Review of Hacksaw Ridge

Monday, November 21, AD 2016


Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard,
that the everlasting God, the Lord,
the Creator of the ends of the earth,
fainteth not, neither is weary?
There is no searching of his understanding.
He giveth power to the faint;
and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.
Even the youths shall faint and be weary,
and the young men shall utterly fall:
but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40:28-31


I’ve been where you are now and I know just how you feel. It’s entirely natural that there should beat in the breast of every one of you a hope and desire that some day you can use the skill you have acquired here.
Suppress it! You don’t know the horrible aspects of war. I’ve been through two wars and I know. I’ve seen cities and homes in ashes. I’ve seen thousands of men lying on the ground, their dead faces looking up at the skies. I tell you, war is Hell!

William Tecumseh Sherman, address to the graduating class of the Michigan Military Academy (June 19, 1879)




My bride and I went to see Hacksaw Ridge last Saturday, Mel Gibson’s tribute to conscientious objector Desmond Doss who earned a Medal of Honor for heroism on Okinawa, and I was bowled over by it.  It wrenched more emotion from me than any film I have ever seen, except for Gibson’s Passion of the Christ.  My review is below the fold.  The usual caveat as to spoilers is in effect.

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  • Say what you will about Mel Gibson, he is an artist par excellence. He is a superb actor and an equally superb director.

  • “As the hearing officer concludes as he dismisses the court-martial, Doss is now free to enter the hell of a battlefield with no weapon to defend himself.”
    I am not a pacifist, and I do not understand such behavior, but truly only a man utterly devoted to Christ could have such faith and do such a thing.

  • Very powerful. Do you want to change “…and the trucks baring the bodies of their dead…” to bearing?

  • Thanks for catching that Tom. Correction made.

  • Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

    Beautiful weapon and shields; The Armor of God. The quote you used made clear the weapon Doss possessed. The one unseen by most. Trust in God.

    I can’t wait to see this movie.

    Mel Gibson has a thirst that is challenged by the world’s allurement of satisfying said thirst..but through struggle, prayer and fortitude Mel is trying. Productions like this is testimony that Mel’s thirst is lining up with that of our Lord’s thirst.

    God bless you Mel Gibson.

  • Some make you wonder how God could love man at all.

    Some inspire you to believe God could not help but love man.

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  • Outstanding movie. I’ve seen it three times and every time it’s better. My father fought in this campaign and it just amazes me that he survived.

  • Violence is evil. Armed force is divine , angelic and human . So if the evil guys won who would protect our minor children, our constitutional Posterity? Our minor children are morally and legally innocent, our standard of Justice for the state. Why aren’t the enemies of truth and Justice concerned about their legacy to all future generations?

First Trailer for Mel Gibson’s Movie Hacksaw Ridge

Friday, July 29, AD 2016

The first trailer for the movie Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson’s tribute to conscientious objector, and Medal of Honor awardee, Desmond Doss.  The film is out in November.  Go here to learn more about Doss.  In an election year it is easy to get cynical about humanity,  but when we contemplate a man like Doss we begin to understand why God bothered to make us in the first place.

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  • Thank you, Mel Gibson, for perspective when it’s most needed.

    His other Great War movie, We Were Soldiers Once, is the best ever made in my opinion. Because it’s not really about war so much as the human virtues of courage; faithfulness; honour; fortitude. All refined and purified and crystallized by combat. He does it again here it appears.

    Both of these are true stories. As Catholics are prone to do, he focuses on virtuous lives lived, and holds them up as a beacon of light.

    Do this! Be like this! This is how you do it!


  • It’s been too long since he made a movie like this. I can only hope he continues. How about his next feature being on the battle of Lepanto? Don Juan of Austria would make a great lead.

  • A Mel Gibson tale of Lepanto would be the crown jewel of his oeuvre. The hinge point of Western Civilzation; the turning of the tide against the Saracens; a great example of Papal wisdom and leadership. And something Gibson seems to love, the mystical side of the Faith, in which Mary actively appears and intervenes on behalf of her Son.

    There may be no other director who could properly tell that tale. A perfect story for our times in so many ways. I agree.

    I’ve read he was considering a movie on Judah Maccabee and his brothers’ fight for liberation from Greek rule and persecution. That has potential, too.

    But this would be better.

Hacksaw Ridge

Sunday, July 3, AD 2016

“From a human standpoint, I shouldn’t be here to tell the story.  All the glory should go to God. No telling how many times the Lord has spared my life.”

Desmond Doss, 1998





This is interesting.  Mel Gibson is directing the film Hacksaw Ridge that is due to be released on November 4, 2016.  The movie tells the story of Desmond Doss, a Seventh Day Adventist conscientious objector,  who earned a Medal of Honor on Okinawa while serving as a medic with the Army 77th Division.  Here is his citation:


He was a company aid man when the 1st Battalion assaulted a jagged escarpment 400 feet high As our troops gained the summit, a heavy concentration of artillery, mortar and machinegun fire crashed into them, inflicting approximately 75 casualties and driving the others back. Pfc. Doss refused to seek cover and remained in the fire-swept area with the many stricken, carrying them 1 by 1 to the edge of the escarpment and there lowering them on a rope-supported litter down the face of a cliff to friendly hands. On 2 May, he exposed himself to heavy rifle and mortar fire in rescuing a wounded man 200 yards forward of the lines on the same escarpment; and 2 days later he treated 4 men who had been cut down while assaulting a strongly defended cave, advancing through a shower of grenades to within 8 yards of enemy forces in a cave’s mouth, where he dressed his comrades’ wounds before making 4 separate trips under fire to evacuate them to safety. On 5 May, he unhesitatingly braved enemy shelling and small arms fire to assist an artillery officer. He applied bandages, moved his patient to a spot that offered protection from small arms fire and, while artillery and mortar shells fell close by, painstakingly administered plasma. Later that day, when an American was severely wounded by fire from a cave, Pfc. Doss crawled to him where he had fallen 25 feet from the enemy position, rendered aid, and carried him 100 yards to safety while continually exposed to enemy fire. On 21 May, in a night attack on high ground near Shuri, he remained in exposed territory while the rest of his company took cover, fearlessly risking the chance that he would be mistaken for an infiltrating Japanese and giving aid to the injured until he was himself seriously wounded in the legs by the explosion of a grenade. Rather than call another aid man from cover, he cared for his own injuries and waited 5 hours before litter bearers reached him and started carrying him to cover. The trio was caught in an enemy tank attack and Pfc. Doss, seeing a more critically wounded man nearby, crawled off the litter; and directed the bearers to give their first attention to the other man. Awaiting the litter bearers’ return, he was again struck, this time suffering a compound fracture of 1 arm. With magnificent fortitude he bound a rifle stock to his shattered arm as a splint and then crawled 300 yards over rough terrain to the aid station. Through his outstanding bravery and unflinching determination in the face of desperately dangerous conditions Pfc. Doss saved the lives of many soldiers. His name became a symbol throughout the 77th Infantry Division for outstanding gallantry far above and beyond the call of duty.

Doss survived the War and passed away on March 23, 2006. 

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5 Responses to Hacksaw Ridge

  • Good history story. A real hero. Thanks!

  • How did Gibson pull this off? Did someone give him an exorcism? The way he collapsed after The Passion of the Christ could make one think he needed one.

  • I have never denied that Gibson has talent, but he went through a period when his personal meltdown became a professional meltdown. Let us hope that this film may be a turning point in both areas.

  • “How did Gibson pull this off? Did someone give him an exorcism? The way he collapsed after The Passion of the Christ could make one think he needed one.”

    God’s mercies are new every morning.

    Is Givson funding this movie about this man of faith–himself? I can’t see anyone else in Hollywood releasing a movie based on such a professor of Christ. That is why he had to self fund “The Passion of the Christ.”

  • What a hero! Yes, we need more movies to acknowledge our heroes.
    Nice documentary on the life of LT Brendan Looney, USN tonight on MD public TV. Seal killed in Afghanistan 2010. From metro DC his Catholic HS, DeMatha, sponsored the film.

PopeWatch: La Vanguardia Interview-Secession

Wednesday, June 18, AD 2014

9 Responses to PopeWatch: La Vanguardia Interview-Secession

  • His reply was hedged. As for the SNP and Plaid Cymru, they are great manufactories of humbug; if he ticked them off, he at least irritated the irritating.

  • Pius IX would probably disagree regarding secession. Donald?

  • One recalls the pastoral letter of the Swiss bishops, following the First Vatican Council’s definition of papal infallibility:-
    ” he [the Pope] is tied up and limited by that doctrine, divinely revealed, which affirms that alongside religious society there is civil society, that alongside the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy there is the power of temporal Magistrates, invested in their own domain with a full sovereignty, and to whom we owe in conscience obedience and respect in all things morally permitted, and belonging to the domain of civil society.”
    They were not prepared to take Calvin’s Geneva as their model for Church-State relations.

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  • American independence WAS won by secession. The founders declared their secession from Great Britain and backed up their declaration with force. Europe didn’t grant a dad-gum thing.

  • Lurker bee

    I imagine the contrast the Holy Father is making is between emancipation, where a colony separates from the mother country on the one hand and the partition of an existing state into two or more elements, such as his own example of Yugoslavia; another example would be the formation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia from Czechoslovakia.

    The history of independence in the Americas is rather mixed. It was, after all, Pedro I (The Liberator) who had been left in Brazil as regent by his father, King Dom João VI of Portugal in 1821, who was acclaimed Emperor and declared independence. He and his son continued to rule the country until 1889.

    Again, the Mexican revolt was brought about through fear of a power vacuum in Spain, following the Riego Revolt and the Liberal Triennium. Agustín de Iturbide allowed himself to be acclaimed Emperor, not least because he feared the Bourbons in Spain would be replaced by a liberal republic.

  • England have been getting one big welfare check from Scotland for decades now. Its called North Sea oil.
    England would benefit from its own independence. In fact I believe the quickest route to England rediscovering its Catholic culture and identity is through independence. The quicker it shakes off its Protestant Unionist yoke the better.

  • Tom Mellon

    In Scotland, the Protestant party has always been the anti-national party, eager to call in the English to advance their cause; a fact pointed out by the redoubtable Regent, Mary of Guise, at the very beginning of the Scottish Reformation.

    Whether it was the nobles who intrigued with Elizabeth against her daughter, our Royal Martyr, Mary, Queen of Scots, or the supporters of William and the Act of Settlement, of the Union and the House of Hanover, the same pattern repeats itself.

    When, on the 19 August 1745 at the gathering at Glenfinnan, the Apostolic Visitor of the Highland District, Bishop Hugh MacDonald of Morar, blessed the Jacobite standard, “the Highlanders “threw their bonnets in the air and huzza’d 3 different times, crying alowd long live K. James the 8, and Charles P. of Wales, prosperity to Scotld and no union.” No wonder a vindictive London government prosecuted the bishop on a charge of being “by habit and repute a Jesuit, priest, or trafficking papist.” His real offence was being a patriotic Scotsman.

  • England have been getting one big welfare check from Scotland for decades now. Its called North Sea oil.

    Oil and natural gas rents amount to about 1.5% of the gross domestic product of Britain. It’s not that important bar in the imagination of abrasive Scots particularists.

    England would benefit from its own independence. In fact I believe the quickest route to England rediscovering its Catholic culture and identity is through independence. The quicker it shakes off its Protestant Unionist yoke the better.

    From your mouth to God’s ears. The benefit England, Wales, Ulster, and the insular dependencies receive from Scottish independence would be that they’d be free of a mess of Peronists with brogues and their bad attitude supporters.

Hollywood Should Continue to Blacklist Mel Gibson

Thursday, March 13, AD 2014

34 Responses to Hollywood Should Continue to Blacklist Mel Gibson

  • I’ll forgive Mel Gibson if he invites himself to the next anti-Semite conference in Tehran and proceeds to tell everyone off. Not before.

    BTW, I’ve seen enough of his behavior since The Passion of the Christ to think that the criticism of the movie led to a breakdown and the breakdown possibly led to possession. The man, and everyone around him, badly needs prayers.

  • Mel definitely needs our prayers, along with a good kick in the rump. (I will forego my initial thought that he should have to watch The Beaver for seven days straight as penance!)

  • Ha ha, I passed on seeing The Beaver. I guess I was right to avoid the trauma,

  • The article does have a strange feel to it. This entertainment journalist apparently never thought about the people she hurt, and apparently believed that every story depicts celebrities on an average day. I mean, couldn’t you tell that Mel was messed up during that phone call? Still, we all get judged by our worst moments. The camera crew on Cops doesn’t film people when they’re sober and wearing a shirt.

    The idea that the criticism of his film got under his skin, though, was pretty interesting. I just assumed it was the uncanny ability of a mean drunk to find the most offensive possible words to say.

  • I can’t speak to possession, but I do think he’s a tormented soul, like many in that business. However, I feel that Mel somewhere knows he’s wrong, where so many others don’t seem to. Maybe I’m just making excuses for him b/c he has made some great movies. Beaver excluded. He makes movies that are unique and powerful: Passion, Apocolypto, and Braveheart. When I heard he was developing a movie about the Maccabees, I was genuinely excited about what he’d do. Unfortunately that project went down in flames. I really do wish him well.

  • RD jr is a classy guy.

    Pray for them both.

  • Downey’s description of the help that Mel gave him in that awards speech is apparently just the tip of the iceberg. As the story linked above notes, Mel put up the money to insure Downey (studios, it seem, have to put up some sort of surety or bond for actors in case they have to back out of production, and none of them were willing to do it) so that Downey could get work. The guy literally owes his now very lucrative career to Mel, and seems to be returning the favor.

    And Mel would be great in an Avengers movie.

  • A couple of my frat brothers claimed to have seen the movie and liked it, but I should have known it was another film altogether.

    That said, I agree with Ms. Weiner. Gibson is a flawed man, but on balance probably better than most.

  • Mel Gibson is obviously an alcoholic. His alcoholism has cost him his family and his credibility. Of course we live in an unjust world where Harvey Weinstein can bankroll one bad anti Catholic move after another and all he gets is praise from his peers.

    Alcoholism has destroyed not a few of my family members. My mother’s paternal grandfather died in 1930 at age 48. He was an alcoholic. One of his sons was an alcoholic and died an early death. I have an uncle who has wrecked his life with alcoholism.

    If there is one movie I would love to see made, it would be about the Battle of Vienna and the Polish Hussars who crushed the Turks, about which I have written (too) often here. Gibson would be the most qualified person to make such a movie. The Passion was a masterpiece. I felt as if I were there seeing it all happen and no other movie has ever done that to me.

  • Yes- prayer for Mel and the good work he could still do.

  • 🙂 I notice I got a different (red) graphic when I responded on my i phone today- I’ll be getting my new computer in a few weeks- maybe I’ll just come up with a really cool avatar!

  • Scorsese —Stone —Spielberg —Scott and Cameron —are NOWHERE!

    MEL GIBSON has continued to grow and dare throughout his career.

    Further, he NEVER fell in line with the predictive programming
    and promotion of RED China handover –or EUGENICS.

    He is TRULY the LAST man standing in the Hollywood franchise slum.

    HE and HE ALONE, could deliver the —long over due,
    definitIve, epic treatment of the now awesomely relevant,
    21st century defining
    ———-Globalist MAFIA
    ———————RED China
    ————————–and FINAL EUGENICS ‘uncomfortable’
    ————————————————–KOREAN WAR. . .

  • Crime against Art is no crime at all in Hollywood. Or in New York, London, Paris, Munich…

  • Having never seen The Beaver, except for the excerpt above, I’ve got to know: Was it intended as comedy? Because I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing at that clip.

    Oh, Mel. How far you have fallen.

    BTW … Mel Gibson in The Avengers would be great.

  • “Was it intended as comedy?”

    Nope, which actually enhances the humor of that scene, doesn’t it?

  • I’m just sorry his film about the Maccabees revolt didn’t get off the ground.

  • The beaver may represent Gibson’s ambition.

  • I don’t care who Hollywood “blacklists.” Isn’t that like Hannibal Lechter decrying another homicidal cannibal?

    I have Hollywood firmly planted on the top of my blacklist.

    I went to a movie last Summer, ten years or so from the prior. Pacem. The warden paid.

  • Perhaps if I had seen the whole movie I would think it camp. However, I didn’t find the clip funny. In fact, with voice the same as Mel’s it struck me that the beaver was the dark side of him perhaps from the DTs? a self parody? It reminded me of a black and white Twilight Zone episode (I think or an Outer Limits) set in a seedy motel room wherein the two characters were a washed up alcoholic ventriloquist, Paul Winchell, and his dummy, Jerry Mahoney. The dummy began to talk on his own as a nasty alter ego berating Winchell and attacking him.
    Hollywood loves redemption stories, but it seems only if the redeemed isn’t a practicing Catholic and voicing crude remarks at Jews while in his cups. No excuse but I do wonder if that anti-Semitism was aimed at the studio execs (secular Jews for the most part) who were so critical of his movie The Passion and not at the Jewish religion? RD Jr. has Lithuanian Jewish ancestors.

  • CAM,

    I love the Twilight Zone. I think this is the episode you are thinking about:

  • “No excuse but I do wonder if that anti-Semitism was aimed at the studio execs (secular Jews for the most part) who were so critical of his movie The Passion and not at the Jewish religion?”

    He was accusing Jews of starting all the wars, among other things. I think Mel’s anti-Semitism goes far deeper than anger at studio execs. I think Gibson shares the beliefs of his well-beloved, and deeply deranged, father, Hutton Gibson:

    “HUTTON GIBSON: In the first place the Holocaust is a terrible misnomer. First
    of all a Holocaust is a burnt offering to G-d. Now these people were not
    offering themselves up to G-d. If these people were being killed they
    were being taken there screaming howling and yelling for they were being
    persecuted and murdered. That is not a Holocaust. Secondly there were
    not that many Jews under Hitler’s power under his sway. They claimed
    that there were 6.2 million in Poland before the war and after the war
    there were 200,000; therefore he (Hitler) must have killed six million
    of them. They simply got up and left! They were all over the Bronx and
    Brooklyn and Sydney and Los Angeles.

    Everybody was out to get Hitler … but you know he was not that
    efficient. I’ve known a lot of Germans. The society I went to school to
    were Germans and they were thorough they were good teachers. They were
    efficient and they know how to do things. If they had set out to kill
    six million Jews they would have done it. But all we hear about is
    Holocaust survivors. “Oh, we know it happened, cause over there is a
    survivor. Oh, my mother and father were survivors,” they say.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. And (the Holocaust) it’s all – may not
    all fiction – but most of it is. For instance the gas chambers and
    crematoria at Auschwitz would not do the job. Do you know what it takes
    to get rid of a dead body? To cremate it? It takes a liter of petrol and
    20 minutes – now six million of them? They (the Germans) did not have
    the gas to do it. That’s why they lost the war.

    Regarding the gas chamber, the gas was going the wrong way. You see it
    was going down instead of up….”

  • Donald, Thank you for the link on Hutton Gibson. Your description of “deeply deranged” is right on the mark. Hutton is not just in denial of the Holocaust, but also a Sedevacantist and Feeneyist. A genius who is a proponent of far out causes and philosophies.
    Hopefully Mel Gibson will get his alcoholism and manic depression under control and be back to acting, producing and directing quality movies.

  • Phillip, Thank you. The Dummy was the episode that I remembered. I was 12 at the time it was aired and also a fan of the Paul Winchell Show. The episode would have been even better if Winchell had played the lead. He was an alcoholic and a troubled man, but also a very talent man who held many medical patents. He and Dr. Heimlich jointly invented the first artificial heart.

  • How could anyone name his kid “Hutton”?

    I think Hutton moved his family to Australia (from The US) so his kids wouldn’t get drafted and fight in Vietnam.

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  • A small point (notmuch of one, I’ll admit) in Mel’s favor is that he did not leave his wife for a younger woman, as is popularly repeated.

    It is a fact that she asked him to leave before he met the other woman. “Asked” my not be accurate, either, but I’m foggier on that detail.

