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Stealing From The Poor

This article originally appeared on The New Theological Movement written by Reginaldus on July 29, 2010 Anno Domini.  Re-posted with permission. 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Luke 12:13-21 The rich man of this Sunday’s Gospel is blessed with a bountiful harvest. Rather than thanking God for this gift, he hoards the grain in his barns

George Weigel: Defend Religious Freedom

George Weigel wrote a timely article in National Review Online titled, Defending Religious Freedom in Full. In it cites the extremist attacks in expressing our Catholic faith in the public square. The forms of these attacks are egregious because they that attack us are also tearing apart the moral fabric of this nation. Case in

Are You Listening Madame Speaker?

Archbishop George H. Niederauer of San Francisco addressed on January 13, 2010 a free will defense of abortion by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House: In a recent interview with Eleanor Clift in Newsweek magazine (Dec. 21, 2009), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked about her disagreements with the United States Catholic bishops concerning Church teaching.