50 Ways to Rig a Synod

Saturday, October 3, AD 2015



Father Z brings us a musical treat:


It is my pleasure to release here the super ultra exclusive new hit from the always backward-looking performance artist Zuhlio!

With the disturbing foreknowledge that the organizing office of the Synod of Bishops was going to change the rules and procedures yet again, the artist Zuhlio teamed up with the legendary T. Ferguson (whose initials are strangely similar to those of this blog’s official parodohymnodist Fr. Tim Ferguson).

You will recall some of Zuhlio’s previous hits, which you no doubt hum to yourselves even now.  Who can forget Where Have All the Sisters Gone How about “Lady Tambourine Priest”?  How about his even bigger hit song from his urban rapper phase “Aging Hippie Paradise”.

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  • Lady tambourine Priest…great lyrics.
    Thanks for the laughs!
    BTW..the artwork on the album covers are sensational.
    TAC. Great job on mixing the splendor of truth with an occasional sprinkling of absurd.

PopeWatch: Saved by a Dart

Saturday, October 3, AD 2015

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  • The word on the street is that the History Channel is embarking on a new “reality show,” that is being sponsored by Mutual of Omaha.
    “Missing the Kingdom” will debut in the fall of 2016. Details are sketchy, but insider’s claim it combines the movements of radical Catholic cleric’s that roam the vastness of the Vatican in search of prey. The Swiss Guard try to distinguish between the radical predators and the timid religious who surprisingly look alike, but the producers of the show promise live action, intrigue and tranquilizer darts.
    The pilot for the program was delayed due to a tragedy on site. Jim, a 94year old retired actor who co-stared with Marlin Perkins in the original Wild Kingdom series, was preparing to hand Cardinal Burke a capture net, when suddenly He fell gravely ill. Cardinal Burke has been asked to return at a later date.
    Stay tuned.

  • Yes, good idea. No question a dart was necessary. The Pope needs to be protected against saying something actually Catholic that would up his left wings followers.

  • If only this satire was true!

PopeWatch: Environtion

Saturday, September 26, AD 2015



From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


In a strategic attempt to speak about abortion at the White House without being “lambasted” by the media Wednesday, Pope Francis spent the majority of his time substituting the words “environment” and “climate change” for the actual subject of his address: abortion.

“It seems clear to me that abortion, I mean climate change, is a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation,” Francis said, catching his gaffe, the first of many, during the talk. “Mr. President, I find it encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for reducing abortions, excuse me…that is, air pollution,” Francis said. “Accepting the urgency, it seems clear to me also that killing babies in the womb, sorry, I had a long flight…I meant climate change is a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation.”

Francis twice quoted his own encyclical on the environment, which many believe was actually an encyclical on abortion.

“When it comes to the care of our ‘common home’, which is not unlike that of a womb if you kinda think about it, not that I’m talking about abortion right now, of course, we are living at a critical moment of history,” he said. “We still have time to make the changes needed to bring about an end to this genocide…excuse me, did I say genocide? Weird. By genocide, I meant, a sustainable and integral development, for we know that things can change. Such change demands on our part a serious and responsible recognition of the kind of world we may be leaving to our children. Children that are procreated from the love of a man and a woman, and that are defenseless inside their mother wombs and should be protected from abor…climate change.”

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  • Now that’s funny!
    Way to go EOTT!

  • Funny, Philip? This is brilliant. EOTT did for the Pope that which the pope ought to have done for himself.

  • Hi Mary.
    Nothing funny about the possibility of sinners continuing in their sin and the misinterpreted silence being a form of acceptance for the sinner..no. Funny how EOTT nailed it down, as you said; “….that which the Pope ought to have done for himself.”. Yes. Brilliant.

  • Philip. I hope you know how much I look forward to and appreciate ALL of your comments. God bless and keep You.

  • A humbling experience, to hear a well educated and well informed professional like yourself bestow such a compliment on a caregiver that has excelled in all forms of misplaced modifiers, run-on sentences, mis-spelled words and the mightiest of them all…mis-quotes. Once in awhile plagiarism too. On my defense all I can say is, thank you.

  • So if I comprehend the pope’s clever doublespeak (climate change really means abortion) then those carbon deposits man is leaving everywhere must mean diaper change?

PopeWatch: Annulment Prime

Saturday, September 12, AD 2015

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  • I understand that the economics of this process will eventually cause a problem, in that two separate drones will be required to send annulment notices to both non-spousal units simultaneously in order to avoid any appearance of bias or favorability.
    The Vatican assured concerned members of the press that the cost will not be born by the customers themselves however as an annual collection will be taken up by all national bishop’s conferences–to be called the “Drones Matter” collection.

  • A friend of mine got 2 annulments. I know a woman who got an annulment after 30 years of marriage and two grown children. She had fallen into adultery with a grade school flame after a class reunion.
    Annulments were a farce. Quicker annulments will be more farcical. How many struggling families did stay together by heeding Christ’s admonition? The church should teach what Christ taught. If one chooses to receive communion while unworthy (who isn’t) then let us remember Christ gave communion to Judas. The church must not allow itself to be split by denying the Word. Let all who would deny His teaching on marriage join the Lutherans. A second reformation is not needed. For those who are divorced unwillingly, an annulment may be apt since adultery has likely occurred.

  • Coming “Out” in 2016 is the Kodacolor Prime.
    That’s Right!
    For the onslaught of Gay married couples who wish for New and improved marriages, the Kodacolor Prime is the Taylor made annulment for you!

  • This satire is too close to the truth to be ha-ha funny. On the serious side, I consider the new process to be a slap in the face to those of us who played by the rules, and were willing to accept the Church’s ruling that a previous marriage was still legally binding on us. Mine wasn’t, but this ‘merciful’ rule is going to provoke a lot of resentment among Catholics on both sides of the fence in a marriage mix-up. Imagine the hell that will break loose if a future Pope has to tighten up the rules to restore sanity to this mess.

  • Yes annulments have been a farce under previous Popes also.

    It’s not so much the speed of the annulment that made them a joke, but rather, the fact that some people applied and successfully received an annulment after years of marriage and children, only because they wanted to remarry. I know of some.

    It’s a reality that some marriages cannot go on where the couple continue living under the same roof. What happened to separating and living a single celibate life dedicating oneself to raising children? Not jumping off to a new lover and pretending God has dissolved the vows you took because of a “technicality.”

    Annulments have been a farce in the Catholic Church for many years. This new speeding up the process is bad news for the Institution of Marriage.

    It would be far better for the Catholic Church to have tougher pre- marriage preparation classes that tested a couple much more aggressively to ensure THEY knew what they were getting themselves into before they decided to take their vows. This could prevent future divorces, cough cough, “annulments”.

  • Premarital preparation will NOT, it WILL NOT, change the corrupted conscience of a person determined to leave their marriage. This is a BIG FALSEHOOD. It MIGHT yield some better initial understanding, THAT I could see. But the call of adultery and the call of vengeance are too attractive to the VAST MAJORITY of those in marital difficulties.



