Tuesday, July 11, AD 2017

So Donald Trump Jr. was conned during the campaign into meeting with a female Russian attorney who allegedly had dirt from the Russian government on Hillary Clinton.  The meeting was held, the Russian attorney, Natalia Veselnitskaya, had no information on Clinton and wanted to talk about her pet cause, Americans adopting Russian kids.  The biggest foe of the Trump administration is the clownish manner in which they often conduct themselves.  As for going to a foreign government to get dirt on a political adversary:  bad, very bad, and very common, as the Clinton campaign demonstrated by working with the Ukrainian embassy in regard to producing dirt against Trump.  Go here to read all about it.

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10 Responses to Farce

  • Hah ha. People said they wanted someone other than an experienced politician.
    The public got what they wanted, good and hard. H.L. Mencken called that “democracy”.

  • Considering that the other choice in the general election was experienced politician Hillary Clinton, I’d say that the people were right. (Initially I was not going to support Trump, but Hillary convinced me ultimately of the folly of that course.) As for Mencken, his main political impulse was sheer contempt for anyone unfortunate enough not to be Mencken.

  • What’s troublesome about this is that Jr. didn’t bat an eye when this Goldstone character said ‘It’s part of … support for…”. The optics are terrible, though the meeting itself was unremarkable.

    The ‘collusion with Russia’ meme appears to be a DNC-CNN-WaPoo-NYT circle jerk and partisan Democrats in fora like this cannot seem to specify just what form the ‘collusion’ took and what were its effects. It’s a reasonable wager that the Washington insider nexus operating through Mueller and his crew of Democratic party donors will gin up some indictment derived from an obscure provision of the U.S. Code that’s seldom if ever enforced (see Dinesh D’Souza). Our elites are unworthy people, in large measure one suspects because our professional-managerial class is liberally salted with people who would have been shunned as sleazeballs or dismissed as terminally vapid in 1960. Remember Peter Orszag, BO’s budget director. At one time knocking-up your girlfriend and leaving her in the lurch (at age 40!) would have been a career ender. It was noted without comment in the media. You cannot blackmail people anymore because they have no shame.

  • How is it that going to LISTEN to someone who says “I have evidence of criminal activity that, if true, you really need to know as a basic civic duty, but it’s also useful for you” has turned into “information that would hurt Clinton”?

    Source: “I have evidence that person is doing (crime)!”
    News: “Person who talked to (source) about negative information is guilty of (crime)!”

  • When I saw Shea getting kind of giddy over this I wondered what the other shoe was about. I haven’t been so confused about what is supposed to be a crime since the Scooter Libby debacle. I did laugh at Glen Reynold’s point: From “hacking” to “collusion” to “willingness to collude.”

    If Dems keep up with this insanity, they may have to invent new words for what will be done to them in 2018.

    @FoxFier – Andrew Klavan has a running saying about that. IIRC it’s something like, “If the leak hurts a conservative it is the story, if the leak hurts a liberal, the story is how did you get the information.”

  • The liberals hate Russia today because she has rejected communism and is returning to her Christian Orthodox roots. It’s really that simple. Indeed, when she was communist, Bernie Sanders vacationed in Russia and tried to turn Burlington, VT into a little Moscow. And later on Hillary sold Russia 20% of our uranium. And Obama told the Russian President to tell Putin that after he was re-elected, he would have more maneuvering room.

    If the Russians did everything being attributed to them, then our alphabet would be Cyrillic and our language a Slavic derivative.

  • LQC, now that you mention it. I’ve often tried to explain to my boys what it was like growing up in the Cold War (real old timers tales). I also try to explain how, as the 80s unfolded and I moved from middle school through college, it was easy to see that many on the left, especially among the younger gang, seemed to prefer the USSR to the US. There was certainly no holding back when they welcomed Gorbachev and his wife. It was like the Beatles coming to America. And I can remember how they lifted up Gorbachev over and against the always inferior dolt Reagan. I guess that’s why, despite the fact that Trump did do and say things I found objectionable, his praising of Putin over and against Obama never phased me. But I’ve wondered why, apart from pure political expediency, the the Left seems to have hated Russia again, especially since we were told in 2008 that Russia was no big deal. That might not be altogether wrong.

  • “But I’ve wondered why, apart from pure political expediency, the the Left seems to have hated Russia again”
    Russia is definitely moving in the direction of banning abortion, due to pressure from both the Russian Orthodox Church and demographic studies. Of course the Left would hate Russia for that. It’s just too bad that the Putin version of fascism gives them some small credence. A truly democratic Russia would be a much better witness for life.

  • It’s just too bad that the Putin version of fascism gives them some small credence. A truly democratic Russia would be a much better witness for life.

    Russian revanchism is contextually mild and Russia currently expends just 4% of its domestic product on the military. For all that the regime is abusive, there’s more political pluralism than there has been at any time in the modern era bar the period running from 1905-18 and 1988-2004. There’s a considerable inventory of state-owned industry, but I don’t think formal cartels encompass much of the economy; there is at least notional antitrust legislation. Union penetration is about 50% of the workforce. I think you do have tripartite boards of a sort you had in Spain.

    It’s an abrasive and officious authoritarian state, not a fascist mobilization state.

  • “It’s an abrasive and officious authoritarian state, not a fascist mobilization state.”
    I think that’s about right, it’s more like Franco’s Spain than Mussolini’s Italy. I think we can use the word ‘fascism’ with the understanding it casts a wide net.

6 Responses to Waa!

  • I am unaware of a more conceited, selfish, obnoxious, nauseating woman of no consequence or significant accomplishments that Hildebeast. I could get elected as a Democrat in New York if I lied half as good as the Clintons.

  • Hillary Clinton is her own troll

  • If one understands Hillary’s lust for power, her spending the rest of her life knowing she will not be president is such a great punishment that to “lock her up” wouldn’t make any real difference. Her post election behavior confirms that.

    In fairness, Trump would have behaved in much the same way if he had lost. His behavior during the campaign, bitching about the “rigged” system confirms that too.

  • Listening to Hillary lie for thirteen minutes is equivalent to how many years in Purgatory?

  • After 10 minutes of Waa I turned off the sound. Then I looked at photos of Baroness Margaret Thatcher and listened to clips of her speeches. I thought that’s the difference between Hillary and the Iron Lady…Hillary tries to be one of the guys, dresses in pantsuits, shrilly shouts and has no message but Me, Me, Me. On the other hand, Margaret Thatcher was not afraid to be feminine, wearing skirt suits and dresses. She had a modulated voice; was genuine and highly accomplished. Most important was her message of saving her beloved country from socialism.
    Prime Minister Thatcher, President Reagan and Pope John Paul II tore down the Berlin wall.
    Hillary had Benghazi. Nuff said.

It Was the Russians! It Was Comey! It Was the New York Times!

Wednesday, May 31, AD 2017

Ah, the country truly dodged a bullet last November.  Clinton has a thousand reasons for why she lost instead of the real one:  her campaign message boiled down to this:  “Hey, you ignorant peasants, vote for me, it’s my turn!”  I guess excuse-making is better than looking in the mirror and thinking:  “Somehow I managed to lose to a man who had been never been elected  dog catcher, whose campaign organization was congealed chaos, who had worse media than Satan, who had half the campaign funds that I had, who often had difficulty getting out three consecutive coherent sentences,  who had more women alleging gross behavior than even the accusers of my “husband”, who had a large section of his party in revolt against him, who has mutant hair, and who hawked steaks and other Trump products during his campaign!  What does that say about me?”


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3 Responses to It Was the Russians! It Was Comey! It Was the New York Times!

  • In fairness to Hillary, losing the presidency to a septuagenarian adolescent like Donald Trump a hard thing to live down, especially when you have the Clinton Machine at your disposal.

  • Greg, I think we agree.

    It may be akin to Greek Tragedy. Only thing corrupt, incompetent Hillary exhibits not one instance of hamartia, but 40 or 50 fatal flaws.

    It must be gravely disappointing considering the hubris of this seventy-something crone, the smartest woman on the Planet, to lose an election that she and her crime syndicates (Clinton Foundation, DNC, the media) had rigged.

    Equally troubling must be that the American people decided that the madwoman from Chappaqua was less desirable than a septuagenarian (good word!) adolescent that trolled, and continues to troll, the elite, infallibly ignorant ruling class.

  • Chiming in…..the third presidential debate was classic Trump; “She’s a nasty woman.”
    I lost it. Popcorn flying. The truth, which the left doesn’t believe to be substantial, is that She Is A Nasty Woman! Her actions count and her words are urine… unbelievable.

    Culture of personality worked for Obama in 08′. First female POTUS didn’t take. A hint for the left…when your nominee for the great office of President has an odor thought to be originating from her feet but you toss her into the race anyway… please don’t cry the blues on late night television for months after the election. You look stupid. Instead. Make sure your nominee has had all her shots and wears clean underwear.. possibly some feminine hygiene products…then dress her up in a pantsuit and tell her that her smile is….well, genuine. Even if it isn’t.

    Just say-in’.

Chelsea Clinton: A Pro-Abort at Age Six

Saturday, April 22, AD 2017


I missed this story last year.  The country really dodged a bullet when it kept the mother of this nutcase out of the White House last year:


In a new interview, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of pro-abortion presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, says she left the Baptist Church at the age of 6 because it has a strongly pro-life position opposing abortions.

Clinton made the comment at a recent fundraiser for Hillary Clinton in an attempt to address evangelicals who question her mother’s faith in God. She said she was upset when teachers in a Sunday School class talked about the wrongness of abortion.

“I find it quite insulting sometimes when people say to my mom, my dad or me . . . that they question our faith,’ said Chelsea. “I was raised in a Methodist church and I left the Baptist church before my dad did, because I didn’t know why they were talking to me about abortion when I was 6 in Sunday school — that’s a true story.”


Go here to read the rest.  And to think that self-proclaimed pro-lifers like Mark Shea were supporting abortion-uber-alles Clinton in preference to Trump.

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16 Responses to Chelsea Clinton: A Pro-Abort at Age Six

  • Leftists–they demand protection for evil criminals in sanctuary cities, while slaughtering innocent humans in the sanctuary of their “mother’s” wombs, all the while shouting, “We care!” And, then they diabolically claim to be…the intelligentsia.

  • Chelsea Clinton left the Baptist church at age six because the Baptist church was pro-life. The age of reason is seven years of age. Chelsea Clinton never reached the age of reason and is a case of arrested development. So are Bill and Hillary and all pro-aborts.

  • Seen on Instapundit: “The Clintons are the political equivalent of herpes. They keep coming back, whether people like it or not.”

    Thank God that only a small minority of America-hating invertebrates and Soros funded agents provocateurs listen to their constant streams of lies and evils.

  • The Clinton’s.
    The “poster family” of scourging America. Worse than a tool of destruction, they are the first family of Hell on Earth.

  • Roe v. Wade never bore the burden of proof that the newly begotten innocent person was NOT a sovereign person

  • Uh, hold on. What she seems to be saying is she left the church because the talk about abortion bothered her. She seemed to realize it was not appropriate in some way, to talk to a 6 year old about abortion. I am not reading that she, at 6, decided she was leaving because the church was pro-life.
    We have to be really careful with reading comprehension. Read carefully.
    For the record, I have no respect for any of the Clintons.

  • I am second to nobody in my loathing of the Clinton family, but I think Chelsea’s remarks may be being misconstrued. She said, “I didn’t know why they were talking to me about abortion when I was 6 in Sunday school.” I would totally agree with this. To bring up such a horrible, gruesome subject to children that young is to destroy their God-given innocence. Thanks to our sick, oversexualized, pervasive consumer-media culture, children are losing their innocence at ever younger ages. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a time when I didn’t even hear the word “abortion” until I was 13 or 14 years old — and I was horrified when I found out what it was. I can’t even imagine what the effect on a tender 6-year-old psyche would be.

    I obviously am disgusted with Chelsea Clinton’s pro-abortion stance as an adult, but I think what she was talking about in the quote given above was something I could agree with her on: Little children should not be hearing about abortion. It is evil and grotesque and horrifying. Would we take our 6-year-old to an R-rated slasher movie? Of course not. Well, then, let’s not be planting images in their young minds of babies being slashed to pieces.

  • Agreed that a 6 year old shouldn’t be presented with such graphic visualizations of Hell on Earth. But either she wildly exaggerating like her FBI certified lying mother, or whats worse that as 6 year old she thought it was horrifying that some would suggest mothers do NOT have a right to slaughter their own offspring.

  • “What she seems to be saying is she left the church because the talk about abortion bothered her.”

    Assuming this isn’t simply a routine Clinton lie by Chelsea, they do seem to lie as a matter of course about matters great and small, why would a talk about abortion at age 6 have bothered her? How would she have known what abortion was, and if she knew why would the pro-life position have upset her? How would she even recall this at age 36? If anyone was offended, assuming the incident even occurred, I suspect it was her mother.

  • Question: did Mark Shea become more pro-life at the age of six or less? I’d like to know!

  • It’s a lie, without a doubt. Fawn Brodie published posthumously a work in which slicing up Richard Nixon for this sort of thing featured prominently. George Bush the Elder was a great one for goofy cocktail party mendacity (“You look wonderful”). Liberal culture is such nowadays that the comedy people like Michael Kinsley saw in Nixon and Bush the Elder never seems to adhere to the Clintons or anyone else who serves their ilk.

    The thing is, the story makes Chelsea and (implicitly) her mother look seriously creepazoid. Has Cheslea been so encased in protective bubbles that she doesn’t see this, or does she figure she’s speaking to people so bent they’d think a six-year-old contemplating abortion to be amusingly precocious?

    Stop and think about Chelsea’s life. Rude remarks from Rush Limbaugh notwithstanding (which must have stung because they were from an adult but which likely were mild compared to what the cut-ups and mean girls were saying to her at school), she was treated delicately by the media – much more so than Amy Carter (though less so than the Obama girls). Gary Aldrich, and FBI agent assigned to the White House during the period running from 1993-95 said in his observation and that of security personnel with whom he traded stories, Chelsea was an ordinary teenager and episodically quite rude to her security detail (taking her cues from mama, no doubt); the newspapers who presented her as a lovely girl manufactured a fictional character. She has manifest talents, but evidently no one to counsel her on how to deploy them and all to many people willing to hand her plum jobs (why do broadcast networks hire politicians’ kids so readily?). Her mother was best described by Joseph Sobran: “like egalitarians from Joseph Stalin to Bella Abzug, a terror to work for”. Her maternal side grandmother was described by a nephew thus: ‘always pissed at someone; held grudges’. Her paternal side grandmother was an amiable vulgarian with a gambling problem (and something of a lush to boot, by some accounts). She had no sisters, her only aunt has never been part of the family circle, and her uncle’s childless rank-and-file-lawyer wife lived in south Florida. It’s not surprising she’s kinda messed up.

  • Thank goodness that this Clinton seems to be a bimbo.

  • Thank goodness that this Clinton seems to be a bimbo.

    She has a hatful of graduate degrees. She’s no bimbo. The problem is that her whole life has been so scripted she cannot say anything that isn’t spurious or uninteresting. A journalist reading something she’d written said it had the quality of oatmeal in which you find a toenail clipping now and again.

  • What 6 year old leaves a church? Was she raised Methodist after she left the Baptists? Or was her Methodist mother raising her Methodist while she was attending Baptist services with her Baptist father?
    The whole thing reeks of Two Corinthians.

    You know, the cheap knockoff of Royal English Pleather

  • Gee, when I was two years old, I was all for nuclear proliferation….wif my Cheerios!

    Give Chelsea a break children….c’mon. Her parents abused her when she was a kid, it’s in the record, the official record. Mom and Dad have committed every other crime in the book, why not child abuse?

  • Chelsea wonders why abortion was brought up to her as a child. Well, Chelsea, your teacher had a duty to assist in your moral development, because of the distinct possibility that YOUR PARENTS may not recognize–and convey to you–the grave evil of abortion. Is six too young to hear about abortion? I don’t think so. Like the Jesuits used to say, “Give me a child until he is seven and you can have him for the rest of his life.” Those early experiences leave an indelible mark.

Hillary Clinton: The New Coke of Presidential Candidates

Saturday, December 10, AD 2016


Christopher Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal brings us this election factoid:


Seems that during the recent campaign, Hillary Clinton spent twice as much as


Hillary Clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.2 billion for her losing presidential campaign — twice as much as the winner, Donald Trump, according to the latest records.

The president-elect, who confounded critics during the campaign by saying there was no need to raise or spend $1 billion or more, ended up making do with $600 million.

Clinton’s expensive machine tore through $131.8 million in just the final weeks, finishing with about $839,000 on hand as of Nov. 28.

Team Trump spent $94.5 million in the home stretch — from Oct. 20 to Nov. 28 — and had $7.6 million left.

The figures include all spending by the campaigns, PACs and party committees.

But still lost the election to


Which means that


will the next president of the United States.

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10 Responses to Hillary Clinton: The New Coke of Presidential Candidates

  • Towards the end of the campaign, there were more than enough TV ads for Hilary. It was all Trump said this, Trump said that.
    It takes a special kind of hypocrisy to bring up Trump’s 2005 conversation when Bill Clinton actually did worse things to women. No advertising can wipe that out.
    Trump was drawing huge crowds everywhere he went and the attendees really didn’t care if Trump read the teleprompter or said what he felt like saying.
    Obama aside, there is a real distaste for the Democrat Party outside of its strongholds in Chicago, the West Coast and the Northeast. Returning to the same ossified leadership proves they have learned nothing.

