Red Fascists Riot Tonight in Berkeley

Wednesday, February 1, AD 2017

It is beyond hilarious that the left calls their opponents Nazis.  A typical example of the left using violence to shut up a political adversary is occurring tonight at Berkeley:

Protesters with armed with bricks and fireworks mounted an assault on the building hosting a speech by polarizing Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos Wednesday night, forcing the event’s cancellation.

Yiannopoulos was making the last stop of a tour aimed at defying what he calls an epidemic of political correctness on college campuses.

With masked activists joining the already large group of protesters gathered in the area between Sather Gate and the north end of Telegraph Avenue as night fell, campus police were holding their positions near the entrance of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union building hosting the event.

Protesters began throwing bricks, lit fireworks and rocks at the building. Some used police barriers as battering rams to attack the doors of the venue, breaching at least one of the doors and entering the venue on the first floor.

In addition to fireworks being thrown up onto the second-floor balcony, fires were lit outside the venue, including one that engulfed a gas-powered portable floodlight.

At about 6:18 p.m., UC campus police announced that the event had been canceled. Officers ordered the crowd to disperse, calling it an unlawful assembly.

Police then announced that they would lock down the entire campus, though authorities initially remained stationed near the student union building and did not move to force the protesters to disperse.

Protesters began throwing bricks, lit fireworks and rocks at the building. Some used police barriers as battering rams to attack the doors of the venue, breaching at least one of the doors and entering the venue on the first floor.

In addition to fireworks being thrown up onto the second-floor balcony, fires were lit outside the venue, including one that engulfed a gas-powered portable floodlight.

At about 6:18 p.m., UC campus police announced that the event had been canceled. Officers ordered the crowd to disperse, calling it an unlawful assembly.

Police then announced that they would lock down the entire campus, though authorities initially remained stationed near the student union building and did not move to force the protesters to disperse.

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18 Responses to Red Fascists Riot Tonight in Berkeley

  • Unless there are arrests, prosecutions, and serious sentences handed out, this has official permission. The ‘red fascists’ are agents of the school’s administration and the municipal establishment and the cops are simply there to limit the damage to physical plant not covered in the University’s current budget.

  • Doesn’t anyone realize that these protests are being funded by Russia and the communists are doing this unrest on purpose to get the country to be unsettled. We are americans and we love our freedoms. When you start hurting people and destroying property, then it becomes terrorism.

  • If you go to youtube and type in Milo, it will show you in the De Paul University case that when several black lives matter people stopped this man from speaking, security did virtually nothing and since the sponsering student organization couldn’t afford the security, Breitbart had chipped in a thousand dollars. The police never came and security guards were yelled at by the whole audience…” do your job…do your job”. And Milo eventually said he would talk to each person down at the bottom of the stage. Milo is politically conservative but morally he is way off the reservation being admittedly a promiscuous active homosexual….who oddly believes he is guaranteed to go to heaven.
    He is pro Trump and an editor at Breitbart. But I guess the left have a hard time linking him to a wider group that they hate since he also likes Trump but not republicans.
    My research at youtube simply leads me to pray for his soul. Because he is sexually no rules, perhaps he draws many college audiences and is an odd threat to the Left because the young attend his talks and thus break the left group think dominance.

  • They are Nazi brownshirts in every way. I’m watching it now live. They’re moving from bank to bank (and the occasional Starbucks) smashing and looting. And, yes, they’re even shouting anti-semitic slogans – “Fuck the Zionists!”

  • It does no good to arrest these hooligans. It does no good to bring them to court becaus the courts are stacked with judges who have the same mentality as these hooligans do. Civil war is coming. I write that not in advocacy but as a warning. And I advise everyone to stay away from college campuses and inner cities. Those places are where the rot resides.

  • I have seen this insanity before, in Berlin. Trump needs to add to his vetting of overseas travelers. He needs to look for problem children coming from Europe. TR.

  • Textbook liberal mob that Ann Coulter writes about in Demonic. Her comparison in the book is the American Revolution to the liberal mob of the French Revolution.

  • Another example of the “Left” and it’s form of tolerance being displayed.

