How Corrupt is Illinois? This Corrupt

Wednesday, February 19, AD 2014

Understanding Illinois Politics



Ah, my home state.  Just when you think it has hit rock bottom it sinks lower.  Paul Mirengoff of the Powerline blog gives us the details of the latest outrage in the Land of Lincoln:


Arthur Bishop, the new director of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), was convicted in the 1990s of bilking his employer, a substance abuse counseling center, out of money received from its clients. According to the center’s director at the time, Bishop created a bogus program for convicted drunk drivers. He took money from patients and provided them with forms they wrongly believed would allow them to get their driver’s licenses back.

Unfortunately for Bishop’s victims, the center wasn’t licensed by the state to provide that service at the time. Bishop pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, a Democrat, is standing by his decision to make Bishop the state’s top child-welfare official. He claims to see no connection between Bishop’s corruption and his ability to lead a department that has been plagued by charges of failure to keep track of its money. In December, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan sued a Chicago businessman and friend of a former DCFS director to recover millions of dollars in state grant money the businessman allegedly misspent.

If Quinn can’t see the connection between stealing and unfitness to run a large government agency, perhaps he can connect the dots on Bishop’s own “children and family” issues. Court records show that a paternity case was filed against Bishop in 2003, when he was a DCFS deputy director. DNA tests showed he was the father of Erica Bishop, then 17.

According to the child’s mother, Bishop, who was married to another woman when Erica was born, “denies his own daughter’s existence” even though “he visited us on numerous occasions at my parents’ house when she was a child.” The mother further alleged that Bishop “even asked me if he could live in with me if his wife put him out after she learned the truth.”

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8 Responses to How Corrupt is Illinois? This Corrupt

  • How will these ( men ) be able to lift up their heads when Jesus draws near?
    The poor sort.
    They have no soul.

  • Its amazing that after a criminal conviction ca. 1995 he was hired in short order for the first in a string of positions in the child welfare apparat. He was not some adolescent punk who stole $50 from his summer employer, but a 43 year old professional who embezzled a four-digit sum at the time he was convicted.

    I will wager this social services lifer has a sponsor among Chicago’s South Side and West Side aldermen. I would be fascinated to know with whom Gov. Quinn cut this deal.

  • He sired a bastard child when he was 33 years old, not 17.

  • The Land of Obamo and then late Mr Lincoln is and always will be the utmost sewer of political dimwits who seem to turn a blind eye to corruption as long as their pockets are full of so called ” Bridges to No Where ” cash that was originally meant for what liberals love to call “Social Justice” Projects serving the poor and less advantaged ?!#??Only problem is they ( liberals) are the poor and less advataged ,intolerant, of anyone or any organization that dares to expose their hippocrisy !

  • Seems to be another case of ‘birds of a feather …’ – rapacious birds that don’t sing.

  • At the entrance of the State office where I work there are two circle/slash style signs posted, one for “no smoking” and the other for “no guns” since Illinois now has a concealed carry law (the first permits are expected to go out next month). They really should add a third sign: the circle/slash “no bull—-” sticker.

  • I am eagerly awaiting the No Crooks sign Elaine!

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Another Win For Governor Quinn: Illinois Has the Lowest Credit Rating of all the States!

Friday, January 20, AD 2012


I have designated Governor Quinn of my homestate of Illinois the worst governor in the country.  Not content to rest on his laurels, Governor Quinn has continued to misgovern the Land of Lincoln with the skill of a spendthrift who is afraid that he has a cent somewhere that remains unspent.  Such diligence will always reap a reward, and one has now come to Quinn:

Illinois, unable to solve its long-running financial problems, was given the lowest credit rating of any state in the country by Moody’s Investors Service on Friday, a move that will increase costs to taxpayers.

A second agency, Standard & Poor’s, left its Illinois rating unchanged but warned of a negative outlook that could lead to a downgrade in the future. A day earlier, Fitch Ratings also left the rating unchanged and declared a stable outlook.

Lower credit ratings generally mean the state winds up paying more interest when it borrows money by selling bonds.

Both Moody’s and S&P said they are troubled by Illinois’ failure to balance its budget and strengthen government pension systems, although a tax increase and other measures have helped.

