Reality is so Unfair

Thursday, August 22, AD 2013


Ah, if only the surrealists of the last century could have seen our times they would have burned their easels and notebooks since their art could never have twisted reality sufficient to match our reality.

A fine example is American traitor Bradley Manning, who in a morally sane time would have been executed and in his grave for several years now, instead of making pronouncements like this:


As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female. Given the way that I feel, and have felt since childhood, I want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible. I hope that you will support me in this transition. I also request that, starting today, you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronoun.

Of course loons have always been with us.  What makes our day so bizarre is that so many people take loons with complete dead pan seriousness:

The Huffington Post, the London Daily Mail, MSNBC and Slate have all started using the feminine pronoun.

NBC’s Today, USA TODAY, The Boston Globe, Politico, CNN, Fox, the New York  Daily News, the New York Post, the Daily Beast, the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times are using the masculine pronoun.

According to the Associated Press Stylebook, a reference for many journalists, reporters should use the pronoun preferred by the individuals who have acquired the physical characteristics of the opposite sex or present themselves in a way that does not correspond with their sex at birth. If that preference is not expressed, use the pronoun consistent with the way the individuals live publicly.

“This is a tough one and sparked vigorous debate in the newsroom,” USA TODAY Editor in Chief David Callaway says. “Style evolves with the culture, and the latest style recommendations are that transgender people should be described as they want to be described. That said, Private Manning has been known as a male to this day, so should be regarded as ‘he’ at least for the immediate future. We will continue to discuss.”

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30 Responses to Reality is so Unfair

  • Mr. Brian Manning of Oklahoma has my sympathy.

  • . . .symbolic of his struggle against reality.

    Nailed it.

  • The real me is a philanthropist. Since childhood, I’ve identified uses for spacious, beautiful available rest homes, sanctuaries, orphanages, and foundations – whiling away time spent trying to earn a living with these dreams. But … as I transition to the rolls of unemployed, pension-less social security beneficiaries still remembering the old dreams, I can only hope someone else does something to fill the void of grand planning.

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  • He can still be Chelsea and retain his junk. I am sure the other inmates would not notice.

  • Just you wait, in federal custody he’ll end up getting the hormone regimen he desires at taxpayer expense. This might even have been the motive for his criminal deeds all along.

  • Wikipedia has changed its article to reflect the feminine pronoun:

    Romans 1:18-32 again comes to mind.

  • “I also request that, starting today, you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronoun.”

    Where he’s going there will be a feminine “pronoun” used, but I doubt it will be the one he prefers.

  • Both his crime and his announcing he is a “woman” are designed to get attention. He’s simply a narcissist addicted to drama, nothing more. Lacking further access to classified information, he is now using what little remains available to him to create a stir and get people to look at him.

  • While we should all be somewhat disgusted over this poor man’s perversion, and while hoping that somehow he will one day leave his sins and come to the Faith, let us not forget what he exposed to Wikileaks.

    He exposed a war crime, a crime that is every bit as despicable as any committed by any totalitarian regime of recent history. I am somewhat appalled at those who are doing their best to show him up for the sodomite that he apparently is while saying nothing of the crimes he brought to our attention.

    Let us have indignation for ALL the crimes here.

  • “He’s simply a narcissist addicted to drama, nothing more.”

    An apt descriptor of the current Occupier of the Oval Office – the “N-President” where “N” stands for “Narcissist” (or is it ‘Narcissistic”?).

  • Some days I feel like a boy, some days I don’t. My sexual identity is fluid, so I just report in to Wiki every day as a courtesy.

  • He exposed a war crime, a crime that is every bit as despicable as any committed by any totalitarian regime of recent history

    You’re deranged. Give it a rest.

  • Is he trying to get transferred to a women’s prison? Or get special housing in a men’s prison? Traitors are perhaps not treated well in military prison?

  • Years ago, when feminazis attacked men for displaying their attraction to women, Rush Limbaugh acted out a radio schtick wherein such attraction was licit because the ogler was a lesbian trapped in a man’s body . . .

  • A century from now, medical students will be appalled at us when they read their Medical Ethics textbooks. Did doctors really take money from people with body image problems and mutilate their faces, bodies, and genitals?

