Jeanne Ives For Governor of Illinois: Updated

The Illinois primary is tomorrow and I repeat my endorsement of Jeanne Ives for Governor.  Go here to read my endorsement.  Governor Bruce Rauner is a Republican in name only and has richly earned the title that The National Review has bestowed upon him:  worst Republican governor in the nation.






She came heart-breakingly close: 48.5-51.5.  An impressive performance against an incumbent governor, and after being outspent ten to one and starting a campaign four months ago with almost zero name recognition.   I think we will hear more in the future from Jeanne Ives.


Now it is Billionaire Governor against the World’s Dumbest Billionaire.  Rauner is considered dead meat according to the conventional wisdom.  I wouldn’t be so sure.  Although I will sit this one out, plenty of Illinoisans will not want to put the Democrats back in complete control, Pritzker is an idiot given to perpetually placing both feet in his mouth and Rauner is as ruthless as he is amoral.  Of course, no matter which of these rich Crassus wanna-bes win, Illinois, as always, will lose.


Jeanne Ives for Governor of Illinois

It demonstrates what a truly delusional State Illinois currently is, that the below completely factual attack ad against Bruce Rauner sent the chattering classes in Illinois into a collective tissy:






Jeanne Ives, an Illinois State Representative, is running against Bruce Rauner, the worst Republican Governor in the nation.  Rauner is basically a liberal Democrat who is somewhat less insane when it comes to the State finances than the Democrats who have a Gerrymandered grip on the General Assembly.  Ives, Catholic, mother of five, married to her one and only husband, a West Point grad and a down the line pro-life conservative is seeking to topple Rauner in the March 20 primary.



I think I will be tempted to commit ritual seppuku if the race is between Rauner and J.B. Pritzker, the world’s dumbest billionaire.  How dumb is Pritzker?  When the whole state of Illinois knew that Governor Blagojevich was almost certainly under Federal wiretap, Pritzker was calling him.


I think Ives could make mincemeat of Pritzker in the Fall if given a chance by the Republican voters in the primary.  Rauner is trying to bury Ives under an avalanche of money and spurious allegations.  Time to get off the mat in Illinois conservatives.