  • After drinking down six Cokes, the voters threw Seven Up.

  • Money is way overrated in political campaigns. The main drivers for more money are the consultants and sellers of advertising. This is especially true when the opposing candidate is a walking advertisement himself.

  • My blood pressure hasn’t been this good since political commercials and debates started up. Actually, the absence of Hillary Clinton, in general, has been a healthy and refreshing cleanse, including mental health advantages..better sleep to name one. To find out liberals blew over a billion dollars dressing up a career pig, taking her to the show, and loosing is icing on the cake.
    Looks like religions won’t have to change their views on killing children after all.

    Bronze statues of the Benghazi four should be erected on the National Mall. A tribute and reminder…..never again a pig in decision positions… never Hillary.

  • “Bronze statues of the Benghazi four”

    Not a bad idea, certainly some sort of memorial at least to the two seals who were killed from lack of support by the government.

  • I can’t take credit for the idea.
    I read the proposal on the net three years ago.
    I’ll try to find it. It would serve two purposes.

  • The only ones who liked the dog food were those in large cities like Boston, NYC, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, LA, etc.
    I don’t understand such people. We had some at work. One cried and pitched a fit on the day after of the election – a young millennial who never knew anything except Obama and liberal progressive feminism. Another – also millennial – has since the election refused to talk with me even though before the election we had many civil discussions on all sorts of things. Poor spoiled little brats. One wonders what kind of parents they had.

  • http://www.teapartytribune.com/2014/05/11/combat-veterans-creating-memorial-statue-to-honor-benghazi-heroes-glen-doherty-and-tyrone-woods/

    The next link is similar, however the artist gives us more details;


    To find this on the Mall in DC is a home run.
    Maybe it can happen with this new administration! Let’s pray that it will be there.. please.

  • Crooked Hillary spent $1.6 billion lying about President Trump because she does not possess sufficient actual achievements and qualifications to fill in a 15 second time slot. She and her geniuses apparently concluded that she couldn’t win on the issues. Ergo, it was 24/7 calumnies and detractions against President Trump.
    She and Obama, arguably, are the best things that ever happened to the GOP, not to mention America’s gun manufacturers.

  • “I don’t understand such people. We had some at work. One cried and pitched a fit on the day after of the election – a young millennial who never knew anything except Obama and liberal progressive feminism.”

    I may have made a permanent enemy at work the morning after the election. One of my co-workers, who could have sent an email, instead chose to have admin call 6 of us from our job duties to a large conference room–literally had us sit there for 20 minutes while she stood right outside the door literally doing nothing most of that time–then she came into the room and with what she thought was a captive audience tried to start having a fit and telling us how she had cried all night over the results of the election. Under the pressure of an overloaded work schedule & deadlines, I and another staff member simply could not take it. I bluntly pointed out to her that we were on state time to which she replied that she had an opinion and that she could express it. I told her that the state wasn’t paying me to listen to political opinions to which she restated that she could express her opinion. At that point another staff member asked her if we were done with the meeting which finally helped her realize that she was supposed to be working and that she was keeping an entire department from doing their work with her shenanigans. After all of that, she made a 30 second statement, again that could have been sent by email, and we were released. Why in the heck do people think I should care about their political opinions at work?

Ten Simple Ways to Lose a Presidential Election

Wednesday, November 16, AD 2016


I always thought that Bill Clinton had preternatural political skills.  During Hillary’s campaign this year his appearances tended to be lackluster and he gave off an air of frustration.  Perhaps this is why:



In the waning days of the presidential campaign, Bill and Hillary Clinton had a knock-down, drag-out fight about her effort to blame FBI Director James Comey for her slump in the polls and looming danger of defeat.

‘I was with Bill in Little Rock when he had this shouting match with Hillary on the phone and she accused Comey for reviving the investigation into her use of a private email server and reversing her campaign’s momentum,’ said one of Bill Clinton’s closest advisers.

‘Bill didn’t buy the excuse that Comey would cost Hillary the election,’ said the source. ‘As far as he was concerned, all the blame belonged to [campaign manager Robby] Mook, [campaign chairman John] Podesta and Hillary because they displayed a tone-deaf attitude about the feeble economy and its impact on millions and millions of working-class voters.

‘Bill was so red in the face during his conversation with Hillary that I worried he was going to have a heart attack. He got so angry that he threw his phone off the roof of his penthouse apartment and toward the Arkansas River.’

Bill has a luxurious penthouse apartment with an outdoor garden at the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum in Little Rock.

During the campaign, Bill Clinton felt that he was ignored by Hillary’s top advisers when he urged them to make the economy the centerpiece of her campaign.

He repeatedly urged them to connect with the people who had been left behind by the revolutions in technology and globalization.

‘Bill said that constantly attacking Trump for his defects made Hillary’s staff and the media happy, but that it wasn’t a message that resonated with voters, especially in the rust belt,’ the source explained.

‘Bill always campaigned as a guy who felt your pain, but Hillary came across as someone who was pissed off at her enemy [Trump], not someone who was reaching out and trying to make life better for the white working class.’

According to the source, Bill was severely critical of Hillary’s decision to reject an invitation to address a St. Patrick’s Day event at the University of Notre Dame.

Hillary’s campaign advisers nixed the idea on the grounds that white Catholics were not the audience she needed to reach.

Go here to read the rest.  The Hillary Clinton campaign was a monument to political malpractice.  Here are ten simple ways to lose a presidential election.  The Clinton campaign was guilty of each one of them.

  1. Campaign theme-Don’t have one.  Clinton’s theme was the vapid Stronger Together.  She might as well have been running on Apple Pie.  Trump’s campaign theme of Make America Great Again, tied in with his constant assertion that nothing works in America anymore.  That most people believe that something is deeply wrong with the country is borne out by the polls that constantly show most Americans believing that the country is on the wrong track.
  2. Ignore the Election Calendar-Americans routinely toss out the party in power after eight years.  Any member of the same party running after a two term president is going to have an uphill climb and should plan accordingly.
  3. Despise your Adversary-Ignore his strengths and concentrate on what a loathsome character he is in your eyes.
  4. Campaign Lackadaisically-Clinton, perhaps due to her health, often had one or two campaign events a day.  Trump would usually have four to five massive rallies all about the country.
  5. Identity Politics-Split the American people up into warring factions and cater to some of them.  Forget that other factions will almost always deeply resent this favoritism.
  6. Believe the Polls-If the polls show you ahead, relax and attempt to coast to victory.
  7. Enthusiasm-Ignore that your adversary has lots of it on his side and you have nil.  Assume that a good ground game can compensate for the fact that most of your voters view you, at best, as a typical pol.
  8. Economy-Pretending that the economy is good at a time when millions of workers have abandoned job searches as futile is a sure path to popularity on election day.
  9. Rely upon the Media-If the media is on your side relax, even if most voters view the media as unreliable.  The voters were probably just joking when they began repeating the old Soviet joke:  There is no truth in Pravda (Truth) and there is no news in Izvestia (News).
  10. Believe your own Hype-The handouts you give to the media should be accepted as Gospel Truth in campaign headquarters.  Yell good news to the rafters and ignore bad news.





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18 Responses to Ten Simple Ways to Lose a Presidential Election

  • As to number 3, it seemed to be effective to an extent. But you can only demonize a demon so much until it no longer has any effect.

    As to number 4, one thing that impresses me about Trump is his physical stamina. For a seventy year old man, he has no shortage of energy.


    Perhaps Bill’s crack on Obamacare at one of Hillary’s rallies was pay back for getting shut out of the campaign. But again, you can hardly blame Hillary’s campaign staff for keeping Bill at arm’s length. In his narcissism, he has an uncanny ability to make everything about him. Not the qualities you want in a surrogate.


    Let’s face it Bill Clinton was a master at getting himself elected, but has the coattails of a cut-off tee shirt.

  • If not for 60 years of left-wing public education wasting (a young mind is a terrible thing to waste) young minds and 365/24/7 media lying, Hillary should have lost by 20 million votes.
    Hillary promised to continue Obama’s economic programs which are contrary to economic growth and prosperity for the forgotten (hated?) white, lower classes which felt left behind by globalization and the many programs that advanced green graft and Wall Street concerns.
    Dan Mitchell, “This is the bitter fruit of creationist economics, the erroneous belief that government activity can somehow conjure new wealth and value.” Economic policies based on emotions never solve anything.
    “When did Americans decide that 1% or 2% economic growth is acceptable, that puny wage increases are inevitable, and that we should all merely shrug and get used to the country’s diminished expectations? …the first quarter is further evidence of what has been the weakest economic expansion in the postwar era. …All of this continues the slow-or-slower pace of this entire expansion that began nearly seven years ago. Each year has had a similar GDP dip, and growth has never exceeded 2.5% (2010). The American economy hasn’t grown by more than 3% since 2005 (3.3%), the longest such stretch of malaise that we can find in the Bureau of Economic analysis tables going back to 1930. …Faster growth is possible, but it will take better policies.”

    “This would place his presidency fourth from the bottom of the list of 39*, above only those of Herbert Hoover (-5.65%), Andrew Johnson (-0.70%) and Theodore Roosevelt (1.41%).”
    The media propagandized everything Hillary said. In truth (the first casualty in liberal politics), the economy could only have hurt Hillary.
    Contrary to all the hype, the election proved that eight years of 1% GDP growth is unacceptable to Americans.
    It could have worked as it did in 1992. Instapundit quoted Powerlline, John Hinderaker: Why it isn’t “the economy, stupid,” this time:
    “In 1992, Bill Clinton announced that “It’s the economy, stupid.” That was pretty much the sole theme of his campaign. He ludicrously claimed that the country was then experiencing “the worst economy since the Great Depression,” a lie that the press, to its everlasting shame, not just allowed but often endorsed. So what was the level of GDP growth that Clinton relentlessly denigrated?
    “According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the quarterly growth numbers for 1992, in chained 2009 dollars, were 4.8%, 4.5%, 3.9% and 4.1%. That’s right–the growth that Bill Clinton derided as the “worst economy since the Great Depression” was around four times what we are now seeing under Barack Obama. And Hillary Clinton promises to continue Obama’s anti-growth policies.”

  • Number 11: Never play poker with just two cards: racism and gender victimology. Both are accusatory, negative and frankly tiresome, not good when you have but an “ex-wife’s screeching nagging personality.”

  • 6a. Believe the positive polls.
    6b. Don’t believe the negative polls.

    Don’t do one without the other!

    I mean, everyone’s talking about the polls being wrong. But they showed the race tightening nationally in the final couple of weeks, and they’d showed Clinton weakness in swing states for months. They must have been showing low voter enthusiasm.

  • In his narcissism, he has an uncanny ability to make everything about him

    Hill and Bill are two peas in a pod – Trump forced her to change her campaign slogan with one line. In response to her narcissistic “I’m with Her” he retorts “I’m with America.” Millions of “I’m With Her” signs hit the trashbin.

    Another couple losing strategies – blame everyone but yourself for your failures – the Russians, the FBI, Assange; and get the most obnoxious annoying celebrities to endorse you – repeatedly – by lecturing voters on how stupid they are for not doing exactly as the celebrities demand. Yes, a half naked pierced purple haired twerking Miley Cyrus makes a perfect endorsement for the most powerful secular position on Earth.

  • A house divided against itself cannot stand. Donald McClarey mentioned preternatural skills. The evil ones making tools and fools of the left are dividing against each other, as of course they have always been. There is no harmony in hell. Only discord- howling wailing discord.
    Some of the wiki-leaks indicate a familiarity with satanic rituals. Long ago, the Devils’ own fall was caused by himself. He has wielded some limited power in the last 100 years and is, as they say on the radio- “up against a hard break.”
    We realize that poor Miley Cyrus and so many others have just been totally fooled. We hope and pray for grace- not as a result of our repentance, but enabling us to repent.

  • For what it’s worth, let’s not forget that twice Ross Perot helped elect Slick Willy by pulling many financial conservatives away from the Republican nominees. In the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections Bill Clinton did not have majorities of the popular vote.

  • Yes, and we might add seeking a job for which you do not qualify by accomplishment, temperament, intellect and moral bearing.

    Conclusion: The Democrat Party is bereft of ideas and border on the absurd when they present their two candidates in the Primary: Hillary–First woman President or Bernie, the first Communist President. Hopefully, Republicans will make the most of this opportunity.

  • “Campaign theme-Don’t have one”
    One recall’s Disraeli’s novel, Coningsby:
    ‘And now for our cry,’ said Mr. Taper.
    ‘It is not a Cabinet for a good cry,’ said Tadpole; ‘but then, on the other hand, it is a Cabinet that will sow dissension in the opposite ranks, and prevent them having a good cry.’
    ‘Ancient institutions and modern improvements, I suppose, Mr. Tadpole?’
    ‘Ameliorations is the better word, ameliorations. Nobody knows exactly what it means.’
    Plus ça change

  • let’s not forget that twice Ross Perot helped elect Slick Willy by pulling many financial conservatives away from the Republican nominees. I

    IIRC, survey reseach on Perot voters showed he was drawing about equally from the candidates. He’d have to have taken about 2/3 of his voters from Bush to have accounted for Bush’s loss. The 1992 election was strange, inasmuch as an incumbent president was rejected for no obvious reasons in favor of a shady character like Bilge Clinton. I’m thinking that both the 1992 election, the 1997 election in Britain, and the 2008 election here demonstrate the effect of boredom and branding on crucial components of the electorate.

  • I think George Bush could never gain his footing in 1992 due to the lunatic rantings of Perot against him and the Republican party which always served to distract from Bush focusing on Bill Clinton. Of course the main problem for Bush was that he was President only because in 1988 the American people decided to give Reagan a third term. By 1992 it was quite plain that Bush wasn’t Reagan and that was probably the death knell for him after his raising taxes fiasco. Bush ironically thought to the end he would turn it around as he had in 1988, failing to comprehend what a uniquely bad candidate Dukakis had been and the role Reagan played in his victory

  • And then there was the whole getting “Comey’d” by Lawrence Walsh thing.

  • further thoughts on amateurishness and losing election plays

  • Don’t agree.


    I do not see any of the advertisements as responses to Perot’s signatures. The 2d and the 3d were definitely attacks on Clinton.

    I think some of the rubrics which had contained the degree to which the media aided and abetted the Democratic Party were no longer observed by 1992, while some of the trust the media had accumulated in the Newseum era had not. Both the Democratic Party and the media were promoting the idea that the country was in economic distress when it was not. You could see George Bush’s approval ratings plummet for a year and a half. Some of that was to be expected as they were abnormally elevated at the end of Gulf War I. Keep in mind that the recession lasted 8 months and ended in April 1991, but you would hardly have known that from the coverage. Propaganda can move the needle.

    One shtick partisan Democrats deployed routinely for about 20 years was smearing Republican candidates over their military service record. (A tactic the Kennedy claque developed for use contra Hubert Humphrey). Hendrick Hertzberg was a frequent practitioner, but a less severe offender than rank-and-file Democrats who send ’round repulsive memes. In truth, the notable participants in the presidential sweepstakes with anomalous service records have been Joseph Biden, Bill Bradley, Al Gore, Alan Keyes, and Jesse Jackson. To that you might add Jerry Brown and Gary Hart, who were perpetual students (9 and 10 years in college) at a time when graduate students were excused. The only candidates definitively implicated in something sketchy to avoid military service have been Bernie Sanders, Pat Robertson, and …Bilge Clinton. They ran a man they knew perfectly well had scammed around to avoid fulfilling his ROTC service obligations and ran him against a combat veteran. How did that succeed?

Prediction of Trump Victory Made on March 2, 2016

Sunday, November 13, AD 2016


(If faithful readers of the blog will permit me the indulgence of resurrecting this post from March 2 of this year.)

I’m not sold on the idea that Clinton is unbeatable, least of all by Trump who, when it comes to the Clintons’ variety of thermo-nuclear scorched earth politics, is the equivalent of a cockroach.

Ernst Schreiber

Hattip to commenter Ernst Schreiber for the idea behind this post.

As faithful readers of this blog know, I am a strong opponent of Donald Trump.  I view him as an ignorant blowhard, a Democrat in a skimpy Republican disguise, and a disaster in the making of epic proportions if he should be elected President.  I will not vote for him if he is the Republican nominee, an easy call for me since if Illinois is in play Trump is heading for a landslide win in any case.  However, unlike many Trump critics my opposition to him does not have anything to do with his electability in the fall.  If Clinton is the Democrat nominee I think it likely that Trump will win.  Here is why.

1. Clinton Smear Machine-Unlike most candidates I think Trump is largely immune to smears.  Throughout his career he has been subject to a largely bad press.  Except for cannibalism and incest Trump has been charged with every crime imaginable and with some that truly do tax the imagination.  I doubt if there is much more that could be revealed to harm him.  Like Huey Long, the Kingfish of the Depression Era, he thrives on bad press and attacks.

2.  Colorful Career-As loathe as I am to admit it, there are elements in Trump’s career that will probably play well with the voters, including this incident, go here to read it, where Trump intervened to stop a violent mugging in progress.