  • Oh, and I almost forgot:

    him He him him His Bradley him Bradley He him

  • I admit I don’t understand much about this.
    Will Chelsea be guilty of what Bradley did?

    At least In The Three Faces of Eve they ( the 3) were all the same sex

  • Too funny. Video and responses! Laughing my head off. At this point it’s the only option, isn’t it? Cheers!

  • I forgot how funny that scene is. Thanks for the laugh!

  • “He exposed a war crime, a crime that is every bit as despicable as any committed by any totalitarian regime of recent history. I am somewhat appalled at those who are doing their best to show him up for the sodomite that he apparently is while saying nothing of the crimes he brought to our attention.”

    You are quite mad, aren’t you? He released mountains of disconnected secret and top secret data including communications about which foreign officials in oh-so-safe-and-democratic-states like Pakistan were working with US forces. We will never know the horror that he inflicted. It seems likely that there are many thousands of men, women, and children who met an untimely end due to his arrogant, unjustified, and treasonous conduct.

    When he stands before Christ, it won’t matter what gender he “prefers” to be seen as, all that will matter is whether this deranged, lost soul can use the time that the Administration bought him to good effect. I sincerely hope that he does since Man’s justice – the justice of a firing squad – was denied.

  • Say what you will about Bradley/Chelsea Manning’s, ahem, preference, the general rule in journalism is that you 1) spell a person’s name the way the person themselves spells it (the spelling of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi’s name was all over the map until he sent a personally signed letter to some U.S. schoolkids, IIRC) 2) pronounce the names of towns, counties, states, etc. the way the locals do (Toulon and Marseilles, Illinois, are NOT pronounced in the French manner), 3) refer to individuals by the name they choose for themselves (Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali, Lew Alcindor/Kareem-Abdul Jabaar, Prince/The Artist Formerly Known As). So by the same principle, if someone takes a female name and insists they are female, you call the person “she” because that is how the person wishes to be addressed.

  • “So by the same principle, if someone takes a female name and insists they are female, you call the person “she” because that is how the person wishes to be addressed.”

    I await with eager anticipation the reaction of the press when Manning decides that he is a vegetable and wishes to be addressed as “Legume”. This all has to do with “gender” politics and has nothing to do with proper usage. Most of the mainstream media support the mental illness disguised as a civil right known as transgenderism, and that is why they are calling a manifestly “he” a “she”. This concept of allowing people to make up their own sex, reality notwithstanding, dates back in journalism style books to circa 2003, a product of intensive lobbying by Glaad.

    We live in a time of make believe, and a convicted traitor, at his whim, getting called a female when he is a male is a fine example of it.

  • Following thw Monty Python theme: “If I was to go around calling myself an emperor, they’d lockme away.”

    When a name the subject of the article is absurd though, no one is bound to accept it, right? Imagine that the President – OK, some other person who happens to be president – wanted to be called, insisted on being called “His Excellency.” The media wouldn’t be bound to do it, would they? Going farther, if an interviewee wanted to be called “the most Exalted and Powerful Queen of North America,” the media wouldn’t bow to her absurd wish and religiously use that title.

    Wanting to be a woman when God made you a man is insane, no matter what medical professionals say in the literature. Insisting that others refer to you by names and pronouns that are feminine, if one is biologically male, is a symptom of that insanity, no more worthy of general respect than calling a man “Jesus,” he believing he really is our Lord and Savior, merely because he wishes so to be called.

    There is a continuum to this: if a man has a “right” to be called by female names and verbiage, then it is grounded ins some “right” to be treated as the gender one prefers, not the gender one is. If Manning is entitled to morph the language around his self-selected gender, he is entitled to morph the rest of society’s norms too. So, when the Administration spirits him out within 7 years or through a pardon between the election and the the next president taking office, Manning would retain some bastard “right” to shower with my daughters at the pool or to use the restroom with my wife (I wouldn’t advise this of course, she has a wonderful recall of faces, would likely recognize him, and I’m sure she could take him).