  • Anyone who breaks the law should be arrested and tried. Arrest and trial is a deterrent. Not arresting lawbreakers encourages them. I firmly believe that the Trump/Pence Administration will clean federal judicial house wherever feasible. Locally it is up to the states. The flap over a Time story about Trump’s phone call with the Mexican president that he would send US troops to take care of the bad hombres is a leak from some Obama holdovers. In fact there are reports of a conspiracy of these holdovers in federal employment who will sabotage policies by stonewalling, leaking and work stopping to undermine the Trump Administration. This is the Obama/Sorros legacy. Pray!

  • Milo is politically conservative but morally he is way off the reservation being admittedly a promiscuous active homosexual….who oddly believes he is guaranteed to go to heaven.

    Well Bill, Milo does claim to be Catholic. (References can be provided later when I’m at my desk.)

    I admit to laughing at the thought of him and the Pope going on a speaking tour together. It might be good for Francis to get a look at how the young people today behave.

  • CAM…I agree. However there are other tactics. The West German Polizei took to arming certain Officers with tank sprayers that squirted a dye. A dye that marked the trouble makers for long periods of time. TR.

  • I’m watching FOXBusiness and every mother-loving Democrat is making excuses.

    If, God forbid, the fascists ever again get control, I know what I am prepared to do. Only no camera, no evidence and and no witness. Today, I am addressing my insufficient inventory (1,000+) of .223 cal. FMJ and honing my K-Bar.

  • Feb 4 I ought to be scraping carrots for my chicken soup. “to petition the Government for redress of grievances”, in our First Amendment, guarantees a sovereign people the right and freedom to submit their needs, not their wants, to the people for ratification and change.
    Good will for the common good cannot include burning of the American Flag, the symbol of FREEDOM for all citizens in joint and common tenancy, unless informed consent is gotten from all citizens, the American people. Burning the American Flag as freedom of speech imposes the rioters force over the peaceable man. It must be proven that removal of the American Flag, that belongs to all persons, will benefit the common good. Burning the American Flag without the informed consent of the America citizens is NOT freedom speech, but terrorism against the people.
    Outlaws are ignorant. Causing fear and inciting to riot are crimes against the First Principle of peaceable assembly, required “to petition the Government for redress of grievances.” How many riots were run amok at the signing of The Declaration of Independence?
    It is the presumption by the ignorant outlaws and villains that our civil rights, abused, will not be defended and good will for the common good as stated in The Preamble, is not a requirement of the citizen to maintain his sovereign personhood and citizenship.
    Civil Rights as specified in our Founding Principles are not being acknowledged, shared or inculcated in our younger generations, our Constitutional Posterity, by academia. This is the crime of dereliction of duty by the citizen of one generation to the coming generation, all future generations, our Constitutional Posterity.
    Rioting in the streets, life threatening situations and violations of private property are criminal, the result of ignorance and choreographed by Satan himself, a violation of peaceable assembly, the civil right to which all sovereign citizens are guaranteed by Government of the people.
    No, my carrots are still not scraped. I began to write that “We hold these Truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal,…” in moral and legal innocence, the standard of Justice for the state and sovereign personhood that institutes the sovereignty of the nation from the very first moment of existence…that our “Creator” and only our “Creator” gives life and existence…and the rest are lies and perjury in a court of law…that Dred Scott, baby Roe, 60,000,000 aborted souls, and Terry Schiavo are wards of the Court crying out for Justice…and ignorant communists are rioting in the street to impose their fraudulent form of tyranny.
    The chicken soup has no carrots.

  • From on the ground here in the SF Baytheist Area, it is important to note a few things, confirmed by direct witnesses at the 2/1/17 Berkeley ‘Milo’ Riot.

    Ken Bastida, long-time KPIX Channel 5 TV affiliate anchor, while watching the riots live, identified many of the violent protestors as previous participants in similarly threatening BLM and Occupy! protests in SF, Oakland, and Berkeley. However, having seen some of these–esp. the black-clad, masked, armed group called “Black Rock”, most of these people are not UC students at all. UC students don’t have serious time for rioting, and don’t want to endanger their status at the university. Most of these are much older, dangerous, violent sociopaths that many of us in the SFBA are very familiar with.

