Nouveau Poor

Wednesday, September 23, AD 2009

From the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  I am afraid even the Onion fails at milking humor out of the current economic hard times. As a matter of fact the whole thing is probably in bad taste, which is about par for the course for the Onion.  For a truly hilarious take on the economy I refer you here, here and here for attempts by the media to convince people that under Obama it’s funemployment not unemployment.  Seems sort of peverse to me.  Never fear however.  Once a Republican President is in charge, I assume the media will banish the term funemployment.

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4 Responses to Obama Funemployment-Take 2

  • Reminds me of the crisis during the Reagan years, you know, the homeless. Every night on the news, all the news specials, stories about how unconscionable that there were homeless people living on the street. Apparently all those homeless people got homes when Clinton came in office. Well, all except for those who were still homeless and had to be rounded up and put in abandoned and condemned buildings whenever the Democratic Convention or major sporting events came to town. Now I suppose we’ll hear about how liberating it is to be free from a mortgage, cuz the Obama years are all about hope, change, and freedom.

  • Rick, when a Democrat is in the White House, for most members of the media it is always “morning in America”.

  • In my town, NPR ran a stories about how the stimulus was working three days in a row. The bad news was that it was about the same road project. Just told it three different ways. Also didn’t mention that the project was slated to last 90 days and the people employed would be out of work again at the end of that time.

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4 Responses to Under Obama It's Funemployment Not Unemployment

  • And I guess your not partisan, right? The economy collapsed last year under the watch of the previous president and under the weight of the Reagan legacy.

  • An Piobaire, the shelf life of blame the other guys is wearing very thin. It is your man who is saddling this country with a debt now that your grandkids will be lucky to pay off:

  • It’s becoming progressively more difficult not to hate my country…

  • An Piobaired,

    I think the first error is in thinking a President has that much to do with the economy. Even if it is a large amount I think one also has to look at the role Democrats, who were in control on Congress for two years prior to the recession, had in this problem. I think the failure of Democrats to reign in problems like Fannie Mae (which McCain and Bush tried to address) is a significant contributor.