    We don’t get to choose our gender, God alone has that duty. We don’t get to choose the societal norms that fit us, society does. It does violence to the social order for individuals to seek to make the rest of society conform to their whim.

  • and if personality disordered persons can make all of us enter into their madness, who is the crazy one now?

  • Why shouldn’t Manning get in on the act? It’s worked for so many other liberals when they want to cow others into submission. Manning’s apparently been successful in transforming himself from his being rightfully branded as a traitor, to his now jumping on the “transgender” bandwagon so dear to the leftists and becoming their victim and hero. What a coup! But it only plays if we let it.

    We should not play into the word games that are being used to advance this evil agenda called “gender theory” which Pope Benedict XVI warned against in December 2012. The Truth is that men are of the male sex and women are of the female sex. God created us as a male or as a female. The extremely rare intersex condition that gender theorists like to pretend is evidence of a “third gender”, where a person is born with some male and some female physicality, is only a physical developmental defect, not evidence of some kind of a legitimate third sex they call “gender”. The gender theorists engage in the deadly sin of Pride by trying to usurp God’s authority and challenge His wisdom by getting people to use the term “gender”, in place of saying a person is of the male or female sex, because it allows them to pretend that God is wrong, and try to convince us He is wrong, so they can advance their own wrongheaded, sinful theories. Here’s the definition of gender from the Merriam Webster Docket Dictionary written before the gender theorists twisted the true meaning of the word;

    “gender, n. Grammatical difference of WORDS as masculine (man), feminine (woman), or neuter (book).”

    Notice that gender refers to words, not people. The gender theorists have morphed the grammatical term neuter, which as you can see in the definition really refers to objects, to instead pretend there’s a third sex that can be neuter or whatever they want it to be. By our using the grammatical term gender to describe a person, we are playing right into their game and helping them advance it. But by using the correct verbiage of a person being of the male sex or of the female sex we remain faithful to the Truth and do not help advance their lies.

  • maintenant it is not just whose Truth – your “truth” my Truth but now “your reality my Reality”

  • So, when the Administration spirits him out within 7 years or through a pardon between the election and the the next president taking office,

    Daniel McCarthy, the editor of The American Conservative, actually compared Manning to Eugene Victor Debs, who was jailed for sedition during the 1st World War (for importuning young men to disrupt conscription in various ways) and was later pardoned by Warren Harding. He fancies Manning ought to be pardoned as some sort of political prophet. Why turning over soldiers’ personnel files to a snake like Julian Assange qualifies one for admiration he has not yet answered.

    I cannot believe Patrick J. Buchanan does not read the publication he founded and bury his face in his hands from time to time.

  • I think it is the breadth and scope of the materials Manning released that removes all question about his being some sort of “whistleblower.” We aren’t talking about debatable treasonable acts such as Snowden may have engaged in. We are talking actionable intelligence thrown to the wind with no concern for the impact. This little, sniveling, snot-nosed boy did a real man’s crime here, one deserving of death. If it had been during this administration and he had released details of Benghazi – details that I am increasingly curious about the more the Administration obfuscates – make no mistake that Manning’s trial would have been quick and he would have been either locked up forever or put to death.

  • One correction: Debs sentence was commuted and McCarthy wants Manning’s commuted. Eight and a half more years ‘ere his first parole examination is too much for the man who tossed 700,00 documents into the lap of Assange.

    It has been the editorial line at The American Conservative that 25 years was not enough for Jonathan Jay Pollard, who passed secrets to Israel.

Has Rome Overreacted to the LCRW?

Tuesday, April 24, AD 2012

So, you think you’re a calm and balanced guy, and you read all these news stories about how the nuns are just “stunned” that Rome would investigate them. I mean, “stunned. How could the mean old Vatican investigate nuns?

Well, Thomas L. McDonald of God and the Machine gives us a little bit of an idea. He takes a look at the upcoming LCWR Assembly 2012 (to be held in August), and notes the keynote topic: “Mystery Unfolding: Leading in the Evolutionary Now” which will be delivered by Barbara Marx Hubbard. He takes a look at Barbara Marx Hubbard’s site and finds the following:

It has become obvious that a creative minority of humanity is undergoing a profound inner mutation or transformation. Evolutionary ideas are not only serving to make sense of this change, but also acting to catalyze the potential within us to transform. (Thought creates; specific thought creates specifically.)