    So, I wasn’t at all surprised when one of the Black Rock people who bragged on Twitter about beating bloody a pro-Trumper, even showing photos confirming his “kill”, turned out to be a UC Berkeley employee, a long-time IT writer, and about 40-50 years old, “Dabney Miller”:

    There are a lot of people like him who seem to be well-situated in government and academic-complex jobs, who aren’t noticed when they aren’t at work, and have lots of time and money in this costly area to do nothing—but riot.

    If the City of Berkeley and the UC administration wanted to I/d the rioters, it would be very easy just by checking the Facebook and Twitter feeds of the Black Rock group—as Ken Bastida said, having checked, they all communicate on these sites. But little interest in the leftist ruling complex to find out these things.

  • Daily Mail UK, 2/8/17:
    “This week, another BAMN organizer proclaimed she had “no regrets” about the violent protest that took place last week.

    “Anti-fascists” started several fires, smashed windows and ATMs, looted downtown stores, attacked cars, and assaulted dozens of MILO fans, male and female, who they falsely accused of being “Nazis.”

    The San Francisco Chronicle reported that rioters caused around $100,000 in damages at UC Berkeley, while the damage to downtown Berkeley was reported to be around $400,000 to $500,000.”

    ““We are happy with the results,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports Ronald Cruz, a former student at the college, told them. “We were able to meet Mr. Yiannopoulos’ fascist message with massive resistance.”

    He went on to proclaim that his group and others “were united in shutting down the Milo event,” adding, “Everyone played a part.”

    “Some engaged in breaking windows — others held signs and made sure that the fascists and the police did not attack anyone,” he explained. “This was self-defense. Windows can be replaced. People can’t be.”

    After being made aware that the Berkeley College Republicans were attempting to invite MILO back to deliver his speech, which was shut down before it started after left-wing protesters set fires around the school, smashed windows, and stormed the venue, Cruz warned that his group would take action again if necessary.

    “I would be surprised if he tries to after his humiliating defeat,” he declared. “But if he wants to be defeated again, he will be if he tries.”

  • By the way Ronald Cruz’ facebook site is:

    BAMN means “By Any Means Necessary”, FYI, a guide to the perplexed.

  • In June 2016, BAMN initiated a violent riot against an alleged neo-Nazi group:

    ” In 2016, BAMN attended a counter-protest against a rally held by the Traditionalist Workers Party, a white nationalist group, outside of the California State Capitol in Sacramento. Violence at the protests resulted in ten people being hospitalized with stab wounds. According to police, and verified by video taken by BAMN members and bystanders, the violence was initiated by BAMN members.”

    Serna, Joseph (27 June 2016). “Neo-Nazis didn’t start the violence at state Capitol, police say”. Los Angeles Times.

Science Fiction and Tolerance

Tuesday, April 29, AD 2014

Nothing is so unworthy of a civilised nation as allowing itself to be governed without opposition by an irresponsible clique that has yielded to base instinct.

From a White Rose resistance pamphlet (1942)



I am happy that Dale Price is back to blogging on a fairly regular basis since it gives me a renewed opportunity to steal borrow blogging ideas from him.  He turns his attention at his blog Dyspeptic Mutterings to the insane purge going on within science fiction fandom of anyone who has political beliefs that do not coincide with the politically correct bromides du jour:

Orwellian group-think comes to real-world science fiction writing.

