Some Call Him Pig

Sunday, July 10, AD 2016



We seem to be in danger of replaying the long, hot summers of the late 1960s and early 1970s when the radical left declared open warfare on cops.  The above billboard was put up by the Minneapolis police department in 1971 showing an officer giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to a boy.  The poster went “viral” across the nation.

In the wake of the murder of five cops in Dallas by sniper Micah Xavier Johnson, intent on killing as many white cops as he could, my memory was jogged about that billboard.  Cops are not above criticism, and over the years I have done a fair amount of that.  However, cops have a very tough job.  Most of them  do that job as best as they are capable, fairly and with a quiet heroism when they are called upon to go towards danger while the rest of us run from it as fast as we can.  Let’s let Jack Webb as Detective Joe Friday have the last word:


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12 Responses to Some Call Him Pig

  • “Some call him pig” include Hillary and Obama.
    This AM at 7:30 Mass, the names were read of the Dallas police victims.

  • Adam-12, Season 3 – “Elegy for a Pig” was always one of my favorites. Didn’t think we’d be going through all of that again.

  • The five cops were murdered in Dallas, not Houston.

  • I love Dragnet. Jack Webb, a great. The video referenced at the end of this one is good too. Made in 2009, it shows the agitator in chief started fueling this war on police way shortly after entering office.

  • “The five cops were murdered in Dallas, not Houston.”

    Oops, corrected!

  • This is why TAC is great., have the fingertips that match the heart and head…and thank God that your in synchronization with what is and not what isn’t.

    Great clips Don and Kyle!

    Thank you both.
    We too offered prayers to our fallen brothers and their families executed in Dallas.

    Obama…..the great….ahh…the gre…the bum.

  • I’m trying to remember, when weren’t the Democrats at war with the police since the 1960’s? There’s always been some Communist front, ecoterrorist, or something calling for this kind of thing.

  • We need to pray and strongly support for the police. I would guess that right now many of them are quitting or thinking of quitting due to lack of support. Just think of how it would be in large cities without much of a police presence. Let’s hope we will find out. Because Batman won’t be coming to the rescue.

  • Pinky –
    When they think they can draft them to their purposes.

  • Foxfier wrote:
    “When they think they can draft them to their purposes.”

    Well said. More of an issue over here in Britain than Stateside I think but still insighful…

  • Speaking of the pig slur, when I was growing up in Detroit, there was a music group made up of cops called the Blue Pigs. They used to perform, in uniform, at local Detroit schools.

Red Nightmare 1962

Friday, November 16, AD 2012

An interesting artifact of the Cold War from 1962.  Jack Webb hosts a Department of Defense film in which a normal American citizen goes to sleep and has a nightmare in which America has been transformed into a Commmunist state.  It has a Twilight Zone quality to it and all it needs is Rod Serling as the host instead of “Just the Facts Ma’am” Webb.  I will leave to the viewers any invidious  comparisons with contemporary America!

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3 Responses to Red Nightmare 1962

  • I shall have to watch this video tonight when I come home from neutrons ‘R us. Thanks, Donald. It is a shame we are throwing away our religious heritage as a nation for a bowl of soup as Esau did. In a way, Religion is what bind us to God and yet what gives us our freedom. But even in the old evil Roman Empire, while yet martyrs, men like St. Paul, St. Peter, St. Polycarp and St. Ignatius were still free. I hope, however, it doesn’t come to that.

  • First, they’ll establish a political military force and build the concentration camps they have already legislated.

    Then, they’ll confiscate the fire arms.

    Today, we have financial repression and monetary fascism.

    “Financial Repression”: running inflation higher than interest rates to reduce government debt loads. It papers over debt-burdened economy. Fed gravely fears deflation. Connection between expanding monetary base (orienting money) and employment growth is broken. Inflation incentivizes buying before dollar value drops. No longer is it for capital investment and hiring. In this way, the State robs citizens of wealth and income, above and beyond the onerous burdens of taxation and regulations that are crushing them. The State cannot “print its way to prosperity”. The opposite is true: this policy diminishes the economy’s ability to generate true wealth. If anything, “we” are printing ourselves into the poorhouse. Now, they are running unlimited QEternity.