3.  Wrong Clinton-I always said that Clinton had preternatural political skills, however that was Bill Clinton, who could probably have won an election after being discovered in bed with either a live boy or a dead girl.  His spouse on the other hand is a miserable politician who got beaten like a drum by Obama in 2008 and who has struggled to beat an elderly socialist this year.

4.  Empty Promises-Democrats have thrived over the years on making empty promises to voters with a straight face.  No one can out empty promise Donald The-Mexicans-Are-Going -To-Pay-For-The-Wall Trump!

5.  Outsider-This is clearly a year when the voters want an outsider.  Trump, the croniest capitalist, would seem to be the consummate insider, except when compared to Hillary Clinton.  In the primaries Trump has been able to paint himself as an outsider, and compared to Clinton it is not quite so laughable a claim.

6.  Scandals-Beltway pundits clearly underestimate public anger over Benghazi.  Tie that in with the e-mail crime scandal, and doubtless a lot of juicy tidbits being excavated by Trump’s opposition research, and Clinton will be on the receiving end of endless negative attack ads that would have bounced off her husband but likely will do damage to her.

7.  Jugular-Republicans frustrated by a too gentlemanly form of campaigning by their candidates will have nothing to complain about from Trump.  He will begin with throwing the kitchen sink against Clinton and proceed on from there.

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17 Responses to Prediction of Trump Victory Made on March 2, 2016

  • I would say #4 is an admission, perhaps an u witting one, the republican voters ca be as stupid as democrat voters.

  • Let me rewrite the above comment, since it got accidentally posted before I could finish it and edit the typos.

    I would say #4 is an admission, perhaps an unwitting one, that republican voters can be as stupid as democrat voters.


    This Trump movement, as some pundits have called it,makes me wonder what Eric Hoffer would think, particularly the primary process that gave trump the GOP nomination.

  • Not so much Republican regular voters as the additional voters needed to win in Presidential election years. In any case it was interesting to me how little weight promises this year, other than Trump’s promise of the wall, seemed to get this year. Clinton, for example, promised “free” tuition at all public colleges, but little seemed to be made of it. I suspect that ObamaCare has made the public wary of anything “free” from the government.

  • “This Trump movement, as some pundits have called it,makes me wonder what Eric Hoffer would think, particularly the primary process that gave trump the GOP nomination.”

    Hoffer distrusted populist movements of all types, but he did support Reagan who combined conservatism and populism into a formidable fusion.

  • I am glad your prophetic skills have improved, Donald. I am currently travelling to the left coast on business. God help me when I arrive in the capital of a certain state where the Che Guevara spoiled brats are protesting. I dislike Trump, but greater is my satisfaction at seeing the teary eyed frustration and impotence of the delicate snow flake flower children.

  • I never felt Trump could win the general election and that feeling increased a lot after the groping and forced kissing alleged revelations. I think Paul Ryan thought the same. What is going through his mind now about his plan for republcans vs Trump’s thinking. Yet 53% of white women voted for Trump….and 81% of Evangelicals did so.

  • “Yet 53% of white women voted for Trump….and 81% of Evangelicals did so.”
    Because they were desperate to avoid the alternative.

    The thought has occurred to me that God may not be done with us yet, despite all of our failings and sins. Why? Because He took Antonin Scalia at just the right time.

    Scalia’s death was a great call to the American faithful to WAKE UP! We needed to be shaken out of our complacency that our form of government could never be turned against our liberty, and that the attempts we had seen up to now would never achieve a critical unrepealable mass. Scalia’s death told us that we cannot always count on the best people, and that we need to ensure that others will be able to take their place where they are most needed. Of course we knew this from our intellects, but too many did not know this from their stomachs. The outcome of the election shows that enough of us heard the call.

    Antonin Scalia would smile at the thought.

  • 60 Minute interview with Trump went well for Trump and later Trump and family. Lesley Stall was outclassed in the little boxing she attempted with him. Her big left jab was asking at the end whether the campaign hurt his business brand. Over hand right coming from Trump over the jab…Trump and Ivanka agreed it didn’t matter at all…”who cares about hotel rooms filled…this is so much bigger”.
    Lesley looking materialistic by comparison after their answer….savy Trump counterpunch which he really meant.

  • Donald, Trump’s nomination proves that republican voters can be just as uncritically stupid as democrat voters. Probably the reason Hoffer supported Reagan is because he saw that the Reagan Revolution, as it was dubbed, wasn’t a cult-like movement the way the Trumpism has been. Reagan would have never gotten away with a fraction of what Trump,has gotten away with. I mean even republican voters claimed to have originally supported other candidates have shown Trump,an devotion they would have never shown their original. That includes Cruz supporters, despite Trump’s despicable treatment of Cruz and his family.


    And despite the Access Hollywood tapes of Trump bragging about forcing himself sexually on women, there are some orthodox Catholic women lionizing Trump. His “I’m sorry I got caught.” “apology” makes me wonder if DaDonald was a regular reader of CAEI. It eerily reminds me of Mark Shea’s insincere mea culpas. Speaking of Trump and Shea, didn’t you have a post how they are two of a kind?

  • “Donald, Trump’s nomination proves that republican voters can be just as uncritically stupid as democrat voters.”

    Not really. Most polls indicate that most Republicans rallied around Trump in order to defeat Hillary rather than to back Trump.


    If empty promises attracted Republican voters as much as they do Democrats, the Democrats would be dominant at every level of government except for the White House.

  • Greg-
    a lot of women, Catholic and otherwise, are familiar with the “locker room” talk, and how much of a connection it has to reality.
    Those that were “uptight” during high school, even more so; who do you think a certain kind of guy likes to spread lies about?
    If Trump had actually done anything even slightly questionable, he would have been paying through the nose for it. For heaven’s sake, does anyone seriously think that with all the attempts to destroy various beauty contests, the contestants being actually physically objectified like that would go away? Just being rich is usually enough to have accusations leveled against you– the lack of them for Trump suggests that he didn’t listen to the “good advice” and just pay a settlement, because that’s cheaper. (Remember how that hit Cain, even though it is standard business practice?)
    Guys lie about sex to protect their ego. And Trump’s got a lot of ego to protect.
    Trump’s a barbarian; Hillary’s a child-sacrifice promoting post-Christian who is actively scared and hateful towards the military. Don’t like the options, but the choice is pretty dang clear.

  • Foxfire:

    There is a big difference between locker room talk and and 59 year old man bragging about sexually assaulting women.

  • Greg-
    Feel free to enlighten me on the huge distinction between guys having what they think is a safe conversation where they lie about their sexual exploits to try to one-up each other, reaching levels of implausibility that are stopped only by fear of eventually tipping the scale so much that one of the other guys will call bull****, and… well, the exact same thing, but caught on tape and saved for a decade.
    Guys you hang around don’t do that? Good, you have good taste in friends and associates, and if you’ve got sons and haven’t heard this from their friends, you did an awesome job of parenting. That doesn’t make it rare, even in guys who should be old enough to know better.

  • Again, there’s a big difference between young guys bragging about “scoring” and a 59 year old man bragging about sexual assault. You know that.

  • No, I do not “know” a thing which is false, and you haven’t answered the multiple reasons to believe it is false, just insisted repeatedly that it is.
    “Locker-room talk” ends with maturity and morality, not age.
    Have you seriously never heard the gray-haired guys trying to one-up each other, sometimes claiming things that are physically impossible? It’s practically a standard in the “midlife crisis” trope.
    Hang around the beer tent at a fair sometime — it’s distasteful, but they tend to be louder.

  • You don’t know the difference between bragging about mere sexual conquest and bragging about sexual assault? Really? What Trump brags about on that Access Hollywood tape is clearly the latter.

    If that is the case, then whatever credibility you may have had in talking about chastity has vanished like an infant burp in whirlwind.

  • You seriously think idiot males trying to one-up each other sexually has a “but that would be sexual assault” rule?
    The “dude, just get a beer or two in her and she’ll rip your clothes off” standard brag would be rape if it were true.
    If that is the case, then whatever credibility you may have had in talking about chastity has vanished like an infant burp in whirlwind.
    Ah. Being the target of stuff you want to deny exists means that my ability to talk about chastity is gone. THAT makes sense– first hand experience in being the target of fallen human nature makes one *less* qualified to comment on it.
    Let me guess, you haven’t run into the habit of the girls who are chaste being the targets of this stuff, specifically because they’re not known quantities.
    Just like you think only teenagers do locker room talk.
    And you still haven’t answered a single one of the reasons to believe that it was false.

9 Responses to Rest in Peace Gentlemen

  • Lord, let this fiasco become the liberal’s Alamo.

  • “…to prevent it from ever happening again Senator.”-HRC

    We just did.
    We just took the best step forward to stop the idiotic indecisive negligence of public officials who should never hold positions that are clearly above their abilities. ie.former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

    I am happy that at the very least the families of our four heroes can breathe a bit easier this morning knowing Mrs. Incompetent isn’t the next POTUS.

  • I think our communion of saints was joining us in prayer about this election .

  • What does it matter? about 279 electoral votes.

  • I wish I had known about this ad prior to the election. I think I could have gotten a dozen more pro-Trump votes cast.

    Here is information about “what difference it makes:” to briefly review, about 4pm Washington DC time, Hillary was informed of the Benghazi attack. As we know, military forces were ready to respond and be on the site within 60min-2 hours, with a full special strike force nearby in Rota, Spain, which is the HQ’s for regional US Naval activities.

    Hillary Clinton made no known response to the calls forwarded to her by Gen. Carter Ham and Admiral Charles M. Gaouette for at least “13 Hours”. Both Ham and Gaouette have been dismissed from their positions and to this day have been unable to publicly voice what they know.

    However, at 10pm Washington time, Hillary did finally call an emergency meeting—to plot a public political response—even while the 25 or so surviving Americans were under mostly sustained and repeated assaults. All the time, we now know, ex-SEAL contractors Ty Woods & Glen Doherty, USMC M. Sgt. “TIg” (John) Tiegen, USMC Security Officer Mark “Oz” Geist, Army Ranger Kris “Tonto” Paranto, and two additional contractors that are anonymous to this day (In the Movie “13 Hours”, they are called “Jack Silva” & “Dave Benton”–pseudonyms) were having RPG’s, various arms and sniper fire, and finally 82 mm high-explosive mortar rounds, were picking them off. In fact, as we already know, Doherty and Woods disregarded “orders” to stay away from the beleaguered annex, even though hearing their agonized distress calls. It went on of course, for 13 hours.

    And where was Hillary. At this point, what difference does it make?

    Ty Woods is buried at Ft. Rosecrans Natl. Military Cemetery overlooking San Diego Bay, one of the most beautiful final resting places in the world. I have visited it, because Mrs. Phoenix’ dad is buried there. Woods also owned, until 2011, a bar and grill in Imperial Beach, near SD. He left all that to return to service as a military contractor. He is buried at Rosecrans, at least, with consummate honor. He left behind two teen-age sons and a younger daughter from a later marriage with his spouse, shown in the video above. But, what difference does it make?

    Glen Doherty is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Doherty, for those who are interested, was Catholic. He had no children and was not married at the time of his death. Many people do not know that Glen Doherty actually had his knees reconstructed, a result of repeated military extreme deployments, and was actually planning on leaving the military in 2001 when 9-11 happened. He re-upped instead. Now he rests with our greatest heroes (and a few scoundrels, like Ted Kennedy: there will be room for Hillary, too). So, what difference does it make, now? Alas, poor Yorick.

    Ambassador Chris Stevens, who died early in the assault, was single and had no children. He is buried at Forester’s Cemetery in the quiet town of Grass Valley, CA in the small Northern California Sierras, where he was born in 1960. And what difference does that make, now?

    For Sean Patrick Smith, an information management officer with State, and a 7-year USAF veteran, his final resting place has not been released by his family. He left behind two children at the time of his death. His life made a difference to them; perhaps.

    And now we turn to Hillary Rodham, a woman whose life makes Lucretia Borgia look like that of a cloistered nun, whose quest for power has finally been crushed.

    But none of these 4 lives, nor the approximately 25 who survived because of Woods, Doherty and the other courageous defenders of Benghazi, make any difference now.
    Or can anyone tell me what difference it makes?

  • Did Ambassador Christopher Stevens vote? Now you know why HRC did not win.

  • There is a film entitled 13 Hours based on the book of the same name written by the survivors of Benghazi. If war had been declared by Congress Hillary Rodham Clinton could be tried for treason. Jezebel

  • Yea, Mary De Voe, I have seen “Thirteen Hours”, part of my repeated references to it, and the interview with 3 of the survivors (“Tig” Tiegen, Mark “Oz” Geist, and Kris “Tonto/Tanto” Paranto), the 3 who have bravely come forward and allowed themselves to be identified.

    I also view and review “Blackhawk Down” repeatedly, because—what a surprise, it is a limited military engagement occurring as part of dumbfoundingly idiotic liberal administration’s misquided effort to conduct a diplomatic mission in a furiously hostile jihadi Muslim failed state—why, isn’t that like the idiocy in Libya? “Oh, what difference does it make.” And: Oh: who was the president at that time? The spouse of the Jezebel in charge of Ben-ghazi.

    Also, please never forget Aug. 6th, 2011, the day we lost SEAL team 6, 25 SEAL team members and 5 air support personnel. Our most elite, highly trained, unique personnel: 25 wiped out in one day.

    Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State in January, 2009: She is known to have travelled to Pakhistan, at least in July 2010, and likely several other times to Afghanistan, and Pakhistan: and was regularly in contact with Pakhistani officials, possibly arranging the Bin Laden raid (May 1-2, 2011). And, most importantly, we know her blackberry and mobil devices had already been hacked in 2009 (from Wikileaks) and information spread all over at least 5 foreign intelligence services (Iran certainly was one of the 5).

    On Aug 6th, 2011, SEAL team 6 ostensibly had been missioned to bring back a “high-value target”, a Taliban leader, supposedly, to try to gain leverage in obtaining an Afghanistan peace settlement. Clinton was being kept up to date with information directly from Huma Abedin on this unsecure network. We now know the Aug 6th SEAL team mission was leaked – several of the Afghan soldiers who were to accompany the high-risk mission inexplicably “switched out” literally the morning of the mission—an unheard of development! That should have been a signal that they had blown cover. And, their 6 replacement soldiers were also all killed along with the 30 USA personnel that day, from a highly defended target with RPG batteries placed in strategic positions on the hillside.
    Gee, they musta known.

    What difference does it make.

  • Smith was AKA “Vile Rat” of Goonfleet in EVE. (Translating into slightly more normal terms: he was basically a major organizer for the regional and national non-pro bowling league tournaments. Or one of the regional leaders for a hobby based ELKs, who did helped organize the national convention. He was a really well known person in a pretty tight knit group, and even folks who disliked him greatly there would CARE.)

    That had to cost Hillary some votes, especially among the folks who never paid any attention to politics because they all suck.

Election Night Open Thread

Tuesday, November 8, AD 2016

As usual, TAC will have an open thread for election night.  In regard to the presidential contest, most of the polls show Clinton with a three to four point advantage.  However, two of the most accurate polls from 2012, the Los Angeles Times Daybreak Poll and IDB, show Trump ahead by three and two points respectively.  Additionally, while national polls were placing Clinton ahead yesterday, most electoral college projections showed Trump’s position improving, with him nipping at Clinton’s heels.  This really does not make much sense, but that is par for this skunk-fest of an election.  My hypothesis is that the polls have been off because of an inability of most them to accurately gauge Trump’s support.  We shall all find out soon enough.

Things to watch for tonight:  If Trump takes Florida and Ohio he will likely need just one or two blue states to win, assuming that Iowa and the Romney states from 2012 fall to him.  There will be likely a titanic contest in the upper Midwest tonight over Michigan, Wisconsin and, perhaps, Minnesota.  The Dems also seem worried about Pennsylvania.  If Trump flips one of these states, than he can likely start calling himself Mr.  President.  New Hampshire and Maine 2 could be absolutely critical if the contest is close and Trump does not flip one of the states in the Upper Midwest or the Keystone State.  In such a scenario, assuming that Trump takes Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, they set him up to win if he takes Nevada or Colorado.  Additionally, keep your eyes on Oregon.  If there is one state I think might shockingly flip from blue to red, in defiance of all the polls, it would be that one.

In regard to the Senate, it could be a nail biter to see which party controls it.  In the House the GOP is expected to hold, but the margin in the House could be critical over the next two years.

It promises to be an exciting election night if not an edifying one!  As always, put your comments in the comboxes.



All times are Central Standard Time

6:30 AM-Just got back from voting.  One of the perks of living in a small town is little waiting in order to vote.  It seemed to me as if the polls were less busy than in 2012 and 2008.

5:05 PM-First polls close in an hour.  Lots of exit poll chatter that I won’t bore you with due to my conviction that exit polls tend to be unreliable.

6:00 PM- Vermont called for Clinton.  Indiana and Kentucky called for Trump.  Too close to call:  Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina.  Georgia and South Carolina being too close to call is not good news for Trump.

6:30 PM-West Virginia called for Trump.  North Carolina and Ohio too close to call.  Republican Senator Portman of Ohio  has won re-election.

6: 45 PM-Go here to see the latest vote tallies for states whose polls have closed.