  • Folks, none of this matters to most American Catholics who are twice, thrice or more times married. They say nothing, go to Sunday Mass for appearance’s sake and receive Holy Communion, returning to their pews and never darkening the door of a Confessional. I would guess – and it is a guess – that 90% of divorced and remarried American Catholics do this if they attend Mass at all. No priest questions them, and there are no homilies about adultery or fornication or final judgment or hell. None. Zero. Zip point squat. And yes, I have seen this happen. There is no adult Catechesis, and children’s Catechesis is being done by these very same adults, and yes, I know personally that that is true. Adherence to the Gospel of repentence is a joke in the American Roman Church, but mention social justice and the common good, and these clerics are all over it like sink on $h1t.

  • Karl, most people go into marriage naive- myself included. Some of these people have come from broken homes- like my husband. One sign of trouble and they want to throw in the towel.

    Marriage is HARD. The first 10 years is excruciatingly difficult. Most people do not realise this. They don’t realise that adversity in marriage, conflict, struggle is NORMAL. They assume it is a sign of a bad partner choice, and either leave or continue on an unhealthy path which ends in disaster, usually with children as a casualty.

    If they did know how difficult it is, they wouldn’t get married. Couples need to be made aware of this ESPECIALLY if they are from broken families. The Church needs to say this in pre-wedding prep.

    Our pre-wedding prep which was in the a maronite Catholic Church was laughable- it involved the Monsignor telling us that the Pill is wrong, but up to ones own conscience. What the?!!! If you have had bad Faith formation growing up, you’d float with the wind. I didn’t, thank God, so I was mortified. My husband on the other hand, a devout Catholic and better formed today, had no clue.

    The Pill (which damages relationships), prayer, confession, conflict resolution, in-laws (I’m not kidding here), prayer, prayer, confession, fidelity to one another, children, prayer, prayer, confession. These all need to be brought home- drilled- in marriage prep.

    And lastly, couples need to know that Marriage is a Sacrament. A Contract. And this contract cannot be broken. Even if we pretend, it cannot be broken.

    Yes, this is the responsibility of our Clergy. Some hard love BEFORE the marriage ceremony. By hard-love, I mean scare them.

    Divorce used to be a shameful word. If I came back to my parents divorced, they would have been mortified. At times, this forced me to keep going in hard times. And thank God I did. Three beautiful girls resulted, and our relationship is stronger.

    We all come from different backgrounds and upbringing, we need to teach our children and the Church needs to support us, that Marriage is serious. Who cares what the world tells us marriage is. We need to be confident and absolute in what this is.

    What has happened to us as a Faithful? We’ve become very weak as people.

    Sorry for my rant. We can’t give up, even if our Clergy seem to. We have to stay Faithful to God.

  • With easy annulments Pope Francis did exactly the opposite of what he should have done. Right now the annulment process is a joke with just about anyone being approved. All that’s needed is the right story in the right words which the Church will provide help for you to create. In the eyes of this devilish process practically all marriages are annulable. This means that all marriages are most probably invalid, which means that most folks who think they are married are not. In other words, you only know you are married when your annulment is refused–a true catch 22. Pretty funny, eh? Not.

  • And here I am, not born or raised in any faith, abusive first marriage, then found Christ in Protestant Evangelical church mid 30’s, baptized in the Trinity, then re-married a lapsed Catholic, we had no interest in being Catholic, surprise, after 9 years of marriage, drawn into Catholic faith, wow, awesome, what?, annulments needed, lots of complications, years going by, we don’t receive communion but long for Him so much, it’s an awful process to go through and definitely needs reform, was looking forward to that so maybe someday, communion at last…. but look how snarky so many are about it, tempted to give up and leave the church now, but – there He is, where else can we go 🙁

  • Suzy.

    Hang on!
    Snarky you can deal with, life away from Him, that’s another story. Hang in there.

  • Suzy, it is God who welcomes you into His Church.

    I have never seen a priest deny anyone The Blessed Sacrament- only the faithful choose not to receive Him because they are in a state of sin. I don’t receive communion when I feel I am not worthy. Not the person sitting next to me at Church, not my husband, or my children, or another person on a blog can determine this. Only I can examine my conscience to determine if I am worthy or not.

    “Snarkiness” never denied anyone The Blessed Host.

    It’s a matter-of-fact. Not snarkiness.

  • ” …For those who are divorced unwillingly, an annulment may be apt since adultery has likely occurred….”

    Unless I’m mistaken, adultery alone is not justification to declare that a valid marriage ever took place….
    example: If your home burns down that doesn’t change the reality that you bought and owned it validly.

  • Don L
    Maybe you should read what Christ said as reported in the gospel.

  • Shawn Marshall

    A common reading of μὴ ἐπὶ πορνείᾳ, based on Hellenic Jewish usage, is that πορνείᾳ refers to a forbidden union.

    Thus, in the Septuagint translation of Deut 23:2, the Hebrew word מַמְזֵ֖ר [Mamzer] is translated as εκ πόρνης, literally “one born of a harlot.” Now, in Jewish law, a mamzer is a child born of a forbidden union, that is, one born of parents within the forbidden degrees of marriage specified in Leviticus 18:6-17, or of a married woman’s adultery.

    Again, we find St Paul using πορνείᾳ in 1 Cor 5 in reference to the man who had married his father’s wife. This would be very much in accordance with rabbinic usage.

    The sense of Matt 19:9 would thus be, “unless the union is a forbidden one.” It is clear enough that Our Lord is not referring to adultery, for He uses the ordinary Greek word for adultery – μοιχός in the same passage.

  • Adultery is not grounds for annulment. Domestic violence is not grounds for an annulment. Alcohol, drug and gambling addiction are not grounds for annulment. Abortion is not even grounds for annulment. These are all sins that may occur within a valid marriage.

    An annulled marriage means it was not a “legit” contract in the first place ie. fraudulent marriages, lying about wanting children, lying about the reason for marriage, marrying for material gain, lying about what Faith one wants to bring children up in. If deception is involved then the contract is not valid.

    A non-Catholic marriage may or may not be valid. This would depend on intent, and is more complex. And remarriage into the Catholic Church is possible, provided the previous non-Catholic marriage was determined to be non-valid.

  • Michael Dowd wrote, “This means that all marriages are most probably invalid, which means that most folks who think they are married are not…”

    One would hope that this is an exaggeration. Nevertheless, your comment calls to mind the words of a great Scottish lawyer, F W Walton, the author of the leading textbook on Husband and Wife: “It is a curious fact, though true, that there must always be… a considerable number of persons who could not say off-hand whether they were married or not. It is only when the question has been decided in a court of law that their doubts can be removed. But although they do not know if they are married, and no one could tell them with certainty till the action was tried, it is nevertheless true that they must be either one or the other. There is no half-way house.”

    If marriage requires the consent, the meeting of minds, of two people, that is simply unavoidable.

  • The Eye of the Tiber truly puts this issue into perspective!

  • I understand the substance of the point being made in this post, but the way it’s being conveyed seems a little too close to the “seat of the scoffers” to me. If the goal is to create genuine discourse, talking about ideas based on the face value of their merits is probably the most widely accepted (and charitable) way. Satire can be a powerful tool for drawing attention to a problem by framing it in a more stylized light. But, while snark and derision are admittedly powerful tools (and, perhaps ironically, very commonly wielded by the secular American left), I have a hard time believing it’s in the spirit of Christ to resort to them. We should speak the Truth with purity and charity. That’s just my opinion, and I mean no offense.

  • Marriage is HARD. The first 10 years is excruciatingly difficult. Most people do not realise this. They don’t realise that adversity in marriage, conflict, struggle is NORMAL.

