Pope Francis Democrat?

Monday, January 12, AD 2015

Pope Francis Democrat


Jim Rosapepe, a Democrat state senator in Pennsylvania, in Politico talks up his old friend Martin O’Malley, soon to be the former Governor of Maryland, as the Democrat standard bearer in 2016 and hails him as a “Pope Francis Democrat”:


But, as one who has watched O’Malley up close during his years as governor, I find him more interesting and unusual in the modern Democratic Party. He’s a social justice Catholic—or, as some have called him, a Pope Francis Democrat—in the tradition of Mario Cuomo and Robert Kennedy. 

Consider O’Malley’s outspoken leadership last summer on the crisis of refugee children on America’s border with Mexico. When demagogues claimed that frightened ten year olds from El Salvador are a threat to our way of life, O’Malley asked Americans to remember the biblical injunction of hospitality to strangers and protection of children. He brought together faith leaders in Maryland to find the right refuges for young refugees in his own state. According to the federal government, more than 2,200 of these children have found refuge in Maryland. 

That’s the Martin O’Malley I know — acting on the values he learned from his family, from his Jesuit high school teachers, and from his college years at the Catholic University. And acting with the leadership skills of an Irish Catholic Democrat he learned in seven years as mayor of Baltimore and eight years as governor of Maryland. 

Today, Maryland is first in median family income, a top three state in income mobility, and first in K-12 education and boosting college affordability five years in a row. And Maryland is one of only nineteen states to recover all the jobs lost in the Great Recession. That’s change working families can take to the bank. 

O’Malley didn’t do this all by himself. But, with his Catholic social justice values and Irish political skills, he’s led Maryland’s progress for the past eight years. These are the traits he brings to the national stage.

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16 Responses to Pope Francis Democrat?

  • Yes, O’Malley’s policies were so obviously helpful to the people of this state that his hand-picked successor got crushed by double digits in a state where D’s outnumber R’s something like 2:1 if not 3:1. People and businesses are leaving this state in droves to look for better opportunities in states where they don’t tax the rain that falls on your roof.

  • Pope Francis Democrat? Unless Martin O’Malley becomes pro-life, he will continue where Obama leaves off. Judas

  • Paul: “People and businesses are leaving this state in droves to look for better opportunities in states where they don’t tax the rain that falls on your roof.”
    My daughter returned to New Jersey because the taxes in Maryland are horrendous. Can the state tax an act of God like rain on the roof, lava flow, mud slide, wind and lightning? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Why is it that liberal progressive Democrats invoke Sacred Scripture when it comes to social justice – keeping the downtrodden shackled to the teat of the public treasury – but when it comes to baby murdering or sodomy, they say what Mario Cuomo articulated, “I am personally opposed but I do not wish to impose my belief on others.”

  • Yes, O’Malley’s policies were so obviously helpful to the people of this state that his hand-picked successor got crushed by double digits in a state where D’s outnumber R’s something like 2:1 if not 3:1.

    What’s amusing about that is that in the last century Maryland has elected as it’s governor 10 Democrats of various stripes, 3 vaguely liberal Republicans who flanked the Democratic candidate on the left (Dixiecrats and machine hacks being common in Maryland up until about 25 years ago), and two roughly mainline Republicans (who took out Robert Kennedy’s daughter and O’Malley’s protégé). Large urban centers make up a comfortable majority of the state’s population, the supply of black voters is generous, and there’s a maraschino cherry on top for the Democrats with the abnormally population of federal employees in Montgomery and PG counties. You have to work to lose a statewide race as a Democrat in Maryland.

    And it’s a nice little jab at O’Malley, who was hyped as an urban reformed 15 years ago and then left Baltimore in as wretched condition as it was when he found it (and managed to not notice the disaster brewing under his nose at the city jail).

  • Maryland is the bluest of blue states. I wish the color thing would go away, as red is the color that most befit’s Maryland’s politics.

