Totus a Target?

Tuesday, July 14, AD 2009

Near tragedy in DC yesterday when a screen of Totus (Teleprompter of the United States), crashed.   Rumors abounded yesterday that Totus was no more.  Had this, dare I say it, been an assassination attempt against Totus?  Was Vice-President Biden involved?  There is no love lost between Biden and Totus, but certainly Biden would not stoop to electronicide, would he?

Fortunately Totus announced here on its blog that it is OK.  Totus blames Felix its operator.  Hmmm, I wonder if there are recent sightings of Biden and Felix together?   Stay alert Totus, the screwdrivers, if not the knives, may be out against you!

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2 Responses to Totus a Target?

  • I’m surprised Biden hasn’t been chained to a VPTOTUS and ordered to say only what VPTOTUS tells him to say, with no ab libbing. Of course, if that happened the country would be deprived of a great comedy source and we need all the laughs we can get these days.

  • I would hate to see my favorite clown so restricted Donna, but I believe as the administration’s numbers tank, tighter restrictions will be put on Biden’s loose lips.

Live Polls and Puppet Pundits

Sunday, July 12, AD 2009

From the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  One of the difficulties of being a parodist in rather absurd times is that reality tends not to be that far removed from parody.  Such is the case with this video which might be easily mistaken for a “news” show where pundits are doing their best, or worst, to adjust to new technology.

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7 Responses to Live Polls and Puppet Pundits

  • Heh. This video is a strong form of the argument against democracy.

  • “I have several post office boxes.” Ha!

  • One of the diffulties of being a parodist in rather absurd times is that reality tends not to be that far removed from parody.

    True. Parodists in very absurd times can quickly overkill their material. Yet the absurdity also allows the great parodists to shine, as we see here.

  • “.…reality tends to be not that far removed from parody.”

    Many a true word said in jest, Don.

    Here in NZ during our 2002 election campaign during public televised debates, studio audiences were given remotes which acted on a “Worm” on a screen that was visible to all – audience and candidates; the worm acted exactly as shown in this clip.

    A member of Parliament by name Peter Dunne (a Catholic BTW) leader of the United Future Party had the “worm” maxing out on several occasions.
    The election result, United Future got – I think – nine MPs into government in our MMP electoral system. Previous term 2, following term 2, current term 1.

    The worm had such an influence on the outcome of the election that it was banned from any further political debates.

    So did Dunne “worm” his way into parliament?

    The worm has definitely turned. 🙂

  • Our future Don, polls and worms, God save us!

  • This reminds me so much of the crap Fox would pull on Ron Paul during the primary debates. He’d tell the truth…. and man those polling numbers went south. It seemed all everyone wanted to hear was how great America was and how awesome the troops are.

It Could Happen to Anyone

Friday, July 10, AD 2009

Here’s something light for your Friday. We all knew what sort of guy French president Nicholas Sarkozy is, but few realized that our own president has similar aesthetic sensibilities.

Some are loudly mocking Obama for this. I’d say give the guy a break.

The king is but a man, as I am: the violet smells to him as it doth to me: the element shows to him as it doth to me; all his senses have but human conditions:

Presidents are a lower species than kings, but the principle applies. And we must recall that the wisdom of the American people has given us a president who hasn’t yet had years of practice in checking out passing babes without allowing it to be obvious to the camera. Give it some time and when his senses kick in with human conditions as the element shows to him, he’ll gaze upon it with the same cool aplomb as Sarkozy.

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41 Responses to It Could Happen to Anyone

  • Mark this down on your calendars! I rise in defense of Obama! It is entirely possible that he was not gazing with a lustful eye at this 16 year old girl but that something else attracted his attention. It is hard to judge from the angle. If I am mistaken however, he is not clear on the concept yet that, whatever he does while he is in office, will be spread across the net and dissected in excruciating detail. If he is afflicted with roving eyes, he’d better learn custody of them, especially unless Michelle has a good deal more patience than I suspect she has!

  • Come on, funny as this is it doesn’t really bear debate.

  • After watching the video it was certainly innocent enough, but still, that photo is hilarious.

  • lolz… good to be the prezz, yo.

