Pro-Abort Democrat Members of Congress Salute Radical Nuns

Thursday, July 5, AD 2012

Hattip to Matt Archbold at Creative Minority Report.  That the pro-abort Democrats in Congress salute the radical nuns of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious should come as no surprise to any sentient Catholic.  First, many members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious have served as an unpaid resource for the Democrat Party for years, embracing every Leftist fad imaginable while studiously ignoring, or acting against, the fight against abortion waged by the Church.  Second, as I have written here, the Obama administration, as a campaign tactic, is promoting a schism within the Catholic Church. 

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17 Responses to Pro-Abort Democrat Members of Congress Salute Radical Nuns

  • What makes you so sure they’re an unpaid resource?

  • LCWR = Lesbian Coven of Witches in Rebellion

    Liberal Progressive Democrat = Murder and Libertine Sexual Pervert

  • Dial it back Paul. Such language does nothing useful to advance our cause.

  • Sorry, Donald. Sometimes I just feel like giving the left what they always give us. But doing that makes me as bad as them. -10 pts for me.

  • Let us thank God for small mercies. The American Ambassador in this our uncertain Kenya did stood for God when he resigned rather than Chair a Meeting of Homosexuals and Lesbians. There, Obama is sure determined to cause an schism in the Catholic Church. Let us wait and see if Jesus will permit him to suceed.

  • Don’t you think it is about time to follow through with the Catholic teaching that said it is a sin to join an organization that denies human rights? If it is a sin to join the Nazi Party and the KKK, isn’t it a sin to join the Democrat Party which denies the right to life of the unborn? Reference Life in Christ – Instructions in the Catholic Faith published in 1958, and Life in Christ – A Catholic Catechism for Adults, 5th Commandment.

  • The last Life in Christ was published 1995.

  • Read Revelation 2 today. This seems appropriate given the nature of the LCWR:

    “18 “To the angel of the church in Thyatira write:

    These are the words of the Son of God, whose eyes are like blazing fire and whose feet are like burnished bronze. 19 I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first.

    20 Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. 21 I have given her time to repent of her immorality, but she is unwilling. 22 So I will cast her on a bed of suffering, and I will make those who commit adultery with her suffer intensely, unless they repent of her ways. 23 I will strike her children dead. Then all the churches will know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I will repay each of you according to your deeds.

    24 Now I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who do not hold to her teaching and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets, ‘I will not impose any other burden on you, 25 except to hold on to what you have until I come.’

    26 To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations — 27 that one ‘will rule them with an iron scepter and will dash them to pieces like pottery’[b] —just as I have received authority from my Father. 28 I will also give that one the morning star. 29 Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

  • And we have today’s reading from Amos.

    “4 Hear this, you who trample upon the needy, and bring the poor of the land to an end,
    5 saying, “When will the new moon be over, that we may sell grain? And the sabbath, that we may offer wheat for sale, that we may make the ephah small and the shekel great, and deal deceitfully with false balances,
    6 that we may buy the poor for silver and the needy for a pair of sandals, and sell the refuse of the wheat?”
    9 “And on that day,” says the Lord GOD, “I will make the sun go down at noon, and darken the earth in broad daylight.
    10 I will turn your feasts into mourning, and all your songs into lamentation; I will bring sackcloth upon all loins, and baldness on every head; I will make it like the mourning for an only son, and the end of it like a bitter day.
    11 “Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord GOD, “when I will send a famine on the land; not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD.
    12 They shall wander from sea to sea, and from north to east; they shall run to and fro, to seek the word of the LORD, but they shall not find it.”

    Many in the Church have given up teaching the word of God. Instead they seek to buy the poor with a false “social justice” which ultimately is only the “refuse of wheat” of a disordered political ideolgy.

    The true poverty in America today is the poverty of the word of Truth.

  • I hate to say it, but Rep. Walter Jones (NC) is a -cough-Republican, albeit a RINO. Locals call him “Congressman-for-life-Walter-Jones.” He makes a strong case for term limits, despite his “supposed” support for the military.

  • Yeah, I noticed him now that you mention it. Why in the world he agreed to be on the video I have no idea. As for as I know he has always been a solid vote against abortion and gay marriage. He is a Catholic convert. He has taken an anti-war stance so maybe he thought that the video was a tribute to peacenik nuns.