Moody’s cited “weak management practices” and a recent legislative session that “took no steps to implement lasting solutions.”

Moody’s now rates Illinois “A2,” below any other state. Only one state, California, qualifies for the next-highest rating. All the rest are ranked higher.

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3 Responses to Another Win For Governor Quinn: Illinois Has the Lowest Credit Rating of all the States!

  • Congratulations, Illinois!

    I was TDY at Chanute AFB one winter. That was enough Illinois for me. Although, winter in the TX panhandle was . . .

    When you least expect it, expect it.
    The US is next.

  • Winter in Central Illinois, America’s Siberia at its worst, can indeed be memorable T.Shaw, as I thought to myself one day in 1979 when I was trudging to class at the U of I and found the fabric of my parka beginning to crack in the 37 below zero temperatures.

  • It seemed that only things cutting the wind between the North Pole and Chanute/Champaign-Urbana were barbed wire and outhouses.

Lying Worst Governor in the Country

Monday, December 19, AD 2011

Imagine California without the sunshine, New York without the cultural elan, New Jersey without Chris Christie. That’s Illinois.

I have previously deemed the Governor of Illinois, Patrick Quinn (D.), the worst governor in the country.  Go here to read the post in which I bestowed the title.  After his meeting with the Illinois bishops on Friday December 16, 2011, I have attached “Lying” to his title.  The bishops asked for the meeting to protest the constant pro-abortion advocacy of Quinn.  After the meeting here is what Quinn said:

“A lot of the discussion was how we could work together to fight poverty, help the people who are less fortunate and need a helping hand,” Quinn told the Sun-Times as he left a Christmas toy give-away on the Far South Side. “Getting people jobs, helping people who don’t have enough food to eat — that’s what the church’s social mission is all about.”

This was too much for the bishops and they released the following statement:

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14 Responses to Lying Worst Governor in the Country

  • To our Bishops:

    “…When you are assembled, and my spirit is present, with the power of our Lord Jesus, you are to deliver this man to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus. ” 1st Corinthians 5:4b-5.

    To the “peepul”:

    “When [the crowd of 5000 that had been fed the loaves and fishes] found him on the other side of the sea, they said to him, ‘Rabbi, when did you come here?’ Jesus answered them, ‘Truly, truly, I say to you, you seek me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves. Do not labor for the food which perishes, but for the food which endures to eternal life, which the Son of man will give to you; for on him has God the Father set his seal.'” John 6:25-27

    To Governors Quinn and Cuomo:

    “Not every one who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers.'” Matthew 7:21-23

    PS, Donald, remember that if Patrick Quinn is the worst, then Andy Cuomo is a close second.

  • In NY, even pro-lifers have to run as pro-choicers to win. 6 of the last 7 post-Roe governors were Catholic (Eliot Spizter is the exception). Only the first, Malcolm Wilson, was pro-life. Hugh Carey announced he was pro-life after leaving office. Mario Cuomo famously started the whole “personally pro-life but publicly pro-choice” charade. George Pataki says he was pro-choice but he had a consistent pro-life record. I don’t think David Paterson or Andrew Cuomo even attend Mass regularly. They both supported abortion, gay marriage, and defunding Catholic schools. Paterson’s chief-of-staff was an ex-Jesuit.

  • What on earth is getting into the Bishops these days?! They have our local nuns actually participating in specific parishes– they were doing a musical-chairs thing before, in some pattern I couldn’t catch– my mom’s parish has a priest that actually speaks English well enough to converse with his flock, our new Bishop is actually organizing regular big to-dos for reconciliation, and now these Bishops are actually responding to the “personal conscience” shtick?

    It’s enough to make you break out in hope.

  • Interestingly enough, Illinois political blogger Rich Miller, hardly a conservative by any definition, had this to say about the bishops’ flap:

    “This is far more about Quinn publicly saying that his Catholic faith is influencing his decisions than about the bishops whacking him over making decisions contrary to that faith.

    “As I’ve noted before, if Quinn accepted an endorsement from, say, the pro-choice Personal PAC and then used that endorsement to justify signing an anti-abortion bill into law, Personal PAC would be outraged and rightly so. This latest uproar isn’t much different.