6:50 PM-South Carolina called for Trump.

7:00 PM-Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee called for Trump.  Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Massachusetts called for Clinton.  Democrat pickup in Illinois in the Senate where Tammy Duckworth unseats Mark Kirk.

7:07 PM-Rhode Island called for Clinton.

7:15 PM-Marco Rubio has won re-election to the Senate from Florida.

7:25 PM-Young beats Bayh for the Senate seat in Indiana.  An important victory in the Republican attempt to retain control of the Senate.

7:30 PM-Alabama called for Trump.

7:35 PM-The Republicans will retain control of the House.

7:50 PM -One can never be sure about anything when it comes to Presidential elections in Florida, but it looks like Trump is going to have a narrow win.

8:00 PM-New York is called for Clinton.  Donald Trump sweeps the states of the Great Plains and Texas.

8:05 PM-Arkansas called for Trump.

8:22 PM-Connecticut called for Clinton.

8:40 PM-New Mexico called for Clinton and Louisiana is called for Trump.

8:57 PM-Virginia called for Clinton.

9:00 PM-Montana called for Trump.

9:10 PM-Burr, the Republican Senator in North Carolina has won re-election.  Likely that the Republicans will retain control of the Senate.

9:25 PM-Ohio called for Trump.  Colorado called for Clinton.

9:30 PM-Florida called for Trump.

9:45 PM-The New York Times now projects that Trump has a 92% chance of winning the Presidency.  Right on cue North Carolina is called for Trump.

9:50 PM-Republican Senator Ron Johnson has won re-election in Wisconsin.  Grand!  One of my favorite conservative senators!

10:00 PM-California, Washington and Hawaii called for Clinton.  Idaho called for Trump.

10:10 PM-Utah called for Trump.

10:25 PM-Oregon called for Clinton.

10:30 PM-Wisconsin called for Trump.  That is the blue state he needed.  Iowa called for Trump. I’m calling it.  Trump is going to be the 45th President of these United States.  In the year of Brexit and the Cubs, the improbable was probable.  The ladies have been waiting to sing this song in celebration of the defeat of Hillary Clinton:


10:40 PM-Georgia is called for Trump.

11:24 PM-Nevada called for Clinton.

11:40 PM-My bride’s reaction to the election results:

12:07 AM-Maine called for Clinton, but not Maine 2 with its one electoral vote.

12:25 PM-Roy Blunt, Republican Senator from Missouri has won re-election.

12:27 PM-Pat Toomey has won re-election in Pennsylvania.  Hurrah!  It is certain that the Republicans have retained control of the Senate.

12:50 PM-Pennsylvania is called for Trump.  Trump will have at least 290 electoral votes, and quite possibly he will end up north of 300.

With that, I will be turning in.  Much analysis tomorrow and in the days to come.  The Democrats had a very bad night, and the Republicans find themselves in control of the Congress and the Presidency, although admittedly Trump makes an odd sort of Republican.  I will end this night’s blog coverage with this observation that I have made on other election nights:


After the 2008 elections many on the Left, giddy with victory, predicted that in future the Republican party would be only a rump party of the South, doomed to wander in the political wilderness for 40 years.  Typical of this commentary was a piece written by frequent commenter Morning’s Minion:

For look at what the Republican party has become in recent years: a rump party of the south and the plains, mired in an anachronistic culture that has little resonance with the modern world and with the younger generation.

Of course this commentary betrayed a fundamental misunderstanding of American political history.  In that history there are no final victories and no final defeats.  The great issue in contention since the days of the Federalists and the Republicans, the role of government in the lives of a free people, has remained with us no matter what names the two parties call themselves.  When a party dies, the Whig party for instance, a new party steps forward to carry on the fight.  The parties themselves shift and change, but the large issues involved tend, at bottom, to remain the same.  Kipling wrote long ago:

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;

That is sound advice in American politics, no matter if an election is good for your party or bad for your party.

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95 Responses to Election Night Open Thread

  • Even more interesting than the silent Trump voter potential is the non-scientific indicator of missing Hillary signs. Where are they? Are her supporters so ashamed of her that they dare not admit it in public? This, even here in deep blue Obama Catholics’ Connecticut.
    We shall soon see if Soros and the pro-UN crowd won this election, or the little people seeking a return to some semblance of self-rule.

  • I voted. Rolled out of bed 0600 hours NY time. Dressed. Walked dog with Warden. Voted. Walked home.
    One person with God is the majority.
    Viva Cristo Rey!

  • If things go badly today, for four years my only political comment simply will be, “Lock her up.”

  • I recently saw a datum to the effect that response rates to public opinion surveys have fallen to 10%. The term ‘robust’ is used by statisticians to describe surveys from which you can derive reliable inferences. A 67% response rate is ‘robust’. A 10% response rate is…well it’s better than Eppie Lederer’s mailbag. It’s no wonder the polls are all over the place. No clue what happens this evening.

  • Don, I’m guessing your polls were less busy than in ’08 and ’12 because more people voted early? I did (last Friday). Suffice it to say that there was not just one but three dumpster fire level races on my ballot: POTUS, U.S. Senate (Kirk vs. Duckworth — those of you not from IL, look it up) and State Comptroller (battle of the Rauner tool vs. the Madigan tool — if you’re from IL you get it, if not, it’s too complicated to explain) for which I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either major party candidate (went write in on all of them). Then the majority of local level races were people running unopposed. I almost had to wonder why I even bothered — mainly for the sake of reelecting our local GOP Congresscritter (Rodney Davis) who seems like a reasonable enough guy.

  • Perhaps they did vote early Elaine, but voting is so not a hassle in Dwight, that I doubt if Early voting was up much this year if at all.

    I left Kirk v. Duckworth blank. In regard to the Presidency I voted for Trump, but not without a fair amount of misgivings. I voted for the Rauner tool over the Madigan tool.

  • “I recently saw a datum to the effect that response rates to public opinion surveys have fallen to 10%.”

    My house was polled several times. My wife always deals with it as I lack the patience, especially for the odious robo polls.

  • From my suburban Chicago perspective I believe the Dems are very nervous based on the deceptive and vile, negative campaigning.

  • I’m not in the military, I’m long out of school, and I’m not in a nursing home (for now), so I don’t cast postal ballots. Given the condition of voting registers, all the convenience voting is begging for fraud. (Over and above mass amnesties to put felons on the rolls, a la Gov. McAuliffe).

    About a half-dozen years ago, there was an article (in Political Affairs Quarterly, IIRC) by a computer science professor making the argument against the use of digital technology in voting, the case being that it diminishes public confidence in the integrity of the ballot. People who make political decisions seem to never get it right.

  • A long-time friend posted on Facebook, “I voted early and yet the ads keep coming.” Quick, somebody read the Constitution!
    The legal system is utterly corrupt. The rule of law is dead. We no longer live in a constitutional republic.
    If God forbid things go sour, my long-term strategy will be to ignore illegal executive orders, unconstitutional laws, reckless regulations and rules; and throw a desultory sabot in the works at every opportunity.
    Lock her up.

  • Just to clarify, I would have voted for Trump if there were any possibility that the IL electoral vote was in play and would be decisive. Since that has not been the case I saw no compelling reason to force myself to vote for Trump. I wrote in McMullin since he was the most acceptable of the write in options that would actually count on an IL ballot.

  • Fr. Frank, a call’em like ya see’em knight.


    This is the foundation folks!
    All other pressing issues, and there are many, pale in comparison.
    This is the pivotal moment in America, blessings or curses.

    For 43 years we’ve swept the fetus’ under the rug.

    If they do not get attention this political cycle, in my estimation, it’s over.

    How long can innocent blood be split and not be rectified by Almighty God? Has Mary, Our Lady been holding back the mighty arm of Justice? How long can she hold it back.
    Her statues have cried tears and blood, the approved phenomenon’s, for many years.

    Father Frank hits it right between the eyes.

    Trump may have lied when he speaks of backing pro-life issues…but I’m voting for him, and hoping he keeps his word.

  • If Trump takes the states you mention, he needn’t take PA or any of the upper Midwest states to get to 270. Either NH or CO would do the trick. Whether that would be a good trick or bad trick is hard to know.

  • At my polling place, it was maybe a little lighter than 2012, but it was hard to compare because the line was so much slower. We used to have about 20 voting machines. Now we have about 20 booths to fill out a paper ballot, and then another line to submit the ballot into 2 scanners. I guess that’s an improvement in terms of being able to verify the results, but it was poorly implemented.

  • “If Trump takes the states you mention, he needn’t take PA or any of the upper Midwest states to get to 270.”

    If Trump takes the Romney states plus Iowa, Ohio and Florida he gets up to 259. Plus Colorado gives him 268, while plus New Hampshire gives him 263. Flipping Michigan or Wisconsin would do the trick by themselves. (Wisconsin would result in a tie of 269-269, but Trump would win it in the House.)

    “Whether that would be a good trick or bad trick is hard to know.”

    If Trump wins tonight Mike, that will be the question!

  • “If Trump wins tonight Mike, that will be the question!”

    Correct. There’s no question about what sort of a trick Hillary will be.

  • You’re right, Don. My math was based on the current RCP no-toss-up map, which not only counts the states you mentioned, but also includes NV (6) and ME (1) in the Trump column. If that map is correct (huge “if” for all the reasons you note), then Trump is at 266 and needs only either NH or CO.

  • Voted this morning, for whatever it’s worth in a state with NYC stuck in the heel. GO TRUMP/MAGA/LockHerUp etc. and don’t stop praying no matter what.

    As an aside, I believe the volunteers at the Victory Town Hall here in upstate NY are the sweetest ladies in America.

  • The line at the polling place where I go in South Carolina right across the border from Charlotte was crowded at 11 am – line out the door, 40 minute wait. A few blacks, not many. Equal number of women (soccer moms) and men. I suspect the women and blacks are voting Hillary. Met a transplant from New Jersey. We have many of those who fled the consequences of the failed policies of the liberals whom they voted into office, and now they come down here to do the same again.

  • “Wisconsin would result in a tie of 269-269, but Trump would win it in the House.”

    I would think that if Trump won NH in that scenario he’d also win Maine CD 2 which would give him exactly 270.

  • My brother said they asked him if he owned a gun before he voted, at the pollinf place?

    Do any of you know if this is legal? the state involved is NY.

    Can one not be allowed to vote if they refuse to answer?

  • Karl, did they ask him whether he “owned” a gun or merely whether he “had” a gun, meaning, on his person at that time? A polling place might be legally a gun free/ no firearms zone.

  • I haven’t voted yet. Our parish has Eucharistic Adoration all day because of this election. My holy hour begins at 3 and then I will go vote before coming back for mass .
    I heard Martha McCallum interview Trump today. She pushed him just a bit about saying he would accept the outcome and then switched to “how will you try to heal our divided country. He answered a few times about the practical things he would do– jobs etc. she kept not hearing that as not an answer for helping to heal. I wondered if it was just that sometimes women and men talk past each other. I wondered if women would want words of healing and reconciliation, while men might want action as an answer. I won’t expect him to be a golden tone orator like Obama is capable of, but maybe people can begin to see how hollow the silky words can be.

  • Sorry, Don. Under cross examination via text my brother inddicated that his text gave me the wrong impression. He had heard someone who worked at the polls ask another person, who was likely a friend of the person who asked.


  • karl

    I suspect that Elaine’s question is the question posed by the volunteer.
    Concealed Carry is popular in many of the States…..hummm can’t imagine why…wink wink nudge nudge.

  • I wrote in McMullin since he was the most acceptable of the write in options that would actually count on an IL ballot.

    Well, it’s up to you, Elaine. If I’m going to protest something, don’t hand me a sign that says “Mitch McConnell is the greatest thing since sliced bread”. John Anderson was intense, well informed, articulate, and classy. Ross Perot was accomplished and jabbing the parties on an important issue (in between bouts of paranoia about his daughter’s wedding). George Wallace was at least amusing (“If one of those longhairs lies down in front of mah car when ahm president…”_. This trio are the lamest set of third party candidates in history.

  • I wondered if it was just that sometimes women and men talk past each other.

    I cannot recall an occasion in my life when I was speaking to the distaff side and we weren’t talking past each other. At least when the notion discussed was more complicated than ‘pass the salt’.

  • My brother said they asked him if he owned a gun before he voted, at the pollinf place?

    I guess that depends on whether Hildebeast or Trump wins.

  • Anzlyne – I voted in Maryland; you did something meaningful.

  • So CNN said that historically college educated Americans favor Republicans. I have never heard that before. I wonder how, therefore, the Republicans have the reputation of being idiots while the Democrats, who, I guess, didn’t have the appeal to college educated Americans, are the smart ones?

  • The media tend to be Democrats which explains the primary source of a lot of misconceptions about Republicans.

  • My bride and I voted early this afternoon in West Central New Hampshire. A middle-aged fellow of our acquaintance who is politically involved in town said that never in his life did he see so many registrations of middle aged people who had never voted before. I thought of the saying attributed to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto ” We have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve”. I should like to hope such is analogous to the awakening of the working classes so long abandoned by the Democratic Party. “Pray, hope and don’t worry” We win in the end.

  • I can’t find anywhere that FL has been officially called for Trump. What is the source for that call? Fox hasn’t had the nerve to do it, yet.

  • The New York Times called it for Trump.

  • “This trio are the lamest set of third party candidates in history.”

    Except when Johnson is stoned & giving live interviews to CNN.

  • Donald,

    I saw that the NY Tines said they are guessing he will win by a razor thin margin. One of my FB friends said that Trump must win by 2% in order to not have a recount in FL (HORROR OF HORRORS!! Having flashbacks of Bush/Gore!!). Right now, Fox is showing Trump as being 0.5% shy of beating Killary by 2 full percentage points.

  • Fox has also now called Florida for Trump. The gap is too large in Florida for any recount to make a difference.

  • Nov. 8th, 2016 – 8:19 pm PST/11:19 EST, and the Clinton Campaign HQ’s look like a gathering for a funeral.

    I/we don’t know yet the final outcome, but it looks like they know something that the rest of us do not know.

    DJT has now won OH, NC, FL and looks poised to win IA, WI, MI and NH, as well as the “traditional” red states—and a few to boot. That would block a Clinton advance to 270 electoral votes. He already has 222.

    Could it be?…

    My brother and I are on our 4th Rosary tonight alone. He says he is praying for the USA, for whom Dad gave 20 years in the Army in WW2 and after. He is autistic but has a direct channel to the Almighty.

    Fear this, Og, King of Bashan. You, too, Sihon, and ye Amorites (PS. 135:10-11)

  • http://www.nytimes.com/elections/forecast/president

    The above link from the NYT of all places, has Trump as likely winner as of 11:20 PM New York Time. The page is all tricked out with dials, graphs, and state by state status. Drudge Report caries headline: “Trump on Verge of Presidency; World in Shock”. Link here: http://www.drudgereport.com/
    My bride won’t turn on news; may go to bed hoping to awake to sunny Clinton-Free morning. Pray assiduously.

  • Can you just see Obama having to turn govt over to a man whom he despises? Oh Lord, make it so!

  • Those ladies don’t look fat to me.

  • Interesting that none of the networks have called Wisconsin yet.
    Must mean something

  • What is up with NH not reporting their vote totals? Exactly HOW MUCH longer did they keep some of their polls open.

  • On a completely different topic: That Rohirrim take the field at the Pelenor scene is my favorite.
    It’s also the one that does the most violence to Tolkien’s text.
    At least until Phillipa Boyens and Fran Walsh rewrote The Hobbit for Peter Jackson.

  • I figured Fox is where you got it from.
    The networks aren’t ready to confirm what we already know.
    Denial being the first stage of grief and all that.

  • Pure utter shock for them tonight Ernst. Now if they had been reading TAC for the past few months they would have been prepared for this!

  • A shadow crossed my mind- we shouldn’t underestimate a Sotos scorned. We must keep praying

  • Waiting for PA and MI to be called feels like the political equivalent of the bottom of the 10th inning of World Series Game 7….

  • The difference, Elaine, is that the score was tied in the World Series game.

  • ABC gasbags now talking about dogwhistles and the low education under employed (i.e. trash) white xenophobe (i.e. racist) vote.
    So we moved on to the anger stage.

  • HRC …. HRC…..your orange pantsuit is ready!

    Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta…I Love You.

    Prophecy prevails.

    Benghazi is remembered.

    To our four fallen heroes…..We didn’t forget any of you this time around. Thanks for your prayers from Heaven.

  • “We didn’t forget any of you this time around. Thanks for your prayers from Heaven.”

    They are much in my mind tonight Philip.

  • To our sixty million fallen in the battle of abortion…… thanks for your prayers as well.

  • Please Donald (every sinner has a future) AMDG.

  • Now it’s up to us to keep the new president at his words. We must not let down our guards.
    De-funding PP is crucial.
    This fight is still on.
    Praise be God in his Angels and in His Saints.

  • Since I tuned in (just before the local news at 10 CST) Martha Raddatz of ABC has looked and sounded like she’s trying not to burst into tears.
    Most schadenfreudelicious moment I’ve had since seeing Susan Estrich bombed on the air during Fox News’ 2004 election night coverage

  • I briefly heard something about assisted suicide doing well in various ballot initiatives tonight, so not really a good night for right to life/dignity of the human person issues.
    I will be curious to see how Catholics voted.