    Rather florid, ma’am. Give it a rest.

  • With easy annulments Pope Francis did exactly the opposite of what he should have done.

    Seems to be the pattern.

  • “Rather florid ma’am give it a rest”.

    You’re an idiot. As usual.

  • Art Deco is correct, Ezabelle. If marriage were excruciatingly hard, then I would not do it. Yes, it tequires hard work and determination and most of all love. Because of love I am married.
    Now what is excrucistingly hard? Calibrating the Power Range Nuclear Instrumentation on a 688 class nuclear submarine surfaced in the North Atlantic in winter time, and you have been on patrol for two months and you got two months to go, and you’re one of the only two qualified reactor operators aboard, serving port and starboard duty. Now that is excrucuatingly hard.

  • I said the first 10 years were excruciatingly hard. For me they were. For many I know it was. For various reasons. Not all the time, but enough of the time.

    Congratulations if it wasn’t for you Paul. But people throw in the towel when it gets hard- not cause its blissful. You’re out of touch with many young couples today.

  • Just a tangential thought. Thinking you would be a better spouse with a different partner is like thinking you would be a better violinist with a different fiddle. As for me, my wife is a Stradivarius of a woman belonging to a fiddler who is not ready for Carnegie Hall. How do you get there? Practice – Practice – Practice.

  • Excruciatingly hard is cancer whilst raising 3 young children (the youngest 6 months old), severe depression, being married to someone from a broken childhood/alcoholic father who drank himself till his liver burst with emotional scars, financial struggle and crappy in-laws.

  • my wife is a Stradivarius ha! thanks for that !

  • My wife is not a Stradivarius, she is a saint (56 years of marriage to me does that) that sounds like a Stradivarius.

  • Ezabelle, my apologies. Apparently you have gone through the Cross. Regarding abusive alcoholic spouses, I told my completely non-alcoholic spouse to leave me post haste if I ever drink or drug again, and not to look back. I was given that very instruction early on in my sobriety in a 12 step program almost 3 decades ago, and Al Anon members may often be told the same – never tolerate staying in an abusive alcoholic relationship. My sponsor kept it simple for me: “You are not Christ crucified, so don’t pretend to be Chirist crucified.” That said, I am no theologian and hence am not qualified to determine how active alcoholism or drug addiction figures into the annulment process. But the bottom line is that my personal sobriety, and the safety and security especially of women and children come first. If that means divorce, then so be it. Drunks and dope fiends do not belong in relationships, and I speak from personal experience.

  • But people throw in the towel when it gets hard- not cause its blissful. You’re out of touch with many young couples today.

    No, most people who initiate divorce proceedings have an accumulation of small complaints.

  • “No, most people who initiate divorce proceedings have an accumulation of small complaints.”

    No. It’s not “most”- where’s your proof- Surely not Entertainment Tonight. Infidelity is far from a “small complaint”. Fact of the matter, if someone was happy they don’t get divorced for the hoot of it.

  • Excruciatingly hard is cancer whilst raising 3 young children (the youngest 6 months old), severe depression, being married to someone from a broken childhood/alcoholic father who drank himself till his liver burst with emotional scars, financial struggle and crappy in-laws.

    You’re really not describing an ordinary accumulation of problems. That aside, there are six items on your list. The two for which marriage would be a necessary condition would be your in-laws and problems derived from them. Morbid alcoholism is characteristic of maybe 1 person in 100. Your children are derived from your marriage (not everyone’s are), but you’re not going to find it any simpler to rear them shorn of a husband.

  • No. It’s not “most”- where’s your proof-

    I’ve immersed myself in the sociological and demographic literature on this question. My bibliography is off line, and, several moves later, It would be a project to locate it. The probability of divorce has associations with a mess of ecological factors, such as the degree of demographic churn in an area and certain cultural metrics. It’s an act strongly influenced by matrix. As for the social survey self-reports on why people initiate proceedings, it varies over time and varies between men and women. DIstinct and specific complaints (e.g. adultery and alcoholism) amounted to about 1/3 of the total self-reports the last set of descriptive statistics I looked at. Vague complaints (‘abuse’), feelings of being taken for granted, &c. form the lion’s share.

  • if someone was happy they don’t get divorced for the hoot of it.

    Madam, most people are sometimes happy, sometimes not, and, quite commonly, addled about the sources of one or the other, about their actual realistic prospects in this world, and about what they should reasonably expect from others. Leads to a great many bad decisions.

  • “You’re really not describing an ordinary accumulation of problems. That aside, there are six items on your list.”

    Health issues and “baggage” from childhood are “ordinary” problems occurring in marriage. Your “normal” is not normal today. Your husband/comment was left field. Most children are from a marriage.

    Funny how you pick and choose what’s “normal” to suit your argument.

  • To say “most” is an exaggeration Art Deco. You should have used “some”. People don’t get divorced if they are happy.

  • The only thing I’m with you on, is that more need to see the long haul of marriage through, and divorce is an easy option.

  • Alcoholism is worse than the 1 out of 100 figure that Art Deco put forward:

  • Paul, and you have gone through the cross also. My prayers and admiration at your will to remain sober. Addiction leaves its mark on generations far beyond our own. God Bless you abundantly.

  • Alcoholism is worse than the 1 out of 100 figure that Art Deco put forward:

    There was a modifier on that, Paul, derived from her description of her in-laws. There are many drunks. There are few people who drink themselves to death or kill themselves in drunken car wrecks.

  • To say “most” is an exaggeration Art Deco.

    It absolutely is not.

  • Health issues and “baggage” from childhood are “ordinary” problems occurring in marriage. Your “normal” is not normal today. Your husband/comment was left field. Most children are from a marriage.

    Madam, you described one ordinary background condition, three atypical background conditions, one common (but not typcially abiding) problem, and one discrete and unusual problem, as running simultaneously. No, most people’s lives are not like that. They have their problems ad seriatim. Neither would such an accumulation be a function of one’s marriage. The marriage is the setting of the problems, not the cause of the problems.

  • Thanks for the link to actual statistics Paul. The numbers are quite sad.

    When Art Deco fixes his computer he’ll be able to go back and immerse himself in literature of the demographically and sociological nature. Hopefully not from the 1920’s where he remains stuck.

  • Madam? Why feign respect? These problems are typical of many marriages. They put strain in a marriage.

    Keep going.

  • “Most” is a complete and utter exaggeration. Dig up your proof.

  • http://www.divorce.usu.edu/files/uploads/lesson3.pdf
    – 40-50% of first marriages in America end in divorce. 60% second marriages end in divorce.
    – Lack of commitment 73%
    – Infidelity 55%
    – Not enough Marriage education 41%
    – Abuse 29%
    – 20-30% of people that use the internet use it for sexual purposes.
    – 31%divorced men wished they tried harder to salvage their marriage.
    – If a spouse comes from a divorced family, their risk of divorce is doubled.


    2009-2011 stats from American Cancer Society states estimates that 43% men (averages around 1 in 2) have a risk of developing cancer. 37% (averages around 1 in 3) of women have a risk of developing cancer. Contrary to your outdated stars, Cancer is very “normal” in the 21st century.

    Illness is not caused by marriage as you stupidly stated. In burdens a marriage.
    21% in this study marriages ended in separation or divorce when the wife became ill.