    I was a four year resident of the People’s Republic of Maryland, 1989-1993. The state is clean – rarely any litter along the roads and a total opposite from Pennsylvania – and the roads are usually in great shape, albeit clogged with traffic.
    Maryland is in the vise-like grip of the Democrats. Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties (suburban DC) and the City of Baltimore pretty much control the state. As the Democrat Party continues morphing into Lenin’s Bolsheviks, the Maryland Legislature thinks up of new and crazy ways to soak its citizens, like a rain tax. Bringing a car into Maryland is a nightmare both in terms of paperwork and in costs. They, at one time, considered assessing a personal property tax like Virginia has so they can tax the book value of Marylanders’ cars, boats, trucks, ATVs, trailers, motorhomes and the like. A man in Prince George’s County was sent to state prison for cutting down old oak trees on his property.

    Maryland’s employment is subsidized by the Federal Government. Millions of employees of the Federal Government, its contractors, lobbyists, etc. helped Maryland survive the Great Recession with minimal damage. So O’Malley is gone and replaced by a Republican. The Republican will last ONE term and be replaced by a Democrat zombie, elected by Democrat zombies, just like what happened to Bob Erlich.

    Pennsylvania looks like Texas compared to Maryland. That’s how bad Maryland is. York County has had a surge of residents – people who work in Maryland but have fled Maryland taxes.

  • Pope Francis Democrat implies some ideological agreement. That’s impossible since Pope Francis has denied being a Marxist.

  • I can see no way for a Democrat voter or politician to be a faithful Catholic. I cannot find the Gospel in which Jesus taught, “Render the poor unto Caesar”.

  • For those who are not from around here, let me assure the reader that all the accolades Mr. Rosapepe heaps upon us are generally false. Maryland’s economy has not recovered. The first signs of life appeared when our new R governor was elected in November; (Hope!). He is also Irish-Catholic, BTW.
    It is commonly thought that O’Malley is the worst gov to ever rule MD, but I suspect that Paris Glendening would win that contest if he had the power that O’malley did.
    All very sad. How often I’ve prayed that we may be delivered from tyrants.

  • York County has had a surge of residents – people who work in Maryland but have fled Maryland taxes.

    The taxes would not be a problem if they were used to (1) hire working cops to (2) make Baltimore (and swaths of Prince George’s county) livable. The city itself (not the suburbs) is quite handsome and could be a great place to live if it had a homicide rate of 9 per 100,000 and not 40 per 100,000. Some of the city’s pols were exhibitionistically indifferent to what Rudolph Giuliani was accomplishing in New York. Instead, they hired as jail guards women easily suborned by gang bosses.

  • The Republican will last ONE term and be replaced by a Democrat zombie, elected by Democrat zombies, just like what happened to Bob Erlich.

    A minor official named Robert Smith was on a discussion panel broadcast on Maryland Catholic Radio wherein he used the term ‘sexual deviancy’. He was fired by Ehrlich when a mouthy queer appointed to the same board (by DC authorities, it was a joint commission) complained. Ehrlich’s press secretary then insulted Smith in a press conference. In other words, it’s Ehrlich’s view and that of his press agent that people like you and me should not be able to articulate their viewpoints. That’s how he regards and treats his supporters. I’m perfectly happy that weasel is no longer in public life.

  • The only reason that “Maryland is first in median family income, a top three state in income mobility, and first in K-12 education and boosting college affordability five years in a row.” is because it is flush with access to thousands of government jobs in Maryland, DC and Virginia. Between the Governor, the State Legislature and most of the state county legislatures it is foremost a “tax and spend” state. They even tax the rain – yes, Maryland has a “rain tax”. They pushed through gambling in Maryland by touting the benefits to police and fire departments, education and infrastructure. They have taken in billions in gambling dollars and the police and fire departments are no better off than they were before, the schools are still turning out dunces and the roads have potholes that grow larger every year! Even our Federal Government Representatives and Senators are of the same mentality – tax and spend. I find it most amusing that writing a letter to my U.S. House Representative (who I did not vote for but thanks to recent redistricting that resulted in diluting conservative communities and put me in her district) or to my two U.S. Senators ALWAYS results in a response that touts the liberal ideology but never answers my specific question. O’Malley and his ilk are doing nothing to solve the problems of this country. Their only goal is to get the next Democratic vote.

  • Irish-Catholic ?
    I wonder how many generations it takes to just be known as an American Catholic. I know his dad was in WS Army Air Force in WWII. One of his ancestors fought in war of 1812… ?

