Kate Steinle Verdict

If you ever have a yen to commit a serious crime, do it in San Francisco:


Prosecutors said Jose Ines Garcia Zarate had intentionally shot the 32-year-old but a jury acquitted him of involvement in her death on Thursday.

Zarate – who had been deported five times and was wanted for a sixth deportation when the shooting took place – did not deny firing the gun but said it was a freak accident.

The case spotlighted San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy, which limits local officials from cooperating with US immigration authorities.

“From day one this case was used as a means to foment hate, to foment division and to foment a program of mass deportation. It was used to catapult a presidency along that philosophy of hate of others,” defence lawyer Francisco Ugarte said after the verdict.

“I believe today is a day of vindication for the rest of immigrants.”


Go here to read the rest.  I would have been surprised if the prosecutors had succeeded in convicting Zarate.  Let me count the ways:

  1.  The Public Defender’s Office in San Francisco wins about half its trials, which is absolutely stunning.  That points to inept prosecutors, a very leftist population inclined to vote not guilty or both.
  2. The politics behind the case.  It took the Public Defenders after the verdict about three seconds before going political.  To pretend that politics wasn’t front and center in this case is completely absurd.
  3. Legal problems in this case for the prosecution.  Go here to read an explanation of these problems.

So that leaves us with a dead young woman and the illegal alien multi felon who killed her skates.  The same political system that produced the madness of the sanctuary city in San Francisco, and now has made California a sanctuary state, made certain that the trial would be a bad farce.  Involuntary homicide should have been a slam dunk for the prosecution, especially with Zarate’s confession, but in San Francisco the jury was obviously looking for a way to send a message and they did:  illegal aliens are welcome in San Francisco, even if they manage to kill an innocent American citizen while they are here.  As noted above, there are no end of explanations for why the jury trial ended as it did, but that was the underlying political reality.  Realtors often say that when selling a house three factors are important:  location, location and location.  Those same three factors determine the success or failure of many criminal prosecutions.  In San Francisco this prosecution was doomed from the onset, and judging from the lackluster  dog and pony show the prosecutors put on at trial, they knew it too.