more than a tempest in a teapot. I said that the charge against Michelle was even less than that.

  • I only wish the Donald would plagiarize someone other than Donald Duck.

  • Pinky, pacem. Got a smoke?
    D. Will: soon that will be “President The Donald.” He can’t possibly be worse for America than Obama has been or would be crooked, insane Mrs. Bill Clinton.

  • This is ridiculous!! Even my parents and grand-parents used the same words to us as children! If this is all that people can find to talk about then the news media needs to get a different job and the rest of us need to get on with our lives.
    May the Good Lord give us something more important to talk about.

  • @Just me.


    You see it!
    Liberial media redirects as a means to defend it’s castle.

    Time the castle is flattened.

  • As I have stated to a few since the flap, Michelle’s words were neither original nor her own. To be plagerism you must be coping someone’s original work or ideas. A quick search of “dream big, work hard” revels it being used at least as often as 468 times. The phrase “My Word is my Bond” was eloquently delivered by Dustin Hoffman in the movie HOOK and is also the title of Sir Roger Moore’s Autobiography. The sentances in questions have been echoed by parents, grandparents, commencement speakers, speech writers, et al throughout the decades. This was “much ado about nothing”, Shakespeare? Or someone else…