    A Catholic might correctly hold him to his marriage vows but it’s a sure bet Hollywood won’t.

  • Yet somehow Robin Williams continues to get work, in spite of the fact that every character he plays is some version of Mork.

  • Comment on Cam’s comment: Hutton Gibson a Feeneyist? That’s news to me. Can you substantiate that? We “Feeneyists” never knew that. For your information: Father Feeney was reconciled to the Church in 1972 without having to recant the Church’s de fide teaching that he was renowned for defending. Nor was he excommunicated for doctrine, but for his refusal to go to Rome when summoned there to defend himself for defending the teaching of the Church. Something was not on the level. The Holy Office at the time refused to state what it was that Father Feeney was being summoned to answer for, as is required under the Church’s own canon law. Hence, Father was not informed about what he needed to defend himself against. The “reconciliation” took note of this infraction when it stated that Father Feeney is hereby freed of “any censured he may have incurred.” The wording was deliberate. Even Frank Sheed criticized the Holy Office for its “excessiveness” in the Feeney case. The “heresy” in the “Boston Heresy Case” was the heresy of Archbishop Cushing who called the dogma of No Salvation Outside the Church “Nonsense!” If you go to website you can look up the status of Father Feeney’s Saint Benedict Center. You can read two letters from the Worcester diocese affirm the Catholicity of Saint Benedict Center. The Vicar General of the diocese, Father Lawrence Deery (a friend of mine) assured an inquirer that SBC was “very much Catholic.” Cam was irresponsible in his ignorance, connecting SBC with Hutton Gibson, who is, as he said, sedevacantist.

  • Kelso,
    I apologize. Hutton was AGAINST Feeneyism, attacking the movement in his newsletter. My source was Wikipedia’s bio of Hutton. Returning to that source I see that I MISREAD it. There is no date for the newsletter. However, this time I did click on the footnote which led me to the Most Holy Family Monastery site. The newsletter date is listed there as October 2004, approximately 32 years after Fr. Feeney was reconciled to the Church.
    Thank you for catching my ignorance and also your explanation about Fr. Feeney, Cardinal Cushing and the SBC.

  • A description of some detail on Hutton Gibson’s deranged views, preceded by a statement that Mel shared his father’s views. Why? Because Mel shares genes with his deranged father and loves his Dad (“well-beloved”)? Talk about guilt by association. For shame. And on the pages of the NCR.

  • “Why?”

    Because he parrots his Dad’s looney tune views in regard to the Jews:

  • Eszterhas suppposedly had a reversion back to the Church. I read something about him years ago where he admitted to glamorizing smoking in the films he wrote. Then , while being treated for cancer, he met an 18 year old who had throat cancer. The 18 year old didn’t smoke but his mother did.

    Eszterhas has penned some real Hollywood crap in his life. Showgirls is just one example. Now, I don’t know if Gibson said the things Eszterhas claims or if Eszterhas is exaggerating, but it’s clear that Gibson needs to dry out and get some serious spiritual direction.

Crazy Mel

Thursday, April 12, AD 2012



Back in 2011 I reported that Mel Gibson was working on a screenplay about the Maccabean revolt.  Go here to read the post.  I hoped that this movie would help Gibson work out the personal demons that afflict him.  Alas, such is not the case.  The project has been shelved, and the screenwriter of the play Joe Eszterhas has unloaded on Gibson in a nine page letter that may be read here.  (Caution as to strong language.)  Mel Gibson is the most prominent Catholic of his generation in Hollywood.  His Passion of the Christ is a masterful film that inspired, and inspires, huge numbers of people around the globe.  To see him destroy his life and reputation since then has been painful.  Gibson needs our prayers and a swift kick in the hind end.

Update I:  Hattip to commenter Chris P.  Go here to read Gibson’s response to the Eszterhas letter.

Update II:  Go here to read Eszterhas’ response to Gibson.

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26 Responses to Crazy Mel

  • Can we still consider him Catholic? He did form his own schismatic church.

  • It appears from the letter that Gibson was being fitted out for a Maoist confessional, with the Enemy of The People receiving absolution after some heavy going. Madness or his guardian angel saved him from that ignominious fate. Good on ya mate, ha ha.

  • I thought Mel was a Sedevacantist…. like Sungenis.

  • When Jim Caviezel was interviewed about the filming of “The Passion” he said Mel insisted they both go to daily confession and daily (Latin) Mass to remain safe from demonic attacks. That was a wise move, and the incredible success of “The Passion” is a testament that they harnessed great spiritual power. But Mel let his guard down afterward and obviously the devil has had his way with him. Part of his problem is the sedevacantist mindset which mocks Blessed John Paul and encourages Holocaust denial. I have had many friends attend SSPX churches and eventually this crept into their thinking. They become their own popes, deciding for themselves which pope is valid and which is a Mason, which means they are no longer Catholics, they just look like them. Add to that the wealth which I and the millions who attended many showings of “The Passion” helped him accumulate. Wealth ruins many people as they can afford to terrorize their staff, build and staff their own churches, becoming isolated dictators.
    Mel needs a tough priest, who says Latin Mass and is an exorcist to confront him, and the spirits which have infested him.

  • “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.”

    Am I a sedevacantist? I ask because I only say three (Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious) sets of Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and I don’t totally buy that “human dignity” stuff. Otherwise, I honor Pope John Paul II.

    In 1979, during his visit to NYC, I came within 100 feet of Pope John Paul II. I was walking past St Patrick’s on my way to work and he and Terence Cardinal Cook were taking a quiet stroll about the Cathedral (behind NYPD barricades). I waved to him. I don’t think he saw me. And, I could feel the holiness.

  • T.Shaw. You may not be a sedevacantist but you are dead wrong if you say you can pick and choose which papal teachings to accept. What makes you any better than liberal Catholics who accept Church social teaching which fit with their liberal agenda and ignore Humanae Vitae and Evangelium Vitae?
    Its the same thing Mel does, you go with your feelings. Mel agrees with his father that JPII is “Garullous Carolus the Koran Kisser” and mocks him. You ‘feel’ his holiness. IT=ts not about feelings, its about submitting to authority which Christ put over you as a Catholic. If you do not accept papal authority, you are a Protestant.
    Name one saint who was disobedient to his superiors, even when they were morally bankrupt and jealously suppressing him, as in the case of St Faustina and Padre Pio.
    Why don’t you read some of Blessed John Paul’s writing on human dignity and his Marian writings. You may find that your disobedience is borne out of ignorance and pride. They don’t call Blessed John Paul II Great for nothing.

  • TShaw:

    Well, unless you have a nigh-unto-unique form of sedevacantism which holds that JP2 was a valid pope and B16 is not, it’s pretty clear you’re not.

    The Luminous mysteries are optional. I’m not sure what you mean by the “human dignity stuff,” but man does an excellent job of effacing his God-given dignity these days, that’s for sure.

  • Though part of Catholic teaching is Veritatis Splendor which talks about intrinsic evils which can never be supported (abortion, contraception, torture) and those things which are not evils per se (income inequality). The former can never be accepted while (within reason) the latter can.

    Then of course are the licit variety of approaches to applying social teaching which Catholic teaching itself allows. For example the licit variety of approaches for providing health care. One can be a faithful Catholic and vary on such approaches. This as opposed to some who abuse the term “human dignity” to justify a particular approach to a problem and villify those who don’t agree.

  • Well, I can say this much, that letter comes across as a pretty crazy read in and of itself regardless of Gibson….

    I really hope Gibson turns things around for himself. I hope he seeks out that first step to recovery and receives the sacrament of reconciliation from a properly ordained priest.

  • Funny after reading this post I came across this article on yahoo movies. It really seems to put things in a different light. Mel comes across as very level headed and professional.

  • To “Student”: I really hate responding to people who don’t use their real name, but, for the record, I’m not a sedevacantist and never have been. I have had several debates against sedevacantists (e.g., Peter Dimond, John Lane). So please, no more rumors. If you want to know something about me, ask me. Anything else is gossip. Capice?

  • I don’t get it. How many times does Mel Gibson have to apoligize?

  • I guess when he stops acting like a truly deranged jerk Jasper, that might eliminate the necessity for further apologies.

  • I deleted your last comment Jasper and I have placed you on moderation. If you wish to defend Gibson’s insane anti-semitism, you will have to find other forums to do so.

  • I apologize, Robert Sungenis.
    I feel kind of foolish – yes, I was pretty much just parroting what I have heard others say.

  • The man behind “Showgirls” versus the man behind “The Passion of the Christ”, and it looks like Eszterhas is in the right. This is why being a human is so interesting.

  • Pinky,

    Joe Eszterhas underwent his own conversion – he’s also no the man he used to be.

  • The Passion of Christ is a still a major S&M cult film. No wonder. Mr. Gibson has a very strange propensity (in movie after movie) of showing naked young men being hideously tortured in extreme close-up. Heresy and PRIDE go together like a fish in water. He plays the little ‘pope’ with his own ‘church’, hands out ‘spiritual advice’ and yet is a cringing embarrassment with his bigotry, foul mouth and adolescent sexual indulgence and rages. I find Juno to be a MUCH more inspiring ‘Catholic’ film than ‘Passion’.

  • We will have to agree to disagree digdigby on the Passion of the Christ which I regard as the most moving portrayal of Our Lord ever to be placed on film. Part of the sadness that I feel for Gibson is seeing talent simply thrown away.

  • Mr. McClarey, . Being ‘moved’ by the life of Jesus Christ means nothing to me. I’m still moved to tears by Old Yeller. In the movie ‘Juno’ I was made ashamed in a real, Catholic way at how I judged the character ‘Vanessa’. Enough to shake me up at how I see people in my own life.

  • “Being ‘moved’ by the life of Jesus Christ means nothing to me. I’m still moved to tears by Old Yeller.”

    The depiction of the death of Christ should have more significance to you than the death of a canine. Pope John Paul II thought rather highly of the Passion of the Christ.

    As for Juno, I thought it was vastly overrated. I found it somewhat amusing when the star of the flick came out as a pro-abort.

    However, arguments as to the merits or demerits of films tend to get no place quickly.

  • digdigby does have a point. Mel Gibson’s movies from the Mad Max to Lethal Weapon series rely on the character’s capacity for controlled mayhem in a sadistic environment for their effect. Gibson is not a versatile actor, he needs violence to sell his movies. That said, I do not think he intends to kill his ex or anyone else for that matter. Though quite clearly he enjoys being a sob and a bigot.

  • “Pope John Paul II thought rather highly of the Passion of the Christ.”.
    He also thought highly of Maciel.

  • We’re discussing the Passion of the Christ and not red herrings.

  • Given the above…

    1. Mel has apologized enough for his drunken outburst. And while it certainly doesn’t excuse his remarks, let’s not forget the extent to which he was harassed and maligned by certain Jewish groups that were categorically opposed to any popular portrayal of the Scriptural truth.

    2. The Passion is most certainly not an “S&M film.” If your modern sensibilities are so delicate that you can’t bear to see the truth of what really happened, I really just pity you.

    I can usually tell whether or not I’ll like someone or get along with them based on their position on that film. I guess you either “get it” or you don’t, and if you don’t, well you’re just not my kind of people.

Handel, Judas Maccabeus and Mel Gibson

Saturday, September 10, AD 2011


Something for the weekend.  The overture from Handel’s Judas Maccabeus.  Judas Maccabeus is a musical tribute to the revolt of the Maccabees, 167-160, against the attempts by Seleucid King Antiochus Epiphanes  to forcibly convert the Jews to paganism.  The revolt was not simply against the Selucids, but also against a sizable chunk of the population of Judea who were only too happy to embrace the ways of the Greeks.  Led by Mattathias, the father of Judas and his brothers, collectively known as the Maccabees, the revolt started in 167 BC when Mattathias, in the village of Modein outside of Jerusalem, cut down an official of the Selucid empire who was attempting to cajole Mattathias, a priest of Yahweh, to offer sacrifice to Zeus.  Mattathias and his sons then literally took to the hills, with Mattathias uttering a cry that has rung down the centuries:  “Let him who is zealous for the Law, follow me!”

Mattathias, an old man at the start of the revolt, soon died, and leadership descended to his son Judas.  Fighting a crafty guerilla campaign, Judas and his brothers, against all the odds, established an independent Jewish state.  After the heroic days of the Maccabees, the new Jewish state eventually descended into a fairly squalid series of civil wars, which ultimately led to the Romans under Pompey the Great seizing Jerusalem in 63 BC.  The Romans thereafter ruled Judea through puppet rulers.  Our Catholic Bibles have First and Second Maccabees which retell the heroic saga of the Maccabean Revolt.  This of course brings us to Mel Gibson, who has brought two heroic revolts to the screen and is apparently working on a third.

Continue reading...

19 Responses to Handel, Judas Maccabeus and Mel Gibson

  • Predictably, the ADL is not happy about this.

    Once you get a scarlet letter, hard to remove especially when the Jews are the targets given their miraculous ability to shape public opinion. Poor Mel. He’ll never be forgiven for his drunken rant. Everybody’s apparently forgotten Jesse Jackson’s Hymietown comment and Hillary Clinton’s “f—n jew bastard” remark (ironic now that she has a Jewish son-in-law).

  • “The Jews…” Don’t go there, Joe, for all our sakes. A little chauvinism can be fun — otherwise, we wouldn’t cheer for our high school football team — but without care and reflection it can also drift into the horrors of 1933-1945.

  • Oh, brother. I may be in need of reeducation camp and sensitivity training.

  • Of Gibson’s movies ‘Braveheart’ was historical tosh but in Scotland had the unfortunate effect of pandering to an unhealthy inferiority complex manifested in a growing culture of victimhood which does that once proud nation no credit. The best part of the film is the last fifteen minutes. I’m not sure what sentiments ‘The Patriot’ was pandering to. Surely Americans no longer need to mythologize their history and demonize their erstwhile adversaries. They did after all win that particular war (albeit with a lot of luck and with outside help). I find film-makers’ perversion of history far more offensive than the soft porn of ‘Showgirls’ which is really neither here nor there.

  • Colonel Tavington in the Patriot John was based on Colonel Banastre Tarleton who is still remembered for “Tarleton’s Quarter” that he gave to the surrendering Americans at Waxhaws by butchering them. My only regret is that Dan Morgan didn’t get to kill Tarleton at the Battle of Cowpens instead of merely defeating and humiliating him. I found the Patriot very good entertainment that is not to be confused with a documentary on the American Revolution in the South, although it does do a fairly good of showing the success of American partisans in keeping the war alive in South Carolina after the American forces under that British import Horatio Gates had been shattered at Camden.

    Much of Braveheart is a historical mess from the British lords seeking to enforce a right of the first night with Scottish brides to William Wallace impregnating the future Queen Isabella, who I believe was all of nine years old at the time of the death of Wallace. Having said that, the battle scenes are first rate, and the Scots have long taken pride in their struggle for independence against England. I do agree that modern Scottish Nationalists strike me as whiney and silly.

    There was nothing soft core about Showgirls, and I regard such pornography as far graver than the liberties that Mel Gibson has taken with history in what are, after all, movies. Of course Gibson, like most Aussies, transplanted or not, does have a big chip on his shoulder regarding you Brits. Perhaps Don the Kiwi would care to elaborate on this phenomenon?

  • I find many educators’ brainwashing of pupils in history (providing ideologies not educations) far more worrisome than film-makers’ entertainments.

    Regarding “Scotland the Brave”: Did Obama (“I will not rest . . . “) predict Scotland will be a nation once again?

  • (Guest comment by Don’s wife Cathy:) The Gibson/Eszterhas collaboration won’t be the first film depiction of the revolt of the Maccabees. There was also the 1962 film The Old Testament, which Don & I used to have (maybe still have?) on DVD. It doesn’t seem to have received very good reviews, though — see here:

  • I guess this film is current and generating some buzz. An hour ago I’d never heard of it and yours is now the second blog discussing it. You’ll be shocked, just shocked, but this other one (which I stumbled across while looking up “oderint dum metuant”) manages to invent a pre-Classical 9/11 conspiracy in “The Hammer”‘s uprising. Here’s the link:

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  • Don, I take your point, but the fact that Tavington was based on that gallant officer Banastre Tarleton who was not the proto-Nazi portrayed in the film (made by Germans, hmmm…) did not play well on this side of the pond where anti-Americanism lurks beneath the surface and which I have spent the last thirty years attempting to counter.

    On the tenth anniversary of what Europeans must call 11/9 be assured that our prayers are with you. God Bless America.

  • Thank you John. We Americans realize that we have no better friends than the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

    In regard to Tarleton, he figured in another recent film, Amazing Grace, that detailed his career in Parliament as a shill for the pro-slavery forces.

  • Interestingly, Spielberg’s film ‘Amistad’ created quite a stir on this side of the pond as it portrayed the Brits in a good light – the RN officer giving testimony in a US court, the bombardment of the slave fort and the liberation of the slaves by British redcoats – not what we expect from Hollywood!

  • Without the anti-slavery stance embraced by the British Empire John in the 19th Century, I have no doubt that slavery would still be flourishing in much of the world.

  • Mel Gibson, through his movie the Passion and the reactions to it, almost single-handedly destroyed one of the reliable myths that the ADL types could rely on to provoke guilt among Christians. The idea that Christians and in particular Catholics invariably work themselves into a frenzy over the perfidious Jews during Holy Week, is apparently widely believed among sections of the Jewish population. He will never be forgiven for this.

  • Although I do think that Gibson obviously has personal demons to deal with regarding Jews, his drunken rant established that beyond question, the argument that the Passion was anti-Semitic was truly hilarious. I guess it sailed right by the critics, who often seemed to have only a very vague knowledge of the Passion, and zero knowledge of Catholic theology regarding it, that the only time Gibson appears in the picture is when he had his hands nailing Jesus to the cross.

  • For what it is worth I do not think that Gibson has “issues” with Jews in general. His schtick – the mad rebel on edge – does not comport itself easily to the prevailing orthodoxy in Hollywood that between Jews and Christians, they have to be uniformly portrayed as helpless victims, sardonic critics and altruistic lovers of mankind .

  • “Gibson, like most Aussies, transplanted or not, does have a big chip on his shoulder regarding you Brits.”

    Not to mention the old saw about a well-balanced Irishman having a chip on BOTH shoulders…

  • Hi Don.
    Just caught up with your comment of 9/10 @ 7.21 pm. re the Aussie “chip on the shoulder”.
    I suppose ‘chip on the shoulder’ could be an apt description, certainly in the earlier days. There is an excellent book written by Robert Hughes entitled The Fatal Shore which details the early settlement of Australia (see Wikipedia or Amazon) – in one chapter it details the settlement of NZ as well some decades after Oz; deals with the socio-political climate of the time – late 18th. century.
    One of the things that the Aussies and Kiwis used to find annoying about the Brits was their penchant for comparing everything over here in a negative light with “Back home”. The natural respose was, of course, “Then why don’t you piss off back, then.”
    This, in NZ anyway, was common, particularly in the 50’s and 60’s. In those postwar decades NZ and Oz were needing immigration, and for NZ , british migrants were subsidised to come out here. It cost them 10 pounds for a sea voyage, and many took up the offer – a small number of them were’nt happy with the decision, and decided to return back to the UK. They were called “ten pound poms”, a rather derogatory title, but which the majority put up with, and assimilation became easier.
    The Aussie situation was a little different. While NZ was settled mainly by entrepreneurial types, Aussie, of course became the dumping ground for convicts – rightly or wrongly accused of mainly minor crimes and transported to the colonies. As convicts, they were often branded with the letters “P.O.M.E” – Prisoner of Mother England.Many were Irish, and generally lower working class people. So there was a built in resentment to the English, and of course, the upper classes were able to purchase land holdings in Oz, and the military – soldiers and officers -were treated favourably by the authorities, and gave quite a distinct class difference. This is where the nick name of ‘Pommies” or just “Poms” comes from – and still today are called such. In NZ, its more a friendly term – but when I lived in Oz in the 80’s, many Aussies still spat out the term in an almost insulting way, preceded by an adjective beginning with ‘f’.
    I must tell about “John the Pom” – a Pommy guy from Nottingham, John Swaby, who came to Oz in the early 70’s with his wife and young family. He had a great nature and a wild sense of humour (as most Poms do, actually). One of his favourite jokes went like this:
    “When I came out to Australia, after a few years, Aussie guys would come up to me and ask, ‘Tell me John, what do you think of the average Australian?’
    To which John would reply,’ I think the average Australian is a pretty good bloke – its the white fellas you’ve got to look out for.” 🙂 (a dig at the Aussies who are still pretty prejudiced against the ‘black fellas’ – Australian Aborigines)

    I had a joke which enabled you to tell whether a pom was a good bloke or not.
    ” A Pommie walked into a bar with a frog on his head. The barman asked, ‘where did you get that?” The frog replied,’ Dunno – started off as a wart on me bum.” 🙂
    I had to dodge a fist on the rare occasion, but most of the guys took the joke, and you could guarantee that they would come back with with an equally humorous rejoinder.

