Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

Tuesday, February 4, AD 2014





Christopher Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal, a non-Catholic who has taken up the cudgels for the Church so frequently that I have named him Defender of the Faith, explains one of the basic rules when it comes to sex crimes in contemporary America:  some animals are more equal than others:



or, “There’s Never A Massive Earthquake Around When You Need One.”

Frisco?  A bunch of us were shooting the breeze the other day and we decided that if you and the rest of Cali ever wanted to secede from the Union and rejoin Mexico, join Canada or form your own basket case of a country, none of us Tea Party wingnuts will stand in your way.  Why?  Larry Brinkin:

Larry Brinkin, who worked at the Human Rights Commission for the City of San Francisco for 22 years and was a prominent homosexual rights activist for more than 40 years, pleaded guilty to felony child pornography possession last week.

Brinkin is expected to serve six months in jail, five years of probation, and register as a sex offender for the rest of his life when he is sentenced on Mar. 5. But he likely will get to keep his city pension because possessing and viewing child porn apparently is not considered a crime of “moral turpitude” under San Francisco’s retirement/pension rules.

More on that last sentence in a few moments.  I’m not posting this to make points at the hands of homosexuals.  You and I both know that gays with a conscience will be horrified at all this, particularly at one of Brinkin’s e-mails reproduced in the story. The language has been cleaned up but I’m not going to copy it here.

It’s that bad.

I mention this only to note that the very people who would be shrieking like banshees if Brinkin were a Catholic priest are closing ranks.

After Brinkin’s initial arrest, Theresa Sparks, executive director of San Francisco’s Human Rights Commission, told the media, “It’s almost incredulous, there’s no way I could believe such a thing. He’s always been one of my heroes, and he’s the epitome of human rights activist – this is the man who coined phrases we use in our daily language. I support Larry 100%. Hopefully, it will all come out in the investigation.”

Bevan Dufty, who served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and now is director of Housing Opportunity, Partnerships and Engagement in the mayor’s office, following Brinkin’s arrest said, “I have admired and respected his work for the LGBT community. I respect and am confident that there will be due process.”

Did you know that in Frisco, possessing and viewing kiddie porn does not constitute “moral turpitude?”

Concerning whether Brinkin will retain his city pension, his attorney Randall Knox said he did not think the felony child porn possession conviction was relevant because it apparently does not fall under “moral turpitude,” as explained in the city rule Proposition C.

“This is not a moral turpitude crime,” Knox told the Bay Area Reporter, and it is “not something that happened when he was working for the city.”

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13 Responses to Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

  • Reminds me of the Woody Allen controversy. Anybody else notice that his daughtes claims have been dismissed in the mass media?
    Reminds me of the Roman Polanski case. People wer actually complaining that he had been caught in a sting.
    Finally, I note that in the cable TV series “Shameless”, one of the sympathetic characters is a homosexual surgeon who is having an affair with a 15 year old character.

    The double standard in the media is truly nauseating.

    Are we as Catholic EVER going to start punching these peole in the face?

  • Because some can be connected to a universal institution that opposes the immoral, execrable liberal/progressive/state nightmare . . .

    Because no one in the so-called media has one question for Obama on “Fast and Furious”; his IRS’s war on the right, Obamacare lies and non-compliance by the EXECUTIVE branch; etc.

  • “A more accurate reflection of the attempt to empty sexual acts of morality, that is the norm on the cultural left, is the ongoing effort to “normalize” pedophilia.” ” All animals are equal but Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others”
    These victims, all victims, are prey, soulless prey to be consumed. Obliterate the human soul, the individual substance of a rational nature, the human person, the civil rights, the sovereignty of the human soul and the body becomes a beast of burden; the strong to own the weak, the battle of conquest of enslaving the person. The human being could not invent this. This is straight from Hell. It is demonic. Where is your brother?
    The perpetrator may want to decriminalize child pornography. However, this perpetrator is a public employee and as such he must represent all people, every person including his victim.Therein lies the crime of seeing his victim as a means of self-gratification instead of as a human being, a constituent, a human person. Who is next?

  • Sickening culture.