    “And I say this, by the way, as someone who is not a Catholic and never was. Groups that politicians associate with have a right to defend themselves when politicians use them to justify a position that the groups oppose. It’s really as simple as that.”

    Actually, Paul, I would still rank Quinn a close second to Cuomo for the simple reason that Cuomo, in addition to being pro-abort and pro-gay marriage, ALSO flouts Church teaching on marriage by living openly with a woman to whom he is not married. I have yet to see any indication that Quinn (who has been divorced for over 20 years and has not remarried) is doing the same, other than his having brought a lady friend to his inaugural ball. He does a good job of keeping his private life private.

  • Donald, the Bishops need not even tell this man he is excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Anyone who calls himself a Catholic and supports, accepts or participates in passing Legislations which is anti-God and contrary to the Teaching Authority of the Church, AUTOMATICALLY excommunicates himself/herself from the Church. All these public characters who claim to be Catholic and are championing evil agendas such as abortion, same-sex cohabitations, euthanasia, destruction of the Institution of Matrimony and the latest madness from Planned Parenthood of introducing and encouraging self-abuse which is called mastrubation to our pre-puberty kids are already outside the Catholic Church. Their Bishops or even the Vatican does not have to climb onto the Pulpit to announce this. Every well-informed Catholic knows this quite well. So, Donald, do not berate your Bishops. I have no doubt they told that Governor EXACTLY and CLEARLY that he is outside the Catholic Church, his false claims that he is a Catholic notwithstanding.

  • And it matters not one whit to him Mary, and the bishops go along with the charade and treat him as a member of the flock. Only public excommunication will do for a public official who claims to be a Catholic while publicly defying the teaching of the Church on abortion. The scandal of course is that this problem is almost four decades old in this country and no elected official has been excommunicated for being a pro-abort. The bishops tell us that abortion is the most important moral issue confronting us today, and they are right to say so. However, their actions in this area argue otherwise.

  • I am sad, Donald, to hear that the American Bishops treat these fake Catholics as members of our Holy Catholic Church. They sure need prayers and be humble enough to take the cue from our own Bishops here in Africa. In this our beloved country, Kenya, when we were debating the proposed New Constitution last year, the Catholic Church fought gallantly to have the anti-God and anti-life Clauses which had been imported by your Planned Parenthood via our local American-funded Civil Societies removed from the Draft Constitution . And our Kenyan Bishops and the Catholic Faithful, had full support from the Association of the Members of the Episcopal Conference of Eastern and Central Africa and the Catholic Faithful in all these Countries. Though we lost the battle, thanks to the powerful monetary and logistical support your Government gave to protect those evil Clauses, to the extent that your Vice-President, Biden even came here to personally campaign against us and millions of American dollars were injected onto that effort, our Catholic Public Officials and politicians, including our own President, had the common decency not to defy the Church outright. They instead publicly and repeatedly promised that those Clauses which the Church was dead against, would be deleted once the Constitution was passed into law. Thus far, we are praying they will keep their promise and institute the process of expuging those unacceptable evil Clauses from our Supreme Law.

  • I weep for the involvement of representatives of my country in perpetrating such evil in yours Mary. The Obama administration is the most anti-Catholic administration in our nation’s history, and they are intent on spreading abortion throughout the world. I, and quite a few other Americans, will do our best to defeat him at the polls in November of next year. God willing, we will succeed.

  • Donald, you have no idea how we here in Kenya – the land of his Father – are praying that he losses heavily. Yet, from the start of his campaign, the Red Flags and the Warning Bells were waving and clanging furiously but no one took any notice to ask :::…..who is this man? where did he come from? what is his real Agenda for America and the rest of the World where America has vice-grip control?….. whose “Agent”is is he? The man took America and the world by storm and whipped us into a frenzy of euphoria never witnessed in many, many years since the Hitler dizzying election in Germany. And now, see where we are…. see where America is heading…..As we pray with you also pray for our bleeding Kenya where his Cousin – who forced himself onto us to become the Prime Minister by lying that his victory was stolen – is poised to become our next President next year. And he is a million times worse that your Obama. Over 1 million people died in the post-election violence which he engineered and up to this day, more than 600,000 families are living in tattered tents exposed to the vagaries of Nature, as Internally Displaced Persons, neglected and forgotten. They were chased from their legally owned lands and homes, all their properties burned down and their loved ones murdered viciously. And this very Instigator of these mass atrocities – again with the help of your President – got his name and those of his Collaborators purged from the Evidence submitted to the International Criminal Court and instead it is the Victims who are now facing trial at the Hague falsely labelled the Aggressors. That is yet more evil and misery Obama has brought to the land of his Father.