  • And what the heck is up with my home state of Minnesota, which has gone Republican since Nixon in ’72 ( I think -going from memory here)? Nobody is talking about it.

  • So the question at this late hour is: Are there enough zombie democrats in Milwaukee, Detroit and Philadelphia to save Hillary?

  • Please allow this.
    My mom’s first anniversary of her passing is today…Nov 9th at 12:15am. She was a little Irish woman who loved God with enormity.

    She too was praying for our country from the highlands. The everlasting hills.

    Thanks mom.

  • Oh my. Juan Williams on Fox at 1045pm PST/145am EST completely coming unglued, claiming the Russians via Wikileaks caused Hitlery’s collapse.

    If he moves to FL, he can get some medical marijuana, maybe.

  • So now, at 1.56AM EST, John Podesta is making his way over to the Campaign HQ floor, not Hitlery. This leads news people to question “Where is she?” Is she avoiding conceding?

    I think she is not fit for public view. Or she is suffering a fit, perhaps. Did anyone ever ask her if SHE would accept the election results? I am told no.

  • ABC reporting that John Podesta is on his way to the Democrat faithful to inform them that the race is too close to call.
    And now we know why the Democrat friendly mainstream media won’t call those states Trump is clearly leading in –and has been all night:

    We need more time to steal this thing.

  • Podesta at 2:02 am EST tells all the Clinton faithful to “go home and get some rest.”

    Sounds like admission of defeat.

  • it’s an admission that they’re not willing to admit defeat.
    Clinton has all the grace of John Kerry
    I can’t help but think that if Clinton had been leading in Michigan and Pennsylvania and maybe Wisconsin all night long, they would have called those states for her by now.

  • Fox has been much more aggressive about calling states than the mainstream networks. Only NBC has called Alaska for Trump at this point –as if Alaska’s 3 electoral votes were ever in doubt.
    It’s as much a disservice to the cause of national unity as Clinton’s refusal to concede what’s obvious to anybody paying attention.
    Of course, from the progressive point of view, unity is Trump’s problem. And if he at all cares about uniting a divided country, he’ll toe their line.
    Because it’s not like the progressive dominated social, cultural and political elites are the ones causing division.

  • ABC reporting that HIllary has called Trump to concede the Election.
    God help us all. We got the devil we didn’t know.

  • I take back what I just said about Clinton. She has more class the Kerry in ’04 and Gore in ’00.
    And almost as much class as Nixon in 1960

  • Trump superat, Clinton superata! Omnis gloria Deo!

  • Upon further reflection, I half take back my take back. Hillary called Trump before he took to the stage, but she wouldn’t concede before a national audience.
    Which makes her about as classy as Kerry and Gore.
    And way less classy than Nixon.

  • Hillary Clinton; “What difference does it make?” – Benghazi hearing.

    Now you know…now you most definitely know.

  • Just watched The Donald’s speech as president elect. Measured, gracious, thankful to all America, and he appeared humbled – and tired. Time for nigh-nighs.

    Well done America – you have gained by far the better of two evils – Trump may be bad, but Hillary is EVIL.
    Now is the opportunity to bring the USA back to proper values as called for in your Constitution – hold The Donald to his word.

  • I’m guessing all that superstitious Hillary –she’s got both a concession speech and an acceptance speech ready to go! claptrap was so much bovine excrement

  • Which word is that Phillip? Build the d*mn wall, to quote a hypocritical loser from Arizona, or dismantle NAFTA?

  • I couldn’t sleep and actually halfway listened to Trump’s winning speech.

    He sounded rather choked up.

    My theory on why Hillary’s second was sending the volunteers home, even as she was probably on the phone with Trump, is that they wanted to avoid some disasters in the rented area.

    Less riot, more histrionics.

  • DonTK– did you catch him thanking the guys doing security? (Police and SS, both.)
    I’ve got a headache, but we’ve got a chance!

  • Ernst Schreiber.

    Many words..indeed.
    Primarily, the de-fund Worse than Murder Inc. promise is the “word” I was most concerned with. I do not wish my tax dollars to fund Jane’s abortion. Your point however is received.

    The devil we don’t know.
    God help us …. Amen.

  • I did not expect Trump to win the election, my previous posts on other threads notwithstanding. I expected Philadelphia vote fraud…enough to throw things her way. didn’t happen.
    The Penguins won the Stanley Cup (not a shock to many, but a pleasant surprise).
    Cleveland won a pro sports championship (the NBA), first in 52 years.
    The Cubs (ugh) won the World Series.
    And a Clinton lost an election.

    Like Trump or hate him, pray for him. He will be the President and like all of us he needs God.

  • God help us indeed.
    That said, I feel better about our chances with Trump than I would with Clinton. But like Donald has maintained all along, Trump’s not an instinctual conservative, but rather a run of the mill liberal-progressive Democrat. Which is better than a doctrinaire international socialist, but . . . .
    And anyways, I’ve always maintained Trump was all upside. He might be as bad as we expect him to be —which at it’s worse is still better than Clinton.
    Moreover, since I could vote for Darrell Castle and the Constitution Party (there was never any chance that Clinton would win South Dakota), my hands are clean. I get to say don’t blame me, I voted for the other guy —the ultimate in eating your cake and having it too!

  • Wow, what a great night. Our priest invited us over for a home cooked dinner from the Vatican Swiss Guard cookbook to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. His first foray into a dinner party and it was delicious. Then we adjourned to the parish office to watch FOX. The three of us watched mostly with the sound off. We kept waiting and waiting for Michigan and Pennsylvania to be called for Trump. Meanwhile Podesta told Hillary’s crowd to wait until morning for the results to be posted. Sure, we thought, wait til morning so the Dems can fix the votes in the close states. Finally PA was called for Trump; Clinton conceded to Trump via phone, and Pence and Trump took to the stage. Good short speeches from both. esp. the President Elect. It couldn’t have happened without prayers being answered, Later today Masses of thanksgiving to be scheduled.

  • Tump might not be as bad.
    Something to bring up with your liberal Democrat relatives over pumpkin pie in a couple of week:

    If the GOP is the party of the rich, why did Wall Street have a temper tantrum on the day after the election?

  • As someone who predicted a Trump Presidential victory at the start of the primaries and took a lot of abuse for it I am most happy this morning. I was praying for a Trump victory. Deo gratias. Deo maximus gratia. We have received a reprieve. Let us make the best of it.

    Next target: Pope Francis to be replaced with Cardinal Sarah.

  • They have the money, the powers of the world & the fashionable opinion, but we have Christ with His Sword and Our Blessed Mother with Her Shield. Thanks be to Them and Our Father that the truly diabolical Mrs. Clinton was denied the treasure she stored up on earth.

  • One certainty that comes out of all this is the large piles of dirty laundry America has had hidden from most viewers previously. Now we’ll find out if we’re capable of cleaning the mess we’ve allowed to build up.
    We could start with restoring our federal agencies, and set some pit bulls to drive the tainted out of our media.
    Oh, I wonder just how much Soros has lost on this his mightiest of attempts to rule the world?
    From the looks of the Hillary votes (Catholics?) in CT and Massachusetts, our Church has some serious weakness to overcome.

  • Here in the SF Baytheist Area, the classical music station has promised today to be an “election-free zone”–thank God, what has politics to do with great music of Debussy, Beethoven, etc.?

    Then it struck me: the solemn classical music with no commentary being played with such injected feeling is a lot like what the USSR would do, when one of their chief Belials croaked. I remember that was how the West found out Yuri Andropov had reached room temperature.

    Epitaph for Hillary Clinton in music, apparently.

  • And please, enjoy this 14 seconds of utter meltdown-madness by Rachel Madcow, er, Maddow.:
    Comparing an election loss to death? Well, the Angel of Death may have more to say on this at a later time, Rach.

    Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

  • Well that’s fitting Steve.

    Communist community mourns the loss of a comrade.

    Deplorables reaction?….
    Saint Francis of Assisi, pray for us…and your namesake city by the bay.

  • Ernst – I am blessed with my Thanksgivings since I’ve been married having been under the roof of a lady who raised several boys who weren’t her own and worked at Boeing long enough to retire. Politics are not allowed to intrude like that.
    Which is especially good, since I’d be forced by honesty to point out it’s probably them figuring that Clinton would keep the zero interest thing, while Trump will realize that cannot go on.

  • The Democratic Party has long ago abandoned the working class. And the Zero Interest Thing is a weak vital sign of the health of our economy. People who worked, scrimped and saved, only to find themselves wondering if they will run out of money before they run out of time is a valid concern. When they look at their children having fewer prospects than they had, and their grandchildren even less, it is a valid concern. Far worse is the breakdown of morals and the ridicule of virtue that has come to characterize society. Let us hope that President Trump will bring us back from exile, like a modern Cyrus, and may the Grace of God smile on him in every way.

  • @William P. Walsh.

    Perfectly said.
    Your spot on.

  • *looks mournfully at her accounts* No kidding.
    Doesn’t make it any less true that the market is going to respond badly to having a bunch of free money pumped in.

Comey: Never Mind

Sunday, November 6, AD 2016


FBI Director James Comey delivers a November surprise:

Dear Messrs. Chairmen: 

I write to supplement my October 28, 2016 letter that notified you the FBI would be taking additional investigative steps with respect to former Secretary of State Clinton’s use of a personal email server. Since my letter, the FBI investigative team has been working around the clock to process and review a large volume of emails from a device obtained in connection with an unrelated criminal investigation. During that process, we reviewed all of the communications that were to or from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton. 

I am very grateful to the professionals at the FBI for doing an extraordinary amount of high-quality work in a short period of time.

Sincerely yours, 
James B. Comey

Impact?  Hard to say.  We are right on top of the election and normally a big event in an election needs a few days to seep into the public consciousness.  Most people will probably hear about it tomorrow, and the number of people who haven’t made up their minds by this time how they are going to vote, if they are going to vote, is probably small.  It is probably marginally good news for Clinton, but I doubt if will have much influence due to the lateness of this revelation and the fact that most people have probably reached a decision on Clinton, one way or another.  Whoever is elected, Comey needs to go.  Having Prince Hamlet as FBI Director is bad for the country.


Continue reading...

22 Responses to Comey: Never Mind

  • “FBI Director James Comey delivers a November surprise:”

    Surprise? How is Hillary dodging justice a surprise at this juncture? Appalling yes, surprising, no.

  • It will be telling about America even after all this Hillary still becomes President.

  • I still support the “he’s looking at what would happen if they did charge her” logic for why he says nobody responsible would do so– she’d get either pardoned or it would be flatly roundfiled. No charges, no pardon.

    Doesn’t matter as far as his legal requirement to tell Congress that there was more information, though.

  • No charges, no conviction either.

  • Makes it so that it’s possible to charge her in the future, though.

  • There was some gallows humor in Comey’s (second) non-decision juxtaposed with the front page of the New York Post explaining that even Hillary’s maid was handling and printing out classified information.

  • “Makes it so that it’s possible to charge her in the future, though.”

    Don’t see that happening. If Trump becomes president, his charging her would have the appearance of a Banana Republic witch hunt. Well, at least the “witch” portion would be true in Hillary’s case, but I digress.

  • “It will be telling about America even after all this Hillary still becomes President.” -FMShyanguya

    America has been “telling” since the early sixties as to the condition of it’s soul.

    I’m in Adoration this morning, 2 to 4, ( substituting for a friend who is in Wyoming)

    My humble take on this rotten mess…
    Love has always Triumphed. The love that surpasses all understanding is not weakened because of human shortcomings. This love conquers all in all times and has no equal that can even come close to overpowering the force that is love. Our struggle this week is to remain in love regardless of the outcome.
    To know deep within our being that our current fight is nothing new, nor soon to end, but a fight we are asked to engage in. Our prayers, rosaries and sacrifices are our endless supply of materials to combat this evil that is woefully confident in it’s final victory.

    Comey, Clinton or Caligula it doesn’t matter!

    We fight on.
    We remain in the trenches and never move backwards.
    Our gains might seem enormously miniscule compared to the liberal advances in this culture war, but it doesn’t matter as long as we dig in and never “cave in.”

    Tuesday, here in Michigan, I will pray first and cast my ballot. One small vote but one mammoth counter offensive aginist the forces who support the killings of children in the womb.

    Who will win?

    Love will!

  • Thanks Phillip. True

  • Foxfier wrote, “Makes it so that it’s possible to charge her in the future, though.”
    In British usage, which one assumes has been borrowed by American practice, a pardon can be granted before any charges are brought.
    The stock form of free, general pardon (it is actually a printed form) granted to Special Forces after a sensitive operation declares, “We, of our especially grace, certain knowledge and mere motion pardon, remise, remit and indemnify all treasons, murders, felonies and misdemeanours committed, wrought or done by our lovits [names and designations]..,. &c or by our through their aid, suggestion or instigation and the accessories of them… from the beginning of the world to the date hereof…”
    In Scotland, it contains a clause of registration in the Books of the Lords of Council and Session for preservation and execution. This means that, on production of an extract, the court will automatically grant a suspension of any warrant or citation.
    However, if the party is indicted, it must be pleaded at the first opportunity, or he or she is deemed to waive the benefit of it. They cannot go to trial, in an attempt to clear themselves, and then plead it in arrest of judgment.

  • The President doesn’t have the authority to charge or not charge.
    That’s why Obama’s justice department being so obviously political in their direct involvement is such a bad thing.

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour
    if he did do the broadest pardon of any president, ever, not only would he be sacrificing his legacy to it but she would have to stop committing crimes.
    And if she makes president, she’s still open to impeachment.

  • Gotta be a “if you want to see your family alive again” communique somewhere behind the scenes ….. a Frank and Claire Underwood move I’d say.

  • not only would he be sacrificing his legacy

    See the Marc Rich etc imbroglio (congruent with the sticky fingers the Clintons displayed while leaving the White House.). Hugh Rodham got a six-figure finder’s fee for at least one of those midnight pardons (which also included Roger Clinton’s peeps). It hasn’t harmed Bill Clinton’s speaking fees. The social stratum which makes use of the Democratic Party as its electoral vehicle (and which includes higher education) does not engage in moral reasoning, at least not of the sort that a registered Democrat born in 1920 would recognize. That’s what makes our times so appalling. These sorts of people are in charge of the media, of higher education, of BigLaw, of the casino banks, of the appellate judiciary. And, of course, they have their vulgarian analogues among the most partisan rank and file Democrats.

  • Art-
    I remember it, and have talked with people about it and the other pardons.
    They were of people who were simply not that commonly known.
    For a closer fit, look at the Nixon pardon, which was nowhere near as broad as would be required and was after punishment in some form had happened. (Nixon wasn’t president anymore.)

  • Now, if they REALLY wanted to try for the back fence, Obama would do a blanket pardon of all people his admin has appointed and make a big deal about how it was to keep the horrible icky nasty Republicans from going all banana republic.
    that’s outrageous enough it might even work…..

  • For a closer fit, look at the Nixon pardon, which was nowhere near as broad as would be required and was after punishment in some form had happened. (Nixon wasn’t president anymore.)

    1. Nixon’s wasn’t a pet of the media or higher education. Those types went out of their way to attribute to Nixon shortcomings he did not have. (All the witless psychoanalysis, articles by Judith Viorst trashing his marriage, &c).

    2. The elites were different, then. Barber Conable announced his intention to vote to impeach Nixon thus: “I do not favor leaders who mislead”. Elliot Richardson and William Ruckelshaus departed office rather than execute an order from the President that had them going back on their word, and Robert Bork only remained with the Justice Department because Richardson told him two resignations were enough to get the point across and if Nixon appointed a White House lawyer to run the department ad interim, there would be a mass exodus of personnel.

    3. Lawfare only works on Republicans, because Democrats demand and get changes to the law when one of their own is gored. Compensating the unindicted for legal expenses was enacted when Hamilton Jordan faced a $70,000 legal bill in 1979 over bogus allegations of cocaine use. The special prosecutor law was allowed to expire after Bill Clinton was hurt by it, the string of convictions Mr. Starr secured notwithstanding.

  • that’s outrageous enough it might even work…..

    It would work. He won’t need to do it unless she loses and Trump appoints some real terriers. Still, Democratic operatives in the federal judiciary would frustrate them every chance they’d get. The political culture of the opposition is utterly rancid. That’s a big part of our problem. And rank-and-file Democrats give assent to the essential criminality. The real problem is, when you have no legitimate referees and no immunity for the core interests of contending parties, what do you have? You can look at Spain in 1936 and see the results, or Argentina over a 40 year period and see the results.

  • @Philip, thank you! God bless you and yours and his work at your hands.

  • @FMShyanguya.

    ..and the peace of Christ live in you kind man.

    Let us storm Heaven with prayers these final hours. Let us invoke all of the celestial court to help America in her great time of need.
    Let us take comfort in Him who we serve!

  • The Clintons are Too Big to Fail.

8 Responses to Remember

  • Very powerful ad. I hope it works. I hope Julian Assange is wrong – that Trump could be stopped by the powers that be.

  • I don’t know what is making my computer so jumpy– and I don’t know how that post from “ency” went up. It’s not “ency” 🙂 it’s me .Anzlyne … sorry Mr. McClarey.

  • Good ad. Portrays Hillary’s carelessness, thoughtlessness and heartlessness.

