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I Am Shocked, Shocked!: White Noise

Strong language advisory as to the above video.

Well, what do you know, the Hillary Clinton people at the just concluded Democrat Convention, were taking no chances regarding the Sanders delegates booing during Queen Hillary’s speech:

Where the Bernie people were crammed into was a pre-planned section by the DNC that happened to have a white noise generator behind them. That’s fancy talk for loudspeakers that are controlled by the convention sound board so that if there are any troublemakers booing or carrying on during Hillary’s speech, the speakers with canned crowd noise are instantly brought up to drown out the protesters.

Now when Hillary Clinton did mention having the need for having the strongest military in the world, you could hear the Bernie people starting to ramp up. But they instantly got drowned out. Now we know why.

Poor, delusional Bernie people. They never had a chance from start to finish. Never. Continue reading

Trump Bounce



We are beginning to see a bounce for Trump post the Republican Convention.  CNN shows Trump with a ten point swing with Trump now leading 48-45.  That 48 could be ominous for Clinton since that is probably a sign of solidifying Republican support for Trump.  Morning Consult shows Trump leading by four, 44-40.  In the CNN poll if the Greens and the Libertarians are included, Trump is ahead by five.   Nate Silver at 538 now is predicting a Trump win at 56.7%.


Presumably Clinton will have a convention bounce, but this has to be disheartening for her.  Many pundits were predicting no bounce for Trump from his convention, and Hillary has outspent Trump something like fifteen to one, only to find herself going into her convention behind.

The Other Clinton E-Mail Scandal


Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz being booed at the Democrat Convention this morning.  WikiLeaks released a horde of e-mails that revealed that the Democrat National Committee, run by Wasserman-Schultz, was completely in the tank for Clinton during her primary battle with Sanders.  Wasserman-Schultz resigned as head of the DNC in exchange for being able to speak at the Convention which struck me as bizarre.  Hillary Clinton should have sent her on a mission during the Convention to round up Democrat votes in Antarctica.  The reaction she received this morning was completely predictable.  Of course this underlines Trump’s contention that the system is rigged and also supports his argument that Hillary is the establishment incarnate.  Yesterday some pro-Hillary Democrat flack said they are expecting the release from WikiLeaks of more e-mails.  I wonder if they have the e-mails from Hillary’s private server?  No doubt the Russian’s do, and I can imagine them funneling those e-mails to WikiLeaks.  Pass the popcorn, this is going to be fun!

The Hillary Standard


“I often feel like there’s the Hillary standard and then there’s the standard for everybody else,” the presumptive Democratic nominee said in the interview on CBS News’ “60 Minutes.”

Well, we can agree with her on that.

Clinton Cash


Breitbart is running a free showing of the documentary Clinton Cash at 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM Eastern time today.  Go here to watch it.  You can also find it other places, Youtube that is your cue, on the internet.  I have watched it.  It is an absolutely damning indictment of how the Clintons have sold out American interests in exchange for massive donations to the Clinton Foundation slush fund and in speaking fees, up to $750,000 for one speech, to Bill Clinton.  As I have noted before, the Clintons are completely transparent crooks.

Go here to read a review by a left of center writer regarding the book Clinton Cash on which the film is based.  It is not merely conservatives who are troubled by the ethics of the woman who is being nominated for President by the Democrat party this week.

Tim Kaine For Veep


Hillary has picked Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia for Veep.  In today’s far left Democrat party Kaine passes for a moderate.


He is a “personally opposed” Catholic pro-abort.  He in theory supports a partial birth  abortion ban, but only with a broad health of the mother exception which would render it meaningless.  Democrats for Life stripped him of their endorsement in 2012 when he came out as one hundred percent behind Roe.  As a Senator he has a 100 percent rating from Worse Than Murder, Inc. Planned Parenthood and a zero percent rating from National Right to Life.  Unsurprisingly, he served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps for a year in Honduras. This year when his name began to be mentioned as a possible Veep, he signed on to the proposed Women’s Health Protection Act, which if past, would nullify almost all pro-life laws passed in the states or by the federal government.


An interesting defensive pick by Hillary.  As a former Governor of Virginia he likely was picked to help put the Old Dominion state in the Democrat column which will probably be a tight fight as it was in 2012.   This is an indication that Clinton feels she has done enough to soothe the leftist Sanders supporters.