    #1. Destigmatize. So true.
    In Germany the phrase is “minor
    attracted persons.” Substitute
    for pedophilia.

    Add one more.

    #8. Lower the age of consent.

    This will widen the field of prey.

    I do not wish for calamity on an unprecedented scale, however if it happens in San Fran I could sorrowfully understand. God will not let these injustices go on forever.

  • While I am clearly NOT homosexual (I absolutely love and adore my beautiful Filipino Roman Catholic fiancée who is a mere 5 years my junior and I am 55), I can understand how a man may fall in love with another man, or a woman with another woman. It is weird to me, very strange and abnormal, but I can understand it. Of course sexual acts between same-sex people are intrinsically evil, but I have done so many evil things (other than that particular evil) in my life that I really should not cast the first stone. However, when it comes to pedophilia, child pornography, child abuse, etc., I really think some harsh punishment is in order. Removal of the reproductive organs may be in order for such vicious creatures who prey on the innocent with such abandon. I suppose that this consideration on my part places me to the right of Attila the Hun.

  • San Francisco was not always this way. I wish I could see the San Francisco of the somewhat distant past, before the loonies took it over.

  • Philip: “#8. Lower the age of consent. ” Justice? Ruth Bader Ginsberg advocates lowering the age of informed sexual consent for girls (not boys?) to fourteen years of age in her book. A fourteen year old girl cannot even drive to the grocery store for food, or vote, or enter the armed services, but she goes unprotected into statutory prostitution. The wit and wisdom of our judiciary.

  • Pedophilia fed and nurtured by photos and films of children being physically and spiritually abused. We ought to fight inch harder against those who produce and sell pornography.

  • Mary De Voe.

    A nightmare that seems endless.

    A society that devours it’s young. How can that society prosper?
    Your being very kind in your sarcasm; “the wit and wisdom of our judiciary.”
    I see Rod Sterling and hear the ( do doo do dooo do doo do dooo…) and enter the bizarre…Our Day…the Twilight Zone!

  • Pornography came into the public domain as freedom of speech. Only truth has freedom of speech. The fact that pornography exists is vice not virtue, not the truth. Pornography was induced not the public domain by lobbyists for its dissemination, for the money.
    Pornography is a lie and perjury in a court of law about the human being and the human condition. Pornography debases one of the most beautiful gifts our Creator has endowed to man, the gift of procreation. Does the pornographer have the right to purvey his sickness? No, vice does not have freedom of speech. If pornography were self-abuse the courts would have nothing to say about it. The fact that pornography debases all persons of their civil right to privacy, decency and virtue is not freedom or civil rights.
    There is a victim to pornography, all citizens are victimized.

  • Does God exist? If not, we are mere animals to be managed by the state and whatever we otherwise do is acceptable, as long as we stay within the politically correct corral. We must be disarmed, as if dehorned, declawed and defanged, so as not to injure our handlers. Even if we devour our young, it is of little concern to the Godless State. We are not there yet but this is where we are heading. “It is time to stand athwart history and yell stop”. *Thank you and rest in peace, Mr. Buckley.

  • When one holds that morality can be divorced from sex…one will hold that morality can be divorced from everything.

  • Dead on correct. What started as a fringe part of the male homosexual rights movement (saying that it was normal for men to have sex with underage boys) has almost become mainstream in that movement’s thinking–if it hasn’t become fully mainstream!