  • The infallible–no allusion to the religious variety!–litmus test for defining Pope Francis is the adulation or condemnation proffered by the Left, pro-aborts, pro-homosexual activists, pro-same-sex marriage, and advocates of indiscriminate redistribution of wealth and property: it is that simple.

  • Only the half of it:

    I’ve wanted to post something by Blair Lee since reading the 1865 Davis note to Blair post. (Yes, DM, readers appreciate all those posts about the War Between the States, even if they don’t generate as much commentary.)
    Anyway, Mr. Lee, (whose father was Lt. Gov way back in the day), is a great writer/commentator, but I rarely get much chance to hear him since the death of Ron Smith.

  • The rain tax is so half baked – a tax on the square footage of the foot prints of buildings, side walks, driveways or any other non-permeable surface. They may have lowered the rate, but still it’s a tax. Our hated Virginia personal property tax, which isn’t just on cars, but tools, machinery, and animals, was being phased out until a Democrat was elected governor. At least that tax is a holdover from colonial days, not a new tax pandering to the misquided Green donors in MD. Maybe Maryland keeps electing liberal Democrats because of all the illegals voting in Montgomery and Baltimore counties?

Where They Stand: Gubernatorial Races

Friday, October 29, AD 2010

With all the talk about the upcoming Congressional midterms, local races are getting overlooked.  This is unfortunate for a couple of reasons.  First of all, despite a century plus of actions and efforts to the contrary, federalism is still alive, and state governments still matter.  Second, these races have an impact upon national elections because states will be redrawing their districts in the wake of the 2010 census.

It would be a massive undertaking beyond my abilities and time to look at each state’s legislative elections, though most projections I have heard have the Republicans gaining a massive amount of seats in state legislatures.  Republicans are projected to switch majority control in about five or six states at a minimum.  Here I will be taking a look at each of the gubernatorial elections.

On a side note, it may seem odd to label these elections as pickups and holds.  After all, it’s not as though governors gather en masse and vote, so having a “majority” of governorships seems not to be that big of a deal.  But for the aforementioned reasons, it is important to win as many of these races as possible.  Currently there are 26 Democratic governors and 24 Republican.  Republicans will certainly have a majority after Tuesday.  As is the case with the House, the only question is how big of a majority.

And now, to the races we go:

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14 Responses to Where They Stand: Gubernatorial Races

  • “While the south started voting for Republicans on the presidential level around the time of Barry Goldwater …”

    It was Eisenhower that first got the South voting for Republicans for President. In 1952, Ike won Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, and Florida (and, if you count “border states”, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Maryland); in 1956, he won those same states, except for Missouri, and added West Virginia and Kentucky.

    Goldwater was able to crack the deep South, but not for reasons I’d be particularly proud of.

  • The importance of the governerships is that this is the year for reapportionment, and the governor may have a role, depending on the state’s law.

  • I’ll give Maryland one thing. It’s been easier to register my historic sports car with heavily modified and highly illegal V8 engine in Maryland than in DC, my other address of record. DC is more blue than Maryland.

  • Paul, this is the best analysis of the gubernatorial races I’ve read. My only disagreements are in Colorado where I think crazed Tom Tancredo will win, and Minnesota where I think crazy, and certifiable, Mark Dayton will win. Our bottom line totals are precisely the same.

  • Thank you, Donald. I thought it would be helpful to have them all in one place.

    And now tomorrow, all 435 House races.

    Errrr, maybe not.

  • Great observations about New England. All of the states but Maine have elected Republican governors in recent years. I can’t wait for this red state / blue state myth to disappear.

  • Seems to me, Paul, that, quite the contrary, federalism is on the decline as the rights of states have been eroded by a tide of tyranny from the halls of Congress and the White house. Arizona is the latest in a long line of victims.

  • You won’t get much disagreement from me, Joe. SCOTUS has turned the 10th Amendment into a mere “truism,” and the trend has certainly been towards more power in the hands of the federal government. But federalism isn’t completely dead yet, and state government still retain a great deal of autonomy. Hopefully we can reverse the trend in the coming years.

  • There were a couple of polls that had Palladino within striking distance, but then he opened his mouth.

