Political Thuggery

Thursday, May 17, AD 2012

One of the hallmarks of the progressive left is its open-minded embrace of differing viewpoints, or so they tell us.  They repeatedly hit us over the head with their loving compassion for all mankind.

Sometimes, though, I have to wonder how tolerant these beacons of liberty truly are.  For example, how is deliberately trying to get conservatives blocked on twitter a demonstration of one’s warm embrace of contrary viewpoints?  I’m also not really seeing the compassion of barring people from public places because of their stance on gay marriage.

Also, orchestrated efforts to falsely accuse conservative bloggers of criminal activity just in effort to silence them does not exactly scream “open-minded.”

And I might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I am reasonably certain that issuing death threats and promising to burn down Churches because of their opposition to gay marriage is, well, rather intolerant.

It’s easy to shrug off and even laugh at these idiotic attempts to silence people and intimidate others into not expressing their opinions in public.  In one sense, these goons are indeed simply laughable.  One envisions these scaliwags coming home after a long day protesting with 12 like-minded people, having caused thousands of dollars in property damage along the way without being charged.  Somehow dressing up like a zombie and throwing feces at people did not cause Americans to rise up and demand that the top marginal tax rate be increased.  Frustrated, there is now nothing to do except listen to the sound of your mom snoring in the next room.  So what’s a frustrated 99 percenter do but do all they can in their power to make sure that the person expressing their first amendment right to free speech be silenced.

What’s even more laughable is that these goons think that their efforts at intimidation are actually going to work.  You mean people with deep political feelings aren’t just going to shut up because some fool anonymously runs to twitter to block their account?  Even death threats are having no effect.  So it’s got to be frustrating that, as with most aspects of their lives, they can’t even do intimidation right.

Of course we shouldn’t so breezily dismiss what these thugs are doing.  Even if the charges against Mr. Worthing are a complete croc, he still has to expend time and money defending himself.  And it not exactly an easy feeling knowing that some psycho stalker is out there ready to pounce because he disagrees with your political opinions.  All it takes is one deranged lunatic, and a person’s life can be ruined or worse.

Make no mistake, things will get scarier as the year progresses.  Political tensions are always high during election years, and in the age of the internet and social media, we’re not about to enter into an age of reason and understanding.  And while these sad individuals might lack the power to actually shut their opponents down, there are those in positions of authority who are itching to use that authority in a way that our Founding Fathers would never have dreamed possible.

Well, I don’t want to end my post on that macabre note, so here’s a fluffy pop song to play us out to the weekend.

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Jesse Jackson Jr. Calls for Fascist Dictatorship

Thursday, October 13, AD 2011

Cries of fascism and dictatorship are often overblown.  Not so in the case of Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. told The Daily Caller on Wednesday that congressional opposition to the American Jobs Act is akin to the Confederate “states in rebellion.”

Jackson called for full government employment of the 15 million unemployed and said that Obama should “declare a national emergency” and take “extra-constitutional” action “administratively” — without the approval of Congress — to tackle unemployment.

“I hope the president continues to exercise extraordinary constitutional means, based on the history of Congresses that have been in rebellion in the past,” Jackson said. “He’s looking administratively for ways to advance the causes of the American people, because this Congress is completely dysfunctional.”

Let’s put aside the disgustingly unconstitutional piece of advice for one second, and concentrate on Jackon’s economic plan.  He actually wants to pay the unemployed – to do what exactly? – and at $40,000 per head.  That comes out to $600,000,000,000 – that’s 600 Billion dollars.  And that’s only if we go with the 15 million number for unemployed.  That figure is undoubtedly a low-ball figure of the number of Americans actually unemployed.  In reality we’d most likely have to double that figure and then some.  So Jackson is suggesting that we simply pony up over a trillion dollars a year to guarantee full employment.  And again, what are we employing these people to do?

The more important issue is that Jackson considers mere political opposition to a favored policy to be, in effect, treason.  That’s right, anyone who dares disagree with the Obamamessiah is an active rebel against the United States government.  And, since those people opposing Obama were elected to office – and, by the way, were elected more recently than Obama – isn’t Jackson implying that a majority of the people of the United States are in active rebellion?  Good to know what Jackson thinks of his fellow countrymen.

In the end, Jackson wants to crush out dissent and utilize the machinery of the state to co-opt the marketplace and guarantee certain economic outcomes.  Gee, if only there were a word to describe this kind of desired polity.

But remember, the tea partiers are extremists.

H/t: Creative Minority Report.

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7 Responses to Jesse Jackson Jr. Calls for Fascist Dictatorship

  • Does he first need to burn down the Capitol and accuse the banks?

  • His Dad when Reagan was elected said that fascism had come to America. I await with eager anticipation Jesse’s fiery condemnation of his son’s remarks! (Crickets chirping.)

  • People actually elected Jackson? Oh, Illinois. That explains it.

  • “People actually elected Jackson? Oh, Illinois. That explains it.”

    Well, to be more precise, people in the 2nd Illinois Congressional District — which includes portions of the South Side of Chicago and some southern and decidedly less affluent suburbs — elected Jackson.

    Jackson, known among political junkies as Triple J or just Trips, also came perilously close to actually buying the Senate seat that Governor Hairdo attempted to sell a couple of years back. (The mere thought of Trips as the next U.S. Senator was probably all the motivation the federales needed to slap the cuffs on Blago before it could happen.)

  • “I hope the president continues to exercise extraordinary constitutional means, based on the history of Congresses that have been in rebellion in the past. He’s looking administratively for ways to advance the causes of the American people, because this Congress is completely dysfunctional.”

    Jackson Jr. took an oath to “support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Making those comments effectively breaks that oath. He should be impeached.