A little recondite, but instructive: the Hugo Awards and SFWA are the latest (if minor) institutions to have succumbed to the left’s jackbooted tolerance enforcers. The issues have risen to the attention of USA Today, so it’s newsworthy instead of merely nerdworthy.
Larry “Monster Hunter” Correia explains part of the problem (the Hugos) in a link within the USA Today column.
Finally, Sarah Hoyt (not exactly a charter member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy herself) and John C. Wright both lower the boom.
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3 Responses to Science Fiction and Tolerance

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Wednesday, March 28, AD 2012

Recently I followed the twitter feed of the National Institute of Marriage (NOM), an organization that is fighting efforts to permit gay marriage.  There is another twitterer with the blog handle Ifollowhate, and he (or she, or maybe they) follows every person who follows the NOM account, and promptly tweets to said person, “why do you follow a hate group?”  I thought little of it and didn’t bother to respond, so I just blocked this account.  Then I thought about this.  There is a person (again, maybe more than one person is attached to the account) who spends their entire day parked on twitter, seeing who follows another twitter user, ready to pounce on any individual who dares follow this group.  (NOTE: Not exactly – see comments.  This is an automated program, though the Ifollowhate twitter account does followup with other twitter users.)

What a sad existence.  Imagine if your entire life was spent devoted to nothing more than harassing people you disagree with politically, accusing them of being (or following) a hate group.  Yet the mentality that drives such a person (or group) is more and more common.

In Los Angeles, the City Council passed a resolution that condemns certain types of speech on the radio.

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8 Responses to Something Wicked This Way Comes

  • Is it time to clean one’s rifle and get one’s ammunition ready? I hope not.

    And yes, it IS fascism. I do not think that the left will be stopped by anything less than force of arms, but I hope and pray that I am wrong. Yet I fear that there will be martyrs.

    Imagine Obama not getting re-elected and the riots that will result. Imagine how the leftist news media will treat the non-Democratic President. Worse, imagine Obama elected and outlawing blogs like TAC as hate speech, arresting its contributers on crimes of disturbing the public peace aand tranquility, and throwing priests and bishops in jail for refusing to comply with the HHS mandate! Hey, accusations like disturbing the public tranquility happened in the time of the prophet Jeremiah, and he was thrown into a cistern because of it!

    Kyrie Eleison
    Christe Eleison
    Kyrie Eleison

  • To be fair, a person isn’t doing the twitter following. Someone’s programmed a computer to follow NOM’s followers list, and send new followers the message. It’s a nasty little thing, but it’d take someone between 1 hour and 1 day to setup, enable and forget about.

    –Jason (it does’t help their motivations, but it does illustrate the lack of effort involved)

  • Thanks for the information, Jason. I wasn’t sure if such a program existed. It’s still pretty pathetic, but I guess slightly less so than I originally thought.

  • Actually, the “tolerant left” is downright vicious. It seems they’re finding themselves pressured into positions that unmask their sweet rhetoric and forces them to reveal the true dark nature of their ideology. “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.”

  • is is okay to say the words “dangerous extremist African-Americans” out loud?

    Seems like the Spike Lee/Black Panther tricks lately are not much different than those of extremist Muslims who blame one of the latest killing sprees on some burned Korans.

    And Obama apologized to the Muslims, and all but spiritually adopted the troubled Trayvon post-mortem. I’m seeing a disturbing trend.

  • I must agree with Paul W.

    The essence of modern Progressive Liberalism is fascism in its purest form. Political-corporate cronyism (see bailouts, Solyndra, etc.) as well as threats of violence to dissenters, race- and class-based division by propaganda, top-down nanny-state cultural control, direct attacks on religion in order to supplant personality cults, personality cults themselves (what was Ronald Reagan’s slick logo?) and a mindless army of dependents ready to march and attack the property or blockade the businesses of targeted groups.

    When the “Occupy” goons no longer have to brave bad weather to resume their tactics, it’ll be a year older, harder of heart and comprised only of those who doon;t have real jobs. Shades of Kritallnacht!

    How is this not fascist?

  • The point here is to destroy the United States from within. It is going quite well.

  • There’s probably a spreadsheet for subject areas that percolate for ‘attention’.
    Ye olde red and black attack watch has morphed and p a c ‘s have hirelings.
    The Christians, especially Catholic Churches as opposed to those churches in more humble storefront locations, are ‘no-brainers’ for targets to victimize.
    Other organizations for life etc. issues …
    The Republican Party is having its year of vilification.
    People will become sick and tired …
    The only Statue of Liberty on earth is a tourist attraction.
    I know I’m tired from daily spells of ‘news’.