  • Art Deco wrote, “most people who initiate divorce proceedings have an accumulation of small complaints.”
    Parva si non fiunt quotidie – These things would be trifling, had they not to be endured daily (Pliny Minor, Ep. 3.1)

  • Ezabelle wrote, “Most children are from a marriage.” Not first children.
    In France, 44% of all births are out of wedlock, including 56% of the births of first children. I doubt that the figures for the US are very different

  • GOOD HEAVENS, some of you sound like spouses heading for a divorce!

  • Thanks MPS- Not surprised about those figures in France- isn’t infidelity a cultural norm? I wouldn’t think the US is close to those figures…Id be surprised if it were…

  • Thanks for the link to actual statistics Paul. The numbers are quite sad. When Art Deco fixes his computer

    The term, madam, was ‘morbid alcoholism’. About 2.5 million people die in this country every year. Of these, 18.000 die of alcoholic cirrhosis. Roughly 8,000 or so are alcoholics who die in road wrecks. You can add a few thousand more from nephrosclerosis and esophageal haemorrhaging. That tallies to 1% or 1.5% of those who shuffle off this moral coil each year. The distinction between that and ordinary alcoholism is not difficult to grasp.

    Thanks MPS- Not surprised about those figures in France- isn’t infidelity a cultural norm?

    The original statement, Ezabelle was “Your children are derived from your marriage (not everyone’s are),” There is no statement of proportions therein. As is, about 40% of the children in the United States are out of wedlock, including the majority of first-borns. The situation is not much different from that in France. Some children are legitimated post partum and some legitimate children are born into households wherein there are children from the mother’s previous trysts. The effect of these two qualifying factors is about a wash.

  • – 40-50% of first marriages in America end in divorce. 60% second marriages end in divorce.

    The number of divorce decrees issued each year is equal to 40% or so of new marriages contracted. The latter figure has not been subject to much secular increase. So, 40% is about the lifetime probability of dissolution for the generic marriage. It’s lower for 1st marriages.

  • The infidelity figure you quote is an extreme outlier among the reasons quoted in social survey research I’ve looked at.

  • I think Art Deco is correct in his analysis of the statistics, but I would add that alcoholism left unchecked and no matter how benign initially always leads to one of three places:
    Insane Asylum
    Death (via disease or self-initiated accident)
    I used to go to 12 step out going meetings at a State Penitentiary. I heard from various people that 90% of those in prison were drinking or drugging when they committed the crime which put them in prison. My 12 sponsor always told me that the only difference between me and the people in the jail cells whom we were visiting was that they got caught and I did not.
    Back to the topic of marriage and divorce – I wonder how alcohol and drug abuse figure into divorce. In fact, if pornography is an addiction, then include that too. I remember a Franciscan Friar told me early on in my sobriety that sexual self-gratification is just another way to get high and you can’t be high and sober at the same time. So how many divorces occur because of that need to get high? Considering the hedonism and licentiousness to which the nation is addicted, what difference is there really between addiction to alcohol and drugs, and addiction to unrestrained sexual gratification. Sure, the latter is not moribund alcoholism, but it sure as heck is moribund. I see a lot of parallels between the obsession and compulsion of today’s pelvic craziness and what Dr William Silkwood called in the preface to the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous the obsession and compulsion of an alcoholic always needing that first drink. It’s a good thing I had a strong sponsor whose sponsor in turn was a Franciscan priest who was my Confessor. Of course, at the time I did not know that the priest to whom my sponsor sent me for Confession was his sponsor. It was a plot, I tell you – a conspiracy! 😉 We need more conspiracies like that to save marriages and save lives.

  • Madam? Why feign respect?

    Mr. Edwards, Mr. McClarey, and Dr. Zummo have their standards and practices. I do not think they’d be terribly amused if I spoke to you in the way you’ve earned and deserve. They’ve elected to allow you to conduct yourself in an adolescent manner in this discussion, and that’s their prerogative.

    This began with a suggestion that you give it a rest. Aside from confounding the whole range of human problems people may have while married with marital problems, you manifest an inexcusably poor command of English usage. If you fancy that ordinary domestic life, even a domestic life carried on in the face of actual marital problems, is ‘excruciatingly hard’, you have no conception of what ‘excruciatingly hard’ is. If you’re not a migrant farm worker, living on the street, living in some viperous slum, or afflicted with some wretched chronic illness, give it a rest. This woman’s life, and that of her mother, would be excruciatingly hard right now:


  • This exchange is excruciating. More so for those reading it.

    I feel sorry for that lady and daughter you linked to- honestly. Suffering isn’t a competition, but if it were, they would win. Bingo!

    The topic was about annulment.

    My point: If people were made aware of the struggles of marriages, divorce rates might be lower- Catholic couples would be better equipped and avoid a lot of heartache, regardless of what adversity was thrown their way. THAT was my point, incase it wasn’t clear. I’m a little deflated right now that I lost a valuable day arguing this and it has gotten lost on you. (Is “gotten” ok to use?).

    Your convoluted responses don’t intimidate me, because you lack substance.

    Continue to sit back and wait to pounce- on someone’s writing style or personal testimony…rather than arguing the topic at hand, or offering a solution. The world needs more individuals like you.

    My little brain hurts right now. I’ll go back to work on my command of the English language. Sir!

  • Paul, Interesting comment on the different kinds of highs. From our diocese website on pornography addiction: married women view pornography use by their husbands as the equivalent of adultery.
    It’s a hidden addiction that most likely wouldn’t surface in marriage prep.

PopeWatch: Year of Mercy

Saturday, September 5, AD 2015

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PopeWatch: Wascally Wabbits

Saturday, August 15, AD 2015

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  • Warner Bros. now owns Lepus. Maybe they can edit Bugs, Elmer Fudd, and Pope Francis into it to make it even more entertaining1 And having Porky Pig say, “That’s all folks!” at the end would be the icing on the cake!

  • The pope went on to say that 3 baby bunnies is about the right number per family. And you can see why that would be so: that reproduces the mommy and daddy bunnies and leaves the third one for the fox! Therefore no increase in population or carbon footprint.

  • Can we get the pope to approve feral cats in my county using contraception?

  • We also have eat too many spiders, ants, armodillas, snakes, & opposums in my neck of the woods. Maybe through “pastor” care at our local parish, our priest could approve the use of contraception for them. 😉

  • Sorry. Meant to say “pastoral care.”

Bear Growls: Dear Reinhard

Saturday, August 8, AD 2015

Dear Reinhard

As I have often said of some of my offspring, my bruin friend at Saint Corbinian’s Bear is “scary smart” and this piece of all too true satire will leave a mark on Reinhard Cardinal Marx:



Dear Reinhard: Is Sex With a Prostitute Adultery?

Once again, we look over the shoulder of Germany’s favorite advice columnist, Reinhard Marx, as he opens up his mailbag…

Dear Reinhard,

My wife and I have been married for eighteen years and have a six year old daughter. I love my wife, but for three years I have been seeing a sex worker in a Munich brothel, Magdalena. She is the only working girl I ever visit, and I  have fallen in love with her. Although I realize this may be less than ideal, I love both my wife and Magdalena.

I hear some people saying that this may be “adultery,” and, further, that it could be a mortal sin and maybe I shouldn’t take communion! I am a good Catholic and want to do the right thing. Surely God recognizes the stable and loving relationship I enjoy alongside my marriage? What should I do?