  • “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The individual citizen, intimately involved with his neighbor, knows intimately the needs and the poverty of his neighbors and the charity of which he is endowed to ameliorate that poverty. The call to charity is a vocation issued by God to the hearts of his servants. Charity is an individual act of the free will and the free man’s conscience. The Virtue of Charity is a citizen’s response to his people. The Freedom of religion is inscribed in our First Constitutional Amendment to preserve one man’s relationship to his neighbor and his neighbor’s needs in response to his vocation to be a servant of God.
    NUNS ON A BUS are a contingent of uninformed, misguided and self-excommunicated, separated individuals who are encouraging communism. These advocate unauthorized use of tax dollars that belong to the citizen even as the taxes are administrated by the administration. In reality, and although these NUNS ON A BUS appear to be magnanimous and freedom loving sisters, their action denies to citizens the use of their own hard earned money, the joy of charity to be shared and the building of community.
    The NUNS ON A BUS need to get a hard earned job that does not promote communism.

  • I like what Mary DeVoe just wrote.

  • Paul: One Hail Mary in Latin. I am having trouble with Greek.

  • Amazing that the “separation of church and state” crowd isn’t hooting and hollering about this. I’m shocked.. shocked I tell you!

13 Responses to Sisters! Sisters!

  • They are a flamboyant, gaudy bunch of grey-haired ladies. Seems they sure do love to kiss, kiss up, to Obama. It is fraudulent when articles about them are illustrated by pics of nuns in habits–these gals gave up habits a long time ago. And that is not all they gave up–they abdicated their vow of obedience, have embraced New Age theories which are used to replace authentic dogma, and support every liberal, pro-sex cause that’s out there. And they look so smug about it all! They stick the “poor” out there in front of them as a diversion to justify any and all of their shenanigins. They have gone back to the original Eve who ate the apple, tried to share it around, and proclaimed, “I will not serve.” I had IHM nuns all through grade school and high school, and they did a good job of education huge classrooms full of working class kids. I had BVM nuns for college, and they were a wonderful example of intelligent, educated women dedicated to God and to their work. Then I entered the Society of the Sacred Heart which had a dual life of contemplation yoked to the apostolate of education. That was great until it collapsed after Vatican II. Now that order has closed most of its schools, has almost no new vocations and is dead in the water. Too bad to waste the charism of St. Madeleine Sophie like that. But I am not discouraged. There are many good and holy priests who tend to their parish families and who celebrate a dignified liturgy. Our pope, Benedict XVI, is a saintly and exceptional man, a profoundly spiritual theologian. Gaudy clothes, drum beating, and defiance of authority will not lead anyone to God. The nuns of the LCWR should pay attention: “The game is fixed. The Lamb will win. Be there.”

  • At least most seem to be wearing bras.

  • Excellent! Absolutely excellent!

  • They exhibit themselves as a bunch of overgrown kids.

  • Was there anyone there under 60……besides Obama?

  • Well, they do seem a bit more modestly dressed than many of the younger people I see these days, but they also look like they are on vacation. I’m not sure that is the right tennor for a nun. But I don’t wish to be judgemental.

  • I wonder if Nancy Pelosi washed that week? 🙂

  • The gravest miscalculation that the LCWR makes is that the Roman Catholic Church will not give you all that is good for you. Worshipping creation, the creature, instead of “their Creator”, as the LCWR does, cannot affirm the sanctity of the human soul. How can a woman bishop act “in persona Christi” when her female body does not conform to the Body of Christ? Rejecting her female human body in favor of a totally symbolic male body, a symbolic Body of Christ, does not fit the definition of “in persona Christi” because the PERSON OF CHRIST IS BODY AND SOUL. Any Sacraments of the Church, she may pretent are only symbolic, and therefore, the woman bishop denies the REAL PRESENCE of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. For this reason, and others, the woman bishop does not follow in Apostolic Succession under the Primacy of Peter. The other reason being is that, if she has a true vocation to sanctity, as all people have, the woman ought to be pursuing her spiritual growth, the spiritual growth, which is being denigrated at every turn by the choices she makes, as the woman slowly slips into oblivion, without her female body, without her saved soul.
    If the LCWR worshipped Jesus Christ, true God and true man, as brides of Christ, they would be filled with every grace and blessing, fulfilled. Our Lady said: “Do whatever He tells you.”
    Human sacrifice is the chief form of worship of the devil. Abortion, the killing of the innocent unborn human being is worship of the devil. Fornication is the next highest form of worship of the devil, lust in all of its forms. Every twisted misconception of the TRUTH is the devil’s delight. The devil has no soul and the devil will never be satisfied.