  • It is entirely possible that he was not gazing with a lustful eye at this 16 year old girl but that something else attracted his attention.

    While not normally a defender of the president — I’d like to stake out the claim that there is a category of “just looking” which does not involve “gazing with a lustful eye”.

    But yes, Donald’s link suggests the picture is just an amusing coincidence. Almost too bad. I thought it gave him an amusingly human touch.

  • Yep–looks like one of those situations where a picture is worth a thousand fictional words. Sarkozy, on the other hand, is in full Frenchman mode.

  • I almost wish it were for real and that it wasn’t a 16 year old girl. Could you imagine the bragging rights of the chick who could say, “yeah, my [please keep the comments Christian] caused an international incident!”

  • “The French don’t care what they do actually As long as they pronounce it properly.”

  • I think, Rick, this may be an area in which a variant of the “those who have money don’t talk about it” principle applies. 😉

  • I guess it’s just me, but Sarkozy’s gaze of adoration (affection?) seems to be directed more towards Obama. You never know with those French, after all. 🙂

  • what is Miley Cyrus doing at the G8?

  • I thought the video makes our President look worse.

  • Damn! Too bad this post wasn’t one where you can insert your own captions for the featured picture; there are just too many tempting ones to put up (albeit, many of which would admittedly be tendentiously liberal as they would lascivious).

  • Hey, guys…

    I KNOW for a fact that it could happen to anyone because it happened to ME. Damned group photo on prom night, damned photographer had all of the girls kneeling in front of all the guys, damned camera went off, seriously, as my eyes were randomly and instantaneously cast downward so that it looks like… well, you get the idea.

    What a bloody mess. I really sympathize with the President on this one.

  • Joe,

    We know the truth about you. All that talk about economic democracy, yadda yadda – it’s just to impress the ladies. 😉

  • Have you guys seen the video showing that Sarkozy is actually doing what people thought Obama was doing?

  • I think the French would be aghast if Sarkozy had not been engaged in La Ogle!

  • I think this post, and the comments, tells more about the people viewing the picture, than it does with what Obama actually did (save for Joe who has pointed out what he did wasn’t what people were interpreting the picture as being).

  • I think the above post regarding the whole host of previous posts concerning the featured post surely speaks volumes about the commenter than anybody else here; reminds me of certain Republican careerist policians who attempt to demonstrate such virtuous exterior while when their own private lives are exposed, they either are in knee deep in vile pornography or themselves engaged with exceedingly exhorbitant high-class call girls given to remarkably lewd acts.

  • Oh Bah Humbug Henry

    I think it shows that (what it appears to be a mostly male comment section currently) that is often lets say critical of Obama wants to have a little bonding with him. It is human which is nice to see

    It is sort of like the amusing Bush Vollyball picture.

  • e.

    I think that I if I carefully diagrammed the above sentence carefully, I’d find you to be impugning Henry a bit harshly, so I won’t. I agree that Henry’s response is rather humorless and up-tight, but be wary of getting to personal as I’d hate to have to douse a flamewar on such a light post.


    I’m not clear what it is that you think the thread proves about its participants other than that:

    1) They have a sense of humor.
    2) Many are willing to confess to having innocently “checked out” a woman in the past.

    Is there one of these that you object to?

  • What’s interesting to note is Henry himself had claimed to be an adept on the subject of Sir Thomas More; too bad he is not so much an expert that he seems wholly ignorant of the saint’s own candid admission about being, every once in awhile, given to such tempting speculations concerning the seductive wiles of the female flesh (which is principally why he did not pursue a ecclesial but instead a secular vocation).

  • The humor impaired, they are always with us.

  • Darwin Catholic,

    One need only read More’s intriguing work, Dialogue of Comfort; in fact, you might even decipher just which allegorical character that seems quite in sync with the kind of rather seemingly scrupulous (yet, at heart, devious) persona H. Karlson himself seems wont to assume in his above comments.

    Yet, with all due respect to you and my betters; I’ll bow out from remarking any further.

  • e.,

    Sorry, I don’t mean to drive you away. I agree with you that an excessive puritanism often masks hidden problems. I’m just concerned that specifically applying that to a particular person (whom none of us get along with well) will start trouble.