    That is ‘Paladino’. Much of the embarassment surrounding his campaign can be attributed to the behavior of the Republican establishment, who have abandoned him. The New York Republican Party is a cliquish institution, and those chaps react very badly to characters they view as unclubbable. That would enclude Messrs. Paladino and Hoffman, whose potential as candidates was stunted by the behavior of other elected officials and party hacks.

    What is interesting is that some engaging candidates are running for Congressional seats this year, but they did not seem to be able to recruit anyone of note for the state-wide contests. The state party chairman attempted to recruit a Democratic politico from Long Island to run for Governor (for whatever reason). The clubmen on the state committee were not buying and nominated the amiable Mr. Lazio. Mr. Paladino petitioned for a primary and dispatched the clubmen’s choice so thoroughly that it revealed a chasm between them and their voting public (about which I would wager they give not a damn).

    Some time decades hence there may be in New York an authentic political party organized in opposition to the rule of public employee unions and fixers. Right now what there is is a rancid fund raising and patronage mill thoroughly dominated by mediocrities.

  • Yes, here in Illinois, our governors make the license plates, literally.

    In my area of downstate Illinois, it seems like what’s been going on at the national level has filtered down to every other level. At every level, we’ve had Democrats in charge for a while, and they’ve gotten arrogant, wasteful, and sloppy about covering their tracks. Whether it’s Congressman Phil “I don’t worry about the Constitution” Hare putting his foot in his mouth again, or our mayor and top city officials taking an afternoon off for a celebratory golf outing after maintaining their majority in the last election, or our sheriff driving his work vehicle all over the place on personal time; the story is pretty much the same: people who think we can’t live without them, so they can do whatever they want.

  • “the near certainty of a jail sentence upon the completion of one’s term (as Illinois governor)”

    That is particularly true if said governor is a Democrat.

    The last elected Democratic governor to avoid criminal conviction or imprisonment was Adlai Stevenson — yes, THE Adlai Stevenson who ran against Ike twice. EVERY other Democrat elected in the last 60 years — Otto Kerner, Dan Walker, and Rod Blagojevich — ended up being convicted of some crime, although in Walker’s case, the offense for which he went to prison (some kind of S & L loan fraud) occurred long after he had left office and become a private citizen.

    Republican governors have a much better (though not perfect) track record of staying out of jail. In the last 60 years, one (George Ryan) ended up in jail; one (William Stratton) was acquitted of tax evasion charges; and three (Richard Ogilvie, Jim Thompson and Jim Edgar) have clean records. I’d say that bodes better for Brady.

    I think Brady will win in Illinois, though it won’t be a blowout. Democrats can, of course, take Chicago and Cook County for granted, but the suburbs or “collar counties” outside Chicago are still on the fence.

    The esteemed Illinois political blogger Rich Miller of Capitol Fax foresees disaster of Biblical proportions for Democrats downstate. No Democrat, whether running for General Assembly, Congress, or statewide office, is safe south of I-80.

  • “The esteemed Illinois political blogger Rich Miller of Capitol Fax foresees disaster of Biblical proportions for Democrats downstate. No Democrat, whether running for General Assembly, Congress, or statewide office, is safe south of I-80.”

    Music to my Downstate heart Elaine!

  • Don, it should be noted here that if Quinn loses on Tuesday, the 60-plus-year streak of ELECTED Democratic Illinois governors ending up as felons will remain unbroken for at least four more years, since Quinn was not originally elected governor but succeeded Blago after the latter’s impeachment.

    The only other exception to this Democratic-governors-becoming-felons rule was Sam Shapiro — the Democratic lieutenant governor who succeeded Otto Kerner when the latter was appointed a federal judge. Shapiro served only 8 months in 1968-69 and ran for election in his own right but lost. Unfortunate, since he was by all accounts a smart and honest guy.

  • California please vote for Meg Whitman! If Brown wins, this state will become a gay marriage state, there will be extensive embryonic stem cell research, and cap and trade will be implemented, causing more business to leave the state. Schwarzenegger’s troubles in leadership are hurting Meg. If a republican state house is voted in you will see major changes in the state with Meg. Don’t be turned off by her ability to pay her own way. She is a successful, courageous woman ready to serve the people of the state, not labor unions, not extreme environmentalist, not the liberal agenda hurting our schools.