Health Care is a Commodity


The usual suspects are outraged that the new Miss USA, Kara McCullough, thinks that health care is a privilege not a right.  Her father is a retired Marine and she holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina.  She works as an emergency preparedness specialist for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  (No, that does not make her a nuclear scientist as some of the press hasreported.)

Health care of course is neither a right nor a privilege but a commodity.  Someone always has to pay for it.  To say that health care is a right is to say that person A has a right to compel other people to pay for A’s health care under all circumstances, and such a “right” has never existed and will never exist on this planet.  Government schemes for “free” healthcare always involve the rationing of health care and the denial of it under certain circumstances.  A privilege may be taken away and health care is almost never denied if it is paid for.  Kudos to Ms. McCullough, nonetheless, for actually thinking about her answer instead of rattling off the politically correct canned response.

Her answer about feminism was also a cut above the usual mindless platitudes expected of would be beauty queens: Continue Reading