    Perhaps I go overboard, but I think sometimes it’s necessary to be extra careful when dealing with comments about people I don’t like — since they’re likely to be taken even more sharply than they’re meant.

  • This post is yet again indicative of the Calvinist mindset of you Americans. What would be dismissed as quite natural and merely typical gazing by more enlightened Europeans is scrutinized by the Americanist puritans on this blog for purely partisan purposes.

    When former French President François Mitterrand died, his wife and mistress appeared side-by-side at his funeral. That’s how it’s done in predominantly Catholic France. If only you protestant-inspired Americanist Catholics could be as open-minded as European Catholics. But I suppose you’d argue that having mistresses and claiming to be an atheist would make Mitterrand a “bad” Catholic, despite the fact that he was born into a devoutly Catholic family (unlike many of the late-arriving evangelical converts who comment here) and despite the fact that his mother was a remote niece of Pope John XXIII.

    But what I find most offensive about this post is the not-so-subtle racist portrayal of the President as the stereotypical over-sexualized black male. Notwithstanding the President’s clearly Adonis-like persona, the racism inherent in this obvious attempt at sexualizing your country’s first black President is nothing new to the neo-con Republican dirty tricksters who brought down Harold Ford, Jr. with similar sleazy tactics.*

    * And, since I am the master of tu quoque, and in an attempt to preempt others who might use that technique to refute my argument, please don’t even bring up the subject of Clarence Thomas’ disgusting performance and feigned indignation over his alleged “high-tech lynching”. Since he’s more white than black because of the conservative way he votes (and not to mention a dissident Catholic because of his positivist jurisprudence), any effort to denounce the alleged portrayal of him as an oversexualized black male will only fall on deaf ears.


  • Jay gets the koopie doll. I can’t top that. 😀

  • This is why I wear dark glasses and carry a blind man’s cane whenever I’m in a public place where I might be photographed. You got to learn from the masters.

  • prurient juvenile americanist sexist hypocrites, all of you. you probably tell lewd jokes at your fascist knights of columbus beer bashes, don’t you?

  • Oh Jay that is classic 🙂

  • Chomsky Zombie,

    No, we burn Protestants at the stake.

    Why do you ask?


  • “you probably tell lewd jokes at your fascist knights of columbus beer bashes, don’t you?”

    Inbetween goosesteps, yes.

  • Dang, I’ve really got to get to my lady’s auxiliary meetings more often, those VFW meets where we plot to take over the world just eat too much time, and the exploding casseroles are SO hard to make…..

    Me, I found the photo giggle-worthy– several places have put in a caption of “wow, nice shoes!”

  • I think this post, and the comments, tells more about the people viewing the picture, than it does with what Obama actually

    It says that the commenters here are human beings with a sense of humor.

  • Perfect parody of MM, although it’s hard to come up with anything more ideological than the reality.

  • You guys are disclosing sworn 4th degree secrets. Hush, hush!

  • As a catholic, i expect you to update your post with the video that changes your first assumption. If not, you are guilty of smear. What would have christ done ?

  • As a catholic, i expect you to update your post with the video that changes your first assumption. If not, you are guilty of smear. What would have Jesus done ?

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4 Responses to Under Obama It's Funemployment Not Unemployment

  • And I guess your not partisan, right? The economy collapsed last year under the watch of the previous president and under the weight of the Reagan legacy.

  • An Piobaire, the shelf life of blame the other guys is wearing very thin. It is your man who is saddling this country with a debt now that your grandkids will be lucky to pay off:

  • It’s becoming progressively more difficult not to hate my country…

  • An Piobaired,

    I think the first error is in thinking a President has that much to do with the economy. Even if it is a large amount I think one also has to look at the role Democrats, who were in control on Congress for two years prior to the recession, had in this problem. I think the failure of Democrats to reign in problems like Fannie Mae (which McCain and Bush tried to address) is a significant contributor.

If Obama Is Spock We Are Doomed!!!