  • As the father of a son at a military academy, a son who wants special forces when he graduates, it chills me to the bone to think that monster might become commander in chief. Ultimately, all politics is local. #NeverHillary!

  • We don’t live in a free country.
    When things go wrong next Tuesday, the criminal state will be institutionalized.
    One more liberal SCOTUS fabulist and our freedom is officially gone: they will ban the Church unless it changes its “opinions” (what they call objective truth) on same-sex marriage. gender, etc. .
    Praise God! Our kingdom is not of this World.
    FYI – “fabulist” a person who composes fables.”

  • Benghazi Memoriam

    In the year of our Lord Twenty Hundred and Twelve,
    on the sacred day of September Eleven,
    Little did the four of us think
    that on that night we could be in Heaven.
    One would think that, on that special day,
    extra measures would be taken
    In a Libyan city so far away
    from the shores of our great Nation.
    One would think that, in Election Years
    (as that one was), aid would swiftly come.
    Yet, all our pleas went on deaf ears
    and thus our days would soon be done.
    Why were our electronic mails ignored?
    Does a U.S. Ambassador not merit attention?
    They were somehow lost in the thousands more
    that someone felt were not worth retention.
    How many public servants face
    the peril that we faced on that night?
    Or even acknowledge the costs of freedom,
    the rule of law, and the worth of each life?
    So, in this new Election Year,
    we humbly ask you (if you could)
    To remember us and to say a prayer
    for Stevens, Smith, Doherty, and Woods.

  • “I hope Julian Assange is wrong – that Trump could be stopped by the powers that be.”
    If Trump wins, then will Obama accept it and yield power or assume dictatorship and precipitate civil war?
    Democrats are never going to accept losing.
    The same is true of me – Hillary will never be my President if elected.

  • When people lose faith in God they put it in princes.

A Clear and Present Danger to the Republic

Thursday, November 3, AD 2016


As faithful readers of this blog know, I am no fan of Donald Trump.  I think he will be a bad President.  I view him as a man of low character, a man who has amassed a large fortune utilizing frequently methods of dubious morality, and whose sexual morality would offend honest rutting pigs in a mud sty.  His lack of basic knowledge regarding so many aspects of being President is alarming.  His born again conversion to conservatism I find highly suspect.  His pro-life protestations ring hollow to me.  I finally agreed, very reluctantly, to support him solely due to the abortion issue.  While I doubt Trump’s sincerity in regard to his claim to now be pro-life, I do not have any doubt of the sincerity of Hillary Clinton in being a pro-abortion fanatic, who would attempt to bring the weight of the Federal government against pro-lifers.  For me, that is enough.  However, I have concluded that there is another strong reason to favor Trump.

Ross Douthat, who is a conservative and a pro-lifer, argued yesterday in the New York Times for the defeat of Trump:

A vote for Trump is not a vote for insurrection or terrorism or secession. But it is a vote for a man who stands well outside the norms of American presidential politics, who has displayed a naked contempt for republican institutions and constitutional constraints, who deliberately injects noxious conspiracy theories into political conversation, who has tiptoed closer to the incitement of political violence than any major politician in my lifetime, whose admiration for authoritarian rulers is longstanding, who has endorsed war crimes and indulged racists and so on down a list that would exhaust this column’s word count if I continued to compile it.

It is a vote, in other words, for a far more chaotic and unstable form of political leadership (on the global stage as well as on the domestic) than we have heretofore experienced, and a leap unlike any that conservative voters have considered taking in all the long years since Roe v. Wade.

Go here to read the rest.  Douthat, in short, views Trump as a danger to the Republic.  Douthat is correct that there is a candidate who is a danger to the Republic this year, but it isn’t Trump.  If Trump is elected next Tuesday he will start his term in office with most of the media, academia and the entertainment industry against him.  He will have few firm allies in Congress.  Many of his supporters, and I will be firmly in that category, will cast a jaundiced eye on him, ready to oppose him instantly for any hare-brained or wrong-headed ideas he tries to implement.

Now let us contrast that with Hillary Clinton.  Her entire career, and that of her odious husband Bill, has been a testament to using raw political power to escape the consequences of one’s actions.  They have committed felony after felony, amassing a vast fortune in the process, selling out the public interest time and time again for personal profit.  What has been the reaction of the political establishment of both political parties to this?  Are the Clintons regarded as pariahs, moral lepers?  Why no, these two transparent crooks are regarded as members in good standing of the comfy Club of elites that run this country.  This was underlined by the news that both Bush 41 and Bush 43 plan to vote for this villain.  For members of the Club the political stances they embrace are, at bottom, mere shams, to most of them at least, that they recite in election years in order to gain political power and not really to be taken seriously by other members of the Club.  What is to be taken seriously is some outsider, like Trump, who threatens the comfy world of the Club.  If Clinton is elected, either Obama or she will use the pardon power to relieve herself and her associates from legal liability for their manifold crimes, and the destruction of any notion of rule of law in this country will be gone, with it having been made utterly clear that there is law only for people outside of the Club, and that our ruling elites may do as they please.  She will do this to the enthusiastic cheers of almost all of the media, the entertainment industry and academia.  Democrats in Congress will applaud her.  Republicans in Congress will huff and puff and, most of them, then go about business as usual, recalling their outrage only in election years.

Enough of this Kabuki theater of our elites that is destroying what the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us.  It is highly ironic that Trump the crony capitalist, the ultimate insider, may be the instrument to destroy the cozy world of the Club that is rapidly transforming our Republic into an Oligarchy, at least on the Federal level, but such is the case.  Vote for Trump to send a message to the members of the Club in both parties that we are not all totally fools, that we see what is going on, and that this Republic of the people is not going down without a fight.

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17 Responses to A Clear and Present Danger to the Republic

  • Agreed.

    Shake it up!
    The Club is killing us.
    When the Club buy’s opinion through deceptive manipulation of journalism and distorts history, know that the enslavement of Americans is at hand.

    The Trump card is our play.

    At the very least it’s a play that will keep us in the game, buying time, until the cheating opponents can be sent packing their bags.
    Saul Alinski’s practitioners beware.

    We smell your stench cloaking the likes of Hillary Clinton. We are disgusted and disappointed with you. Those who wish to grant a free pass to a criminal and betrayer of the public trust. All in the name of feminism.
    All in the name of women’s health care.
    All in the name of freedom, that is nothing but enslavement and execution of the innocent.
    Your freedom is enslaving millions of women and killing millions of children, and you want US to fund your stink!


    God help this Republic.
    Flush out and keep out the destroyer’s of True Freedom!
    God’s TRUTH is marching on!
    Professional swindlers in public office hear this; Your running out of time!

  • There is nothing about the NYT that can truly be described as conservative. I know Mr. Douthat stands up for pro-life principles, but coming out against Trump can only help elect someone who would make Dr. Mengele proud. I mean, PP monetized the slaughter of children and Hitllary proudly defends it and will appoint enough “justices” to the Supreme Court that pandora’s box will fully be open. Surely Mr. Douthat knows this. Every single pro-life leader would tell him he’s wrong.

  • When he was younger, Douthat seemed in discussions to almost apologise for what he was advocating, a habit garnered, I suppose from spending too much time at Harvard and among Harvard alums at The Atlantic, He’s generally gotten over that, but you do see in these implicit (and quite nonsensical) defenses of Clinton that people live very much in a social matrix and seldom have much critical engagement with what’s taken for granted in that matrix. (By way of example, nearly everything said about Sarah Palin is a function of haut bourgeois attitude, not anything she ever did or did not do).

  • The Supreme Sovereign Being gives mankind Being, that is, existence. We have only one Supreme Sovereign Being, one God. Two Gods would preempt one another and neither would be supreme, nor God. The non-existence of God is a non-sequitur as the atheist exists. In his existence, the atheist gives testimony to the existence of God.
    In God, mankind has its being. In the image and likeness of God, man is created. WHO is God? The Supreme Sovereign Being is three Persons in One God. The character of the Persons of God are: the Father, our Creator, the Son, our Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit, our Sanctifier. The Supreme Sovereign Being is a community of Persons WHO love and are Love, WHO exist and are existence. Persons Who are Beauty, and Truth, and Justice. Persons Who are all Virtue and Goodness. God is Perfect.
    ““We, the people” are independent because of our dependence upon God” Archbishop Fulton, J. Sheen in his Life is Worth Living series: THE GLORYOF BEING AN AMERICAN.
    Man, in the image and likeness of our God, is endowed with free will, intellect, sovereign personhood and reason. The Person of man is unique, sovereign, irreplaceable and self-determined, while at the same time, man is burdened with the Original Sin of Adam, concupiscence. Man is frail, finite and faulty. Mankind must pursue his perfection to accomplish himself and attain his destiny. Man must acknowledge our God and his endowed humanity to become who man is to be. Humanity, mercy and compassion, is the buried treasure in the field of our mortal existence and worth the price of all that the person owns.
    The state has defiled man’s mortal existence, his humanity in mercy and compassion with the murder of our constitutional Posterity, 60,000,000, with the obliteration of the Word of God from the public square, with the imposition of the capital punishment ban, the death penalty, which demands that the murderer expire with grief over his crime, with taxation without representation by the powerful to regulate our innate human rights, “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”.
    As there are human rights endowed by “their Creator” not enumerated in our Constitution, but explicitly acknowledged in our Ninth Amendment, there are violations of every innate, human right inflicted on the American citizen, from the denial of his rational, immortal human soul, to the assault of his privacy in public restrooms, to the piracy of his possessions, to the disenfranchisement of his citizenship, to the reallocation of all free lands and waterways that are the heritage of all citizens in joint and common tenancy, our national lands and waterways that are held in trust for our constitutional Posterity by “We, the people…” as are our innate, human rights that become our civil rights, our right to acknowledge our “Creator’ and the freedom to acknowledge to each our sovereign personhood, a civil right that is our First Amendment, our right to self-preservation that becomes our civil right to self-defense to declare war, to legislate capital punishment and insure peace through power and weaponry, a civil right that is our Second Amendment. The American citizen’s right to our Founding Principles, The UNANIMOUS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and our CONSTITUTION FOR THE UNITED STATES, ratified by every state. These are our Founding Principles.
    Anyone who would revoke the sovereignty and citizenship of another innocent person condemns himself.

  • In 1948 I believe, there was a book written by Father James Keller called “You can change the World” with a forward by Cardinal Spellman. Said that people go into 4 spheres of activity to sway people, education,government, labor and media entertainment and that normal decent citizens of America can be found who are willing to get into the mainstream of American life and work as hard to restore to it the Divine truth and human integrity as the left/liberal (the one presenters)are striving furiously to eliminate those values. One of the best ways to get rid of those weeds is to plant something in their stead. The big need is to encourage people with good ideas to go into the marketplace rather than to concentrate too much on those with evil designs. To go out with the simple task to insist on truth where others are intent on furthering falsehood,to establish order where others are spreading confusion.Striving to implant more firmly the fundamentals which others, media, educators, unions and government are trying to uproot.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to bring those people into our lives. Sorry to see the Bush’s are not one of those people. Devotion, day-by-day hard work and sacrifice with a driving purpose. Sorry for the long comment. First time. Had to get off my chest.

  • …stands well outside the norms of American presidential politics [spouses of Presidents have never before attempted to gain the office themselves], who has displayed a naked contempt for republican institutions and constitutional constraints [Mrs. Clinton again], who deliberately injects noxious conspiracy theories into political conversation [such as a “vast right-wing conspiracy”], who has tiptoed closer to the incitement of political violence than any major politician in my lifetime [Mrs. Clinton’s supporters include paid thugs sent to conduct political violence], whose admiration for authoritarian rulers is longstanding [Mrs. Clinton again], who has endorsed war crimes and indulged racists and so on down a list that would exhaust this column’s word count if I continued to compile it [and Mrs. Clinton again and again and again].
    –Ross Douthat

    I pity the fool.
    This is an election between the deplorable and the unacceptable. Somehow Mr. Douthat is blind to the latter.

  • You nailed it. He’s dead wrong on every point, and it takes little effort to divine that. Groupthink in action.

  • Douthat’s right. Trump is a clear and present danger to the republic. Having a 70 year old adolescent with no impulse control, and up until a few years ago had a cozy relationship with the Clintons, in the White House is scary. It’s just that Hillary is an even greater danger to the republic. Not by a whole hell of a lot.

    Trump getting elected president will be a major blow to the conservative movement within the GOP.


    If I lived in a battleground state, I would snap a pair of vice grips to my nose and vote for Trump. But since I don’t I won’t.

  • “Trump getting elected president will be a major blow to the conservative movement within the GOP.”

    Bull feces! Your average Republicans like Paul Ryan and the previous speaker of the house (aka give Obama everything he wants) are the threat to what is left of the conservative movement in the party. The 2 former Bush presidents have clearly shown their conservative principles are a joke–what is more destructive to the conservatives than that? NOTHING

  • A 17 minute and 42 second sermon – please see link to CYRUS below. No video, just audio so listen.
    In case you may not understand, Trump is like Cyrus and Hillary like Antiochus.

  • Douthat used to be worth listening to. Unfortunately he has been infected by New York Times liberalism or perhaps he was threatened with loss of job. He sold his soul to the company store. Here is a comment I sent to the Times in response to his column last Sunday.

    Ross, you worry too much. You have mitigated the downside of Hillary while embellishing that of Donald. Here is an alternate view.

    —Donald has shown himself to be a shrewd and very successful in the business world which bodes well for a successful Presidency as the business of America is largely about business. Hillary has no examples of success in anything other than lying, deceit and corruption.

    —Donald would bring world peace as he would quickly make friends with all the key world leaders especially Russia and China. Donald is all about business and war and dissension are not good for business. Hillary on the other hand would have no respect among world leaders.

    —Donald would bring hope to the poor and the middle class as he has done already. Hillary brings despair.

    –Donald has greater moral integrity than Hillary and would do what he has promised especially on the Supreme Court. Hillary is an extreme Saul Alinsky progressive who would work towards an atheistic world government which could only be ruled by hellish totalitarian measures.

  • What I believe is that we are electing “an administration” Sure… a person is running for the job, but it is UNDENIABLE that pro life and conservative people in The Trump administration ( people who will advise him!) will make decisions on issues which the readers of this website CARE deeply! US Supreme Court and lower federal courts all will be influenced by Trumps people ! …. and dear Catholics you don’t want those people to be Clinton appointees!!! Phyllis Shlaflay … our dear Catholic lady who passed recently , was for Trump from the start!! She was pro life ALL the way. I say for Trump’s people!!! Because Clinton’s people will be our nightmare!!!

  • Christian Teacher, you nailed it. The conservative movement within the GOP has repeatedly been sabotaged by the GOP establishment. I mean, consider our last 2 GOP nominees for president, the last 2 chairmen of the party, the last 2 speakers of the House. I could go on. Trump is merely a symptom of the anger out there. Moreover, on the 2 most important issues, I believe he will be way more conservative than our last 2 candidates. On appointing pro-life Justices, I guarantee he will put forth more conservative Justices than either Romney of McCain ever would. They both seemed to care quite a bit about what the NYT thought of them. As far as open immigration, there is no more USA if we don’t begin to stop the flow. Both Romney and McCain want to see our country “fundamentally transformed” by immigration, or at least they would do little to stop it. A president Trump will do more than any other candidate of either party to slow our national suicide.

  • I’m no fan of the Ryan/Boehner cabal of the GOP. In fact, I believe they are what caused the rise of someone like Trump. These guys are bad, but a 70 year old adolescent with no impulse control like Trump is even worse. Furthermore, Trump has been able to do what Boehner wing of the party hasn’t: cause hitherto solid conservatives like Jan Brewer, Jeff Sessions, and Joe Arpaio, and several others to prostitute their integrity for a seat on the Trump Train.

  • Father of Seven-You have besmirched the Legacy not only of Dr Mengele but of, Hitler, all Nazis and the Third Reich by your odious comparison of him and them to Planned Parenthood, Hillary, and the Democrats. The Nazis may have harvested human hair for bomb fuses and submariners socks, but they NEVER sold the hair. The Nazis may have made lampshades out of human skin and soap out of human fat, but they never carefully removed the skin from living human beings for sale or cut the fat from a living baby to sell so that an executive could get a luxury automobile. Planned Parenthood does things daily that the Nazis, in their evil that resulted in the deaths of some millions, never dreamed of. And the 3,000,000 killed every 1000 days by Planned Parenthood has already far exceeded the Nazi body count. There is this similarity-the concentration on the killing of what they believe to be subhumans: , the Nazis-the Jews, Planned Parenthood-what their St Sanger called “human undergrowth” -black and Hispanic babies. In short, the Nazis were paragons of virtue compared to the patron saint of barbarity, Patrona Sanger, the champion of intrinsic evil Hillary, Democrats of the Party of Death, and those who vote for them. Not to worry, fairly soon we will have Pres Kaine, and then when he appoints the new VP we will know the real plan and strategy of the Party Of Death. Guy McClung, San Antonio, Texas

  • I looked it up; “Clear and present danger was a doctrine adopted by the Supreme Court of the United States to determine under what circumstances limits can be placed on First Amendment freedoms of speech, press, or assembly.” bad

  • Thank you LQC. I listened to the audio and am much impressed, enough to make the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

Daisy Ad Redux

Monday, October 31, AD 2016


Want a sign that the Clinton campaign is getting desperate?  Look no farther than Daisy Ad 2.0, featuring the little girl from the old ad, now all grown up and doubtless just as much an expert on thermonuclear war as she was in the 1964 ad.  The Daisy Ad in 1964 was regarded as over the top and only ran once.  The Johnson campaign, and most of the media, portrayed Goldwater as reckless and a crypto Nazi.  Ironically it was Johnson who was planning to ramp up the Vietnam War.  This led wags to opine that they were warned in 1964 that if they voted for Goldwater that the US would go to war, and sure enough they voted for Goldwater and the US went to war in Vietnam!  In regard to Trump and Clinton, Clinton is the one itching to lock horns with Putin.  If anything my criticism of Trump would be not that he is too bellicose, but that I think he would bend over too far to avoid foreign conflicts.