It is the planetary crisis into which we were born that is awakening our sleeping potential for transformation. Planet Earth has given birth to a species capable of choosing whether to consciously evolve ourselves and our social forms, or to continue the course we have set toward our own extinction. And the choice is clear.

All great spiritual paths lead us to this threshold of our own consciousness, but none can guide us across the great divide — from the creature human to the cocreative human. None can guide us in managing the vast new powers given us by science and technology. None of us have been there yet.

What we can envision

The enriched noosphere, the thinking layer of Earth, is now replete with evolutionary technologies that can transform the material world. Within the next 30 to 50 years, we could transform our physical bodies, our minds, our social structures, and set in motion the emergence of a new civilization.

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24 Responses to Has Rome Overreacted to the LCRW?

  • She sounds like a Scientologist.
    “Planet Earth has given birth to a species………”
    I thought God, not planet earth created us – “Gaia, we thank you for our being” [sarc]

    We are told that he did not die.
    Nup, Jesus died alright – otherwise he could not have had His victory over death.
    I should just leave it at that.

    Yes, this one is certainly one for the men in white coats to take away.

  • So she’s saying we didn’t really NEED Jesus, He was just pointing the way toward the brave new future awaiting us. He didn’t REALLY suffer death and rise from the dead. And we, the human race, will someday achieve this here on earth. But the question at the back of my mind, after those future humans come to the natural end of their 600 year lifespan, is what will they find? Endless death or endless life with Our Lord?

    Perhaps what the good sisters need to hear at their conference is someone who will preach Christ crucified. Surely they didn’t vow their lives to their Bridegroom to betray Him by filling their minds with this scifi trash. Their leaders should be ashamed of themselves.

  • I only hope that its not too late to bring back the sisters from the abyss. We need to pray and fast for their reversion to the Faith.

  • “Planet Earth has given birth to a species capable of choosing whether to consciously evolve ourselves and our social forms, or to continue the course we have set toward our own extinction. And the choice is clear.”

    Now there’s a real Social Darwinist.

  • To your question, my answer is NO.

    But I wish Rome would listen with respect to other things as well.

  • After Obama’s election, Barb the snakeoil saleswoman delivered herself of this gem on November 21, 2008:

    “Our recent presidential election clearly reflects the evolutionary shift that we have been talking about and sensing. Many of us appreciate that President Elect Obama is already a universal person, transcending race, and striving for a world that works for everyone. This could not have happened if there was not a rise in consciousness in the United States and throughout the world. The 33% of “cultural creatives” that Paul Ray speaks of are acting now, making this the time for our greater connectivity and cocreativity.

    This Thanksgiving, as we continue to move forward in our evolutionary transformation, let us give thanks together for being alive at this precise moment of moments. It is my prayer that enough of us will join together in this season of thanksgiving to continue to support the evolution of America that is now underway.”

    Two observations:

    1. The powers that be at LCWR obviously have long ago surrendered any belief in what the Catholic Church teaches for Leftism with an incomprehensible New Age wrapper.

    2. They are too dumb to see an obvious charlatan when they come across one.

  • Does that “evolution” talk have anything to do “Social Darwinism”?

    And, isn’t “Social Darwinism” one of them liberal swear words?

    In the sense that the LCWR is a small, heretical cliche nearing extinction, Rome likely is overreacting.

    This morning’s suggested reading: St. Paul, “Romans.”

    The Saint writes about wrong-headed people who do not worship The God of creation but idolize the creation of God.

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  • I didn’t think anyone did Teilhard anymore. I know the fear was always that his stuff wasn’t sufficiently grounded in othrodoxy. But I’m sure this lecture would resolve any lingering wariness.

  • I too had heard that Teilhard was frowned on for being doctrinaly unsound. (I tried to read a bit of his stuff at one point, being interested in evolution-related issues, and honestly found him fairly unreadable.) That said, the new-age transhumanist stuff that this speaker has going on is very much of the now, now something she got from Tielhard.