Tuesday, June 9, AD 2009


Maureen Dowd wrote a column last month in which she compared, tongue in cheek, Obama to Mr. Spock from Star Trek.  Jeff Greenwald of Salon also sees a resemblance between Chicago’s “gift” to the country and the first officer of the Enterprise.  Bill Whittle of Pajamas Media, takes great joy in informing us in a very entertaining video here why having an intellectual in the mode of Mr. Spock as president is very bad for the nation.

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  • well, most of ’em are true anyway

  • It’s a fun video, but I don’t think Spock qualifies as an intellectual (he’s very intelligent, but that’s not the same thing). Also, the problem Spock had in the series as a leader was that he couldn’t connect with people emotionally, and therefore they didn’t trust him. This, I’m afraid, is not Obama’s problem.

  • 0.o

    Want… to defend… Spock…..

    On a side note, I thought Spock had a pretty good sense of humor: very, very, VERY dry. Heavy use of irony.

    Spock is also very good at subtle, polite insults. ^.^

    I object to intellect without discipline; I object to power without constructive purpose. -Spock

  • Foxfier, I will concede that Spock often got off a good bon mot. However, what made it humorous was the assumption on the part of the audience that Spock was not trying to be funny and would have been aghast at the suggestion that he was attempting to be funny.

  • Asperger’s.

  • I’d have to draw a distinction between “trying to be funny” and having a sense of humor; I’d further have to submit that any Vulcan dealing with humans will either have to be able to find some amusement in their actions, or go mad from the sheer irrationality.

  • Of course we also have to bear in mind that Spock was only half Vulcan. I always assumed that he massively repressed his sense of humor in order to be 100% Vulcan which was obviously his goal, at least in the original series. The Enterprise series portrayed Vulcans as being far more openly emotional, at least by the standards of the original series.

  • If I remember the bits of Enterprise I read, coupled with the history of the Romulans,





    in the Enterprise time-frame, Vulcans had fallen away from the logical teachings of Surak (googles to get the name right) and it was toward the end of that when the teachings made a resurgence; historically, the Vulcans nearly wiped themselves out before Surak’s teachings took hold.

    Several waves of refugees or those who didn’t wish to reject their (highly overpowering) emotions included the ancestors of the Romulans. (They seem to have found a way to control their overwhelming emotions by being cold-blooded, back-stabbing, manipulative politicians.)

    That would make Sarek a child soon after a big wave of religion sweeps over, so Spock might be modeling himself on some real hard-liners, logically speaking.

    Add in the way that someone who is halfway between cultures tends to choose one and be more Catholic than the Pope for that one, and it explains why Spock would be a Vulcan’s Vulcan. (Spock’s fiancé’s actions in that pon farr ep come to mind.)

    Side note: I am utterly geeking out that my spell check had “Spock” in it already.

  • While it is true that Obama has developed a reputation for being rather “geeky,” I seriously question whether he has Asperger’s, since most Aspies are socially extremely awkward and probably couldn’t win an election if their lives depended on it. I do not mean that as an insult, by the way, just a statement of fact.

    Probably the most famous Aspie in the world right now is Bill Gates; he is famous and very successful but charisma is not exactly his strong point. In general, Aspies have little or no interest in purely social friendship (it has to be about a common interest), or in the relentless social maneuvering that would be required to become a successful politician.

    A lot of Aspies do identify with characters like Spock and Next Generation’s Data because of their focus on pure logic and inability to deal with emotions and body language. As I said earlier, many Aspies (I strongly suspect myself to be one) prefer e-mail and blogging to in-person communication because it allows you to communicate pure words and ideas, without having to worry about eye contact, etc.

  • nope, obama cannot be an aspie because he is too full of shi* to be. as a rule, aspies are very honest, do what they say they are gonna do, and say what they mean and mean what they say. obama, on the other hand, is from the senate, and as a rule, people from the senate and the house are so full of shi* that they cannot tell the difference between truth and a lie – to congressmen and seantors – truth and a lie are the same thing. 😛

14 Responses to DC Metal

  • Thanks for the laugh! That video was funny.

    I don’t understand the problems the diarist has with building smaller cars, though. Does the Catholic Church have a problem with small cars? WWJD (What would Jesus Drive)?