    “Monetary Fascism”: financial interests control the State for the advancement of financial class. It is anti-free market and anti-capitalistic. The diversion operates in plain sight. It began around 1970. This differs from traditional Fascism: where State and industry work together for the advancement of the State. Today the financial/banking class enforces this ideology through the media and government with the ruthlessness of the Church during the Dark Ages: to question is to be a heretic.

    The Fed ran up the stock market; then it ran up the housing bubble; now they’re running up the stock market again; and next they’ll run up the housing bubble again. The credit markets are also in a bubble.

    The higher education bubble never paused or was suspended.

    And, each bubble burst is blamed on the free market.

    As George Orwell, said “Imagine a boot smashing a human face forever.”

  • What a sunny, cheerie prospect T-Shaw. Thank you for brightening the day!

Jack Webb Wishes A Belated 236th Happy Birthday to the Corps

Friday, November 11, AD 2011





On November 10, 1775 the Continental Congress passed this resolution authored by John Adams:

“Resolved, That two battalions of Marines be raised consisting of one colonel, two lieutenant-colonels, two majors, and other officers, as usual in other regiments; that they consist of an equal number of privates with other battalions; that particular care be taken that no persons be appointed to office, or enlisted into said battalions but such as are good seamen, or so acquainted with maritime affairs as to be able to serve with advantage by sea when required; that they be enlisted and commissioned to serve for and during the present War with Great Britain and the colonies, unless dismissed by order of Congress; that they be distinguished by names of First and Second Battalions of American Marines, and that they be considered as part of the number which the Continental Army before Boston is ordered to consist of.”

The Marines have fought in all our wars and by their conduct have lived up to this description of the Corps:

“No better friend, no worse enemy.”

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One Response to Jack Webb Wishes A Belated 236th Happy Birthday to the Corps

  • The US Marines have a tradition of honor. Our leaders have decided to tarnish that tradition by requiring the US Marines to allow homosexuals to openly serve in the US Marine Corps. The Marines are supposed to be the ones to fight for right and freedom. Homosexual behavior is not right.

8 Responses to Roman Polanski Meets Dragnet

  • Oh, yes! Imagine Friday’s and Joe Gannon’s reaction to Polanski’s assertion that “everyone” wants to have sex with little girls.

  • “Mister, that might be true of everyone you know, but here on Planet Earth,…,”

  • Everyone can suffer from temptations no matter how sick the temptations are, but I think only FUGITIVE CHILD RAPISTS think ‘everyone’ wants to have sex with little girls.

    Even if ‘everyone’ wanted to, does that make it right?

  • Ironically, the only sensible comment (at least, comparatively speaking) came from a Hollywood Actor/Comedian Lefty, Christ Rock:

    People are defending Roman Polanski because he made some good movies? Are you kidding me?”

    Rock said on Thursday’s Jay Leno Show. “He made good movies 30 years ago, Jay! Even Johnnie Cochran didn’t have the nerve to go, ‘Well, did you see O.J. play against New England?'”

    “C’mon, man! She’s 13! I’ve seen some hot 16-year-olds that look 18, 17 that look 18. Thirteen is 13! No one gets away with having sex with a 13-year-old,” Rock said.

    “Rape. It’s rape! Rape is No. 2. It’s murder, then rape,” the comedian continued. “It’s No. 2. Like the United States, we want to capture Osama bin Laden and murder him. We’re not going to rape him. That would be barbaric.”

  • Give Jewel (the singer) credit for reacting like a decent person as well. A few days ago this came up on her Twitter feed:

    So that makes, what–three members of the entertainment industry so far who aren’t interested in getting the sonofagun off?

  • Whoops. Don’t know what happened there. Trying again:

    Polanski-admitted raping a 13 yr old-whys every1 in the arts upset hes facing jail? cause hes a gifted director? what am i missing?7:03 AM Sep 29th from web

  • Make that four–I just jumped off the Chris Rock link e thoughtfully provided in the previous post and found this:

    “Perhaps inspired by Debra Winger’s ranting, Kirstie Alley decided to weigh in on the situation via the popular time-wasting device Twitter. Composed using an interesting method of seemingly random capitalization, Alley fired off well over twenty tweets on the controversial subject, including the following: ‘JUST FOR THE RECORD….RAPE IS RAPE…this is one HOLLYWOOD STAR who does not CELEBRATE or DEFEND Roman Polanski..his ART did not RAPE her.'”

  • Brilliant video!