Hooray for Bollywood



My bride and I have had a very happy marriage for over thirty-five years.  (Putting up with me for that length of time should subtract quite a bit from any time she may have in Purgatory!)  One feature of our marriage is that we each have hobbies and interests we pursue.  For example, I blog and my wife crochets.  Thus far I have moved quickly and frequently enough so that I have not had a crocheted blanket wrapped around me permanently.  Among her numerous interests, my bride has developed a fondness for Bollywood films.  Think of a film industry dominated by the types of musicals Hollywood was churning out circa 1955, in Hindi or Hinglish, with plenty of comedy and melodrama.  Some of her interest has rubbed off on me, and I found the film Lagaan, a historical pic, to be quite interesting.  Here is her review of that film:






I first got interested in watching Bollywood films as a result of a recently-developed enthusiasm for anything related to Jane Austen, including movie and TV adaptations of her novels. Bride and Prejudice (2004) is a Bollywood-style adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, set in modern India, and was my first exposure to Bollywood movies. (Purists might not consider that film a trueBollywood film, but it was close enough for a new outsider fan like me.)  I found that I especially loved the singing and dancing which seem to be such an important element of traditional Bollywood films, and YouTube clips of the songs from various Bollywood films were the hooks which got me to seek out DVDs of films which looked interesting, including Lagaan (2001). I recently replaced my home computer with one which lacked an optical media drive on which I could play those Bollywood DVDs; however, I was happy to discover that Lagaan was available on Netflix, together with Madness in the Desert, a feature-length making-of  documentary about that film. (I would recommend watching Madness in the Desert first, as it is entirely in English (although the subtitles still help), and helps to prepare newcomers to Bollywood films for viewing Lagaan itself.)

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