Lysistrata and the Libs

Wednesday, March 14, AD 2012


                                     LYSISTRATA:     There are a lot of things about us women    

  That sadden me, considering how men

See us as rascals.        

CALONICE: As indeed we are!

Apparently some liberal women are calling for a sex strike , stating that if the Government does not coerce all employers to provide health insurance policies that cover contraceptives, that somehow translates into their inability to purchase contraceptives on their own dime.  With that reasoning, I think it appropriate that they are lifting the idea of a boycott of sex from Lysistrata, a comedy by Aristophanes, that envisioned women in Athens and Sparta refusing to pay their marital debt until their men made peace.  Of course nothing like this occurred in the actual history of the Peloponnesian War, just as no one is preventing liberal women from  carrying out their project of making certain that there will be fewer of their descendants in the body politic in the years to come. 

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12 Responses to Lysistrata and the Libs

  • Pansies. If they’re going to sacrifice and commit, then it should be permanent or until they get what they want. Sorry for the redundancy.

  • As a single man, the denial of “sexual favors” from liberal women (otherwise known as a “sex strike”) matters not one wit. Single people are supposed to be celibate because they are not married. A condition otherwise than that is called fornication, hence Sandra Fluke.

  • So does this mean liberal women are actually promoting — gasp! — ABSTINENCE?

  • I’m of the mind that sex with a liberal woman would be more of a punishment than a reward.

  • I publicly concur with “The Larry D”. BTW, have you noticed that conservative women look beautiful, but liberal women look like (what’s that phrase someone used here at TAC yesterday?) “long in the tooth harpies”? Again, it goes back to that old adage: “Sin not only makes you stupid, but ugly as well.”

  • “I’m of the mind that sex with a liberal woman would be more of a punishment than a reward.”

  • I want to know why these women are being so militant about their own contraceptive coverage, but not one single person has suggested that men also deserve free contraceptives under this massive healthcare bill that will already cripple our health care industry. It takes two to tango and one sex ought not have privileges over the other, if their liberal thinking were to follow through. So, imagine, we can cover all sexual activities for people unwilling to take responsibilty in their lives and their sexual escapades.
    I find the mindset of these folks who think that they are somehow owed free contraceptives, to be very troubling. I find that there are more and more entitlement loving Americans, and it makes me wonder if we will still be a free people when my grandchildren are in their adulthood.

  • These “women” are nuts. I feel like I’m living in the 60s and any time a huge bonfire for bra-burning is going to breakout…

  • I’m afraid that bonfire will be for the Constitution; these “women” don’t give a hoot about the finest document ever made, since the bible of course!

  • A sex strike is exactly what America has needed for half a century. Its called abstinence.

  • Irony doesn’t seem to be their strong suit.