Due to closing polls and the reopening of the Clinton e-mail investigation, big money is beginning to flood into the Trump campaign, twenty-five million from one donor, and the Trump campaign is flooding the battleground states with ads.  For the first time in the campaign, Trump will be spending more on ads than Clinton.

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5 Responses to Daisy Ad Redux

  • “Clinton is the one itching to lock horns with Putin” You wonder what she is thinking! she talks about the Russians hacking e-mails and she is the one who may have made that easier for them since she didn’t go under the protection of the government secure server, but used her own which was not secure, for government business.

  • Analyze, she was thinking that she is untouchable & can do whatever she damn well pleases at any time because she is a Clinton. And she hasn’t been held accountable to date.

  • Anzlyne and the Christian Teacher-

    Darn toot’en!

    Self deception left unabated is narcissism at full throttle. She might as well be looking into the mirror asking it; “…who is the fairest of them all?”

    She is ill.

    If elected president, the Frankenstein monster in an ugly pantsuit will try to destroy America one village at a time.

  • All three comments are right.

  • Trump needs to take a generic ad of Clinton’s (particularly one that prominently features the obnoxious “H” logo) and just tape over the sound with AC/DC’s Highway to Hell.

Doug Schoen Backs Away From Clinton

Monday, October 31, AD 2016

Long time Democrat political operative Doug Schoen pulled his support from Clinton last night on Fox:


DOUG SCHOEN: As you know, I have been a supporter of Secretary Clinton… But given that this investigation is going to go on for many months after the election… But if the Secretary of State wins, we will have a president under criminal investigation, with Huma Abedin under criminal investigation, with the Secretary of State, the president-elect, should she win under investigation.

Harris, under these circumstances, I am actively reassessing my support. I’m not a Trump —

HARRIS FAULKNER, FOX NEWS: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. You are not going to vote for Hillary Clinton?

SCHOEN: Harris, I’m deeply concerned that we’ll have a constitutional crisis if she’s elected.


SCHOEN: I want to learn more this week. See what we see. But as of today, I am not a supporter of the Secretary of State for the nation’s highest office.

FAULKNER: How long have you known the clintons.

SCHOEN: I’ve known the clintons since ’94.

FAULKNER: Wow! But their friend here has said he’s reconsidering.

SCHOEN: I have to, because of the impact on the governance of the country and our international situation.

FAULKNER: So the news in that is are there other people, I would imagine, like Doug Schoen.

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4 Responses to Doug Schoen Backs Away From Clinton

  • What is the problem with somebody that would vote for Hillary: a criminal?

  • FYI That was a rhetorical question. Votes for Hillary tell me more about despicable people voting than about criminal Hillary.
    Just heard on FOX Business (Charlie Gasperino) : FBI rank-and-file investigators would have recommended indictments. Crooked Comey and lying Lynch feloniously quashed it.
    Additionally, we can’t abide autocrats in the Supreme Court and White House who would ban/outlaw the Church and its 2,000 year-old Teachings on faith and morals.

  • I was not surprised. Doug seems like a fair and d balanced kind of guy. But I was surprised at Harris Faulkner’s reaction. HARRIS FAULKNER, FOX NEWS: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. You are not going to vote for Hillary Clinton? Like you, an upright guy, are not going to vote for a crook, a cheat, a bribe taker and maybe guilty of treason?

    My guess is there are a number of folks at Fox News in the tank for Clinton especially the new management and that Megyn person. There is talk that the new head of Fox is the guy who has been running CNN.

  • Mr. Schoen and Mr. Cadell are the old democrats with integraty and honesty, we tip our hats to them.???

Save Huma!

Sunday, October 30, AD 2016



Her estranged hubbie, Anthony Weiner, and if he were a fictional character he would be rejected by an editor as completely fantastic, is purportedly cooperating with the FBI.  Apparently there are some 650,000 emails on the laptop that Huma and Weiner shared, and Huma has said that she rarely used the laptop and does not know how her e-mails got on the laptop.  I suspect Weiner was saving these emails for a rainy day, and for him, Huma and Hillary it is now raining buckets.  Remember Huma, the fifth amendment needs to be invoked at the start of your questioning by the FBI.

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42 Responses to Save Huma!

  • Yeah, Huma or Hillary, this ain’t ending too well for one of them. Please let it be Hillary.

  • Will Livia betray Lesbia to her fate?
    Yes, I am very bad. But just look at the way those two interact with each other. I think a love relationship is about to disintegrate.

  • I hope Huma and Anthony have decent guardians for their kid because it’s just possible mom and dad will be in the pen. His trust fund will pay for the expensive analysis, poor child.

  • Is it too early to celebrate?

  • All Saints evening. A Hollowed eve.

    The Church Triumphant might be assisting in the unraveling of the unscrupulous associates involved with HRC.

    A treat for US after being tricked for too many years. Orange jumpsuits might not be costumes for the players involved. It might be their daily attire. Who knows?

    All I am certain of is this; God will not be mocked forever. The trust to govern the people is not limited to mortal oversights.
    The I AM is real. He is love incarnate.
    The Church Triumphant is active.
    Engaged. It will have the final word.
    Not the church treacherous.

  • Most interesting that all of this should come near the Feast of Christ the King which is today on the old calendar. He is our real boss and my guess He is not a little pissed about what’s happening in the world and in His Church.

  • So, here is my guess:

    As the e-mail server story broke, the Clinton team raced to delete and save content that passed through the servers. The WikiLeaks materials suggest this was chaotic and undirected. At one point, for example, a Clinton staffer, charged with copying materials from devices that might be searched to other, unknown devices, called over to the Clinton Foundation for help. The Clinton Foundation provided a person and a laptop to get it done.

    My guess is that Huma, hurried with the many things she was already doing, asked an underling to take care of her part in the secreting away, and promptly forgot about it. Since she didn’t actually copy them over, she didn’t know what was there and, since she didn’t have time to investigate things, just assumed that what HAD been copied over was duplicative.

    Since no coordination was done, since no one over at State, for example, who had knowledge of protocols for vetting and saving was involved, there is no track of what existed, what was destroyed, and what was saved.

  • I suspect she’s over at Bleach it working feverishly with the staff to finish that remote digital wipe-it-all-off cloth.

  • When I’m down I think about how bad others have it. It doesn’t help.
    Here, I’m elated that I’m not Huma’s or Anthony’s life insurance agent.
    Imagine five .45 cal. rounds in the back of the head and it’s ruled a suicide.

  • Yes, I am very bad. But just look at the way those two interact with each other. I think a love relationship is about to disintegrate.

    Perhaps. Though, I think patron-protege relationships with large age gaps are more a gay male phenomenon (and a 29 year age gap would be eccentric even in that circumstance). I tend to think Huma’s more of a daughter surrogate. However, Huma’s marriage to Anthony Weiner has from the get-go has had a putrid odor to it. He isn’t someone an Arab patriarch arranging a marriage for his daughter would pick out. In fact, he isn’t someone a high school teacher from Bloomington, Illinois would do more than tolerate if his daughter brought the man home. A 45 year old bachelor with no vocational skills to speak of (bar a 25 year history of holding office and working for office holders) who manages to be the least impressive person in his family is not someone you want for your daughter. You especially do not want that when he’s exposed as a creepazoid character less than a year into the marriage. And it’s not as if Huma could not attract the attention of someone not nearly so damaged (if you don’t mind me being crass about it).

  • T, Shaw: Vince Foster walked one quarter mile after he committed suicide.

  • A chain is as strong as its weakest link and that could be Mr. Weiner.

  • If I don’t know someone to be a murderer or a lesbian, I have no right to accuse them of it. Even if I know it, I have no right to gossip about it.

  • I hate to be the wet blanket, but come on, it isn’t like we have to make bad stuff up this election cycle.

  • The rule of kind interpretations applies to questions of private lives. Even public figures have a right to personal privacy, unless their behavior involves a serious public interest or rises to a level of criminality. Discussion of such matters is otherwise mere gossip and at least a malicious temptation. There is no shortage of serious public matters to rightly require our serious inquiry. Truth is what we rightly seek and we should seek it avidly as good citizens. “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

  • T, Shaw: Vince Foster walked one quarter mile after he committed suicide.

    Vincent Foster’s death was investigated by four different agencies and they all concluded he committed suicide. One of those four was Kenneth Starr’s office. His family has never made a stink about it, because they knew perfectly well he was miserable at the time.

  • Well, William, Mr. Weiner’s ‘personal life’ has just collided with two or three criminal investigations. And I would not be too sure that Mr. Weiner’s marriage was ever about anything resembling a private life.

  • Even public figures have a right to personal privacy, unless their behavior involves a serious public interest or rises to a level of criminality. Discussion of such matters is otherwise mere gossip

    Gary Hart called. He has a job open for you on his pr staff.

  • I heard a rumor that Huma ran off with Waldo. They’ll never find her now.

  • @Don L. Reminds me of the very applicable book by Daniel Lalic “Where is Bin Laden and Others” (2009) and other relevant books he published regarding the Watergate infighting associated with terrorism, media and government corruption. Richard Clarke (Book Breakpoint) said you can learn more truth from fiction.

  • “Vincent Foster’s death was investigated by four different agencies and they all concluded he committed suicide. One of those four was Kenneth Starr’s office. His family has never made a stink about it, because they knew perfectly well he was miserable at the time.”

    Yep. Just like Hillary’s email use has been investigated by the FBI & DOJ.

  • “The rule of kind interpretations applies to questions of private lives. Even public figures have a right to personal privacy, unless their behavior involves a serious public interest or rises to a level of criminality. ”

    Uh. Hillary’s behavior does exactly that.

  • “Imagine five .45 cal. rounds in the back of the head and it’s ruled a suicide.”

    The folks, like the Arkansas state trooper who was found dead of an apparent suicide less than a week after he was named as a witness in the Paula Corbin Jones’ lawsuit against Bill Clinton, are not imaginary.

  • “His family has never made a stink about it, because they knew perfectly well he was miserable at the time.”

    Have you spoken to his family about this, personally?

  • One thing is a fact for sure. The Democrats are turning on Comey, and they will turn on Huma just as quickly if they see fit.

  • The Christian Teacher, Right. I only listen to talk radio in the car. Yesterday, one program ran about 15 minutes of dozens of July 2016 Demrat sound bites on Crooked Comey all trumpeting how the FBI Director is the most competent, honest and trustworthy public official since Lincoln. Now, not so much.

  • Lest anyone misunderstand my comment, Weiner is being investigated for a crime against a minor. Whether there is a sexual relationship between Huma and Hillary is speculation. Several people around Hillary have been involved in violations of the Espionage Act, and Weiner into the mix for possession. Gary Hart, by the way engaged in behavior which exposed him to blackmail and that was enough to exclude him from office. It should be more than enough to exclude Hillary and many others. My comment simply raises the issue of when detraction is morally justified.

  • Have you spoken to his family about this, personally?

    No, don’t need to. It’s a matter of public record that they’ve offered no complaints about any of the four investigations into his death. Both Mrs. Foster and his GP back in Arkansas have offered information about his mental state. The GP talked to him by phone and wrote out a scrip for anti-depressants. Over 30,000 people commit suicide every year in this country. The use of firearms is the mode. About 70% of all suicides are white males. Men commonly (though not universally) experience personal crises in their middle 40s. No clue why any of this seems so suspicious to you all.

  • Yep. Just like Hillary’s email use has been investigated by the FBI & DOJ.

    And the FBI has the goods on her as they have admitted. It is political appointees under Loretta Lynch who have sabotaged the investigation. The investigation of Foster’s death was first undertaken by professionals at the U.S. Park Police and last undertaken by Kenneth Starr, who was not shy about bringing charges against the Clinton crew. Pondering this at this juncture is a complete waste of time. He committed suicide. Deal with it.

  • William Walsh I too have been thinking about the sin of detraction … I want to be careful not to disenchant any potential Catholics reading anything I might say on TAC.
    “Good St. Joseph, Prudent, Just, Temperate, and Strong, pray for us. “

  • William Walsh I too have been thinking about the sin of detraction …

    None of us are in a position to reveal Huma Abedin’s hidden faults, so it’s irrelevant to this discussion. As for Anthony Weiner, his public esteem could hardly go lower.

  • As Father Rutler puts it, we may not call anyone evil but we must fight evil. To fight anything, we must recognize it for what it is. It is not the person. To call a person evil is close to being Manichaean. God makes no one evil but all may choose, and such choices are known but to God and perhaps imperfectly to the one who chooses. So we look at the fruits various trees bear and choose among them wisely like serpents but treat the persons as would doves with kind interpretations. Sorry but that’s just the best I can do with a difficult subject, and one with which I struggle. My inner Attila the Hun would have less compunction. I try to keep him at bay.

  • Yes. Let’s not call a person evil nor wish them evil. However, let’s call upon St Michael to cast into hell Satan and all evil spirits, for grace for sinners to convert and for all evil plans (not planners) to meet with ruin.

  • re: “Pinky on Monday, October 31, A.D. 2016 at 9:01am

    I hate to be the wet blanket, but come on, it isn’t like we have to make bad stuff up this election cycle.”

    This has got to be the most entertaining presidential election since I’ve been voting (1980).

    Of course Texas politics can often be colorful.

    But the presidential race ? Never so amused in my life.

  • “It’s a matter of public record that they’ve offered no complaints about any of the four investigations into his death.”

    That statement is based on pure circular reasoning.

  • “And the FBI has the goods on her as they have admitted. It is political appointees under Loretta Lynch who have sabotaged the investigation.”

    Well, actually the FBI has NOT said they have the goods on Hillary. The director simply said the investigation was being reopened. Unless, I have missed something. Can you provide a link showing a statement from the FBI re: the so called “goods?” And no action has yet to be taken re: Hillary & Company’s obvious violation of multiple federal laws. And most likely never will be.

    “Pondering this at this juncture is a complete waste of time. He committed suicide. Deal with it.”

    I’m not pondering anything. I am convinced the man was murdered. And my opinion re: that matter has not changed for years. Deal with it.

  • “Let’s not call a person evil nor wish them evil.”

    Hillary Clinton is evil, folks. I guess you need to pray for me.

  • Well, actually the FBI has NOT said they have the goods on Hillary.

    The Criminal Division of the Department of Justice and the various U.S. Attorneys refused to convene a grand jury or make use of any of the standing grand juries in the District of Columbia. That hamstrung the investigation terribly, and Comey added additional restrictions on his subordinates that did further damage. That did not prevent the FBI professionals from amassing sufficient evidence to prosecute HRC. IT’s just that Comey elected to operate under the pretense that prosecutorial discretion would save her. Which of course it would not, if we had honest prosecutors.

  • That statement is based on pure circular reasoning.

    The term ‘circular reasoning’ does not mean what you think it means. Mrs. Foster and her children have offered no complaints. If they had, you could easily reference them.

  • Pinky
    “If I don’t know someone to be a murderer or a lesbian, I have no right to accuse them of it. Even if I know it, I have no right to gossip about it.”
    I said: “T. Shaw: Vince Foster walked one quarter mile after he committed suicide.” That is sticking to the factual. I incriminated no one, mentioned no person’s name or inferred, nor insinuated any criminal. Vince Foster’s body was found one quarter mile from where he had committed suicide, Strange No? Factual.

  • Vince Foster’s body was found one quarter mile from where he had committed suicide, Strange No? Factual.

    Not factual. Fictional.

What’s Next

Saturday, October 29, AD 2016


I promised you a wild finish in this oddest of all election years and I believe the FBI has furnished it!  What does it mean for the rest of the next nine campaigning days before election day?

  1.  Negative Coverage-Most of the media has been on a crusade against Trump.  However, now Hillary will be receiving a larger share of the negative coverage than she is used to.  Most of the media has underplayed, or simply spiked, negative Clinton coverage this campaign.  This is not an option now, especially with the Anthony Weiner involvement, since salaciousness in the media is the one thing that regularly trumps ideology.
  2. Stink Bomb Coming-I assume that the Clinton campaign has one or more negative stories about Trump they were reserving for next Friday.  I expect them to be rolled out next Monday instead to distract from the reopened FBI investigation.
  3. Anonymous Sources Say-Expect to hear details about the ongoing investigation from anonymous FBI agents and Department of Justice officials.  I expect these accounts to differ radically.
  4. Republicans Coming Home-This should gain Trump at least another ten percent of the Republican vote, say a solid three point gain, and more of the independents he was already winning, say two to three points.
  5. Sanders Brats-This latest news confirms the worst of what Sanders supporters thought about Clinton, and I expect one or two points of them to switch to the Green candidate.
  6. Republicans for Clinton-I think this shoots that movement in the head.  Subtract another point.
  7. She’s a Crook-  It is one thing to suspect the candidate you are grudgingly voting for is a crook.  It is another thing to have them under criminal investigation.  Most Democrats would vote for Satan if he had a D after his name, but not all.  One to three point loss.
  8. Time to Cocoon-This whole business increases the stink of what has already been a skunk fest of an election.  I predict relatively low voter turnout which I suspect benefits Trump.

