We Must Not Forget

Tuesday, February 12, AD 2013

I’ve been seeing it all over Facebook and some of the websites I frequent: an abortionist has killed another woman. The abortionist: LeRoy Carhart, a typically careless, deceptive, and incompetent child-killer. The woman: Jennifer Morbelli, who was seeking an abortion at 33 weeks. That’s the ninth month of pregnancy. The child: existed. And had a name, evidently, which was Madison Leigh.

I would have to be a heartless, emotionless robot to fail to understand why so many people are identifying Ms. Morbelli as “the victim” of Carhart. It seems rather obviously so, doesn’t it? Except it isn’t. It simply isn’t.

There is a point at which one’s rhetorical approach can become self-defeating and absurd. I don’t know why exactly Morbelli was seeking an abortion, but chances are it wasn’t to save her life – not that it would become acceptable in this case, but it would at least become more understandable. Speculation I have seen is that she was seeking a late-term abortion for a typical reason such as defects or deformities in the child.

In case you aren’t familiar with the procedure, a late-term or partial-birth abortion typically involves delivering a baby almost entirely save for the head, jamming a pair of scissors into the back of its neck, and sucking its brains out through a hose. So there is no doubt in my mind who the real victim was here.

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10 Responses to We Must Not Forget

  • Without knowing what transpired between Carhart and Ms. Morbelli, I have no problem with the characterization of Ms. Morbelli as the second victim. It may be true. She could have been convinced by Carhart that she was doing the right thing by not allowing her daughter to suffer. (For example, Carhart’s web page on “fetal indicated abortions” discusses sparing children of “a lifetime of suffering and pain” http://www.abortionclinics.org/FIabortions.html)

    I think we can do better by telling the whole truth. One part of the truth is that a woman and her child are dead because late term abortionists are back alley physicians. Other parts of the truth are that suffering has meaning, that disabled children can have wonderful lives outside the womb, and that perinatal hospice is a much more loving choice than abortion for a baby who is not expected to live long after birth.

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  • Good points. The woman is a victim, just not an innocent victim. You hire a hit-man, sometimes he ends up finishing you off as well.

  • I don’t disagree in general. I read that story and thought the same thing. However, I think the strategy in the pro-life community in pointing out the “accidental” deaths of the mothers is more to point out that abortion is NOT this safe alternative to birth. When the topic comes up, even amongst people I know who are against abortion as contraception there is a concern about the woman. The woman, the woman, the woman is all we hear about. So I think it’s helpful when it’s pointed out that abortion is bad, and potentially very deadly, for the woman *as well as* the child.

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  • Sorry- she is NOT the victim the child she murdered is! How can a CATHOLIC who participated in the murder of her child be granted a CAtholic funeral and burial- that should be reserved exclusively for the child that she allowed to be murdered! She travelled from NY to Maryland for the abortion and I have no sympathy for her at all.

  • I don’t know why we cannot see that there are two victims in all of this sadness. Ms. Morbelli took it upon herself to procure an abortion. Whether she was coerced or not I feel such sadness for her; that she was so separated from the grace of God that she made this horrific choice and she herself succumbed to the consequences. Her child was an innocent victim of this horrible act of violence that we refer to as legalized abortion. This innocent child was brutally killed. Ms. Morbelli’s child is in heaven. We leave Ms. Morbelli to God’s mercy. Let us remember that there but the grace of God go we. It is much easier for those of us who are in relationship with God to see the horror of such an act. Those in “darkness” do not see. May God have mercy upon them.

  • Mary M., I heartily agree. Another aspect to these cases is a phenomenon I’ve noticed. I know a number of cases where a woman or couple has been told that the kid will be messed up and she should have an abortion. These cases are those in which the woman did the right thing–and the child was fine. In two of the cases there was definitely something more sinister going on. One woman was a waitress and sort of lower class. She was told by the doctor the baby would be born with “severe abnormalities” or something and she had the baby anyway, but then the doctor immediately after the delivery asked if she would like to have her tubes tied and in her weakened state she agreed. She was telling us as she waited on us that she really wished she could have had another child.