  • Also, Triple J already has a serious primary challenger lined up — former Congresscritter Debbie Halvorson from the neighboring 11th Congressional District. My guess is that these remarks were more an attempt to rile up his “base” to vote for him than anything else. Instead, he’s practically handed his opponent oodles of campaign commerical material.

Andrew Sullivan is Certifiably Insane

Monday, June 13, AD 2011

I don’t like to write about Andrew Sullivan.  At this point he should be treated like a troll, meaning it is best to ignore him.  Every now and then it is good to be reminded that Andrew Sullivan has clearly lost his mind.

Most of you have probably read this email that Sarah Palin sent before she gave birth to Trig.  She actually published this in her book, but today it has garenerd wider attention.  It’s a rather touching expression of her faith, and is one of the most beautiful pro-life testimonies you’ll ever read.

One would also think that it’s further proof – not that any is really needed save for disturbed individuals like Sullivan – that Sarah Palin is in fact Trig’s mother.

Oh no.  This is just an opportunity for Sullivan to continue to cast doubts on the official story.

Earlier today there was a replay of the Michael Medved show where he interviewed Jonathan Kay, author of Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground.  Kay and Medved discussed the nature of the conspiracist mindset, and Kay emphasized that there is really not much point in trying to rebut these folks with facts, because they are impervious to all evidence.  Listening to Kay, and then reading Sullivan’s latest screed one is reminded of the futility of trying to deal with such people.

So can we please shun Andrew Sullivan and stop treating him like he’s even a remotely credible journalist of any kind?  No more linking – not even to rebut the man.  Yeah I know I just spent 250 words on the guy, but I guess I’m still in shock that there are people still willing to give this man a platform.  For as absolutely batty Sullivan is, the Daily Beast should be ashamed of employing him.

H/t: Midwest Conservative Journal.

(On a side note, the critics of Kay’s book as well as Sullivan ought really to read my previous post.)

Update: Andrew Sullivan actually responded to an email that I sent him.  Notice anything about the grammar?

show me some evidence. any evidence. then handle all the evidence i
have assembled.
i’m not insane. but palin sure is. when she produces the medical
records i asked for two and half years ago, i will stop asking
why not email her to ask her to clear this up? or do you suspect she cannot?

Yes, clearly we are dealing with a very lucid mind.

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14 Responses to Andrew Sullivan is Certifiably Insane

  • “because they are impervious to all evidence.”

    Good old invincible ignorance. As for Mr. Sullivan, he long ago graduated from “freak show” to “strait jacket”.

  • Sullivan. Ugh. Yes, he is certifiable.

  • Does someone really need to produce a private medical record to some crazy just to prove they had a baby? Really. Whatever happened to trust? Is it so dead that we can’t have faith that a person is telling the truth? He trusts that people in restaurants aren’t poisoning him when he eats out. He trusts a doctor will give him the best advice about a medical procedure. He trusts that an airline pilot will not crash his plane. But he can’t trust that a woman says she had a baby had a baby? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? He’s got serious issues.

  • I try to remind myself that he’s a physically-ill man, perhaps in the early stages of dementia. But he’s also one of the great haters to ever put his thoughts to print, so he’s not blameless. Yes, best for all that he descends into a forced obscurity that will force him to seek the medical and spiritual help he desperately needs.

  • The nation would be much better situated if Sarah Palin today were VP.

    Sulli -who? It’s best to ignore such things.

    Early 2003, I stopped wasting eyesight on his vicious tripe after she accused Pope John Paul II of “traditional Catholic antisemitism” for suggesting peace as an alternative to the invasion of Iraq.

    I blame the evil, filthy liberals (repetitious again) that employ him. He is merely one of the more horrid (of the many vile) Obama-worshiping psychopaths that wrought obamination on the nation.

  • Take a pill. Few people are evil and Andrew Sullivan is not a psychopath. He was not always a hater, either. The wretched part of aging is that we deteriorate in ways those around us might have predicted. In his case, the vector was set by sexual perversion.

  • Andrew Sullivan is not a psychopath

    You’re clearly reading a different Andrew Sullivan than the rest of us.

  • Maybe I am missing the humor, here. I think a short definition of ‘psychopath’ is someone unable to feel guilt or love. I would tend to doubt that describes Sullivan. Of course, I do not know the man personally. Sidney Zion offered a while back an assessment of Roy Cohn in which he said the following: “He did what he wanted to do…that type either ends up in prison or as chairman-of-the-board.” Sullivan is neither a convict nor a captain of industry.

  • Art, you might be taking things a wee bit too literally here, but that’s okay.

  • Since 2003, I have not exposed myself to . . . OOPS!! Wrong choice of words . . .

    “. . . unable to feel guilt or love.” That sounds about right.

    Apparently, AD has a psychiatry medical license.

    I suffer from keyboard Tourrettes Syndrome.

  • No I do not. T. Shaw, you referred to him as a psychopath. Given the atypicality of that sort of person, it is generally safe to assume that a given individual is not.

  • When Sullivan produces medical records (I’ll accept colonoscopy, MRI, CAT scan or x-rays) that prove he is not suffering from irreversible cranial-rectal inversion, I’ll take him seriously.

  • I’m reasonably confident that Sullivan is not a psychopath. He is probably sane enough to be tried for a capital offense, should he ever kill someone, which while not likely is more likely than anyone who regularly visits this blog. But he is a self-righteous jerk who is not as smart as he thinks he is and who interpret everything in life through the distorted lens of his homosexuality, which makes him exceptionally predictable and therefore boring.

  • I stopped listening to Andrew Sullivan when he suggested once that Jesus was anti-family. Not a joke.