Trump to Meet With Hog Castrator


Last week I suggested that Joni Ernst, Senator  and hog castrator from Iowa, would make a good Veep for Trump, and yesterday he met with her:


The presumptive GOP presidential nominee spent Sunday with Republican Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, a former congressman with years of political experience.

“Spent time with Indiana Governor Mike Pence and family yesterday,” Trump said Monday morning. “Very impressed, great people!”

Later Trump revealed he’d be spending some time Monday — July 4 — with Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), a rising party star. Continue Reading


Iowa, Please Send This Gal to the US Senate

43 years old, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa National Guard and a State Senator, pro-life Joni Ernst certainly has a way of attracting attention!  I can think of many fat pigs in Washington that could benefit from her expertise!


Well, Joni Ernst’s likely opponent in November, assuming she wins the nomination, has decided to give her a big gift:

Congressman Bruce Braley was speaking before a group of ambulance chasers in Texas, begging for campaign donations.  Personal injury attorneys tend to be big donors to Democrats to stop tort reform.  So, to appeal to them he bad mouthed Senator Chuck Grassley as just an Iowa farmer who never set foot in law school.  Well, I have been a member of the bar for 32 years, and I can guarantee you that farmers are immeasurably more popular than attorneys, especially in a farm state like Iowa.  John Dickinson at the liberal Salon is calling this the gaffe of the year:

Why is this so awful? Let us count the ways. Iowa is a farm state, and it’s never a good idea to disparage one of the state’s chief occupations. Next, it’s particularly not a good idea to demean your state when you’re somewhere else: In this case, Braley was speaking in Texas. Next, Braley, a trial lawyer, was making his pitch to a room full of trial lawyers at a private fundraiser (which is why he didn’t think he was being recorded). Trial lawyers are perhaps the most unpopular constituency among Republican base voters—besides Obama administration officials. Since midterm elections are all about motivating your base, Braley has given his opponent a turnout gift. Next, look where Braley is standing: If you’re going to talk down to Iowa farmers, at least don’t do it next to a table of booze. It makes for amusing viewing and that reinforces the idea for voters that you’re not one of them. 

Thank you Congressman!  You have made it much more likely that when the Senate convenes next year it will have one less attorney and one more hog castrator!