  • This stuff from the keynote speaker’s website makes me think of, I don’t know, maybe Battlestar Gallactica kind of stuff. This stuff is choice material for a TV mini-series like that. OH MY GOODNESS!

  • Commander Adama captaining the Galactica would hopefully know better than to give credence to freaks like this. The gnostic heretics should simply be publicly excommunicated and the LCWR handed over to orthodox women religious. They aren’t going to repent. They are simply too full of themselves. PS, why don’t they just go to Bishopress Schori in the ECUSA (or TEC as it’s otherwise known) where they belong?

  • Paul, you’re absolutely right ~ Commander Adama wouldn’t abide with this garbage. I agree they should just be excommunicated, those who will willingly agree and adhere to this kind of stuff. EVERYONE within that group should be asked to assent or not to the truths of our Faith; then be done with it. You’re in or you’re out. They’ve been given YEARS of leeway apparently. Enough is enough, with these supposed nuns as well as heretic priests and bishops.

  • Are you sure that Oprah didn’t write this?

  • I think that we all need to take it on ourselves during this time of the Vatican looking into the “sisters” that we all not only PRAY but do MAJOR PENANCE for them! It’s God’s timing to uproot the weeds growing in his “transformative” garden!

  • I dunno. I’ve sat in auditoriums where speakers babbled nonsense. I wouldn’t want to judge the individuals who attended these conferences. You go to a conference for the expressed purpose of meeting people and drinking wine in the mid-afternoon, not to listen to speakers. I do think that the schedulers of this stuff shouldn’t be allowed to schedule any more conferences, though.

  • When one attends Mass and the priest gives a homily on “our mother, God” they need to be corrected, now, not later. By the way, Gaia is goddess earth and people are considered parasites on the skin of mother earth. In another post unborn babies are considered parasites. LCWR are parasites on the faith of the people, whom they lord it over. I am embarrassed for them.

  • Hey, if my religious community had the LCRW’s median age, I’d be hoping to transcend my animal self and live for 600 years as well.

  • Pinky,

    I’ve sat in auditoriums where speakers babbled nonsense. I wouldn’t want to judge the individuals who attended these conferences. You go to a conference for the expressed purpose of meeting people and drinking wine in the mid-afternoon, not to listen to speakers. I do think that the schedulers of this stuff shouldn’t be allowed to schedule any more conferences, though.

    I think there’s a bit more of an expectation that the annual conferences of a conference of the heads of Catholic religious orders would actually be substantive, but I would not be at all surprised if many who are members of the LCWR don’t buy into any of this silliness — it’s just that their orders have belonged to the LCWR since it was founded 60 years ago, and they don’t have the time and energy to kick out those who make of hobby of running the thing.

    Hopefully with the bishops the CDF asked to keep an eye on things now being in charge of supervising publications and speakers, there won’t be any more of this silliness.

  • The Vatican is not over reacting. Given that it has take the Vatican 30 years to act I think it is safe to say that the Vatican has greatly under-acted.

    It is truly sad to see how far these nuns have drifted into the New Age heresies. Satan never sleeps! Personally I would require them to either recant in public, renew their vows to God and Church, and move back into actual religious life or I would show them the door.

  • “I dunno. I’ve sat in auditoriums where speakers babbled nonsense.”

    I was in a Diaconate program where the faculty babbled this nonsense. They gave us books to read that were similar nonsense.

    These people know what they are doing. And its not God’s work.

  • The smoke of Satan. I was thinking this morning after Mass, and I had been once lost in the folly of drug induced mysticism and eastern religion, that the smoke of Satan is in that Gnostic pride which makes us think we are among the “chosen” with special more highly evolved knowledge, remember Genesis”you shall be as god”. I believe it is much better for us to consider ourselves as blind, stupid and in need of God’s mercy and His grace to show us His way or we may be tempted to, as Jesus said, to follow other shepherds. As for those in LCWR who are deluded, let’s pray for them as I was once lost, stupid and blind too.

