Veterans Day: John 15:13

Friday, November 11, AD 2011

“When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say, For Their Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today”

Epitaph on the Memorial to the dead of the British 2nd Division at Kohima

War is a curious part of the human condition.  It is a summary of the worst that Man is capable of:  violence on a massive scale, cruelty, greed, hatred, and the magnification of every human vice.  Few of us are more “anti-war” than those who have had the misfortune to fight in one and witnessed all the folly, loss and endless pain produced by the inability of men to frequently resolve their differences without resort to the sword.  Yet, in war we also see men rise to the heights of what we are capable of at our best:  self-sacrifice, courage, love and the magnification of every human virtue.  War as the direst of human institutions is to be bitterly regretted, but we must ever pay homage to those who find themselves in this terrible maelstrom and acquit themselves with honor.

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One Response to Veterans Day: John 15:13

  • “Greet them ever with grateful hearts.” Chapter Heading, The Doughboys by Laurence Stallings

    Our soldier drove in from Fort Benning, GA (Uncles Sam’s School for Wayward Boys) at about 0400 hours this AM.

    He (CIB, airborne ranger infantry) spent 2009 in Afghanistan. It was hard year for his Mother, too. “They also serve who only sit and wait.”

    The POG’s at #OccupyFail talk about the 1%. These heroes are the 0.45% that deserve our blessings and gratitude this day and every day.