    I worked at a high school several years back where the admin actively supported homosexual rights & marriage-& hired accordingly. We had a very aggressive, active gay male member of faculty–who used our faculty meetings as an opportunity to push his political agenda & lecture all of us about our bias against members of the LGBT crowd. His male students were afraid of him-the students we taught were about 95% African American & those young men DID NOT WANT ANYONE QUESTIONING THEIR MASCULINITY! One day in class, this gay teacher just could not leave it alone & started lecturing his class on racial issues & homosexual issues at the same time. As those young black males were livid over his self righteousness, a literal riot ensued in the classroom. School property was damaged; security had to end the violent behavior. This gay teacher then was required by administration to take racial sensitivity training due to the riot he provoked & what his black students had to say about the gay male teacher’s having provoked the riot. I promise–I am not making this up! Not long after that, this same homosexual male teacher had a teenage male aid in his room that the teacher started paying an inordinate amount of attention to–flirting with the student vs. teaching class–buying the student things–including pizza for lunch so the male student would stay with the teacher during lunch time–giving the student neck massages. Yep! You guessed it. The next thing that happened was the male aide’s parents filed charges against the homosexual teacher–saying that the teacher had called their child at home asking the student to come to the teacher’s house for a hot oil massage. I will not bore you with all the political/ legal chenanigans that took place after this. It was a mess that never was resolved correctly IMHO. I do believe that my building administrator did everything within her power to bring about justice in this case–& protect our students from this predator. I can’t recall knowing anything about the sex life of any of the other 200 faculty members–because they never publicly discussed their sex lives.

The Fear of God and the Law

Saturday, December 15, AD 2012

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is prudence.

Proverbs 9:10


Traditionally in English criminal indictments this formula was used “not having the fear of God before his eyes, but being moved and seduced by the instigation of the devil”.  This of course contained a great truth that used to be embodied in Western jurisprudence, that human laws could do only so much to prevent evil and that the eternal battle waged in every human heart and mind between good and evil was the true determinant of whether men would commit terrible acts against, not merely the momentary statutes of Man, but the eternal Law of God, as partially represented in the Ten Commandments given to humanity by God on Mount Sinai.

In the wake of the appalling evil of the murder of the innocents at the elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut yesterday, there are cries for legislation, usually from advocates of gun control, to purportedly aid in preventing this type of tragedy from happening again.  There is also, inevitably, endless commentary.  One piece of commentary I found striking was that by John Podhoretz at Commentary:


The connection between the protection of children and the practice of monotheism dates back to the beginning. After Abraham becomes the first Jew, the first monotheist, he is tasked by God to sacrifice his beloved son Isaac, the miracle child of his and his wife Sarah’s old age, and he takes up the task without complaint until God stays his hand. The story of Isaac’s binding, the akedah, is one of the most challenging of the Bible and is often taken to mean God was testing Abraham’s faith with the ultimate demand. But one might also say that at the very dawn of the worship of the One God, the Bible was placing the sacrifice of children outside the realm of the thinkable for the first time.

The idea that civilization is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the weak and the innocent, and not about fulfilling evil impulses to defile and destroy innocence, is the root and core of the West. One cannot conceive of anything more monstrous than a person or persons who could look small children in the eye and systematically shoot them dead. Which is why this crime, among the worst crimes in American history, is not just an assault on the children, or their families, or the town of Newtown—though it is all those things.

What the killer(s) did today was nothing less than a contemporary sacrifice to Moloch, in whatever form Moloch manifests himself today—the appeasement of a voice in the head, most likely. Evil, even if it is loosed due to mental illness, is an effort to destroy the common good by making good appear powerless, ineffectual, weak. Today saw a horrifically effective effort to give evil a victory. It has opened a portal and brought Hell to earth.

Gehenna is real again.

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10 Responses to The Fear of God and the Law

  • A society that truly wishes to protect the weak and the innocent would not tolerate abortion on demand….

    You have it! The banners flew high in our very liberal downtown this past August…Stop Child Abuse. Try to explain the worse cases of child abuse, abortion, and I’m laughed at.

    Donald. What’s left for us to do to counter this attack on “goodness?” Pray?! With God All things are possible.

  • Abraham acknowledged that Isaac belonged to God,

  • “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

    Money quote!

    I think we may blame 50 years of execrable elites (citing diversity and tolerance, seizing unlimited power) pitting Americans against God and against each other.

    For years they have constantly pushed on us: vice is virtue and blessings are curses.

    The OT says “Woe unto him who calls evil good and good evil.”

    We are reaping the whirlwind.

    “As ye sew, so shall ye reap.”