    Life’s great, aint it? 🙂

  • At the entrance to a safari park in Australia, along with the the warnings about dangerous animals, don’t open car windows, don’t get out of car etc. there was a list of entry fees to which was added “Poms on bicycles, free”. Poms everywhere were highly amused, reinforcing the point that racial insults only work if those against whom they are directed feel inferior in the first place. On the radio recently one of the “£10 poms” who emigrated to Oz in the 1950s recalled that his workmates wouldn’t speak to him for six months, only referring to him in the third person, e.g. “Does the pom want a cup of tea?” It was only when he was referred to as a “pommie bastard” that he realized he was half way to becoming accepted.

    Going back to Don’s point about slavery, it is often forgotten that the eradication of the slave trade was Britain’s number one foreign policy objective for most of the 19th century and the main task of the RN after the defeat of Napoleon. The east African slave trade, run by the Arabs for over a thousand years, was particularly intractable, not least because it was bound up with the ivory trade (the slaves carried the tusks to the coast). The only answer was to establish protectorates in east Africa, something HMG was reluctant to do but was pushed into by men on the spot, notably Sir James Kirk. The great slave market in Zanzibar was finally closed in 1890.

    A footnote: Uganda, though never a colony, was known as “the jewel in the crown of the British African empire” and Ugandans who remember the last years of the British protectorate are quite nostalgic about it. Bizarrely it was offered to the Zionists as a possible Jewish homeland – now that would have set the cat among the pigeons …

4 Responses to This Explains a Lot about Hollywood

63 Responses to Mel Gibson and Beaver Bomb

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  • Don,
    First, Kyle Killen wrote the script, not Gibson. Second, at least two other big name stars were originally set to take the starring role. I know of know evidence at all that the film is a commentary on Gibson’s own experiences.
    And to be honest, I’m surprised you would view box office success to be a proxy for anything. I fully expect “There Be Dragons” to bomb, but it is a fine film. Same for “Jane Eyre.”
    Gibson did indeed take a axe to his life, and it is true that “The Beaver” is bombing at the box office; neither of these facts sheds any light on the merit of the film in my opinion.

  • This is a rare occasion when we will have to agree to disagree Mike. I defy anyone to see this piece of tripe and not think that it is a bizarre look at Mel Gibson’s own estrangement from his family, and I rejoice in the failure of this film since the entire concept is monumentally stupid, except as the blackest of black comedies. In this case box office failure is a sign of the film going audience rejecting true rubbish.

  • It got mediocre ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Not great but not terrible. Surprisingly, the reviews universally praise Gibson’s performance and unsurprisingly mock the premise.

  • I’ve read a number of reviews; all agree Gibson’s performance is brilliant…given the premise, I find it hard to believe the guy with the hand puppet coudl be brilliant. And given Gibson’s relationship with critics post-Passion, I find it even harder to believe that critics were going easy on him. There must be something there.

  • From Peter Rainer’s review in the Christian Science Monitor:

    “Foster seems blinkered and tone-deaf to what’s actually appearing onscreen. When, for example, Walter is reunited with his family – which includes his unconditionally adoring young son Henry (Riley Thomas Stewart) and the unforgiving 17-year-old Porter (the adept Anton Yelchin) – there’s a quick sex scene where we see Walter, Meredith, and, yes, the beaver, frolicking together in bed. He addresses his toy-store workers, as he does everybody else, almost entirely through the hand puppet, and there are precious few reaction shots of them looking anything more than agreeably amused.

    When Walter turns the company around and ends up on the cover of national magazines, and, puppet in hand, appears on “The Today Show,” Foster’s fable enters the realm of blithering unbelievability.

    “The Beaver” never even makes it clear if Walter knows his puppet is just a puppet. He passes out cards to people explaining that he is utilizing a “prescription puppet,” but that could just be the beaver talking. When the puppet becomes increasingly uppity and malevolent, I guess we’re supposed to think that Walter is healing himself by separating himself from his alter ego and becoming whole again. But we never get a sense of what Walter was like before his personality fractured, so his impending wholeness doesn’t have much heft.

    The story line involving Porter is comparatively conventional, which, under the circumstances, is something of a relief. Even before the beaver shows up, Porter already hates his father so much that he papers his room with Post-its notating all of Walter’s many traits he wants expunged from himself. He’s the sole person who barks at Walter about how crazy he seems. Only when Porter becomes involved with a brainy cheerleader (a fine Jennifer Lawrence) with her own pack of troubles does he begin to register the compassion necessary to reunite with his father.

    Or at least that’s what we’re supposed to believe. I’ve rarely seen a movie about severe malcontents that ended on such a note of unearned uplift. Who knows? Maybe it would have all turned out better if the beaver had been a bunny rabbit. Grade: C-”

    The only thing brilliant about this film is if the lights are turned up at the end for the audience to flee for the exits.

  • Strange – very strange; but that’s the way Mel has gone recently, and a departure form his previously relatively sane life is now manifesting itself.

  • Hmmm…. clearly you did not see the movie yourself and are using others’ articles to try to form your own. That leaves me doubting anything else you write. I did see the movie, liked it, and would recommend it to anyone.

  • “That leaves me doubting anything else you write.”

    One does not have to eat garbage Jennifer to recognize it as such. There is enough floating around on the internet about this cinematic trainwreck that I do not have to cast my money down this particular rathole in order to condemn it and the beaver it slouched in on.

  • you admit you haven’t seen this! I’ve wasted 5 minutes of my life on your blother…see ya!

  • I don’t know how we will soldier on here at TAC without your vital one comment contribution bob c., but somehow we will.

  • I don’t understand a movie review for which you haven’t seen the movie.

  • What part of the concepts of bomb and garbage are difficult for you to comprehend Jennifer? Let’s see if I can sum up the film for you: Gibson is a deeply depressed man who has alienated his family (a classic case of bad art imitating bad life); he uses a beaver hand puppet to speak for him in a bizarre attempt to mend his broken life; instead of Gibson’s character being committed to a loonie bin, the hand puppet becomes a mechanism to get back together with his family, and inspires a hit new toy for his toy company that the puppet beaver now runs; when he and his wife have a tender moment in bed the puppet is present. Gibson ultimately breaks free of the need to use the puppet. Have I missed anything salient from this beaver’s breakfast of an insult to the movie going world?

  • Makes me think of “Larz and the Real Girl” which had a similar premise and was actually very good. So I’m withholding judgment on this one.

  • Thanks to his new imaginary pal, Mel is chewing up the scenery again. : )

  • I would note in case any of Mel Gibson’s fans think that I am carrying on a vendetta against Gibson, that I have liked many of his films, including the Mad Max trilogy, Gallipoli, Braveheart and The Patriot. His The Passion of The Christ moved me more deeply than any film I have ever seen. Gibson has talent as an actor and a director. However, his career is also littered with films that have proven to be both artistic and money making bombs. In the case of The Beaver he has made the blockbuster of all such bombs.

  • I’m curious to see it, myself. But given how little free time away from our squad my Much Better Half and I get, I’ll probably wait until this is available “On Demand.”

    I think it’s safe to say that one’s position on Mel Gibson films/performances are de gustibus, which makes Mr. Bob’s reaction a puzzler. This is much different from the effect of one’s position on whether or not it is safe to root for the New York Yankees. Which, according to the 23rd session of the Council of Trent, it is *not*–anathema sit.

  • Donald you are most certainly an ignorant and an arrogant hypocrite, as it is to be expected, and a liar!
    One do not make a review of a movie one has not seen, and in worse without even mentioning that “detail” in its review!
    thats both couardise and hypocrisy of the highest degree!
    You do not dare to watch the movie becausie oyu know it is good nad your hatress of mel Gibson stop oyu form doing that.

    Name one single movie that was a artistic deisaster or a finacial disaster n mels career???
    All Mel Gibsons movie are fantastic even the most dubious script and even as secodn role or thrisd like in umer city or Gallipoli, Mle Gibson simlly master it and elevate it to a higher degre and he do the same wiht his co actors and actresses, so to make them do a better performance even they are mediocre ot begin wiht, than they will ahve been if it iddnt hd been him in the leading role.
    Youa re an idiot.
    Hamlet with Mle gibson n it is the alone one used in english class and universty when teachign about Shakespear and this alone says it al
    together with the fact that Mle Gibosn made 4 movies, all blockbusters, bakc to back that same year!!
    you are jsut deeply jealus.
    That movie was made in august to novemebr 2009 and can hardly reflect mel Gibson life.
    and as real painfull and embarrassing part of your gratuitiuous criticism, coems the fact tha tthe ovie is ABOUT DEPREESSION AND MENTAL DESEASE which oyu completely forgot, or shall i said totaly ignored as oyu never saw that movie!
    People sufferign form depression are often shun fom society cause its a difficultdesease ot cope wiht, explain an dhsow and the family having to live wiht it, either they are parents of a child suferign form this condition or husbands and kids, arre also ignroed,
    Cancer or a broken leg or other vidible desease are more easily accepted as wella s not sovisible ones like diabets 1, but the tem of depression and how it occur and affect peoples life is seldomly debated.
    this movie shed light into it and has the adavantage to dont falliot the trap to mkae it into an entertianment movie wiht a pupet..
    Your sarcastic review is laughable and scandalous at the same time
    you dont have sen it but oyu surely want ot influence everybody else on not going to se it.
    You are certianly not a christina but a pantomime of it.
    This movie is fantastic and its sale also show it.
    It was show in 21 theaters and made as much as Thor, a bokcbuster, taken inot acount that THor was shwon in all theaters alos aborad and since april, and whos entrance price is much higher oftne the dobble, because it is shown in 3D, and people wihsing to see it in 2 D had huge porblem ot fod a theater that show it that way.
    take a calculator and see for yourself.
    The beaver made 1659 dollars per theater per day, meanig it will ahve made 28 million dolars nation wide ahd it been pned like thor was, and adding the extra by 3D ticket, thats 50 Million dolars!! agaisnt 66 Millon dolars ofr THor who is a blockbuster and not a artistic mvie as the ebaver is.
    peoplebring their gf to weathc thor but not to go watgch a mvie about depression.. specialy on mother day..
    Add to it that Thor was show form thursday while the beaver only form friday and only in 21 theaters, while Thor was hwoed nationwide and in eurpe where its premiere started in April.
    So after runing for 3 weeks, Thor made 66 millions dolars, with overpriced 3D tickets, and on Mother days weekend.
    after running for 3 days in limted theaters, and only in USA, The Beaver made over 50% comparativly, to Thor.
    It means that when the Beaver will open nationwide on May 20, and then internationaly from june 1st, it will gross 200 to 300 milion dollars, whihc is what spiderman, a huge marvel blockbuster, grossed in 2002.

    Eat that and eat yoru hat, pal!
    btw thor grossd a lot of money, but people who saw it idnt like it. i saw critics form the people in europe and they said the movie die 20 minutes after it started. very impressive for 20 minutes and then it dies. like the movie was over and turn into a regu’lar rose water romantic flick.

    On “the other hand”, maybe you actualy suffer form depression and need to get yoruslef a beaver!!
    could be why oyu feel so challenged to go see it! it wil confront your inner deamons.

    The movie is planed to be shwo in Cannes festival ad was put out of competittn as a sure winner.. so ot let a chance to the french movies..
    its a fact.
    read what the director of Cannes Festival hjas ot say about that movie.
    its revoew for th american SW festival were fantastic!
    The reception of the movie is overwhelming.
    They all hope to can see Mel Gibsn in Cannes,a nd i9f it was in the competition it wil win the Palmes d’Or!
    All movie reviews with enough seriousneess to actialy see the mpoive befroe taling about it, have aclaimed it and declared it was in for 2 oscras, one for directign and one for best acting for Mel Gibson!
    Your posts are baised and your article is cynical and hatefull, and has nothing to do wiht reality.
    It simpy reflect oyur dark imaginary, and yoru inner fears.
    You do worse than judging a book by its cover, you lie about its contain.
    Do you do the same about the Bible?
    Did oyu read the New testament before judging it negativly?
    Are you sure?

    i said it earlier, and i say it again: SHAME ON YOU!

  • Now who can possibly argue with that? (Although it is more convincing in the original crayon.)

  • Sophie, need to work on that spelcheker. Leave it to beaver to start a flame war.

  • I like Sound of Music.

    I don’t expect to make it to Mel “What are you looking at, Suger T**” Gibson’s latest.

  • Man we really to tighten up that spam filter.

  • Sophie, “All Mel Gibsons movie are fantastic”

    Even Signs? Really?

  • Oh, I let that one go through Paul. Sophie had obviously expended a lot of energy, not to mention spittle, in the preparation of it, and it seemed to be less than generous not to share it with the world! 🙂


  • As a Navy vet I take umbrage at any criticism of that venerable meat product.

  • Her oeuvre is almost poetic, really. The ambiguity ensures that you could mine it for hours and come up with different possible meanings each time.

    In the meantime, I’ll be defining spam to myself.

  • Actually, RR, I kind of liked Signs. Considering how awful every subsequent M Night movie has been, it almost qualifies as a masterpiece in comparison.

  • Ransom wasn’t bad either.

  • Hey, I liked Signs!

    . . .and SPAM is awesome, it’s the official “meat” of Hawaii!

  • Don – I get it. But I am still hopful that Mel with see his name is written on the back of his belt – someday. (Old Military folks will get that). I will not see this movie and the reason is two old – not interested and I want to see some kind of change in Mr. Gibson before I support one his movies again. As far as his work – i have always been a fan. We were soldiers was a great film IMHO. But I will pray for mel – again tonight. I love this website and the comments from everyone. God Bless.

  • Thank you Robert. I enjoyed We Were Soldiers Once, a gripping retelling of the battle of the Ia Drang in the Vietnam War.

    In regard to Signs, I have to confess to enjoying it, but only as a comedy. The scene where Gibson comes home and sees that his kids and his brother have donned tin foil hats has to be one of the most screamingly funny bits in an American film in many a year.

  • Oh, and I liked “Signs,” too. A reasonably effective spiritual thriller, almost (but not quite) derailed by the achilles heel of the bad guys. Still, that was the warning sign of much worse to come from MNS.

  • Roger Ebert couldn’t quite get his thumbs up on Beaver, gave it 2 1/2 stars, said he was constantly reminded of Señor Wences.

  • By the way, Ebert gave Signs 4 stars. Go figure.

  • I think that Mel Gibson is a fine actor and director. His skills in this area have historically been very underestimated. He also, unfortunately, clearly has mental health and substance abuse issues that have not been properly addressed. Both of these illnesses are progressive in nature and without intervention, his mental state and health will both deteriorate. We need to pray for this man.

    Aside from the above, I believe that a movie can be successfull with a good premise. People want to go to the movies to escape reality and to be brought into lives that are not theirs for a couple of hours. That being said, I doubt that this movie, even with a less notorious lead actor, would probably make more box office receipts than most other “indie” moves – not much. The topic does not appeal to most people, such as the premise of the movie “Lars and the Real Girl”, which although good, never made much money at the theaters.

    Couple this unpopular topic with an (albeit fine) actor who obviously has severe mental health issues, and you have a stinker. Most people do not want to pay 10+ dollars to see a mentally ill man play another mentally ill man who indulges his mental illness through a dissasosiative proxy (hand puppet).

  • BTW. Does anyone have the decoder ring for Sophie’s comment? It’s illegible.

  • I’d rather see a Lethal Weapon 5.

  • Apocalypto, anyone?

  • I actually enjoyed Apocalypto, not as much as Signs, but it was OK.

  • Apocalypto was a fine film.

  • NOPE i didnt prepared a i wrote as i thought directly with no correction, ad very fast too.
    I am not lke oyu, I can think on my own.
    I am glad ot see i shut oyu up.
    No contra argumentation coming form your side, only personal atakcs, whihc is the prove that i won the argumentation.
    When the oposit part cant argue agaisnt oyu, they ressort to personal attacks.

    I didn tused much energy nor preparation at all. iot took me the time to type it, and i type very fast.

    Joe Green, its clal Spell checker and not spelchecker..
    and i have never used one in my life.
    But we all can se that yours is not working or that you are the one in need to work on yours..
    dont thorw stones when oyu live in a glass house..

    Kurt. mel Gibson NEVER said “sugar tits” to any woman in his life.
    As Mle Gibson stgated in ferbuary 2009, at the kjjimmy kimiel show, (on youtube) he never said it it was attributed ot him buit was a lie, and as can be verificated in the internal affair police report on the police station, publicly published in february 2009, and mentioend in 2 newspapers, Mel Gibson never called any female officer for “sugar tits”, it was the arresting officer James Mee, who used ot clal ALL female officers at the station for “sugar tits” and on a daily basis whihc got him lot of comlian for sexual harrassemnt since a very long time and severla warnings by his superior, about bereaking other police rules too, and made him in seriosu conflict wiht his boss. he wasnt promoted for 15 eyars and had been fried form 2 police stgations prior ot coming ot LA..
    It was most obviously as a revenge to hsi superior, that he knew were in good terms wiht Mel gibson, who genrously contributed finacialy to the staton to, that he arested, in solo, agaistn police procedure, and did a car chasse, when he was officialy ouit of duty that night, just to can arest Mle gibson that he was taging for his stunt since a while, and then was ocntactged by harvey levi, by phone, privatly and at the station, on his celphone and at his phone at home, as the police koreport show, to make up a DUI report with stuff about Mel gibsn that harvey levi form tmz could use to make a scoop.
    The entire stuff was a fake, it doesnt mention the name of mel gibsonanywhrre as oyu can still see it at TMNZ, as it wil have represented a legal danger to TMZ if it had been foudn out that it was a fake, and ahervey as a lawyer knew so.
    that report cointain stuff that this polcie officer often say himself but that he put in the moughth of mle gibson. beside the fact of coure, that nobody in police history, ever wrote down what a guy arested for DUI ever said durign his arrest..
    the fake report also mention a temtative to escape, form Mel Gibson which is fauklse and nevr occured. mel Gibson was never charged for it whihc he wil have been oif htis had take palce as its a felony.
    the report alos state that mel gibson was angry, and shouting alos when he came ot the station and while being interfogated.
    well an officer filemd mel gibosn arrival at the station and shwo him very quiet, low profile, and saying helo to a police officer and oyu can hear that he was very polite and never said sugartits whihc was alos confirmed by both feale police officer at the station and make who often heard jamees mee call the women for sugar tits there, and had went into fight with soem of his collegues because of that.
    A secodn police officer took a video of Mle Gibson when he made his declaration and here oto mel gibson was very quiet and politge.
    TYhere was a third video, in the cell, as there is cams in al celss, but that is no longer avialable as it is regulary deleeted unless they need to for something specific, and thats of course that one that james mee aledged prove tha tmel gibson was mad and angry and so on, and aledged in his new lawsuite agianst the state of california ofr antisemitism (against CA!! LOL) contained proves tha tMle Gibson behaved as he did. Og course he waited 4 years to claim that video.. knowing it was gone since a long time.