Crazy Mel

Thursday, April 12, AD 2012



Back in 2011 I reported that Mel Gibson was working on a screenplay about the Maccabean revolt.  Go here to read the post.  I hoped that this movie would help Gibson work out the personal demons that afflict him.  Alas, such is not the case.  The project has been shelved, and the screenwriter of the play Joe Eszterhas has unloaded on Gibson in a nine page letter that may be read here.  (Caution as to strong language.)  Mel Gibson is the most prominent Catholic of his generation in Hollywood.  His Passion of the Christ is a masterful film that inspired, and inspires, huge numbers of people around the globe.  To see him destroy his life and reputation since then has been painful.  Gibson needs our prayers and a swift kick in the hind end.

Update I:  Hattip to commenter Chris P.  Go here to read Gibson’s response to the Eszterhas letter.

Update II:  Go here to read Eszterhas’ response to Gibson.

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26 Responses to Crazy Mel

  • Can we still consider him Catholic? He did form his own schismatic church.

  • It appears from the letter that Gibson was being fitted out for a Maoist confessional, with the Enemy of The People receiving absolution after some heavy going. Madness or his guardian angel saved him from that ignominious fate. Good on ya mate, ha ha.

  • I thought Mel was a Sedevacantist…. like Sungenis.

  • When Jim Caviezel was interviewed about the filming of “The Passion” he said Mel insisted they both go to daily confession and daily (Latin) Mass to remain safe from demonic attacks. That was a wise move, and the incredible success of “The Passion” is a testament that they harnessed great spiritual power. But Mel let his guard down afterward and obviously the devil has had his way with him. Part of his problem is the sedevacantist mindset which mocks Blessed John Paul and encourages Holocaust denial. I have had many friends attend SSPX churches and eventually this crept into their thinking. They become their own popes, deciding for themselves which pope is valid and which is a Mason, which means they are no longer Catholics, they just look like them. Add to that the wealth which I and the millions who attended many showings of “The Passion” helped him accumulate. Wealth ruins many people as they can afford to terrorize their staff, build and staff their own churches, becoming isolated dictators.
    Mel needs a tough priest, who says Latin Mass and is an exorcist to confront him, and the spirits which have infested him.

  • “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.”

    Am I a sedevacantist? I ask because I only say three (Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious) sets of Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and I don’t totally buy that “human dignity” stuff. Otherwise, I honor Pope John Paul II.

    In 1979, during his visit to NYC, I came within 100 feet of Pope John Paul II. I was walking past St Patrick’s on my way to work and he and Terence Cardinal Cook were taking a quiet stroll about the Cathedral (behind NYPD barricades). I waved to him. I don’t think he saw me. And, I could feel the holiness.

  • T.Shaw. You may not be a sedevacantist but you are dead wrong if you say you can pick and choose which papal teachings to accept. What makes you any better than liberal Catholics who accept Church social teaching which fit with their liberal agenda and ignore Humanae Vitae and Evangelium Vitae?
    Its the same thing Mel does, you go with your feelings. Mel agrees with his father that JPII is “Garullous Carolus the Koran Kisser” and mocks him. You ‘feel’ his holiness. IT=ts not about feelings, its about submitting to authority which Christ put over you as a Catholic. If you do not accept papal authority, you are a Protestant.
    Name one saint who was disobedient to his superiors, even when they were morally bankrupt and jealously suppressing him, as in the case of St Faustina and Padre Pio.
    Why don’t you read some of Blessed John Paul’s writing on human dignity and his Marian writings. You may find that your disobedience is borne out of ignorance and pride. They don’t call Blessed John Paul II Great for nothing.

  • TShaw:

    Well, unless you have a nigh-unto-unique form of sedevacantism which holds that JP2 was a valid pope and B16 is not, it’s pretty clear you’re not.

    The Luminous mysteries are optional. I’m not sure what you mean by the “human dignity stuff,” but man does an excellent job of effacing his God-given dignity these days, that’s for sure.

  • Though part of Catholic teaching is Veritatis Splendor which talks about intrinsic evils which can never be supported (abortion, contraception, torture) and those things which are not evils per se (income inequality). The former can never be accepted while (within reason) the latter can.

