Where Are The Artists?

Monday, October 15, AD 2012

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of folks lamenting how modern art (especially Modern Art) doesn’t have anything to compare to, oh, the great cathedrals of Europe—according to some, doesn’t even have a decently sized mural.  Usually comes with a lot of talk of how soul-killing Walmart and their sort are, but not always.

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8 Responses to Where Are The Artists?

  • The Church and wealthy Catholic royalty and nobles sponsored the best of the art that lasts. Today’s Catholics give proportionally less to the Church than their ancestors did in earlier tougher times. The sense of beauty and art is lost and that is why the urine Christ and elephant dung ( or whatever that was) is defended as “free speech.”

  • …Did you bother to read the post?

  • Which medium?
    Personally the canvas of old, oil paints and the several layers of paint to bring the canvas to life is my favorite. Today computer generated works pale in comparison. It’s okay…like wine everyone has their taste, mine is not in twitching ears, or fur to skin.

    Are they, the creators artist? Yes. What level of talent goes into their work? Extremely high level no doubt. As far as not looking right…?

    Well..who is to say. Let us agree on this; P— Christ, or any type of blasphemy portrayed as art is an insult TO THE ARTIST. Why? Because true art is inspiration from the Divine Artist, and anything elese is just plain SCHLOCK.

    Please stop insulting the true artist.
    By the way foxfier the work above is not schlocky. Not my glass of Merlot but definitely not bad.

  • My mom has a similar view about music–says that if someone can make truly good music, there must be some good in them.
    She also mentions that it can take a lot of digging to reach some folks’ good….

    I can’t stand most of the old “icon” style art, especially where it shows people. But some kinds of stylizing look nice to me– Kinkaid, for example, or the animation above. Computer images that try to look photo-realistic hit the same “I don’t like this” button as the icons; they’re close enough to hit the uncanny valley to trigger my “aaaaaah!!!!” reflex.

  • That said…. I really wish I could afford something like this.

    I seem to remember about seven years back Mr. Jones shared a picture of a commission that was a dark stein of beer, a crusty loaf torn in two and what looked like a slice from a round of cheese that was American-cheddar golden in color; wish I could find it, amazing.

  • Suburban Banshee has a typically interesting post with some old art in it.

  • Updating to include something a facebook friend shared. It seems to be a digital painting of Pop Eye, if he were real.

  • Timothy Jones.
    That is beautiful, the still life.
    Thanks for sharing Foxfier.
    …pop-eye….strange image.
    Take care.