    The other case which was almost diabolical had to do with my friend’s sister. Her husband wanted her to have an abortion–didn’t want another kid. She said no but he kept pressuring her. Then she went to the doctor and he tells her the baby would be born without a brain and she should have an abortion. She has the baby and, lo and behold, the baby is fine, brain and all. So what happened there? Am I being paranoid to suggest that this is not a coincidence?

    I know several other cases like this. Pro-choice doctors think they’re saving the world by culling the human herd, so my guess is that this practice of pressuring women will continue. It just goes to show that there is nothing empowering to women about abortion. if anything it empowers men, really nasty men.

  • At bottom, the abortion problem in our nation goes back to our view of life. If God did not create us, then life is not a gift to be offered back up to God. It is something accidental, banal, and expendible. And it is a small thing for someone to take life into their own hands at any time.

  • If we are pro-life then we should also demonstrate that we are also Christians in our words and in our deeds. I can’t but help feel sorry for a soul that was judged at death by Jesus for having just killed her child. Hate the sin; love the sinner.

Of Abortionists, Dead Women and Media Complicity

Saturday, February 9, AD 2013



One of the few remaining practitioners in this country of the black art of partial birth abortion, what the late pro-abort Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan referred to as “barely disguised infanticide”, is abortionist LeRoy Carhart.  This week a 29 year old woman died from a botched abortion he performed.  Journalist Robert Stacy McCain, in an eloquent and angry post, brings us the news, along with a searing attack on Carhart and the media that attempts to cover these crimes with silence in order to safeguard the sacred rite right of abortion:

Dr. LeRoy Carhart is one of America’s most notorious abortionists. He specializes in late-term abortion and, unless you actually know what’s involved in it, you cannot possibly imagine what a gruesome atrocity the bland phrase “late-term abortion” describes. Now, according to a report by Operation Rescue, a 29-year-old woman has died after Carhart performed such an atrocity at a Maryland clinic:

A 29-year old woman died [Thursday] as the result of fatal complications suffered during an abortion at 33 weeks that was done by LeRoy Carhart at Germantown Reproductive Health Center in Germantown, Maryland. . . . The woman, who came for a third trimester abortion from out-of-state, arrived at GRHC on Sunday and was seen by pro-life activists every day through Wednesday. Witnesses said she appeared “pale and weak.” Early Thursday morning, the woman began suffering chest pain and other discomforts. Her attempts to reach Carhart were unsuccessful. The woman was taken by her family from her hotel to a nearby hospital emergency room at approximately 5:00 a.m. Efforts by hospital staff to contact Carhart or get informational assistance from the abortion clinic were unsuccessful. The patient suffered massive internal bleeding into her abdominal cavity. She slipped into a Code Blue condition approximately six times before finally succumbing to her injuries at around 9:30 a.m. The case has been placed with the Medical Examiner for further investigation.

The “pro-life activists” who saw the woman at the Germantown clinic were pro-life protesters and “sidewalk counselors.” You may not realize it, but every abortion clinic in America is picketed every day by pro-life volunteers who attempt to dissuade women from terminating their pregnancies. I’ve met these clinic protesters and, contrary to media propaganda, they are not dangerous hate-filled fanatics. They are actually some of the kindest people you’d ever want to meet, as contrasted to the manifest evil of people like the butcher Dr. LeRoy Carhart:

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5 Responses to Of Abortionists, Dead Women and Media Complicity

  • Michael Martelli is right about the family loss, the tragedy from a mothers choice. Her body.
    Her decision. Her right.

    Her death.

  • My contempt for our journalists grows by the hour. They’re TASS without the integrity or the mitigating factor of having a gun pointed at their heads.

  • One of the things that stands out is that the word abortion is actually on the clinic sign. Usually the word abortion is not on the clinic sign. There’s the usual euphemistic tripe of women’s health or family planning.

  • Dale.
    To a degree we share in this death. We, the body of Christ are responsible for this ongoing scourge. Our lack of unity to be the light to the nations that we are called to be has allowed the shadow to grow.
    The journalist share in this sin of omission, and possibly a degree or two more.
    Catholic politicians even more.
    Our lack of unity on this grave issue is the above story personified over and over.

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