    The second gravest miscalculation of people who will settle for free contraception, sterilization or abortificients in exchange for their freedom of conscience and their rational, immortal soul, is that they have not lost their freedom of conscience or their rational, immortal soul in exchange for contraception. They believe that only those persons who object to contraception, the Catholic Church and God-fearing persons need lose their freedom of conscience when being forced to provide contraception. This is a lie. All persons lose their religious liberty and freedom of conscience. It is only a matter of time when the law impacts each and every citizen adversely. Take for example, the government now, forces people to provide contraception, taking the authority by force. Later the government will take body parts for transplant by force from individuals without their informed consent or force children to marry without freedom to choose to whom, when and where (as do the Muslims). Without God, government does not function for the common good, no matter what they say.
    A third and most insidious misconception is that the devil will be satisfied. Give the devil what he wants and he will go away. When the devil gets our freedom of conscience, he will be satisfied and return to hell; that he will not seek to destroy all men, body and soul in Gehena. Wrong.
    Many people hope and pray that Obama will be content with destroying the Roman Catholic Church, religious liberty and the freedom of conscience, the right to choose virtue over vice and good over evil. Where in the world has that happened, in the Gulag, in the concentration camps, in China’s one child policy, in India’s sterilization policy? The government is taking power to force people to be forcibly aborted, forcibly sterilized, and forcibly euthanized. The government has already taken power to forcibly bring new individuals to life in a laboratory and use their body parts in medical experimentation without their informed consent which comes about at emancipation at eighteen years old. Every crime against humanity has to be concealed. Only when an individual had lost all value, was he released from the Gulag. People will be chased down and hunted for sport. Hung tarred and feathered to burn as torches and even fed to the lions. Women who want their babies will be aborted. Children will be tortured or used as experiments, medical, and social. Some people will be used for their body parts, as organ donors against their will and without their consent.
    God created man in freedom. Government cannot legitimately take our freedom, or deny our access to God.

  • Donald, are those women not ashamed to call themselves Catholic Nuns? And to watch their wrinkled bodies and faces, and dressed up like drunken old wags staggering from the nearest Beer Joint is horrifying. This old lady was mentored and brought up by the Consolata Nuns – in their beautiful white Habits. They handed her over to the Loreto Sisters of the BVM who completed her formation as a truly devoted Roman Catholic. I bore and brought up my children under the mentorship of the same Loreto Sisters who had taught me years earlier. Their black Habit was the “Stamp of Holiness of the Brides of Christ” just like the white Habit of the Consolata Sisters when I was a toddler and a pre-teen was the “Stampt of Purity”.

    These sorry characters are LOST. We need to pray for them. Any Ordained Priest or Man and Woman Religious who arrogantly dishonours their vows of OBEDIENCE, CHASTITY AND POVERTY IS A LOST SOUL. Any Catholic Faithful who virulently abuses and rejects the Authority of the Catholic Church, Her Teachings and the Magisterium IS A LOST SOUL.

    Weep, my beloved Catholics, weep for the souls who have sold themselves to the Devil. I almost shed tears watching that horrid Video. God have Mercy on us all. Let us pray the younger Nuns will not copy these lost souls and be swallowed by the “World”.

  • I recommend the “The Mitre and the Crook” by Fr. Brian Houghton. The book is out of print but can still be found at Amazon and other book sites. A very interesting read.

    I was taught for my my first 8 grades by Benedictines and just loved them. When I entered a Benedictine college the winds of change had started. Nuns out at nightclubs. So sad to see.

  • [email protected]″ Do you know Consolata Bishop Ambrose (Ambrogio) Ravasi, now retired at the Seminary in Marsabit, Kenya? When he was stationed as Superior General for the USA in Somerset, NJ, Father Ambrose always welcomed me as though he had waited his whole life for me to walk into his office. He often talked about his spouse, Kenya. What a treasure.