  • I will certainly pray for your beautiful country Mary. Corrupt and evil politicians are a bane the world over.

  • They may be corrupt and evil, but Kenya’s politicians have not perpetrated a Khmer Rouge-scale death happening. Mary is exaggerating 800-fold.

  • I am saddened by you comments, Art Deco. Ethnic Cleansing in my country started in 1992, was repeated in 1997 on a larger scale and part of 1998. We were lucky in Year 2002, or so we thought. After getting rid of the KANU Party which had turned murderous after the attempted Coup of 1982, which was organized by the man we now call our Prime Minister, we were soon disillusioned when the he and his followers in the Government, started causing instability in the Government, yet our new President had come into power a sick man after a miraculous escape from death in a stage-managed car accident in the Campaigns a few months before the December 2002 Elections. From 1995 Campaign of the new Constitution, the stage was set for a major destabilization of our country along tribal lines. When the 2007 Election campaigns started the entire Nation was polarized completely and the stage was set for the major Ethnic Cleansing after the December 2007 Elections.

    If you believe I am exaggerating, Art Deco, the whole world was witness to the worst murder, arson and displacements of more than 600,000 families. The entire International Media witnessed everything. So, Art Deco, you need not believe me. Believe what the International Media filmed and recorded live as the violence erupted all over the Capital City and other major Towns, especially in our largest Province – Rift Valley – which was the empicentre of the Ethnic Cleansing which had been started in 1992. Thank you, Donald for promising to pray for us. I have been well-informed about Kenya’s Politics since I first voted as a young married bride in 1957, and the political plecibite we are about to face again during next year’s Elections calls for a miracle to avert another catastrophe. Granted, we have never approached the murderous scale of the Khmer Rouge, Art Deco, but when over 3 million people are killed in a short period of 15 years in Ethnic Cleansing, we have genuine grounds to be worried and ask for Prayers from people of goodwill like Donald.

Governor Quinn of Illinois Appoints Anti-Catholic Bigot to Human Rights Commission

Wednesday, April 13, AD 2011

The Governor of Illinois is Pat Quinn, a Roman Catholic and 100% pro-abort. He got elected last year by a razor thin margin  largely by under the radar last minute internet ads posted by Personal PAC, a pro-abort lobbying group, headed by a Terry Cosgrove. As payback Quinn appointed Cosgrove to a $46,000 a year job on the Human Rights Commission.  Lake County Right to Life has good coverage on this story which may be read here.  Regular Guy Paul has been on top of the story at his blog here.

Now I happen to know Cosgrove from the days back in the Seventies when we were both attending the U of I. He is a lapsed Catholic, now a militant atheist, homosexual activist and fanatical pro-abort. He was head of the local campus pro-aborts and I was one of the founders of L.I.F.E. (Life Is For Everyone), the campus pro-life group. One time I saw Cosgrove at Mass circa 1980 at the Newman Chapel, at Saint John’s. Puzzled why he was there, after Mass I found out why. At the pamphlet rack in the back I saw that he had stuffed pro-abort anti-Catholic pamphlets. I disposed of them. He also said in one memorable public forum that he carried a gun to defend himself against “militant anti-choicers”, as he phrased pro-lifers. That a bigot like Cosgrove now has a seat on the Human Rights Commission in Illinois has a nice Orwellian touch.  Challenged on the nomination, Quinn made the following truly hilarious statement:

Quinn said politics had nothing to do with the appointment, adding that Cosgrove is “a passionate advocate for everyone’s rights, everyone’s civil rights, everyone’s human rights.”

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13 Responses to Governor Quinn of Illinois Appoints Anti-Catholic Bigot to Human Rights Commission

  • One more example of the societal blessings/consequences of “useful saints” votes for pro-abortion catholics because they somehow “advance social justice.”