Chris Christie v. Hillary Clinton


I don’t think much of New Jersey governor Chris Christie but he was on target last night.  Returning to his federal prosecutor past he led the Convention delegates in a roaring tour of a few of the greatest mistakes and crimes of Hillary Clinton.

Trump Picks Pence as Veep


Trump has decided to pick Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his Veep:

Gov. Mike Pence is dropping his re-election bid in Indiana to become Donald Trump’s running mate.

IndyStar has confirmed that Trump plans to announce Pence as his selection for vice president, ending a weeks-long vice presidential casting call during which Trump vetted a handful of high-profile Republicans.

Trump’s national campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, said “a decision has not been made.” A formal announcement is scheduled for 11 a.m. Friday in Manhattan.

The long-awaited decision upends the political landscape in Indiana and at least partially remakes the Trump campaign in Pence’s image.

In Pence, Trump has added a social conservative who GOP strategists say will reassure rank-and-file Republicans that Trump can be trusted to pursue their interests. Veteran political observers say Pence, a former U.S. House member and chairman of the House Republican Conference, will provide a disciplined counter to Trump’s improvisational campaign style. Pence also brings fundraising power and credibility on a wide range of policy issues that are important to conservatives.

Pence is set to officially become the vice presidential nominee during the Republican National Convention, which starts July 18 in Cleveland. He could become the first vice president from Indiana since Dan Quayle took office in 1989 under George H.W. Bush. Continue reading

When Even the New York Times is Calling Hillary Untrustworthy


I had to rub my eyes three times, and I still couldn’t quite believe I was reading this in the New York Times:

Hillary Clinton has emerged from the F.B.I. investigation into her email practices as secretary of state a wounded candidate with a large and growing majority of voters saying she cannot be trusted, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

As Mrs. Clinton prepares to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination at the convention in Philadelphia this month, she will confront an electorate in which 67 percent of voters say she is not honest and trustworthy. That number is up five percentage points from a CBS News poll conducted last month, before the F.B.I. released its findings.

Mrs. Clinton’s six-percentage-point lead over the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, in a CBS News poll last month has evaporated. The two candidates are now tied in a general election matchup, the new poll indicates, with each receiving the support of 40 percent of voters.

Mr. Trump is also distrusted by a large number of voters — 62 percent — but that number has stayed constant despite increased scrutiny on his business record and falsehoods in his public statements and Twitter messages.

But Mrs. Clinton’s shifting and inaccurate explanations of her email practices at the State Department appear to have resonated more deeply with the electorate. Continue reading

Comey Testifies


FBI Director James Comey was grilled before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for four hours/  A few interesting revelations came out.

  1. Hillary Clinton’s interview was not recorded and she was not placed under oath.  Not recording the interview was not unusual, the FBI relying on written section 302 reports based upon contemporaneous notes of the interview made by an FBI agent.  Normally one FBI agent conducts an interview while a second agent writes out notes.  Federal judges have often expressed skepticism as to the reliability of these reports.  Congress should subpoena the 302 report of the Clinton interview.
  2. Comey revealed that he is no longer a registered Republican.
  3. Comey noted that if Clinton had worked for the FBI she could have been subject to a broad range of disciplinary measures, up to termination.
  4. Comey refused to confirm or deny that the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation.

Continue reading

Clinton and the Left’s War Against Christianity



I unsay nothing that I have said against Donald Trump who would make an appallingly bad president.  Having said that, John Zmirak makes a compelling case as to what a disaster a Hillary Clinton presidency would be for Christians:


Hillary Clinton, whose actions were more destructive than Edward Snowden’s, might squeak her way into our country’s seat of supreme power, which she has just learned she may abuse without any consequences. If so, she has promised her Planned Parenthood financial backers to pack the nation’s courts with the likes of Mark Tushnet, the Harvard law professor who in May proclaimed that the “culture wars” are over, and that Christians and other conservatives ought to be treated as the Allies did the defeated Nazis and Japanese.

Not since the Soviet dupe Vice President Henry Wallace was a heartbeat (and FDR’s fading heartbeat) away from the presidency in 1945 has the Republic been in such danger. The mainstream left in this country used to be just an opponent — a movement that shared our basic premises about civic order and common decency, but differed on how best to guide the economy, on the wisest foreign policy, on how much to tax and where to spend.

That is no longer even remotely true. Now the left is threatening to tax our churches, close our colleges, force our doctors to sexually mutilate mentally ill patients, and make our pharmacists hand out abortion pills. The people of Massachusetts have just been told that they may not even vote on whether the multiculturalist, dumbed-down Common Core curriculum will be imposed upon their children.