    Harvey Levi also stated in an interview in Novemwebr 2009, that the whole story was a hoax, and that he was about to close TMZ and needed a scoop fast, so he contacted james mee to get one..
    So that hoax of pseudo antisemitc sentence saved harvety levi and TMZ form bankruptcy.
    In the immediate months after it, in 2006, TMZ was bought by Warner Bros and harvey levi confessed in that interview in november 2009, that he was stil living in the aftermath of it and enjoying the gush of visits that story gave him, but that he will not redo that kind of things as he wanted to make a more serious tabloid website.
    Ironicaly that interview didnt recieved much echo in the other media and one can only ask why..
    The same goes for the internal affair report that Mel Gibson never said sugar tits but that it was a typical expression of the arresting officer james Mee, whihc pretty much sign his report to TMZ as well as prove that he was the source.
    Same goes with the source to the recordings endingin radar online we all know its that russian grifter but none theless its left unpunished, In both case a felony.
    and in both case a tampered criminal evidence.
    Mel Gibson had already been stmapled as antisemite since he made the passion of the Christ, so it was easy fro a tablod ot have that story pass for a real story. Alan Nierob recommanded ot Mle Gibson ot apologise publicly about it and ot dont mention that he never said it as it wil only make matter worse.
    It didnt helped much since 95% of the psots about it on the internet as wella s articles form journalists mention it without refereing to his excuses even mentioneing that he never apologize and that if he had done so it wil be much better…
    Ignorance prevailed.
    Mel Gibson stated in an interview with REubin in ferbuary 2010, together with Winston, while promoting Edge of Darkness, that he never refered to jewws while he was arrested, and added “those rants who were attrributed ot me but that i never made”. hallas, instead to be quoted on this, and for that journalist instead to try to depen the interview on what Mle gibso jsut stated and who was a scoop as the very first time that Mel Gibson publicly declared that he had never made any antisemitic comets when he was arrested, that journalist and all the othe rmedia after hm, chsoe to make an extravagant scoop of that interview titled “do oyu have a dog in this fight?” and that all wil remember for that and not for the korte important stuff that transpired and were nveiled in that interview.
    and this thus the fact that the entire segemnt of that interview was largely publicised n al tv network and on youtube.
    Talking of blindness and refusing to see whats in front of them!

    So the sugar tits story as wel as the pseudo rant about jews were both made up and a lie, an hoax that profited their maker, the officer who got his revenge on his superiors, and ahrvey levi who saved his business, received national recognition, and got a very lucrative deal with warner bros as wel a a TV chanel (!!!) and the applause of the jewish comunity as wella s any detracotr of Mel Gibson and still does.
    At the exception perhaps of the owner of radar online who also field for bankrupcy last year, witht he consequneces we know on Mle Gibsons personal life.. becomig very public with edited and tampered fake digital recordings, of which nobody, not even oksanas lawyers, ahve seen the roiginal off.. but we can assure wiht confidence that boith her and her lover jimmy hoyson, audio engeneer, with her on the 18, 19 and 20 of february when those recofdings took place, heard the originals before they transforimed them.
    Jimmy Hoyson told in his declaration to the police in spetemebr 2010, that he was wiht oksan in february 19 and 20 2010.. which the date of the recording on oksanas computer, available on TMZ, show that they were made on those dates..
    whic alos imply that she couldnt be in fear ofr her life since she wasnt alone when she made them, and that she therefor had no legal rigths to recortd those phone convrsation, but she wasnt arrested nor charged for felony.

    Donald, its not called “expended” but “spend”.
    To expend is something else, like the expension of the universe.

    To dont let oyu feel like marthyrs being preached agaisn toyur will, i wil add that Mle Gibson is not the father of Lucia, the child that was attributed ot him,and thsat Oksana is ntits mother either, but that the child was bought in ukriane and imported to california in best human traficking manner, and that urkiane is known by all speical agencyies in the world working agaisnt human trafiking, like the federal bureau of invesitgation, and its plice dptmt in the Major Crime Bureau (MCB) who also invesitgsate Mel Gibson’s case form july to december 2010, as being the country who export the most babies towards western contries, and the most specialiosed in it.
    We wil alos notice that oksanas sudden interest in thcernobyls orphanges ocured right after the aledged birth of lucia by her and that the childs was alegedly born 1½ month to ealry, yet looked like a normal 1 monht child when it was 4 days old..
    and that oksana ttraveled solo to london on novmwbr 5 2009, less than 5 days after having alegedly given birth, to give an interview ot an unknown russian tv chanel.
    At that time she had no nany and at that time her mother ahd not yety landed in CA but was stillin russia
    yet, in a phone interview oksana gave to the pravda in decemebr 2009, she hapend to confess that her moter was at ehr place since ocotber 15, 2009, 2 weeks before the aledged birth who formher wn word occured unexpectedly and suddendly and wasnt expected before mid ot end of decemebr.
    her due dates alos changed a lot during al her fake pregnacy, as wel as after her staged birth.
    Which is more peculiar.

    You can expect a decalraton from Mel Gibson very soon on that matter.
    He already told in his first interview since this case started, given to Deadline, that he had many legal matters still pending, and that it will all come clear to all very soon what really happened.

    RR. Sign was a very good movie and we can only blame nick shamalan for being such a screwed up director with a chldhod childish dream that he wished to make real in a perfect danish instructor’s style of DOGMA film. Tho less succesfully than Thomas Vinterberg and Lars Von Trier

    Sign was a major economical succes world wide, and a newbie in his genre of makng a sci fi wihtout special effects. More realistic and closer to home.
    I will say he used more of the Hitchcok way to create tension and fear by using the audience own imagination and showing vdery little of the creatures.
    Oh and witha antihero as leaidng role who do not save Earth at all, but his soul and his fanily.
    An Ante-Matrix.

  • christine ilegible do not exist

    you ment to say illisible? LOL

  • Night at the movies with popcorn: $20
    Laptop: $400
    Postings by Sophie: Priceless

  • christine, who told oyu that Mel Gibsons alcohl abuse and mental health have not been properly adressed nro treated??
    your little finger maybe??

    Mle Gibson dont have drink since 2006, and undergo AA meetings and checks ofr 3 years after his arest. As for mentla issues, he sees sepcialists since his 30’es.. so oy know.
    is under treatmenet since 2009 and see a shrinks too since 209, which proves that he was better off untreated!!
    or that he do not have anything worng and oyu know the sayiong, dont try to fic what aint broken!
    his helath certianly deteriotrated and so wil yours if you were under cosntant stress and heavy one, ofr years and had alos ot dela wiht hwavy critixcism and beign ot fel paranod while the critcism often unjustified increase..
    same oges ofr public internviews serioes, rigth as he was being blakcmaild and extorted by that russian grifter.. ba timing or mayeb done in purpose
    ade him look washed out and dead stressed in al interviews, fearign the next quesiton, asif they were goig ot ask him about the tpaes any time or like oksa was goig to release it next day…
    i speka of winter and spring 2010..
    he was living wiht a gun on his head hold by that woman.
    and 2009 wasnt beter either in that regard.

    I disagree about what oyu think what poeple want to se.
    or not
    the life sotry of Stephen Hawkin was alos about a disabled man it was a success.
    de niro alos played a mentaly diabld man sufferign form a selfdom disease whose cure was yet to be found.. it was a succes.

    i certainly donot appreciate that oy refer t Mister Mel Gibos as a mentaly ill man!!
    who are you? his doc??
    Nor the tune oyu emply an dconvey when refering to mental disease.. I supose that using the word retard is not out of oyur vocabulary?

    Scuse me but that kind of statement chock me and offend me.
    Maybe you should go see “Mifunes last song”.
    Mel Gibson is fine, and if you eman he is mentaly ill, then better be as him, than thining as you do, and as so many poeple think, and who seems to becoem the normality in society thus its totaly sick!
    When to behave crazy has becoe the normality you know what that mean? that normal people are stampled as sick.

    So i hope that I am as mentaly ill, and retard, and crazy as Mel Gibson.
    This way only I am Blessed!

  • Joe Green, who said i was priceless?
    Dont take yoru understanding so cheap.
    I dont warranty i can cure you, I say i have already done it.

  • “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

    –George Bernard Shaw.

    A man yelled frantically into the phone, “My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!”

    “Is this her first child?” the doctor asked.

    “No!” the man shouted, “This is her husband!”

  • Mat Mle will have ot work on his little Weapon to can make a new Lethal one..
    the rigths of the franchise are i the hands of Warenr Bros, who id darn after Mle Gibsons butt since he cut the ombilical rope wiht them an dmade TPOC solo.. they never came ofver it. went banan whne he bought icon distribution in august 2008, tha threy had their friend lev, russian bilionaire, to buy him bakc in novemebr 07, 2009, 7 days after the fake baby birth, and 2 days after oksanas solo trip wihtout premature-baby-with-her, to London for unknown reasons.. mayeb to pay soem mroe to the guts who came wiht that baby..

    making a new one means little money to him comapre ot how much warner will be able to harvest form it alone
    and since they love tmz and eonline tha thtey own to, and hwo have been bashig mel gibson and broight in apiedestal oksana, since 20o9, he isnt going to bend over.
    thats the alone reason why thee is no lethla weapon 5.
    Mle would like , Richard Donner beg on his knees to get it every 5 ot 6 months, but WB want its cake and eat it.
    Give it a few and it will come.
    made by Icon 😀

  • Dale, stick to spam! BAHAHAH!!

    shawn is an overated idiot.

    communication depend of wach peros levelof develop,ment and background and knolwedgre and of course culture.

    it also depend on the wether, the season, Mercury, and wether or not your on the rag, or cheating oyur wife.
    Beside that, all is fine.

  • If you look up the word “illegible”, not “ilegible”, you will find the definition.

    Also, sometimes you can just tell a person isn’t right in the head by the way they communicate – in verbal and in written forms. I’ll pray for you as well. It seems to me that you are vehemently, and unfortunatly, illegibly, defending a man you don’t know.

    You perhaps need to see a mental health professional as well. Take care, and try not to take these blogs so deadly serious. It would also help you if you would slow down a bit, so that others could understand you. God willing, when you speak to a mental health professional, please show them your comments this blog, because there is a mania to your communication style. This can be helped with counseling and medication.

  • All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else.

    And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul? Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul.

    Entire ignorance is not so terrible or extreme an evil, and is far from being the greatest of all; too much cleverness and too much learning, accompanied with ill bringing-up, are far more fatal.

    Excess generally causes reaction, and produces a change in the opposite direction, whether it be in the seasons, or in individuals, or in governments.
    Excess of liberty, whether it lies in state or individuals, seems only to pass into excess of slavery.

    For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories. Good nurture and education implant good constitutions.

  • “You perhaps need to see a mental health professional as well. Take care, and try not to take these blogs so deadly serious. It would also help you if you would slow down a bit, so that others could understand you. God willing, when you speak to a mental health professional, please show them your comments this blog, because there is a mania to your communication style. This can be helped with counseling and medication.”

    Christine raises a good point, one I hadn’t considered. As a result, that is the end of the Sophie show. I found her posts amusing, but if they are evidence of some sort of mental problem, than it would be cruel to post anymore of them, and so I will not.

  • Aw, crud–I was going to post even more quotes from Greek philosophers to see if Sophie would call them “overrated idiots.”

  • Sorry to ruin your fun Dale. The posts made me worry about her.

  • You may be correct, Christine. I guess I’ve seen so much strange behavior online that it’s increasingly hard to tell. My impression of her was that she was an unusually obsessive fan who did not have English as a first language.

    But it’s certainly better to err on the side of caution.

  • Hey Don.

    You should invite Sophie Sweetheart to be a guest poster -in the comedy section.
    Her comments are hilarious – but obviously spoken from the heart. 🙂

  • I don’t think I have to watch the movie to be entertained . . . these posts are entertaining enough!

  • Haha! Ouch my brain is huting time to get back to work. Now where is my secret decoder ring….

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  • Donald;

    Do you need to see a XXX rated film to know it is junk?

    I think there is no need to watch to know it is junk.

    Can you review a XXX rate film without seeing it?

    I think so. You know the plot and the major themes of the story so what else is needed? Trash is trash no matter who stars in it.

  • Donald
    It was very disappointing your sarcasm about Mel.
    He has given a heroic legacy for Catholic media with the Passion of the Christ
    for which we should all be eternally grateful to him for.

    Anyone with the gifts he has, including faith, will be attacked by powers and principalities. As for me, I ask everyone to join me and pray for his healing.

  • A good act does not excuse future sin PC, neither does a great film excuse an abysmally bad one. Mel is a public figure who made what I consider to be a very poor film. Public criticism goes with living a life in the limelight as Mel “Beaver” Gibson has chosen to do. By all means pray for Mel, although I think he could also use a good swift kick in the hind end.

Leave it to Mel, the Beaver and the Shark

Thursday, December 9, AD 2010

From the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  Wait, no, that’s not right!  The above video certainly seems like a creation from the warped minds at the Onion, but even they would have a hard time dreaming this one up:  Actor with alcohol, anger and fidelity “issues”, portrays deranged husband and father who gets back in touch with his family by using a beaver hand puppet.   It would take a heart of stone not to laugh endlessly at the sheer lunacy of it all.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the film makes a huge amount of money, at least from audiences who enjoy truly dark comedy and perhaps from the select few who love the irony of it all.

Mel said that he took an axe to his marriage, so perhaps this is all some bizarre attempt at redemption in the eyes of the public at least, if not in the eyes of his ex-wife and kids.  What this film does establish beyond question is that Mel Gibson truly is one strange character.  I say this as someone who enjoyed most of his films dating back to his road warrior days, and who defended him on blogs for years, especially against the shameful charge that his masterpiece, The Passion of the Christ, was, in any way, anti-Semitic.  Alas, someone can be a fine artist, and still be a man with massive flaws and that is the case with Mel.  Through  alcohol abuse, adultery, and out of control rants, the actor many Catholics pointed to with pride, revealed himself to have very common Hollywood failings.

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5 Responses to Leave it to Mel, the Beaver and the Shark

  • I’ve long thought that his character in “Conspiracy Theory” probably didn’t involve much acting on his part.

  • Hollywood elites have the cures for all your ills.

    Quick! Someone send one of them hand puppets to the White House.


  • As Leslie Nielsen would have said, “Nice beaver!” Poor Mel, descending from Passion of the Christ to this tripe. Looks like another paycheck movie for Jodie, too.

  • I stopped reading biographies of my favorite writers and artists many years ago, although I loved reading biographies when I was a teen. All too often I found out that the men and women whose work I so admired were complete jerks. I will always honor James Joyce for the final paragraphs of “The Dead” which are the among the loveliest sentences ever penned in English. When I read them in high school, I was simply swept away by their beauty. But Joyce himself? A sponger who was cruel to his mother and had a way of using his friends as doormats. (He certainly also had his good and generous moments.) But then, Paul Johnson recently wrote that the reason Chesterton does not attract biographers is because he seemed to have no shadows. Much more fun to write about Byron….

    Perhaps the reason those with artistic talent are so frequently glaringly imperfect when it comes to their personal lives is because if they were all tremendously gifted and paragons of virtue as well, they’d appear the rest of us to be almost god-like. As it is, they create – and sometimes create amazingly beautiful things – but are clearly not the Creator.

  • Joe, a film about a man struggling with mental illness isn’t tripe.

Mel Gibson Needs Our Prayers

Wednesday, January 27, AD 2010

Last night I was exercising and flipping through the channels and saw Mel Gibson on the Jay Leno Show- very disturbing stuff.  He joked about having a lot of off-color jokes, he offered up some profanity to quote some girls he ran into while filming in Boston. To top it off he promised Leno that if and when he decides to get married again he would announce it first on Leno’s show.

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200 Responses to Mel Gibson Needs Our Prayers

  • Very sad. But for the grace of God….

  • Mel Gibson needs prayers and a good kick in the tail. A lot of people looked up to him and he threw it all away for the bottle and a babe. The staging of a ceremony where his crazy father ruled that his first marriage was invalid, was the coup de grace.

  • I feel the same way. Mel Gibson has let many people down, himself, his wife and children most of all. I won’t be buying any more movie tickets or watching him act like a dirty old man for the amusement of his waning audience.What’s next–showing up at the Playboy mansion to party with Bill Maher etc? So very sad to see how far he has gone off the deep end. He, his children and his wife very much need our prayers as does the little new life he has brought into the world so carelessly.

  • What’s happened to Mel Gibson is the last year or so is really confusing and disappointing. Maybe some day we’ll get the full story. That said, I can’t imagine a guy like him without spiritual advisors and such that would have tried to talk some sense in to him… or is it all just for show?

    The worst part is that people think he’s Catholic… but how can that be with someone who basically set up his own parish and clearly lives contrary to the Church’s teachings? He might worship in a ‘Catholic fashion’ but I doubt this counts and communion with Rome. All very sad…

    That said I still think he’s one of the most interesting directors working today and I do want to see Edge of Darkness. Go figure.

  • We all know that the Church is supernatural, but this is a reminder of how badly we need the institution on a natural level. If in-laws had the power to annul marriages, how many marriages would be held valid? We need guidance from an objective source. Henry VIII thought he could be perfectly Catholic on his own, and that didn’t work out well either.

  • I concur with everyone’s sentiment about Gibson – I thank him from the bottom of my heart for The Passion, which I think is one of the greatest films ever made. I am also deeply dismayed by his downward spiral, not only as a Catholic, but a traditional Catholic.

    I mean, the odds that we would ever have a man in Hollywood making films from our perspective had to be a million to one. And now this.

    That said, I’m going to see his new movie 🙂

  • These days, I find HOPE to be the most important thing to pray for. These are depressing days.

  • I also concur with all the comments here. Though I caution lumping him with traditional Catholics. I would say he was a sedevacantist or an independent chapel Catholic, but not traditional Catholics.

    With that said I too will be watching his movie!


  • It is a real shame about the divorce. He, like all of humanity, is a major disappointment.

    And, even so, The Passion remains an outstanding achievement.

  • Tito, you’ve hit on a pet peeve of mine. There is no such thing as an independent chapel. Either you’re under the authority of the Church (usually a bishop), or you’re in schism. I know that some breakaway groups have called themselves “independent” to distinguish themselves from the SSPX, but schism is schism.

  • Pinky,

    No skin off my back.

    They can call themselves the Purple People Eaters for all I care, they’re still not Catholics with a capitol “C”.

  • I think that the Devil drew a bead on him after the Passion and set out to tear him down in the most dramatic fashion. Sadly, he didn’t (for whatever reason) have (or avail himself of) the resources that could have helped him resist. Thanks for the reminder to pray for him.

  • There are some great comments above. I would just like to say that we have to be careful not to fall into the same trap in which Mel fell. This is in no way to diminish what he did, but Mel must have known his weak areas, the areas the evil one could exploit. We all have them. I heard about some of Mel’s failings a couple of years ago while in Hollywood giving a talk about my book. I didn’t want to believe it and hoped it was some sort of misunderstanding. Sadly, the critics of the Passion are feelings their oats and thus have become more emboldened to tear down the Faith. While we pray for Mel and his family, let us also pray for each other that we too don’t end looking as cartoonishly sinful as Mel has become. It could happen to us all, if we don’t pray, lose our humility and stay faithful.

  • Mad Max is Mel’s best film, hands down.
    I wonder if there is more to this whole Mel Gibson thing for Catholics than meets the eye. Consider: And this may be a bit of a reach… The heresy of Modernism. Pius X called it the culmination of all heresy. Relativism and Sentimentalism are two wide spread belief ‘systems’, ‘orientations’ or ‘perspectives’ that clearly fall under Modernism as verifiable heresy yet they are nearly unknown or unrecognized in western Catholic circles. The Sedavacantists have fallen prey to relativism as if the experience of Jesus is a subjective experience, versus meeting TRUTH. And the Sentimentalism of Jim Cavezel and his Mejougorja connection – ‘i feel the presence’ versus ‘I am present in front of the Tabernacle. I think Mel is simply an actor and his life has always been a bit of a tragic comedy. Is it just me? I think an honest man would have to admit that we all are the son that never left the farm and that Mel will always be the Prodigal son, wondering his way home.
    They say if you really want to see Mel as himself, watch the movie ‘conspiracy theory’

  • I was always puzzled by conservative Catholics who held this sedevacantist up as a model Catholic.