Muddled in Munich

Reinhard replies…

Dear Muddled:

Don’t be so hard on yourself. As the editors of the traditions gathered together under the name “Jeremiah” wrote: “The heart is perverse above all things, and unsearchable, who can know it?” Pascal, though only a Frenchman, expressed a similar sentiment when he said, “The heart has its reasons that reason knows not.” What these authors, separated by centuries, agree upon is this: you cannot control whom you love.

The important thing is that we find a way for you to feel welcome in the Church in your clandestine extramarital relationship with Magdalena. Is it right to call a committed, though unorthodox, loving relationship adultery? I think not. So enjoy the blessings of love (and love!) and do not let small-hearted naysayers keep you from communion!

I am sending you an autographed copy of Pope Francis’ friend and collaborator Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernandez’s “Heal Me With Your Mouth: the Art of Kissing.” (Sounds like you could use it!)

God bless you!

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  • Cupich disgraces his office and is an insult to any conception of morality.

  • Cupich disgraces his office and is an insult to any conception of morality.”

    Yes, but the larger question is why he was appointed since we knew previously of his modernist moral stances?

  • Of course God recognizes Muddled’s relationship.

    He’s seen this all before.

    As what, well, we can be sure Muddled really doesn’t want to know.

  • Imagined additional to Marx’s imaginary response: “PS: Hookers are children of God.”

  • Perhaps this relationship is not adultery but it most certainly is betrayal, a violation of one’s vows in the Sacrament of Matrimony. The individual becomes a liar, and an unfaithful spouse. Approaching Jesus, he might be struck dead.

  • “Indeed, tax collectors ad prostitutes are entering the kingdom of God before you”.

    A line bishops especially should remember.

  • The Bear is gratified you enjoyed “Dear Reinhard.” You may be happy to know that “Dear Reinhard” is a series, so you can look forward to more sage advice from Germany’s favorite sob sister, His Eminence Reinhard Marx.

  • The $64,000 question is how did +Cupich and +Marx become ordained clergy to begin with?

    The Catholic Church in Germany is in freefall. The Roman Pontiff has surrounded himself with people who would have been accused of heresy in the 1950s. PP butchers babies and a so-called Catholic US Supreme Court judge deems gay marriage a right and the USCCB is as silent as a portable analog TV in the closet of your grandmother’s house.

    I can offer no other explanation than we are in a period of chastisement.

  • Cupich’s sickening remarks qualify him now to be an active participant in the synod. You can see the storm clouds forming.

    Penguins Fan—the USCCB peace and justice group is a secular socialist propaganda arm of the democratic party. I use to check in occasionally on their legislative lobbying but now find it to be a near occasion of sin for me. Face it, the USCCB is home to many bishops who are democrats and socialists first, shepherds sometimes but never in adversity to their cherished partisan ideology. It’s ostentasiously located in DC and staffed with nothing but leftist advocates. I’d like to know its funding sources in addition to federal money. How do we pay for this from the pews?

  • Don–Thanks for syndicating The Bear at his most whimsical and hope you will continue to keep us current on his future ‘Dear Reinhard’ musings.

  • Cupich saddens me too. A theology perhaps better fitting to a dorm room discussion than building upon the Deposit of Faith.

    Nonetheless, every time I see this sort of thinking on display, I will say a prayer for the soul of his predecessor, Cardinal George. At least, I can accomplish something beyond merely getting angry. Whatever else you do, please do likewise for the soul of this wise and holy man. I do miss him here in Chicago.

  • Who are you to judge Muddled? or Magdalena? or Reinhard? Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  • “At least, I can accomplish something beyond merely getting angry. Whatever else you do, please do likewise for the soul of this wise and holy man. I do miss him here in Chicago.”

    Anger is okay – a just anger. We are ensouled bodies so we do have emotions. Anger can be unjust if filled with hatred or just when it addresses an injustice in charity. Cupich’s comments are unjust so we are right to be angry with them. Pray for his predecessor and pray for Cupich. But remain justly angry and speak out also.

  • To Phillip. – no disagreement. That is why I said “beyond…angry” rather than “instead of…angry”.

    Personally, I often fall short when I let my anger distort me, so on a “human” level my prayer for them helped me as well. I realized I needed to do this today at Mass, so I am assuming this was perhaps some “guidance” to help me (as well as hopefully Cardinal George!)

    Many thanks for your thoughts, Phillip.

  • If the adulterer loves them both then we must be merciful because #lovewins and who are we to judge?
    Saw the remarks about Cupich so checked out what he said. Astounding that an Archbishop would use relativism to soften the blow against those bloodthirsty demons at PP. The illogic of his thinking is his only clear point. You other commenters may know that yours truly is a lonely opponent of capital punishment here but it has not a thing to do with murdering innocent children in the womb. We are in chastisement thanks to goofy Pope Francis and his parade of clowns. (They got rid of Fr. Barron, didn’t they; did you see how soft Fr. Barron went right before his appointment?)

  • Dear Cthemfly25-Don’t know if you noticed, but AB Bern. Cupich has been appointed as a voting member to the Synod this Fall. Remember FDR S Ct court packing attempt? As to what will happen this Fall, note analogy with Dem President doing things by Exec Order rather than legislation accd to the rules, check out my SYNODS ARE NOT COUNCILS at Catholic Lane site and you will see what is being put out: Synods ARE Councils, “Synod of Vatican II” commanded respect and assent of all the faithful, and “synod” and “council” are “interchangeable.” Get ready for Bergoglio to “accept” the synod report, which is the voice “of all the bishops of the world;” and then proclaim infallibly: 1. Jesus got it wrong re adulterous marriages; 2. we now, enlightened by those who have protected pederasts and pedophiles, welcome into the church adulterers who have some of the “fullness” of marriage; and 3. welcome those engaging in anal sex regularly as also having part of the “fullness” of a loving marriage. Remember Al Jolson’s THE JAZZ SINGER? Folks, you aint heard nuthin’ yet. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  • Thanks Guy for your post. I was aware of Cupich’s selection for the synod, and I had already read your fine article about synods vs councils.

PopeWatch: Butchery

Saturday, August 8, AD 2015




From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


A priest arrested in the butchering of a beloved Mass in Zimbabwe was released Wednesday by an ecclesiastical court on $1,000 bail.

Fr. Theo Braxton, a professional Mass butcher since the 1960’s, said through his attorney that he was innocent of ruining a Mass in Zimbabwe, after he was asked to cover for a sick priest while vacation in the southern part of Africa. Church officials in Zimbabwe said Friday that killing the beloved Mass could bring a sentence of more than 10 decades in purgatory.

“My client is innocent of what is being accused,” Braxton’s attorney Roger Mahoney told the press this morning. “Fr. Braxton relied on the expertise of local Catholic priests to ensure a licit Mass.”

But many around the globe are contesting his argument, telling EOTT that Braxton was not innocent of butchering the Mass, and that he is known to kill the Mass for sport.

“Fr. Braxton lured the parishioners out of the pews and onto the sanctuary during a sentimental homily about coming together as one family,” a member of a conservative liturgical group in Zimbabwe said. “Fr. Braxton then asked them to remain there for the consecration, but went on to make up his own words of institution, a method for which he is known. But the Mass just barely survived another 20 minutes until the Fr. Braxton walked down the center aisle giving parishioners high-fives, killing the Mass as he did so.”

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Shocking New Discovery About Christ!