    Your tax dollars are not only paying for baby murders. They fund tens of thousands of evils, e.g., the damnation of youth being brainwashed in pubic schools.

    For whatever it’s worth – here is my Spiritual Work of Mercy (instruct the ignorant) for today: fornication and perfidy are not human rights. They are sins.

  • Let’s pray for Terry Cosgrove and Gov. Quinn and their conversions, and for the bishops, that they may have the courage to speak the truth in love, in season & out of season.

  • I agree with Chris.
    I also will pray that St. Michael can lead some serious a**-kickin’.

  • I wrote this in the combox of yesterday’s post on the Civil War:

    “Why does not the Church publicly excommunicate all publicly professed pro-abortion politicians? Those are rhetorical questions and yes, I realize a person excommunicates himself by such vile acts, yet the public scandal must be confronted with a public response. Look at how St. Peter confronted Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5:1-11, or what St. Paul did to Hymenaus and Alexander in 1st Timothy 1:19-20, or what St. John said about Jezebel at the Church in Thyatira in Revelation 2:20-23. Precedence has been established for dealing with Nancy Pelosi, Patrick Kennedy, Joe Biden, John Kerry and the rest.”

    If our clergy will not thus discharge their sacred duty, then let them beware the warning of Ezekiel 34:1-11. If God were willing to deal thusly with the hypocritical priests left in Jerusalem after the first deportation to Babylon, then what makes us think that we are exempt when what we do is equal to or great in perversion, perfidy and idolatry than what the people of Judah did and their priests either condoned or worse, sanctified?

    People are going to say that I am being uncharitable and unkind and (the worst sin of all) not nice. Well, the wages of sin are still death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. Governor Quinn and his fellow Democrats (as well as the neo-cons and RINOs) may sadly find out the truth of that statement when it is far too late. I really like what T. Shaw wrote: fornication and perfidy are NOT human rights.

  • “Let’s pray for Terry Cosgrove and Gov. Quinn and their conversions, and for the bishops, that they may have the courage to speak the truth in love, in season & out of season.”

    As to Cosgrove and Quinn, Chris, that would take some high magnitude prayer. As for a good many bishops, I think they would need an episcopal spine transplant.

  • Then we better get to it, Don. 🙂

    It’s not like we can do much else anyway, is it? Perhaps with the bishops one might correspond with them, but in my experience, prayer really is our best course of action.

  • Can someone be pro abortion and a Catholic? NO!

    No surprise here….

  • “prayer really is our best course of action.”

    In my experience Chris prayer and a punch in the nose often makes a salutary combination. Come to think of it, I have benefited from that combination in my own life. (Thanks, Mom!) 🙂 I will be happy to pray for Cosgrove and Quinn to be converted and saved from the eternal loss of Hell and I will also pray, and work, for the day when they exercise zero power in the Land of Lincoln. As for the bishops, well I guess prayer is better than correspondence since letters seem to mean bupkis to most of them in my experience.

  • ” I will also pray, and work, for the day when they exercise zero power in the Land of Lincoln.”

    Lest others think I’m espousing a form of quietism, let me say that I wholeheartedly agree with your efforts to minimize their impact in IL.

    For someone like me — a few states to your west — my options are more limited in this specific instance, but prayer is something I can always do. And will do. 🙂

  • I agree with every word in the comments here by Don.
    Our prayers are needed for the most part to show our concern and to indicate our sorrow for offences against the Body of Christ. But as the Church Militant we must at least “request” and pray also that our leadership join us and go before us in battle expressing boldly and broadly the TRUTH contained in our efforts to (in the words of Christ himself) bring fulfillment to “thy Will be done on earth…”.
    And for sure understanding that….. “He who is not with me is against me”

  • As usual, however, some conservatives and Republicans tried to make a mountain out of a molehill on this issue (whether this appointment was a case of “pay to play”) when they already had a mountain of Himalayan proportions staring them in the face (Cosgrove’s militant support for a practice millions of Illinois residents consider morally abhorrent and his bigotry toward a religious faith practiced by many citizens).

    Some GOP legislators seemed to believe they had to justify their vote against him by raising the specter of whether or not he “bought” his position by raising campaign money for Quinn.