  • It’s difficult to shoehorn four children into a Focus.

  • Then you must have less children!!!!!!!!

  • Clearly, Jesus would drive a beat up old pickup with the apostles all riding in the back. James and John’s mother would then show up and ask if one of them could ride shotgun.

    And lo, when you enter into the Chevy, who will sit at the right hand of the Son?

    I was always kind of charmed by those post-war German micro-cars, having a fondness for small cars. Still, there’s no point in making cars that people don’t want, it’s simply wasteful. The evidence doesn’t seem to point to a situation where everyone wants tiny cars but Detroit refuses to make them. Rather, the reason why they don’t make more small cars is because there’s a limitted market fo them.

    That may change, but in the meantime there’s the danger that the administration is pushing GM to make a car that will simply push them deeper into trouble.

  • What would Jesus drive?

    Let’s see. A guy with long hair and sandals who goes around preaching peace and love with a bunch of other dudes with long hair and sandals. I’m guessing he’d drive this:

  • Suffice it to say, Jesus would’ve needed to drive something large enough to accomodate 13 fully-grown men on numerous round trips between Gallilee and Judea.

    But then, I’m guessing those who ask the question in the first place are probably likely to peg Jesus as the sort who would’ve used public transportation to get him and his disciples from Point A to Point B.

  • “It’s difficult to shoehorn four children into a Focus.”

    Hell, it’s difficult to get four children into a minivan when each one of them is required by law to have his or her own car seat/booster seat. We could easily fit a 5th and maybe even a 6th kid into our minivan if it weren’t for the booster seat requirement for the older kids.

    It’s pretty much gotten to the point where larger families (i.e. more than 4 kids) have to take 2 cars to get where they’re going.

  • DarwinCatholic,
    When I visited Europe I loved seeing those teeny little cars, too! I would never buy one – it just wouldn’t be safe, and no room for kids, groceries, mutt!

    I do think more people want fuel efficient and safe cars. There is a concern that the smaller cars are not safe because there are so many large trucks and SUVs on the highway that upon impact would destroy the small car, regardless of how many airbags it has.

    For me, I want to see more people buy smaller, lighter cars so we don’t have those worries (being trampled by the Suburbans, etc), but it’s also like circumcision. I want more people to reject circumcision so that the boys who aren’t circumcised become the majority (disclosure: my son is not circumcised).

  • Jesus and his twelve comrades were all illegal immigrants engaging in border crossing protests to emphasize the sinful structures of society! They drove around Palestine in a low-rider pickup camel with flames painted on the side.

  • Viona,
    I do think more people want fuel efficient and safe cars. There is a concern that the smaller cars are not safe because there are so many large trucks and SUVs on the highway that upon impact would destroy the small car, regardless of how many airbags it has.

    When you have only 2 feet of steel in front of you a concrete wall is deadly too, not so much with 8 feet of American steel. Big and small cars can be fuel efficient, but small cars just can’t be made as safe as big cars can. I’ll stick with big, safe and efficient… with the emphasis on safe.

    For me, I want to see more people buy smaller, lighter cars so we don’t have those worries (being trampled by the Suburbans, etc), but it’s also like circumcision. I want more people to reject circumcision so that the boys who aren’t circumcised become the majority (disclosure: my son is not circumcised).

    I also want more people buy smaller, lighter cars so that my wife and child will be even safer in her truck. Thank you to all of those people buying smart cars for making the road safer for them.

    I’m with you on circumcision by the way, but we certainly don’t want the government to levy heavy taxes on those who chose to circumcise, right?


    VW van is dead on!

  • i,

    You’ve read Miguel Diaz.

  • Jay: I think you’re right. But the van needs a groovy paint job with gospel verses written in Day-Glo orange and purple.

    When my dad nagged my big brother to get a haircut back in the late ’60’s, my brother’s best argument was to point at the print of the “Last Supper” we had hanging in the kitchen and say “Dad, do you see any buzz cuts there?”

13 Responses to Nope, There Are No Limits To What People Will Tolerate On a Pizza

  • Considering how disgusting Dominoe’s is, you have to slather quite a lot on there to make it edible.