Wednesday, July 29, AD 2015


From those brilliantly twisted folks at The Lutheran Satire.  As CS Lewis said:


You will find that a good many Christian political writers think that Christianity began going wrong in departing from the doctrine of its founder at a very early stage. Now this idea must be used by us to encourage once again the conception of a “historical Jesus” to be found by clearing away later “accretions and perversions,” and then to be contrasted with the whole Christian tradition. In the last generation we promoted the construction of such a “historical Jesus” on liberal and humanitarian lines. We are now putting forward a new “historical Jesus” on Marxian, catastrophic and revolutionary lines. The advantages of these constructions, which we intend to change every thirty years or so, are manifold. In the first place they all tend to direct man’s devotion to something which does not exist. Because each “historical Jesus” is unhistorical, the documents say what they say and they cannot be added to. Each new “historical Jesus” has to be got out of them by suppression at one point and exaggeration at another point. And by that sort of guessing (brilliant is the adjective we teach humans to apply to it) on which no one would risk ten shillings in ordinary life, but which is enough to produce a crop of new Napoleons, new Shakespeares, and new Swifts in every publisher’s autumn list. . . . The “historical Jesus,” then, however dangerous he may seem to be to us at some particular point, is always to be encouraged.

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9 Responses to Shocking New Discovery About Christ!

  • Consider, compare and contrast the “evolving” (0 tempores, o mores!) Jesus with Mohammed and his recalcitrant followers’ unchanging faith.
    One contrast is that Mohammad’s fell revelations have no witness. He said it, and it is objective truth.
    By contrast, hundreds witnessed Christ’s crucifixion and death. Christ gloriously rose from the tomb on the third day and for forty days appeared to HIs Mother and disciples. Christ ascended into Heaven after forty days and in the presence of Mary and HIs disciples. Later, the Holy Spirit descended on Mary and the Apostles.
    Finally, the credentialed cretins can’t monkey with the “historic” Muhammad. Because .. . KABOOM.

  • “…We are now putting forward a new “historical Jesus” on Marxian, catastrophic and revolutionary lines….”

    I wonder if this historic Jesus might be that fellow with Jesuit frock and an Uzi fighting for the “preferential option for the poor” down in Nicaragua a few years back?

  • Thanks for the laugh’s.

    It’s about time for Tom Hanks to star as the lead in the new screenplay; “Jesus the Environmentalists.”
    Not only is it true that Jesus was married, but he founded Green Peace.

    Dan Brown made his thirty silver pieces. Why not others? There seems to be no problem with recycling garbage to make a buck.
    Until the last breath is taken, I suppose.

  • In keeping with the satircal line, the only piece of evidence that Jesus might have been married is that he did not fight against his execution.

  • Thanks for the levity Don, And this is how we should view much of the stuff coming out of the Vatican nowadays where we come to find out that Jesus is not who He said He was but rather more like President Obama. Who would have known? What a wonderful teacher we have in Pope Francis!?

  • As the Son of God, Christ was a brother to all persons. For Christ to marry a woman, Christ would have committed spiritual incest but marrying His spiritual sister. Christ did all that He did for His Father in heaven. Christ’s Father in heaven is an infinite God. Finite persons cannot complete Christ’s mission of salvation for us.

  • Philip: In Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, Brown gives us his opinion on the opinion of Da Vinci of The Last Supper, which Brown calls the truth. Yes, for Da Vinci and Brown and may be Tom Hanks but for Catholics it is still hearsay, two opinions against the truth. Now, more opinions, but the perjury was that Brown called the Da Vinci Code God’s honest truth.

  • Thanks Mary.
    I appreciate the clear explanation.

PopeWatch: Comment

Saturday, July 25, AD 2015



From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:


Days after a sting operation caught on video showed a top Planned Parenthood official casually discussing the shipment of aborted fetus body parts to research labs around the country, many in the world are still somehow shocked that a corporation that makes hundreds of millions of dollars for dismembering helpless babies and scaring vulnerable girls has been involved in unethical practices.

“Well I think there’s been a kind of misrepresentation of the conversation that took place in the transcript in the conversation in the video that they have,” House Minority Leader said. “I believe it’s very clear that Planned Parenthood organization does not engage in fetal organ trafficking. That would be unethical and immoral. Planned Parenthood has a moral right to dismember babies, but they do not have the right to traffic them. I think that’s a point made pretty clear in the teachings of the Church fathers.”

The Planned Parenthood President issued a statement yesterday saying, “Our top priority is the compassionate care that we provide while killing babies after scaring the living crap out of their vulnerable mothers. In the video, one of our staff members speaks in a way that does not reflect that compassion. She’s correct in everything she says, but her tone was incorrect. I personally apologize for that. On a side note, how are people shocked right now? Seriously, what could lead anyone to believe we’d not do something like this?

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  • So, when is Planned Profitshood going to issue its IPO? Lamborghinis don’t grow on trees, after all.

  • I really can’t find any humor in this. Of course, the silence from the USCCB and the Holy See is not surprising.

  • We can thank God they’re not doing this with real live puppies or worse–chimps and whales.

  • “…that’s a point made pretty clear in the teachings of the Church fathers.”

    The idea that politics can be separated from religion just doesn’t hold water. Ther is one truth about who we really are personally and corporately based on who we are to and with God.

  • In the masterfully produced movie, Schindler’s List, the scene that should haunt abortionists, pro-aborts and politician’s, is the pathway created by tombstones. The walk to their, the murderers, destination at the end of days will be a very long and exhausting walk. As their heads are no longer to be supported by their necks, these souls walking to their eternal home will be walking on the sacred tombstones of what we’re nameless victims of the holocaust know as Abortion.

    The walk will seem endless as they see the names of the children they helped to kill.

    Each step seems impossible. The realization sets in. It’s too late. They didn’t seek forgiveness, rather they boasted and spoke proudly of their Rights.
    Now, unable to look up, they read each name of over 59 million dead…..a long walk.
    A walk of shame.

  • Oskar Schindler and YOU.

    Over six thousand descendants of Schindler’s Jews might not have been born if it wasn’t for the courageous act of one man standing up in the face of evil… One man.

    Keep this in mind while you contemplate going to P.P. to pray the rosary for an hour.
    You are nothing, but you and God are an unequaled force that can not be broken or conquered. You and God together can bring about the dismantling of forces of evil.
    Together nothing is impossible especially in the fight for LIFE.

    One man and God!

  • “Over six thousand descendants of Schindler’s Jews might not have been born…. ”

    So true and mind boggling. What is even more mind-boggling is the diabolical dichotomy of those many lives saved and the present UN agenda of population control via global climate change.
    But then, maybe the climate hasn’t changed much at all–just the methodologies?

  • Kill them before they’re born. That is one method to solve the jobless youth problem. similarly, look the other way when they solve the lonely geezers through death panels and morphine drips.

  • No, wait!
    Francis who?

  • “But then, maybe the climate hasn’t changed much after all, just the methodologies?”
    -Don L.


  • “Planned Parenthood has a moral right to dismember babies, but they do not have the right to traffic them. I think that’s a point made pretty clear in the teachings of the Church fathers.” Ah, the wisdom of Nancy Pelosi – “… a moral right to dismember babies…”. Makes me sick!

  • Bill P.

    Nancy Pelosi teaching the wisdom of the Church Father’s???
    She refrained from telling us which Church!
    The Satanic Church is filled to the brim with inspiring female politicians just chomping at the bit to teach. Way to Go Nancy.
    An inspiration to all future murderers.
    What a chump.