  • Seeing his failings, I have been tempted to mock but I wonder how easy it is to trip and fall away from the catholic ideal. Once the fall begin and the darkness surround us we become incapable to discern what is going on. So, pray for him, humbly, and pray for all the brothers and sisters who fall each day, maybe one day they will be the one praying for you.

  • To restraindradical
    Regarding sedevacantists. I have found them all a fascinating bunch overall. Coming from hard corp ultra-lefty katholic boston – The novelty of talking to them I find brings me great joy.
    Incidentally, i never refer to my self as a conservative catholic, rather I am orthodox in my belief and follow the magisterium to the letter. Honestly I find it much more reasonable to believe that the seat of Peter is currently vacant, than to believe that a woman’s choice trumps a babies life or that relationships based on dirty habits should be elevated to ‘marriage’. Both these social dysfunctions have been elevated to quite near dogmatic teaching in katholic Boston. Mel Gibson deserves legend status – His alcoholic escapades have landed less lucky men in jails and homeless shelters. God has given him herculean grace. Consider; Direct and produce “The Passion” and bring the term “sedacavantist” into the vernacular are accomplishments fitting of a Bishop. For sure he is an Alcoholic goofball but he is also an odd poster child for the plight of Catholic manhood…at least mine anyway…

  • RR – I’ve often heard celebrities talk about the Faith and get parts wrong because they’re not well-catechized. Heck, never mind celebrities, you hear that stuff from people from all walks of life.

    I didn’t know much about Mel Gibson, but I figured that he had a large family, and talked about his faith, and didn’t cheat on his wife, and even made a movie about Jesus. Good for him. If he said a few things that didn’t reflect a proper understanding of Catholicism, I’ve probably heard just as bad from priests. I didn’t realize that he’d really bought into the whole sedevacantist thing, and didn’t know about his other failures.

  • I was disapproving of Gibson’s turn to the violent in the film that was about the Mayan’s (Apocalypto). It was definitely a lurid fascination with evil violence.
    Gibson also EXAGGERATED the whipping scene in the Passion, contrary to known facts, and was superficial in the Gethsemani scene (where spiritual suffering was greater than the physical torture). It was almost as if the demons wished to snare Gibson for making the Passion by detecting a weakness they could exploit. Another weakness which one can note is personal vanity. Henry VIII was ruined by that kind of pride gradually taking over his life, and one can see similar symptoms in Gibson. Now he’s trapped and seems to know it and doesn’t seem to know how to solve it!
    The separatist spirit of schismatics may be the error that brought him to decide his Catholic marriage was conveniently invalid. Again, hints of Henry VIII!

  • I think Apocalypto was far too mild. The culture depicted celebrated human sacrifice. In Abortion-nation we have made believe since roe v wade that abortion is something that it isn’t. At least the Mayan’s were honest pagans.

  • I totally agree with restrainedradical. I followed the development and production of “The Passion” even when it was considered an underdog that might never see the big screen and I was definitely pulling for Gibson, Caviezel, et al. It was a pretty good movie for illustrating the suffering endured by Christ. It was not sufficient for communicating the Gospel, in my opinion.

    Back to the point: Mel Gibson’s well-known rejection of the Papacy ensured that I would not trust him wholly. I tried to tell people that we should pray for his conversion or he could disappoint us. The spiritual warfare he endured must have been horrific.

    If he repents, I think he needs to retire to a private life, as it is obvious that celebrity kills souls.

    First Bud MacFarlane, Jr. and now this. It’s unfortunate. We need to pray hard for Jim Caviezel just in case.

  • Anyone who saw Gibson’s interview with Raymond Arroyo during filming of the “Passion” should have seen the man was headed for a big crash. But, apparently, he had so isolated himself within his own version of Catholicism that he had no mentor, no father-confessor who could pull him back from the brink. You don’t pour that kind of energy into that serious of a work and not have personal blow-back *unless* you are prepared and surrounded by those who will keep you from crashing.

    You can see the same sort of scenario with someone who has nursed a spouse or close family member through a serious disease such as cancer. Once you get through it and the pressure lets off . . .


  • I concur. The devil is having a field day with him. Take down Mel and you take a lot of people with him via confusion, dissapointment, disgust, etc. Excellent that you should remind us to pray for him. The wife should have never divorced him. (such an easy off the hook for guys) Poor thing, she played right into that. Don’t misunderstand;I would be furious,too. But see, the devil is smarter than we are. If you LIVE THE GOSPEL, which is, if you TAKE CHRIST’S advice…you will not lose. Go it on your own ie divorcing him, that was NOT what Christ wanted her to do; she played right into the devil’s hand and then of course, Mel is in no condition to be running the show right now and a man isn’t going to want to be alone..hence, the foreign chick. Let us pray for him and hit the devil where it hurts !

  • I agree with leanne———–he needs our prayers!

  • Yes, Mel needs our prayers (this devil an be cast out only by prayer and fasting). John Edwards (pro-abortion creep) also needs prayers. After cheating on his dying wife, he too has gone out of control sexually. I think Tiger Woods might be trying to save his marriage but I don’t know. I agree the devil wants to “get back at Gibson for his film. But for the grace of God, there go I.

  • After seeing Mel’s answers to Diane Sawyer about The Passion, I never expected this. It is truly shocking.

    However, Mel has long been conflicted–as if anything goes in art. Braveheart is a masterpiece, but there was no need for him to get naked with an actress in this film or any other flick. And his Icon Productions distributes a lot of crap.

    I like Jim’s attitude. All these men are gifted, I just hope they come around to Christ and use their talents to lead others to heaven. God help them and all of us.

  • You see his latest interview? Looks like he’s drinking again.

  • I couldn’t finish watching it.

    He certainly needs God grace now more than ever.

  • Mel Gibson is the only one who could play Severian. Mel Gibson for Severian.

  • That would make for an interesting movie.

    You are referring to Chrysostom’s antagonist right?

  • Being a recovering alcoholic and Christian I can identify so much with my Catholic brother Mel.
    The person I was when I drank was often rude and disgusting.
    The sober person I was before I had my wonderful encounter with a Loving & Forgiving Savior could also be harsh & judgmental.
    The kindness and gentleness that define me these days can only be maintained by continual relation with Christ. If I slip up and begin to drink again, or forsake the relationship I have with our Lord,will probably take me back into the people I was before.
    Brother Mel needs our prayers so that he may be able to to return to the Lord in fellowship and sobriety.
    I look forward to the day when he will again be a wonderful witness for Christianity.

  • Recently I read that Mel suffered from Bipolar Disorder in addition to being an alcoholic.

    After just having read Bud Macfarlane’s three novels, I read about his divorce situation. It really astounded me. His wife’s side of the story has been told, but there is no word of/from him at all. Maybe he, too, suffers from Bipolar.

    Both men are so gifted and I am sure that spiritual warfare has been fierce – maybe they were just not prepared for the onslaught. It is so very sad that they’ve inspired so many and now have disappointed so many. Lots of prayers and fasting are needed.

  • Rich Joyner has said that those on the front lines confronting the enemy are those who are attacked. Yes, some become prisoners of war, and we must never abandon our troops. I believe this is Mel Gibson. Let us not condemn him but we must pray until his release. He is still one of us.

  • To be honest, I think any kind of reparation and self-reform Mel makes should be mostly private, lest there be a temptation to profit from it in his career. He has not handled fame well in the past. For his soul I can think of no safer way than to retire to obscurity.

  • Mel is old enough to know better. Money is a very corrupting infuence. Never pray for money; pray for wisdom.

  • It is more than likely because of his movie, The Passion, that he has been targeted by HAARP. Before you jump me on this, please do your research on this low frequency radiowave generator that has the capability of changing a persons mental state – ELF vibrations are the same frequency as human brain waves. It’s part of the military – many countries use this technology that some call the Tesla tech..
    It appears to have begun after the Passion movie. Traditional Catholic or not, anyone or group of people can be zapped.
    Do the homework…ask for the Mercy of God for our Nation and the world.

  • My sister is friends with a group of women in L.A., who are the girlfriends of Mel’s wife. Mel’s wife is a saint, especially after all she has endured. Mel is not humble enough to submit to Rome, never has been accountable to anyone, from most reports. Medjugorge is not, as of yet, approved by Rome. Most of authentic Catholic family life is “doing your duty and following in the footsteps of Christ.” One can not continue drinking and also have a relationship with Christ. This was said by St. John Vianney. One or the other will become your master. Pray for Mel’s wife…and all wives and children who have endured their alcoholic spouses/relatives, it is a chaotic spiral that tries to pull everyone involved into HELL…

  • Enough judging … more praying.

  • In regards to Mel Gibson it saddens my heart with exsream passion for this man. Remember he is being attacked by Satan though all of his mental illnesses, alcohol abuse and relationship with his previous wife. I believe God himself touched Mel Gibson and inspired him to direct the “PASSION OF THE CHRIST MOVE” with actor Jim Cavisel playing Jesus. Both men have incountered God in their own way. Now Satan has attaced our brother and we must pray for Mel Gibson and Jim Cavisel. Forgiveness is the answer. I thank you Mel and Jim for making such an inspiring movie of our Lord. I am also a Catholic and prolife person and believe that Mel will come back to his faith one day. Mel Gibson is my brother and I love him as Jesus loves him.. God bless you Mel Gibson and my prayers are with you. When I saw you on the show I feel your pain. God bless, Sarah “Remember people we all have fallen, so don’t throw stones and don’t ask questions that hurt”. Love the sinner and not the sin..

  • Mel had been making up his own theology about “Church” and ecclesiology for some time as witnessed by the subjective adherance to the Pius X group. He is making up his own spirituality and theology surrounding marriage and dating, now it seems at this point. One heresy leads to another.

  • In regards to Mel Gibsons wifes friends. Have you read or watched the movie about St. Rita? Watch it and you will get truth and compassion regarding Mel Gibson. Sometimes a person when they are in that danger zone of sin, they feel they can’t turn back. They loose faith, so remember to pray for his healing. Watch the inspiring movei of St. Rita Of Caleta/Italy.. As Mel Gibsons wife, she must be hurt and must forgive Mel Gibson the man, so she can heal. God knows all things and will never leave Mrs. Gibson and their children. I will pray for her for devine strength and healing of the pain she is induring from the sin.. God bless you all

  • I agree with the article’s writer that Mel should be prayed for. However,can someone,outhere, also say the Rosary for his first wife and their children, who must really be hurting?

  • Amen Brother!!I have been feeling the exact way about Mel Gibson.I have to comment on Thereas Maris comment. Mel Gibson was not and is not involved with the ‘Pius X group’.The Pius X group as you refer to them,are not Sedevacantists and Mr. Gibson is a Sedevacantist.I read that his father annulled his marriage to his first wife.Because he does not recognize the authority of the Holy Father or the Bishops.I will agree that one heresy leads to another.He sure does need our prayers!!!

  • Don’t chalk something up to brainwave zapping that can be easily explained in one word. Sin. It’s pretty easy for many of us to go from feeling (or desiring to be) profoundly zealous and pious to the other direction. For those of us who have embraced sin at one time, it’s a never ending battle to resist those temptations. Sometimes we win and are strengthened, sometimes we give in and are weakened. Just pray for the guy and sinners in general.

  • Did you say “Mel, please come back to the Church”?
    Mel Gibson was never in the Roman Catholic Faith, he and his father are sedevacanist. They have their own beliefs.

  • I think the unnamed writer of this blog genuinely did Mr. Gibson a disservice by his condescending comments on what s/he admits was a “flip through” of an interview he wasn’t paying attention to. That lack of attention shows. The interview was about being a father late in life, and how Mr. Gibson was quitting smoking after having that habit for forty-five years for the sake of his daughter. I don’t recall him being foul in any way. He was his usual good natured self. Even in his recent movie, he plays the role of a decent father.

    Pray for whomever you wish, but stop incesantly criticizing the people who use their talents in wonderful ways and yet have human flaws. Criticism is cheap, and usually comes from the people who buried their own talents. And gossip and distorting the truth is a sin in every religion.

  • It seems the closer one gets to our Lord the more diligently the devil works to trip you up. Prayers, prayers and more prayers!

  • I agree totally with Mon. My dear Brothers and Sisters, Mel, through the Grace of God, gained sooo much territory for the Body of Christ and ANGERED the enemy! The Devil PREYS on our weaknesses and brokenness. He REVELS in our misery. I will not judge my brother Mel, because there before the Grace of God go I! I completely abhor everything he’s doing, but PLEASE instead of chastising him, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! Beg the Lord for healing graces for this man and his wife and children. Mel can’t do it alone! He desperately needs the intercession of his Catholic family!

  • Mel, GOD loves you and so do we.As a sober Alcoholic for 34 years I know that if I can stay sober, you’ve got more where-with-all than I do, a retired aviation employee. I’ve seen part of your “chrst” movie and was very inspired. Be for GOD in the media. One Day At A Time, Easy Does IT, Live and Let Live, Let Go and Let God. GOD BLESS YOU AND RECOVER FROM YOU ILLNESS, I DID.

  • What happened to Mel Gibson, can happen to each and every one of us. He does need our prayers and we need prayers ourselves. May we pray for the gift of perseverance. Mel is being attacked by the evil one for producing the Passion of Christ. He snatched alot of souls from perdition. So let’s pray and sacrifice for him, for he is undergoing a severe test now. Let’s not judge him but pray instead.

  • Many prayers are needed. The Passion of Christ is truly a great movie and it did so much good. Why would it seem strange that Satan is working hard to discredit the movie and the one who made it?

  • Sometimes, ending up in the gutter is the best thing that can happen to an alcoholic, living in impurity.
    When you’ve bottomed out, then you can only look up to God, because that is really all we have.
    Mel has too much…
    Robyn and his children are the ones that are really suffering. I hope there are good people around them, to support them and protect them from what their father is doing to them.
    At the end of the day, Robyn will always be looked up to for enduring such a public humiliation.

  • If anyone can look at Mel Gibson now and not understand how Satan works to draw those who do good for the kingdom down into his sewer, they are either blind or in denial. The enormous good that came from Gibson making the Passion of the Christ, and the personal attacks he withstood at the time surely puts him in the bullseye of the evil one. I can say as deeply committed “orthodox” Roman Catholic, any time someone is on the narrow path, and drawing ever nearer to Our Lord, seeking to give Him honor and glory, and do all for Him, Satan HATES them all the more and sends his minions to attack, infest, and even in some rare cases possess that person. When you do good, you can be sure you will be attacked by the devil, and the more profound your spiritual growth, and the higher degree of good one does for the Kingdom, the more those attacks increase, and the severity of them as well. Mel Gibson is clearly under attack….pray for him…Satan wants to take him down. We are given an opportunity now to see how the evil one operates, and we are called to respond with our prayers and supplication on Gibson’s behalf. May God help him, as well as all who are under particular attack at present.

  • Dear God PLEASE Help MEL Gibson repent! Go back to his real wife but take care of the child he fathered. I am so sad, the way I see it, Mel gave into to Satan! He did the great movie about Christ and the Devil attacked him and looks like he won. Dear God open Mels eyes and bring him back to the fold. To Mrs. Gibson, I am so sorry for your suffering and pain and may God hold you in his arms and Heart.

  • Been praying for him for a long time— In the years since he made the Passion I have wondered at his “fall” and found myself asking could it be the evil one hates what Mel did with that movie so much that he has been relentless in his attacks ever since. Not that Mel is an innocent by any means but I believe he has always been somewhat of a tortured soul. I do not doubt Mel Gibson’s love for our Lord— The movie he made was too intense, too real for it to have been just a story to him— I think his love for our Blessed Mother and the Lord were obvious and that movie had a profound effect on many people and I know for sure Satan hates Mel Gibson for that reason— as so many have said already— pray for him and remember there but for the grace of God go I…

  • Mr. Mel Gibson’s best work was “The Passion of the Christ”. I will still watch it every year during lent, usually on Good Friday, while crying my eyes out and thanking God for the beautiful gift of such a ‘sorrowful reminder’ that (actually) God created for us thru Mel Gibson and all those people that worked on or supported the movie. It helps me to get back in touch in a deeper way with what matters. Pity and pray for Mel Gibson and his x-family. He has obviously fallen into the ‘pit’ for whatever reasons. (There but for God’s grace goes I.)
    A caution to anyone planning to see Mel Gibson’s new movie, be careful of what you support. Supporting evil is usually subtle for most of us. What seems insignificant is still a choice. Hey….it’s a daily battle between good and evil. Don’t give up any ground if you can help it. But think about it. If you make choices that support an evil/bad example, such as –someone’s openly sinful life style, aren’t you inadvertently supporting the bad example too?

  • I believe you are right to ask for prayers for Mel Gibson. As a representative of Catholics in Hollywood, since making “The Passion”, he is a VERY BIG TARGET, of Evil, just as our Priests are. IF you damage a big one, you can weaken the faith of countless weak Catholics, and potential Christians.

    Having said that, I also believe, after reading his biography, that he is Bi Polar. His wife was always an anchor to him even during his earlier career, when temptation would have made him more vulnerable. He knew enough to run, not walk to his wife to anchor him after each film, and dreaded being away on location.

    His outbursts, and off the wall behavior is very consistent with someone in a manic episode (cycle). That does not excuse him. He needs the help of a good grounded Catholic Psychiatrist who can help him with that. Think both Rosies, and Brittany Spears as well. typical manics. Robin Williams, Jim Carrey as well. The ranks of creative geniuses are full of Bi Polar people. Bi Polar disorder is also the most treatable with medication. You can live a perfectly balanced life.

    The Bi Polar aspect does not rule out the demonic either. Certainly not all people dealing with Mental Illness are dealing with the demonic, but you often find those under assault by evil showing accompanying mental illness.

    But, yes, we need to pray for him. And for all those in that wacky world. We’re supposed to pray for all the unbelievers. And to go easy on judging them. That’s not our job.

    I predict that one day soon, he will come crashing down, and may have a really tough bottom to wake him up. Hopefully real soon.

    Jim Kearney

  • I think there’s a desire to believe that great people aren’t capable of grave sins or that grave sinners aren’t capable of great things.

    As Mel himself says, he hasn’t changed. He’s always been a foul-mouthed sedevacanist who loves women and booze. At the same time, he’s always been very strong in his faith. He still attends Mass, though he no longer receives Communion. He’s really not that different from millions of Catholics struggling with sin. He’s just rich, famous, and talented enough to both make a movie about Christ and have an affair with a model. I can’t say that had I been blessed with his gifts that I’d use them more wisely.

  • I have thought for a long time that Gibson needs medication and prayer.I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that he’s bi-polar.He’s a brillian actor and director but very strange in many ways.Hope he gets the help he needs.

  • Gibson is a terrific actor.

    Anyone who watched the Leno interview knows that the blogger has (to put it kindly) fabricated and misrepresented the character, the nature, and the facts.

    How could Mel have announced his girlfriend’s pregnancy on the interview when his daughter had been born months before? Do facts not matter to Catholics? Is truth optional?

    This was a cowardly hit piece on a fine actor and director. Stirring up the calamity pot with selfrighteous nonsense.

  • John, if the author misrepresented any of the peripheral information I won’t defend him on that, but to say that the date of the pregnancy is of central importance is false.

    Gibson cheated on his wife and that is a terrible, unmanly thing to do. If you can’t agree with that basic truth, nobody here cares about anything you have to say. Gibson is STILL cheating on his wife because marriage is an indissoluble union no matter what the law has to say about it.

    As mere mortals we don’t judge the state of another’s soul, but these actions are horrific, especially given the actor’s upbringing in a religious confession heavily inspired by Catholicism. We must pray for him without believing that we couldn’t fall into the same trap.

  • i am really saddened with the turn of events and i do believe its the work of evil since passion. we have to keep praying for him to St michael archangel especially to sorround him with his protection. we all need St michael’s protection everyday. Blessed Virgin mOther, please sorround Mel Gibson with your mantle.