  • When I was an undergrad at the University of Illinois where cold pizza from the night before was a food staple, we used to say that the only bad pizza was one crawling away under its own power!

  • I like the idea of wrapping it up and deep-frying it — that might actually be good

  • I’m from New York, so I am a bit of a pizza snob.

  • I’m from Chicago, so I can out-snob Paul.

  • Anyone remember the take that MAD Magazine did on the various uses for Pizza?

    (Maybe I’m outa line here – it was back in the early 60’s – showing my age) 🙂

  • I remember that too Don!

    Pizza has to be pretty bad for me not to eat it. I can only recall one instance and that was a frozen pizza which literally tasted like cardboard. Even then I had a pang when I tossed the remaining pizza into the trash.

    I’d probably even try the Krusty Krab Pizza:

  • I am a pizza purist – mushrooms, sausage and onions are the true and correct pizza toppings, although you can make an argument for pepperoni and I don’t turn up my nose at extra cheese either. Get outta here with your spinach and ham and shrimp and (ugh) pineapple.

  • Don: yes, cold pizza was my undergrad breakfast of choice too. And chili.

    There’s a diner called “Real Chili” near the Marquette campus and they actually sell bumper stickers: “Real Chili: It’s not just for breakfast anymore.”

    A couple of years ago, I was on the MU campus, and went into Real Chili for a bowl. Serious heartburn ensued. Ah, for the cast-iron stomach of youth!

  • Anyone for a mayonnaise sandwich? On seven-grain bread, of course.

  • Sorry, not doing too well ‘muscling past that gag reflex’–and I haven’t even started the video yet.

  • I’m from Detroit, home of Domino’s and Little Caesar’s so I technically can’t outsnob anyone, but I can ditto Mike. Chicago style pizza rules.

  • I like Sauerkraut on pizza, I think that is one of the more unique toppings out there.

12 Responses to Geekier Than Thou

  • ….WTF did they do to Romulans!?!?!?!

  • That does look rather strange doesn’t it? However, I think the program was not set up with dogs in mind.

  • I went to the site, as well, ‘cus I couldn’t tell what the heck… that thing looked like a TOS Klingon gone all tribal….

    Just more weight on my “we’ll see it when it gets to the cheap theater” impression. (Hey, they want a trek movie that “isn’t aimed at star trek fans”– they’ll get fans that aren’t aimed at their movie.)

  • Here’s a question for your geeky-ness:
    Have you ever considered where the heck the Church is, in Star Trek?

    I’ve said since high school that Vulcans would be very good Catholics. (yes, even before Mr. Wright’s joke)

  • Gene Roddenberry had little use for religion and therefore religion was downplayed in the original series, except for the Bread and Circuses episode:

    “McCoy: (to Kirk) I read in your report that Flavius was killed. I’m sorry. I really liked that sun worshipper.

    Spock: I do wish we could examine that belief of theirs more closely.

    Uhura: I’m afraid you have it all wrong. All of you. I’ve been monitoring their old style radio broadcasts. The Empire’s spokesman trying to ridicule their religion. But he couldn’t. (after a brief silence) Don’t you understand? It’s not the sun up in the sky. It’s the Son of God!

    Kirk: Caesar and Christ. They have them both.

    Spock: It will replace their imperial Rome, but it will happen in their twentieth century.

    Kirk: And the word is spreading… only now. Wouldn’t it be something to watch it happen all over again?”

  • Not sure how many of you know this, but Archbishop John Myers of Newark, formerly of Peoria, is a big Trek fan and in fact submitted some suggested plots to the producers of one of the early-90s shows (not sure whether it was “Next Generation” or “Deep Space Nine”) with his friend Gary K. Wolf (of “Roger Rabbit” fame”). They weren’t accepted, however.

  • Mr. McClarey-
    I know why there isn’t any showing, but if you treat it as a “world” instead of a show, you can make a lot of interesting stories– at one point I had a pretty good lineup of “evidence” that religion had been systematically repressed.