  • Hope Pope Watch posted the final comment following Eye of the Tiber’s article at EOTT’s site. It is a great addition to the original post.

  • Planned Parenthood is a good example of the cruel
    and barbaric effect of Marxist feminism on American
    women.and the American family. Of course the clergy
    are too terrified to discuss the immoral cruelties
    of Marxist feminism with the laity.

    Buchanan suggests America and the West are
    descending into a new Dark Age.

PopeWatch: No Trump-Pope Ticket in 2016

Saturday, July 18, AD 2015

2 Responses to PopeWatch: No Trump-Pope Ticket in 2016

  • Heh, why would any South American leader, of any sort, do such a silly thing as run for office in the USA when they already have control of our government by proxy?
    A few more trainloads of illegals and anchor babies and Al Gore will win on American idol, doing the Macarena.

  • Never happen. Francisco isn’t a natural-born American. However, he could not be worse for us than is Obama.

PopeWatch: Sodom and Gomorrah

Saturday, July 11, AD 2015

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  • . Here in the northeast, Governor Andrew Cuomo this week officiated at the 4th wedding of Billy Joel whose wife will deliver soon…..this close on the heels of Fordham parents finding out the Theology department head married a male like himself and the University sees no problem. Reality is approaching the fiction of Eye of the Tiber….and may soon put them out of business. Parody needs a bare minimum of normalcy against which to make its point. Meanwhile if you add up the fossil fuel used in the Pope’s current trips and add in the fuel of all Bishops attending the two Synod meetiings….you’ve knocked off one polar bear minimum. A knight of Malta could have brought the Pope’s entourage over on a large full keeled sailboat with fuel used only in dead calm and harbors. The US Bishops could purchase a 1960’s 60 foot sailboat for Rome Synods and Ad Limina visits. Or….do everything by ipad Facetime….especially ad limina visits.

  • Modern Slavery
    Choosing to cave to our physical passions in an amoral society in order to have the support and favor of the ruling class is simply becoming a slave of the state.
    The progressive liberals of today are no different than the Nazis or Communists of the last century in that they subdue and make slaves of the rich or productive citizens through taxation and regulations which enable them to provide entitlements to all willing to accept them as the masters of their collective conscience.

  • Read a speech by Pope Francis that Whispers in the Loggia said was extremely important. Read the whole thing.
    It was generality city…land, lodging and labor was his new buzzphrase. Rocco must be trying to be recredentialed.
    The speech was not even left-dangerous since as usual, specificity is in short supply. Now here’s a cop actually changing the world:


  • Bill B- LOL. great satire. To Man and use a 60 ft. sail boat transit Atlantic would require skill,co-operation and talent…… A hat trick sadly missing among the majority of JPII appointed hierarchy… surprised the cardinal of NY did not officiate as a christian church witness to Joel’s debacle but back to here in NY ‘progressive liberals’ – recall cuomo et.al. had front pew, Holy Communion and photo shoots with Howard Hubbard in albany right after inauguration – How do we escape and to where do we go?…….Is there a light on a hill anywhere?

  • Paul Coffey,
    There is a light on a hill…..unfortunately it’s Elijah returning from the lower heavens early and lightning up a last cigar like Clint Eastwood in Josey Wales.

  • Bill Bannon, your “lightning up a last cigar like Clint Eastwood in Josey Wales.” Put me in whimsical mind of the Lord God responding to a pending contempt citation with something on the order of, “Go ahead. Make My day”.

  • Bill & William – you have me grinning from ear to ear- great wit and very quick; thanks for the perk – the Lord God asking the Mr. and Madam Justices ‘ if they feel lucky today ‘ conjures up several vivid pictures- thanks guys! and of course, thank you Mr. D R Mc. a struggle to stay positive in a pagan culture but we can keep our sense of humor ….. with help from friends

Germans and Robot Ants: What Could Go Wrong?

Monday, July 6, AD 2015

5 Responses to Germans and Robot Ants: What Could Go Wrong?

It Crashed Before The Declaration Was Saved!

Thursday, July 2, AD 2015

A cute video imagining the Declaration of Independence being drafted on Microsoft Word.

John Adams on August 6, 1822 in a letter to Timothy Pickering who had inquired as to how the Declaration came to be drafted responded as follows:

You inquire why so young a man as Mr. Jefferson was placed at the head of the Committee for preparing a Declaration of Independence, I answer; It was the Frankfort advice, to place a Virginian at the head of every thing. Mr. Richard Henry Lee, might be gone to Virginia, to his sick family, for aught I know, but that was not the reason of Mr. Jefferson’s appointment. There were three committees appointed at the same time. One for the Declaration of Independence, another for preparing articles of Confederation, and a other for preparing a treaty to be proposed to France.  Mr. Lee was chosen for the Committee of Of Confederation, and it was not thought convenient that the same person should be upon both. Mr. Jefferson came into Congress, in June, 1775, and brought with him a reputation for literature, science, and a happy talent of composition. Writings of his were handed about, remarkable for the peculiar felicity of expression. Though a silent member in Congress, he was so prompt, frank, explicit, and decisive upon committees and in conversation, not even Samuel Adams was more so, that he soon seized upon my heart; and upon this occasion I gave him my vote, and did all in my power to procure the votes of others. I think he had one more vote than any other, and that placed him at the head of the committee. I had the next highest number, and that placed me the second. The committee met, discussed the subject, and then appointed Mr. Jefferson and me to make the draught, I suppose because we were the two first on the list.

The sub-committee met. Jefferson proposed to me to make the draught I said, “l will not.” “You should do it.” “Oh! no.” “Why will you not? You ought do it.” “I will not.” “Why?” “Reasons enough.” “What can be your reasons?” “Reason first–You are a Virginian, and a Virginian ought to appear at the head of this business. Reason second–I am obnoxious, suspected, and unpopular.  You are much otherwise. Reason third–You can write ten times better than I can.” “WelI,” said Jefferson, “if you are decided, I will do as well as I can.” “Very well.  When you have drawn it up, we will have a meeting.”

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PopeWatch: Drought

Saturday, June 27, AD 2015

8 Responses to PopeWatch: Drought

  • Meanwhile, up in the San Bernardino mountains, the last baptized Christian is quietly building an ark….

  • Meanwhile, up in Napa Valley, descendants of Italian winemakers were gathering to sign a petition to send to Pope Francis, seeking his approval to use wine in place of holy water for baptisms in order that they to be good (wine) stewards and avoid having to deal with those undesirable free wine markets.

  • Since Nancy Pelosi dwells on the “sacred ground of abortion” and as long as her address is California what else is there to say about the drought there. Have the voters kick her out and see what happens.

  • Of course, biblically speaking drought is a punishment for godless behavior (1 Kings 17-18), however it may be that our present pontiff might try to re-write those uncooperative scripture passages into a wacko-eco interpretation..

    This thought is before me all the time in the present waterless, godless wastes of California.. and no end in sight, to either drought.

  • The Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plants in California have a solution for the drought problem: nuclear desalination. The largest desalination facility on the west coast of the United States is nuclear powered. Would the Pope accept water for baptism from nuclear energy?
    I love nuclear energy. I despise, loathe, abhor, detest, and hold in utter contempt and disdain Argentinian Marxist Peronism.