    Then of course are the licit variety of approaches to applying social teaching which Catholic teaching itself allows. For example the licit variety of approaches for providing health care. One can be a faithful Catholic and vary on such approaches. This as opposed to some who abuse the term “human dignity” to justify a particular approach to a problem and villify those who don’t agree.

  • Well, I can say this much, that letter comes across as a pretty crazy read in and of itself regardless of Gibson….

    I really hope Gibson turns things around for himself. I hope he seeks out that first step to recovery and receives the sacrament of reconciliation from a properly ordained priest.

  • Funny after reading this post I came across this article on yahoo movies. It really seems to put things in a different light. Mel comes across as very level headed and professional.

  • To “Student”: I really hate responding to people who don’t use their real name, but, for the record, I’m not a sedevacantist and never have been. I have had several debates against sedevacantists (e.g., Peter Dimond, John Lane). So please, no more rumors. If you want to know something about me, ask me. Anything else is gossip. Capice?

  • I don’t get it. How many times does Mel Gibson have to apoligize?

  • I guess when he stops acting like a truly deranged jerk Jasper, that might eliminate the necessity for further apologies.

  • I deleted your last comment Jasper and I have placed you on moderation. If you wish to defend Gibson’s insane anti-semitism, you will have to find other forums to do so.

  • I apologize, Robert Sungenis.
    I feel kind of foolish – yes, I was pretty much just parroting what I have heard others say.

  • The man behind “Showgirls” versus the man behind “The Passion of the Christ”, and it looks like Eszterhas is in the right. This is why being a human is so interesting.

  • Pinky,

    Joe Eszterhas underwent his own conversion – he’s also no the man he used to be.

  • The Passion of Christ is a still a major S&M cult film. No wonder. Mr. Gibson has a very strange propensity (in movie after movie) of showing naked young men being hideously tortured in extreme close-up. Heresy and PRIDE go together like a fish in water. He plays the little ‘pope’ with his own ‘church’, hands out ‘spiritual advice’ and yet is a cringing embarrassment with his bigotry, foul mouth and adolescent sexual indulgence and rages. I find Juno to be a MUCH more inspiring ‘Catholic’ film than ‘Passion’.

  • We will have to agree to disagree digdigby on the Passion of the Christ which I regard as the most moving portrayal of Our Lord ever to be placed on film. Part of the sadness that I feel for Gibson is seeing talent simply thrown away.

  • Mr. McClarey, . Being ‘moved’ by the life of Jesus Christ means nothing to me. I’m still moved to tears by Old Yeller. In the movie ‘Juno’ I was made ashamed in a real, Catholic way at how I judged the character ‘Vanessa’. Enough to shake me up at how I see people in my own life.

  • “Being ‘moved’ by the life of Jesus Christ means nothing to me. I’m still moved to tears by Old Yeller.”

    The depiction of the death of Christ should have more significance to you than the death of a canine. Pope John Paul II thought rather highly of the Passion of the Christ.

    As for Juno, I thought it was vastly overrated. I found it somewhat amusing when the star of the flick came out as a pro-abort.

    However, arguments as to the merits or demerits of films tend to get no place quickly.

  • digdigby does have a point. Mel Gibson’s movies from the Mad Max to Lethal Weapon series rely on the character’s capacity for controlled mayhem in a sadistic environment for their effect. Gibson is not a versatile actor, he needs violence to sell his movies. That said, I do not think he intends to kill his ex or anyone else for that matter. Though quite clearly he enjoys being a sob and a bigot.

  • “Pope John Paul II thought rather highly of the Passion of the Christ.”.
    He also thought highly of Maciel.

  • We’re discussing the Passion of the Christ and not red herrings.

  • Given the above…

    1. Mel has apologized enough for his drunken outburst. And while it certainly doesn’t excuse his remarks, let’s not forget the extent to which he was harassed and maligned by certain Jewish groups that were categorically opposed to any popular portrayal of the Scriptural truth.

    2. The Passion is most certainly not an “S&M film.” If your modern sensibilities are so delicate that you can’t bear to see the truth of what really happened, I really just pity you.

    I can usually tell whether or not I’ll like someone or get along with them based on their position on that film. I guess you either “get it” or you don’t, and if you don’t, well you’re just not my kind of people.