  • The LCWR is seeking religion beyond Faith. Religion is man’s response to the gift of Faith from God, and a freedom guaranteed by our First Amendment. Religion beyond Faith is called atheism and is not guaranteed freedom by our First Amendment.

  • From Orwell’s essay, “Reflections on Gandhi”

    “But one should, I think, realize that Gandhi’s teachings cannot be squared with the belief that Man is the measure of all things and that our job is to make life worth living on this earth, which is the only earth we have. […]

    “[…] it is not necessary here to argue whether the other-worldly or the humanistic ideal is “higher.” The point is that they are incompatible. One must choose between God and man, and all “radicals” and “progressives,” from the mildest liberal to the most extreme anarchist, have in effect chosen man.”

    Seems as if these women have chosen man.


Friday, April 20, AD 2012

Occasionally I take a glance at the website of the National Catholic Distorter Fishwrap Reporter for the purpose of amusement.  Yesterday I wandered over there to see their reaction to the Vatican’s attempt to reform The Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  The reactions were both hysterical and hysterically funny.  Father Z, who I have designated the Master of the Fisk, had one of his patented devastating takes on one of the reactions:

[Sr. Joan] Chittister said she was deeply distraught at news of Sartain’s appointment and the order for LCWR to revise itself. [What a surprise!]

“When you set out to reform a people, a group, who have done nothing wrong, [You mean, other than purposely embrace heresies and all sorts of strange things, criticize and defy the Holy See and bishops, abandon their habits and the charisms of their communities… ] you have to have an intention, a motivation that is not only not morally based, but actually immoral,” she said.  [Keeping in mind that this new project comes from the CDF and that this is approved by the Holy Father, I rest my case.]

“Because you are attempting to control people [Note the word “attempt”.  I look forward to many more statements of defiance from women religious, speeches at conferences, articles in NCR.] for one thing and one thing only — and that is for thinking, for being willing to discuss the issues of the age … If we stop thinking, if we stop demanding the divine right to think, [She pretty much side-steps the problems, no?  This “think” thing is misdirection.] and to see that as a Catholic gift, then we are betraying the church no matter what [NB] the powers of the church see as an inconvenient truth in their own times.”  [Sr. Joan must be for the Magisterium of Nuns what Al Gore is to the climate change crowd.]

In attempting to take such control of people’s thinking, [She must think most of her readers are pretty stupid, since she keeps repeating the point.] she said, “You make a mockery of the search for God, of the whole notion of keeping eyes on the signs of the times and of providing the people with the best possible spiritual guidance and presence you can give.  [More Enneagrams, please!]

“When I was a child in this town, I was taught that it was a sin to go into a Protestant church.

In my lifetime, the church, to its eternal credit, admitted that it was wrong. [!?!  About entering Protestant churches?  – Would that some of them would… but I digress. ] The scandal and the sin is that it took 400 years to do that.”

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22 Responses to Schadenfreude

  • They find hope in everything and everyone EXCEPT Jesus Christ. Typical godless liberals.

  • As Lord Macaulay famously observed, “We know through what strange loopholes the human mind contrives to escape, when it wishes to avoid a disagreeable inference from an admitted proposition. We know how long the Jansenists contrived to believe the Pope infallible in matters of doctrine, and at the same time to believe doctrines which he pronounced to be heretical.”

  • “I was taught that it was a sin to go into a Protestant church.”

    No one actually had to teach me that for me to figure it out.

  • “’I was taught that it was a sin to go into a Protestant church.’ No one actually had to teach me that for me to figure it out.”

    Frankly, statements like that are offensive. When my 80 year old Pentecostal mother and my older brother visit me, and ask me to drive them to the local Assemblies of God (AG) Church where I live, then I have done so and shall happily and respectfully continue to do so. I have and shall continue to enter and sit with them, and be a polite and decent human being who realizes that he doesn’t have a lock on the Kingdom of Heaven.

    If the LCWR embraced the Gospel of Conversion and Repentence the way that the AG does, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    There is so much wrong with this triumphalism. The Eastern Orthodox Churches not in union with the See of Peter are recognized to have valid Holy Orders and valid Sacraments. There are other examples. While I utterly despise and loathe the liberalism and progressivism inherent in the Liberal Conference of Women Religious, there is a world of difference between their renegade brand of “Christianity” and our separated Evangelical, Pentecostal or Orthodox brethren. We could learn lessons from the latter even while we disagree with them on matters of theology. Indeed, I have more in common with the typical, run of the mill Evaneglical or Pentecostal than I do with any liberal progressive who calls him or herself “Catholic.”