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17 Responses to What’s Next

  • Agreed that HRC has another skud missile to launch. The popcorn in our house is running out.

    Hillary may loose the supporters that live on the fringe, but never the mindless progressives and militant feminist. They are Satan Card Carrying Members and see nothing wrong with cheating, killing or abusing powers that were intended to serve the people.

    They will gladly throw themselves into a lake of fire if the Hildebeast wanted it so.

    Keep praying folks!
    The garbage barge known as Clinton is taking on water. She just might sink.

  • Please God, she’ll need to return the coronation gown (or is it a pants suit?).
    If there were any justice in the Justice Department, next would be a televised perp walk for Crooked Hillary. However, we know there is no Justice in the justice department.
    One question: will Slick Willie need to pay off Lynch again?
    Philip has it correct, as usual. I have come to think of Hillary-worshippers (despicable and imbecilic) as 21st century “Know-Nothings.” But, that insults 19th century “Know-Nothings.”
    They could parade out 500 women claiming that Trump “abused” them.
    They could stage a terror attack. Although, Crooked Hillary’s Arab bosses don’t allow her to name it what it is.
    They could stage a mass shooting so she could wave the bloody shirt and say Trump and I (NRA member, law-abiding gun owner) are guilty for the massacre.

    They could stage a black, career criminal shooting by white PO.
    They could find crushing political corruption crisis wherein a GOP village dog catcher accepted a bribe of a 50 lb. bag of dog chow for a dog license.
    Most, likely corrupt. incompetent Hillary’s numerous, professional liar brigades will censor it or spin it so that Crooked Hillary is being persecuted by the evil GOP in Congress. Spin it. The GOP is worse than Putin; they’re trying to influence an American coronation.
    You saw it first here.

  • I think most people’s minds are decided by now. Rabid abortionists and sodomites will vote for Hillary Clinton. Zealous Trumpeteers will vote for Donald Trump. One small minority will vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein because they want their abortion and sodomy without the publicly putrid smelling notoriety that association with Clinton brings (they don’t mind the stink; they just don’t want their names attached to it). A yet smaller minority who actually search for candidates whose platforms support the Judeo-Christian tradition will vote for Darrell Castle or Evan McMullin. But the real bottom line is that barring some miracle, only Clinton or Trump will win, and Clinton is definitely worse than Trump.
    This newest saga in the email scandal? I don’t think it will make much of a difference. And one person’s guess as to who wins is as good as the next.

  • If a women says “I am not a crook” it is an declared imperative that we must believe her?

    Dante would put mere crooks at a much higher level than her kind.

  • ” I don’t think it will make much of a difference.”

    I think it already has LQC. Most people pay attention to politics as I pay attention to sports. It takes something huge in sports to attract my attention, like the Cubs in the world series. This is a huge development by any standard, and is likely to still be the dominating event as most people cast their ballots.

  • This is a game changer, for the moment. I agree that Hillary won’t sit on the sidelines and that whatever surprise about Trump was in store for Friday, will likely get moved up. What is certainly true, though, is that Comey never would have done this unless he had something big dumped in his lap. Could you even imagine being the field agent on the Weiner investigation and you decided you had to go to the corrupt boss over a bombshell about Hillary? Comey never even gets approached by the field agent unless there is something really big that can’t be ignored, even by someone like Comey.

  • No clue. The history of Argentina between 1943 and 1983 is the only thing that keeps me from hoping that the military will not put an end to this and put a board of accountants, actuaries, and engineers in charge of the federal government (while arresting everyone on Capitol Hill and K Street and about 2/3 of the appellate judges, law professors, and BigLaw partners and deporting them all to Patagonia).

  • Expect some more mysterious tapes about Trump to surface, maybe using the “n” word. And if they don’t have one, they will make one: won’t be enough time to set the record straight.

  • Sad to say, but many of the remaining undecided voters appear to be, by and large, Hamlets who will allow themselves to be swayed by an emotional response at the last minute.

    They are even seeking it. They thought they had it with they Trump “locker-room” tape. Now that feeling has passed and Jiminy Cricket keeps warning them. Still they are on the emotional rack, searching for a certain feeling. In fact they often say, “My gut feeling says…”*

    [* You mean, “I am waiting for a surge of endorphins, or estrogen, or testosterone, or maybe prosac, to make my decision for me.” You hear people at the proverbial water cooler here in San Fran always soliloquizing about their tortured voter’s conscience.]

    The Clintonistas know this, and have successfully orchestrated them for election cycle after election cycle. Yes, the “stink bomb” is coming, and will decide for them.

  • Art, I love you, man. It probably will not the “military.” The brass hats (like the FBI) are more concerned with the next star, the pension, and the post-retirement job in the M/I complex, the media, or cabinet/politics. Plus, Obama has run out many patriots among the field grade officer corps. Ergo, I see no Eisenhower.
    The system is broken, corrupt, rigged else today Hillary would be in prison.
    When the election goes the wrong way, the republic could be saved in our dreams. Me: They can kill me, but they can’t eat me and they can’t take away my faith and my God-given liberty. It’s all good when one is willing to suffer the consequences. Most importantly, our kingdom is not of this World.

  • James Neuchterlein, lapsed political science professor, offered in an article about 15 years ago that the ‘independent’ voter is the one who makes decisions for reasons like ‘she reminds me of my first wife’. Their open minds nestle in empty heads. Of course, I can introduce you to partisan Democrats for whom political discussion begins and ends with John Oliver clips and dippy memes.

    Dr. Zummo has been too quiet lately. I’m expecting him to post some late 18th century quotations about the dangers of a deficit of republican virtue. The whole society, top to bottom, seems to have succumbed to an epidemic of fecklessness. The clergy, academe, the political class, you name it. Then there’s much of the legal profession, who are a study in bad faith and pretension (which is regrettably common among those Glenn Reynolds calls ‘the administrative class’).

  • The Lord works in mysterious ways ….. smile

  • This is one of the reasons, if not the primary reason, why the Democrats want Democrats, and especially those who might be inclined to vote Democrat, to vote early. They love “absentee” ballots and all vote-early mechanisms. Hurry up and get those votes cast and set, before you can change your mind.

  • Whatever is next might be a surprise to many prognosticators. The anti- elite mood is actually a global mood I think.
    And then there is nationalism.

  • “The system is broken, corrupt, rigged else today Hillary would be in prison.”

    Guiliani provides the best explanation that I have seen of all the federal laws Killary broke in this fiasco and the joke of an FBI investigation that took place.


  • These corrupt criminals (DOJ, FBI, Clinton, Inc., etc. destroyed hard drives with Bleach Bit and took hammers to at least13 electronic devices in order to protect themselves (i.e. Their lifestyles,) Killary, & Obama. It appears that there is now proof Obama had sent emails (classified) that Obama sent under a fake name to Killary’s personal email account/server setup.

    Tsk, tsk.

  • I agree with Donald.

    The first stick bombs against Donald will be thrown on today’s morning talk shows. It will be all about Comey losing his mind, having cracked up under Republican pressure and threats to his life by rabid Trump supporters. It will be assumed by the talk show hosts that Hillary has already been found innocent of a Federal crime and that Comey has offered no new evidence that a crime has been committed. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone came forward saying that Comey is under the care of a psychiatrist and is heavily medicated with mind altering drugs.

FBI Reopens Investigation Into Clinton E-Mails

Friday, October 28, AD 2016

A Hiroshima sized October surprise:


The FBI is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server that she used while serving as Secretary of State, NBC News has learned. FBI director James Comey wrote in a letter to Congress that “in connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation … I agreed that the FBI should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information, as well as to assess their importance to our investigation.”

Go here to read the rest.  I have been hearing that members of the FBI on the original Clinton e-mail investigation were ready to come forward and denounce the non-indictment of Clinton and claim that the original investigation was a sham.  This may be an attempt to head off the FBI agents coming forward, or the newly discovered e-mails may be very damning.  Either way, ten days out, this is very bad news for the Clinton campaign.

Update:  Oh, this is too perfect!  I have to be dreaming!

In the latest stunning revelation in today’s saga involving the FBI’s second probe, moments ago the NYT reported that the new emails uncovered in the closed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server were discovered after the F.B.I. seized electronic devices belonging to Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner.


The F.B.I. is investigating illicit text messages that Mr. Weiner sent to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. The bureau told Congress on Friday that it had uncovered new emails related to the Clinton case — one federal official said they numbered in the thousands — potentially reigniting an issue that has weighed on the presidential campaign and offering a lifeline to Donald J. Trump less than two weeks before the election.

Until recently Anthony Weiner was married to Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, who separated from Weiner recently after news emerged that Weiner had engaged in an online affair with an underage girl.

The F.B.I. told Congress that it had uncovered new emails related to the closed investigation into whether Mrs. Clinton or her aides had mishandled classified information, potentially reigniting an issue that has weighed on the presidential campaign and offering a lifeline to Donald J. Trump less than two weeks before the election.

Go here to read the rest.  By seizing Huma Abedin’s electronics the FBI struck the mother lode.  Every dirty deal that Clinton was involved in will be on them.  As for Weiner, I wouldn’t be surprised if he made copies of everything he found over the years on Huma’s electronics, for potential blackmail purposes:  Hillary I would like you to appoint me ambassador to France.  I am sure that you would agree that is a fitting post for a man who can keep quiet about everything that you and my beloved Huma discussed through e-mails?

Trump is living proof that it is smarter to be lucky than it is lucky to be smart.



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35 Responses to FBI Reopens Investigation Into Clinton E-Mails

  • I just heard this too!

    Ten days away from her imprisonment.

    One can only hope!

  • It’s obviously the former. Just need a distraction to pull Comey’s next supervisor through the next 12 days. What a scam artist.

  • A very strange way to distract attention. This is getting national coverage and telling potential Clinton voters that she is currently under investigation by the FBI. If this was an attempt to distract, it strikes me as a bone-headed move on the part of the Clintonites.

  • This is no Clintonista move.

    It must be really something to not have been blocked by the Administration. Comey made a decision that he would rather not pursue a thorough investigation. There are a lot of potential reasons for that decision and not all of them reflect badly on him. Now he reverses course and embarrasses himself and the Administration, risking severe reaction from the woman who might one day soon be his boss.

    To my mind, there is no way this is other than earth-shattering.

  • Rush had one possible decoy reason. Claim the investigation is being reopened and after several days declare nothing there. This to distract from the Wikileaks revelations which apparently are gaining traction.

    I don’t think he believes this is the reason but he puts it out there as a possibility.

  • “…for a chaste wife not only must not err, but must not even incur any evil suspicion.”
    O tempora! O mores!
    The full quote from Cassius Dio is provided below. Book 37. Chapter 45. Paragraph 1.
    “It was at this time that Publius Clodius debauched Caesar’s wife in Caesar’s own house and during the performance of the rites which according to ancestral custom the Vestals carried out at the residences of consuls and praetors out of sight of the whole male population. Caesar brought no charge against him, understanding well that on account of his associates he would not be convicted; but he divorced his wife, telling her that he did not really believe the story, but that he could no longer live with her inasmuch as she had once been suspected of committing adultery; for a chaste wife not only must not err, but must not even incur any evil suspicion.”

  • Bill and Hill in matching orange jumpsuits.

    It will be interesting to see if the Obama Administration is silent or has comments on this latest development. You would think that a president and his secretary of state communicated often when she travelled abroad and especially in times of crisis (Benghazi).

    This could be really big….and if it is with no fear of Arkancide the aides will be singing like canaries in return for immunity.

  • I think this exemplifies the Byzantine-cleverness of the FBI—they want to be on the “right side of history” if Trump is elected, and have an investigation leading to prosecution underway.
    And if Hillary wins, the investigation will be quietly concluded, probably late on the evening prior to Thanksgiving, when everyone is gone and getting ready to dive into their turkey.
    Either way, the FBI is perfectly positioned.

  • There are several patron saints of prisoners. Pick one to intercede for Hillary

  • Comment of the week Phillip! Take ‘er away Sam!

  • May our beloved new Saint, Teresa of Calcutta, get the very last word; ” There won’t be a woman President, she has already been aborted.”. May that moment in time play over and over in the mind of Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton.
    Over and over.

    Justice is God’s, not man’s.

    May justice prevail!

  • Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Justice is not always administred in this world….it is ALWAYS administered in the next.

    I don’t do a great job of praying for people I dislike…or despise. Jesus told the disciples that whatever town rejected them and their message, to shake the dust off of their sandals and leave, because it would be better for Sodom and Gomorrah then it would be for them. Truth is this is how I feel about most of the political elite ruling class. They make themselves into gods…..but they are not gods.

  • St Jude, ora pro nobis!

  • PF.

    Your right.
    Praying for an outcome that glorifies God and rescues the Republic, or at the very least, keeps her head….our Lady Liberty.

  • We just might find out how horrible of a president will make after all.

  • Oops. I meant to say, “We just might find out how horrible a president Trump will make after all.”

  • Just as I thought saving the nation from the Clintons was hopeless, on the feast of Saint Jude, patron of hopeless cases, hope returns.

  • The “Family” from the Church Triumphant is actively involved.

  • Watched my local TV coverage of the breaking news with my mother in law. There was no sign of the Weiners’ pictures. I think my mother in law is finally done with HRC.

  • TomD.

    Let’s hope this catches on!
    There are so many good mother in laws.
    Weiner roast to remember!

  • Well, William, I was hoping St. Jude could at least do better than Donald Trump.

  • Phillip!

    Wankers abound in Hillary’s circle.
    Sick puppies.

  • “We just might find out how horrible of a president Trump will make after all.”

    Can’t be worse than the current &^%$@%$……no matter how hard he tried.

  • …and it’s not over yet! So much corruption in so many of the actors in this morality play that we can expect more news breaking all over the place.
    I could be wrong but don’t really trust James Comey either– that whole thing last summer was just too disingenuous.
    Here’s a quote from a M. Steyn opinion piece a few days ago:
    “For months, conservative commentators assured us that, when it comes to straight arrows, no arrow is straighter than FBI honcho James Comey – non-partisan, career public servant, will follow the evidence whereso’er it leads; why, “no one in law enforcement” is “more capable of navigating through a political maelstrom” and any attempts to politicize the outcome will ensure that “Comey will resign in protest, and other high-level FBI officials could follow him out the door”.
    All bollocks. Bollocks on stilts. Like everything else the Clintons touch, Comey’s FBI is hopelessly corrupted – and certainly more corrupt than J Edgar Hoover’s FBI, at least in the sense that Hoover was independent enough not to get rolled. The revelations of what happened reveal Comey to be a hack and a squish: he offered immunity to Hillary’s aides not to facilitate his investigation but to obstruct any further investigation; he allowed witnesses to Hillary’s crimes to serve as her “lawyers”; and he physically destroyed the evidence – that is, the laptops. A 6′ 8″ gummi worm would be more of a straight arrow.”


    I don’t know if the Rush suggestion that somehow this could help Hillary is that far out.
    “in God We Trust” -We watch and wait and pray

  • I am sure that you would agree that is a fitting post for a man who can keep quiet about everything that you and my beloved Huma discussed through e-mails?

    What’s New York’s version of Fort Macy Park? Because that’s where they’d find him if he tried something like that.

  • Steve Phoenix wrote:
    “Either way, the FBI is perfectly positioned.”

    I do hear what you are saying. This is a far more plausible conspiracy scenario than the “distraction” theory posited elsewhere above. But does the possibility of a Trump victory really represent such a threat to the FBI that they would risk crossing the Clintons in such a manner and so close to the election?

  • David Spaulding wrote:
    “There are a lot of potential reasons for that decision and not all of them reflect badly on him.”

    Could you elaborate on this for a fascinated Brit? 🙂

  • IMO this won’t make a difference until Mrs. Clinton is made to do a perp walk in handcuffs.
    Too many people are infatuated with the idea of a President Mrs. Clinton.

  • Smart move by Comey.
    —Protects FBI credibility.
    —Forestalls unhappy agents from spilling the beans.
    —Little impact on election due to Clinton lead and that most voters have made their choice and probably won’t change.
    –Sets Comey up for retirement if Clinton elected and promotion if Trump becomes President.

    Regardless what happens this is a win for Comey

  • Anzlyne.

    Thank you for the link.

    Great commentary.
    Ann Coulter’s quote is dead on as well.
    This struggle for our Republic is reaching critical mass. I pray the Left is monkey slapped.

  • Voice from on high: “If there is but one honest person in Washington D.C. I will spare the city”?

  • “…nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life and limb…”, I am so weary of being flimflamed, swindled, lied to, jerked around, manipulated, cheated and subjugated to communism. It is time for patriotism, now and forever. Integrity anybody?Hillary is not a real person. Hillary is the embodiment of Satan.