  • Interesting. My wife has devoured Star Trek fiction. I read a book by Esther Friesner where Aaron Stemple of the Here Come the Brides show was revealed to be an ancestor of Spock. The inside joke of course that actor Mark Lenard played this role, in addition to his role on Star Trek as Spock’s Vulcan father.

  • Et al.,

    After living life and becoming aware of the social themes of star trek, my enthusiasm dipped a bit when I realized that Star Trek was a Communist Utopia. Where there was no money and people pursued their vocations, not necessarily trying to survive since everything was taken care of.

    Of course this is incredibly unlikely with the demise of the Soviet Union, but I can see why some of the appeal being where there are no conflicts and people lived to fulfill themselves rather than God.

  • Star Fleet is the UN in space– part of why I enjoyed DS9 so much: socialist utopia gets smacked in the face with the folks they don’t control.

  • Of course the Star Trek episodes rarely took Roddenberry’s philosophy seriously. No war: The episodes of the show usually revolved around military conflict. No money: mentioned but never taken seriously. Just ask Cyrano Jones or Harry Mudd. The Prime Directive: Stamped on almost every time it came up. No religion: Star Trek Deep Space Nine reveled in religious themes. Utopia: Hardly, just ask the Maquis. Star Trek works because it barely pays attention to Rodennberry’s view of how the future might turn out. It is grand, and entertaining, Space Opera. Long may it go on providing amusement!

  • Mr. Roddenberry’s vision is kinda like the vision of most anything else: when it hits reality, it changes a lot.

    Communism: from each by their ability, to each by their need. Reality: nobody works to the height of their ability, and the folks managing the “to” always seem to end up with a bit more for their trouble.

    Ideal: “we hold these truths to be self-evident…”
    Reality: anyone who’s been into a history class in the last ten years got those bashed into their heads.

    ideal: Men and women are morally equal
    reality: women have to act like men to *be* the same.

2 Responses to Deadly Greenbacks!

2 Responses to I've Seen Worse

  • O’Hare exists to give us an idea of what Purgatory will be like. The next time I’m tempted to sin, I need to remember “Think of it, Donna, another 10,000 years spent changing planes at O’Hare.”

    LaGuardia is another pit.

  • O’Hare always reminds me of a maze constructed by a psychologist when I was in college who really did not like the white mice who ran through it.

2 Responses to Happy Belated National Atheists' Day

  • Such an exemplary model for the relations we are to have with those in the world without God, whom we are called to attract with nothing spare the saving power of Christ’s glorious, self-emptying love.

    I’ve got to hand it to you, you have such style…

  • Thank you Mr. DeFrancisis. I will attempt to be more biblical next time although I suspect the humor quotient might go down if I work in “brood of vipers” and speaking of worms that dieth not and fires that are never quenched. However, I will keep your suggestion in mind for next year. Many thanks.

More Commencement Controversy

Wednesday, April 1, AD 2009

As America’s premier Catholic university and football franchise, Notre Dame University had grabbed headlines over the last few weeks with its controversial choice to have President Barack Obama deliver the 2009 commencement address and and receive an honorary law degree. However, other less  high profile Catholic colleges are not without controversy in their commencement choices this year. Some critics accuse these traditionally less recognized colleges with simply following after Notre Dame in an attempt to get attention, but college officials insist they are merely fulfilling their mission of maintaining a vibrantly Catholic and intellectual environment. A sampling:

kmiecPerhaps no announcement could have caused greater feelings of betrayal within orthodox Catholic circles that Franciscan University of Steubenville’s announcement that law professor, former Reagan administration official, and prominent Obama supporter Douglas Kmiec will be delivering their commencement address and receiving an honorary PhD in theology this year. Kmiec will speak on the Catholic intellectual life and its intersection with public life.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue said, “I am shocked and deeply saddened that a mindless shill for the most pro-abortion president in history has been invited to speak at what had generally been recognized as one of the most orthodox and pro-life universities in the nation.” Catholic journalist Ross Douthat, often recognized for his moderation on political issues, was asked for a balancing comment, but simply responded, “I think mindless shill is probably a pretty good description of what we have with Doug.”

FUS president Fr. Terence Henry, TOR dismissed outrage saying that the invite was in keeping with the Franciscan tradition,

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