Larry Sightings



I had not intended this for publication, but a recent attempt by criminals to subject one of my computers to ransomware has caused me to give this internet “immortality” by publishing it here.  Those who wish to may conclude that these “sightings” are the product of the mind of a Father crushed by grief.  Faithful readers of this blog, who know how I attempt to adhere to facts when writing about History and the Law, may decide that I am being truthful when I state that what is written below is a purely factual account.  I will update this in the future as necessary.


Larry Sightings:

1.  Toilet paper on floor next to toilet bowl in upstairs bathroom on May 21, 2013.    (Larry in life was in the habit of constantly putting a length of toilet paper on the floor at the right side of the toilet bowl in the upstairs bathroom, where the lengths of toilet paper have been found since his death.  Each time one has been found since the date of his death on May 19, 2013, the other members of the family have denied putting it there.)

2.  Larry’s grandmother reported unexplained chimes at night in her house beginning the evening of May 18-19, 2013.

3.  A glove that looked like one of Larry’s was found in the new car of his Grandmother on May 26, 2013 right before she was returning to Kenosha.  Larry had never been in the car.

4.  Toilet paper on floor next to toilet bowl in upstairs bathroom on June 1, 2013.  Continue Reading