    BTW, go to a typical AG Church or Church of God Church, and you’ll see no Obama bumper stickers in the parking lot. Go to a Catholic and the story is very different. Why is that? Who really has the problem?

  • Let us stay on topic please. I have a family filled with all Protestants on my father’s side, and my wife was a Protestant when I married her, and so I have zero interest in getting into a battle on this thread about Catholic vs. Protestant. The topic is LCWR and not our separated brethren.

  • All this talk about continuously “thinking” and “being allowed to think.”

    I always thought the purpose of thinking was to arrive at a conclusion. The Church has arrived at its conclusions a long time ago (at least on Sister’s pet issues).

  • Paul Primavera:
    “They find hope in everything and everyone EXCEPT Jesus Christ.” You took the words out of my mouth. “…EXCEPT Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.

  • I was recently reading some of “The Soul of the Apostolate”. The theme of the book is the importance of the interior life over the active life. I thought the author used some outrageous stories of religious people who got so lost in their active apostolates that they bankrupted themselves spiritually. Now I’m thinking that the author actually understated the risk.

  • Niiice.

    The biological solution is taking care of these catholycs.

    Check out the despair in their movement at the 4:00 minute mark.

    Then take a look at their demographic at the 6:12 mark, you can see an elderly person walking with his stroller in the background.

    You can almost see Michael Sean Winters way in the back curled up in the fetal position sobbing with his thumb in his mouth.

    Yep, the biological solution is taking care of these dissidents.

  • Pinky: Mother Teresa of Calcutta instructed her nuns to pray five hours a day and work five hours a day, without which the nuns would lose their vocation.

  • IIRC, it was never a sin to go into a protestant church.
    We were taught that taking part in their “communion” was sinful, because it meant that we accepted their view of communion as a symbol, was equivalent to the genuine “Eucharistic Sacrfice” of the consecrated species of the Catholic Mass.

    There was never a ban on entering a protestant church – I attended many weddings of family and friends in other churches.

    Sr. Joan’s red herring.

  • *shrug* Pretty standard stuff. “Think” is the same as “listen”– it usually means “agree with what I’m saying.”

  • Power is indeed the issue. The left decries greed and indeed there is. But they ignore their own greed in grabbing for more and more power. This is the true problem with greed today.

  • The LCWR has become a rat’s nest of secular dissent against the Catholic Church. After Archbishop Sartain investigates them, I hope the Holy See disbands the LCWR and puts the dissenters on notice – shape up or ship out.

    I cannot look at the NCR website. Just can’t do it.

  • All I can say is Thank God for Pope Benedict XVI, for Bishop Levada and for Bishop Sartrain. What I found most interesting about the video attached is that no one answered the question What do you have hope in? with the answer I would give: Christ and the Church. That is where I put my hope. And it is refreshing and awesome to see how Benedict is gracefully charting the Church out of the Scandals and into the future by returning its heart and its focus to the past, to the teaching of the magisterium, and the true deposit of the faith. May GOD continue to bless the Catholic Church. And I pray that those within it who want to change it to something more modern and conforming of the world — find the exit and fast. The Church that Christ founded is good enough for me.

  • Penguins Fan,

    I don’t visit the NCDistorter for any reason at all. Even if they have John Allen writing there, which I find disturbing.

    Isn’t writing for the NCDistorter formal cooperation with evil?

  • The LCWR has attempted to turn the Church into a democracy, not unlike the mainstream protestant denominations have done in their own misguided way. When doctrine is subject to the whim of a vote or popular opinion, you have what the TEC community is experiencing: doctrinal confusion and ecclesiastical meltdown.

    The undoing of the LCWR will not be due to the Vatican’s legitimate action to rectify the disturbing anti-Catholic teaching and behaviour among the LCWR membership and their allies. No, the LCWR will fall due to what comes out of their mouths and which further alienates them from the Church. They can try to blame others for the problems they have created. However, mature adults would normally find it within themselves to examine their consciences, submit to the legitimate authority of the bishops and make the necessary changes to harmonize their mission with that of the Church.

