Help for Expectant Mothers

So often we hear stories about how expectant mothers abort children with diagnosed birth defects.   As awful as abortion is in its own right, it’s terrifying to think that it is being used for eugenic purposes, whether people realize it or not.  Yet, we can’t fully blame parents who believe they have no other recourse.

There are outlets available for parents in such difficult situations, and I just learned of one yesterday.  Isaiah’s Promise, as stated on its webpage, provides “support for parents continuing their pregnancy after a poor or fatal diagnosis.” It is a support place to ontact for guidance through the hard decisions about what to do with a poor diagnosis.

They have very limited resources, as their rather bone-thin website indicates.  So please take a look at the site and see if there’s any help you can provide, either with manpower or with financial donations. Or, if nothing else, if you know of someone in this situation let them know about this resource.