  • Well, if it’s Satan working on Mel, he’s been at it since long before The Passion. Mel has been a reputed womanizer for decades (if he’s prowling around as a wizened 50-something, what do you think he was up to as a pretty boy 30-something star? Yeah.)

    I’ve always thought the sadism in his films (including the Passion) is related to self-hatred for his long infidelity. But then maybe he’s just a sadist.

  • Having followed this director and actor since his Braveheart days, it seems that there’s a reasonable possibility that he’s mentally ill. He inarguably can use prayers in any case.

  • Sad yes. Secular humanist,yes; disobedient to the Magisterium of the church, yes; humble, no; fear of God, no. A good example, unfortuantely, no. Not the light of God. Darkness instead. Why watch anything made by him at this point?

  • My heart goes out the Mel Gibson — what talented, gifted soul…

    As indicated by others’ comments already, I, too, strongly believe that he is influenced and is under the attack of the Evil One for gifting us with “The Passion.” The Passion brought many people back to God. Can you imagine how many souls Mel Gibson can save with other such GREAT movies? He has the potential to do SO much (I mean HUGE things!!!) for the greater glory of God and salvation of souls with his talent, which is why I believe the Evil One is fiercely attacking him.

    Our Lord, as well as Our Lady of Medjugorje, mentioned about the power of prayer from the heart and fasting, so let’s do that for our brother, Mel Gibson — for himself and for our God’s glory.


  • If i am not mistaken, i believe that Mel was studying
    to be a Catholic Priest.

  • The Passion of the Christ has been a powerful
    witness to Jesus Christ. Mel is under attack, we
    shouldn’t critize or judge but fast and pray for him, like the article says. He is our brother and he has fallen.
    There is always HOPE.

  • Now of course I mean , studying to be a Priest, in
    the early days before he got married.

  • What a conflicted person Mel is!! This may be a case of the attack of Satan on someone who had the audacity to try to educate people about the sacrifice of Jesus, which I think we can all agree has not been foremost in this country for decades. I don’t believe evil will win because Jesus promised it would not, but it looks like we are being sorely tested as individuals. When we put in place a leader who is for the culture of death and immorality, we have grave consequences to deal with. We must pray for all who are in danger of blindness and ignorance of the terrible responsibility they incur because of the platforms they currently have access to.

  • Alcohol has a way to numb a persons resolve and open the door to sin…Mel will be prayed for ..He did the passion and I feel and think that our Lord will take it the Movie the Passion into account for it was a labor of love for Mel..He doesn’t need us to JUDGE him but for us to love him and to really pray and fast for him!!

  • Ever since “The News” about Mel’s infidelity broke a year or so ago, I have thought of him sporadically and offered a prayer out of the blue. I thank the author of this blog for sharing his thoughts and prayers and wonder how many of us have done the same. It seems like the Holy Spirit has moved many of us to pray for the Gibson’s and Mel in particular. Lets do it!

  • You seem to have all the answers. It’s nice to know you are so good while condemning someone else without knowing the circumstances. Your sins remain hidden, if you have any. Catholics shouldn’t throw stones. Didn’t you ever learn in your religion that judgement of others without knowing all the facts is a sin? “judge not, lest ye be judged”.

    Fortunately Mr. Gibson has to answer to God and not you.

  • Against all odds – Mel directed, produced and released the Movie the Passion. We are in great debt to Mel for this. we should pray for his soul and regard him as a beloved brother. what is going on in his personal life, only God is the Judge. let us remember Mel during Holy Mass and let God take care of the rest.

  • Let’s remember Mel Gibson, whenever we view the Passion during Lent or other times and pray for him. Christ died for him and for all of our sins combined. Mel has given us an opportunity of a lifetime – to meditate on the Passion of Christ, which hitherto was nearly impossible in our modern times. So he is paying a price for our souls, with his. He lacks the sacraments but eventually God’s mercy will win out as Mel did answer God’s call to produce the movie against all odds. For all we know, he is but a sacrificial victim himself, which is why God does not want us to judge anyone. We should each examine our conscience daily and I can guarantee it will be an eye opener. We owe Mel a lot for the Passion Movie… let our prayers ascend heaven for him for what he did for us.

  • Mel has turned out to be a big disgrace, a huge disappointment!It is shocking that this is the same man who produced The Passion of the Christ!

  • He may well be mentally ill; at the very least, he is suffering from middle-age syndrome. . .

  • There is no point in going to Mass if you are not going to receive the Eucharist!

  • Mel Gibson has definately gone off the deep end and certainly needs our prayers, but people tend to be judgemental when some whom they greatly admire have fallen prey to the wiles of the evil one who did everything to prevent the production of “The Passion of the Christ.”

    So let us be very objective in passing judgement on him, for what the Devil was unable to accomplish in preventing this classic of a movie depicting the Passion of Our Lord in stark terms, employing the original language in the making of the movie, has had serious repercussion on a mere mortal being who finally has succombed to his wiles.

    Indeed it is a very sad story, not to mention the injustice of his father for annuling his lifelong marriage to his dear wife who has given him seven children who must be experiencing deep pain for Mel’s unfaithfulness in the abandonment of his sacred trust .

    Let us not forget that Mel Gibson regarded his wife as his best friend, and offer up much sacrifice and prayers on their behalf for renunciation of his ineptitude to his beloved family, remembering that what God has joined together no one shall put asunder.

    This is what Jesus taught, by going further in asserting that husband and wife when joined in holy matrimony, they become one flesh.

    Let us therefore intercede on his behalf, and implore St. Agustine who gave up the ways of the flesh for a much higher calling, and became one of the greatest doctors of the Catholic Church.

    Mel is is still young and will eventually feel extremely quilty in the eyes of the Lord just as we read in todays Gospel about David who had Uriah the husband of Batsheba killed after he impregnated her.

    Overwhelmed with great distress for his deception, he repented for his grevious sin and implored the Lord to forgive him his transgressions which became a heavy weight to carry.

    But the Lord who was made to carry the heavy Cross for our sins, even after He was scourged – until His Flesh was torn from His sacred body, was made to carry the heavy Cross to Calvary in order to redeem us of our sins.

    Now it’s up to Mel Gibson to carry his own cross in anticipation of God’s forgiveness, or he will never be happy and contented with himself for the wrong he committed against his wife and his beloved children.

    Mother Mary we as Catholics know the benefits of repentance and forgiveness, through the great prayer your beloved Son taught us in that great prayer of the Pater Noster. (The Our Father)

    You whom your beloved Son never refuse anything you ask Him for your children as He responded at the wedding feast at Cana in Galilee when He responded to your request in coming to the assistance of the youngmarried couple.

    Please hear and answer our prayers on behald of Mel Gibson and his wife and their seven children.

    This indeed is a very worthy petition that will help to defeat the Devil’s intention to ruin this man whom he hates for bringing to light the great suffering your Son and you yourself were made to bear for your children.

    Ave Maria.

    Roy and Carol Tenn.

  • Granted, Mel is not in a good place spiritually… and that he has serious flaws, like many others. I am not condoning what he has been doing, but at the same time, I am totally puzzled at the image of Protestant Saint Robyn.
    SHE was the one who filed for divorce! Did she need to do that (ie severe financial hardship, physical abuse, etc?) NO. And what she has done is drag her children into a much worse situation than if she was silently and prayerfully putting up with a less than faithful husband. God knows how many Catholic or Christian women have done that to keep the family together!
    Infidelity is grounds for separation, not divorce.
    So please stop holding her up like she is a saint.
    Mel would not be able to parade his mistress around publicly, causing such scandal, if Robyn had not divorced him.
    Indeed, there were credible reports in December of 2008 that he pleaded with her for a reconciliation, and she refused. It was after this, that he threw himself away and the baby was conceived. I am not excusing him, but Robyn had a share in this. God alone knows how much.

  • John Masick,

    If you do not agree with the writer of this article, refrain from personal attacks and focus on the substance.

    Thank you.

    Your comment has been deleted for lack of charity.

  • “There is no point in going to Mass if you are not going to receive the Eucharist!”

    There are many reasons. One, worship of God. Two, spiritual communion. Three, the liturgy of the Word. Four, fulfilling obligation. Shall we go on?

  • isn’t this exactly what the devil does- discredits someone who has done something good- attacks him and makes him look like a fool and hypocrite -so you won’t take him or his work seriously and damage whay good he has done?
    and men-weak fall right into it.

  • “L.” says: “There is no point in going to Mass if you are not going to receive the Eucharist!”

    That is totally wrong. The Church teaches that if you have committed a mortal sin and have not yet repented it in Confession, you are still under the serious obligation to attend Mass every Sunday. If you don’t then that is ANOTHER mortal sin!

  • Thanks all for the article and comments. I admire him & thank God for the Passion of the Christ. I will begin to offer prayers for Mel Gibson. We’re planning to see his new movie this weekend in celebration of our 25th anniv! I’m so sad and sorry about his falls from Grace. I am Very Catholic and such a sinner too – I always hope & pray our marriage lasts the rest of our lives.

  • Lord Jesus,
    Help all of us sinners to find the way home to you.We ask for the graces of love,joy,peace,contrition,conversion,self-control,forgiveness of sins,love for our Lord Jesus,perseverence,final perseverence,salvation,the grace of a happy death,prudence,long suffering,wisdom,faith and hope,for us all.

  • His “drunken rants” occurred the very week Israel began bombing the little babies in Lebanon. He was being followed and was entrapped. A particular cop got the job done. He was never forgiven for The Passion.

  • Complete rubbish. Mel Gibson was “set up” by his love of the bottle and his inner demons. A tip from an attorney Mel. If you are pulled over again for drunk driving keep your stupid mouth shut. The Passion was a great movie, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Gibson, and him alone, has made an absolute car wreck out of his life.

  • 43. But when the unclean spirit hath gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth it not. 44. Then he saith, I will return to my house, whence I came out; and coming, he findeth it empty, and swept, and embellished. 45. Then he goeth away, and taketh with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and entering, he dwelleth there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.
    Matthew 12:43-45

  • To be honest, I don’t see the point in censoring John Masick’s comments. It IS sloppy to write an article after merely glancing at a news story. IF (and only if) he is right about the timeline of events, he has a valid point.

    See, John, I DO care about truth. If you care.

    But while we’re talking about the truth on a Catholic blog, Catholics know that marriage is indissoluble. Marriages are PRESUMED valid unless proven otherwise and here’s where Gibson’s sede vacantism again gouges him: any declaration of nullity his sect produces for him isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

    It is hard to believe that Gibson could have failed to contract a valid marriage with Robyn. Fine, maybe this whole bigamist situation doesn’t even hurt Robyn’s feelings. The point is that it is still a spiritual wrong and a poor witness.


    Gibson is an artist, NOT a saint.
    He’s a master of illusion, NOT a doctor of the Church.
    Gibson is destroying his life, NOT the devil.
    Opposing Catholic orthopraxy is NOT Catholic!
    Mentally ill? No.
    Mid-life crisis? No.
    Satan hates Mel? Satan hates us all.
    Pray for all Jesus to save all sinners, not just Mel.

  • I believe it is the devil at his best… he found a weak spot in Mel and Mel let him in. We do need to pray for Mel, and I will.

  • I remember his interview with Raymond Arroryo at EWTN as if it were yesterday

    He kind of reminds me of Henry the Eighth who was once a strong Catholic and defender of the faith who then goes completely AWOL. Or like King Saul in the bible. It’s a spiritual warning. he left a crack open for the enemy, and since he had been delivered of evil demons before, when he left himself open to spiritual attack, seven more worse then the last entered into him.

    I also heard that alcoholics are often warned that when they have many years of sobriety, if they do fall ‘off the wagon’, they don’t just pick up where they left off as say a 5 drink a day drunk but they go right to where they would have been and worse if as if they never stopped to a exponentially worse sodden ten gallon a day lush complete with blackouts that could last for days.

    I have no doubt that Gibson attracted many practitioners of the dark arts who put curses and hexes on him so that when he did crack, he didn’t stand a chance.

    Someone had to have warned him. He obviously didn’t listen.

  • “To much that is given, much is required”. Anyone in the public eye has an additional burden/responsability (since they obviously have received much of “something” to be IN the public eye)to be an example of moral goodness to all those observing them. In the case of a world-renown actor, he is observed and under the scrutiny of millions upon millons of pairs of eyes. Scandal circles over the head of actors such as Mr. Gibson like vultures over an abandoned fawn. That fawn would be safer out of the open field, and would fair better if it sought out and stuck with “the correct herd” and headed for the seclusion of the forest, instead of staying out in the open where the wolfes gather and vultures pic the bones. Satan delights in the ruin of all of us, but particularly those who have influence with many and are in the public eye. All we need to do is look at the many politicians who claim to be Catholic, but vote and promote every anti-life bill and live the most anti-Catholic life style in public view to see how easy it is to buckle under the burden of having much. That God would give us all the humility of His Most Holy Mother. May we look to her example, and not that of movie stars and politicans as how we should conduct ourselves.

  • Mel is yet another casualty in the war against evil. His movie, “The Passion” was a powerful blow against satan, which undoubtedly saved thousands of souls from the clutches of hell. Now, it is obvious that satan is angered to the point of personally seeking Mel’s destruction through his simple human weaknesses. For anyone to sit in judgement of Mel Gibson, is to miss the point. We are all sinners, and we need to pray for each other in this spiritual battle. I pray that Mel will accept God’s graces and use his gifts once again to overcome evil.

  • I feel very strongly that the down fall of Mel started when he was filming the movie Apocalypto. He went to Mayan new age ceremonies and I believe there he opened himself to evil spirits cause his life from then on went down hill. It was after that he had the drinking charges etc . You Can’t be involved in that kind of stuff and expect to not be affected.

  • WOW! You said it all about Mel. I always loved him and I think the evil one has crushed him because of his making of the Passion. We need to pray for him!

  • I, too, think Satan has taken control of Mel because he made The Passion of Christ movie that inspired so many to come to know Jesus. I am wondering if Mel’s mental disorder (bi-polar or schizoid) is really a demonic possession. Could it be that Mel needs an exorcist?

  • For if my enemy had slandered me,
    I think I could have borne it.
    And if the one who hated me had trampled me,
    perhaps I could have hidden.
    But you – a man just like me,
    my companion and my friend!
    We had happy times together,
    we walked together in the house of God.~psalm 54

    It kind of gives you new insight into the character of Judas.
    Mel Gibson is to be pitied more then anything else.
    I already do pray for him btw.

  • when I watched the Passion movie it seemed a bit unreal to me and I felt somehow uncomfortable over it.
    What did Mel Gibson know exactly about the suffering Christ endured? Were all the scenes approved by knowledgable, representives of the Catholic church before the final?
    Surely, Mel did not need any approval, and we did not demand it either, we were delighted that anyone would make such a film. But don’t forget, a movie star was telling us in details about the life of Christ so that it griped millions without a question, believing it was the total truth.
    We know Jesus underwent unsurpassed, horrible sufferings, but were they also not in a spiritual form instead through such a violence shown; were we saved strickly by violence?
    Although Jesus was made human he stll was the son of God who is but s Spirit.
    Mel Gibson’s mind, like some of our priests, {basicly good people} but whom were induced for their weekness by the evil one who is out to destroy God and his church and St. Michael; it most likele began already with Gibson before the movie was made.
    I worry that the violence shown in the Passion might now backfire; even Gibson does now believe in it anymore.
    Hopefully, and I trust, he will see the light again and return to the God he claimed to love at one time.

  • I’ve been thinking alot about Mel Gibson these days. It’s rather coincidental that this article should come out now. There is so much TRASH in Hollywood these days, Mr. Gibson deserves so much more than to be linked with those that flaunt their adultress relationships and think nothing about God and doing the right thing. I don’t know what happened, but it’s obvious something did.I pray for his wife and children. May Mr. Gibson see the error of his ways before it is too late.

  • Like Jesus himself said, “Ye without sin, throw the first stone.” My God is so merciful and will forgive him. The original sin we’re are all tarnished with can take anyone down at any time. God is allowing all this to happen. With our prayers, our Lord will bring him back to Himself. I also think he has undiagnosed minor bi- polar mental health issues ,has manic tendencies, and a little ADD. Think of all his hyperness, creativity, inabiltiy to stop smoking and his drinking (to calm down). Be merciful as I am merciful…another Jesus quote. I’m so glad this article is about praying for Mel. Prayer changes things..Mel is a very special person. I would never change places with him. It looks too confusing, lonely and sad…I’ll keep my simple little life anytime…Peace be with you Mel…xoxox

  • The Passion of Christ made the devil snarl. Satan looked for an opportunity to make his move. Hollywood hated Mel for his religious beliefs. He probably was snubbed and snickered at. He succumbed to his alcohol drinking again and the devil loosened his tongue. Hollywood continued to hate him for his words. Everyone wants to feel like they belong and they are loved. Like Christ’s temptation in the desert, the devil made Mel an offer…but different from Jesus, Mel could not refuse….a beautiful woman, sex with a beautiful woman….divorce….and a chance to buddy up with his Hollywood pals again. He is now once again loved by Hollywood. He is one of them, part of the group, partying, adultery, alcohol, admiration, etc. He is loved again by those who could not stand his religious morals. He fell, and Hollywood is happy. But is Mel happy? Mel looks miserable and is in a spiral going down, down, down. If he only would break down and come to his senses. Mel, hold on to Jesus. Let Him pull you out of the pit. Only then will you know true happiness. Come back.

  • I could not get out of seat at the end of the “Passion of Christ”. I am sure it had the same effect on many. Satan hates anyone doing anything to bring others to Christ, and so, Mel, like each and every one of us, is vulnerable to his wiles. May the Blood of Christ that won for us true freedom in Him, bring His healing upon our brother. May Mary, our Beloved Mother envelop him in her loving mantle and draw him back to the fold. God bless. Marianne from Sri Lanka

  • It’s too bad Mel won’t be seeing these comments. He needs to see that despite his failings that we are praying for him to change his ways.
    I too admired him as someone who could buck the Hollywood trend and become a symbol of a man with a deep faith and love of the Lord. Instead he has listened to the lies of the devil and been caught up in the trappings of the lifestyle of the rich and famous. I don’t admire him anymore, I pity him. I also pray for his ex and the children. He has turned into a very selfish man who puts his own needs above his faith and family. Reminds me of the movie Dorian Grey, beauty hiding the ugliness.
    Dear Lord, please change Mel’s heart and humble himself in returning to your forgiving arms,


  • Dear Jesus, in your Holy Name, and through Your Precious Blood, we pray on behalf of our brother, your adopted son, Mel Gibson. Lord, we ask that you continue to shower your graces and blessings upon Mel. We ask you to deliver him from any and all unclean spirits that are attacking him…so, satan, in the Name of Jesus and through his precious blood, we command you and all of your unclean spirits to leave Mel Gibson and all situations in his life. You are a liars and thieves and we command you all to flee and begone from Mel Gibson. All of you unclean spirits of pride, lust, rage, greed, witchcraft, sorcery, mammon, division, rebellion, rejection, deception…and any other unnamed spirits that are attached to those named I command you to leave Mel Gibson also…go directly to Jesus touching no one on your way. Lord, open Mel’s heart and help him turn to you once again and to ask his family’s forgiveness. Unite them once again, Lord. Help Mel to remember the sacrament of marriage that he is promised to. Bless his family. Let Your Will be done in Mel Gibson’s life. We ask for all of this in Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen.

  • Mr. Gibson and his family should have been surrounded by prayer warriors while he was making “The Passion of Christ”, and afterwards. I believe that Satan is attacking him to make sure that he doesn’t ever again make a movie that would have such an impact on the children of God. I think that most people were praising him for his movie and forgot to pray for him.

  • Tom, I have said your prayer for Mr. Gibson, I hope all will do so also as h was once a good man may he return to this.

  • We must remember the strength and personal commitment it took to make the “Passion of the Christ”. IT seems he had to go to Italy for part of the financing…making this film was a real struggle, and satan would have done anything to bring Mel down….for the moment he has lost his way, however we must not judge…satan is much closer than most of us realize…We must pray for Mel and his family.