    The mere fact that a person who ardently supported a gubernatorial candidate and worked hard to get him elected later received an appointment from said governor is not inherently evil or corrupt, provided the person is qualified for the job to which they are appointed. What governor, president, etc. hasn’t placed the people who supported him from the beginning and stuck with him through thick and thin in positions of influence?

    If by “qualified” one means “possessing relevant experience in a given field and basic knowledge of what the job requires,” then Cosgrove would be qualified in that sense, having served in similar positions elsewhere. However, competency and experience in a public position are not ends in themselves — they should be means to the ultimate end of insuring justice for all citizens. And in that sense, Cosgrove is appallingly unqualified, since he aggressively promotes gross injustice to the most vulnerable citizens of all. Who needs any other reason but that to vote against him?

    The notion that Cosgrove’s appointment was some kind of Blago-style “pay to play” is, in my opinion, a distraction from the real issues similar to the Obama “birther” or “secret Muslim” allegations — there are enough REAL reasons to oppose these people without having to make stuff up.

What Faith Was That, Governor?

Friday, December 3, AD 2010


Pat Quinn is the Governor of the State of Illinois.  He was Lieutenant Governor under Rod Blagojevich and took over after Blago was impeached and convicted by the State Legislature.  Quinn bucked the Republican tide this year and won election to a four year term, narrowly defeating pro-life Republican Bill Brady.  In that campaign Quinn emphasized that he is a pro-abort.

Pat Quinn claims to be a Roman Catholic.  The State Legislature this week passed a civil unions (pretend marriage) bill for homosexuals.  Quinn has vowed to sign it.

Gov. Pat Quinn – who campaigned on the issue, lobbied members and was on the floor of the House for much of Tuesday’s debate – lauded the House’s action. Quinn said he would sign the bill if it passes the Senate, where a vote is expected today.

“My religious faith animates me to support this bill,” Quinn, a Catholic, told reporters after the vote. “I think, as a matter of conscience, this was the right vote.”


The Bishop of Springfield, Thomas Paprocki, wasted no time correcting the Governor:

After the Illinois House of Representatives approved legislation that would require the state to recognize same-sex unions, Governor Pat Quinn was quoted as saying, “My religious faith animates me to support this bill.” He did not say what religious faith that would be, but it certainly is not the Catholic faith. If the Governor wishes to pursue a secular agenda for political purposes, that is his prerogative for which he is accountable to the voters. But if he wishes to speak as a Catholic, then he is accountable to Catholic authority, and the Catholic Church does not support civil unions or other measures that are contrary to the natural moral law.

The Governor met the Bishop’s rebuke with a shrug of indifference:  Asked about the bishop’s statement, Quinn said, “I follow my conscience. My conscience is not kicking me in the shins today.”

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12 Responses to What Faith Was That, Governor?

  • Bishop Paprocki most appropriately availed himself of this opportunity (“teachable moment”) to make perfectly, succunctly clear the Church’s Truth on this faith and morals issue.

    There is another form of bankruptcy (besides fiscal bankruptcy): moral bankruptcy.

    IL is bankrupt on both counts. It just hasn’t declared bankruptcy . . . yet.

  • My guess is that this is more about Quinn paying back the gay activist groups who contributed money to his campaign, than it is about his faith. I don’t recall him making an issue of civil unions/gay marriage until maybe a couple of months before the election.

    Do these statements indicate that Bp. Paprocki will invoke Canon 915 against Gov. Quinn or is considering it? Anything is possible, I suppose. However, if he did, I don’t know that it would have much of an effect. You see, Quinn still has a home in Chicago, and most of his public appearances on weekends are in that area. More likely than not he goes to Mass there. The Cathedral is only 2 blocks from the governor’s mansion and I belong to that parish but I have yet to see him or any other well-known, Catholic statewide official at a weekend Mass. Of course, maybe I’m just going to Mass at the wrong times 🙂 A formal canonical action, if it comes to that, would need Cardinal George and all the bishops of Illinois on board to really be effective.

  • The news just gets worse and worse for the Land of Lincoln. I applaud the Bishop for his clear remarks.

