What Did Christ Look Like?

Tuesday, January 3, AD 2012


Go here for the full version of the above video.  This was originally broadcast  on December 24, 1968 on the CBS show Sixty Minutes.  An artifact demonstrating how greatly our culture has changed for the worse in four decades.  I believe that Harry Reasoner who narrates the video was not a Christian, but the power of the image and reality of Christ shines through the video nonetheless.

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  • I think we might need to rely on a poet here. “There met in Jesus Christ all things that can make man lovely and loveable. In his body he was most beautiful. This is known first by the tradition in the Church that it was so and by holy writers agreeing to suit those words to him – Thou art beautiful in mould above the sons of men – we have even accounts of him written in early times. They tell us that he was moderately tall, well built and tender in frame, his features straight and beautiful, his hair inclining to auburn, parted in the midst, curling and clustering about the ears and neck as the leaves of the filbert, so they speak, upon the nut.”

    [Gerard Manley Hopkins, sermon at Bedford Leigh, 23 November 1879]

  • I rather like the way it was handled John in the movie Ben Hur (1959) where we do not see the face of Christ but rather the expressions on the faces of the people who react to Him, including this immortal sequence:

  • Isaiah 53:2:

    For he grew up before him like a young plant, and like a root out of dry ground; he had no form or comeliness that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him.


    And yet He is beautiful, and we do desire Him. I always find that fascinating.

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  • I have to make a point to Watch Ben Hur again!… I am going to see the Rembrandt “faces of Jesus”exhibit here in Detroit this week. This a anice reminder for to reflect on prior to that visit… thanks

  • He was deliberately non descript as Isaiah which Paul quoted says… so that people would not follow him with good looks as an ancillary motive….but would follow Him because of character only and charisms by which He healed and exorcized. Millions of votes went to John F. Kennedy based on his looks and wealth. Christ did not want that contamination of motivation in His followers just as He did not want power as an ancillary motive in His followers. Had He been as good looking as artists pretended (a thousand+ years after He was here), then He also would have had a few groupies among the women. By coming non descript, He avoided all that. Isaiah trumps Jebbies.

  • I picture Him somewhat the way John Nolan describes, but I picture His eyes. He probably had the most beautiful and expressive eyes.

  • When they shaved Jeffrey Hunter’s armpits to be crucified in King of Kings, perhaps they were relying on their team of vaunted ‘biblical consultants’ but I doubt it. The emasculation of Jesus Christ in a nutshell.

  • The Face of Jesus as He appeared to St. Faustina Kowalska in 1931 – “The Divine Mercy Image” with the signature “Jesus I Trust in You” is a replica of Jesus’ Face on the Shroud of Turin. My dear people of goodwill, We Walk by Faith, not by Sight.

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