  • If hundreds or thousands could recite Tom’s prayer for Mel, the devils’ hooks could start being detached. Prayer said. Thank you, Tom.

  • the bigger (or in this case, the closer they appear to be to the Lord) the harder they fall, probably becasue Satan tries so hard to make them fall. I saw this with my own daughter who was SO devout as a young adult, then went off to college and now professes atheism……Satan is laughing his way through the bowels of hell

  • Yes keep Mel Gibson in prayer. When his faith was tested he crumbled and fell, the evil one works in such a deceitful way that when Gibson made the Passion the attacks were non-stop and he fell. It’s sad because I believe that God has another movie for him to make. It’s title is The Fall from Grace

  • Yes, we all need to pray for Mel Gibson and his family. We also need to include the woman he is living with. Mel was not obedient to ALL the teachings of the Church and publicly stated – on TV and other places – while making the great move THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST that he didn’t accept Vatican II and the teachings regarding the revised Liturgy.
    Satan can get a foothold and take over when we separate ourselves from the teachings of the Church.
    Let us pray and meditate on the Our Father for ourselves and for the Gibson family.

  • why is everyone equating the movie Passion with mel’s fall? mel was pretty much and has been pretty much a ‘ladies man’ whether he’s married or not. His former wife has a very good settlement from the divorce and mel continues to visit his children and have contact with them. Robin and children are comfortable.
    If mel has plans for remarriage then he and robin should have their marriage annuled.
    May God Bless the entire Gibson family.

  • God isn’t finished with Mel, nor any of us, yet.

  • The enemey of our souls knows are weaknesses and when we do good he is there to bring us down. The only thing that keeps one from falling is the frequent reception of the sacraments, the Eucharist and regular confession.(monthly or bimonthly confession) By discreting Mel he knows he can turn away from the faith those that are weak. We are in a spiritual combat.

  • The enemy of our souls knows are weakness and is ever ready to strike us down especially after we do good. Mel is a prime example. Many turned to Christ after his movie. The enemy knows that if he can bring him down many will lose heart. The only thing that keeps our spiritual armour on is the frequent reception of the sacraments, the Eucharist and monthly or bimonthly confession. We are in the midst of a great spiritual battle and need to arm ourselves with Divine Grace that comes through the sacraments

  • I wonder if we really get the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery. The jest that I get is, “We all live in glass houses, so we shouldn’t throw stones.” “We’ve all come short of the glory of God” and “Judge not lest you be judged.” Leave Mel alone, if he’s God’s, He’ll bring him around.

  • Hi! I agree with Sue, if he’s GOD’s HE will bring him around, it’s tough to be a star and a devout Traditional Catholic, we slip, we fall, we call on GOD to help and HE comes to help us so let we commoners leave him alone and PRAY for him.

  • Oh, and by the way, “The Passion of the Christ” was about the sufferings and sacrifices that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did for us, not the Mel Gibson life story. Why equate the two?

  • In regard to the woman caught in adultery I believe that the admonition of Our Lord was “Go and sin no more.” Something for us all to take to heart, particularly drunken adulterous Mel.

  • Our children are our greatest highway to heaven, sorry eagles, and marriage is a bond. I am separated for 15 years, and my wife lives with someone else.
    I still live the faith, a sinner no question, but no aduldtry here!

    My son and I are going skiing Wednesday. Mel wake up and smell the Rose.

  • Lot of people here throwing the first stone.

  • Sue,

    You totally misunderstand “Judge not lest ye be judged.” It does not mean that one cannot judge an ACTION as sinful. It means that we may not judge the state of a person’s SOUL, or say that they will go to hell, etc.

    See Marcel LeJeune’s explanation of the passage here:

    Donald is totally right, you cannot isolate just that one sentence from the passage. Jesus said “Go, and SIN NO MORE,” not “meh, there’s no such thing as sin.”

  • there have been other great epic movies, The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Story Ever told and the list goes on made by great Directors. mel happens to also be a good director of movies “with” a pretty face with a ‘passion’ for pretty young women and drink like many other actors, producers and directors.
    They all need our prayers, all of them. Of course the ex-spouses and the children involved need our prayers as well.

  • It’s not like gibson was a totally religious man who happened to fall out of Grace and left his poor grieving wife and children. He had always been ‘runnin-around.’ Who knows, maybe this time around he’ll make his girlfriend an honest-woman.

  • Name and fame will destroy you. Seek God only. May God bless Mr. Gibson and his family.

  • I can,t believe that none of you can see what is really happening to him. He by his movie
    The Passion,is being attacked by the enemy for saving so many souls via conversions. Just like our Priests who save souls he is being destroyed by the enemy so that we catholics will look at him as a nut job instead of trying to help save his soul by praying for him. Please lets just pray for him and our priests who are attacked the most because they save souls, which the enemy will do anything to stop from happening.

  • No man can create a movie as powerful as The Passion, coming so close to God, without experiencing the war that is raging in and around us. Mr. Gibson and his families need the strength of our combined prayers to help rescue him from the evil one.

    I’ve been in a similar situation and know first-hand just how powerful the evil one is and how wonderfully merciful our Lord is. Everything is done in God’s time. We can not fully understand nor should we judge, simply pray, for Mr. Gibson, his families, and ourselves.

  • Moral Judgement: A judgement of the morality of an action, whether our own or our neighbor’s.

    Too often men arrogated to themselves the right to judge their neighbor’s conduct and motives, and THAT is the sin here.

    “Judgement is only lawful according as it is an act proceeding from justice, and for this three things are required: 1. It must flow from an inclination for justice (I see nothing here but many people voicing rash judgements of a man, based on press reports?). 2. Judgement must come from a superior authority (I see many people here who think they are superior and think they have the right to judge others. It will be interesting to see on judgement day when all our sins will be made public, even our most secret ones, how clean all of your slates are). 3. Judgement is to be pronounced according to the rules of PRUDENCE. Meaning: The right reason for doing something. (I seriously doubt that anyone here could possibly have the right motives, by presuming (another serious sin), that they know this man or details of his life through press reports?).

    If defective on any of these points, the judgement will be faulty and “unlawful” according to(St. Thomas II-II, lv, 2).

    Our Lord warned against rash judgements in Matt. vii, 1, 2. Judge not, that you may not be judged. 2. For with what judgement you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measur you mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3. And why seedy thou the mote that is in thy brothers eye: and sweat not the beam that is in thy own eye? 4. Etc. 5. Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thy own eye, then shalt thy see to cast the mote out of thy brothers eye.

    So here we have it from the Lord Himself.

    Even those of you who profess to be praying for Mel Gibson are praying for the things that YOU have judged him for. If a member of your family or a friend does something wrong, do you talk publicly about them exposing their faults? Or do you pray for that person privately. The harm that you do by speaking publicly about a person and pointing out their sins will turn back on you, for no good comes from this.

  • “If a member of your family or a friend does something wrong, do you talk publicly about them exposing their faults?”

    Irene, the whole point here is that Mel Gibson has exposed HIS OWN faults for the world to see. He is an A-list celebrity and knows that every move he makes will be covered by the media. He went out of his way to present himself to the world as an exemplary Catholic, then announces on national teevee that he is having a child out of wedlock with a woman other than his wife. This isn’t just rumors being spread by gossip columnists — the man himself is talking about it in front of millions of viewers. So this isn’t a case of rash judgment.

  • King David did even more horrible things ,even arranging to have the husband of his mistress Bethsheba killed in battle, but he always acknowledged his sins and repented.
    On his deathbed of all his MANY talents what he wanted most for his son Solomon was his faithfulness to God. That is my prayer for Mel, to repent just as we all have to do with our list of offenses against God in thoughts, words and deeds. J.M.J.

  • In life, some need to travel ‘full circle’ emptying themselves completely to experience the “void of emptiness”, then, return to the Father seeking the Reconcillation that can come only within the healing of the Church. As having been there myself, I can understand the journey and rejoice in reaching the destination, of returning in the Sacrament of Reconcillation. Now fortified even stronger with the armor of faith, belief and conviction, I will fast and pray for not only Mel but for all those who are still on the journey of the “full circle”.

  • I have one question ?

    If mel was your real brother or if you were a son or daughter of mel would you write and have published the article about ” MEL NEEDS OUR PRAYERS ” ?


    Instead you would want as little press / media coverage as possible about your loved one .


    All that results is that you help the enemy by creating a defeatist persona of christianity through mel’s humanity .

  • I agree with Mon and Pamela Mundling. In general, people are quick to judge. We don’t know Mel’s childhood and like it or not he’s been battling with the devil since then. The fact that he is constantly attacked by an inner devil is actually a good sign that he’s struggling to find the truth! Perhaps there might be some unforgiveness he’s dealing with. Although we see alcoholism, adultery etc. the battle is a spiritual battle. Let’s help him out with our prayers!Life is short! With the help of God, we’ll celebrate our victory in the next.

  • After the “Passion” I had hoped that Mel Gibson would have followed up with the story of the early Christian martyrs or just following up on the fascinating time right after the Resurrection- These are times that need good modern visual aids in a culture that is so dependent on such things. Alas the success of “Passion” was not used to springboard more of the Christian history into the mainstream. Gibson has made a daring film and it paid-off, he was the one man positioned in Hollywood to do something that no one else would dare or care to do- but the opportunity was lost- and that decision to not proceed and then to go into the Mayan tale- probably was a the big mistake for Mr.Gibson. These kind of opportunities don’t come up often, and so I am left bemoaning the new public persona of Mel Gibson, without knowing how all of this if playing inside of Mel Gibson. Even though I am not a public personality, if I somehow ended up being a media subject or personality, I would want my friends and my brother and sister Catholics to follow my public witness and offer constructive criticisms should I deviate from Catholic teachings in letter or spirit. We are supposed to help one another, not just praise each other especially when there is serious cause for worry over what is going out in Christ’s name from one of his very public believers. We all need some tough love from time to time, and yet there must always be love in the midst of critiques of one another. I would hope that Mel Gibson would read my blog entry and be moved by it and not see it as some kind of self-righteous attack piece. But even if he doesn’t see it, the fact that I and others will continue to pray for him and his family can only be of some help. If anyone takes this blog entry as a pharisaic act of unholy judgment, then please pray for me and my family- I’m not feeling bad about writing this blog in my conscience- but of course, our consciences can be errant so pray that if I did wrong in posting this that God will get through to me in the quiet of my own conscience-taking.

  • I like this article. Like so many, I am disappointed about the turn of events with Mel Gibson. I struggled with it, because I like him and I love the Passion of the Christ, so I asked God about it, and He reminded me of St.Augustine, who was very weak and had many failings himself, yet became a Saint with God’s help. I don’t think this is the end of the road for Mel. I believe that he is in trouble and needs our prayers. The scene from the “Passion” which stands out for so many and affected so many moms is the moment Jesus falls and His Mother runs to his side and lets Him know She is there. He tells her “Behold, I a make all things new.” He can make Mel new yet, so that is my prayer.

  • Irene,

    Gibson’s agents are putting Gibson himself and his misdeeds out in public to get him maximum attention so that he can get the maximum ticket sales for his upcoming movie. Mel is telling the public himself and asking us to be happy for him.

    No! These actions are a poor witness for Catholics and a stumbling block for the whole world. The Lord told us not to judge the state of a man’s soul or stone him to drive him to his final judgment but He did NOT say that we can not judge actions, that is blatantly false, you should be ashamed.

  • Hello Tour;

    Sorry that what I said provoked you. If it makes you feel better, I will be ashamed of myself for trying to point out the hypocrisy of all of those who pass judgement on others publicly. Christ really said that we are not to judge. I will not put a personal interpretation on the words of Christ as you have done. You tell me I must be ashamed of myself in order to justify you having a right to make your judgements. I get it. It’s all about you not being judged, for making judgements.

  • “the whole point here is that Mel Gibson has exposed HIS OWN faults of the world to see. He is an A-list celebrity and knows that every move he makes will be covered by the media. He went out of his way to present himself to the world as an exemplary Catholic, then announces on national teevee that he is having a child out of wedlock with a woman other than his wife.”

    What was he supposed to do as a Catholic man and father? Deny paternity of his illegitimate child like John Edwards? John Edwards tried to cover up his deeds by pushing the woman to abort their child, and when that failed, he tried to fake a DNA test. Should Gibson neglect in his duty to support his youngest child and raise her in the faith? As you say, he is an A-list celebrity and everything he does is covered by the media. The tabloids were reporting about the pregnancy before he announced it. What else could he have done besides recognize her to the world?

    This extreme stigmatization of out of wedlock children does nothing but support the culture of abortion.

  • “What else could he have done besides recognize her to the world?”

    Certainly acknowledge the child and say that he will support the child and try to be a good father. Then follow this by a heartfelt public apology to his wife and his children for his adultery and a promise that he will amend his life and sin no more. While he is doing that he could also pledge to stop drinking. Not on the list would be having his crazy father determine that his first marriage was invalid, and marrying his partner in adultery.

  • Mr McClarey, this is a rumor. Where is your proof that this happened? How irresponsible of you to try to make rumor into fact by writing your last sentence. Down boy!

  • Yeah Irene, I’m sure Mel had crazy Hutton declare his first marriage invalid because he is not planning to marry his shack up. Sheesh!

  • Personally, I cannot see how people could have thought Mel was a Catholic icon. He starred in movies where he was having sex with women. There was nudity and I always felt so sorry for his wife due to his participation in this. He would not let his kids go to some of his movies — so I heard — How could he? No one should be shocked. Yes, he needs our prayers, but then we all do. Especially those who think it is okay to watch pornography in movies and receive communion on Sunday without confession and without true sorrow. It is the Catholic faith. I did not make it up. Pornography is a mortal sin — read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The Church put it out for all of us, and we are responsible to live according to Christ’s teachings. You can find a copy for ten dollars probably at your local doicese.

  • Michael (Sunday 7th), are you suggesting that we not pray for people and their weaknesses because it is arrogant? Do fall prey to the evil one my friend. Praying is exactly the thing we should do. Your point about not wanting our family members exposed is moot, as are your points about defeatism and Christianity. One’s sins are not entertaining (except for the Jerry Springers of the world), the guy needs prayer, so I prayed. It’s called Christian charity – not defeatism.

  • ooppps…I meant (obviously) to say “Do not fall prey…”

  • Yeah McClarey, you know it all I see. There is no reasoning with prejudice born out of rumors. The only crazy declarations here are your unfounded accusations. Sheesh!

  • Donald McClarey, you are a great example of someone who thinks they have the right to tell others how they must publicly repent. Who are you, sir, to specify how and in what manner ANYBODY, let alone Mel Gibson, must engage in public confession?
    Your hubris is amazing.
    You start first. We are all waiting for YOUR public confession.

  • This might be shocking to a lot of people but let me remind everyone that even the holiest person will commit sins.

    Mel Gibson wasn’t even close to holy except for making a movie about our Lord. Let us pray for his conversion as we ourselves fall and rise up again many times in our lifetime.

    That is why we pray everyday for the gift of final perseverance….

  • First of all, his marriage was unevenally yoked. His wife is a non-Catholic to begin with, and she never converted from what I read during the time the Passion Movie came out! So why was there a need for annulment?

    His human actions have spoken louder than words! When one is vunerable and weak in their faith it’s make it easier for Satan to take over one’s soul. So this means we as humans should be on guard because Satan is just a step behind us to hook us into the obbess.

  • AMEN! Tom

    That Excortcism Prayer was best said for this cause. I hope that our Prayers reach Heaven and God’s ears in Jesus Name Amen. Not only for Mel Gibson but for all of us not to fall into Temptation, and Deliver us all from evil. Amen

  • “Donald McClarey, you are a great example of someone who thinks they have the right to tell others how they must publicly repent. Who are you, sir, to specify how and in what manner ANYBODY, let alone Mel Gibson, must engage in public confession?
    Your hubris is amazing.”

    Actually your willingness to overlook abominable behavior by a celebrity is what is amazing. Gibson is the one who chose to live his live his life in the public spotlight. Gibson is the one who chose to engage in adultery and destroy his marriage, humiliating his wife and kids. Gibson is the one who thinks that his crazy father can annul his marriage. Gibson was looked up to by quite a few Christians and he threw it into the gutter. His bad behavior has been in full view of the public and so should his contrition, although there seems to be precious little evidence thus far that he has any. If pointing out this forcefully to people who wish to overlook this is hubris, so be it.

  • No one has suggested or check to see if this man is suffering from male menopause. It is a real problem and doctors are now studying it to determine if men have a change of hormones as they age. This is why they get a younger woman, usually go buy a sportscar when they usually are conservative in their living beforehand. Like living a second teenage period.

  • Of course prayers for Mel and anyone else who stirs up the devil. I knew as soon as he went through with making and finally releasing “The Passion of Christ”..he’d have hell to pay..It’s so sad to see this happen for now, but again we all know who is in charge. It’s just that simple. So cover him in prayer and BELIEVE. We all need to be on guard.

  • “So why was there a need for annulment?”

    A marriage recognized by the Catholic Church is ALWAYS presumed to be valid until proven otherwise via a legitimate annulment process. This includes marriages between Catholics and non-Catholics. The same goes for marriages between two non-Catholics, should one or both later decide to convert — they do not have to marry again in the Church unless there is reason to believe their marriage was invalid.

    One of the earlier posters may have had a point about how seeking prayers for someone experiencing a personal crisis CAN become an excuse for airing their dirty laundry or spreading gossip about them. For an ordinary person who is not a public figure, and whose troubles are not common knowledge, that may be the case. However, in Mel Gibson’s case, his “bad behavior” has indeed been in full view of the public, and he has paraded his relationship with his girlfriend in front of millions of TV viewers.

    A “public repentance” wouldn’t have to be anything dramatic — none of us are suggesting (as far as I know) that he make his next Tonight Show appearance wearing sackcloth and ashes. All he’d have to do is release a statement through his publicist saying that he acknowledged paternity of his youngest child, that he would do whatever he could to support her and the child’s mother, that he regretted the breakup of his marriage and the scandal that he had given to his fans. Then just shut up and stay out of the spotlight for a while.

  • Precisely Elaine!

  • Who are You to expect these things from him Elaine?

    And it’s easy for you McClaren to sit here like a sniper and shoot your crazy accusations about him without showing us proof. You have a lynch mob mentality. You can’t hide your hatred for the man, no matter how you try to disguise it in your outrage and concern over how he lives his life. There are many people on here who at least seem to be concerned for his soul. Your annulment accusations are preposterous. You repeatedly assert this annulment thing as if it were true, without supplying proof. Your pride and self righteousness in spreading scandal provokes the indignation of Our Lord. “thou shalt not bear False witness”. You are not free to talk publicly about the sins of another. It’s called spreading scandal (you have talked about his sins plus added a few unproven whoppers). Spreading scandal and drawing attention to it, is a sin against charity. Spreading falsehoods about someone is a sin against justice. You seem driven to do both.

  • Thanks for the prayer Tom. Said it this morning and will be saying it everyday. Mel needs our prayers & sacrifices. Prayer is so necessary here.

  • dandello, I would like to ask what you have against Catholics? Obeying the Ten Commandments is what it is all about, it doesn’t matter what religion you belong to or if you even have one. RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WRONG IS WRONG. J.M.J.

  • Dandello,

    Anti-catholic attacks will not be tolerated on this of all websites.

  • Donald McClarey, I am not overlooking Mel Gibson’s behaviour, not at all. If I were to overlook it, then I wouldn’t be praying for him, which I do everyday.
    It is a fine line between realizing someone needs prayer (and as apostolic Catholics we are all obliged to try and help others get to heaven) and getting up on a verbal soapbox and spelling it out to someone else what their obligations are… what they should say, how they should say it, etc. That is not yours or anyone else’s concern.
    We as Catholics should pray for those in trouble, but we have no right telling others how and in what manner they are to repent.
    Good grief, if this is what should be done, plenty of good priests would be speaking up and lecturing him on what he should do.

  • “Good grief, if this is what should be done, plenty of good priests would be speaking up and lecturing him on what he should do.”