  • Phillip: If may answer your query to Donald Mc Clarey: “What’s left for us to do to counter this attack on “goodness?” Remember, reiterate and remind people of the self-evident truth and founding principle that all men are created equal by “their Creator” and that all men belong to God, first, and to the community/family second, that the church, community and family belong to God, first. Caesar belongs to God and ought to be rendered unto God, that any person who repudiates God, “their Creator”, and our founding principles, repudiates his sovereign personhood, his unalienable rights endowed by God and his citizenship granted by the state, by the state who belongs to God, that the newly begotten sovereign persons belong to God, their bodies and their souls, belong to God, first, to their church and community, second, and to themselves, lastly, that any person who may believe that the soul and body of the newly begotten belongs to another person has forfeit his soul and unalienable rights to the devil. The devil has no soul and covets each and every soul of man, but when the devil got the soul of the Son Man, Jesus Christ, the coward ran to the pit of hell to hide, where, if I may say, the personification of evil belongs.

  • Attempts to parallel Rome and America are often misguided. However, I see a parallelbetween Western Culture and Roman Culture.

    This has happened before: ancient religions that kept passions in check undermined and replaced by half-baked, hedonistic and falsely rationalist ideas that amount to little more than replacing concepts of the divine with an inflated sense of Man’s importance.

    Satan knows that Man is doomed when unchecked by a moral code. He uses the human intellect to undermine our acceptance that we are curiously God’s beloved creation. We convince ourselves that that which doesn’t make perfect sense to us, even though our knowledge is far from perfect, must not be true. Thus we become rebels against the natural order and, thus, God.

    Remember though that we are responsible for only that which is under our control. A heavy price is to be paid for not fulfilling our duties, to be sure, but we are not accountable for what was not ours. If we concentrate on using His gifts well and fulfilling our duties, if we work hard and honestly, raise our families well and are faithful to our spouses and parents, seek to heal the injuries of this world, we will have done what was right and, so, will have done the Good.

    Keep the faith, my friends… It is all that you can do and all you are responsible for.

  • Mary De Voe.

    Thank you. Remind them with actions and as a last resort with words.
    It is our responsibility to lead and teach by our lives. I must remind myself that we can’t be concerned with immediate results, rather leaving the results and timing in Gods hands.
    Thanks Mary.

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  • “They have built also the high places of Baal, to burn their sons with fire for burnt offerings unto Baal, which I commanded not, nor spake it, neither came it into my mind” (Jeremiah 19:5)

    The holy Fathers teach, “Which I commanded not”- this refers to the sacrifice of the son of Mesha, the king of Moab (2 Kings 3:27); “nor spake it”; this refers to the daughter of Jephthah (Judges 11:31); “neither came it into My mind”; this refers to the sacrifice of Isaac, the son of Abraham.

  • There is this second part, Phillip, to my response:
    The challenge of atheism must be met head on sometimes, because of the contempt the militant atheist has for God-fearing people. Remember, if the atheist believes himself to be God-like, and Catholics are God-fearing people, the atheist is emboldened and too easily assumes that Catholics are to be victimized, thereby disrupting the peace and security of the community. The atheist will respect my doctrine and dogma and my religion or I will not respect his atheism, his free will to repudiate our founding principles and our Creator and I will find that he has repudiated his sovereign personhood endowed by the Person of our Creator and all unalienable civil rights and I will find that he ought to be exiled and deported as he has disenfranchised himself, with no one to blame but himself, his arrogance, his lack of humility and his contempt for his neighbor…while at the same time I may be praying and staying close to God…
    Thank you for your kind words.

  • Mary-
    Your welcome.
    In [ Heretics ] by G.K.Chesterton; “We have to love our neighbor because he is there. He is the sample of humanity that is actually given us. Precisely because he may be anybody, he is everybody.”

    Some may say that no one can love his neighbor on an empty stomach, yet many Saints have found it very possible, as long as the heart is full. Example St. Maximilian Kolbe.

    Your second part, the contempt that some atheist may have agonist God-fearing people is correct. Standing in peaceful protest in Madison Wisconsin in 2002 was my first experience with your theory. Interestingly once in awhile, a conversion take place.
    So our public witness for Truth is vital.

    May Gods grace be forever with us in this ongoing 2,000 plus years of Good News broadcasting knowing full well that defending the faith is not for the faint of heart.
    Peace to you and your family Mary.