    One would think that the LCWR leadership would exercise restraint and humility. Instead, their reactions amount to the confused rants of petulant children. As it is, the LCWR’s defiance proves they are not with Christ and His Vicar.

  • Don,

    You asked. “Why do people who so manifestly hate the Church, at least the Church as she has existed throughout history and not the Church of their desires, stay? ”

    I believe they stay because being Catholic has a distinct and definitive meaning. It has some bona fides that they would not be able to claim outside the Church. I find it ironic that the only way their opinions carry weight is staying in the very organization they seek to destroy.

    Dominus Vobiscum


  • Warren
    “The LCWR has attempted to turn the Church into a democracy,” Biting the hand that feeds them.

  • Maybe they are staying and trying to change the Church into their own image and likeness because they would lose a lot of property if they left (convents, etc….) and PRIDE , of course, – they are right and those old men in Rome are….wrong!

Of Aging Leftists and Brides of Christ

Wednesday, April 18, AD 2012

16 Responses to Of Aging Leftists and Brides of Christ

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  • One has to wonder though that given these problems cropped up rather quickly after teh Council if teh seeds of this were not sown prior to the Council.

  • I know a couple of young women who have gone overseas – one to Australia and one to the US – to join religious orders there because of the liberalism that has infected many of our women’s orders – in particular the Dominicans and the Sisters of Mercy.
    My cousin, who was professed in the Domnican order back in 1992 was the mosr recent profession in that order in this country – and she is a raging feminist; we have some ding dong arguments, and I take much enjoyment getting her stirred up 🙂

    That order is dying here, but those of St.Joseph of Cluny and the one founded my St. Mary of The Cross – St.Mary McKillop – are doing okay.

    I wonder if, after Vatican II, that the liberals got hold of things so quickly that it was like a “blitzkrieg”, and has taken a long time to peg back. Therewer certainly liberal feminists around prior to V2 – look at how many jumped “over the wall” – but many stayed.

  • Like most great historical events Greg, one could point to events prior to Vatican II that indicated what happened subsequent to it. However, one could also point to events prior to Vatican II that presaged a coming age of vibrant orthodoxy. The tea leaves, as they usually are in human affairs, were mixed. My own opinion is that in some other decade Vatican II would have been benign or at least harmless. In the context of the Sixties, when most institutions in the West came under sharp attack, the turmoil within the Church, matching the turmoil in the World following Vatican II, was a disaster that destroyed the faith of many and brought to the fore within the Church in too many cases blind guides. Pope Paul VI deserves a lot of credit for not surrendering to these forces, albeit he could not stop them. John Paul II largely accomplished that, and Pope Benedict is carrying forward with the rebuilding.

  • Working for a Catholic Church on Long Island, New York, I’m surrounded by these type of Nuns. On a personal level, I’m very fond of them, but politically, they are leftys. They voted for Obama and continue to push for amnesty for illegals, woman priests, etc. I remember the day when Joseph Ratzinger was made Pope – they were all very upset, but I was DELIGHTED, though I had to keep it to myself. The youngest one is in her 70’s and their order (Sisters of Mercy) is dying on the vine. I pray everyday that these “Foolish Virgins” will return to the orginal intent of their calling and stop the liberal nonsense before it’s too late.

  • The Sisters I know personally are all pretty darned liberal. And old. Most of their stories are similar as well; joined their orders in the sixties because they wanted to be involved in work for social justice. No mention of Jesus at all. One is a Sister of the Living Word. I don’t know what the others were (they’re retired) because I never asked. I don’t think I want to know, either. It’s too disappointing.

  • One order that never had a lot of vocations is now doing fairly well. The “Hawthorne” Dominicans take care of terminal, poor cancer patients. My sister-in-law is coming up to her 60th jubilee. They accept no money from patients or their families until the patient has been dead for 1 year (I think). The Sisters are wonderful, dedicated and cheerful. They have a daily office and Mass in their chapel. It is always a privilege for me to visit them periodically. They truly do Gods’ work.

  • No offense against anyone, but I don’t have any lefty friends, nuns or otherwise, nor am I fond of any lefties. Most are deluded. The rest are vicious man-haters and tradition-haters. Nothing in common, nor would there be.