    You are joking right? The attitude of most of the clergy towards celebrities is typified by the sendoff that Ted Kennedy got at a funeral mass which verged on a canonization ceremony. Priests used to routinely condemn celebrity Catholics who broke the laws of God. Those days are far behind us. Now the only sin for which anyone risks a public rebuke is being “judgmental”.

  • Not so! There are many good priests. Are we to believe that ALL the priests in the world are one monolithic group???

    It is true that most won’t stick their heads up for fear of being ostracized; but there are still plenty of good priests who would indeed speak their mind about it if it were the right thing to do.

    You know, when attempting to help somebody who has fallen, you have to bear in mind the particular circumstances, plus the personality and background of the transgressor. If it is obvious that a person is proud and obstinate, then it is the WRONG thing to do, to heap scorn and attacks on his head. It is well known that for many people, this can drive them deeper into more profound trouble.

    It might make you feel better to get all your frustration off your chest, but the first priority must be careful consideraton of the most efficacious way to help a person come back to God.

    Think of Mel’s personality, as clearly evinced by the roles he has chosen and played. Do you really thinking screaming verbal insults at THIS man is going to work?

    No, no. Give him space, PRAY. It is in God’s hands.

  • Satan attacks us all. I feel very bad for the man because he is a very talented person who has, through hubris and alcoholism, nearly destroyed his life. The last interview he gave I saw him call a reporter an a**h*le after he drank out of a paper cup. I am sure it was full of alcohol. The look in his eyes during the interview was absolutely evil! It went beyond the reaction a person has when he is angry at someone else for insulting them. The look was pure, unmitigated rage. It scared me. When he drinks, it seems his evil comes out and his hubris runs amok.

    Please Lord, help this poor pathetic man, who looks like he just may die soon if you do not help him.

  • Christine you are assuming a lot. You have no way of knowing what he was drinking (more than likely coffee) and how can you say his look was absolutely evil??? This is dreadful.

    I saw the same interview and to me he looked irritated and provoked, not “evil” as you state. Please be charitable.

  • Take a look at the clip again. The look in his eyes was disturbing.

    I did not say he was evil, I don’t make those judgments. I doubt that he is. Alcoholism is an all-consuming disease, however, and he has been quite rageful while under the influence.

    During the interview, with the way his eyes were full of rage and the way he kept leaning forward – it was frightning.

    Trained actors can usually disguise their feelings, especially one as accomplished as Mr. Gibson. I would say that he is one of the better actors of his generation who never received the credit due him. How could he not disguise this emotion? I would think that would be because of alcohol…

    If he wasn’t drinking alcohol from the paper cup, his problems are much worse than I thought.

    I still will pray for him.

  • Again you are making very subjective judgments… because you don’t care for the expression in his eyes. You DID state that “the look in his eyes was absolutely evil”. I repeat, this is a dreadful thing to say about someone.

    I am quite familiar with the disease of alcoholism; it runs in my family and so I am knowledgable about it and the effect it has on the person who is addicted to it; also what it does to families. (By the grace of God I do not personally have trouble with alcoholism.) Even with this background, I would not presume to leap to the conclusion that an actor who was irritated by the questions of a pushy journalist was consuming it, and had an evil look in his eyes!!

    It is wrong to make an assumption like that. It isn’t OK for you to castigate and insult on one hand, and then follow it up with a pious proclamation you will pray for him!

  • Christine, you’re going off the deep end in your presumptions about Gibson. It’s called a cognitive distortion to imagine you can read minds and it would be a delusion of omniscience to believe you know what someone is drinking!

  • McClarey, if your interactions here lead you to hubris, you need a break. You cannot support the kingdom by being submissive to pride.

  • Fallon,

    I’m not supporting anybody’s comments about demonic possession in fact I’m not supporting anyone else’s posting but my own. I don’t know what your concept of sin or ecclesiology are, but insofar as Gibson is baptised, even though he has lapsed from union with the Pope, we see him as some kind of Catholic, someone who is part of the Mystical Body of Christ.

    As part of the mystical body, his actions cause disruption, rupture, and pain to us. His scandal hurts us. It reaches across the world and hurts our hearts. It is an attack. We need to pray for him for his sake but also to protect ourselves and others.

    From the CCC:


    Respect for the souls of others: scandal

    2284 Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil. The person who gives scandal becomes his neighbor’s tempter. He damages virtue and integrity; he may even draw his brother into spiritual death. Scandal is a grave offense if by deed or omission another is deliberately led into a grave offense.

    2285 Scandal takes on a particular gravity by reason of the authority of those who cause it or the weakness of those who are scandalized. It prompted our Lord to utter this curse: “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”86 Scandal is grave when given by those who by nature or office are obliged to teach and educate others. Jesus reproaches the scribes and Pharisees on this account: he likens them to wolves in sheep’s clothing.87

    2286 Scandal can be provoked by laws or institutions, by fashion or opinion.

    Therefore, they are guilty of scandal who establish laws or social structures leading to the decline of morals and the corruption of religious practice, or to “social conditions that, intentionally or not, make Christian conduct and obedience to the Commandments difficult and practically impossible.”88 This is also true of business leaders who make rules encouraging fraud, teachers who provoke their children to anger,89 or manipulators of public opinion who turn it away from moral values.

    2287 Anyone who uses the power at his disposal in such a way that it leads others to do wrong becomes guilty of scandal and responsible for the evil that he has directly or indirectly encouraged. “Temptations to sin are sure to come; but woe to him by whom they come!”90

    This whole passage is Gibson in spades. His power is his celebrity and the good will he had built up while courting Catholics and other Christians to support, advertise, and attend his movie, “The Passion.” He made himself an example and those who claim he’s always been a bad example perhaps weren’t paying as much attention as those who followed the development of The Passion.

  • Perhaps Gibson has portrayed so many roles in his life that he has truly forgotten what he is really like and who he is. He has lost the power to know himself and, along with that, the power to repent. He is like a chameleon taking on the characteristics and conduct of the rogues he has portrayed. Sadly, he has become deranged. Only through the grace of God can he be restored. There are no human efforts that can save him except our prayers. I think right now, Satan is applauding Gibson’s stellar performance as a Roman soldier, yelling, jeering, and scourging Jesus. And that is not hyperbole.

  • Oh my. How is it that you can determine that Mel Gibson:

    1. has lost the power to know himself
    2. has lost the power to repent
    3. that he is deranged
    4. and that he is like one of the Roman soldiers, torturing Our Lord.

    I am truly dumbfounded that you can take it upon yourself to decide such things.

    What is this, open season on Mel Gibson?

    I am guessing it must make those of the Pharisaical persuasion feel really good to make such determinations.

    Please folks, just pray for Mel and leave the self righteous thoughts left unsaid. They can do a world of harm…

  • BooHoo mr. Tour!

    If you and the whole Mystical Body of Christ have been hurt by the actions of Mr. Gibson, then why do continue to draw all of Its members attention to it?

    You are demonstrating an exaggerated rigorism or scrupulosity, manifesting itself in a kind of Jansenistic Puritanism. The results of this are that you have accused Mr. Gibson of so many things that I believe that you are actually inciting others to hate him.

    You are obsessed with him and by him far too much. God will take care of Mr Gibson.

    The prescription for your ailment is to ask God to forgive YOUR sins, especially the unnecessary hatred you have spewed out here.

  • Irene, I think something in your post really hit the nail on the head.

    Many of the posters here are actually cloaking hatred with pious mutterings directing Mel what to do.

    What was it Our Lord said?

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

    Who here is without sin?

  • Irene,

    The more you talk, the more you show how out of place you are in a Catholic forum, you’re just here for conflict, the very definition of an internet troll. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a member of the Gibson house church.

    Puritanism is like the extreme opposite pole of sexual licentiousness. To accuse me of Puritanism makes one wonder if you espouse the exact opposite extreme of ideology. If you read more of Aquinas, I’m sure he has plenty to say about that.

    Catholicism isn’t Puritanical or sexually licentious. It teaches that the marital union is GOOD, so good that its misuse outside of marriage is a sin. Gibson has ADVERTISED THIS MISUSE. Believe me, I don’t want to know other people’s business and it was not this blog that made me aware of it, it was Gibson’s own television appearances, seeking public approval. I am merely giving him the attention he so desperately seeks.

    I more commonly hear Puritanism called “Manichean,” in that it seems to say that the body is bad, which would make procreation and union bad.

    Just where exactly are you coming from, ideologically, anyway? You quoted Aquinas, but you don’t even respond to the substance of the Catechism. You either don’t believe adultery is even sinful, or you just don’t believe in the indissolubility of marriage. You are responding to me as if you have conflated all of the posts you don’t like and imagine that I wrote them all, which is unfair.

  • “Take heed to yourselves; if your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him” (Luke 17:3).

    “As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear” (1 Timothy 5:20).

    “This testimony is true. Therefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith” (Titus 1:13).

  • Tour, your second to last post directed at Irene is filled with so many assumptions (for which you have no basis of actual knowledge) accusations (which are unfounded and groundless) and exaggerations that I won’t bother to address them individually. It would take too much time.

    Seems to me you are for some reason consumed with an obssessive hatred of Mel Gibson. You write as though it is the end of the world that this man has fallen from grace. Do you ever pray for those in trouble without first spelling it out repeatedly, ad nauseam, what your *personal opinion* is, of their difficulties??

    Look to the heavens and contemplate God, and stop your public accusations about the troubles of a human being who you don’t know; he doesn’t know you; and I am guessing he wouldn’t want to either.

  • So Mr Tour, you’ve made clear that Mr G is a sinner. Is that news? Who is perfect? Where does this leave you? Are you so desolate that you can’t get over your disappointment that he isn’t the idol you imagined he was? Put not your faith in men. Are you a saint and have never sinned? Where is your public confession you seem to require?

    And, what about the Christian virtue of charity, and things like kindness, and gentleness? Has Mr G promoted himself as a saint? Never once that I know of. He admits to being a struggling Catholic soul like the rest of us (except for you and the other perfect people on the board). Have you ever once considered that maybe there is more (or less!) to the stories that the National Enquirer tells? Seems to me that’s not the best source for a Catholic to get accurate information for which to judge others.

    From the CCC:
    “The fruits of the Spirit are perfections that the Holy Spirit forms in us as the first fruits of eternal glory. The tradition of the Church lists twelve of them: “charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness, modesty, self-control, chastity.”

    Above all – Charity

    25 To conclude this Prologue, it is fitting to recall this pastoral principle stated by the Roman Catechism:

    The whole concern of doctrine and its teaching must be directed to the love that never ends. Whether something is proposed for belief, for hope or for action, the love of our Lord must always be made accessible, so that anyone can see that all the works of perfect Christian virtue spring from love and have no other objective than to arrive at love.[19]

  • Bravo Elfriede! Charity does indeed transcend all.

    “the love of Our Lord must always be made accessible”.

    How will Mel Gibson come back to God’s love? By accusations and scorn and endless pointing of fingers? No… by prayers, tenacious prayers.

    In spite of all his difficulties, I am so sure Jesus loves him very much, as He loves us all, everyone one of us sinners.

  • Now now Tour, I see you have sunk to name calling. I find it amusing that now you are frothing at the mouth at me. Are you calling me a sexual pervert with all of that gobbilty gook that you wrote?

    I really pity that you are obviously suffering from something that you are choosing to wallow in and can find no charitable way to express yourself.

    My idealology is simply catholic. I have never confined myself to just condemnation of sinners though. My idealology says “hate the sin, love the sinner”.

    There are many quotes from the bible but you only choose the ones that crazy hell fire and brimstone preachers scream out to make people
    put more money in the collection.

    Get over this stuff before you become any more disturbed.

    It’s either that or “Grab your torch and pitch fork”!

    Plus you sure can dish it out, but can you take it? I welcome criticism. I will take yours under consideration if I can ever figure out what you were trying to say.

  • Well, I am on board with tour86rocker.

    I think someone here is a mole….to cause trouble.

    I am signing out of this site’s postings because now it is getting mean.

    All this article was meant to do was to show us this man needs his Christian family–the Church. We all do.

    Maybe, if we care at the time, we can all continue this conversation in heaven. It surely will be interesting to see how things pan out for all of us.

    Heaven bound, God-willing, Rosanna

  • Rosanna
    That’s presumption. Only the humble get to go there.
    Continue the conversation in Heaven? If Mel Gibson were there with you would you continue with Tour86 to berate him? I doubt it. Who is mean? All this covert aggression using God’s name to beat someone up is pretty stinky. Repent, Hell awaits…

  • You’re absolutely right Rosanna, this was very mean on some peoples part by repeated aggressive attacks against someone, by disguising it in false piety.

    Isn’t it strange how the perpetraters of all of this meaness are the most sensitive to much less than they inflict on others behind their backs.

  • Rosanna, I am wondering at the double standard here. You say the board is mean?? What about all the holier-than-thou stuff which it is apparently “OK” to post endlessly, then when some here stand up for the cause of charity and gentle Christian treatment of a man who needs prayers we are told that we are “moles” causing trouble. How absurd.

    All I know is that if I were Mel and in trouble, and all these strangers were shrieking at me to REPENT REPENT GET HUMBLE REPENT I would run the opposite direction with wild abandon.

    If you REALLY care about his soul, then shut up and get on your knees rather than posting piously about his transgressions.

  • it is sad.
    I feel for his true wife and his children.
    But Mr Gibson was a schismatic Catholic,disobedient to the Holy Father….and it led to his complete abandonment of Christianity.
    He has caused great scandal.
    May Jesus have mercy on his soul

  • Hellooo! His wife divorced him, not the other way around. What part she “served papers on him” is failing to register?

    Complete abandonment of Christianity? So are you saying he is pagan? This is not true. Are you saying that anyone who commits public sins is no longer a Catholic??? That is patently false. Mel Gibson certainly considers himself a Catholic. He thinks the Chair of Peter is vacant (sede-vacantist); he has not turned in his heart against the Roman Catholic Church. By your “logic” anyone who falls from the state of grace is no longer a Catholic, and THAT belief is heretical.

    Please get your facts straight.

  • Perplexed, I totally agree with pretty much all you say. However, aren’t sede-vacanist excomunicated, mainly by their own beliefs and not being in communion with the Holy See?

  • Seems to me this has to be judged on an individual basis, as only God knows a person’s beliefs or intentions.
    For instance, it was covered quite a bit in the news media, when Mel Gibson made the Passion, that he held sede vacantist beliefs (not known exactly what they are though, and as he hasn’t said, we have no right to assume) and I can’t recall any Bishops saying he was excommunicated. Therefore we have to assume he is in the Church. Personally I think he is.

  • perplexed, do you think mel’s father is a sede?

  • yes, I think so. But there are all kinds of sedes. They don’t all hold the same beliefs. So we can say someone is a sede, but we can’t really know their attitudes and beliefs, unless they say what they are.
    He has published stuff, but I have not read it.

  • I’m not Catholic (I’m a born-again Christian), but the truth is, Mel needs to be born-again spiritually like Jesus talked about to Nicodemus in John 3:3 where He said, “Unless a person is born-again of water & of The Spirit, they shall never enter the Kingdom of God.” I’m not his Judge, but I’m with Kirk Cameron when he says, “If someone doesn’t ACT like they’re a Christian, then it basically means they’re not! Period! End of story!” Furthermore, the problem I have with Catholicism is that I don’t need a priest to forgive me of my sins, when I already have one: Jesus Christ Himself(Pretty much cuts out the middleman, now doesn’t it?!)! Also, the Bible specifically tells us in Mathew 23:9 not to call ANYBODY “Father” except for our own earthly fathers & God Himself, period! Basically, the verse reads, “And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.” So basically, when you refer to a Catholic priest as “Father so-and-so”, you’re basically disobeying God!
    Lastly, while I DO KNOW that THERE ARE some born-again Catholics inside the Catholic church, there’s also too much Mary worship going on inside there. I can tell you this, that Mary herself is no doubt looking down & is very disturbed by this! I have no doubt in my mind, that if she were here, she’d tell all these people who worship her so much inside the Catholic church to, “CUT IT OUT!” & worship her Son, Jesus, directly instead. And at the risk of offending some people, I’m here to tell you that The Pope can’t save you, Catholicism can’t save you, & only by being born again spiritually by asking Jesus into your heart, TURNING FROM & REPENTING of your sins, & putting your faith & trust in Him can you be saved! I’m sorry, but the Catholic church has gotten WAAAAAY too far off track from it’s founder, Paul’s, original vision. And I know one thing, when it comes to the three things that I described that the Catholic church is doing that NO CHRISTIAN–Catholic or not–should be doing, Paul would be, well(To make a bad pun!), appalled! ‘Nuff said!


    Van Miller

    Birmingham, Alabama

  • Cyberman, I guess you have a problem with the Church that Christ instituted. We were all one faith until the Reformation in the 1500’s. Christ said to his Apostles, “who sins you forgive, they are forgiven, who sins you retain they are retained.” There were no denominations when Christ started His Church. Those denominations were made by man. I see many going to therapists at 125.00 per hour. I go to the priest who Christ said I should go to and I come away with peace and sanctifying grace. It doesn’t cost me a dime. That is the way Christ wanted it. Do you argue with Him, who is all Divine and knowing? He knows that if we don’t have the humiility to tell someone our sins, we will not do anything about them. The passage, “go tell your sins to one another”, then why not a priest who Christ gave the power to forgive sins.

  • I agree that he needs our concern and our prayers, not all of the nasty comments and bashing that I’m seeing, especially the way that the media is running away with this. Oh, the blessed media who thrives on judgemental, “bad” news! Has any of you ever heard of someone being under demonic attack/oppression, even possession? Do you not think that just the fact that he gave us The Passion of The Christ, that he would be a prime target of the evil one? Or doesn’t anyone believe in the devil anymore!? I have worked very closely over the past year, hands on, with victims of demonic attack/oppression. In one severe case a monsignor under direction of an Exorcist had to perform more than one exorcism on a home that was experiencing things that you would only think to see in the movies! I personally feel that he is suffering from demonic oppression and is under attack. He shows all of the signs of this. He needs prayers of deliverance, as well as taking steps to seek out help from within the Catholic church. I wish that I myself could contact him with this information, and would be surprised if no one has yet offered this suggestion to him. I propose that an initiative be started to petition prayers for him, and to also offer up masses for him. It’s the least that we can do to show our gratitude for giving us The Passion of The Christ, a movie that was truly blessed by God.

  • I hate to see a gifted artist and someone that was an upstanding Catholic as evidented by the trials he went through for the Passion of the Christ to fall. Rather than judge, its probably better to pray for him. We need role models and we need for Mel to receive the good graces of God to help him through this time period in his personal life. He is lost and I pray that he finds his way back for the sake of himself and his children.

  • I think that Mel is a victim of Satan ever since he made the Passion movie. He was a fairly decent person up until then. As far as I know the alcoholism, verbal racial abuse and current stuff going on, has come about ever since the release of that movie. We do need to pray for him without a doubt, that he turns back to God, and turns his life around.

  • I don’t care what Mel Gibson has said or done, that is his personal business. He has to answer to God not to us for what he has said and done. He speaks his mind like most of us do, and Lord knows I’m not perfect. Just like the Jews, the Catholics, the Christians, the Pagans, and all races and sexes. He is scrutinized more because he is a public figure and that he made a movie that was controversial to some who don’t believe and that makes others to judge him and his Catholic faith. Our Catholic faith is strong and he is human like the rest of us are. It is easier for others to throw stones, he needs help. A true follower of Christ knows of my words and that is to forgive and pray for those who have lost their way from him. I pray for Mel to guide him back to our Father God and for him to get the help that he needs. He needs our prayers; I will never turn my back against him. I will be forever grateful to Mel Gibson for making the greatest movie ever The Passion Of The Christ.

  • Heavenly Father, Your word says that You will never leave us or forsake us. Send Your Holy Spirit to minister to Mel in quiet hours when he searches for peace. Let Your still, small voice whisper to him that he is significant in Your kingdom. Lord, I pray that you reveal your unchanging, unyielding love to him in a way that he will receive. Set him on the right path and use him for Your glory. Amen.