The leaders of our elite universities will not defend the teaching of basic texts of Western civilization, while the unhinged hysterical “snowflakes” whom they diploma-fy after four years of pricey coddling are screaming for their loans to be paid off by the taxpayer. So Walmart workers without college degrees would foot the bill for the next Lena Dunham’s M.A. in Women’s Studies.

Meanwhile our government proposes to spend our tax money providing sex change surgeries for soldiers and importing unvettable Muslim refugees all the way here from their safe havens in Turkey, while leaving local Christians to die.

A Supreme Court that Hillary Clinton has not yet had the chance to pack has tossed out basic safety laws that briefly made Texas abortion clinics less dangerous to women than Kermit Gosnell’s butcher shop, perhaps undoing similar laws in many other states — the fruit of decades of patient, scrupulous incremental work by the pro-life movement through the democratic process. All tossed in the trash. The icy contempt which British elites expressed for that nation’s voters after Brexit is reflected perfectly here, as the Citizens of International Business Class unite to repress the “racist,” “xenophobic” masses.

The left has made itself not our opponent but our enemy. While its partisans are still our fellow citizens and deserve basic Christian charity, they do not deserve our trust. We are long past the time when it was possible to compromise with the left in view of some agreed-upon common good. They have blasted it into No Man’s Land.

We are locked in a Hobbesean conflict for mere civic survival. Continue reading

Nixon and Clinton: Two of a Kind


It is ironic that Hillary Clinton began her political life as a staff attorney  for the Democrat controlled House Committee on the Judiciary in 1973, arguing in a brief that Nixon had no right to counsel in regard to a House committee considering articles of impeachment, because the similarities between Nixon and her as politicians, and as individuals, are striking.

In a profession for extroverts both Nixon and Clinton share the traits of introverts who have political careers:  ill at ease campaigning, giving rote, passionless, speeches and obviously detesting the necessary glad-handing that goes with being a politician.

Politicians have ever been regarded as honoring truth by using it as sparingly as possible.  Even in such an assemblage both Nixon and Clinton developed reputations for raising bold faced mendacity to an art form.

Like Nixon, Clinton has a distrust of the normal channels of authority in regard to the position she held as Secretary of State, and preferred to exercise her power through her personal staff.

As in the case of Nixon, Clinton is distrusted by the dominant ideological faction in her party.

Clinton, like Nixon, would walk on her knees over any amount of broken glass for the sake of obtaining power.

Nixon was ever noted for the hatred he aroused in his political adversaries, a capacity Clinton shares to the full.

Paranoia and self-pity are essential elements in the psychological makeup of Clinton as they were in the case of Nixon.

Nixon could never conceal the raw contempt he felt for those who disagreed with him politically, and Clinton does not lack in that capacity to project disdain.

Nixon could, and Clinton can, inspire political devotion but not an ounce of the affection that charismatic politicians like Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt could excite.

No one would buy a used car from either of them.



Continue reading

Clinton v. Comey


This is devastating.  From Reason TV a video contrasting Clinton’s version with the truth as explained by FBI Director Comey.  Most politicians lie at one time or another.  Few politicians lie all the time about matters small and great.  Hillary Clinton is in the latter category.  Comey, and I think deliberately, in his presentation handed Donald Trump a weapon to bring out this aspect of Clinton that only her most die hard partisans can possibly dispute.

Cui Bono?




Most commentators are assuming that the decision of the FBI not to recommend prosecution of Clinton is good news for her and bad news for Trump.  I don’t think the political calculus is so  simple.  Looking at this purely from the standpoint of Donald Trump, this might have been the best possible result for him.


If the FBI had announced today a recommendation to prosecute Clinton, the Democrat convention might well have decided to nominate Sanders instead.  Sanders does better than Clinton in polls against Trump.  This is the year of the outsider, and the socialist Sanders has successfully portrayed himself as an outsider.  If Clinton did prevail at the convention, it is by no means a given that her indictment would be political death.  Satan could be running for President on the Democrat ticket and he would probably get 45% of the vote.  News of the indictment would quickly become old hat, especially as the extensive and confusing legal maneuvering that goes on in a high profile federal prosecution.  Clinton would not come to trial until after the election and I would not wager that an indictment would prove a decisive issue in November. Continue reading

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