    Maybe I am just an intolerant, divisive, unkind and (worst of all) not nice conservative fanatic to the right of Attila the Hun (which by the way ryhmes with nun).


    Thank God they are being slapped down. About time.

  • Compare the rage of the aging leftist sisters to the joy apparent on the faces and in their speech of the Dominicans of Nashville and Michigan, or the Poor Clares in Birmingham and Arizona. ‘Nuff said.

  • One has to wonder why it has taken so long and gotten so out of control to have any kind of guidance from Rome. It doesn’t matter if it’s the sisters or the progressive clergy I honestly cannot believe these deep seeded efforts to destroy Holy Mother Church were left to fester and now we are REALLY reaping the fruits of our actions. If you want to be Catholic than be Catholic, otherwise go start your own church. I do not believe the souls that were educated and formated under these radical torrents of disdain for the Church and her teachings, will be held accountable for their loss of the gift of faith. Those however who formed these minds and knew better, but had their own personal agenda of what they wanted “the chruch” to be, will.

  • The Sisters of the Eucharist in Lansing/Ann Arbor are the most beautiful women I have ever met. You can’t wipe that smile off their faces. What a contrast to others who are in a power struggle with their own gender and faith.

    God, send laborers into your field. We are truly blessed by women who love Christ as their bridegroom.

  • I finally found a link to the 8-page document via an article on Fr. Z’s blog. It’s pretty blunt for a church document, and establishes some heavy-duty new policies. The LCWR response so far looks like spin and negotiation, the opposite of the kind of obedience which the saints and great orders displayed even when the authority which oversaw them was unjustified in their actions.

  • I’m well acquainted with sisters of a local religious house who do much needed work with the poor, immigrants, homeless women, and the mentally handicapped. I admire them for their dedication and their ministries. But their have been no young sisters joining them for many years. I attribute this to their spirit of rebellion against the authority of the Church. One of the sister who was a sponsor of someone going through our RCIA process was disruptive during a couple of the sessions dealing with the sacrament of Holy Orders (she was very upset that we don’t ordain women and predicted that the Church would change that under another pope) and Marriage and sexuality (the Church shouldn’t condemn homosexual acts). I am bothered by the way the sisters stand beside the priest and hold up the bread and wine during the offertory prayers at Mass and I was told by someone who attended a recent event there that one of the sisters danced up the aisle in the offertory procession in a long flowing outfit, with bare feet, swaying and gracefully motioning with her arms. One of the sisters once introduced me to a visitor as ‘conservative’ (meaning only that I don’t see a problem with accepting church teaching and discipline). I’m an ordinary Catholic lay person, why on earth should it be considered ‘conservative’ to do that? I think the visit and the CDF’s action is long overdue. I feel most sorry for the professed sisters who do NOT agree with what’s going on. They have taken vows of obedience and have given many years of their lives to God within the order. They are sometimes the recipients of unkindness. But they stay, faithful to the Church and to their vows and soldier on.

  • CFS
    ” I am bothered by the way the sisters stand beside the priest and hold up the bread and wine during the offertory prayers at Mass ………”

    This is a very serious liturgical abuse – the priest must be just as stupid as the nuns.

    Has anyone reported this to his bishop?

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  • Yes i do agree that there are orders dying out due to lack of attracting vocations, however there are two Domincan Orders both in the USA who have for the last decade have been attracting young women not only from the US, but from other countries as well. They are the Domincan Sisters of St Cecilia and the Domincan Sisters of Mary, in both of these orders the sisters are in traditional habit and veil and it is these orders that are attracting women. In the St Cecilia congregation they have over 200 in the mother house alone, that is fully professed, novices and postualants and are still taking in prospective applicants, the same is said for the Domincan Sisters of Mary. The St Cecilia congregation has recently opened it’s 1st overseas convent here in Australia in Sydney and are doing well.

Is The USCCB Responsible for ObamaCare?

Friday, July 16, AD 2010

The American Life League (ALL) is making a strong case of placing most of the blame for passage of ObamaCare squarely on the shoulders of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

What the ALL is alleging is that the USCCB was very desperate to push for universal health coverage that they compromised on some key principles.  One of which was that of abortion where instead of fighting against abortion they decided to stick their heads in the ground and use “abortion neutral” language.

