Trump Knows a Bad Deal When He Sees It

President Trump killed the Iran deal today which was a good deal for Iran and its program of gaining nuclear weapons, and a terrible deal for the US.  This minor league Munich agreement was Obama’s desperate attempt to have a foreign policy legacy, and I am pleased that Trump has ended this bizarre appeasement of the mullahs:



That the Iranians have been cheating cannot be doubted:



The sad thing about all this is that most government officials knew that Iran was cheating and they didn’t care.  Trump does.


No Deal With Iran


A powerful video.  Incidentally the purple heart the Sergeant held up was manufactured in 1945.  It was one of the half million purple hearts that the military laid in for the invasion of Japan and which the Pentagon has used for the past seven decades.  You know, when the Pope visits the US it is too bad that he could not meet the Sergeant and hear the other side about the deal he has so blithely endorsed.