  • Let them drink champagne.

  • I’ll drink to that!

  • Of course EOTT is a tongue-in–cheek discourse that tangentially hints at truly possible absurdity. And Jerry Brown, a one-time Jesuit of a few years, is a loon that could possibly do something like this (especially as he bragged at NOT having a shower himself as a model to be followed). He is also the fellow who said anyone who reads medical materials can take the MD boards, and if he passes, can practice medicine. Ah the insanity that is innate in political leaders!!

Great New Vatican Initiatives!

Sunday, June 21, AD 2015

Pope Being Environmentally Conscious


Mundabor  celebrates these Vatican initiatives:


At this point you already all know about the latest, surprisingly coherent decisions in the Vatican. Lest it be told that I only speak of the man in order to criticise him, I would like to say a word or two of praise at least of the coherence involved.

1. The Vatican decision to shut down and destroy all air conditioners within the Vatican city (similar measures will be implemented in every Catholic diocese in time) is at least a sign of coherence. Granted, the one or other old prelate may die, at least indirectly, because of the heat that follows (it promises to be a very hot summer in Rome), but it is good to see that there is the willingness to put one’s sweat where one’s encyclical is. Note that the air conditioning appliances will be destroyed, not sold. It makes sense, as selling them would only encourage consumerism and shift the problem to other offices and households. 

2. The decision, also announced, to put an immediate end to every travelling of the Pope is likewise to be praised. In the age of the Internet and social media, the voice of the Pope can reach pretty much anyone without any need to cause huge Co2 emissions for himself, his entourage, the security, the journalists, and the rest of the circus. Twitter is so environmentally friendly…

3. Even more coherent is the decision to put an end to World Youth Days. Millions of people gathering every time. A stunningly expensive exercise in terms of not only money (which can be given to the poor), but emissions. One can agree or not with the ideology of Laudato Si, but here is one saying that at least they practice their bad preaching.

4. I find the decision to have the Vatican carbon-neutral within 2016, and every diocesan office within 2019, a tad extreme. It will obviously require not only to sweat in summer, but also to freeze in winter; and the Roman winters can be fairly punishing at times, at least if you never lived in Connecticut, or Minnesota. It will require to curb the use of electricity, gas, fuel, mobility, food, everything. It will be a mess. But it will also give a great contribution in introducing that kind of simple, poor, rural society in which the Pontiff clearly sees the solution to our problems. And it will be an example. A great, if stupid, example. 

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13 Responses to Great New Vatican Initiatives!

  • In order to support the Holy Father’s Encyclical the faithful that live one hundred miles or more from Philadelphia should boycott the Papal visit. As a matter of obidence the Vatican should consider canceling all future travel. His holiness may wish to conduct his affairs from a cardboard box in Calcutta.

  • Oh….and happy Father’s day.

    Prayers are still going out to Francisco.
    It’s just harder to do it.

  • A gas-guzzling Airbus A340-300? Why is he flying in a four-engine jet when he could travel in a more economical twinjet, say, an A330? Chartering a Malaysian 777 would provide a welcome show of confidence for a developing, southern country.

  • Ever hear “Do as I say and not a I do”? Does AlGore follow what he has preached??? Sort of like armchair quarterbacks knowing what everyone else should do from the comfort of their nice soft chair in a controlled temperature environment.

  • I want to hear that the Pope is now a vegetarian. Those cows, oh those mischievous cows and their diabolical methane emissions!

  • I find Pope Francis’ hypocrisy loathsome. He is just like all liberal progressives. Energy austerity is mandatory for you and me but optional for him.

  • I often wonder what our first Pope, Pope St. Peter, would think of these modern Popes, at least as an earthly man. As the keeper of the Pearly Gates, I assume he has sinless thoughts in accord with with all the other Saints and Angels in Heaven. (Do sinless people and angels ever shake their heads and think “Oy vey”?)

  • Hysterical!

  • Ross Douthat at the NY Times yesterday writes:
    ” However, its catastrophism also leaves this pope more open to empirical criticism. For instance, he doesn’t grapple sufficiently with evidence that the global poor have become steadily less poor under precisely the world system he decries — a reality that has complicated implications for environmentalism.”

  • I think some complaints of hypocrisy are overdone. If a politician preaches family values while having affairs does not mean that the advice does not make sense for me, or Michelle Obama’s health food advice while chowing down hamburgers could still be good advice for my own health. However, environmental hyprocrisy is the worst, since if the hypocrits would use less whatever then I could keep my behavior the same and the net effect is the same.

  • The environment belongs to the people, not to climate changegate.

  • The danger with hypocrisy is that it destroys your credibility. Some particular advice from the hypocrite may or may not be valuable, but it is less likely to be accepted on the word of the hypocrite. Hypocrisy by Church prelates weighed heavily in the success of the Protestant revolt.

  • As the leader of the Catholic world, let us ask Francis to “walk the talk.”

    1. Implement an immediate policy that he and all of the princes of the Church, all the laity, all the workers in Catholic institutions, and everyone who does any service of the Church, immediately dress in sackcloth, donate all of their worldly possessions to the poor, and vow to never again use coal, electricity, or gas in their homes, their businesses, their parishes, their offices, their spaces as given to them as NGO’s, and donate their automobiles and all other vehicles of transportation to be crushed into oblivion as climate polluters and vow to always walk, bicycle or use horse or mule-drawn transportation wherever they may need to go (as long as both PETA and the various committees of the United Nations approve the horses/mules as not to damage their dignity and worth as creatures of God and the environment), and under no circumstances, will the use of air-conditioning be allowed nor uncertified (by the United Nations or the experts on climate change) practices, use of materials, chemicals, foodstuffs, goods, or services be allowed.

    2. Since man-made climate change has already created a doomsday effect, no individual, no government body or entity, no church official or representative, or government office or employee of any organization, public or private, be allowed to determine for themselves the amount of any kind of energy they use, but a panel of “experts” will determine, for everyone throughout the world, the amount and type of energy all individuals, all industry, and all users of any kind of “energy” will be allowed to access and use and the cost for this access and use will be determined by the body of “experts” in that glorious, “only hope of mankind”, United Nations.

PopeWatch: Martians

Saturday, June 13, AD 2015




From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:

New Calcedonia, Mars––Thousands of New Calcedonian martians from the northern quadrant of sector 490-3t protested outside New St. Peter’s today as bishops began talks on a number of heated issues including inter-species marriage and receiving communion in the pinchers. “The faithful and bishops alike are hoping to cover all the core issues that the average Catholic martian on the planet’s going through; issues such as understanding ‘the fall’ in regards to the martian race, and of course, receiving communion in the pinchers as opposed to one of the tongues,” spokesman for the Church in sectors 490-3t and 490-4t Androm’da Zmit told the press outside New St. Peter’s Square. “I have faith that our Holy Father Beeblebrox XV, together with the bishops, will be able to guide the faithful in these decisions…to help them better understand how he, she, or heshe can better telecommunicate the gospel.” One issue receiving lots of attention is that of intergalactic marriage. The question of whether humans could lawfully marry martians was first thrust into the spotlight when well known intergalactic space hockey player Xed Zardox fell in love with martian actress Trillion Pan Vogon, causing a storm of controversy. Other issues the bishops are considering are whether it’s admissible to form crop circles outside one’s own property and whether human probing is to be allowed during Lent.

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