Shea v. Shea: George Soros

Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts gives us the latest installment of the ongoing debate between Mark Shea and Mark Shea:   Mark Shea defends and praises George Soros Declaring criticisms of Soros by conservatives the stuff of lies and evil which, to Mark, the captain of the Calumny for … Continue reading

The Second Amendment and Race

Mark Shea, in his never ending effort to paint everyone who disagrees with him on the Second Amendment as racists and anti-semites, has a long screed on his blog that may be read here.  As usual when it comes to history, Mark is bone ignorant and merely parrots what his leftist sources say.  In … Continue reading

A Warning From 2008

        Dave Griffey at Daffey Thoughts gives us an on-target warning from 2008: Why the Democrats should not be trusted By Mark Shea, c. 2008.  Tell me what has changed for Mark to have become one of the Democratic Party's loudest cheerleaders within Catholicism … Continue reading