    Disaster I fear looms for Illinois, that’s what happens when your state is taken over by Public Service Unions.

  • “I follow my conscience. My conscience is not kicking me in the shins today.”

    He’s a pol from Chicago. What conscience?

    What is disgustingly amusing about this is that the Governor professes it a matter of conscience that the gay lobby be given a bauble that was dreamed up around about 1986. Our social policy is being set by people who are driven by fashion and when asked to explain themselves have nothing to offer but ‘whatever’.

  • My guess is that this is more about Quinn paying back the gay activist groups who contributed money to his campaign, than it is about his faith.

    Thirty some years ago, the National Organizaton for Women had occasion to complain that state Governors were unwilling to horse trade to get their pet project (the ‘Equal Rights Amendment’) passed. I think it was Governor Thompson of Illinois who offered in reply that for the opposition it was a matter of conscience as well and ‘you don’t trade a constitutional amendment for a job or a bridge’. I guess standards in Illinois have been in long-term decline.

  • Actually this bill opens up even more cans of moral, societal, and fiscal worms than just gay marriage…

    Because the civil unions provided for in this bill are open to BOTH opposite-sex and same-sex couples, some senior citizens think it might provide a convienient resolution to the dilemma of widows/widowers who want to remarry without losing Social Security, pension or other benefits from their previous spouses.

    A civil union under this law would be recognized by the State and grant all the rights the State normally grants to married couples (inheritance, insurance coverage, medical decision making, etc.), but since it wouldn’t be recognized by the FEDERAL government, wouldn’t affect Social Security benefits or change one’s income tax filing status.

    So, what happens if a Catholic or mixed-faith couple, one or both of whom is widowed and has a pension or other source of income they would lose upon remarriage, decides to opt for a civil union instead, and then decides to marry in the Church? What are they going to tell the priest when he asks for their marriage license? What is the priest going to do when he discovers they don’t have one? Is the couple guilty of fraud or cooperation with evil? Does their legal status impinge upon whether or not the sacrament is valid?

  • “Because the civil unions provided for in this bill are open to BOTH opposite-sex and same-sex couples, some senior citizens think it might provide a convienient resolution to the dilemma of widows/widowers who want to remarry without losing Social Security, pension or other benefits from their previous spouses.”

    I don’t wish to insult you Elaine, but that observation was worthy of an attorney! 🙂

    The dirty little secret about gay marriage and civil unions is that, outside of the activist homosexuals, there is precious little evidence that homosexuals en masse are much interested in either one. The type of gaming of the system you mention regarding heterosexuals using civil unions to get around social security regulations, or losing health insurance or pension benefits for that matter, might be the chief legacy of the creation of these pretend marriages. Legislation always has unintended consequences and this might well be one in the case of civil unions.

  • Bravo Bishop Paprocki!! I love how he spoke up and set the record straight.

    It’s really all about these secularists tearing down the family and the importance of marriage, and not about them participating in marriage or civil unions.

  • Another group that may be interested in civil unions as a “lite” form of marriage: young people who want to get on their significant other’s health insurance plan (if it doesn’t already cover domestic partners) but aren’t yet ready for a “real” wedding because they can’t afford the big bridezilla party, or for other reasons.

    However, the ability to have one’s wedding… er, civil union, cake and eat it too won’t last very long if and when the federal government decides to recognize same-sex unions or put them fully on a par with civil marriage. That might please gay activists but probably won’t please the opposite-sex couples who use civil unions to game the benefit system.

  • Quinn needs to be told: “Get thee behind the church, Satan!” Then maybe he will start properly forming his conscience.

  • This is as much a rebuke of Quinn as it is the blue collar Chicago catholics who voted him back into office. The fact that catholics continue to vote for such pro-aborts is also a poor reflection on the unfortunate ineffectual leadership of Cardinal George.

  • So…

    I gather Quinn is not permitted to receive at any Catholic parish within the Springfield diocese? Is that right?

    I ask because doing so would be, under the circumstances, dangerous for Quinn personally. St. Paul asserts that some folk get sick or die as a chastisement from God for taking the body and blood while not properly disposed.

    So, did Bishop Paprocki take this additional pastoral step of keeping Quinn out of harm’s way? (I suppose he could have done it privately.)