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10 Responses to Is The USCCB Responsible for ObamaCare?

  • It was imprudent for the USCCB to advocate for universal health care. While it is important and appropriate for the USCCB to explain the moral rules of engagement regarding access to health care, how a society can best satisfy those moral imperatives is outside its competency. Its opinions are no more or less instructive or insightful than mine, yours, etc. One of the most important moral rules of engagement regarding health care is that abortion is unacceptable.

  • I agree with Mike, but this is BS. The bishops (who certainly favor HC reform of some sort and in many or most cases prefer a government based system) were one of the loudest and most influential voices against abortion and the lack of conscience provisions. If it weren’t for them and other pro-life orgs like NRTL Obamacare would have steamrolled through with generous abortion provisions. In large part it was their influence with “pro-life” Dems that resulted in making the matter an obstacle to be overcome by Dem leadership and gaining what little protections there are.

  • There = their. Illiterate or something.

  • RL,

    Got it fixed for you buddy.

    Cardinal George personally telephoned pro-life GOPers to push for the pro-life amendment when it was in the House.

    He didn’t do any such thing when Bart Stupak and his Benedict Arnold’s reversed course and put the death sentence on innocent unborn children.

  • I’m with RL. The USCCB was one of the loudest opponents of ObamaCare. To say that they are somehow responsible for it passing is bizarre.

  • Thanks Tito.

    The bishops spoke to anyone and everyone who would listen. They made it clear to Stupak too. The bishops were rightfully disappointed in the “pro-life” Dems that changed their vote, and outraged at the shenanigans and betrayal of the CHA. I use the owrd outraged because that is pretty much what it would take for them to speak so disapprovingly publicly.

  • Why is it that anyone continues to think that our bishops are men of honor? Which of them would accept martyrdom in support of Church? Why was it necessary for the Vatican to issue rules about the protection of children?

    Blind mouths, as Milton called them.

    Blind mouths! that scarce themselves know how to hold
    A sheep-hook, or have learn’d aught else the least That to the faithful herdman’s art belongs!
    What recks it them? What need they? They are sped;
    And when they list, their lean and flashy songs
    Grate on their scrannel pipes of wretched straw:
    The hungry sheep look up, and are not fed,
    But swoln with wind and the rank mist they draw
    Rot inwardly, and foul contagion spread:
    Besides what the grim wolf with privy paw
    Daily devours apace, and nothing said:

  • Gabriel,
    I think you paint with an exceedingly broad and uncharitable brush. And to answer your insulting rhetorical question, I bet quite a few would accept martyrdom if it came to that — but like STM have no interest in initiating or accelerating the process.

  • Politics are a problem for the USCCB. There are many so called “Catholics” who continue their support of todays culture and relativisms in Congress. The only fault of these Bishops , for most of them , is their inability in their teaching of the Church’s tenets to really enforced these teachings on those politicians after meetings and consultations with these so called “catholics” who continue to support the culture of death. A good example is the record of Nancy Pelosi and yet the extreme measure of excomunication is not used. These leaves many of the laity to wonder why they also can not pick and choose what tenets they may or may not follow, or disagree with, or why if these politicians are are able to cotinue their ” standing ” in the Church why then can’t they.

  • Mike Petrik said Friday, July 16, 2010 A.D.
    I think you paint with an exceedingly broad and uncharitable brush. And to answer your insulting rhetorical question, I bet quite a few would accept martyrdom if it came to that — but like STM have no interest in initiating or accelerating the process”.

    My point is quite simple: our bishops are failing in their duty. Compare ours with the bishops in China, Vietnam, Africa.
    A.N.Whitehead described religion in our time as “decoration for comfortable lives”. Our bishops are afraid; they congregate behind the chancery walls and the bureaucratic pomposities of the USCCB.

    Consider but the inanities of Fr. McBrien, published in so many diocesan papers. Uncharitable is permitting his misleading notions to be published under episcopal authority. {One among many examples: Fr. McBrien believes that ensoulment of the fetus happens three months after conception – which is to say that an abortion before the 3rd month is not murder].

    Bishops like hanging around politicians. They are not unlike the Arian bishops who delighted in being received at the court in Constantinople. Plus ca change…